Since Feb 17, 2003

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A nameless faceless bureaucrat.

A very dangerous person that formulates his own opinion.

I am libertarian and have a strict interpretation of the Constitution. I don’t believe in this living document stuff may it be for a conservative or liberal cause.

Pro defense, pro religious freedom, economic and individual freedom, pro Bill of Rights (not just the 2nd).

I choose freedom over anyone’s personal perception of security, the environment, economic justice and social egalitarianism. The US was created based on the genius of our Founding Fathers that spelled out very clearly what they were thinking. This nation was once based on "liberty" and "freedom," not a safe place where everyone is protected from every known danger possible but living in a technocratic dictatorship created by federal agencies writing policies with the force of the law behind them, where 51 volumes of federal code spanning 23,000 pages (two column small print), and with over 3,000 various offenses make us feel safe.

You are so safe, that if you're the average citizen, you break three (3) federal laws or regulations on your drive to work every morning even if you try to follow the speed limit. Ask an attorney from a federal agency about their own regulations and see how little they actually know. Not even the folks writing these rules know them anymore!!!

Freedom/privacy/civil rights (Bill of Rights) in America:

America is a country where a government agency regulates that your toilet uses only 1 gallon per flush and what light bulb you use while sitting on that toilet so you're not in the dark. It's a place where by government decree they shut down all the churches in an election year when even a virus becomes politicized (not even the commies dared shut the churches even at their height of reign in the 60s though they were atheists). The incredible thing about the complete loss of liberty in this country, is that it was foreseen by some of those Founding Fathers (Ben Franklin) and that it is in part the citizens themselves begging for their enslavement so that they can feel a little more safe, from whatever threat the mass media fermented in their head that day.