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It's better to live 1 day as a lion than 100 years as a lamb.

They can have my cigarette when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

Like many people when I was young and foolish I started out as a Democrat then as I matured I became a die hard Conservative/Republican. In my "Liberal" years at the age of 6 years old I really wanted Jimmy Carter to win, But as he turned out to be a disaster for our country and I grew older and matured it was at the ripe old age of 10 right after the great Ronald Reagan's "We will get the hostages back from those Iranian barbarians" interview during the campaign that at that moment I decided to switch to the Conservative/Republican side and I've been here ever since. Well as Winston Churchhill said "If you are not a Liberal at 6 then you have no heart but if you aren't a Conservative at 10 then you have no brain"

Born and raised on Long Island but moved to one of the most beautiful places on Earth the Adirondacks way upstate New York right out of college. But after high taxes, The smoking ban and the gestapo tactics of the State Troopers enough was enough and I fled to the Free State of New Jersey.

In 1994 made one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I worked for George Pataki for his campain against Mario Cuomo. While Pataki's first term was wonderful after that he turned out to be further to the left than Mario and has turned New York into a bigger socialist hell hole than Mario or even Hillary for that matter could ever dream of
> Spending under Pataki
Year NY State Budget in Billions
























The Socialist Delusion

Liberals are to put it bluntly delusional and insane.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result - Albert Einstein

And that's socialism/liberalism/communism/progressiveness (or whatever they call themselves today) for you. It is the same old story, even though their ideas and ideals have without exception failed every single time and have caused nothing but death and misery, they are still deluded into believing that "this time it will be different."

Usually this delusion is caused by the belief that the past reason for failure was

1) The right people were not in charge, but the new leader is so much smarter and/or less corrupt than anyone that has tried and failed before, therefore he/she/it will make it work this time. (Hence Obama's nickname "The One")

2) We just didn't spend enough money if we only spend more and spend it sooner…. (2nd stimulus anybody)

3) or it's whatever scapegoat/Emmanuel Goldstein they can find fault for opposing them. ( Bush's fault)

Take Health Care, Where ever national health care has been implemented, enormous cost over runs, rationing, waiting list, poor quality, scientific stagnation, and yes even death panels (though of course they are euphemistically called something more benign i.e. The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research) inevitably become the norm.

There's a reason why anyone with the means comes here and not the other way around.

Yet Liberals believe (and expect us to believe) that this government, a government run by such masterminds as Obama, Pelosi, Reid will somehow finally get it right where others have failed and "this time it will be different" and the government will provide the quality and quantity that we as Americans expect.

The Hillary Curse

Oct 2000.. . .The Yanks last won a World Series defeating the New York Mets in five games.

Nov. 2000....New York elects Hillary Clinton, an Illinois native who declares herself "A lifelong Yankees fan," to the Senate.

Since then it's been a series of disappointments:

2001: The usually reliable Mariano Rivera gets roughed up in the 9th inning of game 7 and the Yankees lose the World Series to Arizona Diamondbacks.

2002: An 8 run 5th inning finishes the Yankees as they Lose the Division Series to Anaheim Angels in four.

2003: Lost World Series to Florida Marlins in six in which the Marlins become the first opposing team to win the World Series at Yankee Stadium since 1981.

2004: In the biggest choke in sports history, After being up 3-0, the Yankees lose the next four and lose the Championship Series to Red Sox in seven.

2005: Yankees bat 0.194 with runners in scoring position and lose Division Series to Anaheim Angels in five.

2006: Touted by some as having the best offense of all time, the Yankees after winning game 1 in a series that everyone and their mom thought they would sweep, the Yankee bats fall asleep including a strech where they were shut out for 20 2/3 innings and lose the Division Series to the Tigers 3-1

Coincidence? I Think not

Unfortunately it effects the Mets too

My one and only Vanity here at Freerepublic

Need new term for Type of Democrat/Liberal, FReeper creativity sought.

Locust Liberal Won Out. Still gets hits from time to time - Feel free to come up with something better

Gen-X Ping List

New as of 11/19/03

Ping list for the discussion of the politics and social aspects that directly effects Generation-X (Those born from 1965-1981) including all the spending previous generations (i.e. The Baby Boomers) are doing that Gen-X and Y will end up paying for.

Freep mail me to be added or dropped.

This is appears to be a medium volume ping list, It's been my observation that the articles tend come in bunches with days and occasionaly weeks passing between pings.

Note about SS/Medicare articles: They will only be pinged if they are mostly about the generations. Almost every SS/Medicare article will mention the cost when the Baby Boomers retire so technically I could ping every article on the subject but I believe there already is a SS ping list so I don't want to do that. See below for the type of SS/Medicare articles I prefer to Ping.

Those born from 1960-1964 who think they are Gen-Xers are welcome to join, So are Gen-Ys (as others but please no trolls) but note this ping list is not for the discussion of college/high school life and the liberal shenanigans that take place on campus. The main focus of the list will be the thirtysomething age group (give or take a few years in either direction).

Also (in part because it would be too much) I prefer not to ping articles about the doings and daily lives of individual Gen-Xers (i.e. Celebrities, Rock Stars, etc) unless it has some significance for the Generation as a whole (i.e. Culturally, Nostalgic, A Gen-Xer gets elected to a major position, etc.).

And the ping list will only be used to ping to the title, If during a thread of an article that has nothing to do with Gen-X, the "conversation" somehow ends up talking (or fighting) about the Generations I probably won't ping to it unless there is some really noteworthy information is posted (So far I've only done this once).

And of course to be lawyery– Just because I Ping and/or Post an article to the Gen-X ping list, it doesn’t necessary mean I endorse/agree with (or even care about) the contents in the article

This seems to be the breakdown of the Generations that have set foot on America

Arthurian 1433-1460
Humanist 1461-1482
Picaresque 1512-1540
Elizabethan 1541-1565
Sentimental 1566-1587
Puritan (Righteous)1588-1614
Cavalier 1615-1647
Glorious 1648-1673
Enlightenment 1674-1700
Awakening 1701-1723
Liberty 1724-1741
Republican 1742-1766
Compromise 1767-1791
Transcendental 1792-1821
Gilded 1822-1842
Progressive 1843-1859
Missionary 1860-1882
Lost 1883-1904
G.I. (Builder, Gimmie, Greatest, WWII) 1905-1927
Silent 1928-1945
Baby Boomers (Me, Worst) 1946-1964 (Sometimes Later 1957-1964 Boomers are called Generation Jones)
Generation X (Baby Busters, Reagan) 1965-1981
Generation Y (Millennials, Echo Boom) 1982-1996
Generation Z (Cyber, New Adaptive, Tiny, ?) 1997-2025?

These are articles that have appeared on the X-er ping list...

Jan 2010 (7-773)
Red Dawn Keeps American, Patriotic Feel of Original
40 Years After Woodstock - The Woodstock Festival and Its Devastating Wake
Where Were you 24 years ago ?
Kucinich Announces Program To Add A Million New Jobs
The Scorpions hanging up their hats after 40 years of rock
Place Blame Where It Belongs(Social Security is the King Ponzi scheme)
35 is the new 40: economic worries bring earlier middle age

Dec 2009 (9-766)
'Alien'/'Total Recall' writer O'Bannon dies, aged 63
This week in History in 1989 (20 years ago)
How Obamacare Will Screw the Young
Flashback Video: Ronald Reagan's Christmas Address to the Nation.....
Medicare, Social Security drying up faster than expected
80s SciFi/Horror Movie Help Wanted!!
Harvard Poll Finds 58% of 18-29 Year-Olds Approve of President Obama's Job Performance Generally
My generation created the sexual revolution--wrecking lives of women ever since
The Aging Generation of Choice

Nov 2009 (6-757)
Ken Ober, Host of Classic MTV Game Show Remote Control Dies
Recession Intensifies GenX Discontent At Work
Special Unspun with AnnaZ today ::: And Tear Down The Wall They Did ::: 11/9/09 3pmE
Young Americans to be sold into slavery
Vanity: Reminder the New V Airs tonite on ABC (Strong Aliens = Obama possibilities)
Government Statistics and Lies [Ron Paul says Feds stealing from seniors, young Americans]

Oct 2009 (8-751)
The ‘Me Generation’: A Generation of Thieves
GeoCities' time has expired, Yahoo closing the site today
A-ha to break up after 25 years
Legendary pro wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano dies at age 76
The Lost Generation (The continuing job crisis is damaging the future of our young people)
If You Hate Obummer Read This Now...
Study: Tetris Is Good for Your Brain
For Generation X, It Is A Wonder That Obama Ever Got Elected

Sep 2009 (7-743)
Social Security strained by early retirements
Actress Tawny Kitaen Arrested in Calif. for DUI
Red October
Patrick Swayze, Red Dawn, and Political Incorrectness
'Dirty Dancing' star Patrick Swayze at 57 (Died)
Democrats say GOP wants to kill Medicare [I want to kill Medicare]
RWR: Remarks and a Q&A Session With Area Jr. HS Students [11-14-1988]

Aug 2009 (6-736)
49% Say Workers Should Be Able To Opt Out of Social Security
Some Baby Boomers Still Getting High
Social Security crunch coming fast
The Pee-wee Herman Show is back....
Woodstock: 3 Days of Fraud, Deceit and Hypocrisy
Director John Hughes Dies

July 2009 (6-730)
The next great bailout: Social Security (the day of reckoning may finally be here)
The Case for Depression, Part 3: Demographics
Happy Birthday Woodstock Baby, If You Exist [The Beginning of the American Descent]
Gene Healy Sees The Millenials As The New Statists
Boomers - Winter is coming
Coming of age in the years of living dangerously

June 2009 (7-724)
This Boomer Isn't Going to Apologize
America's Most Useful (But Unloved) Product?
Nest Eggs Demolished, Older Americans Go Back To Work
SOC SEC AND MEDICARE PROJECTIONS: 2009-unfunded liability has reached nearly $107 trillion
First General Motors - Then Social Security
Bueller? Bueller? Cameron's House For Sale
Dawn of the Personal Computer: From Altair to the IBM PC

May 2009 (8-717)
What We Owe: $64 Trillion, And Counting
Who Will the Government Pay Back First: You or China? (A Screed)
Science Fiction as Political Allegory: the upcoming "V" reboot
The Medicare Ponzi Scheme
8 reasons why this is the dumbest generation
Popular Music and the Unconscious (Rare Vanity)
Talkin' 'Bout My Generation (Boomers, who refused to grow up, now can't afford to retire)
Report on Social Security and Medicare could be bleaker (Lock-box surplus down 95%)

Apr. 2009 (9-709)
8 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From 'Predator'
Fix Social Security, Ease the Credit Crisis
Red Dawn": Important Movie Marks 25th Anniversary, as Star Fights Heroic Battle Against Cancer
Social Security and Medicare Will Cost More Than The Value Of Everything In The United States
Michael Jackson: Jacko’s ‘Thriller’ voted ‘Greatest Album of all Time'
Carter or Obama?
Just 53% of Americans Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism
A new generation shapes a new era
Social Security: Just Shut the Door Already

Mar. 2009 (7-700)
It's Official! Get Ready for "MacGyver" the Movie!
Every Classic Knight Rider Turbo Boost Sequence In One Video
End of toy era: After 70 years, View-Master 3-D scenic reels from parks to Elvis discontinued
Happy 30th Birthday, Compact Disc!
Generation X and The Tenets of Conservatism - ALAN KEYES
The End of Newspapers as we know them
At the lighter side of life: What happened to Princess Leah of Star Wars??

Feb. 2009 (6-693)
The Wealth of the Baby Boom Cohorts After the Collapse of the Housing Bubble
Freddy Ready For Reboot (Another terrible remake in the works)
How Birth Control Changed America for the Worst
Bailing Out The Tomb Boomers: Sorry, but Granny's Gotta Go
I'm a Successful Playwright... but Feminism has Turned me into a Failure
The National Ponzi Scheme

Jan. 2009 (11-687)
What age do we feel most beautiful?
The New War Between Young and Old
The United Ponzi States of America
The Not So Greatest Generation (The Dumbest Generation: Don't Trust Anyone Under 30)
The Great College Hoax
Foot Loose Remake
The Coming "Demographic Winter"
Generation L and its fearful future (gen Lucky's luck running out)
In Obama, many see an end to the baby boomer era (Barf Alert!)
Social Security readies for onslaught
What (the movie) ‘Doubt’ Is About

Dec. 2008 (2-676)
Have We Entered The Fourth Turning?
‘A Christmas Story’ still hits people where they live after 25 years

Nov. 2008 (1-674)
The Great Communicator

Oct. 2008 (8-673)
The Future was going to be awesome...
Punk Rock Republicans
Study: Middle-Age Whites Driving Up U.S. Suicide Rate
Revisiting The Organization Man
The Lost Country (Review of TV Show Mad Men) By Rod Dreher,
Sorry, Fido, It’s Just a Guy Thing
The Great Boomer Comeuppance
Gen X: Sherpas of the American Economy?

Sept. 2008 (6-665)
Eighties Goth is Baaaaaack! (Leather Pants are In for women)
Gloom deepens as America’s debt piles up(way over McCain and Obama's head)
Cost of US loans bail-out emerging(sovereign default risk of U.S. went up)
The Spending Explosion [more like a spending orgy]
The End of Boomer Weirdness?
Study reveals Australia suffering from 'man drought'

August 2008 (4-659)
More Women Than Ever Are Childless, Census Finds
'Taking Woodstock' set to start (Barf alert - another baby boomers are great movie)
Why it's best to marry in your twenties
Hippie headbands (The Hippy Chick look is in)

July 2008 (6-655)
The World's Youngest Women Billionaires
Fountain Of Youth Gushes For Baby Boomers
War Games Coming To Theatres For Encore Round
Study: Baby Boomers Are Gloomiest Generation
Ten Investing Rules to Throw Away
Red Dawn Returns (Wolverine Remake)

June 2008 (9-649)
For More Americans, Retirement Can Wait
Hippies: Where are they now?
Magical Fifty -- Musicians Who Turn 50 This Year!
Are you ready for future labor shortages?
When I Was a Boy, America Was a Better Place [Must Read]
Conservatives cheer Ryan's 'road map' bill
Is 40 Really the New 20? What Sex and The City Doesn't Say (Spoilers)
Children of older fathers have greater risk of early death
The Status Quo is Not an Option (Federal Spending)

May. 2008 (11-640)
18 Things A Grown Man Should Never Have
Obama's Social Insecurity Plan
What Was The Most Important 1980's Historical Event That Changed Your Life?
Totally 80's Hair Attack Sandbox: "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!"
10 Common Questions About Social Security
Back to baby basics
House passes bill (HR 4279) that will let the RIAA take away your home for downloading music
The Widening Gap
Hiring After the Baby-Boom Brain Drain (Federal Government)
Plan for long life, without pandemic (Should we let people older than 85 die in a pandemic?)
Spam turning 30 this month; no gifts, please

Apr. 2008 (7-629)
Medicare "drifting towards disaster": U.S. official
The teenage mums who become nightclubbing, 30-something grannies
CBS Election Night 1984 (Something to lift your spirits)
Don't Wait to Invest in Your Future
Viewing the 1960s from my 60s
Generation X glum on retirement prospects: survey
Live to 150, Can You Do It?

Mar. 2008 (11-622)
Change?? (Vanity)
Should old die for sake of young?
Congress in no rush to fix Medicare and Social Security (A Moving Target or Moving Congress?)
Government benefit programs in trouble (Social security & Medicare)
Adults Forced Back Into Parents' Homes - Middle-Aged Children Starting Over With Mom, Dad
Manifesto Scuppie: Socially Conscious Upwardly-Mobile Person
Reagan was right [25th anniversary of "evil empire" speech]
Should the U.S. adopt the Chilean pension system?
D&D master Gary Gygax was a nerd's nerd
The $34 trillion problem[Medicare]

Feb. 2008 (12-611)
Taxes You Pay Now May Represent The 'Good Old Days'
Looking for Mr. Good Enough
Why smacking is a hit again
Ronald Reagan: First Inaugural Address (Video)
This Valentine's Day: Punch a Hippie (Belated)
Older People Are Happy: Life Begins At 40 And 50 And 60
Marry Him! The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough
Is It A Crisis Yet? (spending on senior entitlements soaring)
First Baby Boomer Receives Social Security
Postponing the inevitable (Yes, we are all going to die)
Ron Leavitt, co-creator of "Married With Children," dies at 60
Obama is a Generation Jones, not Boomer or Xer

Jan. 2008 (13-599)
Generation Next moves beyond abortions
Why Baby Boomers May Bust the Housing Market
Social Security's $20 Trillion Shortfall: Why Reform is Needed
Can 80s TV hits succeed decades later?
When Sanity Reigned: A Passing Moment In Time
Silver And Fit: Seniors Embrace Exercise
Myths Of '68 (Thomas Sowell)
The generational war exposed in the Democratic primary
How to Save Social Security and Make It Solvent Again
Grandma Needs Money. Now What?
'It's Generations X and Y, Stupid!'
Superannuation in Australia
Boomers are about to collect[Social Security][Wisconsin]

Dec. 2007 (11-586)
Gen X is least prone to adultery
Spending our way to financial ruin (each American household owes $455,000 for entitlements)
Damn Social Security
$45 trillion gap seen in US benefits (over next 75 years, estimate from Bush administration)
Baby Boomers Owe Young People an Apology--Conceits of the Horrid Generation
Singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg dies
My Wife and I are Turning 40 Tomorrow...
Peter Pan Nation
Can we revive '60s-era ideals?
Commodore 64 still loved after all these years
House bill addresses lack of affordable housing for seniors

Nov. 2007 (11-574)
Legendary motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel died Friday, according to
The War on "No" Is Child "Centered Parenting" producing a generation of brats?
Vocalist Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot Found Dead in Vegas
OUR OPINION: Nation's children being harmed by unmarried adults
Don Feder: How to Take the Chill Out of Demographic Winter
25 Years Ago Today - "The Play"
Sweeping the Clouds Away
From the generation of the 1980s to the Vietnam Veterans...
Uh-oh, baby boomers begin to retire: ; Congress may fix Social Security using a commission
I Love and Respect My Feminist Mother, But We Can’t Talk
Generation Vex (The (really) long goodbye of the Baby Boomers

Oct 2007 (7-563)
More young adults on cholesterol drugs
Medicare's monstrous appetite
Research shows men are fathering children at later ages
Top 5 Declining U.S. Markets
First baby boomer applies for Social Security
Thundercats Movie Finds a Director in O’Flaherty
10 Businesses Facing Extinction in 10 Years

Sept 2007 (12-556)
$13 trillion deficit looms for Social Security
Tylenol Murders: An Unsolved 25-Yr.-Old Cold Case
Death fears of the Boomer Left
The DNA Age: Cancer Free at 33, but Weighing a Mastectomy
Carnegie Mellon celebrates 25th anniversary of 'smiley face'
Divorce can predict child's future day-to-day care for aging parents
Michiganders Are Leaving for Right to Work States
Imagine a World Without Adobe
The Coasts Are Tops as California and NYC Are Most Popular Places People Would Choose to Live
G.I. Joe to Become Global Task Force in Movie (Curse you Hollywood!)
Study: Growing Number of Employees Are Not Loyal
Companies Try to Retain Older Workers

Aug 2007 (11-544)
Children? Or are we 'adult-centered'?
Languishing ladies
Poll: Young voters disenchanted with Republican party
Challenging the Generals
Reagan’s Youth Appeal
Infantile America
Why the late-30s are a man's misery years
The New Catholic Manliness
Study finds growth in over-55 workers fueled by need for health benefits
Must-see Mythology-ish Movies

July 2007 (11-533)
Study: Many Boomers Lack Retirement Fund
Ted Nugent Blames Hippies for Divorce, Abortion, Drugs and Crime
The Coming Generational Storm: What You Need to Know about America’s Economic Future
'80 Mbytes of storage for under $12k!' and other ad favorites through the years
Lower taxes to avoid boomer bust
If S***s to be Young, It Will Swallow Turning 50.
It was 28 years ago today, Jimmy Carter talked about "malaise"...with 1980 electoral map
Summer Of Love Put Us All On A Bad Cultural Trip [From a witness!]
Thirtysomething to thirtynothing
Why We Should Be Grateful for Gen Y
Blame It on Mr. Rogers: Why Young Adults Feel So Entitled

June 2007 (8-522)
Baby Boomer Breast Implant Surgery: Like Daughter, Like Mother?
'Blade Runner' created a provocative view of the future
Summer of love: 40 years later - Hippie Hippie Shakedown: But where was love?
Graduating with degrees in debt
1973 vs 2003
Red Dawn scenario
Suburbia's fortress mentality
New Pac Man for Xbox is swan song for founder

May 2007 (13-514)
So You Want Me to Breed?
Love blooms anew for 1967 - Boomers mark the 40th anniversary of a celebrated summer (BARRRFFF!!!)
Men in their 30s lag behind their fathers in pay
STAR WARS at thirty... Mark Steyn
Where are the activist women?
Careers not main reason for delaying motherhood
I'm Sorry for the Impotence Ads....
Young homeowners outraged by high property tax bills (Florida's two tiered tax system)
I've frozen my eggs so I can have a baby when I'm 60
U.S. divorce rate falls to lowest since 1970
Get the Young Whippersnappers Off Their Fannies ASAP! (France's elderly key bloc in election)
From 1981: the World's first UMPC
Aging punk rocker still swears - but not near the kids

Apr. 2007 (8-505)
Does current generation have it worse? (WHINING BABY BOOMER ALERT)
'Dangerous Book' revives childhood arts
Baby Boomers Appear to Be Less Healthy Than Parents
Marry young: matrimony is wasted on the old
Taxes: Y Asks Why, Boomers Ask Why Not
REO Speedwagon Plays Wal-Mart
Alanis Morrisette cover of Fergie’s “My Humps” says something about American culture, I think
Thank you for dying

Mar. 2007 (9-497)
Star Wars stamps unveiled in [USA]
They're back: the revenge of the '80s
Slouching Toward Socialized Medicine?
3% unemployment rate, anyone?
From The Greatest Generation To Self-Annihilation
The Coming Entitlement Meltdown[Ron Paul]
Young manager harassing Baby Boomer leads to EEOC fine
Prescription Drug Bill 'May be the most Financially Irresponsible Law in 40 years'"
Youth Narcissism: Blaming the 1980s? Try the 1960s

Feb. 2007 (8-489)
Grad student lives 1950s lifestyle for project
Over-50s 'worst carbon culprits'
Viacom Insider: Kurt Loder Fired at MTV [Dinasour Media Deathwatch]
Are Modern Standards Too High?
A farewell to arcades
American Dream, Downsized
She earns more, and that's OK
Punk turns the big 3-0

Jan. 2007 (17-481)
Young adults leave New England
2007: The Year of The Reunion Tours and Comebacks (Which One Will You Attend?)
Boomer doom: Victims of culture of youth
It's bye buyers as market is rent by Generation X
Ex-Social Distortion bassist killed by truck
Boomers dropping the ball
Towns tame taxes by keeping children out
Oprah Is America's Top Favorite TV Personality for Fifth Year in a Row
Fed Chair Bernanke: Impending Baby Boomer Retirement Could 'Seriously' Weaken Economy
Generation Next tilting left
AARP Strikes 'Punk-Rock' Chord
Casual sex is a con: women just aren't like men
Help Wanted: Government Seeks Retiring Baby Boomers
AARP Blocks Social Security Reform
Entitled Selfishness (Boomer Generation Is in a State of Denial)
Report: Generation Next more confident, more tolerant and more Democratic
Horror stories: Baby sitting and the opt-out revolution

Dec. 2006 (4-464)
Get with the programs, boomers, or lose them (Barf!)
Another classic bites the dust Announces Top Names of 2006
Remake of 'Nerds' Film Scrapped

Nov. 2006 (16-460)
Diary of a Collapsing Superpower
Rockstar lifestyle might survive after college
Boomers Not Ready For Retirement
First Comes Junior In a Baby Carriage (4 in 10 Births by Single Moms)
Cities Compete in Hipness Battle to Attract Young
Gen X Plus 15 Is Like, Rich, But Reality Still Bites, Bro
Study says boomers don't like what's on TV
Fear not, smart women
Hippies still trying to ruin the country
The man who understood teenagers
Bridge to Somewhere - The House GOP needs a new generation of leaders
Patrick McHenry Next Repub Bulldog?
Sandinista Head Daniel Ortega Wins Nicaragua Presidential Election
Generation Jones could give GOP surprise win in midterms
Having trouble getting pregnant _ book a procreation vacation
Govt. Tells Singles No Sex Till You're 30

Oct. 2006 (15-444)
GAO chief warns economic disaster looms (A "Cheery" little piece from AP at election time)
CA: The Greatest Generation?
Runaways drummer Sandy West dies
Chris Lilik Is Being Heard (The AMAZING Freeper Who Might Be Key To Defeating Bob Casey)
'Fraggle Rock' to be made into movie
Moms vs. Hip-Hop
US full of Internet addicts: study
CBS News' Christopher Glenn Dies
More Couples Having More Kids
CBGB Hosts Last Concert Before Eviction
Older Workers Taking Stock Of ‘Bridge’ Jobs (Retiring No Longer An Option)
Happy Reykjavik Day
Drudge Report Radio ... October 15, 2006 [LISTEN LIVE]
Bernanke: Baby Boomers Will Strain U.S. (the sky is blue alert)
Finance biggest deterrent to having children, report says

Sept. 2006 (11-429)
Ten Songs That Killed Arena Rock
Big news covered by fewer full-time journalists, according to new book by IU faculty
Some Kind of Republican: Was John Hughes really in favor of teen rebellion?
Old people living on my dime.
Big news covered by fewer full-time journalists, according to new book by IU faculty
TVs fade out as technology takes over
Evil Dead the Musical to Open Nov. 1 at New World Stages
Drug use up for boomers, down for teens
Generation of taboo breakers are a selfish lot
Amputee Iraq veteran runs for office
This Mommy Track May Go Somewhere ("It's All About Me" alert)

Aug 2006 (10-418)
The needle and the damage done
Baby boom... and bust
Beloit College's Mindset List [Professor's Reminder of Incoming Freshmens' Worldview]
Casual Friday is so '90s, dressing down is full time
A College Freshman History Text on the Stock Market Crash of 1987
Life 'gets costly at 34'
8 Reasons Why the Young Should Give a Sh*t About Social Security'
Culture now celebrates the guy's guy
Young homeowners often repair-challenged

July 2006 (3-408)
The Faustian Generation (did boomers sell their souls to the devil?)
A Senior Moment for Gen X: First Lollapalooza Was 15 Years Ago
Back to '60s? wrong way to go

June 2006 (12-405)
New England may see exodus of young talent, study warns (1 more thing in common with France)
Cities face troubles in hiring cops
Dean: 'We're About to Enter the '60s Again'
Naming your baby
Retirees Will Face Dire Straits [Baby Boomers to force following generations to suffer]
With Mass Retirements Looming, Feds Talk Up Government Work
Magazine waits 20 years to apologize
Oldest Congress Ever May Be 'Youthenized'
Generation X risk dying before parents
Gore's Refutted Yet Again
Adult Swim Picks Up 'Pee Wee's Playhouse'(Turner Broadcasting Welcomes Back Pee-Wee Herman)
Superfriends Cartoonist Alex Toth Dies at 77

May 2006 (8-393)
The Breakfast Club Actor Paul Gleason Dies At 67
'Reagan's Children' Reviving His Vision
Liberal? Get over it
Fred Barnes: Taking a Blunt Approach (Missouri's governor balances the budget without raising taxes)
Do I Look Old in These Jeans?
Ferris Bueller's Day Off: 20th Anniversary Edition
Where there's smoke, there's ire in politically correct times
Social Security and Medicare the picture is bleaker than ever.

April. 2006 (10-385)
American Companies Can’t Continue Offering Adequate Pensions
Baby boomer exodus - As millions retire, their skills and knowledge will be gone, too
Loosened Family Ties Haunt Baby Boomer Vanguard Reaching Age 60
Woe Is Me, Me, Me [Generation X/Reagan]
Valderrama on the CHiPs Adaptation [CHiPs movie in the works!]
Banking on science for future fertility
Iraq veteran who supports war running for Congress (Republican)
Cleary: Ramona Forever
An army of narcissists?
30 years in Apple products: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Mar. 2006 (15-377)
Rejecting Modern Materialism: The Rise of the Crunchy-Conservatives
Does Anyone Want to Be an Adult Anymore? (Up With Grups*)
TV show puts lawmakers on comedic hot seat
Phasing out Social Security could strengthen nation
March 22, 1978 A&M Records sign The Police
Rx for GenX: Plan and save - now
Sex and Marriage in the City?
The NSC's Sesame Street Generation
Only 20% of men are working past age 65
Behind the baby gap lies a culture of contempt for parenthood (From the "Guardian", on top of it)
Baby boomers or bums?
Standards of Life in the Future: Think Grim
Aging Workforce a Concern for US Tech Firms
Late 30s aren't too late to enlist
Had Enough of Oprah?

Feb. 2006 (4-362)
Retirement age 'will rise to 85'
Where is the love? (Prenups)
Sleight of Hand: Bush Buried Detailed Social Security Privatization Proposals in his Budget
Rock the Vote Is Stuck in a Hard Place ($700k in debt, left with 2 employees)

Jan. 2006 (7-358)
86'd in 86
Clooney to revive 80s tv icon (Hollywood outdoes itself ruining Magnum PI)
Roe Babies and Reagan Babies
Still Morning in America - Reaganomics, 25 years later ~ WSJ.
Rich Little 'Poor' Kids
Boomers can take credit for the 60s if they accept blame for the '70s and '80s.
Super Bowl Wants Only Young Dancers

Dec. 2005 (8-351)
The Fourteenth Generation
America’s Worst Generation
Social Security official: Promises can't be met
Twentysomethings Joining Fight Against Age
Fur is flying off shelves as a new mark of cool
Energy industry's biggest shortage? Future executives.
Generations X and Y suffer boomer-angst
The Boomers' Echo

Nov. 2005 (8-343)
Liberal/Progressive Economics Pushes Us Off the Cliff
Take That, Borat: Kazakhstan Runs 4-Page Ad Section in 'N.Y. Times'
America's most dangerous group
Boomers Aren't Going Anywhere
Generational war is brewing
Reagan's Silver Glow (Things started to change on November 4, 1980)
Friendly sitcom nods past '80s (Longing for the Lost Liberal Golden Age)
Do we really care about children?

Oct. 2005 (5-335)
Births to Unmarried U.S. Women Set Record
Youngest Member Has Congress Figured Out: It's Like Junior High
Justification For War (SMURF!)
On The Light Side: Handling nosy curiosity as a single woman
The Vice Guide To Killing Yout Parents -re: Baby Boomers; title is satire like A Modest Proposal

Sept. 2005 (8-330)
The Sixties: The Years that Shaped a Generation
'60s war protest song is out of step in fashion ad (LAUGH ALERT)
Republican Conservatives Want Senior Citizens to Pay Most for Katrina (Barf!)
Make it easier for retirees to move south of the border
Generation X-plorers Energized by NASA's New Plans
Nuclear family gets nuked by the Gen-Xers
At 40, life's icons begin to disappear
The Fall of My Leftist House of Mirrors

Aug 2005 (5-322)
To an American Soldier at Walter Reed: Don’t Mind Code Pink, They’re Not America
Iraq is not Vietnam, not by any stretch
What If There Are No Adults?
Baby-Boomers Reliving Glory Days of 1960's?
Jerry Garcia's Conservative Children

July 2005 (10-317)
More American Retirees Seek Havens Abroad
Generation Repeat: An Open Letter To The Youth Of Today
A generation's challenge
The Cosby Show - Season 1 [Warning: DVD set uses edited for syndication prints.]
As Generation X begins to hit 40, it's finding its place in the world
No matter the generation, reality TV is still a sham
Designed for Sex:What We Lose When We Forget What Sex Is For
"Back to the Future" Turns 20
George P. Bush: Lawmakers can't ignore Social Security problems
FReeper Canteen ~ Flashback Friday 1985 ~ 01 July 2005

June 2005 (22-307)
The Young Labeled 'Entitlement Generation'
Hell No, We Won't, Like, Wait Any Longer for Personal Accounts! (March for Private accounts 6/26 DC)
What were you doing in 1980?
The top album of the last 20 years is ...
If you're unhappy and you know it...
Dylan Republicans (American Spectator Article By Freeper)
Rockin' '80s define today
Not long left for cassette tapes (Where's my 25GB Blu-Ray DVD?)
The Mother of all Mismanaged Retirement Plans (Social Sec)
Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism is Corrupting Our Future;(Ben Shapiro's startling new book)
Ghost-Wary, dot eating Pac-Man turns 25 today
Worst Generation Refuses to Follow Greatest Generation's Winning Template (Rush)
The Old and the Rested
Jacking with the Boomers
Live Aid: A defining moment?
A Look Inside the Mind of a Generation-X Deserter (Funny and Maddening at the Same Time)
Gen X turns 40
The Best and Worst of the 1980s (vanity)
Do The RIGHT Thing! June is Lane Courtesy Month
'Hit Me Baby' Brings Back 80s 1-Hit Wonders
Generation that just does not care
Mourning For a Lost Nation And a Warning For Tyrants

May 2005 (19-285)
Best and Worst of the 1970s (vanity)
Work Life Balance - Are We Outsourcing Leadership
No reasoning with the elderly on issue of Social Security
America's Betrayed Baby Boomers
To All The Kids Who Survived the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! (cute email)
From Luke to Anakin: Growing Up on 'Star Wars'
Boomers have paid their dues to society
The Generation Gap (Social Security)
Generation Vexed
The Peter Pan Generation - (is Bill Cosby right about today's poor liberal leftist parenting?)
Republicans celebrate major achievements (Missouri)
You can't suit yourself in the NFL
The boom and bust of generation wars
Game skills pay off in real life
Liberalism’s Robin Hood And His Baby Boomer Generation Of Merry Men
Faith restored in the young (the rise of young Aussie conservatism)
College does not prepare for real life
You know you grew up in the 80's if...........(vanity)
More 20-somethings depending on parents again

April 2005 (21-266)
ENGELHARD: Revenge of the '60's
Bumper stickers losing popularity as tolerance, vehicle trends evolve
Social Security Hostage Crisis: Day 24,570
Will Ferrell to star in 'Land of the Lost' film
New Russians gripped by Stalin's old spell
Let Cookie Monster be Cookie Monster
American Mothers' Anxiety Sparks 'Perfect Madness'
When Mike Tyson Ruled The World
CSE tries to revive concert event (Lollapalooza)
Once again, preppy rules
Old dudes facing a changing newspaper world
South Park Conservatives: Snapshot of the Culture Wars
Hell on two legs - the Tiny Generation
Ryan-Sununu Bill Limits Government Spending
Raise a toast to marital bliss, and its price tag of $26,000
Fund-Less Trust Fund
Why Atari 2600 Adventure is such a fun game
“Unprecedented” Employee Turnover Ahead
Pope John Paul II: Generation X continues to lose our greatest leaders, but their values remain
Skanks "R" Us.
After-school special (20th anniversary of “The Breakfast Club”)

March 2005 (21-245)
Comedian Mitch Hedberg dead at 37
U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Reach of Age Bias Law
More single women are buying homes
Have Faith in Social Security? Then Have I Got a Deal for You!
Freepers! Let's do Social Security "Meetups"
Social Security: A Threat to Generation X
Gen X’s Roe vs. Wade (Terri Schiavo)
U.S. Standard Of Living Set To Nosedive
What I Saw at the Meltdown (Working for a Dot-Com)
Mexico undergoing Americanization as retirees, others become expatriates
Summer Season To See Surge In '80s Acts
‘Bulldog Brigade' no barking dog
Ten Reasons NOT to Change Social Security - (humorous satire!)
It Ain't Just About The Old Folks, Buster (Septople Barf Alert!!!)
Nice jeans. But should you really wear them to the opera?
Young investors: Best days are ahead
Losing Our Kids - And Businesses - To Stupidity
We owe it to future generations to do a better job with Social Security today
Hatin' on the '80s
Why "Add On" Retirement Accounts are so Popular with Democrats
Bob Barr:The [Republican] Revolution Sputters

February 2005 (16-224)
'80s refrain restrained
Single women choose motherhood by adopting Chinese girls
More Dads Take Stay-At-Home Route
Last stop on the geriatric gravy train
Looming Talent Crisis Faces U.S. Companies
Bad Faith in Social Security
Young Conservatives(Vanity)
Sir Paul, Elvis now perceived as 'safe'
Anti-war generation watches its children go to war
It's the age of the older worker -- but is that good or bad? (Lawsuits)
Privatizing Social Security too risky [KRUGMAN BARF ALERT]
Dear Mr. President: Send me my money
Social Security Calculator
America the Incredible
Social Security Crisis Is About My Generation And Beyond
Do you support Bush's plan to revamp social security? FREEP this poll!

January 2005 (21-208)
1945 Battle of Manila (Anti-US Military BARRF Alert!)
AARP Poll: Appeal of Social Security Private Accounts Drops When Consequences Known
Remembering the Challenger - 19 Years
Tattoo Program Gives Young People a Clean Slate
Abortion's lost generation: what it might have accomplished
Sign the Grassroots Petition: No Thanks, AARP!
Young Bush Fund-Raisers Are Courted by the Party
Rolling Stone Bans Bible Ad Aimed At Reaching Young People
Animal House or Old School?
Battle Lines: It's Young vs. Old (Social Security)
When men turn clucky
Come On Out to South Park (meet Brian Anderson and the new breed of young conservatives)
I'm a member of ‘Generation Jones’
Baby boomers demands will benefit seniors
Freeze Those Eggs! 35-Year-Old Women Make Safe Deposits
Thank elders for watching Gen X's back (Barf!!)
'Les X' revolt: A new conservative wave has the old-timers worried (Quebec)
Al Gore Wants 'F*#@ed Up' TV
Plan Could Cut Social Security for Young Workers
Married, without children: Finding fulfillment with no kids
Seniors gear up for fight

December 2004(22 - 187)
Reasons for Children of the 80s to Feel Old (for all of us late 70s/80s teens & youg adults)
'Enriching Our Literary Heritage': Judy Blume or Madeleine L'Engle?
I, Breadwinner? - View of Debt from the Left
The new great generation
Blame hippies Sixties counterculture eroded moral foundations of society
What's a peacenik to do when son joins Army?
Won't Grow Up (boomers)
Nation's youth carries Marine Corps legacy in Fallujah
The Beatles: icon or con?
Aging Baby Boomers: Could older folks live aboard cruise ships?
Where Aquarius Went (Hitchens on Hippies)
It's time to pass torch, younger Dems say
(Generation)'X' Will Mark the Spot Again in 2005
Retro games offer an alluring respite
Congressional memo to future generations: You're screwed
Meet Gen Jones: Group was 2004's real swing vote
2004: The Year of Generation X
Young People Be Damned!(Reactionary AARP)
The AARP Declares War on Younger Americans
Decaying Pop Culture
Seinfeld and Co. ruined my life
Hostages to the Boomer Narrative

November 2004 (6 - 165)
Procreate or perish
The gen X take on the failings of feminism
Not Slackers After All?
The 'Look at Me' generation takes it to the gridiron
Hugh Hewitt: The End of the Sixties (Bush's victory marks the end, finally, of the '60s)
A look a Missouri Gov.-elect Matt Blunt

October 2004 (15 - 159)
Bush singles more open to dating opposites than Kerry supporters
Generation Jones Women are Swing Voters (But GEN-X Women are the biggest Bush Supporters)
Email I received with good news - Vanity (Missouri - Gen-Xer Matt Blunt for Gov).
This young generation has not X-ed out responsibility, character
Generation X
Three booms facing America
Back Together Again: Original Duran Duran
Romance courtesy of U.S. taxpayers
Where were you in 1976?
Distinctive candidates provide a choice (Missouri - Gen-Xer Matt Blunt for Gov.)
Professional Football Leads Baseball by 2-to-1 as Nation's Favorite Sport
Riding the conservative revolution (“The children of divorce and hippiedom” move Australia right)
An American Perspective (SS & Term limits)
New Poll: Kucinich Losing Significant Voter Support, Herman Gaining Ground
Violent video games worked for me!

September 2004 (17-144)
A new generation of heroes surfaces
NEWSWEEK POLL: Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat Among Young Voters (Bush +3%, Kerry -5%)
Privatizing Social Security
Operation Stealth Reverse Moby: CALLING ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS/WORKERS (graphic/publishing guys too!)
Oh my goodness! Progressives really do exist (Delusional Liberal Alert)
Rather, network news irrelevant for my generation
New generation on campus; 'Millenials' replace Gen X
Bush rally cry: Privatize Social Security
Drudge Has Link To Gallup! It's 13 Points (It's Gen-X that's putting Bush over the top!)
Kerry's no rock star but plays a pleasing tune (Baaarrff!!)
Suddenly, everyone's turning against us Baby Boomers
Sexy look leaves the office (fashion)
Real Republicans Don't Censure Women's American Dreams
The 60's generation
Best and worst cities for dating...
Generation X parents outshine Baby Boomers
Reagan Inspires Future GOP Stars

August 2004 (22-127)
Avoiding Disaster (Social Security)
Young GOP stars carry Reagan torch
Greenspan: Aging to strain U.S. (Work longer, Americans)
Are Baby Boomers Our Misfortune?
Less than 55 yrs old----You do not know!!!!
'Wing-Women' Help Single Guys Find Romance
OLD TRAITORS NEVER DIE Dissent must come alive in New York
Sununu's Social Security solution
Could the ''Howard Stern Voter'' cause a Kerry Presidency?
Old-fashioned liberal can't keep up with causes of the New Left
Kerry To Seniors: "I'll Subsidize Your Dog Food" (Hilarious Kerry Ad)
The OTHER New Jersey Political Story
Video Game Industry Embraces Retro Classics
Kerry asks 'greatest generation' for votes
Kris Kobach Wins KS Primary by 207 votes
Crosby, Stills, and Nash Protest the War During Concert
More women are taking husbands’ names
Why We're Winning
The New Generation Gap
Should The Cartoon SOUTH PARK Be Banned And Its Supporters Deported To Spain?
Desperately seeking Mr. Right. Or Left.
The trends are all toward Republicans

July 2004 (14-105)
Polls show youth leaning to Bush
Hippie Poll - Needs a Freep push
73 percent of all federal income taxes needed to fund Medicare and Social Security entitlements
Gen X keen on the ABCs of raising gen Y
So, can we do better? (SS vs private number crunching)
Young, politically active -- and in support of Bush
Who's taking away your Social Security
Southwest Passengers Find Love in an Empty Seat
Baby Boomers not all alike
(Rush Limbaugh on) James Glassman on the Next Generation
Gen Xers tweak geezers' sacred cows
Gadget Geeks Unite In Techno-Sexual Movement
Little freedom on Independence Day
I Feel Like I Am Fixin To Throw Up

June 2004(25-91)
Yes, sister, choose what you want (The Stepford Wives: Lame attempt to pillory conservatives)
Clergymen take religion to a nightclub!
Outlook: The Reagan Effect (Reagan didn't end the cold war - Hippies did!!! Hexcentople barf alert!)
Dating by the bell
Go Go, Godzilla!!!!!!!!!<
Youngest Baby Boomers Hit 40 This Year
It’s Morning After in America (Long but Awesome read - We are winning the culture war!!)
Fix Medicare, Social Security now
Lollapalooza Tour Cancelled (anti-Bush crowd can't sell tix)
Work till you're 70 plan leaked
Rock Star Role Models Win New Fans (Hextople Barf Alert!)
Generation X finds more truth in comedy bits than election commercials
CBO: Social Security Stronger Than Thought
Is Marriage Worth It? (Advice To A Single Man On Finding The Right Woman)
My Generation: We Are Reagan's Children
Lonely Baby Boomers
What Women Wanted - Reagan appealed to and developed a generation of female conservatives
Please, No more 1960s
We’re Not Gen-X, We’re Gen-Reagan
Reagan: My childhood memory
Friday Night Fun: Caption The Van Halen's Opening Night
Have We Lost WWII Generation’s “Deep Knowledge?”
Old media, Old political party, Old hippies
Emphasize health services, not technology
Dating games without frontiers

May 2004 (17-66)
Time growing short to fix boomer retirement shock
Can We Ever Repay the Greatest Generation?
Bad Cartoons Make Bad Citizens
Queering the pitch for a single girl (too many gay guy friends means no lasting man for dingbat)
U.S.: The Antiwar Movement -- Where Have All The Protests Gone?
Young people turn against their parents' 'church lite'
Punk Rock, Diversity, and the Gonzo Conservatives
George W Bush: Punk icon?
Shock of war hits home for America's 20-somethings
Do GenX women want all play and no work?
Gen X in the Green Zone: The U.S. sends its best and brightest young people to Iraq.
Having Babies Seen As 'Patriotic Duty'
Where's the Feminism for Older Women?
Vietnam Remains the Only War That America Can't Quit Fighting
'Tell him his mom is here' (Update on mom who went to Iraq)
Baby boomers fuel jump in pot use
Will you marry me?

Apr. 2004 (10-49)
Respect for true courage is renewed
The young take baton on abortion
Is Iraq Becoming like Vietnam? Only if You’re Stuck in Woodstock
Doctors Say 'Voice-Lifts' to Sound Younger May Not Be Safe
Broadening the meaning of pro-choice
A video game playing surgeon could be a real life saver
Kurt Cobain: Still Dead (And Other Observations)
Granted, Nirvana revived rock, but the band has Britney to answer for too
Young man in a hurry: At 34, Paul Ryan has made his mark in Congress
Anti-war woman's trip to see son serving in Iraq has surprises for both

March 2004 (19-39)
GNR Pulls Out Of 'Rock In Rio' Fest
Reproductive rights: Does Gen X recognize the threat?
Now, a Man's World Is at the Spa or Salon
Hip-hop's dangerous values
"That's So Gay".
In Search of Single Men -- Must Have Pulse
Mr Right is no longer good enough for uptown girls
Ralph Rocks the Vote (Poll Shows Young Voters Turning Toward Nader, at the expense of Kerry)
Why your parents are ripping you off
Hip baby boomers shun `granny' names
Baby boomers can't let go of the past and look to the future
Can more babies save Boomers' benefits?
You’re Messing With the Wrong Generation (Quintuple Barf Alert!)
American Morality: Is There a Generation Gap?
Plaids versus Woodstocks The Last Battle for the Soul of the Sixties...
Pork funding barbecues our children's future
'Capitaland Report' takes up cause of generations
More babies: men have a role to play, too
Cult of youth spells end of Western civilisation

Feb. 2004 (5-20)
Tired Of Bending Over (Social Security)
Single and smiling
Enough old war stories from self-serving boomers
We must find our sense of urgency this election year (Barf!)
Robbing Peter Jr. to Pay Paul Sr.

Jan. 2004 (9-15)
Move Over Boomers: Gen-X And Gen-Y in the Coming Decades
Technology deepens generational rift in work place
US Dollar plunge could lead to full-blown financial crisis (post #113)
Single, but Laying Down Roots [Now, 21% of all home purchases are by single women buyers]
Will Greed of Elderly Bankupt Us All?
Moral relativism -- a catastrophe for kids
Economy deferring adulthood, study says
Does a Lifetime of Hardwork Entitle You to Financial Security in Your Retirement and Old Age?
Dumb, Dumber, and “Dumberest”
The Boomers' Time-Bomb Denial
Fur Leaps a Generation (Bad News for PETA)

Dec. 2003 (4-4)
Dean Tries to Summon Spirit of the 1960s
Spiritual Progress Hard to Find in 2003
Meet the Greedy Grandparents
Burden on Our Kids? They Will Thank Us

Earlier Pre-offical ping list articles
Clinton and Bush: Leaders of Boomer Irresponsibility
Ideological Crossroads: Gen X Marks the Spot (Xers Turning More Conservative as they age; Gen Y too)
A little Rant about the "Most Selfish Generation" (Vanity)
A Guy with no clue who left me in a stew(Why NYC is full of lonely liberal 30 something women)
The Boomer Bust
Butting in on fashion: Gen-X sinks to new lows
Everybody Gets Taxed So Boomers Can Live In Fat City (RUSH)
Generation X at War
Gen X assumes state power

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The question whether one generation has the right to bind another by a deficit it imposes is a question of such consequence as to place it among the fundamental principles of our government. We should consider ourselves unauthorized to saddle posterity with our debts and morally bound to pay for them ourselves.
---Thomas Jefferson

The bond between parent and child is nature's strongest. Providing for the well-being of the young is how every generation of American's undertook their stewardship. Except ours.
---Former Senator Paul Tsongas

"We come into the world, and see there has been a huge, expensive party. But the plates and the bottles are empty; all that's left is the bill for us to pay."
- Mario Dumont Right-of-centre Action démocratique du Québec

"It's no wonder Generation X feels short changed. They showed up at the party and all that's left is some sausages and a half empty Zima."
--Dennis Miller

"The Earth is degenerating today. Bribery and corruption abound. Children no longer obey their parents, every man wants to write a book, and it is evident that the end of the world is fast approaching."
-Assyrian tablet 2800 BC

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