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Posted on 11/14/2020 2:01:34 PM PST by Rurudyne

For some time now most of us will be familiar from the news (at least) with certain people claiming to dislike government, like anarchists or even "libertarians", but when it comes down to it these individuals do not behave any differently than communists, hang out with them, support the same Revolution, use the same rhetoric etc.

Notably they do not target the government but private property and ordinary people who make the decision not to group think with them. But also when they provide the proverbial tall grass for the commie scum and their allies to hide in.

Clearly a self-proclaimed libertarian who acts like that isn't a libertarian at all.

For this broad class of individuals I propose a new term: the Douche-archist, advancing the Douche-archy and as a willing (though normally unwilling to admit it) useful idiot of more honest communists (who are all scum to begin with, being honest about being scum doesn't make them better) ... all seeking to advance Douche-archism ... even to the point of supporting an intrusive and all powerful Douche-ocracy -- or the rule of Douchebags -- in the form of a woke PC government.

TOPICS: Humor; Society
KEYWORDS: anarchist; communist; vanity
Douche-ocracy: rule by douchebags

Douche-archism: a form of crypto-anarchy that actually serves the Douche-ocracy ... where the people are self-oppressing as a core of woke individuals terrify both themselves and everyone else to group think or be harmed by mass indignation.

Note: Douche-archism is greatly supported by something I call "socioempathy" or the belief that someone not only knows what others feel (thereby enabling them to be offended by proxy), they know how others should and must feel if they are to be reckoned good people and not things like Deplorables or race traitors.

"Socioempaths" naturally clump together in common cause and are founts of both virtue signaling and oppression of their own fellows who aren't good enough (who don't virtue signal their conformity loudly enough, really) by whatever fad dominates the group at the moment ... thus the natural tendency of socioempathy is to drive socioempaths and those not wanting to be browbeaten by them to the most extreme form of their fashionable cause ... notably will be informed by Cultural Marxism.

Douche-archy: when a bunch of Douchebags harass everyone who isn't some PC woke twit, marching to the tune that Cultural Marxism set forth.

Douche-archist: a douchebag who claims to be something that they are not even as they rally -- or even riot and loot -- with people like communists, notably self proclaimed communists.

Also any sideline supporter and/or apologists for such douchebaggery who provides these proverbial tall grass to hide in. The latter includes race grievance pimps who are not actively marching and harassing ordinary people for the ruling douchebags or douchebags who want to rule.

1 posted on 11/14/2020 2:01:34 PM PST by Rurudyne
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To: Rurudyne

Dude, I don’t know where you get your so called information, but libertarians are not against private property or the erosion of individual rights.... They are against large government and are staunch believers in the individual.... and in individual rights and personal responsibility for your own actions...

Sound familiar?
This is what conservatives used to believe in...

2 posted on 11/14/2020 2:28:02 PM PST by joe fonebone (Communists Need To Be Eliminated)
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To: Rurudyne

Vulgarity on display…pass.

3 posted on 11/14/2020 2:47:17 PM PST by Laslo Fripp (The Sybil of Free Republic)
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To: Rurudyne

Only a fool would include “libertarians” in that diatribe.

4 posted on 11/14/2020 2:47:30 PM PST by Mariner (War Criminal #18)
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To: Mariner

I did not do that.

I included those that claim to be libertarians but are hanging out with those opposed to libertarianism.

5 posted on 11/14/2020 3:11:28 PM PST by Rurudyne (Standup Philosopher)
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To: joe fonebone

Again, I only said people who claim to be that but are hanging out with commie trash and the like.

6 posted on 11/14/2020 3:12:46 PM PST by Rurudyne (Standup Philosopher)
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To: Rurudyne

My apology.

7 posted on 11/14/2020 3:38:59 PM PST by Mariner (War Criminal #18)
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To: Rurudyne


8 posted on 11/14/2020 4:04:46 PM PST by Impala64ssa (Virtue signalling is no virtue)
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To: Rurudyne

speaking of anarchists, how many actually vote, seeing how they abhore govt in all forms?

9 posted on 11/14/2020 4:21:49 PM PST by blueplum ("...this moment is your moment: it belongs to you... " President Donald J. Trump, Jan 20, 2017))
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To: blueplum

Well, if they are actually anarchists just wanting to set the world on fire: who knows?

Are they real anarchists? That’s a real question.

But I doubt folks who attack, and mainly seem to attack a scapegoat class from out of those in government (and only them) — and only when they’ve the protection of local government holding back the cops — are really against government. Those probably vote, legally or fraudulently may hardly matter to them.

Since the days of Sacco and Vanzetti (and before) people have often called themselves something because it’s a great pretext to do other stuff they want to do ... like rob a payroll and kill the two men just doing a job.

I really don’t think many self proclaimed anarchists really are anarchists at all. More likely they’re mere useful idiots with minds full of other peoples’ rhetoric foisted on them through indoctrination, a cobbled together mish-mash. Only need to be able to be mobilized to be a useful idiot of that sort.

To borrow the idea of judging fruit, the fruit of their “beliefs” — no matter what they may think is the truth is about themselves — says they are trees nurtured by others to be used as kindling ... they serve the Revolution others intend to benefit from while as useful idiots many will get to be among the first against the wall.

10 posted on 11/14/2020 4:46:35 PM PST by Rurudyne (Standup Philosopher)
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To: Rurudyne

Bump … why not?

11 posted on 09/23/2021 8:33:02 AM PDT by Rurudyne (Standup Philosopher)
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