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Issa Nakhleh: Holocaust denier, the fraud of a man, the cruelty of a liar
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Posted on 08/06/2020 7:00:04 AM PDT by Marinario

Issa Nakhleh: Holocaust denier, the fraud of a man, the cruelty of a liar

Updated, Aug.2020

Issa Nakhleh: Holocaust denier, Hitler's canard - recycler, pushing Neo-Nazi inventions on WW2, Nazi-Germany glorifier since 1952, and long time agitator in S. America   {Advisor UN 'Palestinian' Delegation The Arab Higher Committee for 'Palestine'. Author of "Palestine encyclopedia"}

* June.17.1949: He can be considered the pioneer in vicious vitriol. Hyped imaginary terminology to "shock". At UN, he accused/defined in June-1949, acts as being "exceeding in brutality"[1] than those of "the Nazis."  This "language" was picked up by Shukairy in 1960-2.
That was 23 years before he denied the Holocaust altogether in 1972... the horrific crimes of WW2 which in 1949 he himself has proposed as a measuring object...
He also intentionally floated the ridiculous unfounded rumour, that the (secular) Jews were supposedly "planning" to take down mosque and build temple...

* Active in agitating Anti-Jewish hatred and glorification of Nazi-Germany in Argentina 1950s[2]. Close ties with 'Mundo Arabe' which was banned by the allies during the war and was threatened to be banned again in 1949[3] by leading media in host country for its hatred. It has promoted the infamous "protocols" forgery as "facts".  
Weeks after Nazi Tacuara attacked Jews in that country, including torturing a 19 years old carving swastikas in her as "revenge" for hanging Eichmann, Nakhleh formed "palestine Arab delegation" in UN. A few months later, A. Shukairy [Shukeiri] salutes Nazi Tacuara at UN[4] which cost him his post. 

* In December 30, 1963, wrote to infamous fascist "Canadian Fuhrer" Adrien Arcand[5](Incidentally, unaware, this Arcand referred derogatory to Palestinian restaurants).

* Under his activities in Palestine "delegation," its postage meter was used to mail out material for a Neo-Nazi publication that earlier carried headline "Adolf Hitler, the George Washington of Europe."[6] 

* In 1967, just before the outbreak of the six-day war, he travelled to speak at at supremacists Western Front supporters event.[7]

* As, by order of Ex Mufti of Palestine, he represented Sirhan in R. Kennedy's murder, Arabs (whether by his initiative or his tacit go-along) spread around a conspiracy theory blaming Jews that they did it and pinned it on an Arab... 1968.[8]

* May-1970: Recycled Hitler's old canards on Jews; pushed neo nazis' inventions about WW2; referred to (in singular term) "Jew war criminals" in his article in violent racist publication.[9]

* November-14-1972: Openly said at UN, that Hitler did "not" kill Jews, that it was all an invention by Jews, and that the six million are "very much alive..."[10] (The horrendous cruelty within less than 3 decades of survivors' traumatic experience and indescribable loss). He's also cast it as his "vs. gentiles" Nazi adopted idea.

* In 1973, he wrote a hate filled letter why Palestinian Arabs oppose Kissinger, (incl.) because he was a persecuted Jew by Nazis in Germany.
Pressed for his view on the Kissinger appointment, Issa Nakhleh, U.N. observer for the Palestinian Arab delegation, exclaimed: "You Jews are doing the same thing you did in Germany."

* In 1978, at historical Begin and Sadat  Camp David peace summit, Issa Nakhleh was urgently occupied with his Memorandum, denying the Holocaust, sent to Carter and Sadat.[12]

* Addressed at "convention" of Holocaust deniers on behalf of Muslim Congress; published a denial "piece" in their publication; wrote for various racist groups. 1981-2.[13]

* 1982:  Together with holocaust-revisionists and supremacists LibertyLobby (under cloak of his official chief Arab-Palestinian delegation at UN and Muslim Congress advisor) advocated to court for accused Swedish Holocaust denier Ditlieb Felderer - as a "scholar"[14]. Which didn't help.

* 1984, in an Arab conference in Detroit, where literature denying holocaust was distributed by an Islamic personality, and supposed "desecration" of Jerusalem were uttered, Nakhleh praised anti-Jewish literature published in the past and infamous anti-Semite Father Coughlin, casting him as if fighting against "Zionist control." He used the forum to call for a union of Muslims and American blacks to "liberate" from "control".[15]

* Much of his writing is dedicated to his hero, infamous ex Mufti al-Husseini, Hitler's staunchest active ally in the Arab world, "explaining" him. By the same token, this vicious hater, in his inciting venom, the sneaky snake carefully crafts his thesis, framing his all throughout theme of Jews and non-Jews, into some supposed "historical facts." He also so twistedly exaggerates the weak power of Jews at the time of WW2, basing it all on one quote from one letter from one Jewish personality and phrases it as the "world Jews" and states it as a fact that "this is why"[16] (no kidding) Great Britain and allies went into war. 
That's right, he "found" the "J." (as in that  letter by an unarmed civilian) to be "behind" Churchill/Hitler/Roosevelt....
But since we are on this most serious topic, let us also remember that no Jew on this planet or even a Rabbi (such as Weissmandl) could influence in as much as getting Auchwitz-Birkenau bombed, even while allies' planes were already heavily in operations anyhow.
Not to mention the boat (M.S. St. Louis) in 1939 with Jews fleeing, being turned away...
In addition, in order to fit his libeleaus "book", hypocrite Nakhleh didn't include in it his total denial of the Holocaust which he uttered in 1972 and at Holocaust deniers convention, it wouldn't "work," since he tried to compare acts to those of Nazis.

* His "Palestine encyclopedia" - "work", has been correctly categorized as only an anti-Israel propaganda piece.
Even by comparing it to other Arab Palestinian authors/work.[17]

* In Nov.1999, at AmerianMuslimsForJerusalem - event, which was described as "Anti-Jewish" (not just anti Israel),  offered the illegally raising money from abroad  to lobby US Congress. He 'promulgates anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at a Chicago conference of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)'[18] .

* Of his last known "good" and "love" deeds on earth was to blame on "Israel lobby," a 2002 sincere investigation at kidnapping children to Saudi Arabia[19] .

Note: Most Arab-Palestinians are Muslims.  Yet, this Islamicized hater who was a fiery highest "spiritual" leader's aide, made sure to appear as a "Christian" when he thought it could help him in inciting Christians. At the Holocaust denial convention in 1982, he came officially representing Muslim Congress.
[It might remind jihadi Palestinian terrorists who, to Muslims they raise the banner of holy war on Jews in Israel, but when speaking to the West suddenly mention "rights" and "democracy."]

This very same denier, has also pushed for the idea of some so-called "mutual admiration"[16] (by highlighting --out of the Zionists- one  (radical and not accepted by mainstream, who had some Arab allies too) person's agreement seeking for emigration, attempting to save lives. Ignoring the some 30,000 Jews of Palestine[20] that fought the Nazis, as reported at the time. .



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| 'Holocaust Denial,' Knneth S. Stern, AJC, New York, 1993, Revisionism in Australia," p. 56: 'For many years the IHR, like its cousin, the Liberty Lobby, has tried to ingratiate itself with the Arab world. While refusing to call what happened to Jews in World War II genocide, it liberally promotes the term to describe lsraeli treatment of Palestinians. At the IHR's Third Revisionist Conference, lssah Nakhleh, described as "chairman of the Palestine-Arab Committee.' | 
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TOPICS: History; Politics
KEYWORDS: adrienarcand; americayoriente; arabs; henrykissinger; history; holocaust; holocaustdenial; holocaustdeniers; islamochristians; israel; issanakhleh; jerusalem; kissinger; letshavejerusalem; mundoarabe; neonazis; palestine; racism; shukairy; tacuara; theholocaust; waronterror

1 posted on 08/06/2020 7:00:04 AM PDT by Marinario
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To: Marinario

Thanks. Kind of ironic re Kissinger, given his anti Israel stand as revealed in tapes...

2 posted on 08/06/2020 7:04:29 AM PDT by Carlez
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To: Carlez

It’s still fashionable to badmouth Kissinger, even after all these years! I have to disagree that he was anti-Israel. What he was (and probably still is) is pro-America. Please remember that what Israel wants isn’t always and automatically what’s good for the U.S., and it doesn’t make one an antisemite or “self-hating Jew” to say so.

3 posted on 08/06/2020 7:35:36 AM PDT by Blurb2350
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To: Blurb2350

Kissinger objected aid to Golda but Nixon was FOR it.

4 posted on 08/06/2020 7:44:03 AM PDT by Carlez
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To: Blurb2350
Six months later, during the Yom Kippur War, Nixon rejected Kissinger’s advice to delay an arms airlift to Israel as a means of setting the stage for an Egypt confident enough to pursue peace; Nixon, among other reasons, cited Israel’s urgent need.
Nixon secretly recorded his White House conversations.

5 posted on 08/06/2020 7:48:52 AM PDT by Carlez
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To: AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Arthur Wildfire! March; Berosus; Bockscar; cardinal4; ColdOne; ...
In 1973, he wrote a hate filled letter why Palestinian Arabs oppose Kissinger, (incl.) because he was a persecuted Jew by Nazis in Germany. Pressed for his view on the Kissinger appointment, Issa Nakhleh, U.N. observer for the Palestinian Arab delegation, exclaimed: "You Jews are doing the same thing you did in Germany."

6 posted on 08/06/2020 7:49:29 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary menagerie.)
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To: Carlez

Israel would have been destroyed in 1973 without Richard Nixon’s massive aid.

Israel had nukes even then and the destruction would have been far beyond its borders. Called the Masada Plan.

7 posted on 08/06/2020 7:49:56 AM PDT by elcid1970 ("Pres. Trump doesn't wear glasses. That's because he's got 2020.")
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To: elcid1970

Yup. Nixon was pro Israel defense. Kissinger was anti Israel.

8 posted on 08/06/2020 7:51:41 AM PDT by Carlez
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To: SunkenCiv; All

9 posted on 08/06/2020 7:55:47 AM PDT by Marinario
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