Since Feb 17, 2003

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A former nameless and faceless government bureaucrat. Retired now.

Before that, a ground pounder that got to travel and play cowboy and Indians (surely not PC) at tax payers expense. Yes, I enjoyed it and do not consider myself weird or sick saying such. War can be fun, exciting, an adventure, create a legacy. You just don’t want that legacy to be that you rode with Custer.

Military schools (I spent a lot of time at Benning and I truly hated that place):

Army basic infantry, Benning.
Arctic infantry training (ALIT)
Officer Candidate School, Benning
Infantry Officer Basic (IOB), Benning
Mortar Leaders, Benning
Sniper employment, Benning
Combat lifesaver
Airborne, Benning
Air Assault
Joint Forces Requirement Generator
Bradley Leaders, Benning
Ranger, Benning
Armor Captain Career Course
NATO psyop
NATO psyop planning
Air Ground Operator
Combined Arms Services Staff School
More: can’t think of them now.

I grew up on USAF bases as a military brat. My father was USAF 1965 - 1988. Growing up in the Cold War on US military installations was IMHO an experience that is hard to match and sadly my kids didn’t have. I actually flew a C-141 as a young boy! The pilot no kidding disengaged the autopilot, I sat in his chair with him watching over me and gently rolled the plane to the left and right while flying across the Atlantic on a Space A flight (the best military recruiting event ever - from that day on I wanted to be a USAF pilot but my eyes changed those plans).

Civil Air Patrol as a kid.

A BS in E.E. ABET certified.
An MBA summa cum laude (3.98 GPA)
I speak and write German fluently and Spanish functionally.

Married, two children a dog.

I became a Freeper about 2 months before I deployed for the first time to Iraq (I rolled in with 3 ID in April 2003).

After the Army I joined a three letter agency and worked there until I retired in early 2022.