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Joe McCarthy was right!
curmudgeonlyskeptical ^ | 4/5/2010 | curmudgeonlyskeptical

Posted on 04/06/2010 4:33:41 AM PDT by Wontsubmit

Like many of you, I'm more than casually interested in American history, and more than a casual viewer of the Hitler channels documentation of our past. That the History Channel's "Beltway Unbuckled" would yield new information about FDR, then, is illustrative of how media selectively protects the image of patron Liberals, while targeting what were once called mainstream Americans.

FDR mistress Daisy Suckley's diary, which was discovered under her bed in 1991, isn't a secret, as I discovered by searching the term. But, it sure as hell has not been been publicly aired. I'm talking about FDR telling Ms. Suckley about D-Day details a month prior to June 6th, 1944 ("... technically treason"). I'm talking FDR's plan to partner up with Joe Stalin after the war, to crate a new world order, with FDR running the planned United Nations. Doris Kearns Goodwin, call you office.

I dedicate this post to Senator Joseph R, McCarthy, who died for our sins.

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Politics; Society
KEYWORDS: history; mccarthy; roosevelt; venona; venonaintercepts
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"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the carrier of the plague. You have unbarred the gates of Rome to him." Cicero
1 posted on 04/06/2010 4:33:41 AM PDT by Wontsubmit
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To: Wontsubmit
erevy once in a while it is time to refresh this old FR thread about The Communist Takeover of America: 45 Declared Goals (Congressional Record, 1963)
2 posted on 04/06/2010 4:43:07 AM PDT by Vaquero (BHO....'The Pretenda from Kenya')
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To: Wontsubmit

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty about McCarthy being right, you need to know about the Venona Project, the Woodstock typewriter of Algar Hiss.

You know, a few years ago, google was an excellent search engine. A few key words like that, and you could rapidly gain access to vital information. Now? Filtered. It’s like the burning of books by Nazis.

3 posted on 04/06/2010 4:47:53 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: Wontsubmit

Venona Intercepts: Still Scary After All These Years

[exerpt coming ....]

4 posted on 04/06/2010 4:50:18 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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Venona Intercepts: Still Scary After All These Years
Southwest News-Herald ^ | January 5, 2010 | SALLY WRIGHT

Posted on Tuesday, January 05, 2010 11:53:47 AM by Tailgunner Joe

The Bard tells us, rightly, that the past is prologue. But until America’s greatest military intelligence success — and failure — becomes common knowledge Americans will remain intellectual sitting ducks, herded hither and yon, hoping to build a sheltering future on shaky misinformation.

I’m talking about the Venona Code intercepts: The 3000 encrypted communications between Soviet spies operating in this country and their masters in Moscow, which American and British code breakers began deciphering in 1946.

These KGB messages revealed that the Soviets had agents at the highest levels of the executive and legislative branches of our government — and those of our allies — before, during, and shortly after, WWII.

In just the small fraction of intercepted cables we’re able to decrypt more than 300 American residents are identified as Soviet agents. The enormous damage they did us still affects lives today.

We’ve long known that scientists at Los Alamos handed the Soviet Union the secrets of nuclear fission, enabling Stalin to build his own A-bomb. The geo-political fall-out from that (pun intended) can hardly be overestimated.

Venona gives us extensive detail. And much more.

When the Allies met at Yalta and Potsdam at the close of WWII, Soviet agents were among America’s highest level representatives, helping to send millions of non-Soviet citizens into Stalin’s Gulag, and set up the Soviet take-over of Eastern Europe.

And why was the West blind-sided in 1950 when North Korea invaded the South, starting the Korean War?

Because Willam Weisband, a Soviet spy and language expert helping American code breakers working on Venona and other Soviet codes, told the Soviets in 1948 of our successes. All their military/intelligence codes consequently went black, almost overnight, keeping us from learning they were helping China and North Korea prepare to invade the South.

That intelligence failure kept us from preparing for, or preventing, the Korean War.

Venona decrypts also describe how Soviet spies in America gave them our jet fighter secrets, enabling their MiG-15s to slaughter thousands in Korea.

So why do Americans typically think that Soviet spies in the US were a figment of Joe McCarthy’s imagination; and that the Rosenbergs, Hiss and Oppenheimer were wrongfully accused?

Because the US government didn’t release our Venona evidence till 1995. And then largely because two American scholars, John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, had written about the Russian side of the Venona encryptions they’d discovered in Russia’s KGB archives in 1992.

The US initially had good reasons for hiding what we knew from Venona; like not wanting the Soviets to know what we’d learned and what we hadn’t, so spies we were watching wouldn’t be pulled and replaced.

But not releasing the Venona decryptions allowed forty years of misinformation to mislead American minds; to whitewash Hiss and the Rosenbergs; to vilify Bentley and Chambers, Soviet spies who changed their ways and came clean in the forties.

Still today, when the truths revealed in our Venona decrypts have been out for fourteen years, the general news media, Hollywood in particular (which continues to release misinformation on American spy hunts annually), as well as many in academia, remain strangely silent.

It’s no less dangerous now. Islamic terrorists are a different enemy, but the same intelligence challenges remain. And we seem to be making s similar mistakes: Political correctness whitewashes our enemies; enemy agents distort the facts; enemy friends ignore the truth. So we don’t know what to believe.

These are the lessons of 9/11. Unlearned. Still coded. Ignored. If we don’t learn from Venona - from the handful left who know what happened - the future will be catastrophic.

5 posted on 04/06/2010 4:50:50 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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Clearing the air vs. splitting hairs and distorting Cold War history (Part 1)

RenewAmerica.Us ^ | 5/25/09 | Wes Vernon

Posted on Monday, May 25, 2009 4:55:42 PM by ReformationFan

Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter whitewashed

Since the downfall of the Soviet Union, volumes have been written about that late superpower’s penetration of American Society and its institutions before and during the Cold War years. It can be said without credible contradiction that what we now know about Soviet spying and infiltration of the U.S. for seven decades vindicates the much-maligned anti-Communists (in and out of Congress) of that era. If anything, they didn’t know the half of it.

It was they who warned — often to be met with a ton of ridicule and scorn — that there was a systematic and well-funded web of Soviet-backed subversion whose ultimate aim was to take over America from within.

And the hits just keep on coming

Shortly after the Soviet demise, the successor Russian regime allowed researchers to view the archives of the KGB and other Soviet intelligence agencies dating back to the early days of the world’s former leading Communist power and the free world’s main enemy after the war.

When startling revelations of those archives achieved a high level of worldwide publicity, the Russians clamped down and narrowed the scope of what was allowed to be viewed.

However, Alexander Vassiliev — a journalist and former KGB officer — managed to gain access to previously closed archives. He made notes — volumes of them — before collaborating with Allen Weinstein in the brilliant expose The Haunted Wood, published several years ago.

Weinstein, by the way, authored the 1978 best-seller Perjury, which clearly showed — once and for all — that Alger Hiss was rightfully convicted of lying when he said he was not a Soviet agent (only the statute of limitations enabled him to escape the charge of outright treason; perjury was his more recent act). Richard Nixon — as a young congressman — played a part in nailing Hiss in the forties. Hiss in the seventies used the political fallout from the Watergate scandal in an attempt to rehabilitate his own reputation. As for Weinstein, he went on to become the ninth archivist for the National Archives. He originally investigated the case expecting to prove Hiss innocent. When Weinstein discovered otherwise, he reported his findings in Perjury. The result was that Hiss’s effort to revive his respectability on the back of Nixon’s Watergate crashed and burned.

6 posted on 04/06/2010 4:54:32 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: Wontsubmit

For a good history and analysis of this topic, read Treason by Ann Coulter.

7 posted on 04/06/2010 4:59:16 AM PDT by Drawsing (The fool shows his annoyance at once. The prudent man overlooks an insult. (Proverbs 12:16))
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To: TigersEye

Alger Hiss - Wikipedia:
Alger Hiss and his younger brother, Donald Hiss, began working in the ... Hiss served as the secretary-general of the United Nations Conference on ...

[Here is the best that google is willing to offer regarding key words: “algar hiss” woodstock typewriter. Our forum’s research has been purged Nazi style. Interestingly, this thread is already available on google, but I doubt they want anyone to read this thread when I’m finished with it.]

The Pumpkin Papers and Their Role in the Alger Hiss Case

The Typewriter - The Alger Hiss Story

On the barricades, and off - Google Books ResultMelvin J.
Lasky - 1989 - Political Science - 479 pages
... insight of a New York publisher and historian to whom Algar Hiss had applied for a ... about the Woodstock typewriter on which his wife typed the secret ...

8 posted on 04/06/2010 5:02:47 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: TigersEye

Correction — that was ALL google was willing to offer, if you include this bran new thread. It too will most likely be purged from Google.

9 posted on 04/06/2010 5:03:32 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: Drawsing

Google has a “delightful” thread about Ann Coulter and Alger Hiss:

101 Errors in Ann Coulter’s “Treason”

” ... David Horowitz, who admires Ann Coulter, has called the book “distressing,” ...”

Yeah, the only conservative critic of the book I know.

“It’s perhaps no surprise that Coulter staunchly defends the credibility of Alger Hiss’s chief accuser, Whittaker Chambers.”

Chambers is vindicated UTTERLY. Case closed. That’s the best Google has to offer? That’s the top hit? For crying out loud.

10 posted on 04/06/2010 5:11:19 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: All
The one-millionth book maligning McCarthy was published five years ago, The Age of Anxiety by Haynes Johnson.

Such cheap-shots I personally have never seen.

McCarthy dropped out of school at age 14. Later at age 20 McCarthy made arrangements with a high school principal to earn a high school diploma, studying on his own he completed the four-year curriculum in nine months.

McCarthy then entered Marquette University. Johnson accused McCarthy of lying about his high school record. You see, the university had a question on the entrance forms asking, did you complete a four-year high school? McCarthy lied, you see. He didn't go to school for four years.

Well, here's from an Internet source, "McCarthy’s excellent grades [getting his H.S. diploma] enabled him to attend Marquette University in Milwaukee, which he entered in the fall of 1930. In school, he coached boxing, and was elected president of his law school class, all while working a series of part-time jobs." Earned his law degree in 1935. That's from an Internet source not Johnson's book.

McCarthy being elected president of his class was another Johnson tale. You see, McCarthy and his opponent agreed to vote for each other. The election ended in a tie.

The university offered to flip a coin but the two wanted another election. McCarthy won that election by just two votes. Ergo, McCarthy is a reprobate he must have voted for himself in the second election! So what, was the agreement still in force? Besides McCarthy's vote is just one possibility explaining the results.

There's lots more of course. You can just feel Johnson's obsession.

11 posted on 04/06/2010 5:34:03 AM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: Wontsubmit; Quix

It's taken *bad* influences/actors in every phase of our past to get to the point where we are now.

Bad Jews, bad Catholics, bad Protestants, Bad Masons, bad Buddhists, bad Atheists, bad bankers, bad politicians, bad teachers, bad journalists, etc.... get the point? Evil exists.

No one took the warnings seriously and some are blind to them as we type.

12 posted on 04/06/2010 5:42:07 AM PDT by wolfcreek (
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March

“The portrayal of Senator Joe McCarthy as a wild-eyed demagogue destroying innocent lives is sheer liberal hobgoblinism. Liberals weren’t cowering in fear during the McCarthy era. They were systematically undermining the nation’s ability to defend itself while waging a bellicose campaign of lies to blacken McCarthy’s name. Everything you think you know about McCarthy is a hegemonic lie. Liberals denounced McCarthy because they were afraid of getting caught, so they fought back like animals to hide their own collaboration with a regime as evil as the Nazis.”

~Ann Coulter~

13 posted on 04/06/2010 5:49:32 AM PDT by onyx (Facts don't matter. Proof not required. Anything goes! Racial slurs, death threats.....)
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To: wolfcreek; John Leland 1789; wmfights; 1000 silverlings; blue-duncan; the_conscience; ...





I BELIEVE EVERY FREEPER SHOULD BE AWARE OF SUCH AND SHARING SUCH WITH ALL THOSE THEY LOVE as well as any others who’d make remotely good use of same.


I’m skeptical that folks who are unware or unbelieving of such are VERY conservative and patriotic much at all.

14 posted on 04/06/2010 7:12:46 AM PDT by Quix (BLOKES who got us where we R:
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To: onyx



15 posted on 04/06/2010 7:13:44 AM PDT by Quix (BLOKES who got us where we R:
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To: onyx

And like a former clerk of the Supreme Court, Ann Coulter lays out her case only after exhaustive research.

OK ... here we go:

Coulter: FDR Ignored Warnings That Hiss Was a Traitor

THEY’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU [Ann Coulter on Ron Radosh, Joe McCarthy, “Blacklisted by History”]

[Large excerpts/articles coming up]

16 posted on 04/06/2010 7:48:50 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: Quix

Me too, Quix.

17 posted on 04/06/2010 7:50:09 AM PDT by onyx (Facts don't matter. Proof not required. Anything goes! Racial slurs, death threats.....)
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THEY’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU [Ann Coulter on Ron Radosh, Joe McCarthy, “Blacklisted by History”]

| December 5, 2007 | Ann Coulter

Posted on Wednesday, December 05, 2007 3:25:21 PM by RonDog

by Ann Coulter
Wednesday, December 05, 2007 12:00:00 AM

Poor Ron Radosh is still hoping liberals will forgive him.

He wrote a good book a quarter-century ago with Joyce Milton — “The Rosenberg File” — which was supposed to exonerate Julius Rosenberg, but instead concluded that Rosenberg was guilty of Soviet espionage.

Radosh has spent the rest of his life apologizing to liberals for that book.

This week, he’s apologizing in the pages of the increasingly irrelevant National Review with a nasty review of the greatest book since the Bible, M. Stanton Evans’ “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy.”

Radosh makes misstatements of fact about the book, misstates facts about the cases and falsely accuses Evans of plagiarism. Other than that, it’s a good review!

The review makes it comically obvious that Radosh didn’t so much as glance through the pages of Evans’ book. (Please forgive me, Eric Foner!) At least Kelly Ripa skims the summary cards written by her assistants who actually read the books when she interviews an author. Radosh doesn’t even manage that.

It must be painful for Radosh to read a thrilling historical account of Soviet espionage without every accusation against a liberal having to be surrounded by 400 excuses, as in Radosh’s excruciating books.

This contemptible Uriah Heep patronizingly writes, for example, that “Evans does an impressive job of reminding readers how serious the issue of Communist penetration was” — something Radosh’s own books failed to do because he’s too busy denouncing right-wingers like Joe McCarthy.

But Uriah Radosh complains that Evans “does not emphasize, although his own data make it clear, that most of the knowledge about these people came before McCarthy was on the scene. After all, Elizabeth Bentley first went to the FBI in 1945, and named key members of Soviet networks.”

This is extensively covered in Chapters 10 and 11 of Evans’ book. Extensively. There are even never-before-released charts in those chapters that you’d notice by merely flipping through the book before purporting to write a review of it. So even people who just read Evans’ book for the pictures will know that he’s covered that point pretty exhaustively. This includes one intricately detailed FBI chart mapping out Bentley’s Soviet contacts. But thanks for reminding us about Elizabeth Bentley, Ron!

All of this information, incidentally, was delivered to the Truman administration, where it was promptly ignored.

This is the central fact that apparently must be explained to liberals over and over again. I will understand the rules of football before liberals will grasp McCarthy’s point.

It is true that most of the high-value targets whom McCarthy cited to prove Democratic perfidy had been identified as Soviet spies before McCarthy came on the scene.

But the essence of what McCarthy was saying was: Let’s get into this a bit. How could Whittaker Chambers meet with FDR’s Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle in 1939, reveal massive Soviet penetration of the Roosevelt administration, and still have these same Soviet spies swarming through Democratic administrations a decade later?

How could Truman have nominated known Soviet spy Harry Dexter White to be U.S. director of the International Monetary Fund in 1946? How could Truman still be denying Alger Hiss was a Soviet agent in 1956?

Democrats want endless, pontifical investigations into how 9/11 happened, but they can’t comprehend why McCarthy wanted an investigation into how an immense network of Soviet spies managed to run rampant through the Democratic administrations of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman.

After Hiss, the Rosenbergs and the loss of China, there was considerably more reason for McCarthy to investigate the State Department than there is for the current Congress to investigate Bush’s firing of his own U.S. attorneys.

By exposing the Democrats’ absolute blindness to Soviet totalitarianism, McCarthy shattered forever the nation’s confidence in the Democrats’ capacity to govern. For that, the Stalinist hate machine attacked him viciously and has never let up — as detailed in “Blacklisted by History,” a book Ron Radosh might want to read someday.

But Radosh is not about to let the first book to render a full and honest historical account of Joe McCarthy ruin his blissful ignorance. Radosh knows less about McCarthy than I know about fly-fishing. He gets cases wrong, sources wrong, hearings wrong. He’s been pulling this nonsense for 25 years now. The sole point of his current cliche-ridden ramblings in National Review is to make yet one more special pleading to liberals.

No matter how hard you try, they’ll never forgive you. You still can’t get a job teaching at any university in America.

Your fake dispatches from Lebanon are more interesting than whining liberals writing book reviews of books they haven’t read and don’t have the guts to write.

4520 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111

18 posted on 04/06/2010 7:50:46 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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To: Arthur Wildfire! March
Large excerpts/articles coming up

Good, thanks!!!

19 posted on 04/06/2010 7:51:03 AM PDT by onyx (Facts don't matter. Proof not required. Anything goes! Racial slurs, death threats.....)
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Coulter: FDR Ignored Warnings That Hiss Was a Traitor ^ | 6/26/03 | With Carl Limbacher and Staff

Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2003 1:45:41 PM by Jean S

Leftists, says Ann Coulter in her best-selling new book, “Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism,” “have a preternatural gift for striking a position on the side of treason.” She goes on to prove that charge.

She begins with the earliest days of Soviet efforts to honeycomb the U.S. government with covert agents, all them traitors to their country yet heroes to the great majority of the “liberals” of those days. She starts with the Roosevelt administration and what later became the infamous case of Alger Hiss.

Worried about the extent of communist penetration of the U.S. government, former Soviet agent and Time magazine editor Whitaker Chambers flew to Washington to alert the Roosevelt administration of the hidden peril.

He met with Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle, a Roosevelt confidant, and explained in great detail the Soviet espionage network working within the federal government, giving him the names of at least two dozen spies who had wormed their way into the deepest recesses of the administration.

Among the names he gave Berle were those of Alger Hiss, a top State Department official, and his brother Donald.

In her book Coulter reveals what happened next.

“Berle urgently reported to President Roosevelt what Chambers had said, including the warning about Alger Hiss. The president laughed and told Berle to “go f-— himself.”

Coulter notes that instead of taking action against Hiss and the other named spies, “Roosevelt promoted Hiss to the position of trusted aide who would go with him to advise him at Yalta.” It was at that summit conference with Stalin and Churchill that Roosevelt, with Hiss at his side whispering his “advice” in his ear, sold Eastern Europe into Soviet captivity.

When the former ambassador to Russia, William C. Bullitt, a close associate of Roosevelt, learned about Hiss and the others, he went to Roosevelt and also got the laugh-off treatment.

The tragedy continued. Berle went to Dean Acheson, then Roosevelt’s undersecretary of the Treasury. He refused to believe Berle and later, when he became assistant secretary of state, he immediately asked that Donald Hiss become his assistant, Coulter reveals. When Berle reminded him that Hiss had been identified as a Soviet spy, Acheson “investigated” the charge - he asked Soviet spy Donald Hiss if he were a Soviet spy. Not surprisingly, Soviet spy Donald Hiss said he was not a Soviet spy.

Years later, after Alger Hiss was convicted of lying about his role as a Soviet agent, Acheson said he would not “turn [his] back on Alger Hiss,” the man federal prosecutor Thomas Murphy called a “traitor to his country” and a Soviet agent.

And it was also years later that Hiss was finally brought to justice, thanks to Chambers’ testimony - which made him a target of the vast number of Soviet sympathizers in the media - and to the dogged investigative work of then-Rep. Richard Nixon and House Committee on Un-American Activities chief investigator Bob Stripling.

In her book, Coulter carefully lays out the facts about the Hiss case, and shows how liberals fought to cover up the vast network of Soviet spies that had infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. government. She reveals in graphic detail that it was those who sought to expose communist espionage who were attacked and slandered, while the spies and their supporters were rewarded and praised by the leftist establishment.

20 posted on 04/06/2010 7:52:29 AM PDT by Arthur Wildfire! March (Weakening McCain strengthens our borders, weakens guest worker aka amnesty)
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