Since Jan 14, 2005

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How did I hear about Free Republic? In 2004 I listened to the George Putnam radio show on KRLA 870 AM and a caller, Ron in Chino Hills, mentioned "Freerepublic" several times. Thus, I was motivated to visit the web site, started reading it daily and signed up to make comments. My lame comments for the first two years were pulverized by intelligent Freepers. Now I trust that some of my comments might be helpful. And I belongs to the Men's Club at my local Catholic parish.

My thesis. All patriotic Americans have the duty to save the Catholic Europeans from the tyranny of the EU and the invading immigrants.

To support my thesis, Annie Hurley wrote on July 20, 1889 in the Scared Heart Newspaper from Boston, "In looking over the history of the Revolution we must conclude that the foes of the young republic were Protestant England, Protestant Tories, and a hired band of Protestant Hessians, while all the external assistance, and words of cheer came from Catholics and Catholic nations, and the Catholic names of Carroll, Moylan, Barry, Lafayette, Dc Grasse, Rochambeau, Pulaski, and Kosciusko will live side by side with those of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Henry, and Hancock in the immortal story of the American Revolution."