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Powerline ^ | 11 Apr 2022 | John Hinderaker

Posted on 04/12/2022 5:32:34 AM PDT by Rummyfan

How many people have died, or will die, as a result of the Left’s “green” fantasies? To begin with, who has taken responsibility for the hundreds of thousands–maybe millions–of Africans who have died because of the Left’s insane banning of DDT? No one, of course. Will there ever be an accounting?

Currently, the war between Russia and Ukraine dominates the headlines. We all know that global petroleum supplies have been disrupted by the war, but perhaps more significant is the war’s impact on agriculture. Ukraine and Russia are two of the top grain-exporting countries in the world. Ukraine has been selling grain to the West since ancient times. With those supplies disrupted, a global food shortage impends, and many are predicting that populations in some vulnerable areas that can’t produce enough food for themselves will starve.

So where are the environmentalists in all this? They are doing their best to reduce agricultural output. In Sri Lanka, the government mandated organic farming, with the result that yields declined catastrophically, prices skyrocketed, and, no doubt, many died.

In the U.K., carbon offset schemes are causing hedge funds to buy up farm land and turn it to a less productive use....

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Miscellaneous; Politics; Society
KEYWORDS: agriculture; climate; policy
Madness. Simply madness....
1 posted on 04/12/2022 5:32:34 AM PDT by Rummyfan
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To: Rummyfan

Gang Green wants you freezing and starving in the dark. Mostly, they want you dead.

2 posted on 04/12/2022 5:42:13 AM PDT by Noumenon (Black American flag time. KTF)
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To: Rummyfan

Until someone asks the right questions, this will always be an issue.

Where is the project plan to implement the new Green Deal?
Who pays for it and who gets the money?
What are the risks and where is the risk mitigation plan?
What happens if the “plan” fails and it worsens the environment?
How come we do not start with cleaning up the environment? Rivers, oceans?

I have many more questions, but these should be asked at every debate.

3 posted on 04/12/2022 5:49:39 AM PDT by EQAndyBuzz ("Todays conspiracy theory is tomorrows spoiler alert." )
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To: Rummyfan

We have the watermelon “Intel inside” communists and the rainbow-melon gays and BLM goons joining them. What is not to like!

Obama said it: black lives matter because they do not believe in global warming like us! Wow. Could not be more obvious in screwing black peoples over, since this talk of global warming is used to destroy African culture in Africa, a new form of PC colonialism because white farmers get to be enslaved too! Communism always cut heads off down to the lowest denominator of highest chaos entropy.

4 posted on 04/12/2022 5:52:22 AM PDT by lavaroise
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To: Noumenon

The hunger games at a political level, and people let them do it to them. The hate is pervasive everywhere. I do not trust any of my nice coworkers as a result: potential instant covid fascist drone material.

The bottom line is that there used to be honor and sacrifices, but instead now we have people who warmonger failure on some and success on others. A society that is leveraged on this kind of crazed cannibalistic cult of global warming, which wants losers and winners, sponsored puppets and failure mongered bunch, is a society that fails because its people fail.

5 posted on 04/12/2022 5:57:45 AM PDT by lavaroise
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To: Noumenon
Stuff like this is exactly why I installed a bunch of solar onto my roof. The Dims say "green energy" and they really mean make it more expensive and less reliable.

But when I have a solar system custom built for my energy needs, it's more efficient than anything the government does and saves me money -- it doesn't make the government cronies rich to pretend to do things right.

It's not 100%. This past year I generated 56% of all the power I consumed in my all-electric house. But financially it's sound. It'll pay for itself on about the 10th year, and that's assuming only a 3% inflation rate in energy costs. The home energy portion of my budget is what it was in 2019 when I was paying a large power bill + natural gas bill, but before Biden inflation (and let's be honest, covid inflation). My power bill today + the HELOC payment for the loan I took out to install the solar system and convert my natural gas appliances to electric, slowly goes down as the HELOC balance is paid down (which reduces the HELOC payment, which reduces what I consider my overall energy budget).

But you won't get anything near that kind of efficiency with solar unless you do it on your own, with your own money, and you take ownership of it and make sure it works for you. When the Dims do "green energy" they make it work for them, not you.

6 posted on 04/12/2022 6:00:03 AM PDT by Tell It Right (1st Thessalonians 5:21 -- Put everything to the test, hold fast to that which is true.)
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To: Tell It Right

So your solar does not go thru utility?

7 posted on 04/12/2022 6:09:15 AM PDT by goodnesswins (....pervert Biden & O Cabal are destroying America, as planned.)
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To: lavaroise

Interesting observation that these are the times of the beginning of the “Hunger Games”. Whole nations are put out upon the killing fields, for the entertainment of the rest of the world, and the upshot of the slaughter is to REDUCE the availability of very basic needs for the whole world. No food, no energy sources, no medical resources, no means of widespread and reliable travel, and no safe havens.

Planned chaos is an oxymoron. It takes on a life of its own, and devours even those who set it in motion.

8 posted on 04/12/2022 6:17:41 AM PDT by alloysteel (There are folks running the government who shouldn't be allowed to play with matches - Will Rogers)
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To: goodnesswins
"So your solar does not go thru utility?"

No. I don't put power back onto the grid. If I did I'd have to pay a large monthly fee for the privilege of participating in their power buyback program, only for them to buyback power from me at about 1/5th the rate we buy from them. Also, if I participated in that I'd have to set my solar inverter to shut off automatically when the grid power goes down from a storm (or any other reason). Because I don't do that, when the grid goes down I still have power in my house (assuming I have a good charge in my batteries or the sun is back shining after the storm).

And that's also part of the math on why I get only 56% of the power I need. If I had installed more solar panels or more battery storage I'd be running into the law of diminishing returns and not received my money's worth from it. If, however, I was able to sell excess power at a decent rate (without the large monthly fee) I might have been more willing to install more solar (and provide more than half of what I need).

This is not the kind of project to take on flippantly. For it to be efficient you have to deep dive into how much power you consume each month in different parts of the year, the avg peak solar hours you get in your zip code in each month, how much you consume in the day vs at night (which translates into how much battery storage you need), how much you consume all at once (i.e. if you and your wife work away from home and consume no power during the day, the make up for it beginning at 6 PM when you come home and are running many appliances simultaneously to wash and dry clothes while cooking dinner while running the A/C to cool the house down -- that means you need a large inverter to convert stored DC to AC to supply that large load of power).

Even if the green energy was done at the utility level with no greed, even if the electrical engineers were doing their best to be efficient -- they can't be as efficient as you can because they're trying to find a one-solution-fits-all type solution. But I, a software engineer not an electrical engineer, can figure that out for specifically mine and my wife's energy habits without trying to solve the whole state's energy problems. I researched it enough to interview different solar installers and be able to tell who was making stuff up or trying to take advantage of me.

9 posted on 04/12/2022 6:22:45 AM PDT by Tell It Right (1st Thessalonians 5:21 -- Put everything to the test, hold fast to that which is true.)
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To: alloysteel

Indeed, the economic war game of the Kaiser in WWI against Russia in the manner of sponsoring Lenin over there resulted in the sacking of Berlin where not a single German woman was not raped…. And this sht continues today with Russians in Ukraine painting their tanks with “To Berlin” , in a sort of plea for Ukrainians to join them in the thuggery…

10 posted on 04/12/2022 6:27:29 AM PDT by lavaroise
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To: Rummyfan

Brandon’s latest energy folly pushing EPA approval for 15% ethanol gasoline will lower gas mileage and raise food prices as more corn is diverted into the ethanol boondoggle. Ethanol is a poor motor fuel and is not as energy dense as gasoline resulting in lower miles per gallon. The production of corn ethanol is energy intense, uses vast quantities of water which is released as steamed and since ethanol cannot be sent by pipeline fleets of trucks and rail cars are needed to transport it. The planting, harvesting and transportation of corn uses diesel fuel. It takes more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol than can be obtained from using it as a motor fuel. The entire corn ethanol business is based on government subsidies, tax credits and mandates and is little more than a government subsidy to corn farmers and ethanol producers.

Note many older cars and trucks cannot use 15% ethanol without sustaining damage to the fuel system and engine. Ethanol laced gasoline in any proportion is death for small engines such as used in lawn equipment, small generators, boat engines, motorcycles and snow blowers.

11 posted on 04/12/2022 6:56:07 AM PDT by The Great RJ ( We )
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To: Rummyfan

Green windmill dreams kill birds and are expensive. If not for government subsidies they would not be worth it.

12 posted on 04/12/2022 7:30:00 AM PDT by mountainlion (Live well for those that did not make it back.)
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To: Noumenon


Pretty much.

13 posted on 04/12/2022 7:41:54 AM PDT by Red6
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To: Noumenon

Mark Musser’s book, “Nazi ecology” exposes the Nazi origins of the modern “green” movement and shows how anti-God and ultimately anti-human the “green” movement really is.

14 posted on 04/12/2022 4:01:00 PM PDT by Ban Draoi Marbh Draoi ( Gen. 12:3: a warning to all anti-semites)
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