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Justice for Judges Freep Report (D.C. Chapter anti-filibuster buttons featured in Washington Post)
D.C. Chapter ^ | Friday, November 14, 2003 | Kristinn

Posted on 11/14/2003 8:43:53 PM PST by kristinn

Photo credit: Julia Ewan - The Washington Post

A multitude of conservative and Republican groups came together Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to help Republican senators highlight the obstruction by the Democrats of high profile judicial nominations made by President Bush. The Justice for Judges Marathon began at 6pm Wednesday. It featured continuous debate on the Senate floor by both parties through Friday morning.

The D.C. Chapter of Free Republic was honored to be asked to help. We were able to provide homemade food, assistance in the War Room and the Mansfield Room, moral support in the Senate Gallery, and hundreds of anti filibuster buttons. Two of the buttons were prominently featured in a photo accompanying an article in the Style section of today's Washington Post. The photo was part of a montage on page C7 that is not available online. Angelwood scanned in the image shown at the beginning of this report from her copy of The Post.

Freepers from near and far answered the call to come to the Capitol to help the Republican majority fight the good fight. While Freepers were up in the Gallery and other rooms, Chuck Muth and Jeff Gannon were braving the rats (two and four-legged) in the Senate's basement radio studio to broadcast Radio Free Republic interviews.

For the support groups, it took awhile for everyone to get in the groove, as this was thrown together at the last minute; but things came together quickly and soon we were rockin'!

At around 8:30pm we dropped our food off at the Hart Building (in my case it was tgslTakoma's beloved patriotic shortbread cookies), and then it was off to the Senate. We had to park several blocks away, and walk through the torrential rains and high winds before we arrived at the security entrance to the Senate side of the Capitol. After passing through the much-improved Capitol Police checkpoint, we went to the Appointments Desk and picked up our Gallery passes. We walked off down the heavily guarded hallway toward the stairs leading up to the Gallery, and we immediately ran into FRiendly faces from out of town (including LisaFab and her lurker friend Ed). We were told that Angelwood was already in the War Room, so we went directly there. The War Room turned out to be more like a waiting room, because we had to wait until 10pm for the Democrats to leave the Mansfield Room, so that our side could take over the room and begin setting up for our scheduled press conferences.

A Capitol Police officer had come by earlier to remind people that sleeping was not allowed in the War Room. Fortunately, he could not see the two toddlers curled up asleep underneath a table.

Maria Heil, of the Second Amendment Sisters, was in the War Room resting her injured knee, as she was scheduled to speak to the press at oh-dark-thirty. At ten o'clock it was back to the appointment desk to get our passes for the Mansfield Room. Angelwood and I carried a bunch of D.C. Chapter anti-filibuster buttons with us to distribute at the press conferences. In our travels we ran into Taxman and Eternal Vigilance.

Once at the Mansfield Room we set about doing what we could to help. Angelwood and I laid out approximately 50 buttons on the press table outside the Mansfield Room. Several reporters and photographers took great interest in them. Jake Tapper, of Salon and ABC News, spoke with us for a few minutes.

While press and staffers milled about waiting for the press conferences to start at 11pm, I got a cup of coffee from the industrial-sized coffee urn. TgslTakoma had her camera with her, and Angelwood and I went over to the microphones so she could take some practice shots. Not bad, huh?

The first round of speakers started promptly at 11pm. Senator John Cornyn of Texas led off the press conference, followed by representatives from the Young Republicans, and Senators Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. Senator Santorum brought a round of laughter to the room with his comment about the Democrats' so-called mainstream standards for judges. He suggested that we would be more correct to replace the "main" in mainstream with "EX," as the Democrats standards were extreme - and very far afield of mainstream.

TgslTakoma and I had to leave around 11:30. Hopefully those who were able to stay can report more from the press conferences that were held throught that night. On our way out we noticed that, of the approximately 50 buttons that Angelwood and I had laid out, only four remained. Apparently two of them found their way into the pocket of a Washington Post photographer.

Angelwood, tgslTakoma, daughteroftgsl and I returned Thursday evening after work. On our way in, we ran into maica who was on her way out, and Eternal Vigilance who was on his way in! We went up to the Gallery for a little while where we met up with LisaFab and Ed. Sitting in the Gallery has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages are that you can see more of the action on the Senate floor than you can on CSPAN-2, and you can see who's in the Press Gallery. Some of the disadvantages are you can't see the entire floor, so sometimes you can hear senators speaking but not know who it is. Also one must remain seated at all times, remain silent and not make any sudden moves.

Whenever I sit in the Senate Gallery I think back to our FRiend Dave Delp, who was thrown out of Clinton's impeachment trial for wearing a tee-shirt that said, "Clinton Doesn't Inhale - He Sucks." We stayed in the Gallery for about 45 minutes and then went off to have dinner with our friends.

The War Room and Mansfield Room were inactive Thursday evening, so our work was done for the night. We know there were other Freepers in attendance throughout the marathon. We invite you to post your reports to this thread.

One side note: The Democrats were complaining of the extra costs of keeping the Senate open. I wonder how they figured that, as all the staffers we spoke to told us that they were salaried employees, and were not getting paid overtime.

Whether by being there in person, or following along at home and making phone calls to the cloakrooms, and sending emails and faxes, Freepers did a great job of supporting President Bush and Republican senators' Justice for Judges Marathon.

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KEYWORDS: dcchapter; filibuster; judicialnominees; justiceforjudges; marathon; wp
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1 posted on 11/14/2003 8:43:54 PM PST by kristinn
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To: devildogO341; JamesParmelee; Dave Dilegge; BufordP; ironman; Tolerance Sucks Rocks; leadpenny; ...
D.C. Chapter ping!

Add your comments, please.

2 posted on 11/14/2003 8:52:25 PM PST by kristinn
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To: kristinn
DC FREEPERS are the greatest.
3 posted on 11/14/2003 8:53:01 PM PST by Militiaman7 (Do not fear tomorrow, God is already there.)
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To: Aquamarine
Here's the after-action report you were wondering about.
4 posted on 11/14/2003 8:55:53 PM PST by Angelwood (FReepers are Everywhere! We Support Our Troops! (Hillary's Vast Rt Wg Conspiracy))
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To: kristinn; Angelwood
Thanks for the wonderful report Kristinn. I've been a little busy lately and I hope this filibuster accomplished something positive for the conservative side.

I'll have to send Angelwood some minor funds for the production of more buttons and supplies.
5 posted on 11/14/2003 8:56:43 PM PST by Fred Mertz
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To: Militiaman7
Thanks, but we're not as great when you're not around. Hope you can visit us soon!
6 posted on 11/14/2003 8:58:21 PM PST by kristinn
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To: Fred Mertz
I think the Republicans did a good thing with the Marathon. They need to keep at it, though. That will tell us if this was just for show or if they are serious about it.
7 posted on 11/14/2003 9:00:58 PM PST by kristinn
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To: kristinn
Excellent reporting .. thank you so much for all you do

The Democrats are a complete disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves on how they treated this nominees

They should just put up a sign that reads "Conservative Minorities Need Not Apply"
8 posted on 11/14/2003 9:14:24 PM PST by Mo1
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To: kristinn
"Clinton Doesn't Inhale - He Sucks."

Why did I not hear of this earlier ?

9 posted on 11/14/2003 9:27:56 PM PST by staytrue
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To: kristinn; Angelwood; tgslTakoma; daughterofTGSL; LisaFab; EternalVigilance; maica
Super report and effort by you and other FReepers!

I arrived about 12 midnight Thursday and stayed for about an hour as Sens. Lindsay Graham, Norm Coleman, and Harry Reid spoke.

When Dem Senator Harry Reid was speaking, I put my head on the wall just behind me. Within 20 seconds after closing my eyes, The attendent sternly told me, "Sir, you're not allowed to sleep." I opened my eyes and apologized, but left about 10 minutes later.

Reid seemed quite angry that the 'Pubs were forcing him to actually try to defend the Dem obstructionism. He kept it in check most of the time, but the anger clearly surfaced for one brief second when he contempuously referred to the 'Pubs doing the session for "right-wing extremists."

Considering myself as an unappologetic Reaganite, I thought that I was so extreme that my favorite recent president only get 89 states out of 100 in 1980 and 1984 combined. He beat his nearest opponent by ten percent.

Yep, I'm real extreme. And "out of the mainstream." Just like Judges who believe that the Constitution means what the founders intended and is not a contemporaneous judicial Rorshak "living document."
10 posted on 11/14/2003 9:40:54 PM PST by BillF (Fight terrorists in Iraq & elsewhere, instead of waiting for them to come to America!)
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To: kristinn
Thanks for getting this report up, Kristinn. It's such a good feeling to know that the DC Chapter is there to represent us at every opportunity. Keep up the good work!
11 posted on 11/14/2003 10:09:32 PM PST by basil
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To: kristinn
Hey, great report!

Thanks to all who participated, and just as importantly to all who sent emails, made phone calls, and generally helped get the truth out to the American people about the RATs unprecedented and unconstitutional filibustering of judicial nominees.

The Senators who have been driving this action deserve our thanks as well, in addition to the many organizations and their leaders who were involved.

12 posted on 11/14/2003 10:11:51 PM PST by EternalVigilance
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To: kristinn; Angelwood
You can even read the "" on the button, which is great advertising for FR with all those homeschoolers and other young conservatives who previously may not have known about FR.

All the styles of buttons were such a hit at the press conference. Angelwood, I can't remember all the different messages printed on the buttons you brought... will you tell us what they were?

13 posted on 11/14/2003 11:22:27 PM PST by tgslTakoma (Never trust a (D) with national security, your wallet, your life, your wife, daughter, girlfriend...)
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To: kristinn
Many thanks to the hard core extremists.

Those who watched C-SPAN got to see Fat Teddy call three women Neanderthals. Only a RAT could get away with that comment.

I agree that the drum beat has to continue. The letters to the Senators and local papers needs to be sustained.
14 posted on 11/15/2003 3:55:05 AM PST by Jimmy Valentine's brother (Hey RATS! No Justices - No Peace)
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To: Jimmy Valentine's brother
I got to hear Fat Teddy SCREAM for 15 minutes Thursday evening. I had to hold my ears because the sound was so painful. Babs Mikulski also spoke with a very nasty loud tone of voice. After I came home and turned on C-SPAN I watched nasty Mary Landrieu.

The Republicans spoke with calm tones of voice and reasoned speeches. Unfortunately, they did not have a sign like the 168-4 sign, and did not seem able to come up with an effective counter sign.

One other observation about visual aids - the Dems are either better able to work with signs and TV camera angle or the camera operators are Dems. When a Republican senator used a sign he or she seemed to stand in fron of it; the Dem always stood to the side so the viewer could see both the speaker and the sign.
15 posted on 11/15/2003 5:51:55 AM PST by maica (Leadership matters)
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To: maica
PS: I saw Senator Warner on my way up to the gallery and thanked him for his efforts. He said he was doing the best he could for "this old body." I am sure he is over 70 so what he and others did was a great effort.

Just getting Fat Teddy to lose his composure enough to utter the 'neanderthal' comment will be worth a few R votes next November.

An email or phone call of thanks to their offices would be much appreciated, I am sure.
16 posted on 11/15/2003 5:58:45 AM PST by maica (Leadership matters)
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To: Mo1
Thank you.

The 'Rats have no shame. Hopefully the arrogance displayed on the Senate floor by Schumer, Landrieu, Kennedy, Clinton, ad nauseum opened a few eyes across the country.

Conservative minorities bring out the plantation mentality in liberals. Sen. Miller was right when he called the process a 'lynching.'

17 posted on 11/15/2003 6:02:58 AM PST by kristinn
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To: staytrue
Dave Delp's story was picked up by the NY Daily News. Saturday Night Live did a bit about it but changed the t-shirt wearer from him to former President Bush.
18 posted on 11/15/2003 6:06:51 AM PST by kristinn
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To: Angelwood
Thanks Angelwood. Had tried to imagine what it was like to be there during this historical event. The report and pictures gave me a good glimpse into the atmosphere "behind the scenes".

A big thank you to all for standing up for the Right as the Republican's gave Teddy and the other dem's a chance to show their true character.

19 posted on 11/15/2003 6:48:56 AM PST by Aquamarine
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To: kristinn; Angelwood; tgslTakoma; EternalVigilance; BillF
BUMP for your awesome work as usual! Wish I coulda been there.

I watched some of this on C-SPAM and was laughing my *ss off at the Sesame Street big blue cards with yellow numbers. They looked like they were made by PBS. Was that part of the "Fili-BINGO" souvenir game?

20 posted on 11/15/2003 8:11:35 AM PST by Xthe17th (
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