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Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation

Posted on 03/09/2007 8:53:08 PM PST by mom4kittys

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Thread Number Two

Thread Number One

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To: TexKat
BARF..I can't stand men who are more feminine than me.

I do like Bobby's lip gloss..


4,981 posted on 03/18/2007 11:56:54 AM PDT by spectre ((Spectre's wife))
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To: An American In Dairyland

She can state it but that doesn't prove it's the truth. I've heard people state point blank that our president was complicit with bringing down the towers on 911. Unless she's seen him take some salami she's just stating her opinion. An opinion which I will give you that alot of people agree with. I do think he took her to gay bars. I'm sure they treated Anna like a queen and she loved that. In Hollywood it doesn't pay to ignore the gays...look at Isaiah Washington. If you speak out about it you end up in a Concentration camp. Plus in gay bars you've got the great music and the drugs. I just don't think the fact that Hatten said he's gay makes it so. I think he's asexual and if it furthers his agenda he'll do anything and anyone but I just don't see him as being sexual at all and that's what Larry meant when he said in response to the question of Howie being the dad. But hey what do I know..I swore up and down that Katie Holmes was wearing a pillow because Tom was shooting blanks. But that kid looks like Tom all the way.

4,982 posted on 03/18/2007 11:57:48 AM PDT by TrishaSC (ANNAmanics!! Tonight we dine in the Bahamas!! ---- King Leonidas)
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To: An American In Dairyland
Larry's comment? I don't what that is

Leaving the courthouse last night Laryy was asked why he thought Howard was not the father of Dannylynn. Larry replied, "There is only ONE way to make a baby"

4,983 posted on 03/18/2007 11:58:12 AM PDT by TexKat (Just because you did not see it or read it, that does not mean it did or did not happen.)
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To: spectre

What about the bangs, lol?

4,984 posted on 03/18/2007 11:59:37 AM PDT by TexKat (Just because you did not see it or read it, that does not mean it did or did not happen.)
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To: uncitizen

OH? I hadn't heard that before. Thanks for that info.

4,985 posted on 03/18/2007 12:05:01 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: uncitizen

Oh - I don't know the answer to that question. I would think not....but don't know.

4,986 posted on 03/18/2007 12:06:09 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: TexKat
4,987 posted on 03/18/2007 12:06:49 PM PDT by TrishaSC (ANNAmanics!! Tonight we dine in the Bahamas!! ---- King Leonidas)
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To: Dr. Scarpetta

Re: pet food recall for Scarpetta and others. Go to the FDAs website. There is an exhaustive list of brands affected here:

4,988 posted on 03/18/2007 12:08:44 PM PDT by TennesseeGirl
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To: TrishaSC

4,989 posted on 03/18/2007 12:11:45 PM PDT by TrishaSC (ANNAmanics!! Tonight we dine in the Bahamas!! ---- King Leonidas)
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To: TrishaSC

Read post 4,976. I believe Jackie also said that she went with them but I'm not positive about that.

4,990 posted on 03/18/2007 12:13:56 PM PDT by An American In Dairyland
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To: TexKat
Leaving the courthouse last night Laryy was asked why he thought Howard was not the father of Dannylynn. Larry replied, "There is only ONE way to make a baby"

I never took that to infer that Stern was gay. I took it to mean that Larry was saying he had sex with ANS and Stern did not. Nothing more or less that that.

4,991 posted on 03/18/2007 12:16:52 PM PDT by An American In Dairyland
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To: Sacajaweau

The Insider has been pre-empted here in favor of the basketball games, so hasn't been on the past few weekdays.

I am really looking forward to seeing the ET thing on KE, since I saw the tease on Friday with the *different* drug fax they confronted her with. I thought all weekend that *someone* would have jumped on it and released the details, but I haven't seen anything on it.

KE is now being paid for her ET *exclusive* interviews, just like Howie - not as much, I'm sure. But now we know what to expect.

Saw another special on ANS last night, put out by Access Hollywood, but I didn't know that until it started. It was called ANS: Centerfold Exposed. It was just a compilation of all the AH interviews with case people. I had seen them all in some shape or form elsewhere, which is strange because I've never been able to find when or where AH comes on here normally.

Their quick-cut editing makes my head spin and I feel like I'm going to have those animé flash brain seizures like the Japanese school children had. It is a very low-budget show and has to pick to find its subjects. I'm sorry that they are Larry's showcase, but they obviously don't pay him, anyway.

They catch him in the car or walking or doing other things - like in their limo on the way to the toy store, but not actually *in* the store or doing the shopping. So, I didn't get to see his parents, which is what I had hoped for.

It was just a strange show, with a probably 3-minute or more infomerical for acne cream about 5 minutes into it. I thought my remote had changed the station in the middle of the program, but I waited it out and they went right on with ANS after that.

Oh, I did get to see the interview where Moe got mad and walked out - hadn't seen that when others described it. It was after a question about ANS and drugs, lol. They all still insist - like she did to LKL about going to Betty Ford - that ANS didn't do any drugs. She took painkillers, but never did drugs. LOLOLOLOLOLOLMAO.

Also, they had an interview with Kapoor and he said Dannielynn wasn't born with any drugs in her system and did not have to detox - had no problems at all, just healthy and happy. Last time he talked to ANS? May 2006!!

I saw lots of postings saying KE had spent "most of ANS's pregnancy" with her, in The Bahamas. Sure didn't know *that.* So weird that she was only in one ET video, at Christmas. Sort of like BonBon saying she spent 2 years with ANS every single day - and there has not been one photo shown anywhere of the two of them together.

As I understand it, KE is also in The Bahamas now with HKS and the baby. Ugh. Guess she takes over when Gerlene goes to her own house or something - IF Dannielynn is even living at Horizons - who knows.

Still anxious to find out the info on this other KE fax or memo, because it lists more new *medications* other than the extra two new ones I posted Friday. Maybe it's in the weekend edition and I can hear it again before the actual show. If so, I'll post in the wee hours, if it comes on.

4,992 posted on 03/18/2007 12:19:48 PM PDT by Rte66
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To: An American In Dairyland

I still don't see that is showing that HKS is gay. I've gone to a gay bar (male) in Columbia. The picture of Anna with Kapoor was in a gay bar I believe and guess who was there with his camera...Larry. I just don't see that as proof positive. I want Jackie to name names. She's got to have more of a reason for thinking he's gay than that. was actually a bar that had gay men and gay women. It was like walking into stereotypeland. The women were in the back listening to mellow music all dressed in plaid...the guys were in the front listening to disco/techno and having a blast. I'd rather hang out with gay men than gay women. The women are angry and boring.

4,993 posted on 03/18/2007 12:20:41 PM PDT by TrishaSC (ANNAmanics!! Tonight we dine in the Bahamas!! ---- King Leonidas)
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To: TrishaSC

Fine. You disagree and you don't believe Jackie. I get that. But don't shoot the messenger. I only reported what I saw and heard. FWIW I believe Jackie because I don't see why it would help her personally to make that up.

4,994 posted on 03/18/2007 12:25:24 PM PDT by An American In Dairyland
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To: An American In Dairyland

I'm not attacking you or shooting you. I'm sorry if you see it that way but that's not the case.

4,995 posted on 03/18/2007 12:28:36 PM PDT by TrishaSC (ANNAmanics!! Tonight we dine in the Bahamas!! ---- King Leonidas)
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To: TennesseeGirl; Dr. Scarpetta

It does appear to be only the (wet) canned or pouch type foods. Here's another list.

4,996 posted on 03/18/2007 12:29:53 PM PDT by Sue Perkick (...what I was born to do, don't have to think it through.....)
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To: Sacajaweau
I'm still working, but here is a portion of the transcript. (One thing I found interesting when doing this is that Judge Seidlin always refered to "Danny" while HKS insisted on using "Daniel".)

This was from the second day of HKS testimony on February 21, 2007, concerning drug use and prescribing doctors.

JO=John O'Quinn (Virgie's attorney questioning) --------------------------------------------------

Seidlin: You guys always want to narrow it. I appreciate that. Since, during the year 2000 and up to today’s date, what medications did she place in her body?

HKS: Your Honor, I couldn’t be sure of every medication that she placed in her body.

Seidlin: Well, tell me a few.

HKS: I know that at times she was on a medication called Topomax.

Seidlin: What’s that?

HKS: I’m not a doctor, your Honor.

Seidlin: Alright, what else?

JO: Say that again, please.

HKS: Topomax

JO: Sopomax?

Seidlin: Topo, Topo

JO: Topomax, thank you.

Seidlin: Your welcome. What else?

HKS: [shaking head] Your Honor, is this really necessary?

Seidlin: Well, you know, you came knocking on my door, or somebody did at 5 minutes to 12 last week

HKS: Your Honor, there’s a tape out there that shows her when you look on that tape….[talking at the same time as Seidlin]

Seidlin: It’s necessary. I find it to be necessary. You heard why. You are a lawyer. You heard the legal arguments. I’ve ruled.

HKS: It’s not right to do to somebody after they’re died, when it comes to where they are to be buried.

Seidlin: I think you need to advise your client to respond to the court’s questions, cause I don’t want to get into an argument with him. You can quietly come up here and talk to him. I don’t need to argue with him. Because you’ve been so cooperative.

[Barth approaches witness stand and whispers to Stern. Stern covers the microphone.]

Unknown voice: Your Honor, during this lull……

Seidlin: No, no, during this lull, I’m resting my mind for a second.

[Stern point to the door, gets up and he and Barth head for the back of the room]

Deb Opri: Your Honor, let the record reflect that Mr. Stern is leaving the witness stand to consult with an attorney, during testimony, with a question pending.

Seidlin: No, no, no leaving.

Krista Barth: We are trying to get a away from a microphone, actually.

Seidlin: Just, just…’ve told him, he’s instructed to answer the questions. Let’s proceed. Thanks Miss Barth, you’re fine.

Seidlin: Were there times that she went into drug rehabilitation centers?

HKS: She went into Betty Ford, um…..with….[points toward Virgie].

Seidlin: Year and place.

HKS: I’m not sure the exact year, it was before I was around.

Seidlin: It was prior to 2000? 1996?

HKS: It was prior to that.

Seidlin: Did she go into rehab centers after 1996?

HKS: Not into a rehab center, no.

Seidlin: Did she need to go in a rehab center?

HKS: I guess that would be open to interpretation.

Seidlin: Well, what was your interpretation?

HKS: Anna Nicole took prescription medication, at times for depression. She did.

Seidlin: Did she have more than one doctor prescribing these drugs?

HKS: Not that I’m aware of.

Seidlin: These drugs all came from one doctor?

HKS: Well, at different times she had different doctors. She had, when, are you saying…

Seidlin: I’m asking, did she have prescription drugs, at the same time from different doctors? Where they get multiple drugs from different doctors. Doctor A doesn’t know Doctor B prescribed drugs, so they are sitting there with the pharmacy……

HKS: I don’t know. She had more than one doctor. I believe her doctors knew about each other.

Seidlin: I’m gonna briefly allow you to get into this. You may begin now, Texas.

JO: Thank you. Where were the drugs kept inside the home?

HKS: Which home?

JO: The one that Anna Nicole owned that you lived in with her.

HKS: In California, you got to give me a timeframe.

JO: In the Bahamas.

Seidlin: [to O’Quinn] You want to go more recently, to the Bahamas? Fine, in the Bahamas.

HKS: She kept um her medications in two drawers in the bathroom.

Seidlin: Could you have stopped her from taking these drugs, from these prescription drugs? Could you have stopped it?

HKS: Your Honor, your Honor, after her son passed away….

Seidlin: Prior.

HKS: I talked to her about it. I mean, I talked to her about it and she did cut down a lot on the medication that she took. Can anybody stop someone else entirely? I mean we’re jumping the gun here, because…

Seidlin: Well, I’m jumping. I’m jumping the gun. I got a gun to my head, I’ve got to decide by Friday at noon.

HKS: Anna, when she made her decisions, was pretty clear in her decisions, and I don’t think that medication influenced her decisions. I mean it’s not like Anna was medicated all the time. And it’s not like she couldn’t talk. I mean she had… she formed an intent. She made her intent clear and she made it clear to many people.

Seidlin: That video we say the other day, is that her normal state of addressing someone?

HKS: What you saw on .the...on the video? Yeah, that’s how Anna Nicole talks. That’s how she’s talked since I’ve known her. [Long pause] I mean, there are times when she’s more impaired than that…..

Seidlin: More impaired than that?

HKS: There ARE times…..

Seidlin: Was she impaired in that?

HKS: No, I don’t think she was…..

Seidlin: You just said ‘more impaired than that’,

HKS: Right, more impaired than that…..exactly.

Seidlin: Was she impaired, was she under the influence then?

HKS: No, I don’t think so.

Seidlin: But you just said to me ‘she was more impaired than that’

HKS: I’m saying that her…

Seidlin: She was under the influence a little bit?

HKS: No, no. What I said to you is that she formed her thoughts. She knew what she wanted. There was no question.

Seidlin: I could have the court reporter read this back. But I don’t want to spend a half an hour reading it back.

HKS: Your Honor, by ‘more impaired than that’, I did not mean that she was impaired at the time she made that statement. You asked me, ‘was that her normal frame of mind?’ And what I was trying to get across, is there were times that with medication she was impaired. But, in terms of where she wanted to be laid to rest, next to her son…there is no question.

Seidlin: No, no, no….don’t give me conclusions. Alright, I appreciate that, I don’t want conclusions. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s the court’s ultimate conclusion. Um, you may proceed.

JO: Thank you. The drugs where y’all lived at the house you presently live in the Bahamas, were kept in two drawers in the bathroom. Correct? Sir?

HKS: For the most part, yes.

JO: Where else were they kept? You said, ‘for the most part’, they must have been kept some other place too?

HKS: In terms of medication that she took, after Daniel passed, they were either in two drawers in the bathroom, or there were um, it would have been on uh, the uh cabinet in the bathroom.

Seidlin: Did Danny try to stop her from taking drugs?

HKS: Did Daniel try to?

Seidlin: Yes.

HKS: Daniel tried to talk to his mom about that, yes.

Seidlin: Did he ever have success for any days?

HKS: That’s what I’m saying, is that it’s not like Anna was impaired….

Seidlin: Well, can you answer that question? Did Danny have any success when he spoke to her about taking drugs?

HKS: She…she would go back and forth, depending on what was going on in her life. And when she was more stressed out, she would take more medication.

Seidlin: Did she ever get psychiatric care or psychological care?

HKS: Yes.

Seidlin: How recent was that?

HKS: She…she had a psychologist…..

Seidlin: What year? Year and place.

HKS: And a …..actually she had psychiatrists after Daniel’s passing.

Seidlin: How about prior? HKS: I….I believe she had a psychia…..she had a psychologist…through the….

Seidlin: What state?

HKS: I’m not really sure. He might have been California. It wasn’t somebody who I didn’t know very well.

Seidlin: And that would have been since your arrival with her in 1996?

HKS: No, he actually knew her before….before I did.

Seidlin: And she continued to see him as a patient?

HKS: Uh, off and on. But I believe that ended um around…..

Seidlin: What year?

HKS: I want to say around 2000.

Seidlin: Phrase to me, or give your impression of her mental state.

HKS: I think that Anna had a very clear head at times. I think at other times, her head was not as clear.

Seidlin: And why wasn’t it clear?

HKS: Well, I mean, a lot of times it would be from stress. A lot of times it would be just because she couldn’t deal with the pressure that she was put under.

Seidlin: And when her head wasn’t clear, was it, was drugs contributing to that fog?

HKS: Sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes not. But…..I mean, Anna…

Seidlin: Was it difficult for you to pull her out of that maze?

HKS: After…after Daniel passed….

Seidlin: Prior to Danny, prior to Danny’s death….prior, prior to Danny’s death…Danny’s death….

HKS: The court litigation…

Seidlin: Danny’s death would wipe out anybody.

HKS: The court litigation put a lot of pressure on her.

Seidlin: Just to clear the air. Parents do not want to pre-decease their child. You can proceed.

JO: Thank you. Is it a fact that one of the drugs she took was methadone?

HKS: She took Methadone, but not during….in my presence for sure not over the last five months.

JO: She took Methadone prior to the last five months?

HKS: She did.

JO: And um, are you aware that Methadone is a narcotic?

HKS: Sir, I know it’s a prescription medicine. It may or may not be a narcotic.

JO: Who is the doctor that you say prescribed the drugs?

HKS: [looks at Seidlin] It was a doctor named Dr. Kapoor.

Seidlin: Was he in the Bahamas?

HKS: No, he was…he was um….

JO: How do you spell that man’s name?

HKS: Well, it’s all over the media. His name is I believe it’s K-A-P-O-O-R.

JO: How about Doctor Christian?

HKS: Christian?

JO: Did you ever know a doctor, a man named Christian that had anything to do with her drugs?

HKS: I don’t know a Dr. Christian.

JO: OK, did she take also a drug known as hydromorphine? morphone? Did she also take for pain a narcotic by the name of hydromorphone or….?

HKS: I’m not….I’m not familiar….

JO: Or, OR…. Dia--la—u-did..

HKS: [correcting his pronunciation] Dilaudid.

JO: Yes.

HKS: There were times when she took Dilaudid. I’m not familiar with the other one, but it’s possible. But again, let me explain here…

JO: You’ve got to….

HKS: I have a feeling what’s going on….

Seidlin: What are you doing?

HKS: [looks at Seidlin] Oh, forget it. Go on.

Ron Rale: Your Honor, an objection here. In California we have something called evidence code 352, prejudicial.

Seidlin: Where else do you want to go here. I’m with you Rale. I’m not, I’m stopping it.

RR: OK. Thank you.

Seidlin: Where else do you want to go with him?

JO: On the matter of drugs? The other drugs she was taking.

HKS: Let me just say that she didn’t take all of these at the same time.

4,997 posted on 03/18/2007 12:45:05 PM PDT by A Citizen Reporter
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I went in search of an answer to a question I had...checked for it on the Court TV forums, because I can do a proper search there and the folks obsessed with court cases are usually a good source of information...aghhhh...what a nightmare...apparently the moderator is so fed up with the place, she won't even moderate the ANS forum .... a very large number of people there think HKS is a 'stand up guy'.

4,998 posted on 03/18/2007 1:21:54 PM PDT by Kimberly GG (DUNCAN HUNTER ' TO TAKE BACK AMERICA)
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Comment #4,999 Removed by Moderator

To: Lizarde

It's really interesting looking at his testimony in retrospect....isn't it?

5,000 posted on 03/18/2007 1:27:58 PM PDT by A Citizen Reporter
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