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The "Islamophobes" That Aren't-Wahhabi lobby's targets anyone opposed to Islamist terrorism.
Tech Central Station | Frontpagemagazine ^ | April 28, 2005 | Stephen Schwartz

Posted on 04/28/2005 5:40:53 AM PDT by SJackson

The Wahhabi lobby's "profiling" targets anyone opposed to Islamist terrorism.

The "Islamophobes" That Aren't
By Stephen Schwartz
Tech Central Station | April 28, 2005
A continuous propaganda of grievance emanates from the Wahhabi lobby in America - the range of organizations that make up the country's "Islamic" establishment. Backed by Saudi Arabia and its state cult, which is the most extreme form of the religion of Muhammad, as well as by the Muslim Brotherhood (based in Egypt), and the jihadist Jama'ati movement in Pakistan, these groups have benign names: the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Students' Association of the U.S. and Canada (MSA), the Arab American Institute (AAI), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

Such entities complain, above all, about "profiling" -- the alleged practice of selecting American Muslims for particular governmental scrutiny as potential terrorism suspects. "Profiling" has become a politically-correct cliché equated with stereotyping and discrimination, to such an absurd degree that in January, during the elections in Iraq, I was confronted by an Iraqi Sunni advocate who accused me of "profiling" Iraqis because I pointed out the differences between Sunnis and Shia Muslims over the future of the Baghdad government.

American governmental "profiling" of Arabs and Muslims has been a trivial phenomenon at worst. U.S. federal investigators have in most cases been extremely cautious, notwithstanding hysterical claims and rumors fostered by the Wahhabi lobby. This blather focuses on accusations of wholesale injustice and supposed preparation of internment for Arabs and Muslims, comparable to the wartime relocation of the ethnic Japanese in the Western U.S. during the second world war.

It is seldom noticed, however, that the Wahhabi lobby engages in its own forms of profiling, which mainly consist of branding every opponent of Islamist radicalism an "Islamophobe." In addition, the charge often includes labeling of such critics as Jews, Zionists, and Israeli agents.

Notwithstanding the arguments of some Westerners, Islamophobia exists; it is not a myth. Islamophobia consists of:

But some of the individuals most frequently assailed by the Wahhabi lobby as Islamophobes are nothing of the sort.

Doubtless, Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum has experienced more denunciation as an "Islamophobe" than any other individual in the West. Yet Pipes has never once criticized the religion of Islam per se; he has never argued that the faith of Muhammad represents any problem, but has only censured its politicization and ideologization. No sincere Muslim should be able to counter his analysis, because it has always been held within the faith that while Islam is good, Muslims act badly.

Second in the rank of targets for the charge of Islamophobia has been the terrorism expert Steven Emerson. Similarly, however, Emerson has never engaged or even commented on issues of Islam as a religion, or Muslims as a general community. He has done nothing more than carry out detailed, sustained, and irrefutable investigations of identifiable radicals within the Muslim community.

I and other Sufis have also been vilified as "Islamophobes," although the Jewish and Zionist allegation has been employed more frequently against us. But in any case, individuals like Pipes, Emerson, myself, and certain Sufis have been victims of "profiling," along with the other members of the institution I recently founded, the Center for Islamic Pluralism (see my TCS column on this topic [] and our website []). While the Wahhabi lobby expends tears and shouts over their "profiling," whom do we have, but ourselves, to take our side against such irresponsible agitation?

Beginning soon after September 11, 2001, I began accumulating a file of examples in which those who agreed with or supported me and other anti-extremist Muslims were "profiled" by the Wahhabi lobby and their Saudi backers:

If I were a Zionist Jew, I would have nothing to be ashamed of. I am a Sufi and Sunni Muslim from a mixed Jewish and Christian background, and have always advocated for peace in the Middle East. The question remains: who is doing the "profiling" here, and what, aside from incitement, is intended? Further, what other than panic in the Wahhabi lobby could elicit such a feverish reaction?

Stephen Schwartz, an author and journalist, is author of The Two Faces of Islam: The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror. A vociferous critic of Wahhabism, Schwartz is a frequent contributor to National Review, The Weekly Standard, and other publications.

KEYWORDS: cair; crushislam; islam; jihadinamerica; muslim; saudiarabia; stephenschwartz; wahhabi; wahhabilobby; wot
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To: Fred Nerks


History is replete with lessons as to why islam is NOT to be trusted in any way.

Your examples clearly illustrate this--and are a must read for those that think that islam is to be trusted in any way.

I try to explain to thoe trusting types that islam has been the agressor for 1600 years---right until present day, yet still they believe we must "get along" with them.

"What rubbish" is usually my reply to them. Regretfully, their ears are deaf and their eyes are blind.

21 posted on 04/28/2005 6:33:52 PM PDT by swordfish71 (PRAYERS for TEXAS COWBOY!!!)
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To: swordfish71

News Of The NewYorkTimes in 1915

(March 20,1915)

(April 28,1915)
See the original page

(April 29,1915)
See the original page

(May 18,1915)

(May 24,1915)

(July 12,1915)

(July 29,1915)

(August 4,1915)

(August 18,1915)

(August 20,1915)

(August 21,1915)

(Sept. 3,1915)

(Sept. 5,1915)

(Sept. 16,1915)
See the original page

(Sept. 21,1915)

(Sept. 24,1915)
See the original page

(Sept. 29,1915)

(Sept. 30,1915)

(Oct. 1,1915)

(Oct. 5,1915)

(Oct. 7,1915)
See the original page

(Oct. 10,1915)

(Oct. 10,1915)

(Oct. 19,1915)

(Oct. 23,1915)

(Nov. 11,1915)

(Dec. 9,1915)

(Dec. 12,1915)

(Dec. 15,1915)

22 posted on 04/28/2005 6:54:54 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (Understand Islam. Understand Evil. Read THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD link My Page.)
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To: Valin
"Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody's power, that is not easy." Aristotle

Again, all of the above, where Islam is concerned.

23 posted on 04/28/2005 7:29:24 PM PDT by William Terrell (Individuals can exist without government but government can't exist without individuals.)
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To: AmericanArchConservative
Guess I join the folks at the head of the class, but when do I receive my valedictory fatwa?

I hear a hitman from the ACLU is in town. . .

24 posted on 04/28/2005 7:33:12 PM PDT by William Terrell (Individuals can exist without government but government can't exist without individuals.)
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To: SJackson; Daisy4; yonif; Happy2BMe; Simcha7; American in Israel; Binyamin; Taiwan Bocks; ...

At Salem the Soldier's Homepage ~

American Flag

25 posted on 04/28/2005 7:58:17 PM PDT by Salem (FREE REPUBLIC - Fighting to win within the Arena of the War of Ideas! So get in the fight!)
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To: swordfish71; jan in Colorado; AmericanArchConservative; Fred Nerks
Thanks for the ping... I've been away for almost week, and am still trying to catch up, both on FReep and at work.

As for the whine about "islamophobia," it seems to be used as a cover by all the "true believers" (aka "extremist Muslims," "radicals" etc) to stop any discussion or debate on Islam or any attempts to stop the inroads they have made to spread their intolerance and/or dhimmitude in the west.

As they do not seem able to defend the warmongering pedophile Muhammed (pork be upon him) who started the cult, and whose teachings and examples have formed the basis for Islam and it's bigoted system of gender and religious apartheid, we're seeing the term "islamophobe" being used more and more by islamowhackos and their supporters to try and keep people quiet and hide the truth.

There was a good article posted somewhere on FReep a while ago, that contained a great quote from a Muslim woman (who's also an "Islamophobe"?) that asked why we dare not question Islam and its intolerance more vigorously. I'll look for it later (time permitting) and post a link, if I can find it.

26 posted on 04/28/2005 8:43:23 PM PDT by USF (I see your Jihad and raise you a Crusade ™ © ®)
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To: William Terrell

Again, all of the above, where Islam is concerned.


27 posted on 04/28/2005 9:13:17 PM PDT by Valin (There is no sense in being pessimistic. It would not work anyway.)
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To: Fred Nerks

Helluva list---and that just scratches the surface.

What will it take for some to realise that Islam is a REAL LIVE threat?

28 posted on 04/28/2005 9:46:37 PM PDT by swordfish71 (PRAYERS for TEXAS COWBOY!!!)
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Good to see y a back!

I've been pretty busy myself---want to get up to speed on my pings before the hospital trip next week.

Wonder if I can sneak a laptop in, LOL!

29 posted on 04/28/2005 9:47:55 PM PDT by swordfish71 (PRAYERS for TEXAS COWBOY!!!)
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To: swordfish71

I dunno! (Maybe it is we who are mistaken, I would love to hear that I am worried about nothing!)

Sadly, I think the answer to your question is FEAR. To admit the truth requires courage.

30 posted on 04/28/2005 10:04:38 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (Understand Islam. Understand Evil. Read THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD link My Page.)
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Great to have you back! Hope you brought along a big stick...

31 posted on 04/28/2005 10:10:23 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (Understand Islam. Understand Evil. Read THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD link My Page.)
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To: swordfish71; jan in Colorado; ariamne; Fred Nerks; USF; Dark Skies; wagglebee; SaltyJoe; Boazo; ...

Another attack with casualties on American soil (which I daily pray to the Lord against...); one conducted by Muslims hitherto considered "moderate" and "mainstream".

A general declaration of war by the same parties, preceded perhaps by some pretext for them to be generally massing in the streets, marching to demand redress for, or in protest of, some alleged ill-treatment or exaggeratedly egregious violation of their "rights"...

Obviously it is not enough for some that, in one Michigan city, (owing to the muslim majority on that city council) five-times daily calls to 'salat' - muslim prayers - are broadcast audibly throughout the city over a public loudspeaker system...a gesture which would certainly not be similarly suffered American Christians or Orthodox Jews to practice.


{Hear, O Israel; the Lord our G_d, the Lord is one!}

32 posted on 04/28/2005 11:42:22 PM PDT by AmericanArchConservative (Armour on, Lances high, Swords out, Bows drawn, Shields front ... Eagles UP!)
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To: AmericanArchConservative
Church bells ringing in Mecca, children going door to door Christmas eve singing carols in Medina, holly and ivy and feather-winged little angels decorating the pillars of shopping malls while burqa-clad arab women keep a wary eye out for the men of the Promotion of Virtue and Elimination of Vice...the call to prayer from the minaret mingling with the sound of the church bells, the roar of the traffic, the braying of donkeys; just an average day in sunny, tolerant reciprocal Saudi Arabia, home of five thousand Your Royal Highnesses and I must be dreaming...
33 posted on 04/29/2005 12:36:51 AM PDT by Fred Nerks (Understand Islam. Understand Evil. Read THE LIFE OF MUHAMMAD link My Page.)
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To: AmericanArchConservative

Thanks for the ping!

34 posted on 04/29/2005 7:15:10 AM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: Fred Nerks; Happy2BMe; SheLion; knighthawk; USF; jan in Colorado

Required reading:

Prophet of Doom - Islam’s Terrorist Dogma, In Muhammad’s Own Words

Islam is a caustic blend of regurgitated paganism and twisted Bible stories.
Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion solely to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money.
He was a terrorist.

And if you think these conclusions are shocking, wait until you see the evidence at

Muhammad, Islam and Terrorism


Radical Islam's 'plan' to take over America - Arab-American author outlines secret 20-year strategy to undermine country

The Islamic States of America?

Misunderstanding the Enemy: the Islamic Threat and the U.S. Media

Americans' Tax Dollars Fund the Wahhabi Lobby

The U.S. Government's Poor Record on Islamists

Saudi Venom in U.S. Mosques

Islamic Concept of Al-Taqiyah to infiltrate and destroy kafir countries

Taqiyya and kitman: The role of Deception in Islamic terrorism

The real CAIR

CAIR Proposes World Islamophobia Report

CAIR: 'Moderate' friends of terror

An Open Letter to Islamic Organizations in America

islam: This is a truthful hardhitting analysis that all of Freerepublic, the West and America needs to read and understand

The Islamic Vacuum

Exploiting the Koran to Terrorize

Top Ten Reasons Why Islam Is Not the Religion of Peace

Deceit, Thy Name Is Islamism

islamic infiltration of education:

The Clinton and Islam partnership: Evidence of negotiations using America's public school children

Spreading Islam in American Public Schools

A Seat at the Table: Islam Makes Inroads in Education

What are Islamic schools teaching?

American Saudi Schools: Home Grown Sleeper-Cells - (one more wake up call!)

Islamist Threat to Public Schools in Columbia, South Carolina?

Respecting Ramadan, Banning "Christmas" (School District Favors Muslims Over Christians)

"Why I left Islam", by Dr. Ali Sina

"...the real Islam is not what its philosophers and mystics have inferred but what is in the Quran and that is the Islam of the fundamentalist and the terrorist. The real Islam is the Islam that abuses women, that allows men to beat their wives, that imposes penalty tax on the religious minorities, that wants to dominate the world by subduing all the non-Muslims, that calls for Jihad and killing the non-believers until Islam becomes the only dominant religion of the World*."

"The enemy is Islam and that is the target of my attacks. I do that, despite knowing that I have become the magnet of the hatred of fanatical Muslims and my own life could be in danger.

Yet I know that by eradicating Islam we can save the world from the dangers of a catastrophe that otherwise is looming over our heads and could cause more disaster than the 1st and 2nd World Wars combined."

Islamic terror based on Qu’ran: ex-CIA official

"A former top official of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency paints a menacing picture of the relationship between Islam and terrorism.

"Islamic terrorism is based on Islam as revealed through the Qu’ran," keynote speaker Bruce Tefft claimed in a panel discussion at the University of Toronto on jihad and global terrorism.

And, he added, "There is no difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalism, which is a totalitarian construct..."

According to Tefft, the Qu’ran enjoins Muslims to believe that the whole world should be governed by the principles of Islam*, an expansionist religion that has historically grown through conquest..."

*‘Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth’

-- Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), San Ramon Valley Herald, July 1998

( Should Muslim Quran be USA's top authority? - Paper stands by story citing 'mainstream' leader pushing for Islamic America )

islamic Terrorist Attack Time Line

The Evidence: Chronology of Attacks on the West

Terrorism 101

OBL 'How To' Terrorism Manual

35 posted on 04/29/2005 9:40:21 AM PDT by EdReform (Free Republic - helping to keep our country a free republic. Thank you for your financial support!)
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To: EdReform

Congressman refuses to probe illegal alien
terrorist cell in his own district

January 28, 2005 - Despite widespread news reports linking Moroccan Muslims to worldwide terrorism, Florida Congressman Ric Keller (R-8-FL) has declined to call for a formal FBI or Government Accounting Office (GAO) investigation of Orlando Homeland Security official Mary Schneider's concrete evidence of green card bribery of immigration officials by illegal Moroccan Muslims linked to a terrorist cell in Keller's central Florida congressional district--the hub of Sunshine State tourism and airline traffic.

Our interview with the Orlando immigration adjudication officer revealed that Keller, who is a member of the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security told Mary Schneider "your problem is not a matter within the purview of a federal agency." Full Story

"It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain,and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims..."
Abdel Rahman al-Rashed, ARAB NEWS 9 September 2004

Holy War on the Home Front

Holy War on the Home Front:
The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States


"Nearly three years after 9/11, the war on terror is far from over. In fact, a leading terrorism expert argues that despite the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, we're not really any safer at all.

Harvey Kushner, a respected adviser to the FBI, the FAA, the INS, and other government agencies, offers frightening new evidence of a unified Islamic terrorist network that is operating inside the United States and planning new opportunities to strike.

Kushner identifies and assesses the violent plans of these Islamic organizations and individuals who take advantage of our reluctance to engage in ethnic profiling. He supports his claims with never-before-seen documents from top-level government sources, exposing a secret network of Arab intelligence agencies, terrorists, university professors, corrupt imams and other religious leaders, and violent criminals.

Some members of this network are recent immigrants; others have been American citizens for years. Some are laundering money from abroad through seemingly innocuous charities and mosques. Some have even infiltrated our military as Arabic translators and Muslim chaplains..."

The influential Washington-based Center for Security Police recently unveiled a groundbreaking report entitled, "Terrorism Investments of the 50 States."   This report analyzes the investment portfolios of America's leading public pension funds.  The key finding of the report is that America's 87 largest and most influential pension systems invest some $200 billion in companies that provide revenues, advanced technology, equipment and moral cover to governments that enable terrorism.  (This detailed report and related materials can be obtained at

To be sure, there is nothing illegal about investing in any of the roughly 400 companies that partner with our enemies' friends.  Nor is it illegal for such companies to do business with terrorist-sponsoring regimes.  Whether the law prohibits such activities or not, however, we believe most Americans will agree with us that they are wrong â?" wrong morally, wrong strategically and wrong financially. 

Consequently, offers a "how-to" manual showing ways in which investors, taxpayers and other citizens can bring pressure to bear to convert this $200 billion investment into leverage that can be used to help defeat terrorism.  Reduced to its essence, the idea is this: By divesting the stock of these companies, public pension systems, university endowments and even individual investors can send a powerful message to the companies that provide life-support to many of the planet's most dangerous regimes. You can choose to continue to partner with rogue state regimes that aid and abet terrorism.  Or you can do business with American investors and capital markets.  But you can no longer do both. 

As the website makes clear, divestment campaigns have already proven to be highly effective instruments.  In fact, over the last twenty years, institutional and private investors have repeatedly used their financial leverage to initiate social change.  For instance, these efforts have been used to bring pressure on stocks of companies involved in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, guns and environmentally insensitive behavior.  Arguably, the best-known example to date was the shareholder activism that used divestment to force the apartheid government of South Africa to abandon its heinous apartheid policy.  Subsequently, that government was forced to surrender power. 

By applying this model to companies doing business in terrorist-sponsoring states, we hope to achieve a success no less momentous than that accomplished in South Africa.  All it will take is for Americans like you to feel empowered to play a role in the war on terror, to make known your views against investment in terrorist-sponsoring states and to use tools like those provided by to target and maximize the effectiveness of your activism.  Please visit this informative and useful site and to join in the campaign it is now waging to defeat those who threaten not only our lives, but those of our children and grandchildren, as well.


36 posted on 04/29/2005 9:52:36 AM PDT by SheLion (Trying to make a life in the BLUE state of Maine!)
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To: Fred Nerks
Hope you brought along a big stick...

Who, me?

TSA didn't seem to mind me packin' one like this... heheh.

Btw, I call it an "Attitude Adjuster." ;oP

37 posted on 04/29/2005 9:57:38 AM PDT by USF (I see your Jihad and raise you a Crusade ™ © ®)
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To: swordfish71
LOL... I hope they let you bring a laptop in too, or I guess nows the time to get as much as your Freeping "fix" in as you can before they make you go cold turkey. ;o)

Btw, I seem to recall that like myself, you're stuck with the useless paperweight (that is, after the batteries run out) Sony refers to as a VAIO... so remember to bring the charger if ya take it with you.

38 posted on 04/29/2005 10:04:48 AM PDT by USF (I see your Jihad and raise you a Crusade ™ © ®)
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I have the paperweight----charger will be packed!

I know they have Wi-Fi in certain areas---I have to see if I can get on the net.

Here's hoping!

39 posted on 04/29/2005 10:14:08 AM PDT by swordfish71 (PRAYERS for TEXAS COWBOY!!!)
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To: Kenton

Tell the CAIR mofos to include me. I f*rt on their beards!

40 posted on 04/29/2005 10:14:15 AM PDT by sheik yerbouty
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