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Brazil: Early treatment with Covid Kit including HCQ, Azithromycin, Ivermectin, Zinc and Vitamin D is effective and safe
Science Matters ^ | 07/20/2020 | by Ron Clutz

Posted on 07/20/2020 8:33:42 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

Palmer Foundation provides an english translation of an interview by Sandro Benites in Portuguese to O Progresso. Brazil: Early treatment with Covid Kit including HCQ is effective and safe, says MS doctor. Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

Coordinator of the Integrated Toxicological Surveillance Center (Civitox), the toxicologist and nutritionist Sandro Benites is an advocate for the use of the Covid Kit, which includes drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, Ivermectin, Zinc and Vitamin D for early treatment of Covid-19.

In Campo Grande he led a group of 300 doctors who convinced Mayor Marquinhos Trad to adopt the service protocol that includes the distribution of the kit, with medical prescription in specific cases. The same protocol was adopted in 12 other Brazilian capitals and is being studied in the others. It was developed based on experiences that worked in countries like Spain and the United States, even before the pandemic reached Brazil, according to the doctor.

In an interview with O PROGRESSO, he was categorical in stating that these drugs are effective in early treatment and do not bring health data, as long as used following medical guidelines.

Read the interview here:

Q: Mayor Marquinhos Trad recently adopted the protocol proposed by you and a group of 300 doctors, which provides for the distribution of Kits against Covid-19. In practice, what changes from now on?

A: What changes is that several doctors were doing this initially in the office very successfully while others did not because they had a hard time supporting themselves. Today this group has the support and the release of the CRM (Regional Council of Medicine), the Medical Association of Mato Grosso do Sul, the Brazilian Medical Association and the Union of Doctors, in other words, it is easier for several colleagues to join. It is one thing for a doctor to act in isolation, another thing for a group of doctors to adopt this protocol together with the highest authority in the municipality, which in the case of Campo Grande is Mayor Marquinhos Trad.

Q: What is the purpose of this protocol?

A: Our goal is to make the population see that they cannot be isolated inside the home with symptoms. What society needs to understand is that a patient who arrives with fever, malaise or a cough, needs to be seen. He must have an x-ray, a blood count and be treated. The medical profession, which until then was acting in a way, needs to rethink this attitude of only attending or interning only if the patient is in a serious situation or with shortness of breath. From now on, like everything in medicine, if you start treatment early, the chance of success is greater. In this way, prevention is simpler, more efficient, more effective and cheaper.

Q: Do these drugs cure the disease?

A: There is no cure for the disease. It is a virus that is not even considered a living being.

These medications are intended to inhibit viral replication within the cell and the disease does not worsen, thus preventing the patient from having to go to an ICU tube, for example. The result of this is that we reduce this chaos that we are experiencing due to the lack of structure in hospitals.

Q: As you evaluate the current protocol used in most of the country, to diagnose the patient and not medicate, just send him to stay at home in isolation. Is that a risk?

A: This is a huge risk. Today the patient who has a headache, malaise and coughing goes home to take dipyrone. I prefer to take hydroxychloroquine. It is a safe medication that we have used in medical practice for over 80 years. I have worked in an intoxication center here in the State for almost 20 years and I have never seen hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin intoxication.

The same happens in other centers in Brazil. As a major in the Brazilian Army, I know that all military personnel in the Armed Forces, whether Navy, Army or Air Force, when the transfer to the Amazon region takes place_ and hundreds of families have been transferred for decades_ they use hydroxychlorquine or even chloroquine. And what risk do they have? None.

Q:How do you evaluate the deaths that occurred in Manaus due to the use of the medication?

A: There was work in Manaus, which in my view is something worthy of a crime.

Toxic doses were given to patients, up to five times more than the therapeutic dose, leading to the death of these people.

This group of scientists proved that when a lethal dose is given to a patient, lethality happens. This fact confused society. The doctor is part of society and when he sees this there, he is not used to using these drugs and this failure ends up happening. The result of this was that we ended up wasting a lot of time and certainly a lot of lives.

Q: What is the profile of the patient who will receive the medication and in what way?

A: It is not for everyone to use. There is no medicine for 200 million inhabitants. Who should use the medication are the professionals in the risk area, who are on the front line of Covid-19, working in CTI, Emergency Room, hospital or UPA. These need to be paid preventively. Another audience that also needs to be medicated is that of people who had contact with someone who had Covid-19 and developed the disease. If your wife, son, father, or mother, for example, developed the disease, you need to take the medication to keep from developing too. I’m talking about the use of Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine used in a preventive way. However, we are not talking about a medication protocol, since there is no miracle drug. We are talking about a care protocol, which provides, for example, what to be used in phase 1 of the disease, in phase 2a, in phase 2b and in phase 3, for example. The disease has several stages and each medication must be used by the doctor, with a medical prescription. There is no use going out desperate to buy medication, using an unnecessary way. This means that those who really need it end up not having access.

Q: Why is there still no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of these drugs in the case of Covid-19?

A: It is necessary to understand that there are the types of scientific evidence, scientific evidence and scientific evidence required by medical societies. Medical societies, where you find a doctor with a doctorate, post-doctorate, demand in peacetime, that you have to have scientific proof, that is, it takes months and years for a medication to be considered level A, B or C of evidence scientific. These are steps that cannot be skipped. It is logical that there is no scientific evidence of the way that some political and health authorities want. It is an insane thing for you to require scientific proof for nothing. What I’ll do? I’m going to let the patient run low, fold your arms and say you have no proof? Likewise, there is no evidence that if you intubate a patient with Covid-19 he will survive, so why am I not intubating him? There is no scientific evidence for this disease for practically nothing because the treatment framework for Covid-19 is empty.

Someone needs to be bold enough to go there to complement this picture. Either I start to put some medications or I leave the board empty. Bureaucratic medicine loses ground in times of war and in times of pandemic. No living doctor experienced a pandemic 100 years ago. So you need flexibility, boldness, humility, let go of pride and vanity, acknowledge mistakes, start over and that is not easy. Now if you think about the good of the population and the lives that can be saved, this task becomes easier. Look at the privilege we are having! A wonderful geographical privilege! We had this pandemic beginning in Asia, back in China, went to Oceania, Europe, North America and finally arrived here in South America. Many doctors in the world had positive and negative experiences without having time to publish a scientific article in indexed magazine.

This privilege is wonderful because we can see who had a positive result and copy it here. If a Brazilian doctor, Marina Bucar, presented a series of positive results back in Spain, with the same protocol that we have implemented here in Campo Grande, will I refuse to do it and cross my arms?

If the Jewish doctor, Dr. Vlademir Zelenko in New York saved more than 500 people with this protocol, will I say no? Will I wait for the scientific journal? There is no time because the hospitals are getting crowded.

Campo Grande is even more privileged because we are in the middle of the country, since this epidemic first arrived in São Paulo, the financial capital of the country, went to the administrative capital: Brasília, followed to the capital of Tourism: Rio de Janeiro and Manaus , for example. So doctors in those locations had to take action. In Belém do Pará, for example, Unimed made this protocol that we are implementing in Campo Grande when what we call the Health collapse was happening, which is when hospitals close their doors. People were unable to enter hospitals because it was padlocked. They died at the unit’s door. Do we want this for our city? No. When that happened in Belem they adopted this protocol and within a week they solved the problem. If this is not scientific evidence, for me, nothing else will be.

Porto Feliz, in São Paulo, adopted the same measure, that is, more action and less bureaucracy since we have no time to lose.

Q: Are these drugs bad for your health?

A: People are afraid of the possible side effect of the medication. I do not. I’m afraid of the effect of the virus, Covid-19. Let’s say that if I have to take the medication for five days and on the third day I have side effects, what do I do? I stop taking it, just that. The medication is not going to kill me. If I take it and give me diarrhea or vomit I stop. There are people who can’t take contraceptives, others can’t take Dipirona, it’s simple.

Q: Why is there so much resistance on the part of governments to adopt the use of these drugs as a protocol?

A: Do not know. Because it is useless to use rational arguments for something irrational not to adopt the service protocol. If I say that no Intoxication Center has registered the death of someone from the use of these drugs over the age of 35, it is a rational argument. If I say that all military personnel receive hydroxychloroquine and none have died over the past 50 years, it is a rational argument. If I say that the people who have it is lupus, psoriasis they use for years is a rational argument. If I say that if the person has any side effects, just suspend the use, it is a rational argument. So there is no point in using rational arguments for something that is irrational, that I cannot understand.

Q: What are the risks that municipalities like Dourados run in not adopting this protocol?

A; Losing lives that could be saved.

Q: What motivated you to oppose a good part of the medical profession and defend the use of this protocol?

A: What motivated me was the fact that I see that I do not need an indexed scientific journal to take my course, in addition to perceiving other colleagues successfully, listening and having this flexibility and having the courage to do it here in Campo Grande.

I think the moment is not one of nitpicking, but of union. This is not the time for us to be divided. Doctors, population, managers, in short, everyone will benefit from it: managers for saving lives, doctors feeling fulfilled in their profession and the population losing their morbid fear of this virus, knowing that there is an effective treatment. We need to stop this political issue.

My fear cannot be greater than my responsibility as a doctor. It is unthinkable for a health professional to want scientific evidence at the time of tragedy. Medicine has never grown so much in major world wars or pandemics because bureaucrats are losing space. It is time for doctors of action and daring to act. So I think we are blessed, let’s put everything aside and let’s think more about our population. It’s very simple, the people who complicate it. When human beings want to complicate, they complicate.

Postscript: See Also Local doctor pushing proven treatment of COVID into national debate from the Desert Review, Imperial Valley, California

From Dr. George Fareed’s letter to President Trump and the Task Force:

In my attempts to keep people alive, I have had an opportunity to use many different types of treatments — remdesivir, dexamethasone, convalescent plasma replacement, etc. Yet, by far the best tool beyond supportive care with oxygen has been the combination of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), with either azithromycin or doxycycline, and zinc. This “HCQ cocktail” (that costs less than $100) has enabled me to prevent patients from being admitted to the hospital, as well as help those patients that are hospitalized.

The key is giving the HCQ cocktail early, within the first five days of the disease.

Not only have I seen outstanding results with this approach, I have not seen any patient exhibit serious side-effects. To be clear — this drug has been used as an anti-malarial and to treat systemic lupus erythematosus as well as rheumatoid arthritis, and has over a 50-year track record for safety. It is shocking that it only now is being characterized as a dangerous drug.

Moreover, I am in my seventies, and I (as well as some other older physicians in the hospital) use hydroxychloroquine and zinc as prophylaxis. None of us have contracted the disease despite our high exposure to COVID patients nor have we experienced any side-effects.

Despite the characterization in the mainstream media as the drug being “ineffective” and “dangerous,” the evidence in the literature tells a different story. I am not only an “MD,” but a former Harvard Medical School assistant professor and UCLA School of Medicine associate professor as well and am very competent at evaluating studies.

There is ample evidence now that the HCQ cocktail is effective and there is no good evidence that there are significant side effects.

I am writing to you out of the frustration of knowing that there is a solution, but watching as our country flounders in dealing with COVID-19. In my opinion, tens of thousands are dying unnecessarily. Our current approach of waiting for these high-risk patients to become ill and then hospitalizing them is failing. The answer is early diagnosis of the high-risk individuals, and then treating them as outpatients with the HCQ cocktail to prevent hospitalization.

So, what I am proposing is a drastic shift from our current approach: we need to ramp up our outpatient efforts of treating COVID-19 to decrease the burden on hospitals and save lives.

Such an approach requires an effective outpatient treatment — we have that in the HCQ cocktail.


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1 posted on 07/20/2020 8:33:42 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: Mrs. Don-o; tellw; Huskrrrr

Ping as per your request

2 posted on 07/20/2020 8:34:07 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

Ivermectin = horse de-wormer?

3 posted on 07/20/2020 8:36:32 AM PDT by john316 (JOSHUA 24:15 ...choose you this day whom ye will serve...)
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To: SeekAndFind

Too cheap.

4 posted on 07/20/2020 8:42:19 AM PDT by ConservaTexan (February 6, 1911/June 14, 1944)
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To: SeekAndFind

Current testing turnaround in my state (if you’re not a VIP) is over a week.

HCQ treatment relies on early access.

That’s not happening right now.

5 posted on 07/20/2020 8:44:35 AM PDT by Black Agnes
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To: SeekAndFind
This is proof positive folks. Proof that here in the USA, we are being lied to and people are dying for no reason other than to defeat President Trump.

America has been overcome with the disease of leftist politics. It will destroy us completely if we don't wake up and shut these evil people down.

6 posted on 07/20/2020 8:52:37 AM PDT by precisionshootist (ui)
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To: SeekAndFind

Excellent article!

7 posted on 07/20/2020 8:53:17 AM PDT by WildHighlander57 ((WildHighlander57 returning after lurking since 2000)
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To: john316

FDA Approved for human use to treat parasites, scabies, lice
Has been a miracle drug for those uses
Among the world’s safest drugs
Look up the studies of its effect on covid

Not medical advice, consult your DR

8 posted on 07/20/2020 8:54:54 AM PDT by silverleaf (Great Things Never Come from Comfort Zones)
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To: precisionshootist

This DR could and should be on our national TF and in public debate with Fauci about how many people should suffer and die waiting for “studies”

9 posted on 07/20/2020 8:57:02 AM PDT by silverleaf (Great Things Never Come from Comfort Zones)
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To: Black Agnes
"Current testing turnaround in my state (if you’re not a VIP) is over a week. HCQ treatment relies on early access. That’s not happening right now."

Is there proof that HCQ is being denied for patients that want to take it and have a doctor willing to prescribe it?

Who is keeping this drug from those who need it? These people, who ever they are need to be arrested and prosecuted. Who is limiting access? Find them, arrest them. Enough of these lies. Those that are playing politics with this disease are literally killing people and need to be held accountable.

10 posted on 07/20/2020 9:03:44 AM PDT by precisionshootist (ui)
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To: precisionshootist

Doctors, oddly enough, want proof you have a disease before they give you a prescription for treating it.

They have an aversion to being sued.

And insurance companies have an aversion to paying for unnecessary medical procedures.

The limitations come from test access and simply waiting too long for a result.

Right now, in my state, it’s difficult to get a test if you’re not already symptomatic. At that point you’ve already lost a couple days of HCQ being effective.

It’s like this all over the south right now. At least a week to wait for results, sometimes closer to two weeks.

By that time you’re either over it or on O2 in a hospital.

Until this gets like the flu...go to MD, get swabbed, get result in less than 30 minutes, get scrip, fill scrip, go home...HCQ discussions are essentially meaningless theory for those of us in hot spots.

And in this red state, I’ve heard of no one that will give a scrip for HCQ. We’ve asked around to every medico we know too.

Docs DO tell positives to take pepcid and zyrtec though.

11 posted on 07/20/2020 9:11:39 AM PDT by Black Agnes
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To: john316

The Ivermectin thing blew my mind. I happen to have a tube of that lol!

12 posted on 07/20/2020 9:24:02 AM PDT by PrairieLady2
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To: john316

Head lice med. Drs are using it here in south Texas. It works.

13 posted on 07/20/2020 9:30:08 AM PDT by TexasCruzin (Trump is the man. #TrumpPence16)
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To: SeekAndFind

Clearly we are not getting the best treatment in this country. Shameful.

14 posted on 07/20/2020 9:55:03 AM PDT by Chauncey Gardiner
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To: SeekAndFind

Once it was known HCQ and/or Ivermectin were preventatives, the drugs should have been mass produced and distributed freely. In March and April. Then end ALL shutdowns. Leftists have made America the stupidest nation on earth, and states with D governors their nursing homes killing fields.

15 posted on 07/20/2020 10:16:47 AM PDT by The Truth Will Make You Free
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To: Black Agnes
" Doctors, oddly enough, want proof you have a disease before they give you a prescription for treating it. They have an aversion to being sued. And insurance companies have an aversion to paying for unnecessary medical procedures."

This is not entirely accurate. Doctors do not need proof to prescribe a drug. That is their call and in this case where taking HCQ has little to no risk yet delaying treatment could result in death I think doctors would be prescribing this drug in many many cases. I have been given tami flu without results of a flu test. This was based purely on the fact my son had flu and I then had symptoms. Doctors can and would certainly do this with covid under the same circumstances. IMO, if you have symptoms and suspect covid find a doctor that will prescribe this cocktail.

That being said I do not think it's the doctors that are waiting for positive results. I think they are being pressured very heavily to NOT prescribe HCQ and are also being told the drug is unavailable. In these instances arrests need to be made. If hospital management is pressuring doctors to not prescribe this drug they need to be arrested. If this drug is being withheld when there is no shortage by hospitals or anywhere else in the supply chain those making these decisions should be arrested.

Enough lies. Anyone caught deliberately limiting access to these drugs or pressuring doctors to not use them need to be held accountable.

IMO, if you are being denied access to this drug after a doctor is willing to prescribe it contact a lawyer and the district attorney immediately. These acts in my opinion are clearly criminal in nature.

16 posted on 07/20/2020 10:32:19 AM PDT by precisionshootist (ui)
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To: precisionshootist

The point being, they aren’t going to prescribe ANYTHING prior to a positive test.

Especially HCQ.

I understand their aversion to malpractice.

The biggest fail is the 7-10 day wait for test results.

THAT’s the biggest fail.

At that point it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, the dice have been rolled...hope you don’t come up snake eyes with this virus...

17 posted on 07/20/2020 10:36:15 AM PDT by Black Agnes
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To: precisionshootist; All

We could seriously use a data base of doctors, by state, willing to do consults and prescribe HCQ with Zpac and zinc. Facetime makes distance consults possible.

18 posted on 07/20/2020 11:37:47 AM PDT by silverleaf (Great Things Never Come from Comfort Zones)
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To: silverleaf
We could seriously use a data base of doctors, by state, willing to do consults and prescribe HCQ with Zpac and zinc. Facetime makes distance consults possible.“

I think this is a great idea.

19 posted on 07/20/2020 12:42:22 PM PDT by precisionshootist (ui)
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To: TexasCruzin

I just know that used to give it by the big syringe full to my horses.

20 posted on 07/20/2020 1:27:22 PM PDT by john316 (JOSHUA 24:15 ...choose you this day whom ye will serve...)
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