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Suddenly, everyone's turning against us Baby Boomers
Richmond Times Dispatch ^ | 9/14/04 | RAY MCALLISTER

Posted on 09/14/2004 10:06:03 AM PDT by qam1

Whoa! What's happening?

Why are people turning on us?

We're the Baby Boomers, you know.

The Mighty Boomers.

We invented everything from money to music to sex, did we not? Nothing good ever happened until we came along.

Now people are turning on us.

We Baby Boomers are being made to feel . . . guilty.

Ridiculous, isn't it?

People have tried to make us feel guilty before. They said we consumed too much. Or we were too shallow. Or we only thought about ourselves.

Excuuuuse me.

Who should we think about? Somebody else?

All that was just jealousy. Even Tom Brokaw came along and said the World War II generation was "the greatest." Jealousy. Pure jealousy.

Sure, they saved the world.

Did they ever throw a party like Woodstock?

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TOPICS: Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: aginghippie; babyboomers; bsboomers; generationi; generationme; generationsponge; genselfabsorbed; genx; issueswithtparents; spoiledbrats; spoiledestgeneration; the60sareover; woodstock
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To: Marie
I'm looking forward to a nice tip when you visit me at Luby's in 15 years!!!

Just kidding, of course! Have a great day! ;^D

221 posted on 09/14/2004 12:21:51 PM PDT by Night Hides Not
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To: Brad's Gramma

Ah come on It just felt good so I can do it ...right?

222 posted on 09/14/2004 12:22:27 PM PDT by Walkingfeather (q)
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To: JPJones
I propose we view this topic as a friendly argument.

Like I suggested to another disgruntled Xer(who misunderstood, I'm afraid) don't you/we/us guys head over to DU & kick the butts that are REALLY responsible?

223 posted on 09/14/2004 12:24:07 PM PDT by skeeter
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To: Hi Heels

Well, there was that sailor in Times Square sucking face with a nurse he'd never seen before.... that was kinda "free love". Sorta. :)


224 posted on 09/14/2004 12:24:19 PM PDT by Flux Capacitor (Halliburton RULES.)
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To: Walkingfeather
It just felt good so I can do it

Huh? The feel good era THAT NOT EVERYONE WAS INVOLVED WITH or the post you linked to?

225 posted on 09/14/2004 12:24:23 PM PDT by Brad’s Gramma (Become a monthly donor to FR!! $5 per Freeper...and you'll never be bugged again)
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To: winodog
Remeber too that probaly only 33% of the boomers were responsible for the ills you claim. It was the power of the mass media which was controlled by commies that gave the minority the voice to overcome the will of the people.

You are right. There was much you said in that reply that's true. The more I've read from the Boomer standpoint on this thread, the more I'm starting to see that you guys are just as p*ssed about the crap you were fed as we are. I really do see the points brought up by the Boomers in this thread.

So, how can we all address the SS issue? If Gen Xers agreed to take responsibility for their elderly parents (give them shelter, food, clothes, etc) and let the SS/Medicare/Medicaid programs take care of the medical expenses and the elders that are beyond in-home care and if the Boomers would agree to work longer (as they are able) and be self-sufficient as long as possible, I think this could work out for everybody.

226 posted on 09/14/2004 12:24:52 PM PDT by Marie (I want to be queeeeeen, just like like Hillary! 8 - ))
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To: Marie
If you don't, you're SCREWING your own children and grandchildren.

My kids are taken care of with their participation. They take care of their kids, with some help from me, future help, there are terms and conditions.

In my family we help and support each other, we never expected any Government help. When my dear EX left seeking broader horizons, I was left with two kids whom I supported and educated as far as they wanted, education, post grad.

They want nothing and expect nothing from the Gov, GenX thing, or me, I think. Great kids.

You made your choice's, I made Mine, got to live with it.

227 posted on 09/14/2004 12:26:03 PM PDT by Little Bill (John F'n Kerry is a self promoting scumbag!)
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To: tortoise
This kind of attitude among the current political generation, that they can give entitlements without any real cost to themselves, are what really burn up GenX folks who seem to be the group most keenly aware of how much this is going to cost them personally, because they will be footing the majority of the bill.

It is crap like this that feeds the angst (evident in this thread) of GenX. The GenX and younger folks strongly tend fiscal conservative, and that neither party is interested in shutting down the gravy train leaves them without a party they are really happy with.

It has come up time and again in discussions in my daily life (and the majority of the business people I interact with are GenX it seems): the current political system looks very much like two groups of Boomers fighting over a gravy train they created by spending the money of future generations. This is a pervasive impression of GenX age people no matter which party they nominally affiliate themselves with

Thank you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You hit the nail on the head.

228 posted on 09/14/2004 12:27:13 PM PDT by Marie (I want to be queeeeeen, just like like Hillary! 8 - ))
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To: tortoise
Don't get me started.

I would love to get people started. However, I don't think people care about our country. From all the different generations on this thread, the main topic is "I" and "my".

Thank you for answering. Hopefully, you will contact your congressmen as very few days are left. This agreement was signed June 29. I think congress took a week off for July 4th and a month off in August. This will go into effect right before or right after the election if something isn't done.

229 posted on 09/14/2004 12:28:28 PM PDT by texastoo (a "has-been" Republican)
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To: Smogger

They are exactly the ones I mean, and they vote overwhelmingly democrat.

230 posted on 09/14/2004 12:29:29 PM PDT by AuntB ("Go count your blessings and when you're done come complain to me." MY Grandma!!)
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To: Marie
And we'll pay all the bills, provide for our children's education, pay for our own retirement and make Mom comfortable in her old age directly out of pocket.

And you know what? Just like the Boomers, you're going to become your parents, and discover that everybody has it tough, and mostly it's tough in exactly the same ways and it has been since we were all wearing bearskins.

231 posted on 09/14/2004 12:30:25 PM PDT by Billthedrill
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To: Howlin
Are you under the impression that that is an original concept to YOUR generation?

Heck, no! It's just one we're bringing back.

232 posted on 09/14/2004 12:31:13 PM PDT by Marie (I want to be queeeeeen, just like like Hillary! 8 - ))
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To: Hi Heels
Respect is never a given. As I said, I respect my parents and will care for them as they have need--they have EARNED that respect. You personally may have earned the respect and love of your child as well. I personally don't know you well enough to respect you personally.

But don't expect my generation as a whole to respect your generation as a whole after being handed a multi-trillion dollar debt, a decadent moral system and collapsing culture, and a plague of broken homes and slaughtered infants. You had a fine party, running up a debt that you had no intention of paying back before passing it onto those of your heirs that you didn't slaughter in the womb, and you want our respect for that?

And please don't cite the Cold War as an excuse for the national debt. It was the Great Society that ran up the bill, not the the well-placed military expenditures.

Do not think that we owe you (and again, "you" is in the plural, directed to the Boomers as a whole, not you personally) respect for the above or a free lunch via the corrupt Social Security system (which YOUR generation looted) at the sacrifice of our childrens' prosperity and freedom. If your generation really wants the respect of its children, it'll sacrifice to fix its own problems instead of foisting them on us.

233 posted on 09/14/2004 12:31:23 PM PDT by Buggman (Your failure to be informed does not make me a kook.)
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You want to get mad, get mad at the politicians who couldn't keep their hands off our cash.

Well, as one Boomer to another, we do deserve some blame for that ..... some of us voted for Jimmuh, and then the Rats ran wild jacking up payouts to senior voters (because they'd noticed that the older folks voted really regularly, and because Dick Daley in Chicago had noticed in 1960 that you could count on them to vote for your guy even after they were dead).

And then some of us voted for The Rapist, and that had to hurt....

And lest you get the idea that DemonRats are the only ones who like to rip people off, the Bidness Wing Pubbies have a couple of deals in the wind, that Mr. Arbusto is about to endorse, that would abolish corporate income taxes and throw that tax burden onto, you guessed it, consumption taxes.

As in, we nailed you twice with payroll and income taxes all through the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's while you fought and fought to save something from us.........and now that your income is going to decline and you're going to be living off your savings, or off Social Security and a little bit of retirement income, let's reload you guys again and nail your @ss when you try to spend what's left!

Aren't you glad you stepped up and made that Roth conversion? Suckahhhs!!!

Abraham Lincoln once started a great war to save his revenue base. The politics of tax collection is absolutely the most cynical and pitiless in the world. The Boomers are about to find out just how tough it really gets.

234 posted on 09/14/2004 12:33:12 PM PDT by lentulusgracchus ("Whatever." -- sinkspur)
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To: Billthedrill

......with one major difference, Bill. If these kids are acting like this on this forum, it's being talked about at home, in front of THEIR children.

Their children are being raised to absolutely NOT respect their elders. This is going to backfire, big time. And that's sad, cuz they're hurting those precious little lives.

I can't FATHOM my parents talking about their is EACH TIME one of these threads is put up.

235 posted on 09/14/2004 12:34:52 PM PDT by Brad’s Gramma (Become a monthly donor to FR!! $5 per Freeper...and you'll never be bugged again)
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To: Graybeard58

Retirement, where everyday is a Saturday !

236 posted on 09/14/2004 12:37:26 PM PDT by AlBondigas
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To: skeeter

What's your point?

My grandpa is long gone and in a much better place now.

He never boasted about being a WWII veteran.

He also never claimed to be a conservative but didn't express an attitude of entitlement toward other taxpayers' money like certain FReepers do.

237 posted on 09/14/2004 12:38:13 PM PDT by k2blader (It is neither compassionate nor conservative to support the expansion of socialism.)
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To: Buggman

I cannot WAIT to hear how you'll explain MTV, PETA, hiphop and Alanis Morrisette to GenZ.

238 posted on 09/14/2004 12:38:22 PM PDT by skeeter
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To: k2blader

It was a JOKE, son.

239 posted on 09/14/2004 12:40:08 PM PDT by skeeter
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Did you pay such a high rate of taxation that a double income was REQUIRED?

The problems isn't the individual Boomer, it is the socialistic mindset that is winning and causing more of everyone's property to be confiscated. That mindset is typical of the boomer and that is the problem. They generallly say exactly what you said, "well socialism used to be evil, but now I want my fruits of it so it's ok." The selfish nature of the socialist is driving this wedge, and your carrying the torch.

Even though I get to keep only 55% of what I earn, I still will be debt free by 48 and I'll be able to afford to retire not long after that. All of that while funding everyone else!

240 posted on 09/14/2004 12:44:03 PM PDT by CSM ("Don't be economic girlie men!" - Governator, August 31, 2004, RNC)
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