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German sources for 17 Million Jews before the Holocaust, before the 1944 - Mufti inciting Arabs against the remaining 11 Million
Commentary at DP ^ | Oct 25, 2022

Posted on 10/25/2022 7:02:35 PM PDT by Words Matter

German sources for (estimated population of) 17 Million Jews before the Holocaust, before the 1944 (Hitler's) Mufti inciting Arabs against the remaining 11 Million.

German source in 1924:

Wirth, Albrecht. Weltgeschichte der Gegenwart (1879-1924). Germany: G. Westermann, 1924. p. 425.

[Dem stelle man die Semiten mit schätzungsweise 45 Millionen , wovon 17 Millionen Juden.]

Put the Semites with an estimated 45 million, of which 17 million Jews...

Nazi German book in 1938:

"Forschungen zur Judenfrage," Vol. 3, 1938, p. 156::

[Um das Jahr 1937 lebten auf der Erde insgesamt rund 17 Millionen Juden. Davon entfallen über 10 Millionen oder rund drei Fünftel auf Europa...]

Around 1937 there were a total of around 17 million Jews living on earth. Of these, more than 10 million or around three fifths are in Europe...

Nazi Germany book in 1939: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Rassenpolitisches Amt. "Neues Volk." Vol. 7, Iss. 1-9, p. 40. Germany: n.p., 1939.

[National-socialist German Workers' Party. Racial Policy Office, "New People". 1939] [Dr. Burgdörfer hielt in der Universität Berlin einen Vortrag über die zahlenmäßige Verbreitung der Juden auf der Welt. Er schäßt 17 Millionen Juden . Davon entfallen 10 Millionen auf Europa, 5 Millionen auf Amerika, 1 knappe Million...]

Dr. (Friedrich) Burgdörfer gave a lecture at the University of Berlin on the numerical distribution of Jews in the world. He estimates 17 million Jews. Of this, 10 million are in Europe, 5 million in America, and almost 1 million...


By September 1944, the Arab Muslim leader, Palestine Hitler's Mufti al-Husseini, incited the Arab world against (the remaining) 11 million - (after 6 Million were gone by the German Nazis and their European helpers).

Livneh, Eliezer. "Israel and the crisis of Western civilization," (Tel-Aviv: Schocken Publishing House, 1972), pp. 46-47.

The Arabs of the Land of Israel have never had a more familiar leader than Haj Amin, who was at the same time the head of the Higher Arab Committee, the president of the Palestinian Perfect Council and the leader of terrorist organizations with thousands of members. Haj Amin was helped by Rashid al Kaliani, the pro-Nazi Iraqi Prime Minister, who was deposed by British intervention in the spring of 1941, and also fled to Berlin. The Arab pressure was applied... also to prevent rescue options in the countries dependent on Germany...

German Foreign Ministry official Wilhelm Melchers testified at the Nuremberg Trials on August 6, 1947 that Haj Amin opposed any easy permission for Jews to leave that the SS headquarters and the Foreign Ministry ever revealed...

In a Polish study, which appeared in Warsaw in 1964 "The Third Reich and the Arab East", the intensity of Haj Amin action is detailed. And a new summary: "Among the documents published after the war are the Mufti's letters to the governments of Bulgaria (on May 6, 1943), Italy (on June 10, 1943), Romania (on June 28, 1943) and Hungary (on June 28, 1943), In them he demands that the immigration permits of the Jews be revoked and that they be deported to Poland, where they will be under "active supervision".

The mufti knew very well what the results of his efforts for "active supervision" were. He was the first to summarize the dimensions of the Holocaust: six million. In his broadcast from Berlin on September 21, 1944, he announced to his listeners in the Arab world: "Is it not in your power, the Arabs, to overcome the Jews, who now number no more than eleven million?" Indeed, of seventeen million Jews in 1939, only eleven million remained at the end of the war.

_ _ _

League for Labor Palestine, Jewish Frontier Association, "Jewish Frontier," (New York: Labor Zionist Letters, Incorporated, 1952), p.19.

[The Mufti As Myth By Joel Carmichael]

...failed to take the primitive precaution of briefing himself on the ex-Mufti's notorious pro-Nazi activities before presenting him with these convenient trapdoors to escape responsibility remains enigmatic. The following letter addressed by the ex-Mufti to the Bulgarian Foreign Minister on May 6, 1943 is one among multitudinous testimonies to the way he "limited himself" to injustices Britain had done the Arabs "in general" and Palestinians "in particular": "The Jewish danger to the entire world, and especially to those countries where Jews are living, has become an established fact for most nations and has induced them to take measures in self-protection. The Axis powers and their allies are among the first who have recognized the vital national necessity of preventing these hostile elements from continuing their destructive activity by spying, undermining the morale of the people, disseminating Communist thought, and paralyzing economic life.

Even before the full documentation of his activities was made available in the wake of the Nazi rout, this was betrayed by a slip of his tongue in one of his broadcasts from Berlin on September 21, 1944: "Is it not in your power, O Arabs, to repulse the Jews whose whose number does not exceed 11 millions?" ...

England has even gone so far as to extract all these elements from the different countries on the Continent, and to concentrate them in one place, where, with their inborn viciousness and treachery, they can work against the Axis powers who are fighting for the liberation of the world from oppression and exploitation, and for the protection of European culture.

_ _ _

"Midstream," (New York, 1994), p. 10.

Another broadcast presented what was the first public notice from an Axis source as to the scope of the Holocaust.
In a broadcast of 30 September 1944, the mufti asked the Arabs, rhetorically: "Is it not in your power to repulse the Jews whose number is not more than 11 million?" Before the war, the world Jewish population had been around 17 and 18 million which Husseini surely knew.

_ _ _

Nimrod, Dan, "Auschwitz 1989: The Second Encounter," (Canada: Dawn Publishing Company, 1989), p. 112.

Broadcasting from his office in Berlin in September 1944 the Mufti said: "O Arabs is it not in your power to repulse the Jews who number not more than 11 million?" He was trying to get Arabs, wherever they were, to attack Jews.

At the outbreak of World War II there were little more than 17 million Jews in the world. With the increasing efforts to deny and / or belittle the Holocaust, we must ... keep reminding the world.

_ _ _

Marher Richard, "Hitler's war against Jews continues in 'Palestine'", The Jerusalem Post, Mar 16, 2015.

In this broadcast, Husseini urged the Arabs to give up 11 million Jews. The total number of Jews at the beginning of the war was 17 million...

_ _ _

"The Israel Victory and Russian-Arab doublespeak"

Extention of Remarks by Hon.
Theodor R. Kuppermam
Of New York
In the House of Representatives
Wednesday, August 30, 1967.
Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress. 1967. < href="">p. 4413.
The Israel Victory And Arab-Russian Double Talk - CIA

- ADL Bulletin, September, 1967.

'The Grand Mufti and His Friends

The Grand Mufti spread his anti Jewish venom throughout the war over radio Berlin. He praised the Germans for "knowing how to get rid of Jews." He urged his Arab listeners to "kill the Jews wherever you find them." He gave the number of Jews "still to be dealt with" (in 1944) as 11 million, representing the Jewish populations of America, Russia and other countries beyond Hitler's reach. All this would signify no more than the ravings of one madman-except that the Mufti was returned to his role after the war as leader of the Palestine question.

He directed policy from a lavish and fortified home in Cairo and, as one of the Arab delegates to the United Nations in 1947 said, "the Mufti is the irrefutable leader of the Holy Land Arabs."

To THIS DAY none of the Arab leaders has repudiated the Grand Mufti, or his pro-nazi assistants who worked with him in Berlin during the war. Nor is this tolerance of a Nazi in their midst surprising. Egypt, ... has given sanctuary to hundreds of former Nazis, among them up to 100 of Hitler's rocket and missile experts. Also in Egypt, according to the latest information from the Anti-Defamation League, are the following: -Colonel Naam Al-Nashar, formerly Leopold Gleim, who was head of German security in Poland. He arrived in Egypt in 1955 and organized the Egyptian security service along Nazi lines.

-Lt. Col. Ben Sala, formerly Bernard Bender, a storm trooper still on the Polish list of war criminals. He is head of the Jewish Department of the Egyptian security service. - Hassan Soliman, formerly Heinrich Sellmann, wanted by West Germany for crimes committed while he was Gestapo chief in Ulm. He now holds a senior position in the Secret Police in Cairo.

-Col. Ahim Fahumi, formerly Dr. Heinrich Willermann, wanted by West Germany for sterilization experiments he conducted in several Nazi concentration camps. He now runs the Egyptian political prison at Samara, near Alexandria.

- Louis Al-Haj, formerly Louis Heiden, director of a Nazi press agency in Berlin. He is now an adviser to President Nasser and it was he who prepared a pocket-sized Arabic translation of Mein Kampf for Egyptian officers.

- Ibraham Mustafa, formerly Joachim Daemling, wanted by West Germany for crimes committed in Dusseldorf while a storm trooper there. He is an adviser to the Cairo police on concentration camps. - Ali Mohammed, formerly George Brunner, one of Eichmann's assistants, in charge of deportation of Jews from Greece. He now works in the Egyptian propaganda industry.l The list goes on and on. The Arabs, by raising a "Nazi issue," convict only themselves.

IN WORLD WAR II, 1,300,000 Jews were in uniform in the Allied Armies. In Palestine, 85,800 Jewish men and 50,400 Jewish women volunteered for war service; 27,028 Palestine Jews served with the British forces in various Middle East, North African and European fronts, many in the most hazardous missions. What made a mockery of the United Nations "debate" was that the Communists and Arabs well know their respective roles in World War II. Their statements in the General Assembly would have made Joseph Goebbels proud. Dr. Goebbels, incidentally, was royally welcomed in Cairo on the eve of the war.

TOPICS: History; Politics
KEYWORDS: 6million; 6millionjews; alhusseini; holocaust; mufti; muftialhusseini; sixmillion; ww2

1 posted on 10/25/2022 7:02:35 PM PDT by Words Matter
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To: Words Matter

2 posted on 10/25/2022 7:06:41 PM PDT by Repeal The 17th (Get out of the matrix and get a real life.)
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To: Repeal The 17th
It proves the Mufti knew in real time about the 6 Million victims!
3 posted on 10/25/2022 7:09:11 PM PDT by Words Matter
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To: Words Matter

OK, and that is important now because...???

4 posted on 10/25/2022 7:13:44 PM PDT by Repeal The 17th (Get out of the matrix and get a real life.)
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To: Repeal The 17th

The point is, the Palestinian leadership still worships the Mufti.

PA Mufti lays wreath on grave of Nazi collaborator Hajj Amin Al-Husseini

May 19, 2015 — The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories and preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, met today,

PA National Security Forces lauds Nazi collaborator Haj Amin Al-Husseini

Jun 3, 2016 — Image posted on the official Facebook page of the PA National Security Forces on June 3, 2016 The picture shows Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini

Abbas’ advisor praises former Grand Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini, Nazi collaborator

Jul 4, 2019 — Image and text posted on the Facebook page of PA Supreme Shari’ah Judge and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on Religious Affairs and

5 posted on 10/25/2022 7:27:28 PM PDT by Words Matter
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To: Words Matter ; Conservat1; SJackson; george76

Ex-Mufti, Criminal Ally
New York Post

6 posted on 10/25/2022 7:47:40 PM PDT by SunkenCiv (Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie.)
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To: Words Matter

Ignoring the poorly formatted, randomly font-faced sources, how is it that in 1924 there were 17 million Jews, and by 1939, there were still the same number? In the decade and a half, there was no growth in the Jewish population? I find that hard to believe. These were the inter-war years of relative peace.

7 posted on 10/25/2022 8:18:25 PM PDT by nwrep
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To: Words Matter

Funny how the other side of the story is not addressed. You know, the part about the how the prison population numbers were inflated soon after WWII.

8 posted on 10/25/2022 8:45:25 PM PDT by Falconspeed ("Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others." Robert Louis Stevenson.)
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To: Repeal The 17th

“OK, and that is important now because...???”

Victimhood is very important today.

9 posted on 10/25/2022 8:52:49 PM PDT by MNDude (Once you remove "they would never" from your vocabulary, it all begins to make sense)
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To: SunkenCiv

Thanks for the links.

10 posted on 10/25/2022 11:14:48 PM PDT by Words Matter
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To: nwrep

Re the German sources, it might very well that there were more by 1939, but it wasn’t updated or there were split in their estimated statistics.

11 posted on 10/25/2022 11:18:38 PM PDT by Words Matter
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To: nwrep

By suggesting they were split, I meant Mr. Wirth vs Dr. Friedrich Burgdörfer.

12 posted on 10/25/2022 11:22:25 PM PDT by Words Matter
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To: MNDude

It’s about proving the historical point re the Mufti.

13 posted on 10/25/2022 11:23:53 PM PDT by Words Matter
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To: dennisw; Cachelot; Nix 2; veronica; Catspaw; knighthawk; Alouette; Optimist; weikel; Lent; GregB; ..
Middle East and terrorism, occasional political and Jewish issues Ping List. High Volume If you’d like to be on or off, please FR mail me.
14 posted on 10/26/2022 6:10:11 AM PDT by SJackson (nations that are barren of liberties are also barren of groceries, Louis Fisher)
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To: SunkenCiv

15 posted on 10/26/2022 8:05:28 AM PDT by Conservat1
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To: Words Matter

My pleasure.

16 posted on 10/26/2022 11:57:55 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie.)
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