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Since Dec 3, 1997

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For nearly 20 years this forum has been called a group of paranoid wackos.

What people never bothered to find out is that we had lawyers and criminal investigators and God-knows-what in our midst who TRAINED us for NEARLY 20 YEARS.

I archive my research here in "Digging Deep"

We need an ‘Under God’ amendment to the Constitution. While 25% of our nation claims to not believe, we still are SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of the population.

a. We need the 10 Commandments posted in every class room and near the entrance of every government building.

b. We need to allow religious expression.

c. We need each state to be empowered to ban perverse activism near the dates of important HOLY days [aka ‘holidays’] and patriotic holidays.

d. We need to allow churches and synagogues to compete for education vouchers/funding. WITHOUT restrictions that prevent teaching from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint. Same with Hindu and Buddhist and Native American people. But I for one would prefer no such option for muslims, satanists, or any religion that calls for human sacrifice other than self-sacrifice.

e. We need to ban education that promotes Sharia law or Islamo- terrorism specifically. [Not to be inclusive. We ddon’t want the Old Testament banned.]

Second Point.

I'm probably a typical American guy when it comes to sin [not trying to be holier than thou] but ...

We need to ‘offer it up’ to God.

That’s an old Catholic saying. I’m no longer catholic, but not everything about Catholicism is wrong.

When we are in pain, when we feel fear, when our souls are troubled .... WE MUST THANK GOD as much as we can ... and call it a sacrifice for a cause we deem worthy.

I confess that sometimes my pain had been too intense to ‘offer it up’, but normally I feel comforted. I feel God near me when I offer up my pain and troubles.

For example:

‘Thank you for this pain, O Lord, so that I may offer it up as a sacrifice for the soul of my nation — the USA! Thank you Lord.’

And you will receive secret blessings.

Word of caution:

But if you are primarily interested in your personal blessings, ‘offering it up’ won’t do a thing for you. You must MEAN it. So don’t testify about your secret blessings to others unless you feel called to.