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F-word-filled 'South Park' film airs on TV -'Most vile movie in history'
WND ^ | Dec. 4, 2003 | Ron Strom and Felicia Dionisio

Posted on 12/04/2003 6:49:00 PM PST by Nachum

The 1999 movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut" has been aired on the "basic" cable network Comedy Central, bringing what one critic describes as "the most vile movie in history" to America's families for Thanksgiving weekend.

Coming on the heels of the Federal Communication Commission's recent ruling that U2 singer Bono's utterance of the F-word on broadcast television did not violate the agency's standards, the airing of the film, which is based on the network's "South Park" television series, was enthusiastically promoted on Comedy Central's website:

"The greatest movie of all time comes back to Comedy Central – and it's kick-a--! Uncensored and over-the-top – don't miss it!"

A representative of the FCC mentioned the Bono ruling in an interview with WorldNetDaily. Margo Davenport, a senior legal adviser for the agency, explained the difference between rules governing broadcast television and those for cable channels. While most viewers expect profanity on premium pay channels, such as Showtime and HBO, the FCC also has a hands-off policy with other "basic" cable stations, Comedy Central being one.

"The distinction is between broadcast stations and non-broadcast stations," Davenport said.

She recalled an incident a year ago when the comedy network aired an episode of "South Park" that featured a counter on the bottom of the screen that kept track of the number of times a specific profanity was uttered.

Davenport noted viewers can always get a TV with a V-chip or block specific channels to avoid vulgar cable programming.

Although the FCC used to get regular complaints about Comedy Central, according to Davenport, that's not the case now.

"Maybe nobody watches it anymore," she said.

Ironically, the "South Park" movie features one scene where the character Dr. Vosknocker demonstrates a "V-chip" that has been installed in Cartman to get him to stop swearing:

Dr. Vosknocker: Now, I want you to say "doggy." Cartman: Doggy.

Dr. Vosknocker: [to audience] Notice that nothing happens. [to Cartman] Now, say "Montana."

Cartman: Montana.

Dr. Vosknocker: Good. Now, "pillow."

Cartman: Pillow.

Dr. Vosknocker: All right. Now I want you to say "horse f-----."

Mrs. Cartman: Go on, honey. It's all right.

Cartman: Horse fu– [gets shocked by the V-chip] That hurts, g-- d--- it! [gets shocked again]

Dr. Vosknocker: Now I want you to say [expletive.]

Cartman: No!

Dr. Vosknocker: [to audience] Success! The child doesn't want to swear!

Cartman: This isn't fair, you sons of bi– [gets shocked repeatedly].

During the scene, which, like the entire film, is animated, placards with the vulgar words are held up for the viewers to see.

Christian film reviewer Ted Baehr calls the film "the most vile movie in history." His review of the film points out the extreme number of profanities included in the dialogue, saying it is "anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-morality, intentionally immoral, with the most vile content in the history of mainstream moviemaking; 340 counted obscenities (there may be more that are muddled), 14 profanities and many disgusting bodily functions. …"

Baehr says "mocking bigotry" is the hallmark of the film: "Canadians are vilified; Jews are belittled; God is also mocked and called a wimp, a faggot and worse; and, to top it off, African-Americans are called darkies and are used by the U.S. Army to shield the white troops, accompanied by dialogue telling everyone that this horrendous act is the Army's intent."

Concluded Baehr, "The future of our society looks very dim after thinking what those children [who see the film] will do and how they will behave after this powerful entertainment virus corrupts their hearts and minds."

As WorldNetDaily reported, the creators of the "South Park" series are the same people who developed a new show that was to debut in 2001 entitled, "That's My Bush," which would have included President George W. Bush's twin daughters Barbara and Jenna, being portrayed as a pair of "very hot and sexy" incestuous lesbians.

Though last weekend's airing of the "South Park" movie occurred late in the evening, the show itself is played at various times throughout the world.

"What's funny is where I am from [Quebec, Canada], 'South Park' has been translated into French and is on TV at 4 p.m. when kids get home from school," an Internet developer told WorldNetDaily. "My nephews were watching it."

Comedy Central representatives failed to respond to several requests for comment.

KEYWORDS: comedycentral; entertainment; film; fword; history; holidayweekend; southpark; vile
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I know that World Net Daily did not intend to be funny here, but.....

It is kind of like the guy who wanted to ban dirty jokes by reciting every single one.

1 posted on 12/04/2003 6:49:03 PM PST by Nachum
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To: Nachum
It's a great movie - and Satan is depicted as a homosexual, which ought to give the Bible-thumpers a little something to cheer about.
2 posted on 12/04/2003 6:53:30 PM PST by Salo (My sound is laid down by The Underground!)
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To: Nachum
Ted, if you don't like it, don't watch it. I thought it was hilarious. It is obscene. It isn't anti-Christian.
3 posted on 12/04/2003 6:54:48 PM PST by Billthedrill
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To: Nachum
Most vile movie in history? Obviously they've never seen Ishtar.
4 posted on 12/04/2003 6:56:46 PM PST by GodBlessRonaldReagan (where is Count Petofi when we need him most?)
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To: Nachum
Well, I dunno. I rented the Adam Sandler animated movie "Eight Crazy Nights" thinking that maybe it would be the Chanukah version of "It's a Wonderful Life" but it was just a stupid, gross, vulgar, obnoxious movie.
5 posted on 12/04/2003 6:57:16 PM PST by Alouette (My son, the Learned Youngster of Zion)
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To: Nachum
I have a simple rule that I apply when watching films on TV. The first time I hear the F-word I just turn the channel. Worked the first time. Works everytime.
6 posted on 12/04/2003 6:58:00 PM PST by InterceptPoint
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To: Salo
Agreed. A very funny movie. I particularly enjoy the fact that they portray saddam hussein and satan as gay lovers. Those scenes are hilarious. For the record, both Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park creators) are Republicans.
7 posted on 12/04/2003 6:58:22 PM PST by American Infidel (Death penalty not a deterrent? What is the recidivism rate among criminals who receive it?)
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To: Nachum
I like South Park. I guess it offends nearly everyone, which is one reason why it's funny, I suppose. 'Course I don't have cable and rarely watch TV, so I don't get to see it much.
8 posted on 12/04/2003 6:58:28 PM PST by Sam Cree (democrats are herd animals)
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To: Salo
>>nd Satan is depicted as a homosexual, which ought to give the Bible-thumpers a little something to cheer about.

With Saddam!
9 posted on 12/04/2003 6:58:52 PM PST by netmilsmom (He who angers you, controls you!)
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To: Nachum
Most vile movie in history. Well, that surely makes it a must-see.
10 posted on 12/04/2003 6:59:05 PM PST by breakem
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To: Nachum
It is an hilarious movie. Blame Canada!!
11 posted on 12/04/2003 7:01:03 PM PST by Pukin Dog (Sans Reproache)
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To: Nachum
I caught a South Park episode last night where they HAMMERED Hollywood lefty Rob Reiner, depicting him as a gluttonous liar who would kill (Cartman) to advance his agenda.

The authors of this article need to lighten up.

12 posted on 12/04/2003 7:01:04 PM PST by dagnabbit (Stop immigrating Islam. Don't let France happen to America.)
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To: Nachum
South Park is damn funny! The creaters are actually Republicans.
13 posted on 12/04/2003 7:01:24 PM PST by byteback
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To: American Infidel
The movie is actually a pretty good defense against a bunch of lefties trying to boycott free speech.

It's also quite hilarious.
14 posted on 12/04/2003 7:01:28 PM PST by zencat
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To: Nachum
"Whatever . . . . whatever!"

15 posted on 12/04/2003 7:02:13 PM PST by Petronski (Living life in a minor key.)
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To: netmilsmom
LMAO... that was the funniest bit
16 posted on 12/04/2003 7:02:32 PM PST by cyborg (mutt-american)
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To: Billthedrill; Bacon Man
There are times when you get suckered in, mmkay
With drugs and alcohol and sex with women
But it's when you do these things too much
That you've become an addict and must get back in touch.

You can do it, it's all up to you m'kay
With a little plan you can change your life today
You don't have to spend your life addicted to smack
Homeless on the street giving handjobs for crack
Follow this plan and very soon you will see (say)
It's easy m'kay.

Step 1 - instead of "ass" say "buns," like "kiss my buns" or "you're a bunshole"
Step 2 - instead of "shit" say "poo," like "bullpoo," "poohead" and "this poo is cold"
Step 3 - with "bitch" drop the T, 'cause bich is Latin for generosity
Step 4 - don't say "f-ck" anymore, 'cause f-ck is the worst word that you can say
So just use the word "m'kay" ....
17 posted on 12/04/2003 7:02:32 PM PST by Xenalyte (I may not agree with your bumper sticker, but I'll defend to the death your right to stick it)
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To: Alouette
What did ya expect with Adam Sandler lol ?
18 posted on 12/04/2003 7:04:02 PM PST by CajunConservative
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To: breakem
I for one am upset at comedy central running this uncut. I mean, what the heck did I spend money on the DVD for if they're just going to show it on basic cable?

Ted Baehr (I'd change my name - is your middle initial 'E'?) may be the most clueless person out there. The movie deals with parents blaming their problems on others instead of themselves and their children. Maybe this cuts a little too close to the bone with some. Plus it has some great sing a long songs, too.
19 posted on 12/04/2003 7:04:39 PM PST by flashbunny
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To: Sam Cree
The movie was dang funny. I saw it this past weekend when it came on just to see if they were really going to show it uncensored. Yup... lol.

I love the show and the movie, but I don't agree with them having the movie uncensored on regular cable tv. That's a bit much.

20 posted on 12/04/2003 7:04:53 PM PST by GOPyouth (De Oppresso Liber! Belly Girl completes me.)
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