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President Bush to speak to the nation 9am

Posted on 09/02/2005 5:40:24 AM PDT by Dog

President to speak at 9am ...

TOPICS: Breaking News; Government; News/Current Events; US: Louisiana; US: Mississippi
KEYWORDS: bush43; fema; humanitarianrelief; katrina; presidentbush
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To: tcsenter

Right, even MSM admits this is the worst U.S. disaster... ever.

1,261 posted on 09/02/2005 1:04:51 PM PDT by La Enchiladita (Remembering Our Heroes, Today and Everyday ... "Operation Gratitude")
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To: TN4Liberty

It's Hard Work

1,262 posted on 09/02/2005 1:15:08 PM PDT by voteconstitutionparty
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To: Kay

Hurricane Katrina
Contrary to many media reports, martial law has not been declared in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, because no such term exists in Louisiana state law[4]. Rather, a state of emergency has been declared, which does give some powers similar to that of martial law. On the evening of August 31, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin did declare "martial law" (in name at least) in the city and said that "officers don't have to worry about civil rights and Miranda rights in stopping the looters." [5]


1,263 posted on 09/02/2005 1:18:19 PM PDT by Chena (I'm not young enough to know everything)
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To: Kay

If what I have read is correct, Martial law is defined as: military rule or authority imposed on a civilian population when the civil authorities cannot maintain law and order, as in a time of war or during an emergency.

This is the "Martial law" I was referring to. And if I am correct, and those reporting are correct, this form of Martial law cannot be enforced without action from Congress. :)

1,264 posted on 09/02/2005 1:21:15 PM PDT by Chena (I'm not young enough to know everything)
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To: HitmanNY; Rutles4Ever

This will be the standard reply I'd present to all presstitutes and others who carry the water (make excuses for DUmocrats) when the subject is to blame Bush for all:

The nanny state/welfare mentality - it's always someone else's job. What part of MANDITORY EVACUATION do these fools in the media not get? The people on the coast were warned, told to leave, and chose to stick it out thereby endangered themselves and their families. That would be considered neglect when parents put their children in danger.

The Governor and Mayor's extreme ineptitude is what the bozos in the lame-steam media should be focused on. It was their job to prepare their constituents, NOT the federal government. There was ample time to prepare, and most responsible adults took to the road for safety. Yet all that was offered on the state level was another poor evacuation plan from the dimwit dimocrats. Either using "one way out" stuck in traffic or holing up in the dome, what choices!

Before the storm, they could have used all the school & city busses to evacuate those who couldn't make it on their own to higher ground further inland. But they chose weakness in the face of real danger instead.

After the storm, all resources were put at their disposal, yet they delayed making the request as well as delayed the delivery when aid arrived. Martial Law was declared and yet they still sat on thier hands allowing lawlessness to erupt. Neither can handle their jobs, yet refuse to step aside and allow someone else to handle it.

If President Bush hadn't announced the evacuation order, there would be more loss and suffering, mainly due to the clueless Democrats who failed to do anything - who, by the way, have been in charge of that state long before Bush ran for office.

When you have your hand extended, you shouldn't b!tch about getting aid when you were told to prepare for 3-5 days of food and water. When it comes to your family's safety, waiting on government to solve your problems is no better than waiting on a welfare check instead of getting off your arse and finding work.

But I guess wading around in sewage and griping about it is a much more pleasing alternative if you always pull the "D" lever when it's time to elect leadership. The failure of a democrat-led state is why the media is out in force trying to point fingers at Bush, when they all know the reality of the situation...their own failures cause many more to die than would have if they hadn't been slow to react.

1,265 posted on 09/02/2005 1:22:35 PM PDT by RasterMaster (Saddam's family were WMD's - He's behind bars & his sons are DEAD!)
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To: La Enchiladita
As Aaron Neville once sang, "Tell It Like It Is."

Oh how I love that man's voice. I have an old tape of his and haven't played it in years. Gonna have to dig it out.

1,266 posted on 09/02/2005 1:23:12 PM PDT by Chena (I'm not young enough to know everything)
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To: tcsenter

There are numerous smaller cities and communities between NOLA and Biloxi that were completely leveled by Katrina. What of them? They don't have a lot of screechy urban blacks, a booming homosexual district, or an army of media sympathizers, so they aren't as deserving of immediate assistance?

Apparently so, if the media coverage is to be our guide. Not a peep of the utter destruction that occurred east of NOLA.

1,267 posted on 09/02/2005 1:24:54 PM PDT by tcsenter
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To: Chena

The irony is the whole Neville family is from Nawlins. That's why NBC has been playing Aaron's "Amazing Grace" over their Katrina photo montages.

1,268 posted on 09/02/2005 1:37:43 PM PDT by La Enchiladita (Remembering Our Heroes, Today and Everyday ... "Operation Gratitude")
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To: Peach
The military is taking over the city. Big time.

The Adults are now in charge!

1,269 posted on 09/02/2005 2:00:48 PM PDT by Mo1
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To: Peach
I meant to ask - were shots fired at more than one chopper? It's hard to keep up.

I don't know if there's been any confirmation of that

But I have know doubt there were more

1,270 posted on 09/02/2005 2:03:32 PM PDT by Mo1
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To: La Enchiladita

I didn't realize that the Neville family is from "Nawlins". I learn something new every day. His rendition of "Amazing Grace" has to be soul-stirring.

1,271 posted on 09/02/2005 2:12:35 PM PDT by Chena (I'm not young enough to know everything)
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To: tcsenter

Excellent comments and right on the money.

More people need to raise the issue as you did about other areas being harder hit. True, Jesse Jackass will not go into the rural areas where whites have suffered even more (or as much as NO), and yes, the race card will be played. (Hey people, there are Latins and blacks and Arabs in my extended family and not a white among us, but the truth is, the NO people acted like they did not have a brain in their head and looked for government instead of looking to each other for help.

Some people learn to fend for themselves. Some people will find a way to survive in a dire situation without raping and murdering and looting.

Other people, who have been fed by the government their whole life, do not want to think for themselves and help their fellow man--all they do is reach out the gimmee-gimmee hands and ask that somebody do something for them..........and they rape, and they loot and they pillage.

We need to eliminate welfare totally (except for the mentally and physically ill). This will force people to help their fellow man and be helped by their fellow man, instead of looking to government to pull the strings on every aspect of their lives, even for survival.

1,272 posted on 09/02/2005 2:30:10 PM PDT by Dont_Tread_On_Me_888 (Bush's #1 priority Africa. #2 priority appease Fox and Mexico . . . USA priority #64.)
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To: Izzy Dunne

We have nothing to fear but "welfare" itself.

1,273 posted on 09/02/2005 2:31:31 PM PDT by samadams2000 (Pitchforks and Lanterns..with a smiley face!)
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To: mplsconservative

well it's gone now :)

1,274 posted on 09/02/2005 2:33:26 PM PDT by MikefromOhio (Ohio State (-14.5) vs. Miami of Ohio, September 3rd)
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To: samadams2000
We have nothing to fear but "welfare" itself.


1,275 posted on 09/02/2005 2:51:03 PM PDT by BigSkyFreeper (Liberalism is a form of insanity)
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To: carton253
I did want to give you the information, I had stated before, I would back it up. It is the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, just gave another press conference, on C-span. He just answered again. The Levees were designed for up to a category 3 only.

State officials have known this for years. It's a chance, when you live in hurricane zones. I just feel very strongly that these State Elected Officials should have had a preplanned evacuation plan and plan following a levee break before a hurricane even existed, years ago. They had knowledge there was always a chance of this happening. This way the amount of suffering could have been lessen. It's wrong, they didn't do enough for these people. It's not Monday morning quarterbacking. It is The State Officials preparing and thinking ahead on how to handle an emergency situation for their people.

Regardless we know this is a tragic disaster that has occurred to these people. And none of us want them in a suffering situation.

1,276 posted on 09/02/2005 2:51:11 PM PDT by GodBlessUSA (US Troops, past, present and future, God Bless You and Thank You! Prayers said for our Heroes!)
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To: GeorgiaDawg
I just don't think he [President Bush] has handled this particular instance, and some others, well.

Elaborate on that point, I have to admit, it's piqued my interest. What hasn't he done well or right in "this particular instance"? By my count, he's been 2 steps ahead of the governor and the mayor. This demonstrates to me that he's leading the charge. The mayor's vested interest is to bash Bush at every opportunity given him, and the governor and mayor have just been insanely incompetant and flat-footed throughout this disaster. As far as the mayor and governor are concerened, it's as though a disaster is just feeding upon itself.

1,277 posted on 09/02/2005 2:57:08 PM PDT by BigSkyFreeper (Liberalism is a form of insanity)
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Comment #1,278 Removed by Moderator

To: tcsenter

I saw a report that by Wednesday morning Coast Guard aircrews had already plucked 2400 people off roof tops. Pretty amazing.

Of course these folks shouldn't have been there in the first place.

1,279 posted on 09/02/2005 3:01:14 PM PDT by Wristpin ( Varitek says to A-Rod: "We don't throw at .260 hitters.....")
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To: holeinthedonut

So you signed up today just to post that not-so-subtle reference to oil company greed?

The concept of a President using the bully pulpit to get things done is unfamiliar to you, huh?

And your plan is . . . . . . ????

1,280 posted on 09/02/2005 3:33:44 PM PDT by savedbygrace ("No Monday morning quarterback has ever led a team to victory" GW Bush)
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