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Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 07/28/21 Vol.362, Q Day 1370 ^ | 07/28/21 | FReeQs, FReepers, and vanity

Posted on 07/28/2021 7:15:38 AM PDT by ransomnote

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To: little jeremiah
I think this is a Trump Coin advert bot posting on DeSantis' and Greene's accounts, but check out what it says.

2,421 posted on 08/03/2021 6:17:29 PM PDT by numberonepal (WWG1WGA)
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To: ponygirl
I loved your VW story.

Long ago 1970-71 my friend had an old Beetle. After a while he pulled out the rear seats, threw down an old oriental rug with 2 giant pillows. It was very cozy back there for Drive-In’s and parking.

He as well put up those glow in the dark fluorescent stars and other shapes. He drove that Bug for quite a while, and it had a lot of miles on it, but it was not mine so I cannot say how many.

My favorite personal story was when I was stationed in Germany I had a newer Bug, maybe 6 years old at the time. Once I needed a baby crib as my little one was growing up. Incredibly, I got one at the PX but then had to get it home which was something between 15-20 klicks away.

We got it inside that Beetle, and then the 3 of us drove home. To this day it seems still impossible, yet I lived it. We really did that. My German neighbors hated my VW. Somehow they got me a deal with another neighbor in that little village for an Audi 80L. (That was the Audi Fox in this country.) The exchange rate at the time was not favorable. I think that they charged me 1200 DM. I do know that the cost in Dollars for me was $648.00.

I loved that Audi. I sold the Bug for $200 and got myself a new Minolta SLR. This was all around a terrific deal for me. I was very pleased with. I would have brought that Audi home if I could but the conversion was prohibitive. It needed American safety glass, American headlights, and I think unleaded gas converter stuff. It was simply out of the question.

I ended up selling it to a friend and I got great new stereo components, a few other things, and a years supply of gummy bears.

Good Times.

2,422 posted on 08/03/2021 6:22:26 PM PDT by Radix (Natural Born Citizens have Citizen parents.)
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To: little jeremiah

Besides, ‘suicide weekend’ doesn’t have to fall Sat/Sun.

2,423 posted on 08/03/2021 6:22:35 PM PDT by xone ( )
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To: Melian
Gab went down shortly after that Dominion Whistleblower video began to go viral over there.

There is no way that was a coincidence.

2,424 posted on 08/03/2021 6:25:54 PM PDT by Radix (Natural Born Citizens have Citizen parents.)
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To: numberonepal

I wish Telegram had a check thingie for “real” accounts. I was reading a Dan Scavino account I was sure was his, and he (or whoever it was) promoted the Trump Family channel. Then he took off that message promoting it but pinned the delete. Anyway, whatever the Trump family channel is, they had this up. I have no clue about bots but obviously something of that nature, but a human wrote the stuff. Would MTG’s account have to voluntarily put that message up or it’s automatic/uncontrollable? What platform is she on? I see a green check, not seen that on Telegram. And what is the deal with the coins?

August 1
Trump Family 🇺🇲🥇
Soon, at any moment a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Biden, Harris, Members of Congress and The Supreme Court will be removed. Laugh if you want. There will be a ‘temporary’ Coup d’état with new elections, a new beginning.

Now is the right moment to own at least 21 Coins which are the biggest Symbol of Victory and Success of President Trump and its value is expected to skyrocket over $400 once he’s back in office!!

This is your chance to be part of the American history👇

2,425 posted on 08/03/2021 6:29:10 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Nothing is more important than Truth)
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To: numberonepal

Oh, and check the Trump Family channel for the comment today, has a Q message copied (hard to read) that says “sit back and enjoy the show” and an image of the Air Force Instagram from I assume today, that also says “Sit back and enjoy the show”. It’s Q drop 4.

Oct 29, 2017 12:11:40 PM EDT
Anonymous ID: P3Lk4PKG No. 147106598
Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs.
POTUS is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false.
POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense.
Focus on Military Intellingence/ State Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency
What SC decision opened the door for a sitting President to activate - what must be showed?
Why is POTUS surrounded by generals ^^
Again, there are a lot more good people than bad so have faith. This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of players (not just Democrats).
Don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama, Soros, Roth’s, Clinton’s etc have more power present day than POTUS.
Operation Mockingbird
Patriots are in control. Sit back and enjoy the show.

2,426 posted on 08/03/2021 6:32:59 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Nothing is more important than Truth)
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To: 17strings

I just got my first obttle of XClear at walgreens today. About 10 dollars and just used it. No sneezing for me or any other reactions. I meant to ask the pharmacist if he carried the active ingredient. I saved the recipe someonee posted the other day.

I have really appreciated the research many of you have done and shared so openly.

2,427 posted on 08/03/2021 6:39:59 PM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell God how big your storm is -- tell the storm how big your God is!)
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To: Radix

Yep! The downing of gab and the timing with Cuomo announcement smacks of orchestrated damage control. Xiden and Pelousy rushed to condemn. Shootings near Pentagon… all wagging the dog. All almost simultaneous.

2,428 posted on 08/03/2021 6:41:02 PM PDT by Melian (Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. ~ Gimli)
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To: numberonepal

I’ve been holding off on posting these since I figured a new thread was cooking. So, to bring on the new thread, I’ll post em. Most have seen a link to Deep Rig but in case any didn’t, here it is. The Becker news is from a twtt guy who I think worked in regular news, now has a site with Telegram links to it. These are probably waaaay too long, but a lot of people don’t have time to click links. These are snips with more at links. The one with photos of empty hospital ERs and parking lots is great, photos at link.
Joe Oltmann
Forwarded from Patrick Byrne
Team Freedom: When we premiered the Deep Rig movie in late June, we promised we will also release the movie for free so everyone can hear the truth.

Here it is today! The movie is free for all of you to watch. Share it far and wide.

Special message from Patrick Byrne:

If you can, please consider donating to The America Project so we’d may continue to fund projects like these, the Maricopa Audit, early prep work for a dozen state audits and our Patriot Networks.

Watch here:


PS The America Project is collecting this information. It will be secure, never shared and used to bring us all together. We need a way to communicate with all the patriots directly without the limitations or dependence on big tech.

The America Project was founded to advance freedom and preserve the American way of life. We are building the largest Pro-Freedom network of individuals, businesses and organizations around the country and the world. We will only use this information to communicate with you and mobilize according to where you are. Sharing this information with us let us bypass the censorship on social media.

As promised: Deep Rig Movie for free
DEEPRIGMOVIE.ONLINE for free from The America Project


Biden DOJ Orders States Not To Conduct Arizona-Style Forensic Audits Of 2020 Election, Threatens Prison Time
Those who conduct forensic audits are racist, suggests the Biden DOJ, and may be imprisoned for up to a year.

In a document the Biden regime Department of Justice is calling “guidance“, the agency repeats the often-mocked declaration that “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history” and chastises supporters of election integrity for demanding “an unusual second round of examinations” in states with reports of widespread voter fraud. The agency then suggests these audits could violate the Civil Rights Act of 1960.

“There are federal or criminal penalties attached,” the Department of Justice asserts. They claim that those who arrange forensic audits of the 2020 election “can face fines of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to one year for each violation.” Then, their intimidating document suggests that these audits represent “intimidation”.

“The Attorney General is authorized to file a civil action seeking preventative relief” against those who organize election audits, the “guidance” explains. “Judicial decisions have established that voter intimidation need not involve physical threats,” the “guidance” continues. (READ MORE: Attorney General Merrick Garland Says Antifa Attacks On Courthouses Aren’t Domestic Terrorism Because They Happen At Night)

Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, who is now running for Arizona Secretary of State to replace radical left wing Katie Hobbs, recently warned Biden administration Attorney General Merrick Garland against sending enforcers to the state of Arizona. “I got news for Merrick Garland, there’s this little thing called the Constitution,” said Finchem. “Article I, section IV, the times places and manner of holding election for senators and representatives… it is the legislature that has responsibility for nominating and naming the electors for President.”
[More at link including embedded links]


ARIZONA: Senator Requests State AG Investigate Maricopa County Board For Refusing To Comply With Audit Subpoenas
“I support this and hope the @GeneralBrnovich lays the smack down. Throw the book at them!” State Sen. Wendy Rogers stated on Wednesday.
Arizona State Sen. Sonny Borrelli (R) has filed a 1487 request to state Attorney General Mark Brnovich asking for an investigation into the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) after the MCBOS refused to comply with a subpoena from the state Senate requiring them to turn over routers, network logs, and passwords used in the 2020 election.

The news was broken on Twitter by State Sen. Wendy Rogers (R), who wrote, “The 1487 request to the Arizona Attorney General has been filed against the Maricopa Board of Supervisors by @SonnyBorelli on behalf of the Arizona Senate. I support this and hope the @GeneralBrnovich lays the smack down. Throw the book at them!” Attached to the post were screenshots of Borrelli’s investigative request to Brnovich.
[More at link]


Fmr. Obama Official: Internet ‘Biggest Danger’ Because It Allows Americans to ‘Believe What We Want to Believe’

“Mike, in my judgment the biggest danger we face as a country right now is the very problems we’re having with our democracy,” Johnson replied. “Social media, the Internet, enables us to hold the world in our entire hand. This little device here — I can hold the world in my entire hand.”

“On the other hand the Internet enables us as Americans to believe what we want to believe,” he added.
“We go to sources — and you know this problem — we go to sources for information that do no more than validate our own prejudices our biases and so forth, which is how you end up in situations and surveys that show that a very, very large percentage of Americans, of Republicans believe that the election was stolen,” Johnson added.
“One sixth of America apparently ascribes to the QAnon theory, which is frightening to me, and there are a lot of Americans out there who believe that somehow this vaccine which is saving lives, is dangerous,” he continued. “Which is how we end up in situations like the one we’re in now where we’re seeing a spike.”
[More at link and video]


Dominion’s Response to Arizona Senate’s Subpoena Proves U.S. Elections are No Longer ‘Free & Fair’

Private corporations now hold power over U.S. elections that is not accountable to the American voters. Secretive privately owned, profit-driven voting machine companies can withhold source codes, data, and security passwords from voters without recourse. They can veto any legal attempt at transparency and accountable, such as denying subpoenas from elected officials.

A letter send from Dominion President & CEO John Poulos to lawyer Kory Langhofer demonstrates this disturbing reality: The American people no longer even control their own elections. This is the lesson of Dominion Voting Systems’ response to the Arizona Senate’s subpoena for election-related servers and passwords on Monday.

“I am responding on behalf of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. (“Dominion”) to a July 23, 2021 letter from Senate President Karen Fann purporting to issue a “public records request” to Dominion under the Arizona Pulic Records Law (“the Law”),” Dominion replied.
“Dominion is not a public officer or public body and, therefore, has no obligation to make its records available for public inspection,” the letter continued.
“Relatedly, Dominion’s privately-owned security keys and confidential passwords are not ‘public records’ subject to disclosure under the law,” Dominion added.

“Accordingly, because the Law has no application (!), Dominion will not produce or allow inspect of the materials requested in Senator Fann’s July 23 letter,” the statement concluded.
[More at link]


I remember this stuff from early on. Long lines, stuffed, etc – but when people went to see – empty parking lots, empty hospitals, etc.

Media Reports Florida Hospitals are ‘Overrun’ — Then One Person Actually Went to a Major Hospital to Check
There is a tremendous amount of effort bei
ng expended in the mainstream media to hold up Florida as a complete failure when it comes to the COVID pandemic.
On Friday, the Associated Press reported that Florida broke the ‘record’ with more than 21,000 new cases in the state. One of the key contentions was that hospitals were closed to being ‘overrun,’ a common claim in COVID reports that have nearly all turned up hollow.

“The Florida Hospital Association said Friday that statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations are nearing last year’s peak, and one of the state’s largest health care systems, AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division, this week advised it would no longer be conducting nonemergency surgeries in order to free up resources for COVID-19 patients,” the AP reported.

The Delta variant is indeed fueling a surge in ‘cases,’ which are actually infections for those who are vaccinated or otherwise asymptomatic. The Delta variant is far less deadly than the original ‘wild’ variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It raises the question of whether or not people are being hospitalized for COVID, or merely testing positive for COVID after going to the hospital for other reasons.

One citizen decided not to take the Associated Press or any other mainstream media outlet’s word for it and decided to check it out for themself. Dr. Shay, Phd., who goes by AMA Black Patriot on Twitter (@DrShayPhD) went to a hospital at Cape Canaveral, Florida, which the AP had used as the location for one of its report.

“So the Associated Press wrote an article saying that Cape Canaveral, FL hospital is bursting at the seams with Covid patients,” Dr. Shay tweeted. “I had to go see for myself, so I drove there. The first set of pictures are of the hospital’s parking. More to follow.”
[More at link, lotsa photos, empty empty!]

NYC’s Socialist Mayor De Blasio Makes Good on Promise the ‘Voluntary Phase is Over,’ Issues COVID Passport Mandate

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has proven the old adage that “if you scratch a socialist, you’ll find a communist.”

On Monday, the unpopular mayor issued a new decree based on a public health emergency that has effectively passed. New York City private businesses are now required to violate the health privacy of customers by demanding they show COVID vaccine documentation to enter their establishments.

The COVID “passport” decree will apply to restaurants, gyms and performances. The New York Times “reported” on the rights-infringing decree.

“The program, similar to mandates issued in France and Italy last month, will start on Aug. 16, and after a transition period, enforcement will begin on Sept. 13, when schools are expected to reopen and more workers could return to offices in Manhattan,” the Times reported. “Mr. de Blasio has been moving aggressively to get more New Yorkers vaccinated to curtail a third wave of coronavirus cases amid concern about the spread of the Delta variant. He is also requiring city workers to get vaccinated or to face weekly testing, and he has offered a $100 incentive for the public.”
“If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated,” de Blasio at a news conference. “It’s time.”

[More at link. And we know how the people in France, Italy, Germany, Greece and other countries are taking it!]

2,429 posted on 08/03/2021 6:41:06 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Nothing is more important than Truth)
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To: AZLiberty
Surely she deserves a place of honor on a list of fiancée candidates.

I love her. I'll let her be my potna and wingman out and about, but marry? Nah.

I have a healthy allergy to chicks that can kick my ass. Because sooner or later, they ALL want to kick your ass, and this one might could do it.

But I'll let her be my homegirl any day.


2,430 posted on 08/03/2021 6:44:00 PM PDT by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas".)
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To: meyer; John Robinson

I keep trying to hit the like button... sigh. Weve been asking John to add a like button for years haven’t we ? Thats okay on my phone I can add a thumbs up etc. on housemates notebook now

All this to say I LIKE your post.

2,431 posted on 08/03/2021 6:46:16 PM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell God how big your storm is -- tell the storm how big your God is!)
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gisd O

2,432 posted on 08/03/2021 6:46:55 PM PDT by xone ( )
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To: bitt; numberonepal

I’d like to attend the meeting where they plan to wag the dog:
1. Great! We have a news event for those distracted by random violence! ✔️
2. Perfect. We have a news release for those whole are mesmerized by salacious sex! ✔️
3. Number two will also enrage the MeToo crowd and feminists! ✔️
4. Political junkies will love the comments from Pelousy! ✔️
5. NYC announcement of vaccine mandates will occupy the minds of the Constitutional conservative crowd! ✔️

Great work, people, on distracting the sheep from the election integrity crisis!

2,433 posted on 08/03/2021 6:49:06 PM PDT by Melian (Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. ~ Gimli)
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To: numberonepal

I saw the DeSantis post earlier - it isn’t him, and that isn’t Marjorie either. Neither is out there hawking coins on media. :)

2,434 posted on 08/03/2021 6:49:11 PM PDT by meyer (I swear to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic!)
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To: Porkchop; Chuckster

You’re both very clever. Thank you for the chuckles.

2,435 posted on 08/03/2021 6:51:48 PM PDT by LittleLinda
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To: little jeremiah; Melian; LonePalm

Maybe LP will recognize...

2,436 posted on 08/03/2021 6:56:42 PM PDT by BrandtMichaels ( )
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To: TangoLimaSierra; ponygirl
Lived a few years in Big Bear Lake and the bug was great in the snow. Put on snow tires in the winter, with the weight of the engine in the rear traction was fantastic.

Only problem was the heater took forever to warm up and the defroster wouldn't work.

Bought an oil heater from Monkey Wards that replaced the dipstick, plugged it in to homes 110 V at night so the heater would work on cold mornings driving to work.

2,437 posted on 08/03/2021 6:57:34 PM PDT by TruthWillWin (Joe is not my POTUS)
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To: meyer; numberonepal

Are the apparently DeSantis and MTG Telegram channels? The main bad thing about Telegram is there is no way to tell if an account is the real person or not, and there are a gazillion fake ones. I just found two Gov.Ron DeSantis Teleg channels, one says “fan channel” and the other is the one with the coin message.

2,438 posted on 08/03/2021 6:59:22 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Nothing is more important than Truth)
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To: BrandtMichaels

Its a Q thing and my brain just will NOT cooperate with the name of it or the connection.

2,439 posted on 08/03/2021 7:00:43 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Nothing is more important than Truth)
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To: meyer

BTW the Trump coins are free.

2,440 posted on 08/03/2021 7:02:25 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Nothing is more important than Truth)
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