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"How Do We Get God's Grace?" (Sermon for Reformation Day, on Romans 3:19-28)

96-year-old WWII vet wows NJ stadium by playing national anthem on harmonica

A Suggestion for the State of the Union Address

Alabama bill would require schools to start day with Pledge of Allegiance

Art and the Christian

Australian Member of Parliament: Taking Trump Seriously

Australian Spider Venom Found to Kill Cancer, Leave Healthy Cells Unharmed

Ben Carson Slams Abortion: It Has “Perverted the Bond Between Mother and Child Into Something Evil”

Brigadier General Peter B. Zwack | Russia: Resurgent or Declining Power?

California Wildfires Caused By Radical Environmentalists, Not Climate Change

Dear Governor Palin: The Real Front-Runner

Donald Trump on Late Night, 1986-87 Solid as a ROCK !

EPA blasts California air quality, threatens to withdraw highway funds

Evangelists Praise Change in Ex-KKK, Nazi Member Who was Baptized by Black Church

Flashback: Pope Benedict XVI Believes Christianity Will Rekindle in Europe

Goodbye To California

Gulag survivor perfectly explains the current predicament between Russia and the U.S.

How Pope Benedict XVI Predicted Brexit

In search of Sarah Palin

Is Emmanuel Macron the one to restore the liberal world order?

James Lankford: Defending Religious Freedom Means Living Your Faith

July 19, 1950: President Harry Truman Address on Korea

Peter Thiel predicts ‘reformation’ of higher education in speech to student journalists

Pro-Life Feminism Is The Future

Pursuing The *Christ*

RAT INFESTED: Trump Supporters Clean Up LA While Democrats Focus on 'Resisting' the President

Real Men Saved Lives in Thousand Oaks

Religion in Russian Geopolitical Strategy

Russia Struggles to Mourn the Romanovs 100 Years On

Seven Ways to Prepare for an Earthquake

The "Foolish" Sarah Palin Confounds the "Wise"

The Catholic Discovery of America: In 1492...

The Godless Mindset of the First Democratic Debate

The Great Separation


The Return of the Soviet Union

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

Trump Defies California Senators With 9th Circuit Judge Nominations

Ukraine's Orthodox Church officially granted Independence from Russia

Visegrad (Poland-Hungary-Czech-Slovak) Summit in Israel Canceled ..

Wars of Religion. Because in Ukraine the Most Ecumenical Are the Greek Catholics

We Are All Poles Now: The Battle is for Western Civilization

Why the ACLU supported Trump scrapping rule on limiting guns for mentally ill

Xi Jinping’s China is ignoring the role the US, and others, played in its rise to economic glory

[Catholic Caucus] Saints Cyril & Methodius, Bishops/Confessors, Apostles of the Sclaves (Gueranger)

‘Germany needs moral guidance of a monarchy’

“Ballot Harvesting” Added Over 250,000 Votes in Orange County – Flipping Four Seats Blue