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Q Anon: Increasing levels of disinformation and trolling
vanity | 1/22/2018 | ransomnote, content editor: Grey_Whiskers

Posted on 01/22/2018 9:11:45 PM PST by ransomnote

The following OP may not make sense unless you are familiar with Q Anon. Use the following link to read an overview of what many of us believe is the purpose of Q Anon:

Note: I use the following link to quickly check for new Q posts (i.e., “drops”) and as a reference to verify content cited by other writers and vloggers.

Here’s the link:

I will excerpt Q’s text from the linked page in order to improve readability. I will include a reference number in parentheses; you can use the number(s) to verify quotes by checking the linked page. Note the Q drops at the link are numbered from starting from oldest (bottom of page) to newest (top of page).

Introduction: Q has repeatedly cautioned us about the forceful misinformation attacks that the MSM and the Deep State have in store for us.

#526 (example, excerpted) Be ready MSM coming - BIG WAY

We’ve been blanketed with weaponized information for so long, I wondered what was left for the deep state to do to us. What distinguishing feature might I use to recognize the approach of a new MSM attack after having been attacked with their misinformation all of my life?

The Deep State emails talking points to MSM outlets every morning at 4 am (#558, #561); the MSM outlets have their propaganda ready for us before many of us eat breakfast. It’s so ubiquitous that it’s become easier for me to identify those few occasions when the MSM did not lie to me than it is for me to recall the “hard hitting journalism” they talk about but never produce.

For those who are in doubt about Q, other commentators such as Rush Limbaugh, have noted the same thing. For example, the mantra “gravitas” used by ALL the talking heads, when Dick Cheney was named as Dubya’s running mate; or the “choice and competition” mantra used by all Democrats when pushing for the original passage of Obamacare. Rush refers to these rapidly-spreading, uniform topics as “journalistic fronts” because of their similarity to cold fronts / warm fronts from weather forecasts.

(#377) “Conspiracy theme will be pushed” Q

Conspiracy theme? Like the “Pizzagate” conspiracy that the MSM talked enough of us out of believing last year? Only significant parts of “Pizzagate” were horribly real and the MSM ensured that the swamp continued to destroy children throughout the intervening months. What “pushing” of a conspiracy theme could be worse than the MSM’s collusion in protecting the “rights” of “elites” everywhere to take children from their parents and to rape, torture and kill them?

In case you think this is tin-foil hat territory, it is worth noting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions (”Rip van Sessions” or “Wake UP, Watchdog!”) has devoted considerable effort over the past year, to arresting those associated with child porn, or child prostitution; and President Trump issued an Emergency Executive Order on Dec. 21, 2017, which allows him to freeze the assets of those engaged in human trafficking. Congress has recently passed a bill ensuring that those who use tractor trailers in human trafficking can lose their licenses.

The latest MSM push that Q warned about is a different kind of “worse”. The goal of the current MSM attack is to make us lose hope. If we lose hope then children and countless all other victims of the deep state will find no one to fight for them, no one who even knows they exist.

When I first started reading about Q and watching videos, I discovered that even great vloggers and writers would sometimes be ahead of the game on certain topics and fall behind on others. Initially I dismissed such gaps in reporting as unusable until I realized that the sheer volume of information to be absorbed insured that no one person had time to stay on top of every topic all the time. Many are playing “whack-a-mole” very well but eventually, they have to get some sleep.

This is one of the reasons, I think, that aggregator sites such as The Drudge Report, and then discussion boards, such as Free Republic, became popular. Once a critical mass of readers joins in, it becomes possible to find expert opinion very quickly on almost *any* topic imaginable. Recall when FReeper Buckhead changed the national discussion on Dubya’s Texas Air National Guard Memos from Dan Rather, when he pointed out the presence of the typespacing feature known as _kerning_. And, in a similar way, the discussion boards which have grown up around QAnon, have quickly proved to be, in addition to a high school cafeteria food fight, a source of rapid and expanding research into relevant topics: for example the research into Loop Capital of Chicago.

So I began to a few find sources and compare what they were saying whenever their content overlapped with others. I would abandon any reportage if I discovered routine problems and carelessness. Once I identified a collection of sources I could trust, I sampled them freely in order to assemble an assortment of sources and explanations for observed events seemed to best fit the facts known. I have abandoned some sources that others have made peace with and they have done the same with some of my favorite sources in turn. I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all remedy to the search for news and I suppose that’s just as well; we’re tired of coordinated “messaging.”

I rely on the truth those hard-working, (often unpaid) dedicated patriots have revealed and find them superior to anything the MSM has to offer. I can accept imperfection in citizen journalists because they are exposing the swamp and because the FAKE NEWS media are far worse than imperfect - they are traitors.

The sheer volume and complexity of the swamp drives me to cross-check sources I trust with other sources (vloggers, FReepers) to sift for the most up-to-date, accurate information and arrive at my own analysis.

More than once, Q has reminded us not to believe that he feeds information to certain vloggers and writers and warns us not to get lost following other platforms or people who claim to be him or speak for him (#464).

So I’ve identified Q as a reliable source of swamp exposure, I’ve found a webpage to use when seeking accurate Q content, and I’ve arrive at a method of analyzing information available to me. The Deep State has performed the same tasks and studied how people like me are investigating the swamp. In the past few days the misinformation and trolling has more of a “store-bought” feel.

I’ve noticed that some of the latest FReeper trolls appear to use a more studied method of disrupting discussions the Deep State forbids us to have. It’s my opinion that a few I’ve recently observed have spent more time profiling users and Free Republic than the generic variety. Like a dreaded aunt who can somehow ruin every family gathering, they seem to employ long-term observation and emotion to try soak up all available attention while claiming loudly playing victim. Note that this is not unlike Youtube’s new method of suppressing conservative participation; Youtube’s new rules state that they can remove videos or channels if the comments posted to it are negative. So, leftist trolls arrive and make disruptive comments amongst each other or to conservatives until the conservative content is removed.

What gave pause and moved me to write this post is the sudden fog of confusion that has gently descended over the Q community seemingly overnight. Suddenly people are being confronted and told that trusted sources they cite are have been debunked much the same way “The Science is settled” regarding climate change. The (double) standard for citizen reportage is now 100% stand-alone accuracy: cross-checking is now attacked as “cheating” (i.e., tacitly accepting that any and all sources are unreliable). Any source named is increasingly attacked as “false” and speaking the accusation is sufficient to “debunk” the accuracy of everything they’ve reported in the past and everything they ever will report.

Increasing levels of blame and accusation are being hurled at vloggers and writers who cannot personally provide documentation and first hand recordings to verify classified information that the deep state has been hiding from us for generations. At the same time, the MSM is concealing entire subjects of concern (FISA memo, swamp, pedogate, Uranium One,) and uses “unnamed sources” freely to support false claims emailed to them at 4 am (#558 and #561). “Fake but accurate” was good enough for professional journalists but, “generally quite good” citizen reportage is derided by anonymous online critics and Rather’s fellow Fake Newsies.

I continue to consult the same sources and cross-check them with others and with FReepers; anything the MSM serves up is comparatively worse as it is necessarily crafted to serve the needs of the deep state. As the disinformation attack on Q information heats up, there are more instances of information being retracted. This serves to discourage the citizenry and motivate them to reject accurate information the Deep State say you can’t have.

Q was right; we must proceed with caution. I hope to collaborate more to identify authentic documents and photographs. I’ll probably continue to ignore profiler-type trolls; it seems to be working and saves me time. I’m going to bring much of the same judgment I've always brought to controversial and complex information because it’s worked well for me thus far; I’m going to hear more complaints about said judgment and my capacity to think, which I will ignore. I will continue to follow Q and evaluate observed events along with others; we’ve sorted through tough content before. This time, our efforts will set us free.

Special thanks to my editor, FReeper Grey_Whiskers, for contributing insightful information and catching errors.

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FReepers, these days we are in, and the information we're encountering is tough, but we're tough too.

Prayer and trust in God will lead us through and our unity will help us serve our country and The Fearless One, President Trump.

1 posted on 01/22/2018 9:11:45 PM PST by ransomnote
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To: Cvengr; jacquej; nesnah; weston; aMorePerfectUnion; BlueMondaySkipper; mkmensinger; DainBramage; ...

Q Ping

Special thanks to Grey_Whiskers for editing my draft of the OP!

2 posted on 01/22/2018 9:13:15 PM PST by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

Great post..!


3 posted on 01/22/2018 9:25:48 PM PST by gaijin
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To: ransomnote

“If you are religious, PRAY.”

Prayers for patriots.

4 posted on 01/22/2018 9:29:38 PM PST by Falconspeed ("Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others." Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94))
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To: ransomnote

to make it clickable

5 posted on 01/22/2018 9:29:46 PM PST by JockoManning (to cpy/paste if want:
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To: ransomnote; grey_whiskers

Thanks so much for your work.

6 posted on 01/22/2018 9:31:58 PM PST by pax_et_bonum (Never Forget the SEALs of Extortion 17 - and God Bless The United States of America.)
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To: ransomnote

Well Said! I sort of use a similar method searching for anything on the internet... When you start having overlapping opinions, that is the info you rely on heaviest.

I have a long week of paying work this week and have to stay out of the rabbit hole, LOL at least until I am done for the night. But FR is now getting to be a good source for quick info. during short breaks now with all the ping lists and patriots working endless hours.


7 posted on 01/22/2018 9:36:59 PM PST by AzNASCARfan
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To: ransomnote

Thanks for all you do with these Q threads. My congresscritter is that awful Scam Schiff.

8 posted on 01/22/2018 9:37:58 PM PST by windcliff
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To: Falconspeed

Exactly... I keep saying, if you prayed daily Trump would beat Hillary, you better still be praying daily for guidance, protection and his success in restoring a constitutional republic!

9 posted on 01/22/2018 9:40:02 PM PST by AzNASCARfan
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To: ransomnote

Thank you, ransomnote.

In the beginning we hoped it would be enough just to point out the wrong-doing, obvious lies, convenient excuses and lapses of memory, software, hardware, and suddenly inconvenient deaths.

We thought that by pointing out the blatant corruption that they wouldn’t fight back.

Fighting evil isn’t as easy as we thought. But, fight we must.

10 posted on 01/22/2018 9:41:24 PM PST by jacquej ("You cannot have a conservative government with a liberal culture." (Mark Steyn))
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To: ransomnote
I remember when almost no one believed the “blue dress” story by Drudge. The MSM was especially incredulous in attacking the story - even after clear proof surfaced.

It is evident that very serious crimes have been committed and a coup actually exists or existed in the highest levels of our government. It's normally in the realm of conspiracy theorists to suggest such. The evidence now appears overwhelming.

I believe Q is one source of information. Perhaps he/she is playing the role of “straw-man” or perhaps is well placed within Trump's administration. In my view, either way it's provided good information and serious thought and discussion.

Keep up the good work Ransomnote!

11 posted on 01/22/2018 9:41:53 PM PST by Sleeping Freeper
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To: ransomnote
Thank you for your tireless work. The word is getting out. Eventually a critical mass will be reached or somebody’s going to wind up dead again, like Breitbart or Seth Rich, Antonin Scalia or the Rolling Stone jorno who as droned on the street in LA.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Q, most of us here have known since GHWB and Clinton that the National Security State we live in is well capable and armed with enough weaponry and technology to carry out some serious damage. We’ve also been aware that they’ll stop at nothing to protect their infrastructure- including assassinations and coup d’ etats.

Their hubris will be their undoing.

. . . Drip drip drip

12 posted on 01/22/2018 9:42:23 PM PST by atc23 (The Confederacy was the single greatest conservative resistance to federal authority ever)
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To: ransomnote

Can I be added to the ping list?

13 posted on 01/22/2018 9:45:25 PM PST by Slyfox (Not my circus, not my monkeys)
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To: ransomnote; Whenifhow; null and void; aragorn; EnigmaticAnomaly; kalee; Kale; 2ndDivisionVet; ...

good work, ransomnote and GW!

14 posted on 01/22/2018 9:47:41 PM PST by bitt (We dont need an electric chair, we need electric bleachers.)
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To: bitt

10 minute youtube re: site attack

15 posted on 01/22/2018 9:57:49 PM PST by bitt (We dont need an electric chair, we need electric bleachers.)
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To: ransomnote

The problem is the crooked congresspeople being blackmailed way out number any honest ones.

16 posted on 01/22/2018 10:05:04 PM PST by Terry Mross (Liver spots And blood thinners..)
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To: ransomnote

I’m thinkin’ if all the “Chan” posters chipped in they could probably get a great group discount rate on psychiatric treatment.

17 posted on 01/22/2018 10:07:03 PM PST by LouieFisk
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To: ransomnote

Since it’s kinda buried let’s highlight this link:

All anyone needs to follow QAnon will be there, including both Q posts and discussion with Anons on the research board.

I applaud your efforts but see little sign that FR is still the place for the kind of insightful analysis and discussion we remember from the past. It will take a change from the “Rip Van Sessions” bullshit and blog site repostings. But if Trump can drain the swamp, no reason to think we can’t do the same.

18 posted on 01/22/2018 10:17:47 PM PST by bigbob (Trust Trump. Trust Sessions. The Great Awakening is at hand...MAGA!)
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To: ransomnote
Qanon is Generally it's an unofficial take down of the shadow government / Cabal (pedophiles running our government or allowing it. With ritual human sacrifices which Ted Gunderson FBI director made clear.)
Ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp talks about Trump that declared war on the Shadow government:

There is no definitive evidence of Qanon and there NEVER will be. If you can live with that then we’re good.

The concept is to drop us bread crumbs of issues that are taking place. They want an open communication to help drive the narrative. Their project is called “Mockingbird.”
In my opinion Q could be the black hats or white hats he clearly indicates he is a white hat.

He can’t use simple English like saying there is going to be a nuclear alert in Hawaii tomorrow. He is using information that isn’t allowed to be public.

There information is from the National Reconnaissance Office (Q clue was "owls") This information isn't legally allowed to be used to stop US citizen perpetrators only if they're foreign operatives.

They're listening but they can't use that information.

If Hillary had her way Trump would not have won this election. She is very clear on her opinion of rigging elections: (sound file 14 seconds)

It started here: (right before the election)
Watch: "The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States" Steve Pieczenik (deputy assistant secretary of State under four presidents)

Months went by we heard rumors of this Coup d'état of the US but no status on what they've been doing.

Then in Oct 6, 2017 "Donald Trump warns us of the 'calm before the storm.'" Which no one understood what he meant. But look at the first four seconds of this video. You tell me what he does with his hand.

Then October 28th of last year we started getting clues from someone called QClearence (same level of clearance as the president) or Qanon (Qanonymous.)

If it's a LARP it is highly entertaining

There are many ways of confirming Q I personally like the way Assange did it. I’m a gamer what can I say.
Assange way of confirming Q while he says he is safe:

There was a lot to this chess game pic that is interesting.

1. “Shall we play a game?” references the chess game From the movie war games. (Q post 365) Which was about a computer generated nuclear war. Which Assange posted one day before the Emergency Alert in Hawaii.

2. The game was from Capablanca vs Marshell 1918 game. Just before this pic the white-hats look like they are losing. Which is a reference of Assange no longer protected in the UK and might be kicked out and how the black-hats seem to be on the aggressive end with Robert Mueller. Q has always said Mueller is the honey pot for their own destruction. The Queen has a double meaning both Assange as in “Q” for Queen moved and is now secured.

3. Before this move in the picture the black-hat bishop was taken from Q post 369.

4. The next move in this game was Qf3 or Q FOX THREE from Q post 432 posted days earlier again referencing a missile attack about to take place. Q praising the poster that recognized this on post 528

Here is another way Qanon is working with Trump:
It’s a manipulation of text from Q post and Trump posts:
this does two things. One it confirms Q and it lets us know how he talks.
Because soon he will be giving more clues to events using these codes through Trump posts.
Which I’m trying to figure out in the post below you can see me talking with the video maker anonymous.

Then you have the reddit Calm before the storm:

List of all Q posts:
Q’s personal thread:

prayingmedic is my favorite Youtuber on Qanon:
Q Anon Posts Made Simple (From the Weekend of January 14, 2018)

CBTS Stream are the same guys that confirm Qanon. If anyone is LARPing it would be these guys. Which to me means it’s important to listen to them for that reason only. They also have an open discord (voice chat) or it has been open to everyone.

19 posted on 01/22/2018 10:17:57 PM PST by Steve Van Doorn (*in my best Eric Cartman voice* 'I love you, guys')
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To: Golden Eagle; independentmind; Jim Robinson
Post 19.
I put together a fair brake down of Qanon and why I believe he he has some merit. "Proof" no. Proof doesn't exist and never will be unless he turns out to be fake.
20 posted on 01/22/2018 10:25:53 PM PST by Steve Van Doorn (*in my best Eric Cartman voice* 'I love you, guys')
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