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  • Alvin York (Sgt. York) And The IRS

    12/04/2016 1:44:38 AM PST · by Sontagged · 23 replies
    YouTube ^ | March 9, 2014 | Richard Bachert
    How the federal government "honored" one of America's most heroic and decorated veterans.
  • Diving Legend Sammy Lee Passes Away At Age 96

    12/03/2016 3:12:55 PM PST · by EveningStar · 10 replies
    Swimming World ^ | December 3, 2016
    USA Olympic legend Dr. Sammy Lee Ė 1948 and 1952 Olympic Gold medalist Ė passed away on December 2nd, at age of 96, due to pneumonia. He was a true giant in the sport of Olympic diving... At the 1948 Summer Games in London, England, Lee earned a bronze medal in the 3-meter springboard and a gold medal in 10-meter platform diving events. Four years later, he won the gold medal in the 10-meter platform competition at Helsinki, Finland...
  • FLAK STORM - German Anti-Aircraft Defense (WWII training film)

    12/03/2016 9:13:24 AM PST · by Rebelbase · 11 replies
    Youtube ^ | 1940's | Dept. of War Training Film
    War Dept. technical training film for bomber crews about evading flack on bombing runs. Goes into the specifics about the different types of flack patterns and how to adjust flight course to avoid them.
  • How much did Trump spend?

    12/03/2016 6:44:25 AM PST · by Former MSM Viewer · 21 replies
    Clinton spent multiple times what President-Elect Trump spent. Any figures out there? How about Jeb?
  • The Road to War

    12/03/2016 1:33:57 AM PST · by Fai Mao · 13 replies
    You Tube ^ | 2014 | BBC
    A rather good history of the origins and causes of World war I The Road to War
  • Trump Thank You Tour Full Speech at Ohio Rally 2016

    12/02/2016 9:21:07 PM PST · by thesligoduffyflynns · 10 replies
    YouTube ^ | December 2016 | YouTube
    runs 1 hour 26min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGQRiAc5iJI
  • General Tso's Chicken Creator Dies at 98

    12/02/2016 5:23:03 PM PST · by iowamark · 28 replies
    NBC News ^ | Dec. 2, 2016 | Stephany Bai
    The chef behind one of America's most popular Chinese food dishes has died. Chef Peng Chang-kuei was 98 when he died on Nov. 30 from pneumonia, according to the Epoch Times. Peng first made General Tso's chicken in the 1950s, when he was working as a chef for the Taiwanese government, according to Taiwan Business Topics. When U.S. Navy Admiral Arthur W. Radford visited Taiwan in 1954 to lead a summit of high-ranking government officials, Peng decided to expand on the usual banquet menu. One of his innovations, a breaded and stir-fried chicken dish in a sweet and spicy sauce,...
  • Ancient Wind God Temple Found Under Mexico City Supermarket

    12/02/2016 12:41:07 PM PST · by MtnClimber · 19 replies
    Seeker ^ | 2 Dec, 2016 | ROSSELLA LORENZI
    The temple, 36 feet across, falls within what is believed to be the perimeter of a large ceremonial site in the Tlatelolco neighborhood. Archaeologists excavating the site of a demolished supermarket in Mexico City have unearthed a circular temple built more than 650 years ago for an Aztec deity. The platform, about 36 feet in diameter and four feet tall, was part of the sacred area of the city-state Tlatelolco and was likely dedicated to the god of wind Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl. It now stands just yards away from the site of the Tlatelolco 1968 massacre, where Mexican soldiers killed protesting students....
  • Springtime for Morsi: Review of 'Arab Fall' By Eric Trager

    12/02/2016 10:35:55 AM PST · by C19fan · 1 replies
    Commentary ^ | November 16, 2016 | Michael J. Totten
    4 shares A A Almost everyone got the Arab Spring wrong. At a casual glance, the Middle East and North Africa appeared to be sprouting political liberals like daisies at the tail end of 2010, when a nonviolent revolution in Tunisia spread to Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Tunisiaís autocratic Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fell in a matter of weeks, followed a month later by Egyptís Hosni Mubarak. Rebellions then broke out in Libya against the tyrannical Muammar Qaddafi and in Syria against Bashar al-Assad.
  • Inventor of General Tso's Chicken dies in Taipei at age 98

    12/02/2016 7:30:28 AM PST · by Buckeye McFrog · 40 replies
    Taiwan News ^ | 12/2/2016 | Keoni Everington
    Chef Peng Chang-kuei (ŚĹ≠ťē∑Ť≤ī), the founder of the famous Hunan-style restaurant chain Peng's Garden Hunan Restaurant (ŚĹ≠ŚúíśĻėŤŹúť§®) and inventor of the world famous Chinese dish General Tso's Chicken, died on Nov. 30 at the age of 98 from Pneumonia. A native of Changsha, Hunan Province, Peng began training at the age of 13 under the tutelage of the famous Hunan chef Cao Jing-chen (śõĻŤóéŤá£), who was the family chef of Tan Yan-kai (Ť≠öŚĽ∂ťóď), the prime minister of the Nationalist government from 1926 to 1928. After WWII, he was put in charge of running Nationalist government banquets, and in 1949 he...
  • Iíve Been to War But I Cannot Imagine the Hell That Was Stalingrad

    12/02/2016 2:42:03 AM PST · by C19fan · 39 replies
    War is Boring ^ | December 2, 2016 | Daniel L. Davis
    Since July 2012, the world has watched in horror as the once-beautiful and vibrant Syrian city of Aleppo has been transformed into a perpetual battlefield. Those killed in Aleppo, as well as throughout the rest of Syria during the civil war, are reported to be approximately 300,000. During the U.S.-led war in Iraq from 2003Ė11, one study reported that 405,000 Iraqis were killed directly and indirectly as a result of the war, and from 2001Ė15, an additional 91,991 people were killed due to war in Afghanistan, for a three-country total, over a 15-year period, of 796,991. As staggering as the...
  • Empire of the Sea

    12/02/2016 12:57:05 AM PST · by Fai Mao · 8 replies
    You Tube ^ | 2014 | BBC
    This is a really well done documentary series on naval history. It is rather long but worth watching. Empire of the Sea (pt 1 of 4)
  • Question: Did anyone here attend est training?

    12/01/2016 5:57:49 PM PST · by Steely Tom · 147 replies
    YouTube ^ | 1970s | Wernehr Erhard
    Did anyone here at Free Republic ever attend Erhard Seminars Training, back in the 1970s? Did anyone know another person who did? If so, do you have any observations to share about the experience? Did it have any lasting influence over you? Was it just an exercise in groupthink? Erhard certainly seemed to think he was on to something.
  • Matt is for SECDEF!!!

    12/01/2016 5:18:48 PM PST · by Spacetrucker · 56 replies
    Trump rally in Cincinnati | Myself
    Trump just officially announced Gen. James Mathis for SECDEF at his "Thank You" rally in Cincinnati! !!
  • Arrogant U.S. Generals Made the P-51 Mustang a Necessity: With better leadership, [tr]

    12/01/2016 11:19:51 AM PST · by C19fan · 36 replies
    War is Boring ^ | December 1, 2016 | James Perry Stevenson and Pierre Sprey
    The benefits the P-51 Mustang brought to aerial battles in World War II, particularly over Germany, are reasonably well known. The iconic fighter plane could fly higher, faster, farther and generate more kills per sortie than the U.S. Army Air Forceís aviation bureaucracyís preferred P-47s or P-38s. However, the real P-51 Mustang story is just as much about the difficult gestation of a great new fighter as it is about the quashing of the drop tanks urgently needed to extend the range of existing fighters. Then thereís the guerilla tactics some officials unleashed in the corridors of power to overcome...
  • Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Medically Evacuated From South Pole

    12/01/2016 9:11:15 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 45 replies
    NBC News ^ | 12/01/16 | ELIZABETH CHUCK
    American astronaut Buzz Aldrin has been medically evacuated from the South Pole, according to the National Science Foundation and a private tourism group. Aldrin, 86, was visiting Antarctica when "his condition deteriorated," according to White Desert, which organizes luxury tourism trips to the icy continent. The group said Aldrin was evacuated on the first available flight out of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station to the McMurdo Station on the Antarctic coast under the care of a doctor with the U.S. Antarctic Program. He is in stable condition, White Desert said. The National Science Foundation provided the flight for Aldrin, who...
  • Work begins on £116million life-size replica of the TITANIC in China which will allow visitors [tr]

    12/01/2016 7:29:09 AM PST · by C19fan · 12 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | November 30, 2016 | Rachel Burford
    The construction of a controversial £116million life-size replica of the Titanic began in China yesterday. A keel-laying ceremony and fireworks marked the start of work in the southwestern Sichuan province. The replica plans sparked controversy when it was announced the design would include a simulation of the iceberg crash that sank the original ship in the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912. Some 1,500 people died in the disaster.
  • The true backbone of America (college rant)

    12/01/2016 6:12:17 AM PST · by pabianice · 22 replies
    UMass Daily Collegian ^ | 12/1/16 | Howard
    America was founded on genocide and slavery. Its economic prosperity came directly from the destruction of Native culture and lives, and then later from the importation of enslaved Black slaves from the West Indies and Africa. Even in the North and after abolition, Black people served as cheap labor forces for dangerous jobs. After abolition, prisons began using free labor from Black prisoners to manufacture goods. Blacks were incarcerated falsely or stood unfair trails at ridiculous rates so that they could once again provide free labor for the thriving American economy. The history of this country is one story of...
  • December 1856

    12/01/2016 4:40:06 AM PST · by Homer_J_Simpson · 17 replies
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    11/30/2016 1:59:49 PM PST · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 42 replies
    http://abc11.com/ ^ | Wednesday, November 30, 2016 | ABC11
    HILLSBORO, Ore. (WTVD) -- A school district in Oregon is joining many others around the country in a controversial decision to ban holiday symbols and decorations from the classroom. KATU reports Santa Claus is no longer welcome in Hillsboro Schools, outside Portland. The district told staff who wished to decorate offices or doors to refrain from religious-themed decorations or images, including Santa. The students are not allowed to wear anything Santa-themed, either. "It really went out as a notification to staff, not even parents, just to make sure they are being sensitive and thoughtful as they enter the holiday season,"...
  • Big Mac inventor passes away aged 98 nearly 50 years after creating McDonaldís iconic (trunc)

    11/30/2016 11:25:47 AM PST · by Buckeye McFrog · 81 replies
    The Sun (UK) ^ | 11/30/2016 | Neal Baker and Mark Hodte
    THE inventor of the Big Mac has died at the age of 98. Michael ďJimĒ Delligatti came up with the iconic McDonaldís burger nearly 50 years ago. McDonaldís initially did not approve of deviating from its strict formula of simple hamburgers, cheeseburgers and milkshakes. But the creation of a two-patty burger with lettuce, cheese, gherkins, onions and ďspecial sauceĒ proved an instant hit, and was rolled out to his other 47 outlets across the US. McDonaldís spokeswoman Kerry Ford confirmed that Delligatti died at his home in Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh, surrounded by his family on Monday night. He opened his...
  • "Moaniní For You" & "Alone in the Rain" Lloyd Huntley Orchestra (songs from The Grand Parade)

    11/29/2016 10:27:34 PM PST · by Arthur McGowan
    YouTube ^ | 1929 | Lloyd Huntley
  • Album Review: 'Blue & Lonesome' by the Rolling Stones

    11/29/2016 7:16:27 PM PST · by Mariner · 53 replies
    Associated Press via Yahoo ^ | November 29th, 2016 | Unattributed
    It shouldn't be a surprise, really, but still it's a bit startling to hear just how well the Rolling Stones can play the blues. Strip away the glitz, the oversized stages and the pyrotechnics, and you're left with two terrific guitarists, a frontman who can play an exuberant harp ó and a drummer named Charlie Watts. No wonder Blue & Lonesome sounds so solid. Their first studio album in more than a decade has the simplest of concepts: Put the guys in a studio for three days, give them a songbook heavy on Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf,...
  • The world's last survivor of the 19th Century celebrates her 117th birthday in Italy [tr]

    11/29/2016 8:11:28 AM PST · by C19fan · 27 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | November 29, 2016 | Hannah Al-Othman
    The world's oldest woman has celebrated another birthday, as she turned 117 today. Italian woman Emma Morano is the last known person alive to have been born in the 19th century, and the oldest person on record in the world. She celebrated the landmark day by enjoying a birthday cake wth her carers in her home in Verbania, a town in northern Italy on Lake Maggiore.
  • Why the GOP wonít challenge vote fraud (2012 article but timely for all asking these days)

    11/29/2016 2:11:19 AM PST · by b4me · 8 replies
    Fellowship of the Minds ^ | Nov 15, 2012 | Dr. Eowyn
    Itís major duct tape time ícause youíll need it to keep your head from exploding. (snip) The Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud. (snip) To settle the lawsuit, in 1982 ó while Ronald Reagan was President (1981-1989) ó the RNC and RSC entered into an agreement or Consent Decree, which is national in scope, limiting the RNCís ability to engage or assist in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the courtís approval in advance. (snip) In 2010, the RNC unsuccessfully appealed...
  • Trumpís USA: Global Empire or Fortress America?

    11/29/2016 1:28:21 AM PST · by fella · 17 replies
    YouTube ^ | 28 November 2016 | south front
    Trumpís USA: Global Empire or Fortress America? A fairly good situational analysis of today.
  • Canadian military solves mystery of US Ďatomic bombí seen on ocean floor

    11/28/2016 4:09:23 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 47 replies
    Ottawa Citizen ^ | November 25, 2016 | David Pugliese
    A metallic object discovered underwater off the coast of British Columbia and suspected of being a missing U.S. atomic bomb has now been identified as an industrial hunk of steel. The Royal Canadian Navy used an underwater robot to check out the object, sitting on the ocean floor in about eight metres of water south of Prince Rupert. Cmdr. Stephan Gresmak said military specialists determined the object was not an unexploded military munition. ďIt was safe and there was no danger,Ē said Gresmak who is with Joint Task Force Pacific. ďIt was determined to be a metal part of a...
  • A media controversy ignites over the case of Tawana Brawley

    11/28/2016 11:20:19 AM PST · by Kid Shelleen · 30 replies
    Tawana Brawley is found covered with feces and wrapped in garbage bags outside the Pavilion Condominiums in Wappingers Falls, New York. ---SNIP--- While the controversy surrounding the case became a media circus, Brawley and her family refused to testify or cooperate with the investigation. They did, however, accept financial contributions. In October 1988, a Grand Jury dismissed the entire matter. Attorneys Mason and Maddox faced disciplinary proceedings from the New York State Bar for their conduct during the investigation and Pagones filed a libel suit against Mason, Maddox, and Sharpton, which he won in 1998.
  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Destroy the US Through Immigration and Welfare

    11/28/2016 3:47:39 AM PST · by fella · 17 replies
    panampost ^ | 25 November 2016 | David Unsworth
    9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed advocated destroying the US from within by abusing its liberal welfare and immigration laws (Wikimedia). Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Destroy the US Through Immigration and Welfare Khalid Sheikh Mohammed may be the most successful terrorist mastermind in history. The Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist and al-Qaeda member was the brains behind the 9/11 attacks which killed 2,996 people and injured thousands more. In a groundbreaking new book called Enhanced Interrogation, CIA contractor James Mitchell provides insightful analysis into his relationship with Mohammed, and the ideology that he espoused. Perhaps the most interesting point gleaned from the book is...
  • Wartime spy, big game hunter - and for 80 years the Queen's best friend:(truncated)

    11/28/2016 1:22:59 AM PST · by fella · 16 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 28 November 2016 | Richard Kay
    Wartime spy, big game hunter - and for 80 years the Queen's best friend: Lady Margaret Rhodes was a glorious character from a bygone era - and her death is a shattering blow to Her Majesty,† That she died peacefully at home in her own bed would have been just the way she would have wanted it. No fuss, no unnecessary excitement, certainly no blaze of glory. With her headscarf, perm and sensible shoes, Margaret Rhodes represented the polar opposite of a modern world where television and social media bestow celebrity on the trashy, the flashy and the undeserving. And...
  • Inside Fidel Castroís life of luxury and ladies while country starved

    11/27/2016 4:05:09 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 22 replies
    n y post ^ | 11/27/2016 | Laura Italiano
    Castro, who died Friday night at 90, made a personal fortune offering safe haven to drug traffickers, bedded a bevy of women over the decades, and once threatened his own brother, Raul, with execution when the brother lapsed into alcoholism in the í90s... Amazingly, most Cubans had no idea how, or even where, their secretive strongman actually lived. Even his first and second wives were kept out of the public eye ó as was their leaderís two-timing. Castro cheated on his first wife, the upper-middle-class Mirta Diaz-Balart, with Natalia Revuelta. ďWith her green eyes, her perfect face and her natural...
  • The Demise of a Highly Respected Doctrine

    11/27/2016 1:59:40 PM PST · by ProgressingAmerica · 18 replies
    The Survey | January 12, 1918 | Neva R. Deardorff
    The Demise of a Highly Respected DoctrineBy Neva R. Deardorff, January 12, 1918 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR PHILADELPHIA BUREAU OF MUNICIPAL RESEARCH LAISSEZ-FAIRE is dead! Long live social control! Social control, not only to enable us to meet the rigorous demands of war, but also as a foundation for the peace and brotherhood that is to come. This was the theme that ran strongly through all the annual meetings of the learned societies of the social sciences(1) which were held holiday week in Philadelphia. Education in idealistic concepts of service, toleration, justice, are in the future to underlie this social control and...
  • Syrian army advance threatens to cleave eastern Aleppo

    11/27/2016 11:55:21 AM PST · by fella · 10 replies
    cbsnews.com ^ | 27 November 2016
    Syrian army advance threatens to cleave eastern Aleppo Syrian government forces advanced deep into eastern†Aleppo†on Sunday amid a swift collapse of rebel defenses inside the divided northern city, threatening to cleave the oppositionís enclave between its northern and southern parts.† The advance into the cityís Sakhour neighborhood brings the military within less than .6 miles of commanding a corridor in eastern Aleppo for the first time since rebels swept into the city in 2012 at the start of†the Syrian civil war
  • Lot 406: Colt U.S. Contract Artillery SAA Un-Numbered Replacement Frame (Gun Porn)

    11/27/2016 9:52:44 AM PST · by Swordmaker · 81 replies
    Auction Zip ^ | December 2, 2016 | Rock Island Arsenal auction list
    Description: Rare and Unique Documented Colt U.S. Contract Artillery Model Single Action Revolver with Un-Numbered Replacement Frame Colt Artillery Model Single Action Army revolver with un-numbered replacement frame, barrel, cylinder and trigger guard. The Ordnance Department purchased 171 unnumbered replacement frames from Colt between 1874 and 1891. The left side of the frame is roll-stamped with the Colt three-date/two-line patent marking initially used by Colt in 1890 at approximately serial number 134,000. "A Study of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver" by Graham, Kopec and Moore states that the Army purchased six replacement frames from Colt on May 4, 1891....
  • Arturo Sandoval Reacts to Fidel Castro's Death: 'He Was Worse Than Evil'

    11/27/2016 6:08:06 AM PST · by Eddie01 · 29 replies
    Billboard ^ | 11/26/2016 | Leila Cobo
    ďThe dictator of Cuba has died!!!!!FINALY!!!!Ē So starts the trumpeter Arturo Sandovalís much-shared Facebook post, written in the early morning hours after Fidel Castroís death was announced. ďI'm happy that they'll cremate him, at least his bones will not contaminate the ground,Ē punctuated Sandoval, summing what thousands of Cuban exiles felt. Sandoval never minced words when he spoke about Castro and his dictatorship. His struggles as a musician and a husband where chronicled in the made-for-TV movie For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story (with Andy Garcia playing the role of the trumpet virtuoso), including Dizzy Gillespieís ďdiscoveryĒ of...
  • Vanity - Obama, Clinton, Stein, continue destruction of Democrat Party!!!

    11/27/2016 4:14:19 AM PST · by JLAGRAYFOX · 49 replies
    From the very day that DJT & wife, Melenia came down that famed escalator in Trump Tower, and, declared his run for POTUS...I have been right on the money, calling the 90% of the shots, correctly, of the 2016 POTUS campaign, from A-Z!!! I now make this prediction, in the same fashion that I notified the media, pundits and Democrats, many times, that DJT would win the POTUS campaign in an electoral landslide!!! I will do my utmost best to keep it short and sweet, so that even "Democrats" will understand it. If Obama & his Democrat Party do not...
  • Solving a Mystery Behind the Deadly ĎTsunami of Molassesí of 1919

    11/26/2016 8:17:37 AM PST · by sparklite2 · 43 replies
    NYT ^ | NOV. 26, 2016 | ERIN McCANN
    ďA dull muffled roar gave but an instantís warning before the top of the tank was blown into the air,Ē The New York Times wrote in 1919. ďTwo million gallons of molasses rushed over the streets and converted into a sticky mass the wreckage of several small buildings which had been smashed by the force of the explosion.Ē
  • Fidel Castro, Cubaís revolutionary leader, dies aged 90

    11/25/2016 9:46:23 PM PST · by ALASKA · 92 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 11/26/2016 | Rory Carroll
    Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, Cuban state television announced on Saturday, ending an era for the country and Latin America. Live Fidel Castro: world reacts to death of Cuban leader Ė live updates Brother Raul Castro announces on Cuban state television that controversial revolutionary leader has died at age of 90 Read more The revolutionary icon, one of the worldís best-known and most controversial leaders, survived countless US assassination attempts and premature obituaries, but in the end proved mortal after suffering a long battle with illness. The announcement was long expected, given the former presidentís age...
  • Dr. Jordan Peterson: A history lesson for political radicals

    11/25/2016 2:23:51 PM PST · by tbw2 · 2 replies
    Youtube ^ | 12/21/2016 | Davie Addison
    Professor Peterson discusses ideological possession, communism, concentrations camps, Alexander Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago and existentialism. View the full lecture here.
  • When did you stop watching TV news? Tell us your story.

    11/25/2016 7:16:14 AM PST · by conservativeimage.com · 116 replies
    Vanity | 11/25/16 | Red Fox
    It was thirteen years ago this holiday. George W. Bush made a surprise trip to Iraq to encourage American troops who were fighting the War against Islamic Terrorism in Iraq. As the president was photographed serving Thanksgiving turkey to soldiers in the battlefield, subversive journalists in the U.S. reported the visit as a political stunt. One day later H i l l a r y C l i n t o n showed up in Iraq and was praised by the same media as heroic. That was it for me. I turned the TV off and began my lifetime boycott...
  • How FDR Politicized Thanksgiving

    11/24/2016 5:06:49 PM PST · by OddLane · 18 replies
    Mises Institute ^ | November 24, 2016 | Tho Bishop
    Call me old-fashioned, but one thing I am always thankful for every Thanksgiving is the blessing of not having Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the White House. After all, of all the heroes of the American progressive movement, few have quite the record of sins as FDR. The man routinely celebrated in the halls of academia was guilty of Japanese internment camps, stealing Americans' gold, prolonging the Great Depression, and establishing a number of Federal agencies that continue to haunt the American economy today. But perhaps one of the most absurd examples of Rooseveltís Presidential arrogance was his attempt in 1939...
  • Hillary at Thanksgiving

    11/24/2016 8:10:05 AM PST · by GreyFriar · 45 replies
    American Spectator ^ | Nov 24, 2016 | JUDAH FRIEDMAN
    Imagine thereís no presidency, no deplorables tooÖ Over the past few days I have asked a few friends what they think life is like for Hillary Clinton right now. Of course this is a hypothetical question, since they donít know, but it is sort of an interesting idea to let your mind wander and wonder what life is like inside Casa Clinton; not just inside the actual house, but inside her actual head. Caution: we are entering an unsafe and scary space. Letís start with the outside of the house. Iím sure itís heavily guarded with Secret Service and private...
  • 'Heroic' Antarctic explorers left sea-ice clues

    11/24/2016 7:49:30 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 7 replies
    BBC ^ | 11/24/2016 | Pallab Ghosh
    Log books from the early Antarctic expeditions indicate that the area of summer sea-ice around the continent has barely changed in size in a century. Researchers have studied the records of pioneering explorers, including Captain Robert Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton. The study suggests that Antarctic sea-ice is much less sensitive to climate change than the Arctic, which has declined dramatically. The research has been published in The Cryosphere journal. A century ago Captain Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton were among those who ventured into completely uncharted territory. They were the bravest explorers of their age. At the time, their...
  • Vanity--I am especially thankful today for Jim Rob and for al of you adorable deplorable Freepers

    11/24/2016 7:02:47 AM PST · by RooRoobird20 · 45 replies
    Me | Nov 24, 2016 | Me
    I just want to tell Jim Rob and my wonderful Freeper family that I am very, very thankful for you all. Your intelligence, cleverness and incredible sense of humor helped me stay informed and smiling during this last very stressful presidential election. I love you all, have a blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving! XOXO
  • Organizations/Agencies corrupted by the Clintons

    11/24/2016 6:03:18 AM PST · by Former MSM Viewer · 28 replies
    http://www.freerepublic.com ^ | 11-24-2016 | Self
    How many agencies, people, organizations, govts. were corrupted or compromised by or because of the Clintons?
  • 101-Year-Old WWII Fighter Pilot Flies One Last Mission With His Original Plane

    11/23/2016 1:20:35 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 37 replies
    KFOR ^ | NOVEMBER 23, 2016
    World War II veteran Francis Robert "Frank" Royal made a fateful trip to the National Museum of World War II Aviation in Colorado Springs. "Having had a life long interest in flying, I had to come see what they had," he told Fox 31. Royal served as a squadron commander of the 39th Pursuit Squadron, 5th Army Air Corps in Papua New Guinea. He flew the P-38 Lockheed Lightning in combat. The Germans called it the fork-tailed devil, "It was a real godsend. From a pilot's standpoint it was great," Royal said. So there it was, in the museum. A...
  • Is Thanksgiving Racist?

    11/23/2016 12:47:50 PM PST · by Jan_Sobieski · 42 replies
    Freerepublic | 11/23/2016 | Jan Sobieski
    The 400 year history of Thanksgiving as a holiday of thankfulness for Godís mercy to our founding forefathers and Natives has been replaced with a new motif on our omniscient college campuses: Thanksgiving is Racist! This new postmodern narrative says that Thanksgiving represents racism, crimes against Native Americans, exploitation, evil colonization, theft of native lands, and genocide (with no examples of course). Adherents even maintain that there is no evidence that the Thanksgiving story actually occurred (despite libraries of evidence written by men and women who were there). Yes, this all knowing generation has taken the mantle from their omniscient...
  • Why Are We Always Wrong About Russia? (By Reagan's most trusted Cold War advisor)

    11/23/2016 12:08:06 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 38 replies
    Speech to World Affairs Council, Washington ^ | May 16, 2001 | Suzanne Massie
    I have been studying, working and going to Russia for 34 years. From the beginning I was lucky enough to meet and get to know a wide variety of Russians. During these many years whenever I went, it was always apparent that what I saw and heard was often diametrically different from both the official and the journalistic perception in the United States. I came to call it my wormís eye view. The more I studied Russian history and culture the more I saw that the picture was always far more nuanced and complex than the judgments often characteristic of...
  • Why Do So Many Big Earthquakes Strike Japan?

    11/23/2016 11:45:55 AM PST · by JimSEA · 41 replies
    Live Science ^ | 11/22/2016 | Denise Chow
    A magnitude-6.9 earthquake struck yesterday off the coast of Fukushima, Japan, likely along the same fault that ruptured in 2011, unleashing a massive 9.0-magnitude temblor that triggered deadly tsunamis and caused widespread destruction. Over the course of its history, Japan has seen its share of shaking, but what makes this part of the world so susceptible to big earthquakes? The answer has to do with Japan's location. The island nation lies along the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, an imaginary horseshoe-shaped zone that follows the rim of the Pacific Ocean, where many of the world's earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur....
  • Archaeological excavation unearths evidence of turkey domestication 1,500 years ago

    11/23/2016 10:15:55 AM PST · by Red Badger · 9 replies
    phys.org ^ | November 21, 2016 | Provided by: Field Museum
    Turkey eggshells and bones from an offering 1,500 years ago in Oaxaca, Mexico. Credit: © Linda Nicholas, The Field Museum. ================================================================================================================================ The turkeys we'll be sitting down to eat on Thursday have a history that goes way back. Archaeologists have unearthed a clutch of domesticated turkey eggs used as a ritual offering 1,500 years ago in Oaxaca, Mexicoósome of the earliest evidence of turkey domestication. "Our research tells us that turkeys had been domesticated by 400-500 AD," explains Field Museum archaeologist Gary Feinman, one of the paper's authors. "People have made guesses about turkey domestication based on the presence or...