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  • When a Dog Became a Mother to Bengal Tiger Cubs in Germany

    12/03/2016 12:06:43 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 3 replies
    A dog in northern Germany is once again taking on the role of surrogate parent to a big cat, this time helping rear a pair of rejected Bengal tiger cubs. Leon, a six-year old pointer mix, is helping his owner, zoo keeper Jeannette Wurms, raise one-month old Peach and Pearl at home after the cubs were rejected by their mother at Safaripark Stukenbrock near the town of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. “What’s exceptional about (Leon) is that he is a male with such motherly instincts which are very marked,” Wurms, who hand feeds the cubs, said on Monday. “He also acts as...
  • This woman realised her £560 hairless sphynx cat was just a regular cat when it grew back its fur

    11/30/2016 6:56:04 AM PST · by Gamecock · 19 replies
    Metro.Co.UK ^ | 29 Nov 2016
    But, as one woman found out, scammers are trying to sell people fake hairless sphynx kittens by cruelly shaving regular kittens and pulling out their whiskers. JoAnna Dyck, from Alberta, Canada, bought what she thought was a sphynx online. She paid £560 for the cat, which was delivered to her home after the breeder refused to let her come and pick him up. ‘He was like a little tiny kitten, no more than eight weeks old, and he was naked. Completely hairless,’ she tells CBC. Vlad, as he was then named, ‘looked like a sphynx because he was very, very...
  • Deimos and Misty Grooving to Some Hendrix. [cat video]

    11/27/2016 10:53:53 AM PST · by Slings and Arrows · 16 replies
    Me, via YouTube ^ | 11/27/16 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    Not particularly exciting, but hey, it's a cat video!

    11/01/2016 2:05:19 AM PDT · by fella · 22 replies
    LiveLeak ^ | 31 October 2016not
    CAT SQUEEZED BETWEEN DOOR a stray cat whose heart stopped while she was trying to enter into the hospital is being brought back to life by the doctors. the doctor owned the cat later.
  • NATIONAL CAT DAY – October 29

    10/29/2016 7:54:41 AM PDT · by heterosupremacist · 65 replies
    National Cat Day is observed each year on October 29th. National Cat Day was founded to help the public recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued. The day also encourages cat lovers to celebrate the cats in their lives for the unconditional love and companionship that they bestow upon them. HOW TO OBSERVE Pay particular attention to your cat today. Adopt a new cat. Use #NationalCatDay to post on social media. HISTORY This day is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation and was created by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige, in 2005. Since...
  • Hilarious moment a pet cat trips toddler girl by grabbing her leg as she walks past [tr]

    10/28/2016 6:40:57 AM PDT · by C19fan · 33 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | October 28, 2016 | Sophie Williams
    Hilarious footage has emerged showing a naughty cat tripping up a toddler as she walks past. The footage is thought to have been filmed in China and shows the girl being tripped over. The girl can then be seen pointing at the cat to tell her parents what it did.
  • Blue Cat Cafe Was Vandalized on First Anniversary

    10/26/2016 11:05:26 AM PDT · by beaversmom · 49 replies
    Eater ^ | October 25, 2016 | Nadia Chaudhury
    On the heels of Blue Cat Cafe’s anniversary, Austin’s first cat cafe was vandalized on Friday, October 21. Statesman reported that someone spray painted "Fuck you gentrified scum" on the cafe’s door and front of its adjacent food trailer. The person or persons also glued the doors shut. Blue Cat Cafe’s grounds on East Cesar Chavez are controversial. It is adjacent to the lot that used to house pinata store Jumpolin, which was suddenly demolished in 2015. The land is owned by F&F Real Estate Ventures, run by Jordan French and Darius Fisher. People call the razing as unfair, and...
  • Watch: Hospice patient gets her wish to snuggle with a basket full of kittens

    10/26/2016 10:54:42 AM PDT · by beaversmom · 23 replies
    The Kansas City Star ^ | October 14, 2016 | LISA GUTIERREZ
    Happiness is ... When Carol Heizman was asked to finish that thought, the longtime cat lover didn’t have to think twice. Happiness is snuggling with a basket full of kittens.
  • Stray cat patrol: Feral felines deployed in NYC war on rats

    10/23/2016 7:03:10 AM PDT · by Silentgypsy · 62 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | October 22, 2016 | Unattributed
    NEW YORK (AP) — Multitudes of feral cats roam New York City's concrete jungle, and some now have a practical purpose: They're helping curb the city's rat population. A group of volunteers trained by the NYC Feral Cat Initiative traps wild cat colonies that have become a nuisance or been threatened by construction, then spays or neuters and vaccinates them. The goal is to return them to their home territory, but some end up in areas rife with rats.
  • Zia Likes Getting Head Skritchies [cat video]

    10/21/2016 8:54:35 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 27 replies
    Me, via YouTube ^ | 10/21/16 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    Yes, this is my cat. No, the video is not very exciting.
  • Hilarious Moment Office Workers Realize They’re Being Spied On By A Cat

    10/20/2016 10:13:15 AM PDT · by Daffynition · 22 replies ^ | Oct 20, 2016 | James Gould-Bourn
    This hilarious ceiling cat was spotted in an office in Japan. Employees are scared: "Is it a new way to monitor our productivity and spy on us?" Well, it might be! But before this "new technology" spreads all over the world, let's see where else this kitty could fit in!
  • Mom Cat talking to her Cute Meowing Kittens Generation "P"

    10/18/2016 1:13:04 PM PDT · by beaversmom · 70 replies
    Funnycatsandnicefish You Tube ^ | May 6, 2014 | Funnycatsandnicefish
    Video link
  • ‘Fat’ and ‘lazy’ cat credited with stopping home burglary

    10/07/2016 6:29:19 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 38 replies
    KFOR ^ | OCTOBER 7, 2016 | K. QUERRY
    Strider the cat is not known for much. “Well, he’s fat and he’s lazy,” said Barb Gansberg. “He’s kind of a pain in the rump.” The Gansbergs gave Strider to their daughters 10 years ago, but he soon became “their problem,” as they say. Once they realized Strider was there to stay, they immediately laid out some ground rules, which means the bedrooms are off limits. According to KOMO, while Gansberg was home alone on Tuesday, Strider walked into the bedroom. As she walked into the hallway, she came face-to-face with two burglars inside her home. She yelled, and the...
  • Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind [3+ minute video via You Tube]

    09/28/2016 1:45:32 PM PDT · by beaversmom · 42 replies
    Nat Geo via You Tube ^ | August 8, 2014 | Nat Geo
    Video Link
  • 15+ Pics That Prove Cats Can Sleep Purrretty Much Anywhere

    09/24/2016 4:07:29 PM PDT · by Twotone · 44 replies
    Bored Panda ^ | Unknown | ​ Šarūnė Mac
    Cats need between 12 and 16 hours of sleep per day, so with all that practice it's no great mystery why cats are experts in the sleep department. Take a look at this list compiled by Bored Panda for example. As you can see, there is literally no place and no position in which a cat cannot sleep. Sink? No problem. Shoe? You got it. In a box? Bring it on! In a wine glass? Sure!
  • The Cat Who Slaps Gators

    09/17/2016 7:50:22 AM PDT · by navysealdad · 13 replies
    Mugsy is fearless. This feline stares down gators and slaps them in the face for good measure. Cat make a gator turn tail and run away.
  • Harrowing footage shows motorists dodging kitten on busy Russian highway–until one man stops

    09/16/2016 5:37:00 PM PDT · by Twotone · 23 replies ^ | September 16, 2016 | Jenny Stars
    A tiny kitten in Kaliningrad, Russia, tumbled out of an SUV on a busy roadway on Sept. 12. The kitty narrowly missed the wheels of another SUV as it somersaulted down the outside lane of Alexander Nevsky street, coming to a halt in the middle of the road.
  • FACEBOOK Cat Video Performed by Ballet Zoom, a Spanish disco dance troupe circa 1973. (There Are Cat

    09/10/2016 2:01:02 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 19 replies
    FACEBOOK Messy Nessy Chiccopied by Popsugar ^ | UPLOADED ON FACEBOOK ON September 5, 2016copied by PopsugarHedy Phillips9/7/16 | FACEBOOK Messy Nessy Chic copied by PopsugarHedy Phillips
    The beautiful thing about the internet is that there's always that weird corner somewhere where all the gems live. You can find actual treasure when you least expect it. This video is a gold mine from the weird corner of the internet. In it, Spanish disco dance troupe Ballet Zoom shimmies and dances and exercises (if you can call it that) like cats with cats. The absurd video from the 1970s surfaced this week, and I personally cannot get enough. Check it out to see what I mean — I think you'll be glad you did.
  • This kitty certainly has claws! 16-year-old 'protective' cat named Baby mauls SEVEN pitbulls [tr]

    08/28/2016 1:43:05 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 64 replies
    Daily Mail [UK] ^ | 20 August 2016 | Liam Quinn
    An overprotective cat has unleashed furry fury on seven unsuspecting pitbulls out for a walk. The 16-year-old pet named Baby attacked the feisty dogs as they strolled past the front of the cat's home on Monday in British Columbia, Canada. Betty Jean Thompson, who owns the stereotype-breaking scratcher, said she tried to warn the walkers not to bring their dogs too close.
  • Raw: Russian Cat Adopts Baby Monkey As Its Own (video)

    08/25/2016 2:12:44 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 9 replies
    Good: Monkey learns to purr. Bad: Cat learns to throw poo.
  • Misty is Feeling Knead-y (cat video)

    08/25/2016 12:33:06 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 47 replies
    Me, via YouTube ^ | 8/25/16 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    Misty and Deimos really do love each other.
  • Macavity: The Mystery Cat -- Never Found at the Scene of the Crime

    08/19/2016 8:24:55 PM PDT · by poconopundit · 26 replies
    The Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot (1939) is one of most creative and fun collections of poetry ever written in the English tongue. With splendid illustrations by Edward Gorey, the book is very short -- only 56 pages. The genius of this collection of 15 playful poems on the adventures of anthropromophic cats is that Eliot beautifully describes the many "personalities" of cats -- and humans, for that matter.  Reading this is a cat lover's must. These poems are part of our culture already: they inspired the Broadway musical CATS, for instance.  And the...
  • It’s a real cat fight: Larry and Palmerston square off in Downing Street as their bitter [tr]

    08/01/2016 6:40:00 AM PDT · by C19fan · 4 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | August 1, 2016 | Alex Matthews
    The feisty feline feud between the pets of Westminster continues to rage as the cats clashed in another violent showdown. Downing Street is no stranger to seeing egos battle it out for supremacy, but usually with a war of words than of claws and teeth. However, in recent weeks the epicentre of British politics has played host to running battles between Larry the Downing Street cat and his arch-nemesis Palmerston, who belongs to staff at the Foreign Office.
  • The feline fight for Downing Street: Larry and Palmerston face-off to be the top cat of No 10

    07/28/2016 6:27:18 AM PDT · by C19fan · 1 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | July 27, 2016 | Thomas Burrows
    Eye balling one another across Downing Street like two boxers in a ring, the simmering feline feud between Larry and Palmerston shows no sign of abating. The two cats faced off today in their ongoing battle to be top cat in the corridors of power. Lorry, the Downing Street cat, made a triumphant return to the corridors of power on Monday after a bruising bout with his arch enemy from the Foreign Office last week. That scuffle saw the brown and white tabby suffer an injured right paw following a feisty brawl with Palmerston.
  • Cool Cat: The Nine Lives of Christopher Walken, Movie Star and Feline Fan

    07/26/2016 9:53:54 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 69 replies
    Parade ^ | July 22, 2016 | Neil Pond
    Christopher Walken likes to watch. If that gives you the willies, you’re probably thinking of the Oscar-winning actor’s more unsettling roles—he’s played sadists, murderers, madmen, mobsters, mercenaries, psychopaths, evil masterminds and extremely messed-up Vietnam vets in the course of a career that began in the early 1950s. “I have played a lot of villains,” he admits. But what Walken likes to watch is just outside the windows of his home in rural Connecticut, on the cusp of a nature preserve, where he’s lived with his wife, Georgianne, a Hollywood casting director, for nearly 40 years. “There were four deer in...
  • I Got A New Kitteh!

    07/17/2016 9:00:41 AM PDT · by Celtic Conservative · 83 replies
    A farm in Meeshigan | 07/17/16 | The Proud Father
    Greeting, Kitteh lovers everywhere. I just got a new Furbaby! I Lost my dear Suzie Q about 7 weeks ago. I was just heartbroken. Of all the cats, she was "my" cat. While departing the vet with an empty Cat carrier (a truly crappy experience) I noticed a sign up advertising kittens. Despite my sadness something said "take the number" , so I did. I exchanged texts and photos with the mama cats owner and picked one out. I just got home with her. She is a grayish brown "dilute" tortoiseshell with a facial "blaze" on her right cheek which...
  • He's a scaredy cat! Ginger feline cowers in fear as two GIANT rats have vicious fight in Thai [tr]

    07/14/2016 6:26:56 AM PDT · by C19fan · 27 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | July 14, 2016 | Harriett Mallinson
    This cat may need to work on its hunting skills. The alarmed moggy was spotted keeping its distance as it watched a fight between two huge rats that were almost as big as him. Vile footage from what is believed to be a kitchen in Thailand shows the wary cat remaining apathetic as the rodents tussle furiously on the floor in front of him.
  • Please pray for our very sick kitty [Update 368]

    07/09/2016 7:40:46 PM PDT · by Yaelle · 425 replies
    Our home ^ | 07/09/16 | Self
    If you love pets and animals and sometimes pray for them, I'm asking if you could say a little prayer for our kitty Ciel. She is only five years old, a sweet, smart Balinese. She was perfectly healthy and active until two days ago, when she started vomiting foam and stopped eating. Today we took her in to the vet and she has acute renal failure and diabetes. He gave her IV fluids, some meds to fight nausea etc, and a little insulin. We are to give her sub q fluids and try to get her to eat. He...
  • Ocelot Steals My Socks!

    07/05/2016 11:20:05 PM PDT · by Utilizer · 15 replies
    uuu-tuuumdbe! ^ | Jun 24, 2016 | "Brave Wilderness"
    On this special Breaking Trail Outtake, Coyote's new friend the Ocelot steals his socks! In an attempt to recover his last dry pair of Wigwams, a classic tug-of-war ensues with this feisty jungle cat. Who will win the battle? Well you’ll just have to watch to find out! Get ready Coyote, an Ocelot just stole your socks! Ocelot’s have a wide range stretching from Argentina to Texas and while they have fairly healthy populations in the topics they are extremely elusive and rarely seen by humans. There has never been another video like this and we feel so extremely fortunate...
  • Gabriel the cheetah purrs and plays like a house cat when he is reunited with favourite carer

    07/04/2016 12:34:43 PM PDT · by CorporateStepsister · 52 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 4 July 2016 | John Hutchinson for MailOnline
    This adorable footage shows the moment a wildlife volunteer is reunited with a cheetah he helped care for a year ago. When he was volunteering at Cheetah Experience in South Africa, Dolph Volker bonded with 10-month-old cheetah cub Gabriel. He spent a lot of time with the cub, feeding him, playing and cuddling him. When he returned to the sanctuary, Mr Volker was reunited with the big cat, and their embrace is adorable.
  • Oklahoma Kittens Born Without Eyelids Undergoing Surgery

    06/27/2016 9:52:14 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 11 replies
    Central Oklahoma Humane Society is caring for a litter of kittens born without eyelids. Katniss, Prim, Rue, Theo and Alex are on the prowl, training to take on the world. Their vision may be weak, but their other senses are strong. "They're just so lovable, playful and adorable, so it's really hard to even look at them like they have a disability," said Abby Wolfe with Central Oklahoma Humane Society. Dr. Jeff Studer is a veterinarian and eye specialist at BluePearl. Wednesday, he will be treating the kittens. He said the disorder they have is not common and the cause...
  • BREAKING NEWS: Four Lots of Pet Food Recalled [cat food]

    06/26/2016 11:47:21 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 47 replies
    BREAKING NEWS: Radagast Pet Food, Inc. of Portland, Oregon has announced a voluntary recall of four lots of its Frozen Rad Cat Raw Diet, which may be contaminated by Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.Untreated, a Listeria infection in a cat can result in paralysis and in swelling of the brain. Salmonella and Listeria can be carried past consumption as well, affecting other pets, and even humans. Untreated, humans can experience arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms.The affected products have been distributed throughout Western Canada and 48 of 50 of the United States (all but Hawaii...
  • 10 Scientific Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

    06/17/2016 6:55:03 AM PDT · by C19fan · 35 replies
    Mental Floss ^ | June 15, 2016 | Kathy Benjamin and Austin Thompson
    Studies have shown that just watching cat videos on the internet can boost a person's energy and create positive emotions—so it's no surprise that actual cat ownership has a number of benefits. Here are a few.
  • Cats Would Like You to Know They Are Open to Training

    06/16/2016 11:16:31 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 31 replies
    Scientific American ^ | 6/15/16 | Julie Hecht
    In anticipation, I’d already positioned a tall, sturdy scratching post in a prominent location next to where the couch would go, and Josh had already used it. Now, I walked over to the scratching post and tapped and lightly scratched the top of it. Josh responded by prancing over, tail up and giving the post a full-extension, deep, hard, scratch, really getting his nails in there. When he was done, I plopped down a big wad of his favorite wet food. Oh look! Scratching the post (not the couch) not only feels good, but it also results in what you...
  • Cats seem to grasp the laws of physics

    06/14/2016 2:05:53 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 56 replies ^ | 06/14/2016
    Previous work conducted by the Japanese team established that cats predict the presence of invisible objects based on what they hear. In the present study, the researchers wanted to find out if cats use a causal rule to infer if a container holds an object, based on whether it is shaken along with a sound or not. The team also wanted to establish if cats expect an object to fall out or not, once the container is turned over. Thirty domestic cats were videotaped while an experimenter shook a container. In some cases this action went along with a rattling...
  • Thurston Bobcat Shows Cute and Scary Sides [Lazy Kitty]

    06/10/2016 10:56:34 AM PDT · by beaversmom · 27 replies
    Daily Big Cat via You Tube ^ | September 26, 2015 | Daily Big Cat
    See full video here
  • We Can't Stop Laughing at This Cat Stealing a Stuffed Animal from His Neighbors [video]

    06/07/2016 11:16:14 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 47 replies
    Country Living ^ | 10/27/15 | Rebecca Shinners
    What's a cat to do when he just wants to play? Steal a stuffed animal from the neighbors, of course. Well, that was the plan for one clever feline, at least. When the cat in the video above spotted an oversized tiger toy in his neighbors yard he just had to have it. Watch as this stealthy little thief hops over the fence carrying the oversized toy, bringing it with him to his own yard. He then happily cuddles his new toy, more than ready for playtime. Throughout the whole video this little guy seems nonchalant about his thieving ways....
  • Man adopts kitten after finding her clinging to his truck's tire

    06/03/2016 11:39:00 AM PDT · by Extremely Extreme Extremist · 27 replies
    WUSA 9 D.C. | 03 JUNE 2016 | KSDK
    Gannett, link only
  • Mistakes Were Made

    06/01/2016 1:37:07 PM PDT · by beaversmom · 33 replies
    Imgur ^ | June 1, 2016 | AnyoneCanChange ·

    05/25/2016 10:27:41 PM PDT · by vannrox · 38 replies
    Newsweek ^ | 5/25/16 AT 1:56 PM | JACK MOORE
    A prominent Saudi cleric has declared photographs with cats, and other animals, unless completely necessary due to an upsurge in Saudis “who want to be like Westerners.” On a televised broadcast, Sheikh Saleh Bin Fawzan Al-Fazwan, a member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars, was told about “a new trend of taking pictures with cats has been spreading among people who want to be like Westerners.” He replied: “What?! What do you mean pictures with cats? Taking pictures is prohibited. The cats don’t matter here.” The sheikh continued: “Taking pictures is prohibited if not for a necessity. Not with...
  • World’s Oldest Cat Dethroned by Even Older Cat Scooter

    05/10/2016 8:24:20 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 27 replies
    Gaze into the eyes of Scooter, the new World’s Oldest Living Cat. Scooter and his wise old eyes have been around for 30 years, and his achievements in extreme elderliness have now been recognized by Guinness World Records. Gail Floyd – who generously houses Scooter even though he is a grown adult and should probably get his own place – said her companion has always been a lively people cat. When he was a kitten, he would play in Gail’s hair and ride on her shoulder. Now, in his golden years, Scooter still rises at 6 every morning. If he...
  • Blind Cat Plays Fetch

    05/08/2016 12:12:39 PM PDT · by fella · 16 replies
    LiveLeak ^ | 7 May 2016 | Thiscontradiction
    Blind Cat Plays Fetch
  • Rescue Cat Turns Her Crooked Jaw into a Beautiful Smile

    05/02/2016 11:07:55 PM PDT · by beaversmom · 42 replies
    Imgur ^ | May 2, 2016 | morgothviolatedmymother
    Rescue Cat Turns Her Crooked Jaw into a Beautiful Smile by morgothviolatedmymother · 12 hours ago Duchess the Miracle Cat was brought into a Texas animal hospital. Most places would’ve just euthanised her... she had a broken jaw and other complications.But two vets decided that they were going to take achance on the unlucky feline. Her chances of survival were slim, and Duchess had to have all her teeth removed. Luckily, everything went perfect and Duchess got a beautiful smile! The best part? After seeing this smile, Crystal Tate decided toadopt her straight from the clinic! "The day...
  • Temptations Made a Collar That Finally Gives Your Cat a Human Voice, So It Can Talk to You

    04/29/2016 5:57:51 PM PDT · by SMGFan · 43 replies
    Adweek ^ | April 28, 2016
    Since the dawn of time, humans have been confounded by cats, those mystifyingly aloof creatures whose inner thoughts are famously inscrutable. But no longer! Temptations Cat Treats has invented a cat collar that lets your feline speak in a human voice—so you can finally understand (though probably not) exactly what she is trying to tell you. The Temptations Catterbox, created by London ad agency adam&eveDDB, contains a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth technology and wifi. It captures the cat's meows and translates them into human speech—words that may or may not actually be what they're trying to say.
  • The struggle is real...[cat pic for awareness]

    04/25/2016 12:35:49 PM PDT · by beaversmom · 45 replies
    Imgur ^ | April 24, 2016 | IfIthoughtyoumatteredIwouldntignoreyou
    The struggle is real... by IfIthoughtyoumatteredIwouldntignoreyou · 1 day ago 1,080 points 95,577 views
  • Newborn puppy that lost its mom finds unusual foster family [adopted by mama cat; w/video]

    04/23/2016 1:17:00 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 33 replies
    Mashable ^ | 4/23/16 | Brian Koerber
    After this cute pup named Bobby sadly lost its mother to a car accident, the Michigan Humane Society was able to pair up the dog with a new family — of cats. Bobby was just two days old when its mother was fatally struck by a vehicle, so it was important that the puppy found a new family as quickly as possible. SEE ALSO: No-nonsense dog tells over-enthused puppy to 'shh' The society just so happened to have a mother cat that was still nursing, so they decided to give it a shot and see if the cat would foster...
  • Kitty Porn! - NSFWD! [Kitty video; not actually pornographic]

    04/22/2016 2:16:50 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 52 replies
    Me, via YouTube (as Hopalong Ginsberg) ^ | 4/22/16 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    Misty and Deimos are insatiable! NSFWD = Not Safe For Wiener Dogs Music: "Love Muscle" - The Sex-O-Rama Band
  • Hopalong Ginsberg - "Delirium" - Original Death Metal / Kitty Video, by Yours Truly

    04/17/2016 4:16:09 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 16 replies
    Me, via YouTube (as Hopalong Ginsberg) ^ | 4/18/16 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    There is no particular significance to the fact that I used kitty pix as the background for latest heavy metal composition. I just like cats. I write and record all my music under the stage name of Hopalong Ginsberg. Don't tell the cats.For a free MP3 download of "Delirium" click either here or here.
  • Meet my new kitten!

    04/17/2016 1:00:21 PM PDT · by EinNYC · 91 replies
    Help from above | 4-17-16 | Me, Myself, & I
    All regular FReepers know of the tragedy which struck my household March 9, which was the unexpectedly fast death of my beloved kitty Kefira from bone marrow cancer. Everything suddenly turned to grey for me without that adorable little feline playing tricks on my other cat, snuggling up to me while I read, taking her place behind my pillow while I watched a DVD, etc. After a few days of giving myself over to grief, I started to search the online pet adoption websites as well as visit North Shore Animal League on Long Island. I wanted a kitten who...
  • Misty and Deimos, Feelin' the Love [cat video]

    04/14/2016 11:21:18 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 24 replies
    Me, via YouTube (as Hopalong Ginsberg) ^ | 4/14/16 | Me, as "Hopalong Ginsberg"
    Turn up the volume and you can hear the purring.