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Index last updated on 1/11/15 through 1/31/45.

L = Lead Article
C = Regular Column
W = News of the Week in Review
B = Book Review

Abend, Hallett
10/10/38, Shanghai, Japanese Go up Yangtze
3/22/39, Shanghai, Millions in China Wander Homeless
3/22/39, Shanghai, Japanese Report Widespread Gains
3/23/39, Shanghai, Moves for Peace Gain in China War
10/3/39, Shanghai, Soviet Reported Pouring Men Into China, Menacing Either British India or Japan
11/4/39, Shanghai, New Regime is Pushed
12/23/39, Shanghai, Chinese Claims Denied
12/29/39, Shanghai, Tokyo Fliers Bomb Lanchow 3d Day
1/11/40, Shanghai, Japanese Deliver Secret Ultimatum to French in China
2/3/40, Shanghai, Japanese Tighten Vast Trap in China
2/4/40, Shanghai, Japanese Report Gains on Vast Line
2/11/40, Shanghai, Japan’s Army Meeting with Heavy Resistance (W)
2/17/40, Shanghai, Shanghai Accord Reached on Police
3/2/40, Shanghai, Japan Keeps Rule in Shanghai Pact
3/26/40, Swatow, China, Japanese Control in Swatow Feeble
5/15/40, Shanghai, Shanghai Doubts Italy will Fight
7/1/40, Shanghai, Britain to Resist Southward Move b the Japanese
7/9/40, Shanghai, Japan Complains that Our Marines Insulted Her Army
7/10/40, Shanghai, Sentiment is Inflamed
7/21/40, Shanghai, Shanghai Guards American Writers
8/5/40, Shanghai, Indo-China Falling under Tokyo Rule; Indies Plans Near
9/23/40, Shanghai, Critical Position for U.S.
9/25/40, Shanghai, Hitler is Said to be Forcing Japan into the Axis for Attack on Britain
9/28/40, Shanghai, Stalin’s Demands Said to Be Large
10/13/40, Shanghai, Value of Burma Road to China is Cut Down (W)
2/16/41,Asiatic Powers Prepare for Japan’s Thrust (W)
3/16/41, Washington, Chiang and Communists Shelve Fight (W)
5/17/41, Washington, Japan is Seen Aiding Chinese Communists, Letting Them March into 3 Coast Provinces
5/30/41, Washington, Halifax Says Lesson of Crete Will Deter Nazis from Invasion
6/6/41, Washington, Japan Asking U.S. for No-War Pact
6/8/41, Washington, Japan’s Overtures Stir Washington’s Suspicion (W)
6/16/41, Washington, Nazis Reported Pressing Soviet to Turn Over Warships to Japan
7/25/41, Washington, Japanese Action in Burma is Seen
8/3/41, Washington, France is Warned
8/6/41, Washington, U.S. Aid to Soviet is Snag for Japan
10/18/41, Auckland, New Zealand, Japanese Upset Alarms Antipodes
10/30/41, Honolulu, Honolulu Expects Two-Ocean War
11/2/41, Honolulu, Japan’s Warships Pry in U.S. Waters

Adams, Frank S.
10/18/38, New Orleans, President’s Eucharistic Message Bases Peace on Sermon on Mount
2/11/40, Washington, Youth Told Stand (L)
2/12/40, Washington, First Lady Balks at Advising Youth to Uphold Finland (L)
6/27/41, St. Paul, Minn., Pope Pius Warns ‘Black Paganism’ is World Menace
10/2/41, Indianapolis, ‘Distant War’ Best (L)
9/7/43, Philadelphia, 8 Cars Jump Rails (L)
4/26/44, Eisenhower Tells Publishers of Aid on Invasion News

Adams, J. Donald
10/20/40, For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway (B)

Aldridge, James
12/20/39, With the Finnish Forces, Russian Advance Made at High Cost
12/25/39, Rovaniemi, Finland, Battle is Marked by Frozen Bodies
12/29/39, With the Finnish Arctic Army, near Kemijaervi, Finns Cut Russian Patrol to Bits in Fierce Battle amid Arctic Snow
1/3/40, With the Finnish Forces, on the Petsamo Front, Cold Rivals Finns as Russians’ Foe; Weather Kills as many as Bullets
2/6/40, Helsinki, U.S. Finns fighting North of Ladoga
2/12/40, With the Finnish Army, North of Lake Ladoga, U.S. Finns in War Led by ‘Tough’ New Yorker; Roosevelts’ Ex-Chauffeur is Proud of Unit
2/16/40, Helsinki, Battle Climax Held Near
3/26/40, Stockholm, Soviet’s Air Force Held Strong; Bombers and Fighters Effective
4/15/40, On Norwegian-Swedish Border, Need of Allied Aid Obvious in Norway
4/17/40, On the Norwegian-Swedish Border, Ill-Armed Norse Face Deadly Fire
8/2/40, With the British Forces on the Egyptian-Libyan Border, Besieged Capuzzo is Battered Daily
8/10/40, Cairo, Alexandria Drive Foreseen
8/20/40, Cairo, R.A.F. in Egypt Wins High Ratings; 90 Per Cent Efficiency is Claimed
9/18/40, Cairo, R.A.F. ‘Pours Hell’ on Italian Forces
9/19/40, With the British Army in Egypt, Britons in Desert Harass Italians in a Series of Swift Flank Thrusts
11/14/40, With the Greek Forces in Northwestern Greece, Greeks Mopping Up after Big Battle
11/29/40, With the Greek Forces on the Albanian Border, Greek Unit Surprises the Italians and Walks off with Machine Gun
12/3/40, With the Greek Forces in Southwestern Albania, Greeks Hold Foe in Mountain Trap, but Terrain Makes the Gains Slow
12/14/40, With the Greek Forces, north of Argyrokastron, Albania, Italians Drop Guns in Hasty Retreat
1/2/41, Northeastern Front, Albania, Cold is Worst Enemy in Albania; Fight in Northeast Now Desultory

Allen, Edward Frank
2/9/41, Squadrons Up! A Firsthand Story of the R.A.F., by Noel Monks (B)

Allen Jay
8/6/41, Released Writer Sees Failure of Nazis in Creating New Order

Allen, Larry
9/6/40, With the British Fleet, Somewhere in the Mediterranean, British Shell Isle in the Dodecanese
12/14/40, Aboard a British Destoyer, off Egypt and Libya, Fleet’s Guns Rout Italians in Desert
1/16/41, Aboard Aircraft Carrier Illustrious, With British Mediterranean Fleet,40 Stukas Clawed at the Illustrious; Bombs Rocked Her
1/19/41, Valetta, Malta, Morale on Malta High
5/28/41, Alexandria, Egypt, Bomb Showers Off Crete Fail to Shake British Fleet
12/17/41, Aboard a British Cruiser Off Libya, [Untitled Dispatch]
7/5/42, Alexandria, Egypt, Reinforcements Crowd Highway En Route to British at El Alamein
5/19/44, Aboard the Gripsholm at Barcelona, Spain, Nazi Defense Line Deep in France, Repatriated Newsman Reports

Anderson, F. David
11/8/40, London, London Raid Heavy but is Over Early
11/18/40, London, Ports Pounded Steadily
12/3/40, London, Germans Pounding at English Cities
12/24/40, London, Big Textile Center Ravaged by Nazis
12/25/40, London, London Officials Silent
1/6/41, London, Fire Bombs Foiled, Britons Cry ‘More’
1/9/41, London, Third Quiet Night in Row for London
1/20/41, London, U.S. Plane ‘Defeats’ Nazi in R.A.F. Test; Altitude Needs Urged on Designers Here
2/6/41, London, 7 Nazi Planes Lost in Raids on Britain
2/13/41, Roosevelt Said to See Victory by Britain in Six Months if She Holds Till Summer
2/18/41, London, R.A.F. ‘Raids’ Poland in 1,800-Mile Flight
3/10/41, London, Armed Fascist Ship Caught by Cruiser in Indian Ocean
3/14/41, London, Defenses Add to Score
3/20/41, London, Big Fires Started
3/31/41, London, Rome Sea Loss Big
4/17/41, London, London is Pounded
4/23/41, London, Tripoli is Shelled
4/30/41, London, Bombed Plymouth Begins Evacuation; Dover is Shelled
5/4/41, London, Fight is Spreading
5/5/41, London, British Raid Bases of Forces in Iraq
5/6/41, London, London Sees Gains
5/7/41, London, R.A.F. Hammering at Iraq’s Forces
5/8/41, London, Iraqi Siege Broken by British Assault
5/9/41, London, Iraqi Premier Reported Fleeing Baghdad; Capital Being Bombed as Troops Fall Back
5/23/41, London, Candia is Captured (L)
5/26/41, London, Planes Hit Crete
5/30/41, London, Bar to New German ‘Misdeeds’ Pledged by Foreign Secretary
5/31/41, London, Rashid Ali Flees
6/1/41, London, British in Baghdad (L)
6/2/41, London, War in Iraq Ends
6/29/41, London, Shipyards Blasted
7/7/41, London, Italian Cruiser Sunk, British Say
7/10/41, London, Air Raids on Reich Widened by R.A.F.
7/17/41, London, Hopkins at Session of British Cabinet
7/28/41, London, Russo-Polish Pact Deemed Imminent
7/31/41, London, Soviet and Poles Sign Agreement
8/9/41, London, British Confidence in Russians Grows
9/6/41, London, Italian Cruiser Torpedoed; Big Liner, 3 other Ships Hit
9/9/41, London, U.S.-Made Plane Captures U-Boat by Bombs and Guns
9/12/41, London, Churchill Denies Aide is Soviet Foe
9/17/41, London, Iran’s Shah Out; Allies Advancing
10/4/41, London, London Stresses Raid Cost to Foe
10/20/41, London, British Workers Demand Invasion
11/9/41, London, Berlin is Hard Hit
11/10/41, London, Victors Unharmed (L)
11/13/41, London, Russia Replaces War Industries
12/10/41, London, British Say Japn Can Last One Year
12/14/41, London, British Bag Ships
1/8/42, London, British Raid Norway Again; Sink 3 Vessels and Shell Plant
2/25/42, London, Burma’s Defenders Driven Across Last River Barrier
2/26/42, London, Burma Peril Rises (L)
3/9/42, London, Indies Isle Cut Off
3/10/42, London, Indies Still Silent
3/18/42, London, Chinese Defeat Enemy in Burma
3/25/42, London, Chinese Turn Back Foe
4/1/42, London, Burmese Aid Foe (L)
4/2/42, London, Prome is Imperiled
4/14/42, London, British Pressed in Burma; Japanese Try to Split Allies
4/16/42, London, New Burma Front
4/19/42, London, Foe is Hit in Burma
4/20/42, London, Chinese Reinforce Britsh in Burma
4/21/42, London, Oil Town Retaken
4/22/42, London, Oil Town is Held (L)
4/23/42, London, Battles in 3 Areas
4/27/42, London, Chinese Retake East Burma City
4/29/42, London, Japanese Drive for Lashio with 5,000 Men; City Afire
4/30/42, London, Foe Nears Hsipaw (L)
5/3/42, London, British Fall Back (L)
5/4/42, London, A.V.G. Raids Lashio (L)
5/6/42, London, Foe Enters China Across Burma Line
5/17/42, London, Japanese Attack Along the Mekong
5/25/42, London, Stilwell in Delhi to Help Defense
5/31/42, London, Desert Tide Shifts (L)
6/22/42, London, Nazis Near Egypt (L)
6/28/42, London, Rommel Pushes On
6/29/42, London, Lunge into Desert (L)
7/5/42, London, Desert Guns Duel
7/16/42, London, Britain’s Output of Arms Defended
7/17/42, London, Commons Debates Shipping in Secret
7/27/42, London, U.S. Fliers Active
8/18/42, London, British Deem Our Heavy Bombers Unsuited for Raids on Continent
8/24/42, London, New Command South of Caucasus is Set Up by British to Meet Nazis
10/20/42, London, Japan is Punishing Seized U.S. Fliers
10/27/42, London, Desert Army Firm
10/30/42, London, Allies Strike Heavy Blows from Air in African Battle
11/2/42, London, British Push Ahead in African Battle
11/6/42, London, British Move Westward
11/12/42, London, Tunis Clash Near
11/15/42, London, Rout of Rommel is Laid to Timing (W)
11/30/42, London, Turin Hammered with Giant Bombs
12/2/42, London, Raid Port 24 Hours (L)
12/4/42, London, Allies Reveal Loss of 16 Ships in North African Landings
12/5/42, London, Censor’s Gag Held Danger to Allies
12/7/42, London, Bombers Hit Nazis
12/11/42, London, Britain to Unchain Nazis Tomorrow
12/15/42, London, Madagascar Given to Fighting French
6/11/43, London, Eisenhower is Held Likely Choice for Commander of Allied Invasion
8/14/43, London, No Blackout Lift in Britain Likely
9/16/43, London, 15,000 Britons Quit to Aid Jailed Boy
10/2/43, London, Striking Britons Rebuked by Bevin
10/7/43, London, German Pillaging of Rome Reported
10/12/43, London, Reich Battleship Damaged in Norway Fjord by Raiders
10/29/43, London, Churchill Finds Oblong Commons Greatly Favors the Party System
11/30/43, London, American Planes Batter Reich Port
12/25/43, London, Record Air Blow
12/30/43, London, Allies Sink Three Destroyers and Reich Blockade Runner
1/1/43, London, Bombs Rain All Day
1/2/43, London, 4,100 Nazi Planes Destroyed by Eighth Air Force in 1943
1/5/43, London, Poles Discuss Border Issue; Less Rigid Policy is Noted
1/16/43, London, 700 Planes Strike (L)
1/30/43, A United States Bomber Base, in England, On ‘Fort’ of Group Mixes with Nazis
2/6/43, London, Underground Army Waits to Strike (W)
3/7/43, London, Big Army Mounts Day’s Air Warfare
3/31/43, London, Churchill Victor by Vote of 425-23
4/9/43, London, Brunswick, German Fields Hit in Blow at Luftwaffe
4/27/43, London, New American Radio in Britain will Broadcast to Europe Daily
5/4/43, London, Effect of Bombing (L)
5/27/43, London, British Map Post-War Assurance of Full and Stable Employment
6/10/44, London, Germans Predict Blow at Belgium
6/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 1,500 ‘Heavies Fly’
6/15/44, London, 7,000 Planes Bomb France and Reich
6/19/44, London, Big Bomber Strike Destroys Nazi Oil
6/22/44, London, 2,200 U.S. Planes Hit Berlin

6/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Air Blanket Covers Reich
6/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Big Bombers Tear Nazi Traffic Lines
6/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, ‘Heavies’ Hit Nazis in France 5 Blows
6/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allied Bombs Rain on Nazis All Day
6/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Forces in Normandy Isolated by Air Attacks on Communications
7/2/44, London, Churchill Speech on Robots Awaited
7/5/44, London, U.S. Planes Batter 6 Paris Airfields
7/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, ‘Forts’ Blast Rails on Triple Shuttle
7/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 114 Nazis Downed; Oil Sites Bombed
7/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Vienna Oil Plants Hit by U.S. ‘Heavies’
7/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Munich, Toulon Hit in 2-Way Bombings
7/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 1,200 Bombers Rock Munich in Second-Day Assault There
7/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Bombs Rip Munich for 3d Day in Row
7/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 750 ‘Forts’ Batter Baltic Robot Dens
7/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 2,000 U.S. Bombers Strike in Germany
7/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 2,700 U.S. Planes Batter Germany
7/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Bomb Deluge on Reich Continues
7/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3,000 U.S. Aircraft Rip Nazi Oil Bases
7/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Bombers Again Hit Leuna Oil Plants
8/2/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Luftwaffe Bases in France Bombed
8/10/44, London, Air Annihilation of German Army Near Caen Seen by Leigh-Mallory
8/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Fliers Blast German Railways
8/13/44, London, Attacks from Britain
8/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazis in France are Trapped by Blows of Allied Air Force
8/16/44, London, 4,000-Plane Blow Flails Luftwaffe
8/17/44, London, 8th’s bombers Rip More Reich Plants
8/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 Factories Razed in Reich Air Blow
8/27/44, London, U.S. Bombers Fire 5 Reich Oil Plants
8/30/44, London, Churchill Home from Italian Trip
8/31/44, London, Fortresses Pound Bremen and Kiel
9/4/44, London, Battle of Germany Pends
9/9/44, Paris, Fortresses’ Accuracy and Havoc Shown by Oil Plants near Paris
9/18/44, Beaugency, France, 20,000 Nazis Give Up as Plea for Token Battle is Denied
9/29/44, Paris, Miners in France Threaten to Quit
10/8/44, Paris, Vast Stream of Supplies Flowing across France (W)
10/14/44, Paris, U.S. Troops in Reich ‘Winterized’; Outfit Change Made in Ten Days
10/23/44, Brussels, Belgians’ Demand for Change Soars
11/3/44, Antwerp, Belgium, Antwerp Shows Almost No Damage
11/25/44, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium Radicals Admonish Allies
12/7/44, Brussels, Belgian Predicts Chaos in Germany
1/2/45, Brussels, Foe Surprises Brussels
1/8/45, Malmedy, Belgium, Malmedy a Town of Wreckage after Two Weeks of Artillery Fire

Anderson, Isaac
12/10/44, Crime Corner (B)

Archambault, G.H.
9/4/39, Paris, Reich ‘Blitzkrieg’ is Now Ruled Out
9/5/39, Paris, ‘Contact’ in West
9/6/39, Paris, France Attacking to the Northeast
9/7/39, Paris, Communiques Issued
9/9/39, Paris, Objectives Being Won
9/10/39, Paris,Wood Won in West
9/11/39, Paris, Allies Make Gain
9/12/39, Paris, Gained Areas Held
9/13/39, Paris, Gain Made in West
9/15/39, Paris, French Push Nazis Back Upon Forts
9/16/39, Paris, Saar Drive Goes On
9/17/39, Paris, Germans Set Back
9/18/39, Paris, Germany Shifting Troops Westward
9/19/39, Paris, Guns Roar in West
9/21/39, Paris, Threat to Neutrals
9/23/39, Paris, Allies’ Flank Aided (L)
9/24/39, Paris, Nazis Hurled Back (L)
9/26/39, Paris, Fire on New Front (L)
9/27/39, Paris, French Artillery Pounds Westwall
9/29/39, Paris, German Attacks in West Repulsed
10/2/39, Paris, Planes to Play Role
10/3/39, Paris, French Advances Mapped in Detail
10/5/39, Paris, German Attack Expected
10/7/39, Paris, Nazi Force in West is Put at 1,400,000
10/9/39, Paris, Patrols Increase Pressure in West
10/13/39, Paris, First-Line Fighting is Intense in West
10/17/39, Paris, Assault in West
10/18/39, Paris, French Fall Back (L)
10/21/39, Paris, West Front Active near Luxembourg
10/23/39, Paris, Off German Soil (L)
10/27/39, Paris, Nazi Troops Mass on 650-Mile Front
11/3/39, Paris, Patrols are Active on Western Front
11/7/39, Paris, Reports Nazi Rout
12/13/39, Paris, Nazis Renew Drive at Forbach Sector
12/15/39, Paris, Nazis Push Again East of the Saar
1/16/40, Paris, Strain in Paris Eased
1/21/40, Paris, Men at Front Never Idle (W)
2/4/40, Paris, Finnish War Seen as Cue for West
2/5/40, Paris, Skirmish Victory Claimed by French
2/6/40, Paris, Paris Thinks Reich is Advising Soviet
2/7/40, Paris, Anxiety Reported in Near East; Big Allied Armies Ready There
3/2/40, Paris, Active War Plans Under Way in West
3/8/40, Paris, Nazi Spur in West Seen if Finns Fail
3/23/40, Paris, Liaison Post Urged in French Cabinet
3/26/40, Paris, Paris Now Doubts Hitler Offensive
3/31/40, Paris, ‘Violent’ Nazi Fire Pounds Key Points
4/12/40, Paris, West Drive Feared
4/16/40, Paris, Nazi Line Pierced by French Scouts
5/11/40, Paris, Aid is Sent at Once
5/13/40, Paris, Nazis Skirt Forts (L)
5/14/40, Paris, Paris is Confident (L)
5/15/40, Paris, Meuse Clash is On
5/16/40, Paris, New Paris Tactics (L)
5/17/40, Paris, Air Fights Raging (L)
5/18/40, Paris, Gamelin in Appeal
5/19/40, Paris, French Retard Foe (L)
5/20/40, Paris, Action Seesawing (L)
5/21/40, Paris, Germans Slowed
5/22/40, Paris, Weygand on Battlefield
5/23/40, Paris, Battle is Raging (L)
5/24/40, Paris, Allies Make Gains (L)
5/25/40, Paris, French in Attacks (L)
5/26/40, Paris, Paris Claims Toll
5/27/40, Paris, 4 Attacks Launched (L)
5/28/40, Paris, Allies Press Battle
5/29/40, Paris, Allies Take to Air (L)
5/30/40, Paris, Coast Fight Rages (L)
5/31/40, Paris, Retreat Orderly
6/1/40, Paris, End of Battle Near
6/2/40, Paris, French Hold River
6/3/40, Paris, Allies Stand Firm
6/4/40, Paris, New German Blow Awaited by Allies
6/6/40, Paris, 3 Drives Launched (L)
6/7/40, Paris, French Admit Loss (L)
6/8/40, Paris, Nazi Drive Intense (L)
6/9/40, Paris, Tanks Pierce Line (L)
6/10/40, Paris, Rouen is Reached (L)
6/14/40, Tours, France, Nazis Pour over Bridgeheads
6/15/40, Tours, France, French Note Lull
6/22/40, Bordeaux, France, “Fatal News” Awaited
6/25/40, Bordeaux, France, France to Mourn
7/13/40, Clermont-Ferrand, France, British ‘Hesitation’ Cited
9/23/40, Vichy, France, Daladier Testifies in War Guilt Court
11/6/40, Toulouse, France, Petain is Acclaimed in Southern France; Inspires Hope in Talks with Common Folk
11/8/40, Riom, France, No Date Yet Set for Trials at Riom
11/10/40, Vichy, France, New African Fight
12/16/40, Vichy, France, Ambition Caused Downfall
1/6/41, Vichy, France, Leahy Gets Gala Welcome at Vichy; Streets are Lighted for U.S. Envoy
1/20/41, Vichy, Petain Sees Laval in Railway Coach
2/4/41, Vichy, Petain Acquiesces (L)
2/6/41, Vichy, Price Laval Asks Too High for Vichy
2/8/41, Vichy, Moslem Influence Held With Britain
4/9/41, Toulon, France, Leahy Assures U.S. on Red Cross Food
6/4/41, Vichy, Weygand Consults with Vichy Cabinet as War Moves East (L)
6/9/41, Vichy, Big French Force is Ready in Syria
6/16/41, Vichy, Invaders Push On (L)
6/25/41, Vichy, Dentz Held Beaten (L)
6/28/41, Vichy, Soviet Tactics Studied
7/24/41, Vichy, Temporary Move Seen
7/25/41, Vichy, Vichy Justifies Indo-China Move
7/26/41, Vichy, Nazi Hand Indicated
7/29/41, Vichy, Nazis Ease Curbs on French Mails
8/8/41, Vichy, Weygand’s Role Deemed Growing
8/14/41, Vichy, Petain’s Appeal Held Misjudged
8/29/41, Vichy, 3 Frenchmen Guillotined; Purge of Anti-Nazis Begins
10/27/41, Vichy, Stay is Expected in French Killings
10/29/41, Vichy, Strain on Nazis Grows in Russia
11/18/41, Vichy, Speed in Axis Deal is Denied by Vichy
1/16/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi ‘Defense’ Significant
1/21/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi ‘Winter Line’ Key to War Issues
1/30/42, Berne, Switzerland, Labor Continues Big Nazi Problem
2/2/42, Berne, Switzerland, Test Seen Soon of Red Strength
2/24/42, Vichy, France, Important Rulings Due at Riom Today
3/16/42, Berne, Switzerland, Axis Food Battle Surges in Europe
4/9/42, Berne, Switzerland, Material Massed for Soviet Battle
5/16/42, Berne, Switzerland, Line Stabilization is Seen in Russia
6/14/42, Berne, Switzerland, Free French Face Nazi Death Threat
1/26/43, Berne, Switzerland, Move Linked to Axis Defeats
1/30/43, Berne, Switzerland, 25 Nazis Wounded by Bomb in Lyon
4/4/43, Berne, Switzerland, Fortress of Europe Prepares to Stan Siege (W)
4/11/43, Berne, Switzerland, Europe Trying to Guess How Invasion Will Come (W)
5/11/43, Berne, Switzerland, Fears of Axis Rise
5/12/43, Berne, Switzerland, ‘Fortress’ Facing Test
6/27/43, Berne, Switzerland, French Peasants Flout Vichy Rule
7/5/43, Berne, Switzerland, Vichy Emphasizes Antagonism to U.S.
11/22/43, Berne, Switzerland, Petain Remains Secluded in Vichy
12/27/43, Berne, Switzerland, Rommel to Strive for French Chaos
1/10/44, Berne, Switzerland, Western Europe Ready for Attack
8/2/44, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Moving Wounded en Masse
8/10/44, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Admit They are Hated
12/16/44, Paris, Caprices in Purge Disturbing France
12/20/44, Paris, Parachuted Spies Linked to Big Push
12/25/44, Paris, French Conclude Vote Registration
1/8/45, Paris, Black Market Thrives in France as Rackets within Rackets Flourish with Gang Tactics
1/10/45, Paris, Three Frenchmen Lynched in Prison
1/12/45, Paris, France Sentences Three FFI Officers
1/19/45, Paris, 350 French Women Storm Sugar Mill

Armstrong, Hamilton Fish
5/28/40, Paris, Editor Asks Unstinted U.S. Aid for France; Planes, Food and Medicine Immediate Needs

Arnot, Charles P.
7/24/44, Aboard United States Invasion Flagship, off Guam, Americans Beat Off Foe
7/28/44, Aboard Invasion Flagship, off Guam, ‘Banzai’ on Orote

Arvad, Inga
7/14/43, Willkie Wins Stalin’s Help for Cupid; Soviet Lifts Ban on U.S. Writer’s Romance

Atkinson, Brooks
9/26/41, Groucho Marx Confirms the Rumor that His Knock-About Team of Foolish Brothers has Broken Up for Good – To Act in Own Show Smooth Shaven (C)
4/25/42, Victor Moore, Bill Gaxton, Hildegarde and the Hartmans in a New Variety Show
11/25/42, Somewhere in Africa, With Alarm Clock and but 4 Cents, the Sergeant Soars Away to War
12/11/42, A United States Army Air Base in Central China, General Chennault is Optimistic on China’s Prospects of Victory
12/15/42, At a United States Army Base, in Central China, Writer in Bomber’s Nose Finds Raid Pleasant as a Tennis Batch
1/11/43, Chungking, China, Stilwell is Eager for the Offensive
1/17/43, Chungking, Transport is Key to China’s Future (W)
1/29/43, Chungking, T.V. Soong Praises Casablanca Talks
3/4/43, At a United States Air Base in South China, American Bombers Fail in Hunt to Silence Lone Japanese Gunner
4/2/43, Paoshan, China, Our Burma Bombs Gave Indians Glee
5/2/43, At a United States Air Base in Southern China, Fourteenth Air Force Men in South China are ‘Hopping Mad’ at News of Coal Tie-Up
5/6/43, A United States Air Base in Southern China, Big U.S. Bombers in Action in China
5/21/43, Chungking, Waning Confidence Reported in Japan
5/23/43, Chungking, Huge Loot Seized by Japan’s Forces
5/24/43, Chungking, Chungking is Calm as Usual in Alert
5/30/43, Chungking, China’s War Strength Put to Severest Test (W)
6/1/43, Chungking, Chungking’s Anxiety Lessens
6/6/43, Chungking, Chinese Give New Proof of Power in Offensive (W)
6/8/43, Chungking, All Chungking Takes Half Holiday for Dragon Boats Race on River
7/24/43, Chungking, Chinese Answers Military Analyst
8/1/43, Chungking, Heat in Chungking is Likened to Hell
8/17/43, Chungking, China Communists Firm in Demands
8/20/43, Chungking, Chungking’s Mood Kindles New Hope
9/10/43, Chungking, Tokyo Impressed with U.S. Air Might
10/7/43, At the United States Air Base in Southern China, U.S. Air Strength in China Grows but a Gigantic Force is Needed
11/20/43, Foochow, China, Wang Troops Seen Turning to Chiang
11/30/43, Foochow, Foochow Smuggles with Pirates’ Aid
12/7/43, Foochow, China, Treaty-Port Life Wanes in Foochow
3/17/44, Chungking, No Revolt is Seen in Japanese Gloom
3/28/44, Chungking, China, Embassy in China to Have Own Home
4/1/44, Chungking, China, Chinese Sees End of Long Blockade
4/27/44, Chungking, China, China to Fight On, Official Promises
5/16/44, With the Chinese Expeditionary Force, on the Salween Front, Salween Crossed
5/17/44, Headquarters, Chinese Expeditionary Force, Chinese Seize Two Towns
5/19/44, Headquarters of the Chinese Expeditionary Force, Salween Front, Tatangtzu Fight Bitter
5/30/44, Headquarters of the Chinese Expeditionary Force, Chinese Won Glory in Salween Battle
6/7/44, Pitsi Ferry on Salween River, A Historic Crossing
6/8/44, Chinese Expeditionary Force Headquarters, Burma Road Cut, Isolating Enemy
6/15/44, With the Chinese Army, on the Salween River, Chinese Use Old Artillery
7/3/44, An Advanced Command Post, on the Salween Front, Foe on Peak Still Firm
7/9/44, Headquarters of United States Y Force, GI’s with Chinese See War at Worst
7/10/44, Headquarters, Chinese Expeditionary Force, Foe’s Losses High on Salween Front
8/2/44, Kweilin, China, Fate of Hengyang Called Uncertain
8/4/44, Kweilin, China, Chinese in Kweilin Unruffled by Specter of Approaching War
9/9/44, Chungking, China, Big Force Aims at Kweilin
9/15/44, Chungking, China, China Fails to Win Accord with Reds
10/6/44, Yenan, China, Yenan, a Chinese Wonderland City on 3 Kinds of Time, Has One Clock
10/31/44, Long Schism Seen
12/7/44, Yenan, China, Chinese Red Chief Asks New Tactics

10/14/38, London, Reich would Bind Britain to Inferiority in Air Force
2/23/39, London, Hitler Conveys to Chamberlain Pained Surprise at British Arming
5/4/39, London, Polish Issue Stressed
5/21/39, London, Russian Aid Expected if Germany Opens War (W)
8/11/39, London, Reich Aim to Get Hungary Now Seen
8/21/39, London, Four Reich Submarines Reported En Route to Attack Martinique
9/15/39, London, Stalin Triumph Seen in Nazi Pact; Vast Concessions Made by Hitler
11/3/39, London, Nazi Winter Drive in West Foreseen
11/22/39, London, British Regard Hitler as Outlaw Who has Broken All Rules of War
4/16/40, London, London Hears Nazi Plot to Kidnap Dutch Queen
10/23/40, London, Weygand Held Tricked by Nazis to Agree to France’s Surrender

Axelsson, George
6/18/39, Antwerp, 907 Refugees End Voyage in Antwerp
1/20/40, Stockholm, Sweden More Optimistic
2/22/40, Helsinki, Snow Brings a Respite to Finland; Red Drive Lags, Air Raids Dwindle
2/24/40, Helsinki, Viborg Holds Out
2/25/40, Helsinki, Reds Hurled Back at Some Points as Isthmus Defense is Stiffened
2/27/40, Helsinki, Viborg ‘Key’ Taken
2/28/40, Helsinki, Reds Pound Viborg Islands
2/29/40, Helsinki, Finns Bomb Gulf Objectives
3/2/40, Helsinki, City Not Yet Lost, Finns Say
3/3/40, Helsinki, Ladoga Tank Unit Crushed
3/4/40, Helsinki, Finns Still Claim Viborg
3/5/40, Helsinki, Finns Remain in Viborg
3/6/40, Helsinki Finns Repulse Attack on Gulf Ice; 100 Die as Rusians Bomb Hospital
3/8/40, Helsinki, Finns Stand Firm (L)
3/9/40, Helsinki, Finns Repulse Foe in the Viborg Zone
3/11/40, Helsinki, Finns Remain Skeptical
3/12/40, Helsinki, Helsinki Cemetery Bombed
3/13/40, Helsinki, Shock in Helsinki
3/14/40, Helsinki, ‘Nation Too Small’ (L)
4/6/40, Berlin, Airmen Seen Blasting Polish Cities in Film Shown in Berlin and Rome
4/22/40, Berlin, Germans Stress Gains
5/6/40, Berlin, Berlin Sees ‘End’ of Britain at Sea
5/10/10, Berlin, Ribbentrop Charges Allies Plotted with the Lowlands
5/11/40, Berlin, Border Resistance Broken, Nazis Say
5/12/40, Berlin, Berlin Lists Gains (L)
5/13/40, Berlin, Reach Dutch Coast
5/14/40, Berlin, Nazis Claim Liege
5/15/40, Berlin, Nazis Bomb Ships as Armies Push On
5/16/40, Berlin, Berlin Lists Gains
5/17/40, Berlin, Nazi Claims Mild
5/18/40, Berlin, Nazis Report Rout (L)
5/19/40, Berlin, Nazis Race for Sea
5/20/40, Berlin, Nazis Add to Gains
5/21/40, Berlin, Nazis Claim Laon (L)
5/22/40, Berlin, 500,000 ‘Isolated’ (L)
5/23/40, Berlin, Nazi Claims Mild; Push Slows Down
5/24/40, Berlin, Berlin Says Gains are Made Slowly
5/25/40, Berlin, Fighting in Ghent
5/26/40, Berlin, Ring is Tightened (L)
5/28/40, Berlin, Nazis Drive Wedge
5/29/40, Berlin, Nazi Thrusts Gain
5/30/40, Berlin, Nazis Tighten Trap
5/31/40, Berlin, Nazis Praise B.E.F.
6/5/40, With the German Army in Belgium, Dunkerque Siege a ‘Hell’s Concert’
6/16/40, Berlin, Reich Flag Raised over Versailles
6/17/40, Berlin, Nazis Closing Trap on Fortified Zone
7/24/40, Berlin, Nazis are Infuriated by Halifax; Threaten an Immediate Invasion
7/29/40, Berlin, Attack Intensified (L)
8/2/40, Berlin, Hanover is Bombed (L)
9/12/40, Paris, Paris Sees Doriot Seeking Vichy Role
11/3/41, Berlin, Advance in South
11/4/41, Berlin, New ‘Dunkerque’ Seen by Germans in Crimea Drive
11/5/41, Berlin, Port Near Kerch Claimed by Nazis in Crimean Push
11/6/41, Berlin, New Nazi Thrust Parcels Crimea
11/7/41, Berlin, Germans Report Capture of Tula
11/8/41, Berlin, Nazis Find Task in Crimea Stiff
11/9/41, Berlin, Nazis Claim Gain in Drive on Kerch
11/12/41, Berlin, Germans Reticent (L)
11/13/41, Berlin, Nazis Claim Grip at Kerch Straits
11/14/41, Berlin, Nazis Report Kerch is Menaced in Drive Up Coast of Vital Strait
11/15/41, Berlin, Nazis Admit Raid on Eastern Reich
11/16/41, Berlin, Malaya Damage Claimed by Nazis
11/18/41, Berlin, Nazis Take Kerch, Aim at Caucasus; Repulsed at Tula
11/19/41, Berlin, Nazis Spur Push as Roads Harden
11/20/41, Berlin, New Nazi Drives Test Soviet Line
11/22/41, Berlin, Twin Nazi Drives Claim Progress
11/23/41, Berlin, Germans Pushing Southward Drive
11/29/41, Berlin, Lag in Nazi Push is Seen in Berlin
12/4/41, Berlin, Hard-Won Gains Claimed by Nazis
12/8/41, Berlin, Axis on Defensive over Soviet Front
2/10/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Todt’s Death Seen as Help to Goering
3/17/42, Stockholm, Sweden, List and Staff in Helsinki
3/20/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Suez Viewed as Objective
4/5/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Hitler Exploits Fears of the German People(W)
5/5/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Bomb Toll Goes Up
5/22/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Phone Ban Caused by Goering Speech
6/4/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Havoc in Essen Bad as Cologne; Rescue Trains Off to Bombed Cities
6/7/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Shock of Big Air Raids Felt Throughout Reich (W)
6/14/42, Stockholm, Sweden, 258 Jews Reported Slain in Berlin for Bomb Plot at Anti-Red Exhibit
6/20/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Hitler Expected to Tell of Losses in Speech on Invasion Anniversary
7/19/42, Stockholm, Sweden, ‘V Armies’ Cut Down Nazi Strength (W)
8/19/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazis to Move Farbenindustrie to Norway from Region Heavily Bombed by the British
9/23/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Von Bock’s Recall in Row Indicated
10/7/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazis Kill 10 Hostages in Norway after Proclaiming an Emergency
12/27/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazi Plan to Levy Troops Reported
12/28/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Workers in Rich Called Apathetic
1/17/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Goebbels ‘Explains’ Reverses (W)
2/15/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Close Race Seen in Finnish Voting
3/29/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazis Execute 3 Munich Students for Writing Anti-Hitler Pamphlets
4/5/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Saboteurs Smash Frankfort Bridge
4/18/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazi Slur Stirred Students’ Revolt
6/30/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Cathedral Ruined, Germans Assert
7/1/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin Evacuation Reported Planned
7/14/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin Concedes Allied Victories
7/24/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazis Scent Blow at Danish Jutland
7/30/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Wild Rejoicing in Rome’s Streets Hailed End of Mussolini Regime
8/2/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin Evacuation Ordered; Hamburg’s Fate Stirs Fears
8/30/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Martial Law Set (L)
10/6/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Germany Painted as Land of Gloom
11/14/43, Stockholm, Sweden, ‘Suicide’ Air Units in Reich Reported
11/24/43, Stockholm, Sweden, ‘Doomsday’ Scene in Berlin Painted
11/25/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Zoo Animals Roam Berlin Streets; Heat of Fires Fells Pedestrians
12/20/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Goebbels Charges 2 with Defeatism
1/9/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin Disquiet Gains under Red Army Blows (W)
2/6/44, Stockholm, Sweden, ‘Whispering Campaign’ Prods German Morale (W)
2/15/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Russo-Finnish Talks Set; Terms Held Not Too Harsh
2/21/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Finnish Diplomats Return to Helsinki
2/23/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm Bombed in Mystery Blow
3/14/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Russia Said to Bar Finns’ Peace Offer
3/21/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazis Stage Coup (L)
4/27/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Swedes Fear Nazi Blow
6/4/44, Stockholm, Germans Steel Themselves for the Invasion (W)
6/28/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Finns Stay in War; Nazis Taking Over
6/29/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazis Win Control in Finland by Coup
7/15/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Nazi Plan to Yield Baltic is Reported
7/20/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Himmler Hinted as Boss of Army
7/21/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden Foresees ‘Himmler Terror’
7/23/44, Stockholm, Himmler’s Power Grows by Events in Germany (W)
7/29/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Most German Amusements End; Low Living Standard is Ordered
8/10/44, Stockholm, Sweden, All Seats for Allies’ Pars March Reported Sold Out by Black Market
8/11/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Germans Taking Troops Out of Finland as Peace Looms There, Washington Hears
8/27/44, Stockholm, Nazis Keep Repeating Claims for V-2 Weapon (W)
9/11/44, Goeteborg, Sweden, Spirit of Revolt Reported in Reich
10/22/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Germans Seen as Robots in Hands of Nazi Chiefs (W)
11/3/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Estonia Reported Sovietized
12/23/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin Skeptical of Vaunted Drive
1/20/45, Stockholm, Sweden, New Nazi Rockets Fly over Sweden
1/31/45, Stockholm, Sweden, Berlin Reported Preparing Fight Under Goebbels Against Russians

Bager, Brita
11/26/43, Stockholm, Sweden, Hitler’s Collapse Held Still Remote

Baldwin, Hanson W.
12/11/38, Big Armament Program to Go Before Congress (W)
4/14/39 Sea Power and Air Power Contend for the Control of a Continent (W)
4/24/39, Air Power Tries Again in a War on Sea Power (W)
5/21/39, Steel Rings Change War Strategy (W)
5/25/39, Portsmouth, N.H., Rescue Bell Jams (L)
5/26/39, Portsmouth, N.H., Swiftly Engulfed (L)
8/2/39, Wright Field, Dayton, Oh., Huge Army Plane Sets Speed Mark
8/27/39, First Army Headquarters, Plattsburg, N.Y., Serious Deficiences in the Army are Revealed in Plattsburg Games
9/4/39, First War Forces Relatively Small
9/7/39, Nazi Army’s Speed Seen as a Surprise
9/10/39, German Gains in Poland Add to Task of Allies (W)
10/1/39, U-Boat Score is Cut by Convoy of Ships (W)
10/2/39, New Data Clarify Westwall Layout
10/22/39, “The Defense of Britain,” by Liddell Hart (B)
11/7/39, 7 Invasion Routes Indicated in West
11/12/39, Low Countries Attack a Gamble for Germany (W)
12/10/39, Russia Gives New Turn to Course of the War (W)
12/17/39, Naval Batle Lifts Tempo of the War (W)
12/23/39, Move May Be Routine
1/7/40, Hore-Belisha Fall Linked to Tactics
1/7/40, Factors are Forming to End War Deadlock (W)
1/14/40, Big Defense Problem is in Lap of Congress (W)
2/18/40, Red Drive Ushers In New Phase in Finland (W)
2/25/40 Army and Navy Map Record War Games
3/10/40A Navy Second to None, by George T. Davis (B)
4/14/40, Armada of the Skies (NY Times Magazine)
4/21/40, Campaign in Norway Nears its First Climax (W)
5/1/40, German Gains Laid to Air Superiority
5/4/40, The Norway Retreat (C)
5/5/40, Battleship and Bomb (C)
5/5/40, Can Germany be Stopped? Lessons of the War (W)
5/8/40, Britain’s Air Arm (C)
5/11/40, Meeting the Invasion (C)
5/12/40, Hitler Strikes for Quick Victory (W)
5/13/40, German Army Tactics (C)
5/15/40, Battle of the Meuse (C)
5/16/40, The Decisive Factors (C)
5/17/40, French Army Tactics (C)
5/18/40, A Second Marne? (C)
5/19/40, Meeting Tank Attacks (C)
5/23/40, The Nazi Fuel Problem (C)
5/24/40, Allies Strike at Pincers (C)
5/25/40, Railroads in the War (C)
5/26/40, The Decisive Hour? (C)
5/29/40, The Allies Lose a Battle (C)
5/30/40, A Fight to the Death (C)
5/31/40, They Have Not Died in Vain (C)
6/1/40, The Influence of Air Power (C)
6/2/40, If Italy Fights (C)
6/3/40, The Poles Fight Again (C)
6/5/40, Terrain of Western Front (C)
6/6/40,The New German Bid (C)
6/7/40, Anti-tank Defense Used in World War
6/8/40, Struggle for a Ridge (C)
6/9/40, Factors which Count in ‘Battle of France’ (W)
6/11/40, Italy Enters the War (C)
6/12/40, Mediterranean Strategy (C)
6/14/40, If Paris Falls (C)
6/15/40, Can the British Help? (C)
6/16/40, Can the French Fight On? (C)
6/17/40, North Africa (C)
6/19/40, Can Britain Win? (C)
6/21/40, British and Nazi Planes (C)
6/23/40,The German Gains (C)
6/23/40, The Battle of Britain; How Will it be Fought? (W)
6/24/40, What Air Raids Mean (C)
6/26/40, Sea Power Uncertainties (C)
6/28/40, British and Nazi Armies (C)
7/3/40,Trouble in the Balkans (C)
7/5/40, The Balance of Power at Sea (C)
7/7/40, The Battle of Britain Still is in First Phase (W)
7/8/40, The Toll of Casualties
7/10/40, Washington, Blockade of Britain (C)
7/12/40, Washington, The Battle of Bombs (C)
7/13/40, Washington, Engine Bottleneck Slows Planes for Britain; 70 to 100 Held up at Curtiss Buffalo Plant
7/14/40, Washington, Britain Under Siege (C)
7/15/40, Washington, Guns against Britain (C)
7/17/40, The Mediterranean War (C)
7/19/40, A Nazi Raider at Large? (C)
7/21/40, U.S. in Pacific Held to be Impregnable (W)
7/22/40, Gibraltar Still Formidable (C)
7/31/40, War Across the Channel (C)
8/4/40, Invasion or Atttrition? (C)
8/5/40, The Time Element (C)
8/6/40, With the First Army in the Field, Ogdensberg, N.Y., Troops Fill Up-State ‘War’ Area; Arms Shortage Stirs General Drum
8/7/40, With the First Army in the Field, Ogdensberg, N.Y., Units in ‘War’ Led by Green Officers
8/10/40, Headquarters of Air Defense Command of the First Army, Watertown, N.Y., Secret Plane Detector is Tested by Air Defense in Manoeuvres
8/12/40, With the Seventh Corps in the Field, Little Falls, Minn., ‘Enemy Forces’ Move in Mock War; 36,000 Take Part in Minnesota
8/17/40, Camp Beauregard, La., Battle of Britain Near Peak (C)
8/18/40, Camp Beauregard, La., Britain Looks to Balkans (C)
8/19/40, Nazi Purpose Seen as Air Supremacy
8/20/40, Somaliland Evacuation (C)
8/21/40, Britain’s Air Defense (C)
8/22/40, Tactics of Defense (C)
8/23/40, Long Range Guns (C)
8/25/40, The Weakness of Greece (C)
8/25/40, Campaign of Britain Entering a Third Phase (W)
8/26/40, Britain’s Balloon Barrage (C)
8/28/40, Bombers Widen War Havoc (C)
8/30/40, The War of Bombs (C)
9/1/40, First Year of ‘Totalitarian War’ has Taught New Type of Strategy (W)
9/2/40, The Defense of Britain (C)
9/6/40, War of Attrition? (C)
9/8/40, The Mosquito Fleets (C)
9/11/40, Weakness is Seen in Moves by Nazis
9/12/40, Prelude to Invasion? (C)
9/13/40, The Drive by the Axis (C)
9/15/40, Arming of the Nation is Now in Full Swing (W)
9/16/40, Air-Raid Shelters (C)
9/18/40, Desert Warfare in Africa (C)
9/19/40, The Influence of Weather (C)
9/20/40, The Egyptian Terrain (C)
9/22/40, War Theatre Expands as Britain Holds Fast (W)
9/23/40, The War Use of Gas (C)
10/2/40, The Need for Pilots (C)
10/4/40, New Plane Types (C)
10/9/40, Moves in the Balkans (C)
10/16/40, The Far Eastern Problem (C)
10/18/40, The Winter War (C)
10/21/40, Defense of the West (C)
10/25/40, If Gibraltar is Attacked (C)
10/26/40, Strategy of Change (C)
10/29/40, Turning Point? (C)
10/30/40, Britain’s Difficulties
10/31/40, The Assault on Greece (C)
11/2/40, The Italian Planes (C)
11/3/40, Greeks Play Star Role in the Mediterranean (W)
11/7/40, Losses in Tonnage Serious to Britain
11/9/40, The Sea Raiders Strike
11/10/40, Japanese Withdrawal a Milestone in China (W)
11/14/40, Britain’s Fleet Strikes (C)
11/15/40, Washington, Italians Must Try Again (C)
11/17/40, Washington, Both Sides Strike Hard in a Grim War at Sea (W)
11/19/40, Washington, The War Tomorrow (C)
11/22/40, San Antonio, Tex., British Need Bombers (C)
11/26/40, Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga., 259 Tanks Slither over Georgia Mud
11/27/40, Fort Benning, Ga., The Italo-Greek War (C)
12/1/40, Washington, Goal of 40,000 Planes by 1942 Seems Too High (W)
12/2/40, Washington, Marines Creating New Striking Units
12/6/40, The Amazing Greeks (C)
12/7/40, Italy’s Difficulties (C)
12/8/40, War is Becoming a Race for Victory at Sea (W)
12/13/40, British on the March (C)
1/8/41, Washington, Engine Shortage for Navy’s Planes to Last 18 Months
1/9/41, The Italian Defeats (C)
1/16/41, Nazis in Mediterranean (C)
1/19/41, War’s Climactic Phase May Come in the Spring (W)
1/20/41, The Mediterranean Battle (C)
1/23/41, The Fall of Tobruk (C)
1/24/41, Types of Aerial Missiles (C)
1/26/41, New British Giant (C)
1/26/41, British Wearing Down Weak End of the Axis (W)
1/27/41, Tactics of Desperation (C)
1/30/41, British Air Fighters (C)
1/31/41, Events on Two Fronts (C)
2/3/41, An Old Sea Fighter Returns (C)
2/5/41, Invasion in Reverse? (C)
2/7/41, Our Men Under Arms (C)
2/8/41, A Startling Conquest (C)
2/9/41, Japan Moves Warily Toward Her New Goal (W)
2/10/41, An Air Offensive? (C)
2/13/41, Desert Fighters (C)
2/16/41, Our Gibraltar in the Pacific (NY Times Magazine)
2/24/41, Puzzle of the Balkans (C)
2/26/41, The Menace at Sea (C)
2/28/41, African War Unfolds (C)
3/2/41, Bulgaria is Taken Over (C)
3/6/41, The World’s Navies (C)
3/7/41, Germans in Libya (C)
3/9/41, The Planes of Britain, Part I (C)
3/9/41, Top Soldier of America’s New Army (NY Times Magazine)
3/10/41, The Planes of Britain, Part II (C)
3/12/41, Britain’s Burden at Sea (C)
3/14/41, Washington, The Balkan Puzzle (C)
3/17/41, Washington, Balkans on the Brink (C)
3/19/41, Washington, Britain’s Need for Ships (C)
3/21/41, Washington, The German Strategy (C)
3/23/41, Washington, ‘Bridge of Ships’ to Britain a Vital Factor in War (W)
3/24/41, Trail of the Raiders (C)
3/27/41, The Yugoslav Surrender (C)
3/28/41, Upset in the Balkans (C)
3/30/41, Yugoslav Coup Points to New Phase of War (W)
4/2/41, Italian Pride Shrinks Again (C)
4/4/41, A Mountain Fortress (C)
4/7/41, The Great Gamble (C)
4/8/41, The Opening Balkan Battle (C)
4/9/41, Nazis Repeating Tactics (C)
4/10/41, Navy Commissions Mightiest Warship
4/10/41, A Mountain Blitzkrieg (C)
4/11/41, The British Position (C)
4/12/41, Strategy in Greece (C)
4/13/41, Nazis Make Their Bid for Near East Victory (W)
4/14/41, The Aspect of Rumanian Oil (C)
4/15/41, The Threat to Suez (C)
4/16/41, Prologue in Egypt (C)
4/17/41, The Influence of Sea Power (C)
4/19/41, Gambles for High Stakes (C)
4/20/41, Germany Makes Gains in First Spring Moves (W)
4/22/41, The War at Sea – II (C)
4/23/41, The War at Sea – III (C)
4/24/41, The Greek Tragedy (C)
4/25/41, Hitler’s Next Move (C)
4/26/41, The Problem of Convoys (C)
4/27/41, Germany in a Position for Near East Thrust (W)
4/28/41, Balance Sheet in Greece (C)
4/29/41, The Pattern of Bombing (C)
4/30/41, A Battle for Crete? (C)
5/1/41, Moral Victory in Greece (C)
5/2/41, The Position of Britain (C)
5/3/41, New War Front in Iraq? (C)
5/4/41, Middle East Campaign Fought for Big Stakes (W)
5/5/41, The Battle of the Air (C)
5/6/41, New Terror in Old Weapons (C)
5/7/41, Three Vital war Issues (C)
5/10/41, The Great Question Mark (C)
5/12/41, The War in the Air (C)
5/14/41, The New Storm Gathers (C)
5/16/41, Tanks and Planes (C)
5/17/41, Wavell Reorganizes (C)
5/18/41, Storm in Middle East Seems About to Break (W)
5/19/41, Strategy of West Africa (C)
5/21/41, An Invasion Rehearsal? (C)
5/22/41, New Test for Air Power (C)
5/23/41, Crete Now in Balance (C)
5/24/41, The Nazi Sinking Claims (C)
5/25/41, The Fate of the Hood (C)
5/25/41, Air Power Makes Bid for First Place in War (W)
5/26/41, The Eastern Mediterranean (C)
5/27/41, The Aerial Torpedo (C)
5/28/41, End of the Bismarck (C)
5/29/41, A Strategic Pattern? (C)
5/30/41, The Atlantic Fleet Grows (C)
5/31/41, The Oil of Iraq (C)
6/1/41, Lessons of the Bismarck (C)
6/2/41, The Shipbuilding Emergency (C)
6/3/41, After Crete and Iraq (C)
6/4/41, Syria – Key to the East (C)
6/9/41, Battle for the Near East (C)
6/11/41, The Fight for Syria (C)
6/14/41, Washington, The Atlantic Struggle (C)
6/15/41, Washington, Time Factor in Syria (C)
War at Double Crisis (C)
6/18/41, Washington, No Easy Victory at Sea (C)
6/19/41, Washington, Army is Ordering Big Reserve of Planes, Tanks and ‘Anti’ Guns
6/20/41, Washington, Britain’s Losses at Sea (C)
6/23/41, Manchester, Tenn., German Strength Estimated
6/24/41, Field Headquarters, Second Army, Manchester, Tenn., Weak Points Seen in Battle of Tanks
6/25/41, Terrain Key to Strategy (C)
6/26/41, Claims in East Conflict (C)
6/27/41, Blitz Pattern Once More (C)
6/28/41, Soviet Tested at Minsk (C)
6/29/41, Army is Far Short of War Efficiency after Year Effort
6/29/41, Nazis Try the Blitz on Russians (W)
6/30/41, Nazi Gains Not Decisive (C)
7/2/41, Soviet Debacle is Seen (C)
7/3/41, Soviet Fleet Menaced (C)
7/5/41, Nazis Face Crucial Test (C)
7/6/41, Tactics of Blitzkrieg Shown on Vast Canvas (W)
7/7/41, The Nazis’ Rate of Speed (C)
7/8/41, Military Sideshows (C)
7/9/41, Iceland’s Occupation (C)
7/10/41, A White Flag in Syria (C)
7/11/41, Battle of the Behemoths (C)
7/12/41, Goals of Two Offensives (C)
7/13/41, Germans Try their Greatest Coup (W)
7/14/41, German River Tactics (C)
7/15/41, Toward ‘Shooting’ War (C)
7/16/41, Invasion’s Second Phase (C)
7/17/41, R.A.F. Counts Its Gains (C)
7/18/41, Russia in the Crucible (C)
7/20/41, Hitler is Slowed Up by Russian Resistance (W)
7/20/41, American in Arms: The Experience of the United States with Military Organization, by Brig. Gen. John McAuley Palmer, U.S.A. (Retired). (B)
7/21/41, Potential U.S. Bases (C)
7/22/41, Potential U.S. Bases-II (C)
7/23/41, Potential U.S. Bases-III (C)
7/24/41, Japan’s Military Moves (C)
7/25/41, Washington, ‘Pockets’ Retard Nazis (C)
7/26/41, Washington, Japan Gets in Position (C)
7/27/41, Washington, Japan Takes a Fateful Step in Eastern Asia (W)
7/28/41, Russia’s Fight in the Air (C)
7/29/41, Winter Looms as Red Ally (C)
7/30/41, Britain is Gaining at Sea (C)
7/31/41, Far Eastern Tinderbox (C)
8/1/41, The War in Russia – I (C)
8/2/41, The War in Russia – II (C)
8/3/41, The War in Russia – III (C)
8/4/41, War at Sea and in Air (C)
8/5/41, The Russian Winter (C)
8/6/41, British Lead in the Air (C)
8/7/41, New Phase in Russia? (C)
8/8/41, Japan is Eying Siberia (C)
8/9/41, Analyis of War Claims (C)
8/10/41, World Problems Weigh on Britain and the U.S. (W)
8/11/41, Casualties in Russia - I (C)
8/12/41, Casualties in Russia - II (C)
8/13/41, Darlan’s Axis ‘Victory’ (C)
8/14/41, Vichy ‘Chooses Sides’ (C)
8/15/41, What Aid for Russians? (C)
8/16/41, Twofold Allied Program (C)
8/17/41, Longer Army Service Acts as Spur to Reform (W)
8/18/41, The Russian Infantry (C)
8/20/41, Middle East Situation (C)
8/22/41, Russia’s Steel Cavalry (C)
8/24/41, The War at Sea-I (C)
8/25/41, The War at Sea-II (C)
8/26/41, Middle East Strategy (C)
8/27/41, Russian Winter Nears (C)
8/29/41, ‘Two-Front’ War in Air (C)
9/1/41, Aboard U.S.S. North Carolina at Sea, ‘Two-Front’ War in Air
9/2/41, Two Years of War-I (C)
9/3/41, Two Years of War-II (C)
9/4/41, Two Years of War-III (C)
9/5/41, Russian Campaign-I (C)
9/6/41, Russian Campaign-II (C)
9/7/41, Our Atlantic Defenses Expand Vastly in Year (W)
9/8/41, Winter in Russia (C)
9/9/41, Germany’s Oil Supply (C)
9/10/41, Washington, Russian Guerrillas’ Role (C)
9/11/41, Washington, Spitsbergen as a Symbol (C)
9/12/41, Washington, ‘Fluid’ Russian Front (C)
9/13/41, Charlottesville, Va., Japan is Still a Problem (C)
9/14/41, New Orleans, Army’s Shake-Up Gets Under Way
9/15/41, Headquarters, Third Army, Lake Charles, La., Gale Holds Back War Game Start
9/16/41, Field Headquarters, Third Army, Lake Charles, La., Tragedy Marks Army Field Game
9/17/41, Field Headquarters, Third Army, Lake Charles, La., Red River ‘War’ Hangs in Balance
9/18/41, Field Headquarters, Third Army, Lake Charles, La., ‘Chutists’ Drop into War Game
9/19/41, Field Headquarters, 3D Army, Lake Charles, Headlong Clash by Two Big Armies
9/20/41, Field Headquarters, Third Army, Lake Charles, La., Invaders Crush ‘Reds’ in South
9/21/41, Lake Charles, La., Hard Russian Campaign Brings Many Surprises (W)
9/21/41, The Navy Clears for Action(NY Times Magazine)
9/22/41, Lake Charles, La., Army Planes Flee Hurricane Peril as Troops Shift for New Tactics
9/23/41, Shreveport, La., Bombers Thrill War Game Troops
9/24/41, General Headquarters, Camp Polk, La., Says War Games Show Two Flaws
9/25/41, Field Headquarters, Second Army, Somewhere in Louisiana, Storm Increases War Game Risks
9/28/41, Field Headquarters of the Second Army, Shreveport, La., Forces in ‘Battle’ Near Shreveport
9/28/41, Shreveport, La., Manoeuvres Show Army’s Faults and Virtures (W)
9/29/41, Field Headquarters, Second Army, Shreveport, La., War Games Over; Blues Near Goal
9/30/41, Shreveport, La., War Games Show Army Still Lags
10/1/41, Shreveport, La., M’Nair Deplores ‘Weak Discipline’
10/3/41, Fort Benning, Ga., The Needs of Russia (C)
10/8/41, Washington, Hitler’s Big Push (C)
10/10/41, ‘The Decisive Battle’ (C)
10/12/41, Hitler Goes ‘All-Out’ to Beat the Russians (W)
10/13/41, Hazards Against Invasion (C)
10/14/41, The Arming of Our Ships (C)
10/15/41, Nazi Strategy at Moscow (C)
10/16/41, Germans Still Moving (C)
10/18/41, World Climax Nearer (C)
10/19/41, Hitler Has Won Much but Not All in Russia (W)
10/20/41, U.S. Maps Vast War Aid (C)
10/21/41, Middle East Clash Looms (C)
10/22/41, Russia’s Will to Fight (C)
10/23/41, South Atlantic Guard (C)
10/24/41, Germans Edge Forward (C)
10/26/41, New Turn May Be at Hand in the War at Sea (W)
10/26/41, Our Own Skytroops (NY Times Magazine) 10/27/41, Sea Power is Dominant (C)
10/29/41, Middle East Strategy (C)
10/31/41, Middle East Stage Set (C)
11/5/41, British in Middle East (C)
11/12/41, Progress on U.S. ‘Front’ (C)
11/19/41, Washington, Nazis Suffer Defeats (C)
11/22/41, Montgomery, Ala., Britain’s ‘Second Front’ (C)
11/23/41, Camden, S.C., Winter Balks Nazi Plan for an Early Knockout (W)
11/24/41, Spartanburg, S.C., The Progress in Libya (C)
11/28/41, Field Headquarters of the First Army, Somewhere in the Carolinas, War Game Tanks Locked in ‘Battle’
11/29/41, Field Headquarters, First Army, Wingate, N.C., War Games Halt in the Carilinas
11/30/41, Struggle for Moscow Crucial Point of War (W)
12/1/41, Monroe, N.C., Sees Big Losses for Army in War
12/1/41, Washington, Japan’s Eyes on Libya (C)
12/5/41, History at Rostov (C)
12/7/41, Big Forces are Massed for Showdown in Pacific (C)
12/8/41, War of the World (C)
12/9/41, Japan’s War Pattern (C)
12/10/41, Winter Tips War Scales (C)
12/11/41, Air Power Pacific Key (C)
12/12/41, Japanese Begin to Pay (C)
12/13/41, Philippines Delaying Foe (C)
12/14/41, War Must be Fought on Two World Fronts (W)
12/15/41, The War After a Week (C)
12/16/41, Reich’s New Air Defense (C)
12/17/41, The Threat to Singapore (C)
12/18/41, The Events at Hawaii-I (C)
12/19/41, The Events at Hawaii-II (C)
12/20/41, The Events at Hawaii-III (C)
12/21/41, The Events at Hawaii-IV (C)
12/21/41, Japanese Gain Quick Successes in Far-Flung War of the Pacific (W)
12/22/41, Plight of Hong Kong Force (C)
12/23/41, Home Defense Problems (C)
12/24/41, Germany Tastes Defeat-I (C)
12/25/41, Germany Tastes Defeat-II (C)
12/26/41, The Philippines-I (C)
12/27/41, The Philippines-II (C)
12/28/41, Battle of Philippines a Struggle for Time (W)
12/29/41, Three Weeks in Pacific (C)
12/30/41, Germans’ War Potential (C)
12/31/41, What Navy is Doing (C)
1/1/42, Corregidor’s Value to Manila (C)
1/2/42, Air Power Wins Again (C)
1/3/42, A War We Can Lose (C)
1/4/42, Grand Strategy of World War Covers Action on Two Vast Fronts (W)
1/5/42, The Battle for Luzon (C)
1/6/42, A Heartening Sign (C)
1/7/42, The German Retreat (C)
1/8/42, Libya and Sea War (C)
1/9/42, Threat to Singapore (C)
1/10/42, Singapore Crisis Near (C)
1/12/42, The Enemy Drive against Singapore (C)
1/14/42, The Japanese in Malaya (C)
1/15/42, The Varied War Picture (C)
1/16/42, U-Boats Off Our Coasts (C)
1/17/42, Crimea Bars Nazi Push (C)
1/18/42, Campaign in Far East Now at Critical Point (W)
1/19/42, Netherlands Indies-I (C)
1/20/42, Netherlands Indies-II (C)
1/21/42, Why Tankers are Sunk (C)
1/22/42, The Home Front-I (C)
1/23/42, The Home Front-II (C)
1/24/42, The Home Front-III (C)
1/26/42, War Approaches Crises in the Week (C)
1/27/42, Securing Orient Aid is Navy Job (C)
1/28/42, Naval Blows in Orient (C)
1/29/42, Pearl Harbor’s Lessons (C)
1/30/42, Toll of Capital Ships (C)
1/31/42, Singapore Crisis at Hand (C)
2/2/42, The Gains by the Japanese (C)
2/3/42, MacArthur Delaying Foe (C)
2/4/42, Prelude in the Snow (C)
2/5/42, Battle in Orient Crucial (C)
2/6/42, Thin Red Line of Empire (C)
2/7/42, Lessons of Winter War (C)
2/8/42, Japan is Making Most of Limited Air Strength (W)
2/9/42, Japan’s Bases in the Mandated Islands (C)
2/10/42, Assault on Singapore (C)
2/11/42, Washington, Artillery ‘King’ in Snow (C)
2/12/42, Washington, Defeat at Singapore (C)
2/13/42, Washington, U.S. Blimps Reply to U-Boats (C)
2/14/42, Washington, Unity of Command Needed (C)
2/15/42, Washington, 10 Weeks of Pacific War Show Japan Unchecked (W)
2/16/42, Washington, Naval Developments (C)
2/17/42, Threat to Suez Returns (C)
2/18/42, The Need for Reform-I (C)
2/19/42, The Need for Reform-II (C)
2/20/42, Our Strategy in the Pacific (C)
2/21/42, Britain’s Fighting Men (C)
2/22/42, Japanese Tide Flows to Three Big Fronts (W)
2/23/42, War Nears a Climax (C)
3/4/42, Outlook on Four Fronts of War (C)
3/6/42, India Takes the Spotlight (C)
3/8/42, Four Continents Become Vital Battlegrounds in War of the World (W)
3/9/42, The War on U-Boats (C)
3/11/42, Washington, World Battle Variants (C)
3/13/42, Storm Rises Off Norway (C)
3/15/42, Battle of the Java Sea (C)
3/15/42, U.S. Army, Navy Staffs Streamlined for Action (W)
3/16/42, Crucial Spring is Near in Russia (C)
3/18/42, MacArthur of Australia (C)
3/20/42, Total Effort for Victory (C)
3/22/42, Defense of Australia is an Air-and-Sea Task (W)
3/23/42, The Middle East in Focus (C)
3/25/42, Washington, Air Raids on U.S.-I (C)
3/27/42, Washington, Air Raids on U.S.-II (C)
3/29/42, Washington, Japan’s War Advantage Based on Simpler Needs (W)
3/30/42, Washington, Australia and the War (C)
4/1/42, Our Army in the Making (C)
4/3/42, Crisis Nears in Bataan (C)
4/5/42, War at Sea Rises to a New Peak of Intensity (W)
4/5/42, We Can Win the War, IF- (NY Times Magazine)
4/6/42, A Decisive Stage of War (C)
4/7/42, The Battle for Burma (C)
4/8/42, Bataan’s Eleventh Hour (C)
4/9/42, Air Power in the War-I (C)
4/10/42, Bataan’s Epic of Valor (C)
4/11/42, Air Power in the War-II (C)
4/12/42, Offensive Actions by Both Axis and United Nations are Indicated (W)
4/13/42, Air Power in the War-III (C)
4/14/42, Need for a War Strategy (C)
4/15/42, Air Power in the War-IV (C)
4/16/42, Air Power in the War-V (C)
4/17/42, Ships and the War (C)
4/18/42, Is French Fleet Usable? (C)
4/20/42, Moral Effect of Raids (C)
4/21/42, Mystery in Tokyo Raid (C)
4/22/42, Importance of Burma (C)
4/23/42, Air Offensive in Euorpe (C)
4/24/42, Russia’s Ominous Lull (C)
4/25/42, Malta’s Epic Near Crisis (C)
4/26/42, Planes Herald the Coming Summer Offensive (W)
4/27/42, ‘Second Front’ Prospects (C)
4/29/42, Japan’s Peril from Air (C)
5/1/42, Madagascar’s Role (C)
5/3/42, Loss of Burma Means a Big Setback in Asia (W)
5/4/42, A Vital Month of War (C)
5/6/42, Problems at Madagascar (C)
5/7/42, End of Philippine Campaign (C)
5/8/42, Navy Scores on the Foe (C)
5/9/42, Battle in the Pacific (C)
5/10/42, The Coral Sea Battle (C)
5/13/42, Foe’s Next Blow Awaited (C)
5/15/42, Navy Bureau Shifts Reflect War’s Lessons on Carriers
5/17/42, Prelude to Big Battle is Sounded in Russia (W)
5/18/42, A Week of World War (C)
5/20/42, United Nations Problems (C)
5/21/42, The War at Sea-I (C)
5/22/42, The War at Sea-II (C)
5/24/42, German Drive and ‘Second Front’ Loom Larger (W)
5/25/42, Naval Changes in War (C)
5/27/42, Two Main War Problems (C)
5/29/42, War Plans Being Revised (C)
6/1/42, Doolittle’s Raid on Japan (C)
6/3/42, Portent of R.A.F. Raids (C)
6/4/42, Raids on Dutch Harbor Assessed (C)
6/5/42, War’s New Pacific Phase (C)
6/7/42, Japan Challenges Us to Battle for Pacific (W)
6/9/42, Midway ‘Surprise’ Failed (C)
6/10/42, The War in Libya (C)
6/11/42, The Air Offensive-I (C)
6/12/42, The Air Offensive-II (C)
6/13/42, Japan’s Fleet Hurt (C)
6/14/42, Our Naval Air Arm (C)
6/14/42, Crucial Summer Battles Flame on Russian Front (W)
6/15/42, The Air Offensive-III (C)
6/16/42, The Air Offensive-IV (C)
6/17/42, U.S. on New Air Front (C)
6/18/42, Ship Losses Serious (C)
6/19/42, Sevastopol Upsets Axis (C)
6/20/42, War Decisions Loom (C)
6/21/42, Rommel’s Libya Victory May Loose a New Drive (W)
6/22/42, Ships in U-Boat Fight (C)
6/23/42, British Defeat in Libya (C)
6/24/42, Aleutians as a Key (C)
6/26/42, The Battle of Egypt (C)
6/28/42, Germans’ Drive in Egypt Menace to Middle East (W)
6/29/42, Egypt Holds Spotlight (C)
6/30/42, The Battle of Egypt (C)
7/1/42, Threat to Egypt (C)
7/2/42, July is Critical Period for Allies, Axis (C)
7/3/42, The Battle of El Alamein (C)
7/4/42, Africa Hangs in the Balance (C)
7/5/42, Egypt Holds Fate of a Vital Area (W)
7/6/42, The Russian Campaign (C)
7/7/42, China After Five Years (C)
7/8/42, Three War Arenas Viewed as Crucial (C)
7/10/42, Mr. May’s Prediction (C)
7/12/42, Germans Make Headway in Gigantic Offensive (W)
7/13/42, Action Shifts in Battle for Egypt (C)
7/15/42, Arms in Battle of Egypt (C)
7/16/42, Midway Battle’s Lesson (C)
7/17/42, The Anti-Tank Gun (C)
7/18/42, Japanese Naval Losses (C)
7/19/42, Hitler Striking Hard to Knock Out Russia (W)
7/20/42, Artillery of the Air (C)
7/22/42, Washington, Leahy’s Role in War (C)
7/23/42, Russia’s Battle at Crisis (C)
7/24/42, Need for Toughness-I (C)
7/25/42, The Navy Bureau System (C)
7/26/42, ‘Second Front’ Areas Considered Possibilities (W)
7/27/42, Need for Toughness-II (C)
7/29/42, Red Army’s Crucial Test in Caucasus (C)
7/30/42, Need for Toughness-III (C)
7/31/42, Need for Toughness-IV (C)
8/1/42, Russia Still a Bulwark (C)
8/2/42, Air Raids Must Serve as Second Front Now (W)
8/3/42, Cargo Planes-I (C)
8/5/42, Cargo Planes-II (C)
8/6/42, Cargo Planes-III (C)
8/7/42, Cargo Planes-IV (C)
8/13/42, Fayetteville, N.C., Offensives in Solomons and Russia (C)
8/15/42, At Sea with the Inshore Patrol, Sinkings by U-Boats Cut Sharply under Navy’s Coastal Convoying
8/16/42, Difficult Battle Tasks Executed in Solomons (W)
8/19/42, Leesville, La., War’s Season of Crisis (C)
8/21/42, Temple, Texas, Tactical Action by Allies at Dieppe (C)
8/23/42, Allied Strategy Links Russia and Middle East (W)
8/25/42, Palm Springs, Calif., Air Initiative in West (C)
8/27/42, San Francisco, Calif., Battle of the Solomons (C)
8/30/42, Russia’s Plight Serious Under German Pressure (W)
8/31/42, San Francisco, Bombers’ Role in War (C)
9/3/42, San Francisco, Tokyo Submarine War (C)
9/4/42, San Francisco, Days of Decision Near (C)
9/20/42, Somewhere in the Pacific, Pacific Power Balance Now Delicately Poised (W)
9/21/42, Aboard a U.S. Navy Transport Plane, Somewhere in the Pacific, Navy Air Trip to Far Pacific Isles Finds Our Outposts Poised, Alert
9/22/42, Somewhere in the Pacific, Russian Army Intact (C)
9/27/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Solomons Action Develops Into Battle for South Pacific
9/28/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Three Isles in Solomons Devastated Before Landing by U.S. Marines
9/29/42, Somewhere in the South Pacific, U.S. Marines’ Song Used Against Them
10/4/42, Honolulu, South Pacific War Develops on a Vast Scale (W)
10/4/42, Somewhere in the South Pacific, The Story of Two Marines [Reprint from 9/29/42] (W)
10/7/42, Allies’ Balance Sheet (C)
10/11/42, Fighting for Outposts in Pacific is Prelude to Greater Struggle (W)
10/18/42, Nazis’ Gains in Russia are Offset by Losses (W)
10/23/42, Japan’s Hold on West Pacific Not Broken in Almost a Year
10/24/42, Lessons of the Solomons Campaign
10/25/42, Friction Marring Pacific Team-Work
10/25/42, Washington, Solomons Operations a Magnet for Navies
10/26/42, Divided Command in Pacific War Gives Australia a Secondary Role
10/27/42, Plane Superiority Won in the Pacific
10/28/42, U.S. Navy is Using Big Army Bombers
10/29/42, 750,000 Tons Sunk by Our Submarines
10/30/42, Naval Superiority is Goal in Solomons
11/1/42, A Crucial Winter in the Global Struggle: The Situation Appraised (W)
11/2/42, The Offensive in Egypt Develops (C)
11/3/42, U.S. Hold in Solomons Bolstered (C)
11/4/42, Nazis Shift Tactics in Caucasus (C)
11/5/42, War of Manoeuvre Begins in Africa (C)
11/6/42, Marshal Rommel’s Predicament (C)
11/8/42, Pattern of Victory is Seen in Egypt (W)
11/9/42, Allies Hold Initiative (C)
11/10/42, A Triumph for Preparation (C)
11/11/42, Rommel Not Eliminated (C)
11/12/42, The Strategic Importance of French Tunisia (C)
11/13/42, The Race For Tunisia (C)
11/15/42, Allies Prepare the Base for Mediterranean Drive (W)
11/16/42, Showdown in Solomons (C)
11/17/42, Fleets in Mediterranean (C)
11/18/42, Victory in First Phase (C)
11/19/42, Within Yugoslavia-I (C)
11/20/42, Within Yugoslavia-II (C)
11/23/42, Handling of the News of the War (C)
11/24/42, The Russian Offensive (C)
11/25/42, Weapons of the Tunisian Fight (C)
11/26/42, Thanksgiving in War (C)
11/27/42, The Problem of Mines (C)
11/28/42, Toulon: End of an Era (C)
11/29/42, Naval Balance Not Upset (C)
11/30/42, A Long Road-I (C)
12/1/42, A Long Road-II (C)
12/2/42, The Military Scene in North Africa (C)
12/3/42, The War in Russia-I (C)
12/4/42, The War in Russia-II (C)
12/6/42, Fleet’s Recovery Marks War Year
12/6/42, Great Distances Slow Allied Drives in Africa (W)
12/8/42, Our Advantage in Shipbuilding (C)
12/9/42, Allies Have Net Gain (C)
12/10/42, A Balanced Ship Plan (C)
12/11/42, Atlantic Convoy Needs (C)
12/13/42, Nazi Counter-Move Awaited (W)
12/14/42, The Week of War (C)
12/15/42, Washington, British Wary on Libya (C)
12/16/42, Washington, Army Medical Teams (C)
12/17/42, Washington, Ominous Lull on War Fronts (C)
12/18/42, Washington, Our Air Superiority (C)
12/20/42, Washington, How Big an Army? The Basic Factors Weighed (W)
12/21/42, The War in the Week (C)
12/22/42, The Pacific Campaign-I (C)
12/23/42, The Pacific Campaign-II (C)
12/24/42, The Pacific Campaign-III (C)
12/25/42, The Pacific Campaign-IV (C)
1/6/43, Red Army Feat Grows (C)
1/8/43, Conquest of Tunisia is Still Distant (C)
1/10/43, Russians Now Promise to Better Their Campaign of Last Winter (W)
1/11/43, Germany’s War Fuel (C)
1/13/43, The Growing Strength of Our Navy (C)
1/15/43, Russia’s Gains in Winter Drive (C)
1/17/43, War Scales in Pacific in an Uneasy Balance (W)
1/18/43, Germany’s Synthetic Oil (C)
1/19/43, The War in Russia (C)
1/20/43, Fighters Fly Seas (C)
1/21/43, Our Submarine War (C)
1/22/43, Rommel Fleeing Libya (C)
1/24/43, Hitler ‘Fortress’ Feels Impact of Allied Blows (W)
1/26/43, Axis Crisis in Russia Raises Issues (C)
1/27/43, Annapolis, Md., Annapolis Fills War Role (C)
1/28/43, Newport, R.I., Submarine Menace Emphasized (C)
1/29/43, Northampton, Mass., U-Boats Attacked in Lairs (C)
1/31/43, Offensive Strategy Laid Down at Casablanca (W)
2/4/43, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons’ Training Center, Portsmouth, R.I., PT Boat Experts Carefully Chosen
2/5/43, Test Near in Tunisia (C)
2/7/43, Germany is Shaken by Her Worst Defeat (W)
2/8/43, Germany’s Casualties (C)
2/9/43, Foe Busy in Pacific (C)
2/10/43, Bold Counsel is Urged on Allies (C)
2/11/43, The Submarine War-I (C)
2/12/43, The Submarine War-II (C)
2/13/43, The Submarine War-III (C)
2/14/43, The Submarine War-IV (C)
2/15/43, Manpower Problems-I (C)
2/16/43, Manpower Problems-II (C)
2/17/43, Manpower Problems-III (C)
2/18/43, Manpower Problems-IV (C)
2/20/43, Manpower Problems-V (C)
2/21/43, Manpower Problems-VI (C)
3/31/43, On the Tunisian Front, Allies’ Tunisian Air Margin Gives Hope of Early Victory
4/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, New York Division at Front in Tunisia
4/12/43, London, Battle of Tunisia Seen in Last Stage
4/20/43, London, Reich is Now Inferior in Air Though Using All Its Planes
4/25/43, London, March, 1918, Stage is Reached in World War II (W)
5/4/43, Americans’ Victory Opens Prospect of Splitting Foe
5/9/43, The Tunisian Victory (C)
5/11/43, Tour of War Areas Swells Pride in American Soldiers
5/12/43, Tunisia’s Lessons Aid Allies’ Power
5/13/43, Defeats in Tunisia Laid Victory Basis
5/14/43, North Africa Test for Europe Entry
5/15/43, Political Pitfalls of African Landing
5/16/43, Operational Unity Gained in Tunisia
5/17/43, Tunisia Re-Forges Forces of France
5/18/43, Stage in Air War Held By the Allies
5/19/43, Western Europe Still Air Theatre
5/20/43, Foe’s War Power in Europe Scanned
5/21/43, Germany Fighting War of Man-Hours
5/22/43, Allies’ Next Blow May Hit Axis Isles
5/23/43, A Tour of the Road to Victory (N.Y. Times Magazine)
5/26/43, Pacific Strategy Opens (C)
5/28/43, Axis Trial by Bombs (C)
5/31/43, War in Political Phase (C)
6/2/43, Europe’s Crisis at Hand (C)
6/4/43, Pantelleria a Fortress (C)
6/6/43, Trend of Sea War Now Favors the Allies (W)
6/7/43, Factors in a Pacific Offensive (C)
6/9/43, The Invasion Riddle (C)
6/11/43, Soldiers’ Amity is Vital (C)
6/12/43, A Step on Way to Italy (C)
6/13/43, Beyond the Mediterranean Isles Lies Italy (W)
6/14/43, Fort Riley, Kan., Cavalry Seeks New Car (C)
6/16/43, The Monsoon and War (C)
6/18/43, Storm Clouds in Pacific (C)
6/21/43, ‘Cockpit of History’ (C)
6/23/43, The Ruhr Bombings (C)
6/25/43, Turkey in Spotlight (C)
6/27/43, Trend Toward Victory is Visible in All Theatres of the Global War (W)
6/28/43, Pantelleria-I (C)
6/29/43, Pantelleria-II (C)
6/30/43, Pantelleria-III (C)
7/2/43, Pacific Strategy Tested (C)
7/4/43, Big Campaign Started to Win Pacific Bases (W)
7/5/43, Major Shift Seen in Nazis’ Strategy
7/7/43, The War in the Air-I (C)
7/8/43, The War in the Air-II (C)
7/9/43, The Problem of Sicily (C)
7/12/43, Radar-I (C)
7/13/43, Radar-II (C)
7/14/43, Allies Gain on 3 Fronts (C)
7/15/43, Sicilian Gains Widen (C)
7/16/43, Pacific Gains Growing (C)
7/18/43, Axis Feels the Weight of a Three-Way Attack (W)
7/19/43, Home Front Lag (C)
7/20/43, Review of the Chinese Situation (C)
7/21/43, Issue in Sicily Sure (C)
7/22/43, Kuriles Vulnerable (C)
7/23/43, Chips Down in Russia (C)
7/25/43, Collapse in Sicily Spurs Axis Fears of Invasion (W)
7/26/43, Propaganda Warfare (C)
7/27/43, The Situation in Italy (C)
7/28/43, Some Italian Questions (C)
7/29/43, New Phase in Air Blitz (C)
8/1/43, Air Front in Europe (C)
8/2/43, The War Situation (C)
8/3/43, Tanks’ Vital Role in War (C)
8/4/43, Nazis in Sicily in Peril (C)
8/5/43, Maxton, N.C, Ploesti Raid Worth Cost (C)
8/8/43, Allies in Sicily Knock at Gateway to Europe (W)
8/9/43, Trap Threatens Nazis (C)
8/11/43, Lag in Output Perilous (C)
8/12/43, Russia-I (C)
8/13/43, Russia-II (C)
8/15/43, Ring of Guns and Ships Tightens About Europe (W)
8/16/43, Portents on Two Fronts (C)
8/17/43, U-Boat Problem Passes (C)
8/18/43, Sicily, a Job Well Done (C)
8/19/43, Nazi Evacuation of Sicily (C)
8/20/43, Allied Air Blitz Studied (C)
8/22/43, Where to Strike Next, the Question at Quebec (W)
8/23/43, Encircling Japan (C)
8/24/43, The War in the Air-I (C)
8/25/43, The War in the Air-II (C)
8/26/43, The War in the Air-III (C)
8/27/43, The War in the Air-IV (C)
8/28/43, The War in the Air-V (C)
8/29/43, European War Centers (C)
8/30/43, Far East Forecast (C)
8/31/43, Taganrog Victory Vital (C)
9/1/43, Lessons for the Future (C)
9/2/43, Two Blows at Axis (C)
9/3/43, The Invasion of Italy (C)
9/4/43, The Italian Campaign (C)
9/5/43, Nazis Are Now Pledged to Hard Defensive War (W)
9/6/43, Wary Campaign Likely (C)
9/7/43, Puzzle of Italian Fleet (C)
9/8/43, Nazi Withdrawal in East (C)
9/9/43, One Down, Two to Go (C)
9/10/43, Rumors Befog Situation (C)
9/12/43, Hitler’s Europe Shaken by Surrender of Italy (W)
9/13/43, Fruits of Italy’s Defeat (C)
9/14/43, The Outlook in Burma (C)
9/15/43, Climax Near at Salerno (C)
9/16/43, Nazi Grip on Italy Firm (C)
9/17/43, Italian Fleet a Prize (C)
9/19/43, Allied Offensives Jar Hitler’s Fortress Europe (W)
9/20/43, Gains on All War Fronts (C)
9/21/43, Sea Power-I (C)
9/22/43, Sea Power-II (C)
9/23/43, Sea Power-III (C)
9/24/43, Sea Power-IV (C)
9/29/43, ‘Father Draft’ Mis-Called (C)
9/30/43, Secret Weapons-I (C)
10/1/43, Secret Weapons-II (C)
10/4/43, The Italian Campaign (C)
10/5/43, The U-Boat Warfare (C)
10/6/43, Russia-I (C)
10/7/43, Russia-II (C)
10/8/43, Tactical Air War Shift (C)
10/10/43, New Blows in Pacific Suggest Major Attacks (W)
10/11/43, Pacific Strategy-I (C)
10/12/43, Pacific Strategy-II (C)
10/13/43, Pacific Strategy-III (C)
10/14/43, Pacific Strategy-IV (C)
10/15/43, Pacific Strategy-V (C)
10/16/43, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Monster Tanks and Light Rifles Among Arms Tested at Aberdeen
10/17/43, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Rigorous Training Given at Aberdeen
10/18/43, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., Aberdeen Studies Enemies’ Weapons
10/20/43, Norfolk, Va., Amphibious Troops Get Training on Beaches of Chesapeake Bay
10/21/43, Fort Benning, Ga., Leaps Minor Study for Paratroopers
10/22/43, Fort Jackson, S.C., Tough Training Given to Soldiers in Modern Camp at Fort Jackson
10/23/43, Fort Benning, Ga., Fort Benning School Emphasizes Realism in Training the Infantry
10/24/43, Naval Air Station at Jacksonville, Fla., War-Wise Pilots Train Navy Fliers
10/26/43, Orlando, Fla., U.S. Air Force Goes Under New System
10/27/43, Fort Worth, Tex., War Training Cuts Air Accident Rate
10/29/43, Fort Sill, Okla., Fort Sill Trains Mighty Artillery
11/3/43, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Leavenworth Tops Schools of Army
11/4/43, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, Wright Field Holds Great Air Secrets
11/7/43, Moscow Set the Stage for War’s Final Phase (W)
11/8/43, U.S. Lags in Some Arms (C)
11/9/43, Fort Knox, Ky., Tank Corps Improved (C)
11/10/43, The Battle of Rabaul (C)
11/12/43, Invasion Our Main Goal (C)
11/14/43, ‘Retreat from Moscow’ Must Go On for Hitler (W)
11/15/43, Offensive in Pacific (C)
11/16/43, A Balkan Campaign (C)
11/17/43, Problems in Russia (C)
11/18/43, Beating Germany by Air Power (C)
11/19/43, Value of Central Pacific Islands (C)
11/21/43, Big Pacific Offensive Opens in Small Islands (W)
11/22/43, Mid-Pacific Push Begins (C)
11/23/43, Two Allied Set-Backs (C)
11/24/43, Our Obstacles in Italy (C)
11/26/43, Germans May Attack (C)
11/29/43, A Political Turn in War (C)
12/1/43, Our Pacific Battle (C)
12/2/43, Effect of Statement (C)
12/3/43, Reefs Menace Troops (C)
12/6/43, Washington, Secrecy is Still Problem (C)
12/8/43, Washington, A Year of Decision (C)
12/10/43, Washington, New Crisis for Turkey (C)
12/12/43, Washington, Grand Strategy for 1944 Settled (W)
12/13/43, Italy-I (C)
12/14/43, Italy-II (C)
12/15/43, Russian Air Bases (C)
12/17/43, Washington, Marshall Not Going to London; Eisenhower Likely to Lead Drive
12/19/43, Washington, Red Army is Poised to Open Winter Drives
12/20/43, Washington, New French Army (C)
12/22/43, Washington, The Invasion Command (C)
1/16/44, Germans are Preparing for ‘D-Day’ in the West (W)
1/17/44, Our Post-War Defenses (C)
1/18/44, Post-War Policies-I (C)
1/19/44, Post-War Policies-II (C)
1/20/44, Post-War Policies-III (C)
1/21/44, Post-War Policies-IV (C)
1/22/44, Post-War Policies-V (C)
1/23/44, Post-War Policies-VI (C)
1/23/44, Allied Invasion Team is Planning for D-Day (W)
1/24/44, War Picture Unchanged (C)
1/26/44, Crisis Due near Rome (C)
1/27/44, The Situation in Italy (C)
1/28/44, The War in Burma (C)
1/30/44, World’s Greatest Warship is Launched in Brooklyn
1/30/44, A War without Quarter Forecast in Pacific (W)
1/31/44, War Techniques in Flux (C)
2/2/44, War Techniques in Flux (C)
2/3/44, The Pacific Gains (C)
2/4/44, Red Army Biting Hard (C)
2/6/44, We Open Our Major Offensive in the Pacific (W)
2/7/44, Our Tactics on Nettuno Beachhead (C)
2/9/44, The War Scene Today (C)
2/11/44, Navy Shift in Pacific (C)
2/12/44, Anzio Situation Tough (C)
2/13/44, Nazis’ Strategy Keyed to Invasion in West (W)
2/14/44, Air War on Nazis (C)
2/16/44, Lessons for Invasion (C)
2/17/44, Air Power’s Limitations (C)
2/18/44, Air Lesson in Italy (C)
2/19/44, Italy and Other Fronts (C)
2/20/44, Our March across the Pacific is Quickened (W)
2/21/44, Campaign in Italy (C)
2/22/44, Italy Shows Our Needs for Invasion (C)
2/23/44, Pattern for Invasion Indicated (C)
2/24/44, Planning Wins Battles (C)
2/25/44, Pacific Technique Gains (C)
2/27/44, Russia’s Winter Gains Point to Final Victory (W)
2/28/44, The Week of War (C)
2/29/44, Allies Facing Acid Test (C)
3/1/44, Real Air War Just Begun (C)
3/2/44, Army Hazy on War Aims (C)
3/3/44, Allies Continue to Lag in Italy (C)
3/4/44, Deal for Italian Ships (C)
3/5/44, Japan, Now in Danger, May Fight the Harder (W)
3/6/44, Politics and Strategy (C)
3/7/44, Politics and Strategy (C)
3/8/44, Dual Policy of Russia Traced (C)
3/9/44, Russia vs. Britain (C)
3/10/44, Our Air Might Grows (C)
3/13/44, Inertia is Laid to Army (C)
3/15/44, Climax in the Ukraine (C)
3/17/44, Bombardment of Cassino (C)
3/19/44, Dniester Drive Notable (C)
3/20/44, Our Army Leadership (C)
3/22/44, Battle of the Balkans (C)
3/24/44, Japanese Drive on India (C)
3/26/44, Air Power: What it Can – and Cannot – Do (N.Y. Times Magazine)
3/27/44, Lessons for Invasion (C)
3/29/44, Washington, The Infantry’s Role (C)
3/31/44, Washington, The Riddle of Burma (C)
4/2/44, Washington, Thaws Aid Red Army (C)
4/3/44, Lessons from Italy (C)
4/5/44, Japan’s War Position (C)
4/7/44, Weather Delays Allied Air Drive (C)
4/9/44, Nazi Retreat Held Ending (C)
4/10/44, Where Bombing Fails (C)
4/12/44, Confusion over Burma Warfare (C)
4/14/44, Blows Impend in Pacific (C)
4/16/44, Nazi War Lords Soon Must Show Their Hand (W)
4/17/44, Our Post-War Defense (C)
4/19/44, Australia Sets Fighting Mark (C)
4/21/44, Indecisive War in Orient (C)
4/23/44, Japan Must Now Meet Attack in All Sectors (W)
4/24/44, New Zealanders Busy (C)
4/26/44, Bigger Blows in Pacific (C)
4/28/44, Triumph at Hollandia (C)
4/30/44, The Fateful X: How Strong is Germany? (N.Y. Times Magazine)
5/1/44, War’s Great Test Looms (C)
5/2/44, Fliers Preface Invasion (C)
5/3/44, Where Will We Strike the Enemy? (C)
5/4/44, Nature Aids Enemy (C)
5/5/44, Nazi Guns Stud Coast (C)
5/7/44, Doughboys’ March a High Point in War
5/8/44, Nazis Wonder: Where Will Blow Fall? (C)
5/9/44, Navies’ Invasion Tasks (C)
5/10/44, Airborne Operations (C)
5/11/44, D-Day’s Secret Armies in Europe (C)
5/12/44, The Allies’ Invasion Strategy (C)
5/14/44, Invasion: The Five Great Problems (N.Y. Times Magazine)
5/15/44, Our Amphibious Fleet (C)
5/16/44, London, U-Boats Countered (C)
5/22/44, London, Status of the German Air Force (C)
5/25/44, London, Invasion is Waiting (C)
5/26/44, London, The Task Ahead for Allied Airmen (C)
5/28/44, London, Key to Italian Drive (C)
5/29/44, London, Nazi Shake-Up in East (C)
5/30/44, Aboard a British Escort Carrier at Sea, U.S. Motifs Creep into Royal Navy (C)
5/31/44, London, Italian Crisis Awaited (C)
6/2/44, London, Air Blitz No Juggernaut (C)
6/4/44, London, Advantages Balanced in Invasion Battles (W)
6/9/44, Aboard Admiral Kirk’s Flagship, Off the French Coast, Allied Ships Defy Coastal Batteries, Fire on Foe at Point-Blank Range
6/12/44, Aboard the U.S.S. Augusta, Flagship of the Western Task Force, in the Bay of the Seine, American Landing Aided by Terrain
6/14/44, Aboard U.S.S. Augusta, in the Bay of the Seine, Beginnings in France (C)
6/15/44, Aboard U.S.S. Augusta, in the Bay of the Seine, The Wehrmacht’s Decline (C)
6/19/44, London, Foothold in Europe Safe (C)
6/21/44, London, ‘Indian’ Tactics in France (C)
6/22/44, London, Cherbourg’s Tough Core (C)
6/23/44, London, Robot Peril Being Met (C)
6/25/44, London, Great Allied Victories Alter Face of the War (W)
6/26/44, London, Battle for Cherbourg (C)
6/28/44, London, No. 1 Strategic Triumph (C)
6/30/44, London, Third Phase in France (C)
7/2/44, London, 52 of Our Sailors Cherbourg Heroes
7/2/44, London, Cherbourg Only Beginning of French Campaign (W)
7/3/44, London, Minsk Battle is Decisive (C)
7/4/44, London, Navy Still Stings Hitler (C)
7/5/44, London, Heroes of the Invasion (C)
7/6/44, London, Mines Still a Problem (C)
7/7/44, London, Where is German Navy? (C)
7/9/44, London, Delays in Normandy (C)
7/10/44, London, Hitler’s Strategy Fails (C)
7/12/44, London, 4 Weeks of Robots (C)
7/13/44, London, Rocket Bombs Varied (C)
7/14/44, First United States Army Headquarters, in Normandy, Theodore Roosevelt, 56, Dies on Normandy Battlefield
7/16/44, Headquarters, United States First Army, Normandy, West and East Fronts (C)
7/19/44, American First Army Headquarters, Normandy, Normandy Battle among Toughest
7/23/44, British Second Army Headquarters, Normandy, The Germans Fight On (C)
7/23/44, London, How Long Will the War Last? (N.Y. Times Magazine)
7/27/44, London, Normandy Called a Magnified Anzio
7/30/44, London, New Bold Tactics Won Victory in Normandy (W)
8/3/44, Front-Line Bombing (C)
8/4/44, Europe’s Decisive Month (C)
8/6/44, Nazis Reel from Blows Falling on All Fronts (W)
8/7/44, Nazi Diary Bares Woe (C)
8/13/44, Climax in France Declared at Hand
8/13/44, Nazis Pin Their Hopes to Last Defense Lines (W)
8/14/44, Parallel in Executions (C)
8/15/44, Germans Still Intact (C)
8/16/44, Another Powerful Blow (C)
8/17/44, Separate Commands (C)
8/19/44, The Flying Bomb-I (C)
8/20/44, The Flying Bomb-II (C)
8/20/44, Great Battles Rising to a Climax in Europe (W)
8/21/44, The V-2 Rocket Bomb (C)
8/22/44, Oddities in Weapons (C)
8/23/44, A Big Job in Europe (C)
8/24/44, The Freeing of France (C)
8/25/44, Present Status of War in Europe (C)
8/27/44, Germany Reduced to Strategy of Desperation (W)
8/28/44, ‘New Order’ Crumbling (C)
8/29/44, Stage Now Set for Mindanao Drive (C)
8/30/44, French Reconstruction (C)
9/1/44, Deception Aided Allies (C)
9/3/44, Invasion Battle Plan (C)
9/6/44, The Political Future of France (C)
9/10/44, The War of Words (C)
9/13/44, Westwall No Stronger Than Its Nazis (C)
9/15/44, Battle of the Ports (C)
9/17/44, Outlook of Germany (C)
9/18/44, Jump to Mindanao in Prospect (C)
9/20/44, Airborne Threat to Foe (C)
9/21/44, Germany’s Dying Gasp (C)
9/22/44, The Crisis at Arnhem (C)
9/24/44, Next Moves in Pacific Center in Philippines (W)
9/25/44, Air Power Scores Again (C)
9/27/44, Swamped Luftwaffe Fights On (C)
9/29/44, Our Air ‘Edge’ Qualified (C)
10/1/44, Washington, The Outlook in the War (C)
10/2/44, Kansas City, Mo., Miracle Wrought in Fleet Supply (C)
10/4/44, Anglo-American Plans for Pacific (C)
10/6/44, British Move in Greece (C)
10/8/44, Speed Now the Key to War in the West (W)
10/9/44, Army Comes of Age (C)
10/11/44, Burma’s Value Debated (C)
10/13/44, Burma Outlook Better (C)
10/15/44, New Crisis for Reich is Looming n the East (W)
10/16/44, London, Two Giant Invasion Harbors Towed to France from England
10/16/44, Losses in Pacific Loom (C)
10/18/44, Japan’s Evasive Navy (C)
10/20/44, Corregidor Trek is On (C)
10/23/44, The Burma Campaign (C)
10/25/44, The Situation on Leyte (C)
10/26/44, The Naval Showdown in the Pacific (C)
10/27/44, A Navy Day Filled with Drama (C)
10/29/44, Japan’s Navy is Crippled in Air-Sea Battles (W)
10/30/44, Behind the Removal of Gen. Stilwell (C)
11/1/44, Fighting Problems in Italy (C)
11/3/44, The Value of Antwerp (C)
11/5/44, Events in Far East Affect War Strategy (W)
11/6/44, The Japanese Fleet (C)
11/7/44, The Japanese Fleet-II (C)
11/9/44, The Military Situation in Burma-I (C)
11/10/44, The Burma Situation-II (C)
11/12/44, The Philippine Stake (C)
11/13/44, Moves on West Front (C)
11/15/44, 4 Small U.S. Ships, Lost, Averted a Possible Philippines Disaster
11/17/44, Strategy and Politics (C)
11/19/44, Allies Strike for Final Victory in the West (W)
11/20/44, Obstacles Facing Allies (C)
11/22/44, Rhine Push Goes Well (C)
11/24/44, The Outlook in Burma (C)
11/26/44, Harder Blows to Fall on Germans in the West (W)
11/27/44, The Tokyo Raids-I (C)
11/28/44, The Tokyo Raids-II (C)
11/29/44, Weather Slows Russians (C)
12/1/44, Leyte Position Secure (C)
12/3/44, D-Day Plus Six Months Finds Our Gains Great (W)
12/4/44, Strategy in China-I (C)
12/5/44, Strategy in China-II (C)
12/6/44, Washington, Great Battles but No Decisions (C)
12/8/44, Washington, U.S. Outlook in War (C)
12/10/44, Washington, Hardest Fighting Ahead for Allies Facing Rhine (W)
12/10/44, BATTLE REPORT: Pearl Harbor to Coral Sea, prepared by Comdr. Walter Karig, USNR, and Lieut. Welbourn Kelley, USNR (B)
12/11/44, The ‘Forgotten Front’ (C)
12/13/44, Military Relief Policy (C)
12/15/44, B-29’s Over Japan (C)
12/16/44, Blow at Luzon Indicated (C)
12/17/44, Pressure on Germany Held Due to Increase (W)
12/18/44, Three-Power Conference (C)
12/20/44, Two War Surprises (C)
12/21/44, Issue Held in Doubt (C)
12/22/44, Sights Raised for Luzon (C)
12/24/44, Enemy Offensive Alters War on Western Front (W)
12/25/44, Need for Unity Seen (C)
12/26/44, Army’s Needs Mount (C)
12/27/44, A Major Allied Set-Back (C)
12/28/44, Our Stepping-Stones to Japan (C)
12/29/44, After Budapest Falls (C)
12/31/44, The West Front Battle: A Balance Sheet (W)
1/1/45, MacArthur’s Next Step (C)
1/3/45, The German Blow-I (C)
1/4/45, The German Blow-II (C)
1/5/45, The German Blow-III (C)
1/6/45, Command Shift Logical (C)
1/7/45, Nazis Hold Iniative on the Western Front (W)
1/8/45, Luzon a Major Military Venture (C)
1/9/45, By-Passed Forces of the Enemy (C)
1/10/45, U.S. Effort Mounting (C)
1/11/45, Invasion’s Start Good (C)
1/12/45, Strategy in Ardennes (C)
1/14/45, Luzon Campaign Opens with Odds in Our Favor (W)
1/15/45, Foe’s New Weapons-I (C)
1/16/45, Foe’s New Weapons-II (C)
1/17/45, Washington, Battle of Titans On (C)
1/18/45, China and Burma (C)
1/19/45, The Puzzle of Luzon Resistance (C)
1/21/45, Russian Drive Alters Strategic Aspects of War (W)
1/22/45, The Allied Command (C)
1/23/45, East Prussia’s Flanking Value Cut (C)
1/24/45, German Defense Near a Crisis (C)
1/25/45, Opportunity in West (C)
1/26/45, Luzon Battle Has Yet to Reach Peak (C)
1/28/45, Germany’s War Lords Face Their Big Crisis (W)
1/29/45, Our Manpower-I (C)
1/30/45, Our Manpower-II (C)
1/31/45, Our Manpower-III (C)

Barkley, Frederick R.
11/24/40, Washington, Food Stamp Program Spread Across Nation (W)
1/2/41, Washington, For a Firm Dollar (L)
3/9/41, Washington, Income Tax Revenres Rising to a New High (W)
8/13/41, Washington, Vote is 203 to 202 (L)
9/10/41, Washington, Movies Feed Propaganda, Nye Charges at Inquiry
12/8/41, Washington, Winter and War Fall on Capital
2/4/42, Washington, Sharp Senate Talk over Pearl Harbor
7/5/42, Washington, Japanese Bombed (L)
10/15/42, Washington, Army Age Too High
1/7/43, Washington, In Effect at Noon (L)
4/7/43, Washington, Better Teaching of History Sought in Resolution before Senate Body
5/23/43, Washington, Fighting Near End
9/27/44, Washington, Big Force of B-29’s on ‘Mop-Up’ Mission

Beam, Paul
2/4/44, Aboard Seventh AAF Liberator over Kwajalein, As it Looked from the Sky

Beattie, Edward W.
9/10/39, Bucharest, Main Polish Force Held Not Used Yet
2/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies in Tunisia Called Still Raw
4/13/43, Kairouan, Tunisia, Kairouan Populace Strews Flowers on Allied Deliverers

Belair, Felix Jr.
11/24/38, Warm Springs, Ga., Roosevelt is Gratified by Report Palestine will Take More Refugees
1/13/39, Washington, Quick Action Urged
9/2/39, Washington, Roosevelt Pledge
9/9/39, Washington, 100,000 More Men
10/14/39, Washington, President is Firm (L)
10/21/39, Hyde Park, N.Y., Roosevelt Warns Our Sea Frontier Expands with Need
11/2/39, Washington, Early Criticizes Molotoff
2/6/40, Hyde Park, N.Y. Says Debt is Less
2/10/40, Washington, U.S. Plan Revealed (L)
3/2/40, En Route with President Roosevelt to Washington, President’s Train Speeds to Washington
3/3/40, Washington, Office Takes Toll of the President (W)
4/26/40, Warm Springs, Ga., War Zone Widened
5/22/40, Washington, States 3-Point Plan
6/8/40, Washington, For Gun ‘Trade-ins’
6/11/40, Charlottesville, Va., Our Help Pledged
6/13/40, Washington, 80 Army Bombers Released to Allies in ‘Full Speed’ Aid
6/15/40, Washington, Hitler is Doubted
6/19/40, Washington, Roosevelt Proposes Training for Youth in Vast Program

Bell, Norman
2/8/44, Aboard a U.S. Destroyer in the North Pacific, Paramushiru Japanese Fire Wildly at Sky and Beaches

Bellaire, Robert T.
7/24/42, Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa, 14,457-Ton Japanese Liner Sunk by U.S. Submarine, 780 Drowned
7/25/42, Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa, False News Lifts Morale in Japan Amid Hardships
7/26/42, Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa, Japan’s War Plans Last Fall Related

Berger, Meyer
11/8/39, About New York (C)
12/16/39, Atlanta, Atlanta is Won by Film of South
9/26/41, Brooklyn Roars ‘We’re In!’ as Pennant Victory Paean
10/6/41, Casey in the Box - 1941
5/23/42, Fog Blanket Aids in Blackout Test of All Manhattan
8/3/42, London, American Soldiers Like London; Jeep Drivers Have Many Dates
8/4/42, London, Fouls and Erratic Base Running Win British at Service Ball Game
8/9/42, The Lizzie Border Case (NY Times Magazine)
8/18/42, London, Bill Selby, Over Beer in London, Announces His Return to Army
8/20/42, London, U.S. Rangers in Dieppe Raid Were Pupils of Commandos
8/23/42, At a United States Bomber Station, Somewhere in Great Britain, Hurt Pilot Saved Crippled Fortress
8/29/42, London, Allied Offensive Grows
6/11/43, Zoot Suit Originated in Georgia; Bus Boy Ordered First One in ‘40
12/13/43, Aboard an Army Hospital Train, New York to Ohio, Hope Reborn in Wounded as Hospital Train Goes West
12/17/43, Baltimore, Md., Widow Sponsors the Byron Darnton
1/1/44, Gay Crowds Greet the New Year Here in Victory Spirit
3/5/44, Lepke’s Reign of Crime Lasted over 12 Murder-Strewn Years
1/14/45, Camp Shanks, N.Y., 1,300 Decorated Veterans Back from Western Front

Bergholz, Richard
11/11/44, An American Air Base on Leyte, Pilots Describe Havoc

Berrigan, Darrell
4/29/42, With British Army in Burma, Weary British Retreat in Burma, Knowing that They Face Disaster

Bettany, Guy
5/18/43, London, Exile Gave Advice for Dam Blasting

Bigart, Homer
2/5/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Nazis Transform Thin Line to Heavy Force at Cisterna
2/11/44, At the Anzio Beachhead, Tank Destroyers Broke Nazi Trap

Bierwirth, John E.
1/30/44, They Really Sacrifice

Birchall, Frederick T.
5/7/38, Rome, Mussolini Shows His Army
6/5/38, London, Europe’s Swing ‘Not So Hot’
6/13/38, London, Mid-Europe Strain Expected to Grow
6/25/38, London, France May Check Seizure by Japan
8/26/38, Berlin, Horthy Sees Flower of Army
9/8/38, Nuremberg, Henlein Goes Home
9/13/38, Nuremberg, Hitler Warns of Action
9/27/38, Berlin, Benes is Assailed
9/30/38, Munich, Powers Make Accord (L)
10/1/38, Munich, Britain and Germany Agree (L)
10/9/38, Berlin, Germans Occupy 5th Sudeten Zone
10/12/38, Berlin, Berlin Seeks Rule of Czech Railways
3/22/39, New Delhi, Gandhi Exhorts World to Disarm
7/5/39, Danzig, Armed Forces Put at 10,000 in Danzig; Free City is Calm
8/21/39, London, Peace Hopes Wane
9/1/39, London, British Children Taken from Cities
9/2/39, London, London Threatens (L)
9/4/39, London, Britain is Determined
9/5/39, London, British Raid Fleet (L)
9/9/39, London, Confusion in City (L)
9/10/39, London, Pledge at London
9/11/39, London, Westwall Break is Held Possible
1/26/40, Ottawa, Parliament Ended (L)
2/14/40, Ottawa, Ottawa Mourns Lord Tweedsmuir
2/29/40, Ottawa, Canada Will Raise Aluminum Output
4/26/40, Amsterdam, 2-Day India-to-England Air Service is Feat of U.S. Plane on Dutch Line
7/5/40, Toronto, Kinship of Britain and U.S. is Hailed
7/8/40, Ottawa, Canada Confident British can Resist

Bird, Robert S.
5/24/39, Portsmouth, N.H., Rescue Ships Huddle Helplessly over Spot where Squalus Lies

Blair, William M.
1/10/43, Philadelphia, Non-Stop Air Armada of Allies Flew 1,400 Miles to North Africa
11/5/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)

Bledsoe, Samuel B.
6/27/43, Washington, House Ban Backed (L)

Bloch, Kurt
9/4/38, Japanese Drives Bog Down in China (W)

Boone, Anne
5/24/42, Guide to Our Mighty Army (NY Times Magazine)

Borland, Hal
11/26/44, Thomas Jefferson’s Garden Book, annotated by Edwin Morris Betts (B)

Boyle, Harold (Hal) V.
2/20/43, With United States Forces, in Tunisia, That Tunisia Punch Bodes Ill for Foe
8/3/43, With United States Infantry, Sicily, Capture of ‘Bloody Ridge’ in Sicily Like Victory of Hill 609 in Tunisia
7/30/44, With American Troops in France, Fierce Tank Fight Won by Americans
8/16/44, With United States Armored Forces, at Argentan, Tanks Poised to Pounce
8/17/44, Third Army Headquarters, France, German 7th Army Slashed to Bits

Bracker, Milton
1/1/40, 1940 Born in Wild Revelry; Good Year for Nation Seen
12/12/40, Miami Beach, Duchess Improves; Return is Delayed
10/11/42, Boston, Girl from Kokomo Finds Navy Niche
1/21/43, At a Fighter Station, England, R.A.F. Flier Tells How to Fell Them
1/22/43, London, Toll Mounts to 47 at Bombed School
1/27/43, London, 250 Slain Resisting Nazis in Marseille
1/28/43, London, Child Raid Victims Buried in England
2/6/43, London, Andrews Assumes Command of A.E.F. in European Zone
2/9/43, London, Many 2-Ton Bombs Blast U-Boat Base
2/17/43, London, Olympics Planned by United Nations
3/5/43, Commando-Ranger Training Station, Somewhere in Scotland, Speed March Tops Rangers’ Course
3/6/43, Commando-Ranger Training Station, Somewhere in Scotland, Rangers Toughen, but Are Still Boys
3/9/43, London, Guerrillas Kill 23 Nazi Officers in Opposing French Labor Draft
3/19/43, A United States Army Base, Somewhere in Central England, Jeeps Pull Plows on Yanks’ Farms
3/31/43, London, Churchill Warns of Overoptimism
4/5/43, London, Renault Unit Hit (L)
4/18/43, London, Vast-Scale Raids (L)
5/6/43, London, U.S. Flier, Minus Leg, Back in War; Loren Hillsinger Ends Tradition
5/11/43, London, New P-47 Fighters Now in War Action
6/11/43, On a Country Racecourse, Somewhere in England, Yanks Live Cozily on Old Race Track
6/15/43, A Town in England, Yanks in England Pose Social Issue
7/1/43, London, U.S. and British Staff Officers Overcome Language Difficulties
7/21/43, London, British Boys Face Coal Mining Draft
7/23/43, London, Giraud Disavows Pro-Nazi Leaning
7/27/43, London, Polish Executions Put at 3,200,000
8/4/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Axis Line Broken (L)
8/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Push Ahead
8/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sicilian Key Falls (L)
8/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Severe Fighting at Troina
8/8/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Eighth Army Gains (L)
8/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Foe Flees in Sicily (L)
8/10/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sant’ Agata Taaken (L)
8/11/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies’ Pace Slowed
8/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 8th Army in Sight of Southern Italy
8/13/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Air, Sea Guns Cover New Sicily Landing
8/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Foe Flees in Sicily (L)
8/15/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Riposto Captured
8/15/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Find Lesson is Sicily (W)
8/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italy in Gun Range (L)
8/18/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Isle Won in 38 Days (L)
8/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, General Hails Men
8/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, South Italy Raked
8/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Aeolians Occupied
8/22/43, Guyotville, Algeria, Beaches in Africa Offer Few Girls
8/30/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Pound Italy from Rome to Tip
9/1/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Foe Strikes Back at Allied Raiders Over Italy but Fails to Stop Them
9/3/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Dawn is Zero Hour (L)
9/4/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Advance Reported (L)
9/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, San Giovanni Falls (L)
9/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italy is Being Wrecked by Strategic Bombing (W)
9/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, British Take 2,000 (L)
9/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Drive 10-Mile Salient into Calabrian Mountains
9/8/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Palmi is Captured
9/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Gen. Eisenhower Announces Armistice (L)
9/10/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Fighting Shrouded (L)
9/11/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Fifth Army Gains
9/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Roma Goes Down Fighting as First Battle Ends Career
9/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Vast Job is Left in Italy (W)
9/13/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Catanzaro Falls (L)
9/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Push Inland (L)
9/15/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tanks Lash Allies (L)
9/16/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Ships Pound Enemy Forces
9/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Push to Naples On (L)
9/18/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Germans Give Way
9/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Driving On (L)
9/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Our Big Job in Italy to Drive Out Germans (W)
9/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Island Joins Allies (L)
9/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Patriots Assisted (L)
9/22/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, French Troops and Patriots Clear West Side of Corsica
9/23/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, More Towns Taken
9/24/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Retreat Reported (L)
9/25/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 5th Army Strikes
9/26/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Fifth Army Gaining
9/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, British Peril Base
9/28/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 5th Army Slowed
9/29/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Foe in Dual Peril (L)
9/30/43, Algiers, Allies Race Ahead (L)
10/1/43, Algiers, Drive Past Pompeii (L)
10/2/43, Algiers, Final Drive Hard (L)
10/3/43, Algiers, British Drive Far (L)
10/4/43, Algiers, Benevento Taken (L)
10/5/43, Algiers, Eighth Army Gains (L)
10/6/43, Algiers, 2 Airfields Taken (L)
10/7/43, Algiers, Allies Advance across Italy against Fierce Resistance

10/8/43, Algiers, British Halt Tanks
10/9/43, Algiers, 5th Army at River
10/10/43, Algiers, Caserta Captured
10/10/43, Allied Headquarters, Algiers, Hard Lessons Learned in Salerno Campaign (W)
10/11/43, Algiers, Planes from Africa Bomb Greece, Crete and Rhodes
10/12/43, Algiers, Fifth Army Gains (L)
10/14/43, Algiers, Reich’s Acts Cited
10/15/43, Algiers, Nazis Reel in Italy
10/16/43, Algiers, Clark Batters Foe (L)
10/17/43, Algiers, 5th Army Strides (L)
10/18/43, Algiers, Fierce Battles Rage in Italy as Germans Resist Squeeze
10/19/43, Algiers, Clark Wins Height (L)
10/20/43, Algiers, Volturno Cleared
10/21/43, Algiers, Both Ends Advance (L)
10/23/43, Algiers, Rome Area Lashed
10/24/43, Algiers, 5th and 8th Armies Smash Attacks, Take High Ground
10/25/43, Algiers, British Span River
10/26/43, Algiers, Allies Capture Sparanise, Flank Nazis on Regia Canal
10/28/43, Algiers, Few Gains in Italy
10/29/43, Algiers, Eighth Army Takes Six Towns in Italy
10/30/43, Algiers, Nazi Line Menaced
11/1/43, Algiers, 5th Army Grinds On
11/2/43, Algiers, 2 Armies in Italy Gain Despite Mud
11/3/43, Algiers, Fifth Army Cracks Foe’s Line in Italy
11/4/43, Algiers, Allies in Control of Massico Ridge
11/5/43, Algiers, Isernia Captured
11/6/43, Algiers, 5th Army Strides
11/7/43, Algiers, Venafro and Vasto Captured by Allies
11/9/43, Algiers, 5th Army Slowed
11/12/43, Algiers, Giraud Denies Ties with Vichy Regime
11/14/43, Algiers, Ships Shell Coast
11/14/43, Algiers, Allies Make Rome Their Next Goal (W)
11/15/43, Algiers, Atessa is Captured
11/16/43, Algiers, Railways Targets
11/22/43, Algiers, Allied Armies in Italy Score Biggest Gains of Two Weeks
11/23/43, Algiers, Eighth Army Takes Two More Towns
11/24/43, Algiers, Patton Struck Ailing Soldier, Apologized to Him and Army
11/25/43, Algiers, Eighth Army Takes Alfedena and Key to Two Rome Roads
11/26/43, Algiers, ‘Winter Line’ is Cut
11/28/43, Algiers, 8th Army Extends Sangro Bridgehead
11/29/43, Algiers, Americans in Italy Drive Two Miles
11/30/43, Algiers, New Drive in Italy (L)
12/1/43, Algiers, British Merge Bridgeheads on 14-Mile Line on Sangro
12/2/43, Algiers, Germans Hold On
12/3/43, Algiers, ‘Full Retreat’ is On (L)
12/4/43, Algiers, 8th Army Drives 6 Miles Up Coast Toward San Vito
12/5/43, Algiers, Two-Mile Gains Made
12/5/43, Algiers, Allies Progress on Roads to Rome (W)
12/6/43, Algiers, Offensive Goes On (L)
12/7/43, Algiers, Battling in Italy
12/8/43, Algiers, 5th Army Takes More Peaks as 8th Crosses River in Italy
12/9/43, Algiers, Allies at Gate to Rome Valley; 8th Army Beats Off All Blows
12/11/43, Algiers, U.S. Troops Score (L)
12/12/43, Algiers, 8th Army Sets Up New Bridgehead
12/13/43, Algiers, 8th Army Widens Moro Bridgehead
12/15/43, Algiers, German Counter-Blows Fail to Lessen Peril to Ortona
12/16/43, Algiers, Fortresses and Liberators Smash Airfields Near Athens
12/18/43, Algiers, French in Action on Front in Italy
12/19/43, Algiers, Two Allied Armies Advance in Italy
12/20/43, Algiers, San Pietro Taken
12/21/43, Algiers, 5th Army Batters San Vittore Gates
12/23/43, Algiers, British in Ortona
12/24/43, Algiers, Americans Storm Mountain in Italy
12/25/43, Algiers, 8th Army Wins Town near Ortona; Americans Take a Hill, Lose One
12/26/43, Algiers, Battle in Streets
12/27/43, Algiers, U.S. Troops Seize Peak Near Cassino
12/28/43, Algiers, Eisenhower Sure of Victory in 1944
12/29/43, Algiers, Americans Mop Up Mount Sammucro
12/30/43, Algiers, Canadians Seize Ortona and Go On
12/31/43, Algiers, 8th Army Pushes Toward Pescara
1/1/44, Algiers, 5th Army Raid Hits Behind Nazis’ Lines
1/2/44, Algiers, 8th Army Hits Foe
1/2/44, Algiers, Our Hard-Hitting Invasion Chief (N.Y. Times Magazine)
1/3/44, Algiers, Canadians Seize Peak Past Ortona
1/7/44, Algiers, Allies in Wide Gain
1/8/44, Algiers, San Vittore Taken in American Drive
1/9/44, Algiers, Americans Drive Past San Vittore
1/10/44, Algiers, Allies Dig Deeper in Cassino Defense
1/11/44, Algiers, Americans Battle Enemy at Cervaro
1/12/44, Algiers, Cassino Menaced from Two Sides
1/13/44, Algiers, Cassino Outpost Lost, Reich Admits
1/14/44, Algiers, French Win Peak in Cassino Region
1/15/44, Algiers, More Peaks Seized by French in Italy
1/16/44, Algiers, Acquafondata and 3 Peaks Captured in Advance in Italy
1/19/44, Algiers, Americans Crack Defenses of Cassino from Two Sides
1/20/44, Algiers, Cross Garigliano
1/21/44, Algiers, British Drive into Minturno, Battle on the Appian Way
1/23/44, Algiers, Harbor Captured (L)
1/24/44, Algiers, Resistance Begun (L)
1/25/44, Algiers, Allies Push Inland (L)
1/26/44, Algiers, Landing Forces 12 Miles Inland
1/27/44, Algiers, Navy Aids Invasion
1/28/44, Algiers, 5th Army Fans Out
1/29/44, Algiers, Gains in Italy Held
1/30/44, Algiers, Americans Shelling Cisterna; British 20 Miles from Rome
1/30/44, Algiers, Main Front in Italy Still at Gustav Line (W)
1/31/44, Algiers, Front below Rome Clarified
2/1/44, Algiers, Americans Smash Foe near Cisterna
2/2/44, Algiers, Twin Gains in Italy
2/3/44, Algiers, Cassino By-Passed by Allied Troops
2/4/44, Algiers, Fifth Army Drives to Cut Off Cassino
2/5/44, Algiers, Heavy Blow Expected
2/6/44, Algiers, New Blow Awaited (L)
2/7/44, Algiers, Allies Give Ground
2/8/44, Algiers, Americans Gain on Mount Cassino; Counter-Blows on Beachhead Fail
2/10/44, Algiers, Crag-to-Crag Fight (L)
2/11/44, Algiers, Guns Check Enemy (L)
2/12/44, Algiers, Heavy Bombers Strike
2/13/44, Algiers, Cassino Battle Still Inch by Inch
2/13/44, Algiers, Battle of Italy Nears the Climax (W)
2/14/44, Algiers, Allies Hold Gains (L)
2/15/44, Algiers, Allies Push Ahead on 2 Italian Fronts
2/16/44, Algiers, Allies Issue Statement
2/17/44, Algiers, Abbey is Pounded
2/18/44, Algiers, Allies Give Ground
2/19/44, Algiers, German Attacks Fail in Anzio Area
2/20/44, Algiers, Clark Warns Army
2/21/44, Algiers, Air Action is Intense
2/22/44, Algiers, Foe’s Worst Blow in Italy Stopped
2/23/44, Algiers, Lines Unchanged on Italian Fronts
2/24/44, Algiers, Germans Regroup in Beachhead Area
2/25/44, Algiers, Beachhead Allies Smash Nazi Stabs
2/26/44, Algiers, Ten Nazi Divisions Mass Below Rome
2/27/44, Algiers, Lull Continues on Italian Fronts
2/29/44, Algiers, Gain on Beachhead
3/1/44, Algiers, Allies Repulse Push near Aprilia
3/2/44, Algiers, Enemy Held Off near Anzio; Big Allied Attack Reported
3/3/44, Algiers, Germans’ Fury Dies (L)
3/4/44, Algiers, U.S. Planes Strike at Rome; Blast Rail Yards, Airports
3/5/44, Algiers, Germans in Italy Easily Repulsed
3/6/44, Algiers, Americans Repel Drive Below Rome
3/17/44, Naples, Flurries on Beachhead
3/22/44, Cercola, Italy, Vesuvius Forces Many More to Flee
3/24/44, Naples, French Repel Attacks
3/25/44, Naples, Foe’s Losses Believed Heavy
3/30/44, Naples, Suspect Insists He Fights Fascism
4/1/44, Naples, Germans Extend Lines in Cassino
4/2/44, Naples, Peak Held Before
4/3/44, Naples, Beachhead Raids Push Allies Back
4/4/44, Naples, New German Raid near Aprilia Fails
4/5/44, Naples, Nazi Rail Link Hit
4/6/44, Naples, Oil Center Bombed
5/1/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Animals are Part of M.P. Problems
5/4/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Spring and Death Mingle in Italy
5/7/44, On the Fifth Army Beachhead, South of Rome, Physicians Fight Tension at Anzio
5/8/44, On the Fifth Army Anzio Beachhead, ‘Gusville’ Thrives in Anzio Front Line
5/9/44, Aboard an LST en Route from the Anzio Beachhead, Laughs Ease Pain of Wounded on LST
5/10/44, With the Fifth Army, Brothers’ Dramas Contrast at Anzio

5/13/44, With the Allied Armies in Italy, Furious Battle On (L)

5/14/44, With the Fifth Army, Outside Castelforte, Individual Feats Mark Italy Fight
5/15/44, Castelforte, Italy, Captives Outnumber Captors in Ghost Town of Castelforte
5/16/44, With the Fifth Army, On the Lower Garigliano, Not All the Risks Are the Infantry’s
5/18/44, With the Eighth Army, South of Cassino, Cassino Shrouded in Fires of Attack
5/19/44, At the Abbey of Mount Cassino, Benedictine Abbey Dead among Ruins
5/23/44, Naples, Germans Hit Back (L)
5/24/44, Naples, Ships Shell Enemy (L)
5/25/44, Naples, Both Fronts Gain (L)
5/26/44, Naples, Appian Way Clear (L)
5/27/44, Naples, Cisterna is Taken (L)
5/28/44, Naples, More Italian Gains
5/29/44, Naples, New Push on Rome (L)
5/30/44, With the Fifth Army, Below Rome, Carroceto Taken (L)
5/31/44, With the Fifth Army, Below Rome, Clark is Optimistic (L)
6/1/44, With the Fifth Army, Below Rome, German Grip Slips (L)
6/2/44, With the Fifth Army, Below Rome, Coup Fools Nazis (L)
6/4/44, With the Fifth Army Below Rome, Allies Push On North after the Capture of Rome (W)
6/5/44, In the Outskirts of Rome, Road to Rome Hard Fought, Yet Crowded with Civilians
6/12/44, Naples, Allies Invade Brac in 5-Day Assault
9/21/44, Rome, Six-Mile-Wide Gap Cut in Gothic Line
9/23/44, Rome, Rimini Captured, Po Battle Begins
10/6/44, Katakolon, Greece, Malaria-Ridden Greeks Line Shore to Greet First Britons
10/24/44, Rome, 5th Army Grinds nearer Bologna
10/29/44, With Fifth Army, in Italy, Bologa Strategy of Foe is Complex
11/10/44, Rome, 2 Soldier Deserter Gangs Broken after Mad Crime Careers in Italy
11/11/44, Rome, British Take Forli after Grim Battle
11/14/44, Rome, Eighth Army Gains in Ravenna Drive
11/25/44, Rome, Palestine Order is Vatican’s Hope
11/27/44, A Fifteenth Air Force Flying Fortress Base, in Italy, Bombing by Radar in B-17 Described
11/30/44, With the United States Seventh Army, at Batzendorf, 7th Army Battle Won by a Gunner
12/18/44, Rome, Faenza Captured after Long Siege
12/23/44, Rome, Canadians Seize Italian Road Hub
12/25/44, Rome, Pius for War Curb by a World Group; Hails Democracy

Brigham, Daniel T.
10/25/40, Berne, Switzerland, Vichy in War Role (L)
12/16/40, Berne, Switzerland, Coup d’Etat Sought (L)
12/26/40, Berne, Switzerland, Balkan Blow Near (L)
12/27/40, Berne, Switzerland, Balkans on Alert
3/18/41, Berne, Switzerland, Generals to Meet (L)
4/6/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Troops March (L)
4/8/41, Berne, Switzerland, Yugoslav Drive On (L)
4/11/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis at Belgrade
4/12/41, Berne, Switzerland, Yugoslav Strength Shown
4/14/41, Berne, Switzerland, Serbs Slow Nazis
6/15/41, Berne, Switzerland, Clash is Expected Soon
6/23/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Hit Back (L)
6/24/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Raid Prussia
6/25/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Push Two Drives
6/26/41, Berne, Switzerland, Heavy Fight Reported
6/27/41, Berne, Switzerland, Salient in Poland (L)
6/28/41, Berne, Switzerland, Minsk Push Gains (L)
6/29/41, Berne, Switzerland, Fighting is Fierce (L)
6/30/41, Berne, Switzerland, Counter-Blows Struck
7/1/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Line Dented (L)
7/2/41, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Drive On (L)
7/3/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Held, Moscow Says, in Stiff Battle Near Minsk
7/4/41, Berne, Switzerland, River Battle Line
7/5/41, Berne, Switzerland, Withdrawal Orderly
7/6/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Thrust Smashed
7/7/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Lines Firm (L)
7/8/41, Berne Switzerland, Baltic Battle On
7/14/41, Geneva, Switzerland, 3 Fronts Aflame
7/17/41, Berne, Switzerland, Stern Test for Red Army
7/18/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Hit Back
7/19/41, Berne, Switzerland, Reich Troops Gain (L)
7/20/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Defense Firm
7/21/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Lists Gains (L)
7/22/41, Berne, Switzerland, Fight at Smolensk
7/23/41, Berne, Switzerland, New Fight Rages Above Leningrad
7/24/41, Berne, Switzerland, Smolensk Drive is At Standstill
7/25/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Lines Firm
7/26/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Hits Back
7/27/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Holds Fast
7/28/41, Berne, Switzerland, Moscow Confident (L)
7/29/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Attacks (L)
7/30/41, Berne, Switzerland, Big Nazi Loss Claimed
7/31/41, Berne, Switzerland, Smolensk Fight Costly for Nazis; Red Army Presses On in Ukraine
8/2/41, Berne, Switzerland, Duels on Leningrad Front
8/4/41, Berne, Switzerland, Kiev Drive Checked
8/6/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Report Foe Halted in His Twin Drives on Kiev
8/7/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Report Repulse of Nazis
8/8/41, Berne, Switzerland, German Thrusts Balked
8/9/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Battle Fierce Nazi Push
8/11/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Still Holding
8/12/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Holds, Russians Report
8/14/41, Berne, Switzerland, Retirement in Good Order
8/15/41, Berne, Switzerland, Key Points Given Up
8/19/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis in Kingisepp
8/20/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Hits Back
8/21/41, Berne, Switzerland, Act Laid to Stalin (L)
8/23/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nikopol is Yielded (L)
8/24/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Strikes (L)
8/25/41, Berne, Switzerland, Gomel Drive Gains
8/26/41, Berne, Switzerland, Novgorod Given Up
8/26/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Regain Area Near Gomel
9/2/41, Berne, Switzerland, Attack is Pressed
9/3/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis on Defensive
9/4/41, Berne, Switzerland, 22 Towns Retaken (L)
9/5/41, Berne, Switzerland, Moscow Claims New Gain in Push
9/6/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russian Thrusts in Center Gaining
9/7/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russian Marines Land
9/8/41, Berne, Switzerland, Combat Rages On (L)
9/11/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Pursue Enemy in Center
9/12/41, Berne, Switzerland, Smolensk Wedge Cut Down
9/13/41, Berne, Switzerland, Kiev Threat Increased
9/14/41, Berne, Switzerland, Offensive is Reported
9/24/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Attacks
9/26/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Forces Firm (L)
9/27/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Attack (L)
10/3/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis’ Lines Cut, Moscow Reports
10/4/41, Berne, Switzerland, Leningrad Battle Continues
10/6/41, Berne, Switzerland, Advance Above Crimea
10/7/41, Berne, Switzerland, Huge Push Opens(L)
10/9/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Hard Pressed
10/10/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Hit Back
10/11/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Gaps Filled (L)
10/14/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Advance Delayed
10/15/41, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Checked (L)
10/16/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Retreat (L)
10/17/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Push Slowed
10/18/41, Berne, Switzerland, Defenders’ Hopes Rising
10/19/41, Berne, Switzerland, Invaders Checked (L)
10/20/41, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Thrust Back
10/22/41, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Army Firm 10/23/41, Berne, Switzerland, Moscow Line Held (L)
10/24/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Claims Denied (L)
10/25/41, Berne, Switzerland, Reds Strike Hard
10/26/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Give Ground
10/27/41, Berne, Switzerland, Germans in Crimea
10/28/41, Berne, Switzerland, No Big Break-Through
10/29/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russian Attacks and Mud Turning Tide at Moscow
10/31/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Pierce Line Below Moscow
11/3/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Front in Crimea Bends
11/4/41, Berne, Switzerland, New Battles On in Soviet Center
11/5/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Attacking
11/6/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Halts Push on Moscow
11/7/41, Berne, Switzerland, Premier Confident
11/8/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Pressed at Volokolamsk
11/10/41, Berne, Switzerland, Gap in Line Closed
11/11/41, Berne, Switzerland, Moscow’s Army Beats Back Nazis
11/12/41, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Holds on All Sectors
11/14/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Report New Tula Gains; Retire in Crimea
11/15/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Claim Leningrad Break
11/19/41, Berne, Switzerland, Moscow’s Army Again beats Off All Nazi Blows
11/24/41, Berne, Switzerland, Vichy Going Ahead
11/26/41, Berne, Switzerland, Donets Units Move
11/28/41, Berne, Switzerland, New Moscow Peril
11/30/41, Berne, Switzerland, Don Port Retaken (L)
12/3/41, Berne, Switzerland, Pressure on Moscow Grows
12/4/41, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Rout Widens
12/5/41, Berne, Switzerland, Debris Fills Roads
12/6/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Drive On
12/7/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Advance
12/9/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Launch Attack on Crimea
12/10/41, Berne, Switzerland, Link to Leningrad Retaken by Soviet
12/11/41, Berne, Switzerland, Wide Soviet Gains Listed by Moscow
12/13/41, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Smashed
12/14/41, Berne, Switzerland, Blows by Red Army
12/16/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Take Klin
12/17/41, Berne, Switzerland, Kalinin is Retaken in Russian Sweep
12/18/41, Berne, Switzerland, New Soviet Drive Opens in Far North
12/21/41, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Go Ahead
12/22/41, Berne, Switzerland, Brauchitsch is Out
12/24/41, Berne, Switzerland, New Russian Gains Smash Nazis’ LInes
12/31/41, Berne, Switzerland, Kerch Recaptured
1/1/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Hurled Back
1/2/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Smash On
1/7/42, Berne, Switzerland, Reich Units Cut Up
1/8/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Line Smashed
1/9/42, Berne, Switzerland, Ring in Crimea Cut (L)
1/10/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Near Vyazma Line; Leningrad Siege is Eased
1/12/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis’ Bryansk Line Broken By Seizure of Key Rail Point
1/16/42, Berne, Switzerland, New Soviet Drive Cuts Deep in Lines
1/18/42, Berne, Switzerland, Marshal von Reichenau is Dead; Berlin Gives Apoplexy as Cause
1/21/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Scores
1/24/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Swept Back
1/25/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russian Battle Picture Changes (L)
1/30/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Drive in Ukraine Menaces Dnieper River Bend
1/31/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Sees Victory
2/11/42, Berne, Switzerland, Reich Trade Fairs Canceled for Year
2/14/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Smashes into White Russia
2/20/42, Berne, Switzerland, Smolensk in Peril of Soviet Pincers
2/21/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Batters Kharkov Defenses
2/22/42, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Fans Hopes for Victory News
2/24/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Pinching Smolensk Salient
2/27/42, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Seizes Japanese Holdings, Masses Troops Opposite Sakhalin
3/1/42, Berne, Switzerland, German Power Sapped as Red Army Drives On (W)
3/14/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Pushes Deeper in Ukraine
3/16/42, Berne, Switzerland, Kharkov Victory Near, Says Soviet
3/17/42, Berne, Switzerland, New Soviet Drive Dents Donets Line
3/18/42, Berne, Switzerland, Fight for Kharkov is Reported Raging
3/20/42, Berne, Switzerland, Hitler Calls Back Ousted Aids; Drive for Suez Held Likely Aim
3/21/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Drives Wedges Deeper into Nazi Defenses
3/23/42, Berne, Switzerland, Soviet Reports 12,000 Nazis Slain, Much Booty Taken in Kalinin Area
3/29/42, Berne, Switzerland, Spring Outlook Favors Russians (W)
3/30/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Gain in South
4/6/42, Berne, Switzerland, 40,000 Nazis Slain, Soviet Announces
4/27/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Sees Victory (L)
4/29/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Capture Key Donets Points
5/2/42, Berne, Switzerland, Axis Reports Unity (L)
5/9/42, Berne, Switzerland, German Cardinal Indicts Nazi ‘War on Christianity’
5/10/42, Berne, Switzerland, German Catholics Fight Nazi Tenets
5/12/42, Berne, Switzerland, Offensive Starts (L)
5/13/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Pierce Lines (L)
5/14/42, Berne, Switzerland, Kerch Line Broken (L)
5/15/42, Berne, Switzerland, Donets Drive Gains (L)
5/17/42, Berne, Switzerland, Kharkov Reported Burning
5/24/42, Berne, Switzerland, Crimean Tip Lost(L)
5/28/42, Berne, Switzerland, Heydrich of Gestapo Hurt; Big Reward Up for Assailant
5/29/42, Berne, Switzerland, 6 in Czech Family Executed by Nazis
5/30/42, Berne, Switzerland, Heydrich is Expected to Die; Nazis Slay 12 More Czechs
6/1/42, Berne, Switzerland, 18 More Czechs Executed by Nazis
6/5/42, Berne, Switzerland, Heydrich is Dead; Czech Toll at 178
6/12/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Kill 34 More in Two Czech Cities
6/13/42, Berne, Switzerland, Sevastopol Forts Dented, Nazis Say
6/19/42, Berne, Switzerland, Heydrich Killers Slain, Say Nazis, as Ultimatum to Czechs Expires
6/25/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Rear in Peril (L)
6/26/42, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Widen Offensive
6/27/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Stem Foe (L)
6/28/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Retake Positions
7/2/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Claim Port (L)
7/9/42, Berne, Switzerland, Red Army Attacks (L)
7/10/42, Berne, Switzerland, Russians Brighter
9/7/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Army Claims Novorossiisk Base
9/20/42, Berne, Switzerland, Pope Has Long Talk with Taylor; Move to Aid Jews in France Seen
10/1/42, Berne, Switzerland, Nazi Sees Victory (L)
10/4/42, Berne, Switzerland, Shaposhnikoff in Command
11/12/42, Berne, Switzerland, France is Overrun (L)
1/27/43, Berne, Switzerland, Liquididation Day Set for France’s Jews
2/4/43, Berne, Switzerland, Reich in Mourning for Volga Debacle
2/6/43, Berne, Switzerland, Il Duce Takes Over
2/13/43, Berne, Switzerland, Mussolini Ousts 6 More Officials
3/26/43, Berne, Switzerland, Allied Bombing Said to Cut German Plane Output 30%
4/1/43, Berne, Switzerland, 400 Die in Naples Arsenal Blast; Witnesses Call Port a Shambles
4/18/43, Berne, Switzerland, Vidussoni Resigns High Italian Post
5/12/43, Berne, Switzerland, ‘Toe’ of Italy Put in State of Alert
5/16/43, Berne, Switzerland, Italian Fascisti on 24-Hour Duty
5/19/43, Berne, Switzerland, Italians Examine Peace Chances and Quid Pro Quo for Surrender
6/14/43, Berne, Switzerland, Pius Warns Labor to Shun Violence; Denies Aiding War
7/20/43, Berne, Switzerland, Noted Church Hit, Italians Report
7/21/43, Berne, Switzerland, Hitler and Mussolini in North Italy While Bombers Were Over Rome
7/22/43, Berne, Switzerland, Pius Tells of Plea
7/26/43, Berne, Switzerland, Arrests Reported (L)
7/27/43, Berne, Switzerland, Italians Rejoicing (L)
7/28/43, Berne, Switzerland, Vatican Role Seen (L)
7/29/43, Berne, Switzerland, Fascists Besieged (L)
7/30/43, Berne, Switzerland, Badoglo Showdown Near on Breaking with Germans
7/31/43, Berne, Switzerland, Riot Releases 200
8/6/43, Berne, Switzerland, Germany Claims Allegiance of Badoglio as Cabinet Meets
8/13/43, Berne, Switzerland, Open Resistance to Badoglio Rises; Paper Sees Revolt if War Goes On
8/15/43, Berne, Switzerland, Allies Are Wary (L)
8/15/43, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Try to Use Italy (W)
8/18/43, Berne, Switzerland, 19 German Divisions Apply Martial Law in North Italy
9/22/43, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Seize Church Dignitaries Entering Territory of Vatican City
10/7/43, Berne, Switzerland, ‘Kidnap’ Plot Reported
10/9/43, Berne, Switzerland, Pope Surrounded by German’ Guns
2/15/44, Berne, Switzerland, Finns Studying Terms
3/5/44, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Combat Italian Strikers
3/13/44, Berne, Switzerland, Pope Asks Belligerents to Spare Rome from Ruin
3/24/44, Berne, Switzerland, Rumania’s Status is Hazy
4/2/44, Berne, Switzerland, U.S. Bombers Kill 50 Swiss as Fliers Mistake Target
7/3/44, Geneva, Switzerland, Inquiry Confirms Nazi Death Camps
7/6/44, Berne, Switzerland, Two Death Camps Places of Horror
7/9/44, Berne, Switzerland, Goebbels Warns Reich of ‘Danger’
7/25/44, Basle, Switzerland, Hitler Bomb Laid to Himmler Plot
7/26/44, Berne, Switzerland, Decree by Hitler
8/9/44, Berne, Switzerland, Men Tried Swiftly
8/19/44, Mollesulaz, French-Swiss Frontier, Annemasse Captured
8/24/44, Berne, Switzerland, Break in Balkans
10/7/44, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Urge Poles to Turn to Them
11/6/44, Berne, Switzerland, Swiss Indignant at Russian Charge
11/28/44, At the Swiss-Alsatian Frontier, Paratroops Strike beyond the Rhine
1/18/45, Berne, Switzerland, Nazis Hint at Rout of Army in Poland
1/30/45, Berne, Switzerland, Germans Warned of Fall of Berlin

Brock, H.I.
9/6/42, Front Royal, Va., The WAAGs (NY Times Magazine)

Brock, Raymond (Ray)
3/23/41, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Serbs’ Defiance is Told in Song (W)
3/25/41, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Yugoslavs on Way
3/26/41, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Serbs Stir Risings Against Axis Deal
3/28/41, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Belgrade is Calm (L)
3/29/41 Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Reich ‘Reassured’ (L)
4/2/41, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Belgrade is Firm (L)
4/3/41, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Cabinet Convenes
4/6/41, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia Fights
5/11/41, Budapest, Nazis Held Ready to Crush Serb Guerrillas and Jews
6/8/41, Adana, Turkey, Act to Oust Foes
6/17/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazi-Soviet Talks on Rift Reported
6/27/41, Istanbul,Rumania Said to Shift Capital
7/2/41, Ankara, Turkey, Red Army Prepared to Lure Nazis Far into Interior, Says Strategist
7/23/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazis Execute 80,000 Serbs, Turkey Hears; Guerrillas Continue to Harry Conquerors
8/2/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazi Steps Hinted to Hold Bulgaria
8/6/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazi Ouster Urged Upon Afghanistan
8/7/41, Ankara, Turkey, Reich Peace Drive Pushed in Turkey
8/8/41, Ankara, Turkey, Berlin Said to Threaten Rupture with Iran if Germans are Ousted
8/9/41, Ankara, Turkey, 2 High Nazi Agents Dispatched to Iran
8/12/41, Ankara, Turkey, Stiff Soviet Note Said to Warn Iran
9/16/41, Ankara, Turkey, Shah’s Abdication Expected
9/17/41, Ankara, Turkey, Iran is Regarded as Allied Bastion
9/30/41, Ankara, Turkey, Spy Scare in Sofia
10/11/41, Ankara, Turkey, German Threats to Turks Detailed
10/26/41, Ankara, Turkey, Stalingrad Held New German Goal
11/15/41, Ankara, Turkey, Caucasus Chalenges German Might
11/29/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazis Reported Speeding Forces to Africa; Units Sent from East Front, Austria, France
12/28/41, Istanbul, Turkey Awaits Nazi Drive to East (W)
2/28/42, Ankara, Turkey, Rommel Reported Called to Berlin, Possibly to Go to the Russian Front
9/10/42, Ankara, Turkey, Rommel Reported as Seriously Ill
10/15/42, Smyrna, Turkey, Axis Troops Leave Aegean Islands; Peril of Near East Invasion Ends
10/24/42, Istanbul, Germans Moving Oil Refineries from Western Europe to Russia
10/30/42, Istanbul, Hitler Said to Aim for Mid-East’s Oil
11/2/42, Ankara, Turkey, Turkish President Finds War Nearer
1/12/43, Ankara, Turkey, Sofia Said to Get Nazi Defense Plan
1/24/43, Istanbul, Turkey, Arabs Swing Toward Allies (W)
3/15/43, Ankara, Turkey, Wallace Speech Hailed in Turkey
3/21/43, Ankara, Turkey, Reich is Suppliant for Turkish Trade
5/24/43, Istanbul, Turkey, Guerrilla Blows Spread in Balkans
5/30/43, Istanbul, Turkey, Japanese Experts Help Germans to Fortify Their Conquered Islands

Brown, Francis
12/31/39, The News and Trends of the Year in Review (W)
12/29/40, Main Currents of the Year (W)

Bullard, F. Lauriston
9/10/39, Boston, New England is Anti-Nazi (W)
12/10/39, Boston, Food Stamps Work in New England (W)
6/29/41, Boston, New England Stands Firm on Aid (W)
9/21/41, Boston, New England Backs F.D.R. (W)
12/14/41, Boston, People of Six States Act as One Man (W)
3/22/42, Boston, New England Girds to Do ‘a Tough Job’ (W)
5/3/42, Boston, New England Wants All-Out Effort (W)

Burch, Stanley
6/8/44, On Board a British Warship, Off the French Invasion Beaches, Eisenhower Holds War Council on Battleship Near Beachhead

Burgess, Arthur
8/29/43, With Advanced American Infantry on New Georgia, Reporter Enters Bairoko

Burns, Eugene
2/2/44, With a Carrier Task Force, off Wotje, Massed from Many Points

Bush, Asahel
5/28/44, United States Army Headquarters, Netherlands New Guinea, Planes, Ships Blast Way in Biak Thrust

Byas, Hugh
4/18/38, Tokyo, Serious Concern in Tokyo
5/17/38, Tokyo, Chinese Escaping from Enemy Trap
12/23/38, Tokyo, Tokyo Conditions for Peace Stated
1/19/39, Tokyo, Japan Will Offer U.S. Gains in China
4/1/39, Tokyo, 7 French Islands Annexed by Japan; Naval Push Seen
5/30/39, Tokyo, New Border Clash Reported by Tokyo
7/7/39, Tokyo, Japanese Assail Britain as Enemy
8/27/39, Tokyo, Japan’s Arm Men Back Policy Shift
10/4/39, Tokyo, Tokyo Admits Defeat by Soviet; Calls Mongol Battle ‘Disastrous’
11/15/39, Tokyo, Worried Over U.S. Stand
11/19/39, Tokyo, Japan Faces a Decision (W)
12/9/39, Tokyo, New Tokyo Budget Highest in History
12/23/39, Tokyo, Japan Welcomes U.S. Reply to Bid
12/29/39, Tokyo, Japanese Cabinet Refuses to Resign
1/14/40, Tokyo, Tokyo Cabinet Out; Premier is Sought Among Generals
1/22/40, Tokyo, Britain Takes 21 Nazis off Japanese Ship; Cruiser’s Shot Halts Vessel Near Japan
1/24/40, Tokyo, Shipping Reprisal Debated in Tokyo
3/26/40, Tokyo, Japan’s Envoy to Wang to Shun Inaugural; Abe Must Keeop Army Content with ‘Peace’
4/5/40, Tokyo, Japan Sees No Change
4/7/40, Tokyo, Manchukuo Orders Conscription in 1941; Soldiers will be Placed in Japanese Army
5/13/40, Tokyo, Japanese Talk of Acting in the East Indies; Cite Allied Landings at Caribbean Points
5/30/40, Tokyo, Japan is Stressing Interest in Indies
6/30/40, Tokyo,Japan Demands Vast Sphere in East Asia and South Seas
7/9/40, Tokyo, Burma Road Reply Rejected by Japan
7/10/40, Tokyo, Japan Welcomes Roosevelt Stand
7/17/40, Tokyo, Japanese Cabinet Forced to Resign
7/21/40, Tokyo, Japan Girds to End Her War (W)
8/2/40, Tokyo, ‘Internal Reconstruction’
8/4/40, Tokyo, Tokyo Studies ‘Retaliation’
8/5/40, Tokyo, Indies Policy Expected Soon
9/28/40, Tokyo, Warning to U.S. is Seen in Tokyo
9/29/40, Tokyo, Japanese Premier Asks for Sacrifice
9/29/40, Tokyo, War Bears Down on Japanese Life (W)
10/5/40, Tokyo, Japan Warns U.S. to Bow to the Axis
10/18/40, Tokyo, Japan Aroused by Hong Kong Plan to Allow More Supplies into China
10/26/40, Tokyo, Japanese Bid High to Russia for Amity, Seeing War with Us
11/26/40, Tokyo, Nomura Selected as Envoy by Tokyo
12/1/40, Tokyo, Japan Now Plays for Time (W)
12/10/40, Tokyo, Matsuoka Doubts Conflict with U.S.
1/5/41, Tokyo, Japan is Not Anxious to Fight for the Axis (W)
1/24/41, Tokyo, Tokyo Press Sees Little Chance for Better Relations with U.S.
1/27/41, Tokyo, Matsuoka Accuses Hull of Distorting Case of Manchuria
1/30/41, Tokyo, Japan Would Keep U.S. Out of the War
1/31/41, Tokyo, Japanese Bill Asks Death in Spy Cases
2/2/41, Tokyo, Japan Draws the Map of a Vast ‘Lebensraum’ (W)
2/9/41, Tokyo, Japan Sends Us an Admiral as Envoy (NY Times Magazine)
2/13/41, Tokyo, Tokyo is Relieved by Roosevelt ‘No’
2/18/41, Tokyo, Policy to be Peaceful
2/22/41, Tokyo, New Warning by Matsuoka
2/23/41, Tokyo, Japan’s Push South is Held Up by Russia (W)
2/27/41, Tokyo, Japanese and Nazis Discuss Strategy; Tokyo Held Ready
2/28/41, Tokyo, Concede 10 Per Cent of Claims
3/6/41, Tokyo, Japanese Stress ‘Peaceful’ Policy
3/25/41, Tokyo, Good-Will for Soviet Voiced

Calhoun, C.H.
10/20/41, Panama, Neighbors Back Action of Panama
2/17/42, Balboa, C.Z., Aruba is Shelled (L)

Callender, Harold
9/11/38, London, Advisers Influence Hitler (W)
7/16/39, London, Britain Posts Warnings for the Nazis to Read (W)
7/30/39, London, Appeasement Falters in a ‘War of Nerves’ (W)
8/13/39, London, Now They Listen to Churchill (NY Times Magazine)
9/10/39, London, Sea Action Key to Strategy (W)
11/12/39, London, Britain Tightens Her Air Defenses (W)
1/7/40, London, Allies Watch Far-Flung Arc (W)
1/14/40, London, Chamberlain’s Grip Firm after Shake-up (W)
1/21/40, London, Low Counries Are Alert (W)
3/7/40, Stockholm, Finns Weigh Truce
3/12/40, Stockholm, Peace Hopes Fall (L)
3/29/40, Bergen, Norway, Norway Interns Stranded U-Boat; Netherlands Downs British Bomber
4/5/40, Narvik, Norway, Nazi Sailors Meet British at Narvik
4/6/40, Narvik, Norway, Narvik Faces Flood Tide of War at Peak Month of Its Ore Trade
4/7/40, Narvik, Norway, Richer Ore Makes Narvik Vital Port
4/7/40, Bergen Norway, The Watch on the fjords (NY Times Magazine)
4/8/40, Narvik, Norway, Germans Pushing Narvik Shipments
4/10/40, Asbisko, Swedish Frontier, Nazis Sink 2 Ships in Seizing Narvik
4/13/40, Northern Swedish-Norwegian Frontier, Fighting Along Railway Lines
4/18/40, Stockholm, German Foreces Spread
4/22/40, Stockholm, Allies at Hamar, Help in Defense, Norway Reports (L)
4/26/40, Stockholm, Roeros is Reached (L)
5/5/40, Stockholm, Reich Raises Prestige by Trimph in Norway (W)
9/13/40, Honolulu, Defense is Pushed at Base in Hawaii
8/19/40, Auckland, N.Z., New Zealanders Follow Closely Developments in Battle of Britain
10/1/41, Mexico City, Mexico Friendly, Avila Assures Us
2/1/42, Mexico City, Rio Exposes Fifth Columns (W)
9/25/42, Washington, Nazi Radio Finds Russia Let Down
9/26/42, Washington, ‘New Europe’ Rises in Nazi Word Drive
10/10/42, Washington, Soviet-Allied Rift is Nazi Radio Aim
10/11/42, Washington, Reich’s Defensive Talk Hints Shift in Strategy
1/14/43, Washington, British Military Backs Eisenhower; Government Said to Push de Gaulle
1/22/43, Washington, Peyrouton’s Role Approved by Army
1/27/43, Washington, Capital Sees Plan
2/9/43, Washington, Turkey is Inclined to Side of Allies
2/20/43, Washington, Mareth Line Guns Replaced by Nazis
2/27/43, Washington, Soviet Seen Firm for Gain Since ‘39
3/26/43, Washington, U-Boat Toll Bars Feeding of Europe
3/29/43, Washington, Eden’s Trip to U.S. Held Exploratory
4/27/43, Washington, Washington Voices ‘Regret’ at Break
5/8/43, Washington, Invasion Spurred by Tunisia Victory
7/21/43, Washington, Open City Status by Rome Doubted
7/30/43, Washington, Hull Hopes Italy Will Heed Offer
8/27/43, Washington, A Quebec Decision (L)
12/21/43, Algiers, Deep U.S. Attack Pounds Augsburg
1/19/44, Somewhere in North Africa, German Prisoners in Africa Begin to Realize that Reich Cannot Win
2/4/44, Algiers, Oust Italian King, French Ask Allies
2/18/44, Algiers, French Open Trial of Brutal Jailers
3/18/44, Algiers, Appeal of Pucheu Rejected by Court
3/24/44, Algiers, French to Debate Transitional Rule
3/30/44, Algiers, French Discuss Post-War Press
4/14/44, Algiers, De Gaulle Plans Return to Army
6/26/44, Algiers, French Protest U.S. News Article
7/6/44, Washington, Washington Welcomes de Gaulle Today Almost as Head of State
7/7/44, Washington, De Gaulle Arrives, Meets Roosevelt
7/8/44, Washington, De Gaulle Power Not Parley Issue
8/15/44, Algiers, De Gaulle Likens Rhine to Pacific
9/30/44, Paris, Leftists in Paris for Vast Seizures
10/3/44, Paris, French Rush Vote for City Councils
10/9/44, Paris, U.S. Election Race Interests French
10/21/44, Paris, De Gaulle Divides France into Zones
10/30/44, Paris, Ban on Red Militia Stirs French Crisis
11/8/44, Paris, Thorez Pardoned by French Decree
11/30/44, Paris, U.S. Border Policy Astounds France
12/16/44, Paris, Resistance Lists Demands in Paris
12/29/44, Paris, French Writer Tells Nation of Debt to U.S.; Calls ‘Export’ of American Blood Unpayable
12/29/44, Paris, French Assembly for State Banking
1/1/45, Paris, De Gaulle Hails Rebirth of France; Says Allied Aid Assures Big Army
1/3/45, Paris, More Tolerance for Vichyites Seen
1/5/45, Paris, French Still Hope for Fighting Role
1/6/45, Paris, De Gaulle Present at Allied Military Parley in Paris with Eisenhower and Churchill
1/11/45, Paris, Alsace, Lorraine French, Foe Told
1/22/45, Paris, French Push Drive to Join ‘Big Three’

Camp, Edwin
6/29/41, Atlanta, Southeast Sees Britain Gaining Vital Time (W)
12/14/41, Atlanta, Youth of Southeast is in Fighting Mood (W)
3/22/42, Atlanta, Any Lag in Effort Angers Southeast (W)
5/3/42, Atlanta, Southeast Responds to President’s Aims (W)

Camp, Raymond R.
9/4/40, Wood, Field and Stream (C)
9/16/40, Wood, Field and Stream (C)
9/15/41, Wood, Field and Stream (C)
10/6/41, Wood, Field and Stream (C)

Campbell, Kenneth
5/19/39, Harlan, Ky., Gunfire Rattles in the Hills of Harlan
8/12/40, With the First Army in the Field, Ogdensburg, N.Y., Manoeuvres Area Set for ‘Air Raid’
8/20/40, With the First Army in the Field, Ogdensburg, N.Y., Armies in ‘Battle’ ‘mid Up-State Rain
8/21/40, With the First Army in the Field, Ogdensburg, N.Y., Blues Halt Blacks in Up-State ‘War’

Cannell, Kathleen
5/25/40, Paris Couturiers Carry on in Unity
8/3/40, Paris, French Financing an Acrobatic Task

Cantril, Hadley
6/2/40, Impact of the War on the Nation’s Viewpoint (W)
5/11/41, Present State and Trends of Public Opinion (W)

Carmical, J.H.
3/5/44, Arab Oil in World Politics (W)

Carney, William P.
2/22/38, With the Insurgents on the Teruel Front, Spain, Loyalists Believed Blowing up Teruel
4/6/38, Morella, Spain, Morella Found Normal
5/21/38, Burgos, Spain, Snow Impedes Rebels
7/11/38, Burgos, Spain, Writer Sees 80 Americans Held in Spanish Relief Camp
7/29/38, Saragossa, Spain, Amposta Crossing Balked
9/10/38, Saragossa, Spain, Rebels Report Ebro Gains
12/27/38, San Sebastian, Spain, Steady Gains Reported
1/25/39, With Insurgent Troops before Barcelona, Barcelona Besieged

Carroll, Wallace
11/19/41, Manila, Stalin Invoked God’s Aid for U.S. at Kremlin Dinner for Officials

Carstensen, Svend
10/2/39, Copenhagen, U-Boat Torpedoes Unwarned Vessel
3/20/40, Copenhagen, Witness Describes Raid
4/9/40, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Taken (L)
7/15/41, Helsinki, Finland, Finns Make Thrust into Karelian Area
8/25/41, With the Finnish Forces on the Onega Front, Finnish Advance Viewed
8/27/41, With the Finnish Forces on the Karelian Front, Finns’ Lake ‘Navy’ Aids Ladoga Drive
8/31/41, Helsinki, Viborg is Taken by Finnish Army
9/6/41, Somewhere in Finnish Karelia, Viborg is Taken by Finnish Army

Cassidy, Henry C.
3/8/43, Soviet War News Termed Accurate
8/15/43, With the Red Army on the Bryansk Front, Heaviest Barrage Won Orel Victory
9/7/43, With the Red Army, on the Steppe Front, New Nazi Defense in Russia is Bared

Catledge, Turner
9/4/39, Washington, Roosevelt in Plea
9/6/39, Washington, Ban by Roosevelt
9/10/39, Washington, Roosevelt Seeks Unity Before Congress Acts (W)
9/12/39, Washington, Borah Opens Fight Against Revision of Neutrality Act
9/21/39, Washington, On Eve of Congress
9/22/39, Washington, A Solemn Message (L)
10/1/39, Washington, European War is Already Influencing 1940 Election (W)
10/28/39, Washington, Final Vote Swift (L)
11/3/39, Washington, Opponents Routed (L)
1/4/40, Washington, For Unity in Nation (L)
1/5/40, Washington, Expenditures Cut (L)
1/9/40, Washington, Test for Election
2/3/40, Washington, Plea Read in Vain (L)
2/8/40, Washington, Finnish Loan Gains in Senate as House Fires on Soviet Ties (L)
2/16/40, Washington, Denmark Asks U.S. for Export Credit
2/17/40, Washington, Jones is Confident Finland will Live
2/29/40, Washington, Loan for Finland is Voted by House; Roll-Call Dodged
3/3/40, Washington, New Deal Ends 7 Eventful Years with Roosevelt Still its Symbol (W)
4/3/40, Milwaukee, The Wisconsin Primary
5/29/40, Washington, Income Tax Rise in Defense Plans
6/28/40, Philadelphia, Rivals Worn Down (L)
6/29/40, Philadelphia, Senator Drafted (L)
7/18/40, Chicago, By ‘Acclamation’ (L)
7/19/40, Chicago, President on Radio (L)
9/29/40, Washington, Republicans’ Triple Plan (W)
10/27/40, Chicago, War Issue has Taken a New Turn in Campaign (W)
11/4/40, Retain House Grip
12/4/40, Washington, 9 Officials Meet (L)
12/19/40, Washington, Knudsen Key Man (L)
12/30/40, Washington, ‘Axis Will Not Win’ (L)
12/31/40, Washington, President to Act (L)
1/9/41, Washington, 10.8 Billions Arms (L)
1/10/41, Washington,To Rush Measure (L)
1/11/41, Washington, Goes to Congress (L)
1/14/41, Washington, May Loses Motion (L)
1/15/41, Washington, Hull 1st Witness (L)
1/16/41, Washington, Peril in Quibbling (L)
1/17/41, Washington, ‘Crisis Exceeds ‘17’ (L)
1/19/41, Washington, OPM Head for Bill (L)
1/19/41, Washington, Lease-Lend Bill Holds Majority in Congress (W)
1/20/41, Washington, President Cordial (L)
1/21/41, Washington, No Retreat Here (L)
1/28/41, Washington, Changes Discussed (L)
1/29/41, Washington, Spring Blow Seen
3/12/41, Washington, Final Step Swift
3/13/41, Washington, 7 Billions Asked (L)
4/25/41, Washington, ‘High Time We Act’ (L)
4/30/41, Washington, Can’t Define Range (L)
5/2/41, Washington, Washington Shifts Fifty Oil Tankers to British Service (L)
5/4/41, Washington, Battle of Atlantic is Capital’s Big Worry (W)
5/7/41, Washington, Sea Crisis is Seen (L)
5/8/41, Washington, House Ranks Firm (L)
5/29/41, Washington, President Explains
6/24/41, Washington, Our Policy Stated
7/11/41, Washington, All Army Included (L)
7/12/41, Washington, Incident in Rescue (L)
7/15/41, Washington, President in Talks (L)
7/22/41, Washington, President is Grave (L)
7/27/41, Washington, Congressmen are Grave Amid Intensified Crisis (W)
8/9/41, Washington, Bill is ‘Far Short’ (L)
8/15/41, Washington, Another Aid Bill is Seen in Capital
8/17/41, Washington, Dramatic Talks at Sea Spike a Hitler ‘Peace’ (W)
8/20/41, Washington, Roosevelt Calls for Arms Survey of Allied Needs through 1943
9/17/41, Washington, Russia Separate (L)
9/19/41, Washington, Letter to Rayburn (L)
9/21/41, Washington, Lend-Lease ‘Torrent’ Only a Trickle Now (W)
10/10/41, Washington, Message is Urgent (L)
10/18/41, Washington, Kearny Attacked (L)
11/3/43, Swing in Country (L)
1/12/44, Somewhere in Italy, U.S. Troops Doubt Nazis Will Crack
6/29/44, Chicago, Dewey at Stadium (L)
7/21/44, Chicago, Vote is 1,086 to 90 (L)
9/21/44, Washington, Commissioners of 3 Allies to Rule Defeated Germany
11/8/44, Get 11 to 20 Seats
11/9/44, Democratic Victory Returns Full Control of the House

Caylor, Arthur
9/10/39, San Francisco, Pacific Coast is Worried (W)
8/11/40, San Francisco, California Law Favors Johnson (W)
2/2/41, San Francisco, Talk of Splitting California (W)
8/3/41, San Francisco, San Francisco Aroused (W)

Chamberlain, John
1/21/43, Books of the Times (C)
9/30/43, Books of the Times (C)
10/28/43, Books of the Times (C)

Chamberlin, William Henry
2/16/41, The United States and Japan’s New Order, by William C. Johnstone (B)
4/13/41, Japan Unmasked, by Hallett Abend (B)
10/19/41, Moscow Faces Another Crisis (W)
3/22/42, Russo-Japanese ‘Peace’ Still In the Balance (W)
7/5/42, Russia’s Fighting Forces, by Captain Sergi N. Kournakoff, and Russians Don’t Surrender, by Alexander Poliakov (B)
2/21/43, Tokyo Record, by Otto D. Tolischus (B)

Childs, Kingsley
10/16/38, New Haven, Conn., 55,000 Watch Yale Conquer Navy
12/1/40, Philadelphia, Pre-Game Parade Upsets Precedent
10/6/41, Washington, Redskins Beat Brooklyn, 3 to 0, on Aguirre’s Third-Period Boot
10/12/41, West Point, N.Y., Army Victoroius over V.M.I., 27-20
10/20/41, Cards Easily Defeat Dodgers, 20-6; Reverse is Brooklyn’s Third in Row
11/3/41, Milwaukee Nips Americans by 7-6

Churchill, Douglas
6/30/39, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
8/3/39, Beverly Hills, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
9/2/39, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
9/9/39, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
9/23/39, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
10/7/39, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
11/11/39, Hollywood, News of Hollywood
1/1/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
1/25/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
2/17/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
2/23/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
2/24/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
3/14/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
3/23/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
3/29/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
4/6/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
4/20/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
4/26/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
4/27/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
4/29/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
5/4/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
5/11/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
5/17/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
5/31/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
6/8/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
6/14/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
6/21/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
9/27/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
9/30/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
11/14/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
12/13/40, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
1/17/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
3/7/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
3/13/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
3/21/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
3/22/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
4/10/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
4/12/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
5/23/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
7/3/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
7/26/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
8/22/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
8/30/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
9/27/41, Hollywood, News of Hollywood
10/24/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
10/27/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
10/29/41, Hollywood, Screen News Here and in Hollywood
10/31/41, Hollywood, News of the Screen (C)

Cianfarra, Camille M.
9/4/38, Rome, Mussolini Uneasy over Czech Crisis (W)
2/10/39, Rome, Death at 5:31 A.M. (L)
2/17/39, Vatican City, German Envoy Urges Cardinals to Elect Pope Favoring Fascists
3/3/39, Vatican City, Hailed by Throngs (L)
4/1/39, Rome, Italians Seize Ports
6/7/39, Vatican City, Pope Seeks to bar Soviet from Pact
10/30/39, Rome, Pope Issues Call to All Christians to Defend Religion
12/25/39, Rome, Pius Warns Europe (L)
12/27/39, Rome, Pope Sends Funds to Catholic Finns
1/29/40, Rome, Mass Shootings in Poland Laid to Nazis by Cardinal
3/18/40, Rome, Meeting at Brenner (L)
3/19/40, Brennero, Italy, Talk’s Peace Phase Stressed in Italy
5/26/40, Rome, Vatican Prepares to Shelter Envoys
6/12/40, Rome, Pope is Sorrowful over Italy’s Move
6/13/40, Rome, Vatican City Paper Skips Publication
7/1/40, Rome, Italians’ Strategy Remains Defenseive
8/10/40, Rome Twin Offensives Predicted
8/11/40, Rome, Italy Aims to Win Arabs by Victory
8/11/40, Rome, Suez Italy’s Goal in African Sector (W)
8/14/40, Rome, Rome Press Assails Greece
8/15/40, Rome, Italy is Indignant over British Raids
9/19/40, Rome, Italians Massing for Matruh Siege
10/7/40, Rome, Pope Scores Women’s ‘Immodesty’ and Bowing to ‘Tyranny of Fashion’
10/21/40, Rome, Bahrein is Raided
10/27/40, Rome, Clash on Frontier
10/28/40, Rome, Italians Await ‘Events’
10/30/40, Rome, Fascisti ‘Advance’
11/1/40, Rome,Fascisti Near City
11/16/40, Rome, Axis Army Chiefs Study Joint Push
11/22/40, Rome, British Air Marshall Captured by Italians when his Plane is Forced Down in Sicily
12/25/40, Rome, Pope Voices Plea for ‘A Just Peace’
1/22/41, Rome, Axis Plans a Blow Before U.S. Can Aid
3/1/41, Rome, Diplomatic Work Ended
4/14/41, Rome, Pope Pius Asks Ban on Worse Weapons
6/3/41, Rome, U.S. Believed Topic (L)
7/25/41, Rome, 4 British Ships Sunk, Rome Says
10/28/41, Rome, Exiled Arab Mufti Turns Up in Rome
9/24/42, Mexico City, Mexico Increases Strategic Output
10/4/42, The Vatican Faces the Dictators (NY Times Magazine)
3/11/43, Mexico City, Railway Harmony Reached in Mexico
3/21/43, Vatican Adheres to Its War Policy (W)
11/23/43, Mexico City, Spanish Refugees Seek Recognition

Clark, Delbert
12/31/39, Washington, Era of Social Security Begins for the Worker (W)
7/13/41, Washington, Military Secrets Get Out (W)

Clements, Olen W.
1/2/43, Aboard a Bomber over Wake Island, Writer Describes Wake Raid Thrill

Cleveland, Reginald M.
4/25/41, Detroit, Chrysler, Baldwin Finish First Tanks

Cobb, Jane
1/7/45, My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair, by Elizabeth Sale

(B) Collingwood, Charles
8/24/44, Paris, French Armored Division Sent into Paris by Bradley

Commager, Henry Steele
8/30/42, HOW WAR CAME. An American White Paper; From the Fall of France to Pearl Harbor, by Forrest Davis and Ernest K. Lindley (B)

Conger, Clinton B.
10/3/44, On Cythera Island, Greece, Commandos Seize Cythera

Cortesi, Arnaldo
4/2/38, Vatican City, Vatican Rebukes Bishops of Austria for Nazi Plea
4/18/38, Rome, Rome Enthusiastic
6/29/38, Rome, Britain Asks Italy to Halt Bombings
10/9/38, Rome, 10,000 ‘Volunteers’ in Franco’s Forces to Return to Italy
11/13/38, Vatican City, Vatican to Attack Italian Race Law
11/14/38, Vatican City, Mother Cabrini Beatified in Rome; She is First U.S. Citizen So Honored
12/25/38, Vatican City, Pius XI Deplores Fascist Hostility
12/28/39, Mexico City, Mexican Chamber Passes School Bill
7/26/39, Mexico City, Mexican Disorder Grows in Gravity
8/8/39, Mexico City, Mexicans Aroused by Realty Buying
7/8/40, Mexico City, 2 Americans Hurt (L)
4/26/41, Buenos Aires, Argentina to Have Decree Regime; Legislative Boycott is Challenged
8/29/41, Buenos Aires, Argentine Rolls of Nazis shown
2/5/42, Buenos Aires, Argentina Orders Defense Measures
10/10/42, Buenos Aires, Protests by Argentina and Chile Deny Axis-Spy Charge by Welles
3/3/43, Buenos Aires, Argentina to Sell Arms to Britain
4/18/43, Buenos Aires, Argentina is Unmoved by Slights (W)
6/11/43, Buenos Aires, Argentina Ends Code Leaks; Move to Curb Axis Agents
8/13/43, Buenos Aires, Argentina Widens Her War on ‘Reds’
12/3/43, Buenos Aires, Argentina Widens ‘Communist’ Hunt
1/27/44, Buenos Aires, Policy Revamped (L)
10/2/44, Buenos Aires, Argentine Paper Chides U.S. Press

10/20/40, The Making of the Atomic Bomb, by Richard Rhodes (B)
12/1/40, Winston’s War: Churchill 1940-1945, by Max Hastings (B)
2/9/41, The Road to Victory: The Untold Story of World War II’s Red Ball Express, by David P. Colley (B)
4/13/41, Operation Barbarossa and Germany’s Defeat in the East, by David Stahel (B)
5/4/41, Pearl Harbor: Final Judgment, by Henry C. Clausen and Bruce Lee (B)
5/18/41, Darkest Hour: The True Story of Lark Force at Rabaul, Australia’s Worst Military Disaster of World War II, by Bruce Gamble (B)
6/22/41, The Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution: A Reconsideration, by Mark Roseman (B)
9/14/41, Before Stalingrad: Barbarossa - Hitler's Invasion of Russia 1941, by David M. Glantz (B)

7/11/43, Hitler, by Joachim Fest (B)

Cournos, John
12/1/40, Spanish Characters and other Essays, by Irving Babbitt (B)

Cowles, Virginia
9/10/40, London, Churchill Proud of British Morale

Crider, John H.
3/19/39, Washington, Low Income-Tax Yield Intensifies Tax Issue (W)
7/11/40, Washington, White House Tax Plan Lifts Curb on Profits, Depreciation Write-Off
7/26/40, Washington, Ban Affects Japan (L)
8/5/40, Washington, ‘Our Duty’ to Help (L)
7/23/41, Washington, Blow is Seen Near (L)
7/26/41, Hyde Park, N.Y., Vast Trade Curbed (L)
7/27/41, Hyde Park, N.Y., Command Unified (L)
8/2/41, Washington, Oil Policy Changed (L)
8/4/41, New London, Conn., President Sails for Week’s Rest
8/14/41, Swampscott, Mass., New Course Seen for Democracies
8/17/41, Rockland, Me., President Debarks (L)
9/4/41, Washington, President Names Moscow Mission
9/25/41, Washington, Backs Price Rule (L)
5/26/43, Washington, Sure of Adoption
6/11/43, Washington, Pay-As-You-Go Tax is Signed Into Law; In Effect July 1
7/16/43, Washington, Officials Rebuked (L)
7/17/43, Washington, Revolution Urged (L)
7/24/43, Washington, Roosevelt Says Rome Raid Saved Allied Troops’ Lives
7/28/43, Washington, President Speaks on Radio Tonight
8/19/43, Quebec, Eden Joins Quebec Parley; Political Phase is Reached
8/20/43, Quebec, ‘Ruthless’ Plan Set (L)
8/21/43, Quebec, Quebec Talks End Tuesday; Hull Arrives, ‘Big 4’ Dine
8/23/43, Quebec, Japan Faces Blows
8/24/43, Quebec, ‘Great’ Plans Made
8/25/43, Quebec, Conference Ends (L)
9/1/43, Washington, President Brands Columnist a Liar
9/3/43, Washington, Churchill Enters on Military Talks
9/4/43, Washington, Big U.S. Land Blows at Italy Now Expected in Washington
9/5/43, Washington, Soviet to Join Allied Parley; Aids Mediterranean Group
10/28/43, Washington, President Urges Congress to Back Post-War Education of Veterans
10/30/43, Washington, President Joyful (L)
11/29/43, Washington, Congress is Slow on Peace Planning
12/12/43, Washington, Roosevelt Gives Full Plans for Invasion to Eisenhower
12/13/43, Washington, Talk by Roosevelt to Congress on His Parley Trip Considered
1/12/44, Washington, Service Act Urged (L)
1/14/44, Washington, A Victory Budget (L)
1/26/44, Washington, Hope for Support of Russia on Gold
1/29/44, Washington, Ruin Japan! is Cry (L)
2/2/44, Washington, President Asserts Japanese will Pay
3/8/44, Washington, Seek Commission on Foreign Policy
3/25/44, Washington, Roosevelt Warns Germans on Jews
3/29/44, Washington, Roosevelt Was Ill of Bronchitis, but Says that He is Feeling Fine
4/9/44, Washington, Washington Experts are Worried by Japanese Advance into India
4/16/44, Washington, Navy to Press Hunt in Pacific King Says
5/20/44, Washington, Swedish-U.S. Firms May be Penalized
7/4/44, Bretton Woods, N.H., 10 Billion Total Seen for Exports
9/17/44, Quebec, Unity is Stressed (L)
9/23/44, Washington, U.S. to be ‘Hard’ with Germans
11/26/44, Washington, U.S. Board Bares Atrocity Details Told by Witnesses at Polish Camps
1/7/45, Washington, World Role Urged (L)
1/21/45, Washington, Stone Gives Oath (L)

Crisler, B.R.
4/6/40, ‘It All Came True,’ Another Excursion into Gangster Comedy by the Warners, Arrives at the Strand
4/20/40, ‘’Til We Meet Again,’ with Merle Oberon, O’Brien, Brent, Opens at Strand
4/26/40, ‘Strange Cargo’ Lands at Capitol
4/27/40, Mr.Roach Sets the Clock Back to ‘One Million B.C.,’ at the Roxy
4/29/40, ‘French Without Tears,’ at Rivoli

Crocker, A.J.
12/14/41, St. Paul, Minn., Differences Disappear in the Northwest (W)

Crockett, E.H.
5/31/42, With British Forces in the Libyan Desert, Rommel Hindered by Supply Losses

Cronkite, Walter L.
11/28/42, Port Lyautey, French Morocco, Navy Fliers’ Help Won Port Lyautey
2/27/43, At a United States Flying Fortress Base in England, Hell 26,000 Feet Up
9/18/44, With the First Allied Airborne Forces in the Netherlands, near the German Frontier, Sky Troops Fight as They Hit Earth
9/19/44, With American Air-Borne Forces in Holland, Sky Troops Race Germans for Control of Bridges
9/29/44, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Poverty and Want Rip Netherlands

Crowell, Paul
4/27/44, Mayor Protests Japanese in East

Crown, James E.
4/9/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
4/16/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
4/23/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
4/30/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
5/14/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
5/21/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
5/28/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
6/18/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
7/2/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)
11/5/44, New Orleans, Report from the Nation: The Deep South (W)

Crowther, Bosley
5/4/40, John Garfield and Anne Shirley Seen at Strand in ‘Saturday’s Children’
5/11/40, ‘Dark Command,’ a Rousing Western, Opens at the Roxy
5/17/40, ‘Waterloo Bridge,’ with Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor, Opens at the Capitol
5/31/40, ‘My Favorite Wife’ a Lively Farce, with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne, at the Music Hall
6/8/40, ‘Brother Orchid’ Finds Edward G. Robinson in an Excellent Farce at the Strand
6/14/40, ‘Our Town,’ a Beautiful and Tender Picture, at the Music Hall
6/21/40, ‘The Mortal Storm,’ a Deeply Tragic Anti-Nazi Film, at the Capitol
7/5/40, ‘All This and Heaven, Too,’ with Bette Davis and Boyer, at Music Hall
8/2/40, ‘Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) Meets Debutante’ at Capitol
8/9/40, ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ a Delightful Comedy of Manners, Seen at the Music Hall
8/10/40, ‘The Sea Hawk,’ a Warners Production, and ‘The Return of Frank James,’ Both Action Dramas, at the Strand and the Roxy
8/15/40, ‘The Great McGinty,’ a Rowdy Satire on Crooked Politics, at the Paramount
8/16/40, William Powell and Myrna Loy Back Together in ‘I Love You Again,’ at the Capitol
8/28/40, “Foreign Correspondent” Review
8/31/40, Melvyn Douglas and Loretta Young in a Satire on Communism [“He Stayed for Breakfast”], at the Roxy Theatre
9/7/40, “No Time for Comedy,” a Gay Romance, with James Stewart and Rosalind Russell, at the Strand
9/6/40, ‘Boom Town’ and ‘Lucky Partners,’ Star-Studded Films at the Capitol and Music Hall
9/27/40, “The Howards of Virginia,” a Fine Historical Drama, at Music Hall
10/9/40, ‘The Long Voyage Home,’ Magnificent Drama of the Sea, at the Rivoli
10/16/40, ’The Great Dictator,’ by and With Charlie Chaplin, Tragi-Comic Fable of the Unhappy Lot of Decent Folk in a Totalitarian Land, at the Astor and Capitol
10/19/40, ‘Knute Rockne – All American’ a Thrilling Biography of the Great Coach, at the Strand
10/25/40, ‘The Westerner,’ with Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan, at the Music Hall
11/14/40,Walt Disney’s ‘Fantasia,’ an Exciting New Departure in Film Entertainment, Opened Last Night at the Broadway
12/12/40, Four New Films Open Here: ‘Third Finger, Left Hand,” With Myrna Loy . . .
12/13/40, W.C. Fields, the Great, Hits His Stride Again in ‘The Bank Dick,’ at the Palace
12/26/40, ‘Comrade X’ and ‘Chad Hanna’ Christmas Entries at the Capitol and Roxy
12/27/40, A Splendid Cast Adorns the Screen Version of ‘The Philadelphia Story’ at the Music Hall
1/9/41, ‘Kitty Foyle’ in the Cinematic Flesh at the Rivoli
1/17/41, Emphasis on Defense in “Flight Command” at the Capitol
1/25/41, ‘High Sierra,’ at the Strand, Considers the Tragic and Dramatic Plight of the Last Gangster
2/7/41, ‘Western Union’ at the Roxy
2/21/41, Ford’s Screen Version of ‘Tobacco Road’ at Roxy
2/26/41, ‘The Lady Eve,’ a Sparkling Romantic Comedy, With Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda, at the Paramount
3/7/41, ‘Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary’ Adorns the Capitol
3/13/41, ‘Meet John Doe,’ an Inspiring Lesson in Americanism, Opens at the Rivoli and Hollywood Theatres
3/21/41, Metro’s ‘Rage in Heaven’ a Solemn Treatment Upon the Theme of Paranoia, at the Capitol
3/22/41, Edward G. Robinson Appears as Jack London’s Sadistic ‘Sea Wolf’ at the Strand
3/27/41, ‘I Wanted Wings,’ a Stirring Drama of the Army Air Corps, at the Astor
4/4/41, ‘That Hamilton Woman,’ the Story of a Historic Love Affair, at the Music Hall
4/10/41, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope in ‘Road to Zanzibar’ at Paramount
4/12/41, Bette Davis Wriggles Out of ‘The Great Lie,’ at the Strand
5/2/41, Orson Welles’s Controversial ‘Citizen Kane’ Proves a Sensational Film at Palace
5/16/41, ‘The Devil and Miss Jones’ a Lively Comedy at the Music Hall
5/23/41, Cary Grant and Irene Dunne Play a ‘Penny Serenade’ at the Music Hall
7/3/41, ‘Sergeant York,’ a Sincere Biography of the World War Hero, Makes Its Appearance at the Astor
8/22/41, ‘The Little Foxes,’ Full of Evil, Reaches the Screen of the Music Hall
8/30/41, ‘Dive Bomber,’ Colorful Film about Flight Surgeons, at the Strand
9/27/41, ‘A Yank in the R.A.F.’ is a Lively Bit of Romance and Adventure, at the Roxy
10/2/41, ‘Hold Back the Dawn,’ a Poignant Romance, at the Paramount
10/4/41, ‘The Maltese Falcon,’ a Fast Mystery Thriller with Quality and Charm, at the Strand
10/24/41, Walt Disney’s Cartoon, ‘Dumbo,’ a Fanciful Delight, Opens at the Broadway
10/29/41, A Beautiful and Affecting Film Achievement is “How Green Was My Valley,” at the Rivoli
11/21/41, “Suspicion” a Hitchcock Thriller, at Music Hall
12/26/41, ‘Remember the Day,’ Featuring Claudette Colbert, Opens at Roxy
1/1/42, ‘Louisiana Purchase’ Seen at Paramount
1/2/42, ‘The Man Who Came to Dinner,’ with Monty Woolley, Bette Davis, Arrives in Cinematic Full-Dress at the Strand
1/16/42, “Ball of Fire” a Delightful Comedy, with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck in Lead Roles, Opens at Music Hall
1/24/42, ‘All Through the Night,’ Action Film About Gangsters and Nazi Spies, with Humphrey Bogart, Opens at the Strand
1/29/42, Comic Tour in ‘Sullivan’s Travels’ on the Paramount’s Screen
2/6/42, ‘Woman of Year,’ with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, at Music Hall
3/7/42, “To Be or Not to Be” (untitled review)
3/26/42, ‘To Shores of Tripoli,’ Colorful but Implausible Film About a Recruit in the U.S. Marine Corps, is Presented at Roxy
3/28/42, ‘The Male Animal,’ with Henry Fonda, Olivia De Havilland, at Strand
4/2/42, “My Favorite Blonde” (untitled review)
4/10/42, ‘The Courtship of Andy Hardy,’ a Comedy-Drama Starring Mickey Rooney at Capitol
4/25/42, Edward G. Robinson Resumes Flashy Underworld Career in Warner Farce Film ‘Larceny, Inc.,’ Now Showing at Strand
5/8/42, ‘Saboteur,’ Alfred Hitchcock Melodrama, starring Priscilla Lane, Robert Cummings and Otto Kruger, at Music Hall
5/9/42, ‘In This Our Life,’ Film Version of Ellen Glasgow Prize Novel, with Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland, Opens at Strand
5/13/42, “This Above All” (untitled review)
5/30/42, ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy,’ with James Cagney as George M. Cohan, Opens at Hollywood
6/5/42, ‘Mrs. Miniver,’ Excellent Picture of England at War, Opens at the Music Hall
7/3/42, ‘Eagle Squadron,’ Action Film of Americans in R.A.F., with Diana Barrymore, Jon Hall and Robert Stack, at Globe
7/16/42, ‘Pride of the Yankees,’ a Film Biography of Lou Gehrig, with Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright, on View at Astor
8/28/42, ‘The Talk of the Town,’ a Smart Comedy, Starring Cary Grant, Ronald Colman, Jean Arthur, Arrives at the Music Hall
9/2/42, ‘Wake Island,’ a Stirring Tribute to the United States Marines, with Brian Donlevy in the Cast, at the Rivoli Theatre
9/5/42, ‘Across the Pacific,’ Featuring Humphrey Bogart and Sydney Greenstreet in a Tingling Thriller, Arrives at Strand
9/17/42, ‘The Major and the Minor,’ a Charming Comedy-Romance, with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland, at the Paramount
9/24/42, ‘Orchestra Wives,’ an Indifferent Musical Film, Highlighted by Glenn Miller’s Band, Opens at the Roxy Theatre
9/26/42, ‘Desperate Journey,’ a Futile Chase Through Germany, with Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan, Opens at the Strand
10/16/42, ‘A Yank at Eton,’ Starring Mickey Rooney on Playing Fields, at Capitol
10/22/42, ‘For Me and My Gal,’ a Musical Moving Picture Concerned with Vaudeville, Makes Its Appearance at the Astor
10/23/42, ‘My Sister Eileen,’ with Janet Blair and Rosalind Russell, at Music Hall
11/12/42, ‘Road to Morocco,’ with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, at Paramount
11/20/42, ‘I Married a Witch,’ a Thorne Smith Whimsey, with Fredric March and Veronica Lake as Stars, Arrives at the Capitol
11/27/42, ‘Casablanca,’ with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, at Hollywood
12/4/42, ‘You Were Never Lovlier,’ with Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire, Arrives at Music Hall
12/11/42, ‘The Palm Beach Story’ Brings Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrea to the Rivoli
12/18/42, ‘Random Harvest,’ with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman, From James Hilton Novel, Opens at the Music Hall
12/24/42, ‘In Which We Serve,’ Depicting Cruel Realities of This War, is Presented at Capitol. Noel Coward Heads Cast
1/13/43, ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ a Thriller, with Teresa Wright, Joseph Cotton, at Rivoli
3/3/43, William Saroyan’s First Picture, ‘The Human Comedy,’ with Mickey Rooney and Frank Morgan, Opens at the Astor
3/6/43, When Gentlemen Meet [Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man]
3/19/43, ‘Keeper of the Flame,’ in Which Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn Make Appearance, Arrives at the Music Hall
4/14/43, Eighth Army’s Heroic Campaign Recounted in British Fact Film [“Desert Victory”]
4/22/43, ‘China,’ with Alan Ladd and Loretta Young, Opens at the Paramount – Picture is Called Romance with Topical Theme
4/29/43, ‘Crash Dive,’ a Romance and Thriller About Submarine Men, with Tyrone Power and Dana Andrews, at the Roxy
4/30/43, ‘Mission to Moscow,’ Based on Ex-Ambassador Davies’s Book, Stars Walter Huston, Ann Harding at Hollywood
5/10/43, ‘The OxBow Incident,’ Drama of Mob Violence, with Dana Andrews and Henry Fonda in Leads, Opens at the Rivoli
5/14/43, ‘More the Merrier,’ Sparkling Comedy, Opens at Music Hall
5/22/43, ‘Action in the North Atlantic,’ Thrilling Film of Merchant Marine, Starring Humphrey Bogart, Opens at the Strand
5/28/43, ‘This Land is Mine,’ a Moving Drama about Freedom, with Maureen O’Hara and Charles Laughton, Opens at the Rivoli
6/4/43, ‘Bataan,’ Film of Heroic Defense of Peninsula, Starring Robert Taylor, Robert Walker and Thomas Mitchell, at Capitol
6/17/43, ‘Coney Island,’ Another Period Musical Film, with Betty Grable and Geo. Montgomery, Opens at the Roxy Theatre
6/25/43, “Stage Door Canteen” [Untitled review]
7/2/43, “Bombardier” [Untitled review]
7/15/43, ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls,’ a Drama From the Hemingway Novel, with Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, at the Rivoli
8/12/43, ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ an Amusing Comedy of Manners, with Don Ameche, Gene Tierney and Charles Coburn, Opens at Roxy
8/28/43, ‘Watch on the Rhine,’ a Fine Screen Version of the Lillian Hellman Play, Opens at the Strand
9/3/43, ‘The Sky’s the Limit,’ Presenting Fred Astaire, Joan Leslie and Robert Benchley, Shows a Flying Tiger on a Furlough

9/10/43, Misses Colbert, Goddard, Lake Seen in ‘So Proudly We Hail,’ as Army Nurses Who Aid the Wounded Men on Bataan

10/8/43, ‘Lassie Come Home,’ Drama of a Dog, at Music Hall
10/21/43, ‘Corvette K-225,’ Thrilling Film of Heroic Service by British and Canadians to Defend Convoys, at Loew’s Criterion
11/6/43, ‘Princess O’Rourke,’ 100 Per Cent American Comedy, with Olivia de Havilland, Robt. Cummings, Chas. Coburn at the Strand
11/12/43, ‘Sahara,’ an Exciting Picture of Desert War, with Humphrey Bogart as a Heroic Sergeant, Is New Feature at the Capitol

11/18/43, ‘Guadalcanal Diary,’ a Stirring Action Drama of the Marine Corps, with Wm. Bendix and Lloyd Nolan Opens at Roxy

12/2/43, ‘No Time for Love,’ a Comedy with Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, at Paramount
12/3/43, ‘What a Woman,’ a Film Play Presenting Rosalind Russell and Brian Aherne, Opens at the Radio City Music Hall
12/17/43, ‘Madame Curie,’ Drama of Two Scientists, with Garson and Pidgeon, Opens at Music Hall
12/24/43, ‘A Guy Named Joe,’ a Variable Fantasy, with Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunne, Begins an Engagement at the Capitol
1/1/44, ‘Destination Tokyo,’ a Highly Eventful Submarine Drama, with Cary Grant and John Garfield, Opens at the Strand
1/9/44, Catching Up (C)
1/13/44, ‘Lifeboat’ a Film Picturization of Shipwrecked Survivors, with Tallulah Bankhead, Opens at the Astor Theatre
1/20/44, ‘Miracle of Morgan’s Creek’ with Betty Hutton at Paramount
1/22/44, Lower and Lower [Review of “Higher and Higher”]
1/26/44, ‘Gung Ho!’ a Lurid Action Film about the Makin Island Raid, with Randolph Scott, Opens at the Criterion Theatre
1/27/44, ‘The Song of Bernadette’ a Devout Film Version of the Werfel Story, with Jennnifer Jones, Opens Here at Rivoli
2/4/44, ‘Jane Eyre’ a Somber Version of the Bronte Novel, with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles, Opens at the Music Hall
2/10/44, ‘The Sullivans,’ an Appealing Film about the Five Brothers Who Died on Cruiser Juneau, Presented at Roxy Theatre
2/17/44, ‘Passage to Marseille,’ a Heavy Action Drama in which Free Frenchmen Figure, with Bogart, at the Hollywood
2/21/44, Whooooooo! [Review of “The Uninvited”]
3/3/44, ‘Up in Arms,’ with Danny Kaye, at the Music Hall
3/22/44, GI Hargrove [Review of “See Here, Private Hargrove”]
3/24/44, ‘Tunisian Victory,’ Picture of the Allies’ Cooperation, at the Rialto
3/31/44, ‘Cover Girl,’ with Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly, at the Music Hall
4/14/44, Vivid Film of Daylight Bomb Raid Depicts Daring of Our Air Forces (on news thread)
4/26/44, “Follow the Boys” [Untitled review]
5/3/44, ‘Going My Way,’ Comedy-Drama with Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald, at Paramount
5/4/44, “The Adventures of Mark Twain” [Untitled review]
5/5/44, ‘Gaslight,’ Adapted from Play ‘Angel Street,’ at Capitol
5/11/44, ‘Pin Up Girl’ at Roxy
5/12/44, ‘The White Cliffs of Dover,’ Based on Poem of Alice Duer Miller, with Irene Dunne and Alan Marshal, at Music Hall
5/26/44, ‘Mr. Skeffington,’ with Bette Davis and Claude Rains, Opens at the Hollywood
6/7/44, ‘The Story of Dr. Wassell,’ with Gary Cooper, Opens at Rivoli
6/15/44, ‘Two Girls and a Sailor,’ Dandy Musical Comedy by Metro, Opens at the Capitol Theatre with Jimmy Durante in Cast
6/21/44, Army Movie of Landings at Arawe and Cape Gloucester Showing Here (on news thread)
6/22/44, ‘Home in Indiana,’ a Colorful Film about Harness-Racing, with Walter Brennan and Lon McCallister, Opens at Roxy
7/21/44, ‘Since You Went Away,’ a Film of Wartime Domestic Life, with Claudette Colbert and Others, Opens at the Capitol

7/27/44, ‘Step Lively,’ a Remake of ‘Room Service,’ with Frank Sinatra, Opens at Palace
7/29/44, ‘The Canterville Ghost,’ with Charles Laughton, Margaret O’Brien, at the Globe
8/2/44, ‘Wilson,’ an Impressive Screen Biography, in which Alex. Knox is the Star, Has Its World Premiere at the Roxy
8/10/44, ‘Hail the Conquering Hero,’ New Preston Sturges Satire, with Eddie Bracken, Ella Raines, in Premiere at the Paramount
9/7/44, ‘Double Indemnity,’ a Tough Melodrama, with Stanwyck and MacMurrray as Killers, Opens at the Paramount
9/15/44, ‘Casanova Brown,’ a Comedy with Gary Cooper and Teresa Wright, Offered at Music Hall
9/21/44, ‘Frenchman’s Creek,’ a Film of Romantic Adventure, with Joan Fontaine, Makes Its Appearance at the Rivoli
9/29/44, ‘Seventh Cross,’ Anti-Nazi Drama, with Spencer Tracy, at Capitol
10/12/44, ‘To Have and Have Not,’ with Humphrey Bogart, at the Hollywood
10/13/44, ‘Mrs. Parkington,’ Connubial Drama, with Garson and Pidgeon, at Music Hall
11/8/44, ‘Irish Eyes Are Smiling,’ a Tuneful Technicolored Show, with Dick Haymes and June Haver, Opens at the Roxy
11/16/44, ‘Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo,’ a Faithful Mirror of Capt. Ted Lawson’s Book, with Van Johnson, Tracy, at Capitol
11/18/44, ‘None but the Lonely Heart,’ in Which Cary Grant and Ethel Barrymore Star, at Palace
11/29/44, ‘Meet Me in St. Louis,’ a Period Film That Has Charm, with Judy Garland and Margeret O’Brien, Opens at the Astor
12/15/44, ‘National Velvet,’ Color Film, with Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor, at Music Hall
12/16/44, ‘Hollywood Canteen,’ Variety Show, Opens at Strand
12/21/44, ‘Winged Victory,’ Stunning Film Version of Air Force Show, Opens at the Roxy
12/30/44, ‘Keys of the Kingdom,’ From Novel by A.J. Cronin, Opens at Rivoli

Cudahy, John
6/6/41, Berlin, Hitler Ridicules U.S. Fears, Holds Nazi Attack Wild Idea

Cunningham, C.R.
11/8/42, Allied Headquarters, in North Africa, Planes Form Umbrella
6/10/43, Aboard a British Cruiser, Off Pantelleria, Isle Seems to Leap Into Air as Missiles Pour Down on It
8/13/43, Headquarters, American Corps, Sicily, Fierce Resistance from Germans Met in U.S. Landing in North Sicily
8/18/43, Messina, Sicily, Americans First to Enter Messina
11/24/43, Algiers, One Apology Described
11/25/43, Algiers, ‘Patton’s Orders’ Rigidly Enforced

Currivan, Gene
3/20/44, London, 5 British Sloops Sink 6 U-Boats in Record 20-Day Bag in Atlantic
3/25/44, London, Berlin is Hit Again
3/26/44, London, 2,800-Ton Attack
3/27/44, London, Nazi Bases Bombed
4/1/44, London, ‘Raider’ Wingate is Killed in Crash; He Trained Units for Burma Attack (with Charles J. Rolo)
4/4/44, London, Tirpitz is Bombed by British Planes
4/10/44, London, Posen is Blasted (L)
4/21/44, London, Indies Port Ruined (L)
4/23/44, London, Big Blow in Reich (L)
4/30/44, London, Luftwaffe Fights (L)
5/7/44, London, Balkan Strike Big (L)
5/8/44, London, Air Attacks Grow (L)
5/14/44, London, ‘Heavies’ Hit Reich
5/21/44, London, Easy Run for ‘Forts’
5/23/44, London, U-Boat Den Bombed
5/28/44, London, Bombers Rip Rails
5/29/44, London, Fliers Down 93 Nazi Planes; Vast Blows over Coast Go On
6/3/44, London, 118,940 Tons Rained on Europe in May
6/4/44, London, Calais Zone Rocks
6/9/44, London, Hilltop Battery Silenced by Air Troops after Practice on a Duplicate in Britain
6/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 2 Enemy Warships Wrecked, British Craft Hit Off Ushant
6/20/44, Aboard the John E. Ward, Off England, New Robot Speeds 600 Miles an Hour
6/24/44, London, Eden Vows to Avenge ‘Butchery’ by Nazis of 50 Captive Airmen
7/31/44, Brehal, France, Fleeing Germans Outstrip Pursuers
8/1/44, Avranches, France, Mongolians, Tatars, Turcomans, 14 to 40, Taken with Germans
8/4/44, On the Outskirts of Rennes, Mongolians, Tatars, Turcomans, 14 to 40, Taken with Germans
8/11/44, Le Mans, Americans Run Snipers’ Gantlet on Their Approach to Le Mans
8/18/44, Chartres, Troops Spare Chartres Cathedral in Routing Out German Snipers
8/22/44, Mantes, France, GI’s Run Off Maps in Push over Seine
8/31/44, Paris, Paris Subway Station Converted to Plane-Parts Plant by Germans
9/3/44, Verdun, Drive Resembles Parade
10/1/44, London, Dover Sings in Joy as Shelling Stops
10/2/44, Dover, England, Freedom Dazes Dover Residents
10/3/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, General Explains Arnhem Disaster
10/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Bombers Rip Reich to Assist Armies
10/12/44, Antwerp, Belgium, Canadians Cut Off 15,000 in Holland
10/13/44, Antwerp, Belgium, Canadians Deepen Schelde Bridgehead to 5,000 Yards along Leopold Canal Front
10/14/44, Antwerp, the Netherlands, Canadians Smash On
10/16/44, Antwerp, Belgium, Direct Attack Due on Antwerp Gates
10/18/44, Antwerp, Canadians Push Ahead
10/19/44, Antwerp, Breskens Pocket Squeezed
10/20/44, Antwerp, Fall of Breskens at Hand
10/29/44, With United States Third Army in France, Troops Still Die on a ‘Quiet Front’
11/9/44, With United States Third Army, Third Army Takes 12 Towns in Drive to South of Metz
11/10/44, With United States Third Army, Mud Delays Progress
11/11/44, With American Third Army in France, American Troops Outwit Germans
11/13/44, Liocourt, France, Third Army Finds Towns Evacuated
11/14/44, American Third Army Front, in France, Foe Quits Citadel
11/15/44, Verny, France, U.S. Troops Swarm on Forts in Drive to Topple Metz
11/16/44, Pouilly, France, Americans Can See Buildings of Metz
11/19/44, On the Outskirts of Metz, France, Blasts Rock City
11/20/44, Metz, France, City Holding Out
11/22/44, Metz, France, Metz Celebrates as Fight Goes On
11/25/44, On American Third Army Front in Germany, Patton Decorated for Seizing Metz
11/27/44, With American Third Army, in France, Americans Seize Huge Arms Plant
11/30/44, On the Third Army Front, ‘Foxhole Surgeon,’ 19 Saves Soldier with Jackknife and Fountain Pen
12/1/44, St. Avold, France, Americans Fight Germans All Night in One of Wildest Melees of War
12/3/44, Felsberg, Germany, Saarlautern Push Menaces Germany’s Supply of Coal
12/4/44, With the United States Third Army, in Germany, Feint Wins Saar Span for Yanks Despite Extensive German Mining
12/7/44, Sarre Union, Patton’s Tanks Blast Fiery Path through Nazi Line in Bitter Fight
12/8/44, With United States Third Army, 1,700 Germans Live in Saar Cave; Defied Order to Flee into Reich
12/11/44, With American Third Army, in Germany, Americans Battle in Pottery Plant; Drive Nazis from Crate to Crate
1/8/45, With American Third Army, Irish Yank Uses a Little Yiddish and Leads Germans to Death Trap
1/11/45, With the United States Third Army, U.S. Non-Com Kills 82 Nazis in 8 Days
1/12/45, With United States Third Army, Patton Men Trap and Carve Up Foe
1/13/45, With American Army, in Belgium, 3d Army Captures 3,400 More of Foe
1/14/45, With American Third Army in Belgium, 317 German Tanks Smashed by Third
1/15/45, With American Third Army in Belgium, German Tanks Scurry for Wooded Areas as Allied Fliers Pour Bombs on Convoys
1/19/45, On Heights over Diekirch, Luxembourg, Americans Charge over River in Blitz
1/22/45, With the American Third Army, Bulge Now Inverted
1/26/45, With United States Third Army, 3d Again Reaches German Border
1/31/45, With the United States Third Army, Ex-Hitler Youth Saves a Platoon

Curthoys, Roy L.
1/23/42, Melbourne, Australia, Invasion is Likely
2/14/42, Canberra, Australia, Australia Calls Session in Crisis
3/10/42, Canberra, Australia, Key Straits Lost (L)
3/11/42, Canberra, Australia, Foe’s Fleet Raided (L)
3/12/42, Canberra, Australia, Japanese Pounded (L)
3/13/42, Canberra, Australia, Foe Loses 13 Ships (L)
3/17/42, Canberra, Australia, Darwin is Bombed; Big Enemy Fleet Reported on Move (L)
3/20/42, Melbourne, Australia, Missioners Aid Foe (L)
3/22/42, Canberra, Australia, Natives Rise in New Guinea; Allies Bomb Another Cruiser
3/23/42, Melbourne, Australia, Base at Lae Raided (L)
3/24/42, Canberra, Australia, Australian Town is Bombed; Japan Admits Big Sea Loss
3/31/42, Melbourne, Australia, Japanese Checked Above Australia
4/11/42, Melbourne, Australia, Air Forces Mount in Australia Area

Dabney, Virginius
12/18/38, Richmond, Va., Education of Negroes Tested by New Ruling (W)
12/26/43, Richmond, Va., Southern Bolt is Held Unlikely (W)
4/9/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
4/16/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
4/23/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
4/30/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
5/14/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
5/21/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
5/28/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
6/18/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
7/2/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)
11/5/44, Richmond, Va., Report from the Nation: The Upper South (W)

Daley, Arthur S.
6/16/38, Giants Shut Out Pirates, 2-0, Tobin Permitting Only Five Hits
9/12/38, Pittsburgh, Damask’s Aerials Lead Giants to Victory over Pirates by 27-14
10/9/38, West Point, N.Y., Lions Go 80 Yards
12/12/38, Giants Annex Title with 23-17 Victory
6/4/39, Lazzeri Wins Game
6/22/39, Gehrig is Forced to Quit Baseball
9/15/39, Brooklyn Eleven Takes Opener, 12-7
9/21/39, Swift Attack Wins for Dodgers, 23-12
9/25/39, Philadelphia, Champions Check Eagle Eleven, 13-3
10/9/39, Pittsburgh, Danowski and Cuff Down Pirates, 14-7
10/16/39, Second-Half Drive Tops Eagles, 27-10
10/23/39, Third Field Goal by Cuff Wins, 16-13
10/30/39, 34,032 See Strong Win with Kick, 7-6
11/6/39, Detroit, Lions Win by 18-14 with Strong Finish
11/13/39, Leemans’s Fine Run Marks 17-7 Victory
11/20/39, Alert Play Helps Beat Pireates, 23-7
11/26/39, Princeton, N.J., Navy Put to Rout, 28 to 0, by Princeton
11/27/39, Long Leemans Run Leads to 28-7 Rout
12/4/39, Referee Attacked as Giants Win, 9-7
12/10/39, Milwaukee, Packers Favored in Play-Off Today
12/11/39, Milwaukee, 32,279 See Packers Take Play-Off, 27-0
12/11/39, Milwaukee, Hail and Farewell (C) 4/24/40, Left-Hander stops Bombers Again, 3-0
5/22/40, Giants Call Off Game with Cards; Hubbell to Face Reds Today
5/29/40, Champions Subdue Senators, 12-4, 3-1
6/5/40, Kuhel’s 2 Homers Crush Ruffing, 7-3
6/12/40, Bridge’s 5-Hitter Beats Bombers, 6-1
7/3/40, Bees’ 2 Homers off Schumacher in Sixth Set Back Giants by 5 to 3
7/17/40, Rigney Triumphs over Yanks, 5 to 1
7/24/40, Giants Belabor Pirates’ Pitchers and Triumph, 9-1, Behind Hubbell
7/31/40, Reds’ 4 in eighth Down Giants, 6-3
8/21/40, Ruffing, Bonham Victors on Mound
8/28/40, Murphy Wins Again in Relief Role, 5-4
9/16/40, Pittsburgh, Rally Deadlocks Pittsburgh, 10-10
9/19/40, Giants Drop 10th Straight, 6-4, Hack Driving 2 Homers for Cubs
9/30/40, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn Power Checks Steelers
10/14/40, New York Topples Philadelphia, 17-7
10/21/40, Cuff Paces Mates to 12-0 Decision
10/27/40, New Haven, Conn., Navy Overcomes Yale in Bowl, 21-0
10/28/40, Early Drive Halts New York, 37 to 21
11/4/40, Field Goal by Cuff Tops Dodgers, 10-7
11/11/40, Brooklyn Victor on Safety, 16-14
11/17/40, Navy, Columbia Scoreless in Battle at Baker Field
11/18/40, Fumble and Pass Top Green Bay, 7-3
11/24/40, Princeton, N.J., Princeton Triumphs, 26-19, Checking Late Army Drive
11/25/40, Baugh is Stopped as Giants Win, 21-7
12/2/40, 54,993 See Dodgers Win on Passes, 14-6
12/9/40, Washington, Versatile Display Marks 73-0 Rout
1/2/41, New Orleans, Eagles Vanquish Tennessee, 19-13
4/23/41, Camilli’s Hits Win for Brooklyn, 7-4
5/7/41, Hubbell Pitches Four-Hit Game as Giants Again Beat Cubs, 5-3
5/14/41, 27,130 See Feller Take Sixth, 2 to 1
5/21/41, Henrich Dash Nips St. Louis, 10 to 9
5/28/41, Terrymen Topple Braves in 9th, 2-1
6/4/41, Reds Vanquished by Carpenter, 7-3
6/11/41, Giants Drop to Fourth in Race as Result of 11-0 Loss to Cubs
6/25/41, Gomez’s 5-Hit Game Beats St. Louis, 9-1
7/2/41, Yankee Star Hits 44th Game in Row
7/16/41, Pirates Overcome Giants, 5-1, Scoring Four Times on Errors
7/23/41, 45,227 See Donald Down Indians, 4-3
7/30/41, Tigers Win by 6-3 as 13 Get Passes
9/17/41, Yankees’ 41,000 Reserved Seats for World Series Already Sold
9/22/41, Brooklyn Passes Top Detroit, 14-7
9/24/41, Dickey Sets Mark as Yanks Lose, 9-8
9/29/41, Washington, New York Passes Win Game, 17-10
10/6/41, Pittsburgh, Reagan Star Back in 37-10 Triumph
10/13/41, New York Takes Home Opener, 16-0
10/19/41, 56,000 See Cadets Rally to Vanquish Yale by 20-7
10/20/41, Leemans Excels in 28-7 Triumph
10/27/41, Parker Brilliant in 16-13 Triumph
11/3/41, Chicago Eleven Triumphs by 10-7
11/10/41, Leemans is Star of 20-13 Triumph
11/16/41, Philadelphia, Penn Conquers Army, 14-7, with a Second-Half Drive
11/17/41, New York Buries Cleveland, 49-14
11/24/41, Franck’s Scores Mark 20-13 Game
12/1/41, Condit, Kracum Pace 35-7 Victory
12/8/41, Manders Excels in 21-7 Triumph
12/15/41, Chicago, 43,425 See Packers Routed, 33-14, by 24-Point Second-Period Drive
12/22/41, Chicago, 13,341 See Chicago Score 37-9 Victory
2/18/43, This One is On the House, Boys (C)

Dame, Lawrence
4/9/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
4/16/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
4/23/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
4/30/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
5/14/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
5/21/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
5/28/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
6/18/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)
7/2/44, Boston, Report from the Nation: New England (W)

Daniel, Clifton (E.C.)
4/10/44, London, Czechs Ready Now to Rule Homeland
4/22/44, London, Churchill Says Empire Fits into Plan for World Peace
5/1/44, London, 4 Premiers to Hear Invasion Secrets
5/6/44, London, Gandhi Freed Unconditionally; British Act on Health Grounds
6/4/44, London, Pole Says Nazis Plan Slave Town
6/6/44, London, 11th Hour Proposal Hinted
6/13/44, London, All-Out Air Cover
6/18/44, London, Battle for Cherbourg Rules Allied Strategy (W)
6/21/44, London, Polish President Names New ‘Heir’
6/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Say French Block Nazi Tanks
6/30/44, London, French Guerrillas Kill 200, Wound 400 Nazis in Battle
7/6/44, London, Eden Prods Poles to Accord with Russia, Recalls Their Commitment to 1941 Treaty
7/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Inland Port Falls (L)
7/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive Nears Orne
7/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allied Line Erupts
7/19/44, London, Poles Said to Seek Soviet Amity Talk
7/21/44, London, 170,000 Evacuated from London Area
7/25/44, London, Poles in London Score Committee

7/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Gain Up to 1 ½ Miles (L)
7/27/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, British Fall Back (L)
7/28/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, We Chase Germans (L)
7/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces, Norman Trap Shut (L)
7/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Coutances Passed (L)
7/31/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 2d Army Attacks (L)
8/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Avranches Passed (L)
8/2/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Batter Foe (L)

8/3/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, British Smash into Vire
8/4/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Breton Foe is Split (L)
8/5/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Retires in East
8/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Big Port Stormed (L)
8/7/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Le Mans Now Goal (L)
8/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 135 Tanks Smashed (L)
8/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, New Offensive On (L)
8/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Germans in Peril (L)
8/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Full Offensive On (L)
8/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive to Alencon (L)
8/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Block News (L)
8/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Two Armies on Run (L)
8/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, On the Normandy Front
8/16/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Falaise Gap is Cut
8/17/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Patton Lashes Out
8/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Aunay is Crossed (L)
8/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Races to River (L)
9/1/44, London, Poles Give Russia Accord Proposals
9/8/44, London, War Against Robots is Won; London Halts Evacuations
9/18/44, London, Appeal to Dutch Timed to Landing
9/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Brest Gives Allies Biggest Anchorage
9/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Rescuers Slowed (L)
9/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Patrols in Contact (L)
9/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Thin Link Forged (L)
9/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Key Road Reopened (L)
9/27/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Silence on Arnhem (L)
9/28/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 6,000 Left Behind (L)
9/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Bit Battle is Near (L)
9/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Third Army Lashes Out
10/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Canadians Enter Calais
10/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Lose Momentum in Drive on the Reich (W)
10/2/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3 Blows Repulsed (L)
10/3/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Thrust is Limited (L)
10/4/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Our Men Triumph (L)
10/5/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Americans in Open (L)
10/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Our Men Gain Mile (L)
10/7/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Push Nears Dueren (L)

10/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Enemy Lines Crack
10/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Key City is Cut Off (L)
10/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Hodges Pushes On (L)
10/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, City is 85% Ruined (L)
10/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Canadians Gain in Drive to Open Port of Antwerp
10/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Germans Halt Aid (L)
10/17/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Thrusts Fail
10/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Fights Rage in City
10/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, British Move Line (L)
10/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Near Venlo
10/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Canadians Strike North of Antwerp
10/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Canadians Push On North of Antwerp
10/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Supply Problem Delays Final Drive on Reich (W)
10/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, Breskens is Taken (L)
10/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, British Near Hub (L)
10/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Trap on Foe Forms
10/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Cut up Foe in West Holland
10/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Hard Winter Fighting Now Seen in the West (W)
11/2/44, With United States First Army, Roetgen Germans Blame Hitler for Losing War, Not Starting It
11/7/44, Eupen, Belgium, Three Lands Visited in 30 Minutes by Reporter Touring U.S. Front
11/22/44, London, Germans Gloomy over Allied Might
11/24/44, London, Churchill Hails U.S. Forces as Strongest in the World
11/25/44, London, Polish Premier Quits as Cabinet Refuses to Yield on Soviet Border
11/26/44, London, U.S. Planes Renew Reich Oil Bombing
12/12/44, London, Record Air Strike
12/17/44, London, Air Blows Isolate the Rhineland (W)
12/19/44, London, Big Bombers Blast 8 Reich Rail Lines
12/21/44, London, 1st Army Stiffens, Gemany Implies
12/23/44, London, Britain to Call Up 250,000 Men, in Excess of Plans, to Figth in ‘45
12/25/44, London, Peak U.S. Bombings Pace Air Assaults
12/30/44, London, Churchill Meets with Greek King; Bitter Fighting Resumes in Athens
1/13/45, London, Big-3 May Resolve Yugoslav Dispute
1/15/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Germans Fight in North
1/16/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, 1st and 75th in Push
1/17/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Move near Sittard
1/18/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Stiff in West
1/19/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, British Spurt On 2 ½ Miles; U.S. Men Cut Salient End
1/20/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, British Push Ahead
1/21/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Foe Seeks Initiative
1/21/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Contest on West Front Again a Race for Time (W)
1/22/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Patton Prods Foe
1/23/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazis’ Bulge Flight Balked; Miles of Tanks, Trucks Afire
1/24/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 1st Wins Junction
1/25/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces, RAF Hits Nazis Going East; British Push Nearer Ruhr
1/26/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Now Perils Strasbourg; 1,685 Nazi Vehicles Smashed
1/27/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, 9th Army Joins in Attack; 7th Restores Alsace Line
1/29/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive near St. Vith
1/30/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3d Enters Reich at 2 Points as Bombs Rip Enemy Rails
1/31/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Americans Push Into Reich In Blows of Growing Might

Daniell, Raymond
7/15/38, Hughes Ends World Flight, Setting 3-Day, 19-Hour Mark
9/9/39, Cobh, Ireland, Nazi Submarine Barnacled, Crew Unkempt; Attacker of Olivegrove Believed Long at Sea
9/30/39, London, London Shuns Bait (L)
10/2/39, London, Britain Confident (L)
10/4/39, London, Clash in Commons (L)
10/14/39, London, London is Jubilant
10/15/39, London, Navy Loss is Heavy (L)
10/16/39, London, Many are Injured (L)
10/17/39, London, 35 Defenders Hurt (L)
10/18/39, London, Navy Base Bombed
10/20/39, London, Military Compact (L)
10/27/39, London, German Ships Seized
10/31/39, London, Nazi Tortures Detailed by Britain; Concentration Camp Horrors Told
11/9/39, London, Victory in Sea War Seen by Churchill
11/13/39, London, Reply to Neutrals (L)
11/15/39, London, British Destroyer Sunk by Nazi Mine; 4 Other Ships Lost
11/16/39, London, Allied Naval Lead Sterssed in Book
11/19/39, London, Survivors Landed (L)
11/20/39, London, New ‘Weapon’ Seen (L)
11/21/39, London, 6 More Ships Sunk; British Weigh Ban on Reich Exports
11/22/39, London, London Hits Back (L)
11/28/39, London, Battle Off Iceland
12/4/39, London, Hits on Reich Base Claimed in London
12/12/39, London, Submarine Escape a Naval Odyssey
12/17/39, London, Talk of Channel Tunnel Revived by Allied Supreme War Council
12/23/39, London, New Rumors in London
12/25/39, London, War Capitals Strive to be Gay on First Blacked-Out Christmas
12/30/39, London, British Battleship is Torpedoed; Reaches Port with Four Missing
12/31/39, London, London New Year to be Restrained
1/6/40, London, Friction is Blamed (L)
1/7/40, London, British Demanding Full Explanation on Hore-Belisha (L)
1/10/40, London, For United Europe
1/13/40, London, British Drive Off 5 Coast Air Raids
1/15/40, London, Britons Must Cut Living Standard
1/21/40, London, Churchill Urges Neutral Nations of Europe to Join Allies in War
1/21/40, London, Air War Comes Nearer as Days Grow Longer (W)
1/22/40, London, 81 Die on Warship (L)
1/25/40, London, Rumania’s Choice Difficult
1/28/40, London, British Offensive See by Churchill
1/30/40, London, Bombers Attack Ships
1/31/40, London, 20 Planes Sweep British Coast; Berlin Reports 9 Vessels Sunk
2/1/40, London, Britain’s Aim Given (L)
2/2/40, London, Chamberlain Bars Economic Dictator
2/4/40, London, Allies See Blockade of Reich Succeeding (W)
2/8/40, London, Arming of Finland Speeded b British
2/10/40, London, Allies Puzzled at Welles’s Visit; Rome Skeptical, Berlin Reserved
2/16/40, London, Britain is Cautious on Aid to Finland
2/17/40, London, See Attempt at Friction
2/18/40, London, 4 Germans Killed (L)
2/19/40,London, London Cites ‘Duty’ (L)
2/20/40, London, Ship is Torpedoed (L)
2/21/40, London, British Prime Minister is Cheered as He Defends Navy in Commons
2/23/40, London, British Shoot Down Two Heinkel Bombers; Newly Armed Trawlers Repel Nazi Raiders
2/24/40, London, LondonAcclaims Naval Heroes from Cruisers Ajax and Exeter
2/25/40, London, Briton Details Aim (L)
2/28/40, London, Britain Discloses Warship Damages
3/4/40, London, 301 Aboard Vessel (L)
3/19/40, London, British Watch U.S.
3/21/40, London, Raid on Sylt Acts as Tonic to British
3/31/40, London, Churchill Stiffer on Neutral Rights
4/2/40, London, Allies to Tell Oslo to Halt Ore Ships or Navies will Act
4/4/40, London, Churchill Directs Board of Strategy in British Shake-Up (L)
4/5/40, London, Chamberlain Feels ’10 Times’ More Sure of Stifling Reich (L)
4/9/40, London, Britain Held Set to Assist Norway
4/12/40, London, Fleed Doing Its Job, Churchill Reports
4/13/40, London, Blockade Tighter (L)
4/15/40, London, British See Reich in Bold New Moves
4/28/40, London, New Strategy Set by Allied Leaders
5/3/40, London, Premier Explains (L)
5/4/40, London, Chamberlain Faces Growing Criticism
5/5/40, London, Chamberlain’s Power is Likely to Continue (W)
5/6/40, London, Chamberlain Gains Strength for Test
5/8/40, London, House is Hostile (L)
5/9/40, London, Coalition in View (L)
5/10/40, London, Chamberlain Saved by Nazi Blow in Low Countries, London Thinks
5/11/40, London, Coalition Assured
5/12/40, London, Churchill Names War Cabinet of 5
5/14/40, London, Churchill Backed by ‘Full War’ Vote
5/20/40, London, Prime Minister Steels People for ‘Major Battle for Our Island’
5/24/40, London, Mosley Arrested in London; British Concerned in Ireland
5/26/40, London, Britain Settles Down for Last-Ditch Fight (W)
5/27/40, London, London Command Shifted
5/29/40, London, Churchill Warns of ‘Heavy Tidings’
5/31/40, London, Ships Aid Rescue (L)
6/3/40, London, 80% of B.E.F. Save, Eden Tells Nation
6/4/40, London, 900 Ships Massed for B.E.F. ‘Rescue’
6/5/40, London, Surrender Barred (L)
6/17/40, London, British Resolute
6/19/40, London, Churchill in Plea
6/21/40, London, British Commons Holds War Inquest
6/23/40, London, General summons French to Resist
6/24/40, London, London is Bitter
6/26/40, London, Churchill Bitter
7/2/40, London, Ireland’s Defense Worries Britain
7/5/40, London, Churchill Grieved
7/7/40, London, British Hope to Hold Out (W)
7/8/40, London, British Deny Lack of Ait to France
7/18/40, London, A conciliatory Policy
7/20/40, London, Britain is Defiant
7/26/40, London, Liner is Torpedoed
7/27/40, London, 10 of 21 Craft Hit (L)
7/31/40, London, Shipping is Curbed (L)
8/3/40, London, Beaverbrook Put in the War Cabinet
8/4/40, London, London Holds Two (L)
8/11/40, London, Successes in Air War Bolster British Hopes (W)
8/12/40, London, Fights on Channel (L)
8/31/40, London, Krupp Works Attacked
9/1/40, London, Suburbs Damaged (L)
9/2/40, London, 320 Landed Safely
9/4/40, London, British Jubilant
9/6/40, London, Churchill Asserts ‘We Can Stand It’
9/8/40, London, Capital is Shaken (L)
9/9/40, London, Assault Resumed (L)
9/11/40, London, London is Harried
9/12/40, London, Palace in London Damaged by Bomb
9/14/40, London, Rulers Unharmed (L)
9/15/40, London, City Wins Respite (L)
9/16/40, London, Raiders Put at 400 (L)
9/18/40, London, Churchill, Serene, Reassures Nation
9/19/40, London, 8 Alarms Sounded in British Capital
9/20/40, London, Huge Bombs Fall (L)
9/21/40, London, Fire Bombs Hit City
9/22/40, London, Respite in Capital
9/23/40, London, Many Killed in Bed (L)
9/25/40, London, London Badly Hit
9/26/40, London, Spares the French (L)
9/29/40, London, London Defense is Firm
9/30/40, London, Nazis Start Fires in Central London
10/4/40, London, Nazis End Attack on London Early
10/5/40, London, 30 City Areas Hit
10/6/40, London, London’s East End Battered by Nazis
10/9/40, London, Churchill to Open China’s Vital Road
10/11/40, London, 50 Areas Bombed
10/12/40, London, London Bombings are Less Severe
10/13/40, London, London Gets Lull after 200th Alarm
10/17/40, London, Nazi Oil Store Hit
10/18/40, London, R.A.F. and Big Guns Hammer Germans
10/20/40, London, Nazis Raid London in Big Formations
10/21/40, London, Big Guns in Battle (L)
10/22/40, London, Raids Hit at Axis (L)
10/25/40, London, Power Plants Hit
10/26/40, London, Nazi Cities Raided
10/28/40, London, R.A.F. Hits Reich
11/6/40, London, Churchill Sees Rising U-Boat Peril; Urges Eire to Modify Neutrality
11/7/40, London, Result Delights British
11/9/40, London, R.A.F. Night Patrol Keeps Nazis at Bay
11/11/40, London, Chamberlain Dies; Britain Mourning her Former Chief
11/14/40, London, Raid Taranto Base (L)
11/15/40, London, New Taranto Raid is Made by British
11/16/40, London, ‘Revenge’ by Nazis (L)
11/18/40, London, R.A.F. Unit Formed to Act with Army
11/20/40, London, Attack on Midlands
11/21/40, Coventry, England, Coventry Dead Laid in One Grave; Air Raid Siren is Their Requiem
11/23/40, London, Damage is ‘Considerable’
11/24/40, London, 7 Italian Aircraft Downed in Britain
12/7/40, London, Fight in Atlantic
12/11/40, London, Sidi Barrani in Net (L)
12/12/40, London, General Offensive is Seen
12/13/40, London, Churchill Reports Victory
12/15/40, London, The British See their Chance in Italy’s Defeat (W)
12/24/40, London, Italians Warned (L)
12/26/40, London, Britain on ‘Path of Victory’, King Says, Saluting Empire
12/29/40, London, Boulogne Suffers (L)
12/30/40, London, Flames Leap High
1/3/41, London, Nazi Port Blasted
1/10/41, London, U.S. Aid is Decisive, Churchill Asserts
1/17/41, London, Lake of Fire Seen in Wilhelmshaven
1/18/41, London, Our Help Stressed (L)
1/23/41, London, 4,000,000 in Army, Churchill States
2/1/41, London, 4 Attacks by Nazis
2/3/41, London, British Add Vigil to Air Offensive
2/6/41, London, Reich Industry Hit
2/16/41, London, Damage Reported Done by ‘Chutists
2/17/41, London, Shipping is Warned (L)
6/4/41, Hartford, Men Who Saw Bombings Abroad Visit Big Air Plant in Hartford
6/15/41, Norfolk, Va., Ships of War Take Shape at Norfolk
3/11/42, London, Eden Asserts Foe Murdered Britons
3/30/42, London, Union is Envisaged (L)
4/1/42, London, Soviet Navy Helps in Arctic Sea Fight
4/9/42, London, Visit a Surprise (L)
4/10/42, London, Planes Get Ships
4/11/42, London, Japanese Dive-Bombers Destroy Carrier Hermes in Bay of Bengal
4/23/42, London, 2-Hour Foray Made (L)
4/27/42, London, Reich ‘Opposition’ Noted by London (L)
4/30/42, London, York Bombed in ‘Baedeker’ Raids; Five German Planes Shot Down
5/3/42, London, R.A.F. Offensive Found Gaining Its Objectives (W)
5/11/42, London, Premier Ominous (L)
5/19/42, London, R.A.F. Torpedoes the Prinz Eugen
5/27/42, London, Sky to be 2d Front
6/1/42, London, A 90-Minute Raid (L)
6/3/42, London, Churchill Report on War Cheered
6/12/42, London, A 20-Year Treaty (L)
6/17/42, London, Rome’s Fleet Cut (L)
6/18/42, London, Ships at Gibraltar (L)
6/19/42, London, British Link Churchill Trip to Shifts in War Situation
6/20/42, London, Libya Discussed, London Believes
6/27/42, London, British Voters Defeat Churchill Candidate; maldon ‘Rebuke’ is Laid to Reverses in Libya
6/30/42, London, Battle Rolls East (L)
7/1/42, London, Rommel is Gaining (L)
7/5/42, London, Americans Raid Nazi Bases; One Scrapes Field, Gets Back
7/19/42, London, Battle for Egypt Still In the Scales (W)
7/20/42, London, Prospects Limited for Second Front
7/29/42, London, R.A.F. Chief Warns Germans to Revolt or Risk Air Scourge
8/2/42, London, City on Rhine Fired (L)
8/6/42, London, British Repudiate 1938 Munich Pact
8/7/42, London, American Likely in New Command
8/15/42, London, Convoy Fights Way to Malta; Cruiser Manchester is Sunk
8/16/42, London, No R.A.F. Friction, Eisenhower Says
8/16/42, London, American Soldier Strange to Britons (W)
8/18/42, London, New Strategy Set, London Believes
8/19/42, London, Auchinkeck is Supplanted by Alexander, Burma Chief
8/20/42, London, Hit-and-Run Fight (L)
8/21/42, London, Raid is Assessed (L)
9/3/42, London, East-West Raids Again Strike Reich
9/9/42, London, Premier Sanguine (L)
9/21/42, London, Blow Dealt Saar
9/29/42, London, 3 U.S. Troopships Sunk, Nazis Claim
10/8/42, London, British Announce Plan
10/10/42, London, Heaviest Day Raid
10/24/42, London, Genoa Heavily Pounded
10/29/42, London, Tory Peer Replies to Empire Critics
11/8/42, London, Landing Plan Kept Secret by Writers
11/12/42, London, Casablanca Yields
11/15/42, London, ‘Hell, I Can’t – I’ve Got a Date in Berlin’ (NY Times Magazine)
11/16/42, London, Tunisian Fight On (L)
11/18/42, London, Pour On Airfields (L)
11/19/42, London, Rout Nazi Patrols (L)
11/20/42, London, Battle in Preparation
11/21/42, London, Tunisia Test Near (L)
11/24/42, London, Darlan Takes Step (L)
11/25/42, London, Allies’ Gain Slow
11/26/42, London, Bizerte Hit Twice
11/28/42, London, Blasts Ruin Ships (L)
11/29/42, London, Nazis Blast Roads
12/3/42, London, Nazis Driven Back (L)
12/4/42, London, Nazis Attack Again
12/10/42, London, Final Blow at Nazis in Africa Hastened by Reinforcements
12/11/42, London, Rain Slows Battle
12/12/42, London, Allies Check Foe (L)
12/13/42, London, Fresh Drives Fail (L)
12/20/42, London, Hardest Fighting Ahead in North Africa Drives (W)
12/27/42, London, Assassination Condemned
1/4/43, London, St. Nazaire Bombed; 7 U.S. Planes Lost
1/5/43, London, R.A.F. Bombs Ruhr in First 1943 Blow
1/6/43, London, Britons Notified of New Food Curb
1/10/43, London, Decline of Luftwaffe is Apparent (W)
1/16/43, London, British Bombers Hammer Lorient and Cherbourg in War on U-Boat
1/21/43, London, Day Attack Made (L)
1/22/43, London, British Send Food to North Africans
1/25/43, London, Allied Unity on ’43 Strategy Presages Momentous Moves
2/2/43, London, Generals at Talk (L)
2/14/43, London, Luftwaffe Must Fight It Out Soon (W)
2/24/43, London, Second Front Talk Revived in Britain
2/28/43, London, Post of The Times Missing after Wilhelmshaven Raid
2/28/43, London, Grim Struggle Goes On for Mastery of Seas (W)
3/14/43, London, Crushing Air Drive on Nazis Forecast
3/25/43, London, Eaker Holds Air Experiment Over; U.S. Losses are 90 to 356 for Nazis
3/29/43, London, Keynes Proposes World Currency
3/31/43, London, Cloak for Invasion
4/14/43, London, Bracken Assails M.P. Critic of U.S.
4/27/43, London, Polish-Soviet Rift Seen as Nazi Work
4/30/43, London, Eden Gives Soviet Allied View on Rift
5/2/43, London, Bizarre News of U.S. is Favored in Britain (W)
5/9/43, London, Victory Accepted Calmly in Britain
5/11/43, London, Devers Takes Over Andrews Command
5/14/43, London, Allies Decide to Deal in Europe Only with Military Commanders
5/18/43, London, Fliers Drop Mines (L)
5/19/43, London, Ruhr Losses Soar from Burst Dams
5/25/43, London, Air Strategy Having Its Day; Reich Faces Colossal Blows
5/30/43, London, Seven Gateways Lead to Hitler’s Fortress (W)
6/1/43, London, Allies Test Air Offensive in May Attacks on Ruhr
6/3/43, London, May U-Boat ‘Kills’ Set a Record, Alexander Reveals in Commons
6/8/43, London, Goebbels Reveals Worries Over Germans’ Endurance
6/9/43, London, Thrust Prepared (L)
6/10/43, London, Invasion May Wait Weeks or Months
6/11/43, London, Eaker Air Force to Double in Fall
6/12/43, London, Victory Opens Way for Our Shipping
6/23/43, London, U.S. Blow in Reich
6/25/43, London, All Fliers Return (L)
7/1/43, London, Prime Minister Warns Axis Allied Attacks are Imminent
7/17/43, London, Italy Long Warned by Britain
7/23/43, London, News of Our Men in Sicily Delayed
8/1/43, London, ‘The Fortress Europe’ Assailed On All Sides (W)
8/10/43, London, London Doubts Nazi Shift
8/19/43, London, Allied Plans Seen Speeded by Events
8/20/43, London, Softening of Reich Called Above 50%
8/22/43, London, Year of Success for 8th Air Force (W)
8/25/43, London, Nazi Center Fired
1/23/44, Ten Who Will Lead the Invasion (N.Y. Times Magazine)
3/21/44, London, Warning to Others Given
3/23/44, London, Churchill Hints Charter Revision
3/27/44, London, Sees Victory Sure
3/28/44, London, Churchill Speech Perplexes British
4/18/44, London, U.S., Soviet Exempt (L)
4/23/44, London, British Isles Guard Vital Invasion Secrets (W)
5/6/44, London, Soviet Held to Bar Polish Puppet Rule
6/4/44, London, Soviets Show Interest in Balkans (W)
6/6/44, Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces, Eisenhower Acts (L)
6/7/44, London, Landing Puts End to 4-Year Hiatus
6/17/44, London, Winged 1-Ton Bomb Bared; German Weapon is Erratic
6/18/44, London, Britain Perfecting Antidote as Robot Plague Increases
6/19/44, London, British Ack-Ack Rises to Crescendo as Robot Bombs Spread Damage
6/22/44, London, Cherbourg Robot Bases Captured; Allies Press Pas-de-Calais Blows
6/24/44, London, Robot Toll Slight, Morrison Asserts
6/25/44, London, Germans’ Robot Bomb is a Potential Menace (W)
7/5/44, London, British Ire Grows at Robot News Gag
7/6/44, London, Churchill to Talk on Robots Today
7/7/44, London, Robots Hurt 8,000 (L)
7/8/44, London, Robot Nests Quake under 6-Ton Bombs
7/10/44, London, Blitz over London Hit 3 Landmarks
7/21/44, London, Nazi-Army Rift is Revealed in Gravest Reich War Crisis
7/22/44, London, Hitler Hunts Foes (L)
7/24/44, London, Guderian Reveals Wide Plot
7/26/44, London, Eden Says Facts are Scarce
8/3/44, London, Our Gains Listed
8/19/44, London, Huge U.S. Service Army Rushes Supplies to Front
8/20/44, London, Stalin Bid to Poles
8/24/44, London, Parisians Rout Foe (L)
9/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Eisenhower Orders Strict Rule
9/27/44, London, Churchill Insists Nazis Must Atone
9/29/44, London, Winter War Seen
10/9/44, London, Rhine Dam Breach Perils Foe’s Supply
10/11/44, London, Canadians Gaining in Fight for Antwerp’s Approaches
10/12/44, London, Bombing Wilts Foe (L)
10/13/44, London, Germans Clinging to Antwerp Area
10/19/44, American Third Army Front, Somewhere in France, New Guns Give Us Big Edge in France
11/30/44, London, War into Summer Seen by Churchill
12/5/44, London, Big Bombers Blast 8 Reich Rail Hubs
12/6/44, London, Churchill Pledges Free Greek Voting
12/9/44, London, Laborites Abstain (L)
12/16/44, London, Curzon Line Basis
12/18/44, London, Fate of Poland Determined in Teheran, Diplomats Say
1/6/45, London, London Press Hails ‘Monty’
1/16/45, London, Hopkins May Give U.S. View on Europe
1/18/45, London, Accord on Poland at Once Held Vital
1/19/45, London, Hard Year Pledged

1/27/45, London, U.S. Policy Talks Slated for Paris

Danzig, Allison
10/2/38, New Haven, Conn., Luckman Lions’ Ace
10/30/38, Notre Dame Beats Army, 19-7
11/20/38, Princeton, N.J., Cadet Power Wins
11/27/38, Philadelphia, Cadet Rally Wins
10/22/39, New Haven, Conn., Seymour Elis’ Ace
10/29/39, Columbus, Ohio, Ithacans in Upset
11/5/39, 75,600 at Stadium
12/3/39, Philadelphia, Middies Carry Day
12/10/39, Knoxville, Tenn., Tennessee Victor over Auburn, 7-0; Accepts Coast Bid
10/13/40, Princeton, N.J., Midshipmen Rally
11/3/40, 76,000 at Stadium
11/17/40, Boston, Georgetown Steak Ended by Boston College, 19 to 18
12/1/40, Philadelphia, Middies Show the Way
10/13/41, Murmuring Piens and Hemlock (C)
10/19/41, Busik Middies’ Ace
11/2/41, 76,000 At Stadium
11/9/41, Baltimore, Irish Passes Click
11/30/41, Philadelphia, Middies in Drives
1/2/42, Durham, N.C., 56,000 See Beavers Win 20-16 Thriller
8/14/43, Rye, N.Y., Miss Brough Gains in Eastern Tennis

Darnton, Byron
9/16/41, Milwaukee, Knox Tells Plans (L)
3/18/42, United States Army Headquarters, in Australia, MacArthur Party in 2 Planes Soars Over Japanese Fronts
3/19/42, United States Army Headquarters, in Australia, Brett Says One U.S. Flier Beats 2 of Foe Every Time
3/20/42, United States Army Headquarters, in Australia, MacArthur’s Plan of Attack is in Operation in Australia
3/21/42, Melbourne, Australia, General Tells Aim (L)
3/23/42, United States Army Headquarters, in Australia, M’Arthur Works to Unify Command
3/24/42, United States Army Headquarters, in Australia, M’Arthur Outlines Plans for Victory
3/25/42, United States Army Headquarters, in Australia, MacArthur Party Used Boats He Made Navy Try Years Ago
3/26/42, Canberra, Australia, MacArthur to See Leaders
3/27/42, Canberra, Australia, MacArthur Tells Australia Free Men are Now United
3/29/42, Canberra, Australia, M’Arthurs Ways Win Australians (W)
4/4/42, At United Nations Headquarters, Australia, U.S. Fliers Reveal Heavy Toll in Java
4/14/42, At a United Nations Air Base, Southwestern Pacific, Brooklyn Youth, Gunner on Plane, Scores on His First War Mission
5/4/42, Advanced United Nations Base, Southwest Pacific, Lae and Salamaua Thrusts by Enemy Aim at Airfields
5/13/42, Advanced United Nations Base, Southwest Pacific, Japanese Step Up Pacific Air Raids
5/16/42, An Advanced United Nations Base, Australia, New Guinea Raid Spectators Lie Packed in Hole in Ground
5/24/42, Somewhere in Australia, New Guinea War Tests Our New Army (W)
5/26/42, United Nations Operational Base, in Australia, U.S. Flier Tells of Strange Combat with Japanese Plane, Its Pilot Dead
5/28/42, Port Moresby, New Guinea, Japanese, Raiding Port Moresby as They Promised, Get a Surprise
6/8/42, At an Operational Base, in the Southwest Pacific, Messages to U.S. are Sent by Fliers
6/9/42, At an Operational Base, in the Southwest Pacific, Japanese Fighter No ‘Wonder Plane’
6/10/42, At an Operational Base, in the Southwest Pacific, American Pilot Battles a Crocodile after Parachuting to Dense Jungle
6/23/42, Somewhere in Australia, M’Arthur Men Hail Jive Gift from U.S.
7/4/42, Melbourne, Australia, Australians Fear Overoptimism in U.S. Toward Their Situation
7/25/42, Somewhere in Australia, Four American Aces in Australia Describe Some of Their Air Battles
7/28/42, Somewhere in Australia, Fortress Fights 15 Zeros at Lae, Downs 3, Reaches Base Riddled
7/29/42, Somewhere in Australia, Japanese Move ‘Harassing’
8/2/42, Somewhere in Australia, Japanese Again Seize the Initiative (W)
8/9/42, Somewhere in Australia, Heavy Allied Air Action
8/11/42, Somewhere in Australia, M’Arthur’s Fliers Cut Air Aid to Foe
8/13/42, Somewhere in Australia, U.S. Fliers Over Solomons Found Foe Massing Forces
8/15/42, Somewhere in Australia, Japan’s Spies Sly in Solomons Area
8/16/42, Somewhere in Australia, Action at Tulagi a Strategic Test (W)
8/18/42, Somewhere in Australia, Foe Bombs Port Moresby
8/19/42, At United Nations Headquarters, Australia, Pacific Command Lacks Full Unity
8/26/42, At United Nations Headquarters, Australia, Allied Fliers Sink Gunboat in Convoy Off New Guinea
8/27/42, At United Nations Headquarters, Australia, Landing is Costly
8/28/42, Somewhere in Australia, Allies Battle Foe on New Guinea Tip
8/29/42, Somewhere in Australia, M’Arthur’s Troops Battle Japanese
8/30/42, Somewhere in Australia, Japanese Get Help in Milne Bay Fight
8/31/42, At United Nations Headquarters, Australia, Allies Mopping Up (L)
9/1/42, At United Nations Headquarters, Australia, Allies Mopping Up Foe at Milne Bay
9/6/42, Somewhere in Australia, Pacific Outlook is Improved (W)
9/8/42, Somewhere in Australia, Japanese Advance in New Guinea Fight
9/9/42, Somewhere in Australia, Allies Batter Foe in New Guinea Zone
9/10/42, Somewhere in Australia, Push in New Guinea
9/11/42, Somewhere in Australia, Foe Checked Nearer Port Moresby; Both Sides Lose Heavily in Battle
9/13/42, Somewhere in Australia, M’Arthur’s Fliers Smash Up Foe at Buna Airfield in New Guinea
9/13/42, Somewhere in Australia, New Guinea Fight Rages amid Gorges and Jungles (W)
9/17/42, Somewhere in Australia, Worthy Targets are Kenney’s Aim
9/22/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Fliers Drop Clock ‘Made in Japan’ on Foe at Lae with Varied Insults
9/24/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Fliers Hurt Enemy in New Guinea Push
9/29/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Pilot of Fortress Too Happy to Eat
9/30/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Foe Built Palisade
10/1/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Brighter ‘On Top’
10/3/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Japanese Leave Dead
10/4/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Japanese Retreat Studied
10/9/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Rabaul Workers Accuse Japanese
10/11/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Tremendous Damage Done
10/21/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Darnton’s Last Dispatch Pictures Life of Correspondent as Less Luxurious Than in 1918, but Rich in Rewards
10/25/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, Jungle War Without Quarter (NY Times Magazine)
11/9/42, Somewhere in New Guinea, New Guinea Drive a Big Move by Air

Davies, Lawrence E.
6/2/40, 35,000-Ton Addition to Navy Launched
5/16/41, Philadelphia, New Dreadnought Joins the Fleet
9/21/41, San Francisco, New Dreadnought Joins the Fleet (W)
10/13/41, Seattle, Wash., A.F.L. Will Hear Racket Analysis
12/9/41, San Francisco, Turn Back to Sea
12/14/41, San Francisco, Exposed Coast Region Awakes to Danger
12/21/41, San Francisco, 3 Pacific Attacks (L)
2/1/42, San Francisco, Coast Radio Wars on Tokyo by Air (W)
2/4/42, San Francisco, Inland California May Get Aliens
2/24/42, San Francisco, Refinery Fired On (L)
2/25/42, San Francisco, West Coast Hunts Daring Submarine
3/4/42, San Francisco, Evacuation Area Set for Japanese in Pacific States
3/11/42, San Francisco, To Guard Property for Coast’s Aliens
3/22/42, San Francisco, California Aroused to Danger of Raids(W)
3/25/42, Manzanar, Calif., Drafts Self-Rule for Alien Colony
4/4/42, San Francisco, U.S. Sailors’ Heroism Related by 2 Surviving Commanders
4/26/42, San Francisco, Coast Japanese Await New Homes (W)
5/3/42, San Francisco, Northern California Ready to Sacrifice (W)
11/9/42, San Francisco, Malaria Hits Many in the Pacific War
12/12/42, San Francisco, Cruiser San Francisco Home; Took ‘Big Ones First’ in Fight
6/11/43, Los Angeles, Seek Basic Causes of Zoot Suit Fray
6/13/43, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Group Insists Riots Halt
6/13/43, Los Angeles, Zoot Suits Become Issue on Coast (W)
7/3/43, San Francisco, ‘Real Offensive’ Now On in Pacific, Knox Says; ‘Bulk’ of Navy is There
3/5/44, San Francisco, Fear of Public Hostility Holds Japanese in Camps (W)
4/9/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
4/16/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
4/23/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
4/30/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
5/14/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
5/21/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
5/28/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
6/18/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
7/2/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
7/19/44, Port Chicago, Calif., At Least 350 Dead as Munitions Ships Blow Up on Coast
11/5/44, San Francisco, Report from the Nation: Pacific States (W)
11/17/44, Carmel, Calif., Stilwell Praises ‘Team Play’ of GI’s
12/18/44, San Francisco, Ban on Japanese Lifted on Coast
12/31/44, San Francisco, Nisei Will Return to Coast Colleges

Davis, Spencer
12/9/44, Aboard Admiral Struble’s Flagship, Ormoc Bay, Leyte, Japanese Stunned by Ormoc Landing

Dawson, James P.
6/23/38, Louis Defeats Schmeling by a Knockout in First
9/19/38, St. Louis, Two Records Made as Yanks Win Flag
12/27/38, Louis Rated No. 1 Boxer of 1938 in Poll Conducted by The Ring
2/28/39, St. Petersburg, Fla., Dickey Accepts Yankees’ Terms
5/3/39, Detroit, Lou, Not Hitting, Asks Rest on Bench
4/17/40, Philadelphia, Chubby Dean Tops Ruffing in Box, 2-1
5/8/40, 18-Year-Old Youth Hurls 4-2 Triumph
5/22/40, Cleveland, Indians are Routed by Yankees, 10 to 2
5/29/40, Giants will Use Open Date Today to Get Ready for Dodger Games
7/24/40, St. Louis, Browns Top Yanks in Night Game, 9-5
7/31/40, Detroit, Ruffing Hits First Homer of Year, Capturing No. 10 for Yankees, 8-6
8/8/40, Boston, Red Sox Register an 8-to-3 Success
8/14/40, Conn-Pastor Bout off until Sept. 5
8/21/40, Cincinnati, Reds’ Uprising against Lohrman in Ninth Defeats Terrymen, 3 to 2
8/28/40, Chicago, Hartnett named Manager for 1941 as Cubs Turn Back Giants, 3 to 1
9/25/40, Champions Score 6-5, 9-4 Triumphs
9/28/40, Giants Crushed by Phillies, 6 to 0; Limited by Mulcahy to Four Blows
4/30/41, St. Louis, Browns Down McCarthymen, 3-2, on 400-Foot Home Run by Laabs
5/28/41, Washington, DiMaggio, with Four Hits, Stars in 10-8 Triumph Over Senators
6/4/41, Detroit, Tigers Blast Peek for Four Runs in First and Defeat Yankees, 4-2
6/11/41, Chicago, Crosetti Gets Grand-Slam Homer as White Sox are Downed, 8 to 3
6/29/41, Philadelphia, Yanks Triumph, 7-4, Retake 1st Place; Streaks Extended
6/30/41, Washington, Yankees Conquer Senators, 9-4, 7-5
7/9/41, Detroit, Gleeful Mates Lionize Williams in Clubhouse Victory Celebration
7/23/41, St. Louis, Cards Win, 7-6, with 6 in Fourth and Giants Drop to Fourth Place
7/30/41, Cincinnati, Reds Turn Back Giants, 7 to 4, with a Five-Run Rally in Fifth
9/10/41, Pittsburgh, Young’s 2 Homers Down Pirates, 4-2
9/17/41, St. Louis, Darkness Forces 10-Inning Tie, 1-1
10/2/41, Bombers Happy, but Hardly Noisy
10/3/41, M’Carthy Points to Day’s Breaks
10/6/41, Facetious Pair ‘Perfected’ Play
10/7/41, Punches, Towels Fly in Profusion

de Luce, Daniel
5/16/42, Calcutta, India, Delay in Accepting Aid of Chinese Held Major Cause of Burma Debacle
5/9/43, Tunis, 8th Army Unit First In
9/6/43, With the British Eighth Army in Italy, Italians Fight Worse on Mainland than They Did in Sicilian Battles
2/5/44, At the Fifth Army Beachhead South of Rome, 4 Assaults Broken (L)
2/9/44, At the Fifth Army Beachhead, South of Rome, Line below Rome under Heavy Fire
2/21/44, At the Fifth Army Beachhead, South of Rome, 500 Germans Taken

Demaitre, Edmund
4/30/40, Namsos, Norway, Allies Get Planes in Steinkjer Area

Denny, Harold
3/4/38, Moscow, Soviet Aide Asserts Guilt, Again Reversing Himself
10/11/38, Moscow, Soviet Fliers Denounce Lindbergh as ‘Hired Liar’ for German Nazis
11/27/38, Moscow, Blow to Isolation Talk
12/12/38, Moscow, World Climate Growing Warmer, Say Russians, Citing Arctic Data
3/11/39, Moscow, Stalin Says West Seeks to Foment Soviet-Reich War
5/4/39, Moscow, Ill Health is Cited (L)
6/1/39, Moscow, Appeasing Scored (L)
7/16/39, Moscow, Soviet and Britain on Better Terms (W)
7/27/39, Moscow, New Moscow Talk Brings Optimism
7/30/39, Moscow, Mystery Clothes Talks in Moscow (W)
8/12/39, Moscow, Three-Staff Talks Opening in Russia
9/17/39, Paris, Soviet Moves Puzzling
10/20/39, With the British Forces, in France, British Air Chief Visits France; Finds His Force Superior to Nazis’
10/27/39, With the British Forces in France, British ‘Digging In’ on Western Front
11/3/39, With the British Forces in France, Two Nazi Planes Downed
11/23/39, With the British Forces in France, Briton Wins Air Duel
12/5/39, With the British Forces in France, King George on Visit to Troops in France; Crosses on Bridge of British Destoyer
12/25/39, With the Finnish Army on the Karelian Isthmus, Christmas Battle to be Finns’ Fare
12/26/39, With the Finnish Army, on the Karelian Isthmus, Finns Push Battle over Foe’s Border; Menace Rail Line (L)
12/27/39, With the Finnish Army, on the Karelian Isthmus, Bombing of Viborg Misses Objectives
12/28/39, Helsinki, Pierce Soviet Line (L)
1/1/40, Helsinki, Win Major Victory (L)
1/2/40, Helsinki, Seaport is Bombed (L)
1/3/40, Helsinki, Soviet Lost 12,000 in Battle on Lake
1/5/40, Helsinki, Finnish Pamphlets Rain on Leningrad; Reds Bomb Tornea
1/6/40, Helsinki, New Finnish Blows Dealt to Russians
1/7/40, Helsinki, Why the Russian Army has Bogged in Finland (W)
1/8/40, With the Finnish Army, on Karelian Isthmus, Karelian Drive “Frozen Up”
1/9/40, With the Finnish Army, on Karelian Isthmus, Victory is Biggest
1/10/40, With the Finnish Army, on Karelian Isthmus, Finns Make Front Almost Like Home
1/11/40, With the Finnish Army, on Karelian Isthmus, Border Cleared at Fourth Point
1/12/40, Helsinki, Finns Fear Curtailed Aid
1/13/40, Helsinki, Russian Bombers Raid Finnish Cities in Mass Attacks (L)
1/14/40, Helsinki, Helsinki Bombed as Soviet Presses Offensive in Air (L)
1/15/40, Helsinki, Soviet Bombs Hit U.S. Envoy’s Home
1/20/40, Helsinki, Red Bases Bombed (L)
1/23/40, Helsinki, Russians Repulsed on Five Fronts in Renewed Offensive, Finns Say
2/1/40, With the Finnish Army, on the Central Northern Front, Soviet Prisoners Deplore Bombings
2/2/40, With the Finnish Army, on Central Northern Front, Finns Drive Foe at Kuhmo
2/5/40, With the Finnish Army, on the Central Northern Front, Rout of Russians at Suomussalmi Described as Finns’ Masterpiece
2/9/40, With the Finnish Army, on the Arctic Front, Russians Renew Attack in Arctic
2/13/40, Helsinki, Reds Try to Flank Isthmus Line with Attacks over Ice at Both Ends
2/14/40, Helsinki, Helsinki Alarmed (L)
2/15/40, Helsinki, Soviet Dents Line (L)
2/16/40, Helsinki Russians Widen Area of Drive
2/17/40, Helsinki 22 Positions Fall
2/18/40, Helsinki, Mannerheim is Confident
2/19/40, Helsinki, Finns Find Pressure Eased
2/20/40, Helsinki, Defeat of 18,000 Russians Halts Red Drive to Flank Isthmus Line
4/27/40, London, Hard Norse Task is Seen by British
5/2/40, London, News Lacking in Britain
5/3/40, London, British Silent on Plans
5/7/40, A Scottish Port, Norway Veterans Return to Britain
5/9/40, A Northern British Port, More Allied Norway Units Return; Get Hint They May be Sent Back
5/14/40, With the British Army in Belgium, British Fliers Smash into Nazis; Aim at Air Mastery in Belgium
5/16/40, With the British Army in Belgium, British Fiercely Attacked, Say Line Holds in Belgium
5/17/40, With the British Army in Belgium, Battle at Louvain
5/18/40, With the British Army in Belgium, British Fall Back behind Brussels
5/19/40, With the British Army on the Western Front, British Lines Firmly Held
5/22/40, London, Britain Withdraws Writers with B.E.F.
5/24/40, London, Churchill Admits Fight in Boulogne
5/26/40, London, Bombers Hammer at Nazis’ Columns>br> 5/27/40, London, R.A.F. Lists Victory in 4-Hour Air Duel
5/28/40, London, British in Counter-Attacks
6/1/40, London, Britain Hails Men (L)
6/11/40, London, British Navy Guns Hammer at Nazis
6/12/40, London, British are Hoping for New ‘Miracle’
6/23/40, London, British Torpedo and Bomb the Scharnhorst; Submarine, Planes Waylay Nazi Battleship
6/27/40, London, Nazi Coast Raided
10/3/40, Washington, Navy Forming New Atlantic Force in One Command for Efficiency
10/4/40, Washington, Parachute Troops Adopted by Army
10/24/40, Washington, U.S. will Dispatch Air Reinforcement to the Philippines
10/30/40, Washingon, Capital Hears of Parleys to Get Vital Raw Materials of Britain
11/21/40, Washington, U.S. Sells Britain 26 Air Fortresses
3/17/41, Freetown, Sierra Leone, De Gaullists Cowed in French West Africa by Purge and Fear of Reprisals on Kin
4/23/41, With the British Army, in the Western Desert, British Stand Off Axis Drive on Suez
4/24/41, With the British Army, in the Western Desert, British Quicken Libyan Offensive; Take Captives in Tobruk Sorties
5/14/41, With the British Forces, in the Western Desert, Nazis Break Off Sortie into Egypt
5/15/41, With the British Forces, in the Western Desert, Tanks and Luck Aid Axis in Egypt
5/20/41, With a British Advanced Striking Force, in the Western Desert, Desert Push Puts British Far Ahead
5/27/41, Cairo, Big Phase of War Balanced in Crete
6/2/41, Cairo, Evacuated from Beaches
6/11/41, With the British Army, in the Western Desert, Nazi Desert Attack Likely
6/18/41, With the British Advance Force, Before Solum, Egypt, British and Nazis on Even Terms at Last in Desert Battle of Tanks
6/20/41, Cairo, German Tank Coup Won Desert Fight
9/28/41, A British Air Base in Egypt, Reporter Flies on Bengazi Raid
10/29/41, With British Forces, in the Egyptian Desert, Three Britons Flee Axis Camp; Walk Week in Desert Till Saved
11/20/41, With a British Armored Force, in the Western Desert, U.S. Tanks Lead Desert Drive
11/22/41, With the British Armored Force, in Libya, British Unopposed in Entering Libya
11/27/41, With the British Forces, Outside Tobruk, Desert Tank War is Hard to Follow
6/3/42, Writer Captured in Libya Tells of Desert Tank Battle
6/4/42, Rommel Lectured Britons on Tactics
6/5/42, Reporter Yielded by Italy to Reich
6/6/42, Life in Berlin Gestapo Jail a Study in Mental Torture
6/7/42, Gestapo’s Inquiry Strangely Eased
6/8/42, British are Brave as War Prisoners
6/9/42, Prisoners of War Go Hungry in Italy
6/10/42, Prisoners in Italy Ran a ‘University’
7/19/42, We Can Out-Rommel the Rommels (NY Times Magazine)
11/1/42, Desert War Reopened by Big Allied Drive (W)
12/23/43, Madrid, Liberal Trend in Spain Discerned in Arrese’s Speech and Amnesty
1/25/44, London, U.S. Bombers Hit at Reich; Pounding of Coast Goes On
2/5/44, London, U.S. Bombers Rock Frankfort Again
2/11/44, A U.S. Eighth Air Force Heavy Bomber Station, in England, 84 Planes Bagged
3/4/44, London, P-38’s over Capital (L)
3/5/44, London, Fortresses Strike (L)
3/11/44, London, Parliament Acts to Invite Congress
3/19/44, London, Pole Tells Story of Ghetto Battle
3/24/44, London, Allies Assert Death Blow for Luftwaffe is in Sight
4/26/44, London, U.S. Navy Practices Landing in Britain
5/14/44, London, Offensive in Italy Rasps German Invasion Nerves
5/21/44, London, Eisenhower Tells Patriots to Get Data for Invasion
5/22/44, London, Eisenhower Order Alarms Vichyites
5/25/44, London, Eisenhower Asks New Invasion Data
5/28/44, London, Eisenhower Calls for Clear Roads
5/31/44, London, ‘Heavies’ Again Pound Reich; Rock Luftwaffe Plants, Bases
6/1/44, London, Reich Rail Points, Ploesti Attacked
6/4/44, London, Bases in Russia Long-Kept Secret
6/6/44, London, RAF Bombers Out
6/7/44, London, Planes Blast Out Paths for Assault
6/8/44, London, Bombings Curtain Our Ground Front
6/9/44, London, Allies Rain Bombs over 150-Mile Arc
6/17/44, With American Forces in France, St. Sauveur Taken as Nazis Weaken
6/18/44, With American Forces in France, U.S. Troops Fight All Day and Night
6/19/44, With the American Forces in France, Americans Slash Germans in Bitter, Close Battles
6/20/44, With the American Forces in France, Americans Rush On in Rain as Speed Bewilders Nazis
6/21/44, With American Forces in France, Americans Eager to Enter Cherbourg without Pause
6/22/44, With the United States Troops before Cherbourg, Allied Guns Ready to Drive Foe Out
6/23/44, With American Forces before Cherbourg, Bombs and Shells Open Path for Assault on Cherbourg
6/24/44, With the American Forces, before Cherbourg, Germans Battle Furiously under Fight-or-Die Order
6/25/44, With the American Forces before Cherbourg, Germans Surrender in Daze at Might of American Blows
6/26/44, With the American Forces before Cherbourg, Blasting of Forts Viewed from ‘Box Seat’ on Cliff
6/27/44, With the American Forces at Cherbourg, Pockets of Nazis Kept on Sniping as Americans Overran Cherbourg
6/28/44, Cherbourg, France, Cherbourg Given to French as Their First Liberated City
7/2/44, Cherbourg, Allied Officials Keep Hands off All Civic Affairs of Cherbourg
7/4/44, With American Forces in France, Americans Push On in Mud and Water
7/5/44, With American Forces, in France, U.S. Guns Crash in Unison to Mark Fourth
7/6/44, With the American Forces, in France, Normandy Battle is Hedge to Hedge
7/10/44, With American Forces in Normandy, German Snipers Fight to End as Americans Capture La Haye
7/12/44, With American Forces in Normandy, U.S. Planes and Guns Hammer Foe into Grogginess on Hill Near St. Lo
7/12/44, With American Forces, in Normandy, P-47 Fliers Smash Nazi Tank Assault
7/17/44, With American Forces in Normandy, Floods at Lessay Curb U.S. Advance
7/18/44, With American Forces in Normandy, St. Lo Battle Savage and Bloody as Germans Try to Hold Key Base
7/23/44, With American Forces, in Normandy, Our Men Drive Forward in France (W)
7/24/44, With American Forces, in Normandy, German Captives Confused by Plot
7/26/44, With American Forces on the Norman Front, Germans Shaken by Big Air Blow
7/27/44, With American Forces in Normandy, Germans’ ‘Crust’ Cracked at Last
7/28/44, With the American Forces in Normandy, Foe Reels before Blitzkrieg Mightier than His in 1940
7/31/44, With the American Forces, in Normandy, U.S. Drive Becomes Romp as Nazis Crack under Fire
8/12/44, With the American Forces in Brittany, Brittany Fighting Proves to be Tough
8/16/44, On the First United States Army Front, Norman Trap Lines 1,000 Miles of Ruin
8/25/44, Near Paris, Allied Arms near City
9/1/44, With United States First Army in France, First Army Sweep Becomes a Rout
9/5/44, With American First Army, in Belgium, Americans Destroy Army that Set Out to Rule World
9/8/44, With American Armored Column at Namur, Belgium, Enemy Resistance Pockets Only Amuse U.S. Infantry
9/11/44, With the American First Army, in Belgium, Van of First Army at German Border
9/12/44, With American First Army at the German Border, Bombs and Shells Pave Way to Reich
9/13/44, With the American First Army, in Germany, Germans’ Hostility in Eupen Shows Americans How Reich Will React
9/14/44, With American Forces, in Germany, Westwall’s ‘Dragon Teeth’ Ripped Out by U.S. Guns
9/20/44, With American Forces in Germany, Nazi Order to Flee Flouted by People
9/21/44, United States First Army Headquarters, Germans Fight with Desperation
9/22/44, United States First Army Headquarters, 3 American M.P.’s Vanish in Germany
10/22/44, With American Troops in Aachen, All Aachen Resistance Ends as 1,000 More Surrender
10/24/44, Aachen, Germany, Berlin Rescinds Mass Evacuation of Civilians in Rhineland Area
10/27/44, Aachen, Germany, Aachen Refugees Give Aid to Jews
11/4/44, Verviers, Belgium, Aachen Refugees Give Aid to Jews
11/5/44, With American Forces in Germany, Schmidt Blasted to Ruin after Foe Retakes Hamlet
11/6/44, With American Forces in Germany, American Position Near Schmidt Called as Treacherous as St. Lo
11/8/44, First United States Army Headquarters, Americans Battle Foe in Vossenack; Fight in a Church
11/9/44, United States First Army Headquarters, Foe Retakes Town on Huertgen Front
11/10/44, United States First Army Headquarters, Huertgen Area Simmers
11/18/44, With the American First Army in Germany, Professor Leads First Army Sweep
11/19/44, With American First Army in Germany, German Guns Blown to Bits by Air-Artillery Teamwork
11/21/44, With American First Army, in Germany, Hitler Highway Clogged as Foe Flees Eschweiler
11/22/44, With American First Army, in Germany, Eschweiler Folk Flee to Our Lines
11/23/44, With United States First Army, in Germany, Americans in Slashing Drive, Begun at 3 A.M., Upset Foe
11/25/44, Headquarters American First Army, Germany, Rain, Mud and Foe Slow Push on Ruhr
11/28/44, With American First Army in Germany, Each Yard to Roer Costly to Allies
11/29/44, With the United States First Army, in Germany, Trench Network Snarls First Army
12/3/44, With American First Army in Germany, Germans Now Led by Expert Hands
12/5/44, With American First Army in Germany, Lucherberg’s Fall Hard Blow to Foe
12/7/44, With the First United States Army, U.S. 1st Infantry Division Honors Men and Memories of 6 Months
12/12/44, Langerwehe, Germany, Battle for Roer River Won as Germans Flee to East
12/13/44, Before Dueren, Germany, Doughboys Shove Germans, Many Unnerved, upon Roer
12/17/44, With American First Army, in Germany, German Assaults on 1st Army Fierce
12/17/44, With the United States First Army, Weather Fights Against Us (W)
12/18/44, With American First Army, in Germany, German Assault is a Major Effort
12/20/44, With United States First Army, Our Men Confident (L)
12/20/44, With the United States First Army, Joy Becomes Gloom in a Belgian Town
12/21/44, With the United States First Army, 1st Battles in Fog that Aids Germans
12/22/44, With the United States First Army, Our Men Belt and Jolt Foe on Line Built under Stress
12/23/44, With the United States First Army, Fog at Front Lifts on a Scene of Ruin
12/26/44, With United States Forces, in Belgium, Belgian Foxhole Belies Christmas
12/28/44, With United States Forces, Nazi Thugs Murder Belgian Villagers
12/28/44, With the United States Forces, Writer Killed by a German Bomb; Hit while Resting behind Front
12/29/44, With United States Forces, in Belgium, New German Thrust Looked for as Present Drive Grinds to a Halt
12/31/44, With American Forces, on the Western Front, U.S. Battalion’s Stand Saves Regiment, Division and Army
1/3/45, With the United States Forces, Nazis Admit Massacre of Belgians; Officers Ordered Civilians Killed
1/5/45, Northern Flank of the Belgian Bulge, Ice and Fog Slow First Army Tanks
1/7/45, On the Northern Flank of the Belgian Bulge, Rundstedt Faces Trap in Belgium
1/8/45, On the Northern Flank of the Belgian Bulge, Cutting of St. Vith-La Roche Road is an Important Victory for Allies
1/9/45, On the Northern Flank of the Belgian Bulge, 1st Army Drives On in Biting Blizzard
1/10/45, On the Northern Flank of Bulge, Belgium, U.S. Men Closing Trap on Germans
1/11/45, Samree, Belgium, Trap on Germans May Get Only Few
1/14/45, On the Northern Flank of the Belgian Bulge, Driving Yanks Go Foodless 48 Hours
1/15/45, On the Northern Flank of the Belgian Bulge, Belgian Highways Avenues of Death
1/17/45, On United States First Army Front, Houffalize Ours in Historic Victory
1/18/45, Houffalize, Belgium, Houffalize Scene of Awful Ruins

de Seversky, Maj. Alexander P.
8/15/40, Nazi Air Siege Called ‘Main Bout’; result is in Doubt, Seversky Holds
10/20/43, War and Air Power (C)
10/22/43, War and Air Power (C)
10/25/43, War and Air Power (C)
10/27/43, War and Air Power (C)
10/29/43, War and Air Power (C)
11/1/43, War and Air Power (C)
11/3/43, War and Air Power (C)
11/5/43, War and Air Power (C)
11/8/43, War and Air Power (C)
11/10/43, War and Air Power (C)
11/15/43, Air Power and the War (C)
11/17/43, Air Power and the War (C)
11/19/43, Air Power and the War (C)
11/22/43, Air Power and the War (C)
11/24/43, Air Power and the War (C)
11/29/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/1/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/3/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/10/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/13/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/15/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/17/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/20/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/22/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/24/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/27/43, Air Power and the War (C)
12/29/43, Air Power and the War (C)
1/3/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/5/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/7/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/10/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/12/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/14/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/17/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/19/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/21/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/24/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/28/44, Air Power and the War (C)
1/31/44, Air Power and the War (C)
2/2/44, Air Power and the War (C)
2/4/44, Air Power and the War (C)
2/9/44, Air Power and the War (C)
2/11/44, Air Power and the War (C)
2/14/44, Air Power and the War (C)
2/21/44, Air Power and the War (C)
2/25/44, Air Power and the War (C)
3/8/44, Air Power and the War (C)
3/15/44, Air Power and the War (C)
3/29/44, Air Power and the War (C)
4/7/44, Air Power and the War (C)
4/12/44, Air Power and the War (C)
4/17/44, Air Power and the War (C)
4/24/44, Air Power and the War (C)
5/12/44, Air Power and the War (C)
5/15/44, Air Power and the War (C)
5/17/44, Air Power and the War (C)
5/22/44, Air Power and the War (C)
5/26/44, Air Power and the War (C)
5/29/44, Air Power and the War (C)
6/2/44, Air Power and the War (C)
6/7/44, Air Power and the War (C)
6/12/44, Air Power and the War (C)
6/19/44, Air Power and the War (C)
7/5/44, Air Power and the War (C)
7/14/44, Air Power and the War (C)
8/16/44, Air Power and the War (C)
8/21/44, Air Power and the War (C)
9/11/44, Air Power and the War (C)
9/13/44, Air Power and the War (C)
9/25/44, Air Power and the War (C)
9/29/44, Air Power and the War (C)

Devine, Sgt. Frank
1/10/44, Bougainville, Major Trained Long for 3-Hour Battle

Dickinson, William B.
3/1/44, Aboard a U.S. Warship with General MacArthur, MacArthur Shuns Safeguards on Los Negros as He Lands to Inspect American Forces
1/10/45, With General M’Arthur’s Forces, on Luzon, On Fifteen-Mile Beachhead
1/11/45, With American Forces, at Lingayen Gulf, On Fifteen-Mile Beachhead

Dorris, Henry N.
3/18/38, Washington, Roosevelt to Ask More for Defense
9/21/39, Washington, Congress Leaders Seek to Hold Session to President’s Program
12/24/39, Washington, Call to All Faiths (L)
1/5/40, Washington, Harrison Proposes Joint Study by Congress to Adjust Finances
1/14/40, Washington, Both Parties Seek Lynch Bill Credit (W)
3/7/40, Washington, House Group Votes Labor Act Change; New Dealers Balk
6/21/40, Washington, Giant Army is Aim
7/3/40, Washington, Vote for Stimson (L)
7/14/40, Chicago, Convention Keyed to See ‘Anything’
7/16/40, Chicago, Four Considered for Second Place
7/25/40, Washington, Army Set-Up Ready for Service Law; To Spare Husbands
8/10/40, Washington, Arms Delays Cited
11/22/40, Washington, Ties with Embassy
12/12/40, Washington, Call to a Veto Vote Going to Congress
1/16/41, Washington, Millions for Navy
2/5/41, Washington, Formula for Unity (L)
2/7/41, Washington, A Republican Coup (L)
2/9/41, Washington, No Vital Changes (L)
2/15/41, Washington, Warplane Output is Doubled in Year
3/20/41, Washington, Curbs are Beaten (L)
5/29/41, Washington, Ways and Means Ends Tax Hearings
7/8/41, Washington, Wider Draft Term to Go to Congress
7/11/41, Washington, House Bans Curbs on Defense Labor
8/5/41, Washington, Final Vote 369-40 (L)
8/23/41, Washington, For Flat 10% Tax at Income Source
12/4/41, Washington, A Sweeping Bill (L)
12/9/41, Washington, Senate, House Groups Vote Bills to Keep All in Service During War
12/13/41, Washington, 19-44 For Fighting
12/22/41, Washington, Knox, Revealing Navy Action, Indicates Blows to Japanese
1/4/42, Washington, Fort Strikes Back (L)
1/8/42, Washington, Historic Budget (L)
1/27/42, Washington, 18 Billion Record is Set in Navy Bill

Dosch-Fleurot, Arno
9/3/39, Buchs, Switzerland, on the Frontier Opposite Germany, Germans Mobilize in Festive Spirits
2/18/40, Mannerheim Plays an Old Role Again (W)

Dopking, Alva (Albert)
2/4/44, Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshalls, Warship Fire Tore to Pieces Big Namur-Roi Blockhouses
2/7/44, Namur, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, Big U.S. Air Base Rising at Roi
7/23/44, Guam, Old Enemy Tricks Fail
7/31/44, Guam, Wind-Up on Orote

Douglass, Don
6/29/41, San Francisco, Determination to Aid Britain is Stiffened (W)

Downes, Olin
11/12/39, Recital is Given by Rachmaninoff
5/11/40, Zaslawsky Leads Two Symphonies
6/21/40, Stadium Concert Features Serkin
11/14/40, ‘Fantasia’ Discussed from the Musical Standpoint – Sound Reproduction Called Unprecedented
3/7/41, Montemezzi Work Heard at Concert
2/1/43, Toscanini Changes Verdi’s Line in Hymn to Read ‘Italy Betrayed’
4/29/43, Lure of Harry James’s Trumpet Baffles The Times Music Critic
11/15/43, Bernstein Shows Mastery of Score
12/24/43, Berezowsky Music is Well Received
3/3/44, Brilliant Concert by Philharmonic
3/22/44, Ormandy Offers Tribute to Bach
3/24/44, William Kapell Heard in Concerto
3/31/44, Concert Tribute to Rachmaninoff
12/15/44, Szell Conductor of Philharmonic

Drebinger, John
6/16/38, Gehrig Clouts No. 8 at Chicago as Yanks Win Fifth in Row, 6-4
7/7/38, Cincinnati, Effective Pitching and American League Errors Carry Nationals to Victory
10/6/38, Chicago, Yanks Top Cubs, 3-1, in Series Opener as 43,642 Look On
10/7/38, Chicago, Yankees Beat Cubs with Homers, 6 to 3; Lead, 2-0 in Series
10/9/38, 55,236 at Stadium
10/10/38, Yanks Win Series from Cubs by 4-0; Score, 8-3, in Final
2/28/39, Hot Springs, Ark., Giants Seek Trade Involving Ripple
4/18/39, Washington, Rain Washes out Game in Capital; Garner to Hurl First Ball Friday
6/4/39, Cleveland, Murphy Nips Rally
6/11/39, St. Louis, Gehrig of Yankees will Enter Clinic
7/3/39, Giants Win, 6 to 4, after 3-2 Setback
7/5/39, 61,808 Fans Roar Tribute to Gehrig
8/16/39, Hamlin Wins No. 14 for Dodgers, 8 to 5
9/17/39, Club Ties Record
10/5/39, Yankees Top Reds by 2 to 1 in Opener of World Series
10/6/39, Pearson Shuts Out Reds with 2 Hits as Yanks Win, 4-0
10/8/39, Cincinnati, Keller Drives Two
10/9/39, Cincinnati, Yankes Beat Reds by 7-4 in the Tenth to Win Series, 4-0
6/12/40, Chicago, Cubs Bow, 4-0, 3-1, to Great Pitching
6/19/40, Chicago, DiMaggio, Keller Waste Homers in Yanks’ 5-3 Defeat by White Sox
6/26/40, Cleveland, Cleveland Downs Yankees by 5 to 3
7/10/40, St. Louis, Home Run by West Marks 4-0 Upset
7/17/40, Chicago, Cavarretta’s 2-Run Single in 7th Enables Cubs to Stop Giants, 2-0
8/14/40, Champions Crush Red Sox, 9-1, 19-8
9/11/40, Cleveland, Yanks Bid for Lead in Twin Bill Today
9/25/40, Detroit, Tigers Less Tense as Both Rivals for Pennant Have 2 More Defeats
9/28/40, Cleveland, Rookie Beats Tribe on York Homer, 2-0
10/3/40, Cincinnati, Tigers’ 5 in Second Crush Reds, 7 to 2, as Series Starts
10/4/40, Cincinnati, 30,640 Watch Reds Defeat Tigers, 5-3, Tying Series at 1-1
10/5/40, Detroit, Tigers’ 2 Homers Down Reds, 7 to 4, as 52,877 Look On
10/6/40, Detroit, Derringer Victor
10/7/40, Detroit, Tigers Crush reds by 8-0 for Newsom; Lead in Series, 3-2
10/8/40, Cincinnati, Reds Even Series, Walters Beating Tigers Again, 4-0
10/9/40, Cincinnati, Reds Triumph, 2-1, over Tigers to Win World Series, 4-3
4/16/41, Dean Tops Ruffing, 3-1, Before 40,128
4/30/41, Four-Run Rally in Fourth Helps Cardinals Vanquish Giants, 5-4
5/14/41, St. Louis, Cooper Subdues Giants, 3 to 2, Brown’s Hit Winning for Cards
5/21/41, Pittsburgh, Vaughan’s Homer Sinks Giants, 7-5
6/18/41, Pittsburgh, Hubbell Defeats Pirates, 6 to 3, as Danning Paces Giants’ Attack
6/25/41, Chicago, Melton Pitch Hits Leiber on Head as Giants Win at Chicago, 3 to 1
7/3/41, Home Run in Fifth Tops Keeler Mark
7/9/41, Detroit, Williams’s Homer Decides 7-5 Game
7/12/41, St. Louis, DiMaggio’s 4 Hits Help Halt Browns
7/14/41, Chicago, DiMaggio Hits in Both Contests as 50,387 Watch 8-1, 1-0 Sweep
7/16/41, Chicago, Rosar’s Triple with Bases Full Helps Yanks Top White Sox, 5-4
7/17/41, Cleveland, DiMaggio Hits 56th Game in Row and Yanks Crush Cleveland, 10-3
7/18/41, Cleveland, Smith and Bagby Stop Yankee Star
8/6/41, Washington, Carrasquel Wins for Senators, 4-3
8/20/41, Washington, DiMaggio Hurt as Yanks Win, 8-3, After Tigers Gain a 12-3 Decision
9/24/41, Pittsburgh, St. Louis Wins, 9-0, After 4-0 Defeat
10/2/41, Yanks Down Dodgers, 3-2, in Opener of World Series
10/3/41, Dodgers Beat Yanks, 3-2, Tying Series at Game Each
10/5/41, 4-Hitter by Russo
10/6/41, Yanks Win in 9th, Final ‘Out’ Turns into 4-Run Rally
10/7/41, Yanks Win Series as Bonham Beats Dodgers, 3 to 1
10/12/41, The Indestructible Mr. Hein (C)
1/27/45, Yankee Club Sold for $2,800,000 to MacPhail-Topping Syndicate

Duffus, R.L.
6/15/40, The Map of France
7/19/42, North Atlantic Patrol: The Log of a Seagoing Artist, by Lieut. Comdr. Griffith Baily Coale, U.S.N.R. (B)
1/24/43, Guadalcanal Diary, by Richard Tregaskis (B)

Dunn, William J.
10/26/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, On Leyte During Battle

Duranty, Walter
7/14/38, Moscow, 3-Hour Stop at Yakutsk
8/2/38, Moscow, Russians Report Routing Japanese in Border Battle
11/27/38, Riga, Latvia, Reich is Extending Empire to Balkans
3/16/39, Moscow, Soviet Army Total is Put at 3,000,000
8/26/39, Paris, French See Hitler Skirting Disaster
10/13/39, With the British Air Force, in France, British ‘Hidden Airport’ on Western Front is Camouflaged as a Peaceful Farmyard
12/13/39, Stockholm, Finns’ Vital Flaw Seen in Man Power
1/7/40, Riga, Latvia, Soviet Held Rival of Reich in Baltic
1/15/40, Riga, Latvia, Soviet is Believed to be Misinformed
1/20/40, Riga, Latvia, Soviet Believed Massing Troops for Heavier Assault on Finland
2/14/40, Moscow. War of Liberation Seen by Russians
2/26/40, Moscow, New Soviet Canal will Go to Latvia
2/13/41, Moscow, Japan Now Eager for Russian Trade
5/2/41, Tokyo, Nazi-Soviet Moves Viewed as ‘Dicker’
6/12/41, Stalin is Believed Likely to Yield Further Concessions to Germany
6/17/41, Soviet-Nazi Deal Held More Likely than Clash Despite All Rumors
2/7/43, Stalin’s War Seen in Long-Range Aim

Durdin, F. Tillman
4/10/38, Hankow, Chinese in Revolt behind Foes’ Lines
5/3/38, Taierhchwang, Shantung Province, China, Times Man Finds China Holding Foe
6/13/38, Hankow, Chinese Attacking Japanese in Flood
6/25/38, Hankow, Japanese Land Near Boom
7/7/38, Hankow, Generalissimo Makes Plea
8/10/38, Hankow, Bitter Fighting Near Yangtze
8/18/38, Hankow, Japanese Checked in Drive to South
10/10/38, Hankow, Razing of Hankow Planned by China
10/12/38, Hankow, Hankow Railway Again Cut
10/21/38, Hankow, Break in Defenses
10/25/38, Hankow, Invaders Close to Hankow
11/27/38, Shanghai, American Charges Japanese Deal in Narcotics in Occupied Nanking, where Addicts Increase
12/23/38, Hanoi, Chinese Transfer Supplies to Burma
2/5/39, Chungking, Chinese Cities Bombed
6/7/39, Chungking, Chinese Expect Big Attack
7/7/39, Chungking, Japanese Again Bomb Chungking; Most Citizens Safely in Dugouts
6/17/40, Chungking, U.S. Warship Rocked by Japanese Bomb
3/6/41, Shanghai, Japanese Land South China Force to Cut Imports, Press Indo-China
5/28/41, Chungking, China, U.S. Agrees to Send More Aid to China
6/2/41, Chungking, China, Hull Statement Reassures China
7/17/41, Chungking, China, Japan Shifts Army from China Areas
7/24/41, Chungking, China, Big Tokyo Convoy Seen Going South
9/11/41, Lashio, North Burma, Burma Road Rains Defied by Trucks
9/30/41, Singapore, British Confident at Singapore Base
10/27/41, Singapore, Malay War Game is Won by British
11/11/41, Singapore, Singapore Prepared for Any Japanese Move; British Naval Base Gets Own Striking Force
11/12/41, Singapore, Singapore Holds Japan ‘Missed Bus’
12/3/41, Singapore, 2 Capital Ships Lead Armada into British Base in Far East
12/4/41, Singapore, Singapore Doubts Japanese Threats
12/6/41, Singapore, Only Thai Danger Seen in Singapore
12/8/41, Singapore, Japanese Ships Attacked
12/9/41, Singapore, Malay Thwarts Push by Japanese
12/10/41, Singapore, Japanese Ashore in Force in Malaya
12/13/41, Advanced Army Headquarters, British Malaya, Tokyo Tanks Roll in Malay Jungle
12/16/41, Sungei Patani, North Malaya, Allied Fliers Match Japan’s in North Malaya Fighting
12/18/41, Singapore, Japanese Infiltrate British Malaya Lines and Wait in Jungle for Attacks in Force
12/18/41, Singapore, Foe Seeks to Ring Singapore; Plan to Take it Intact Seen
1/6/42, Western Malayan Front, New Malayan Loss
1/9/42, Kuala Lumpur, British Malaya, Kuala Lumpur Feels War Effect; Streets Deserted as Fight Rages
1/13/42, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, Guerrilla Fighting to Fore
1/14/42, Seremban, Western Malaya, ‘Scorched Earth’ Cheats Foe of Malay Rubber, Tin Loot
1/15/42, Singapore, British are Intact for Malay Climax
1/16/42, Singapore, Shorter British Malayan Line Can Give Defense in Depth Against Infiltration
1/19/42, Singapore, Oil Depot Blazes
2/5/42, Batavia, Netherlands Indies, Singapore Naval Base Unusable but Island’s Defenses are Strong
2/6/42, Surabaya, Netherlands Indies, Surabaya, Unawed, Awaits Japanese Invasion Attempt
2/9/42, Batavia, Netherlands Indies, Japanese Striving to Crush Growing Allied Air Power
2/11/42, Batavia, Netherlands Indies, Fight on Celebes
2/18/42, Batavia, Netherlands Indies, Indies Peril Rises (L)
2/22/42, Batavia, Netherlands Indies, Foe Now Flanks Java at Both Ends
2/23/42, Batavia, Netherlands Indies, Refugees Leave Batavia
4/20/42, Melbourne, Australia, M’Arthur Ordered to Plan Offensive
4/26/42, Sydney, Australia, Offensive Urged in South Pacific
5/24/42, Noumea, New Caledonia, Americans in New Caledonia Ready to Battle the Japanese
5/27/42, Noumea, New Caledonia, Loyalty Stressed in New Caledonia
8/11/42, Auckland, New Zealand, Surprise Reported
8/13/42, Auckland, New Zealand, Solomons Battle Believed Crucial as Possible Key to War’s Course
8/14/42, Auckland, New Zealand, Heavy Losses Likely
8/18/42, Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand’s Role
9/10/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Marines’ Captives Leave Solomons
9/18/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, It’s Never Dull on Guadalcanal
9/23/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Marines’ Formula Passes War Tests
9/28/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal Aces Keep Enemy At Bay
10/4/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Solomons May See a Decisive Battle
10/5/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Hit-Run Foe Keeps Guadalcanal Busy
10/11/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Dead and Arms Left by Japanese in General Retreat on Guadalcanal
10/30/42, At an Advanced South Pacific Base, Scouts in 6 Weeks Fly 500,000 Miles
11/4/42, At an Advanced South Pacific Base, Foe’s Best Fliers in Solomons Area
11/6/42, At an Advanced South Pacific Base, Pacific Warfare Sets New Pattern
11/10/42, Advanced South Pacific Base, Foes Pass in Air to Blast Carriers
11/15/42, An Advanced South Pacific Base, Marine Flier Rams Guadalcanal Foe
11/16/42, Somewhere in Australia, Allies In Junction
11/24/42, Somewhere in Australia, Ring Tightens on Buna
11/25/42, Somewhere in Australia, The Japanese Position
11/26/42, Somewhere in Australia, Fighting Most Bitter
11/28/42, Somewhere in Australia, Hard Struggle Forecast
12/3/42, At a New Guinea Base, Air Attacks Aid Allies
12/9/42, With Advance United State Forces, in New Guinea, The Battle of Buna
12/11/42, With Advance United State Forces in New Guinea, Buna Beach Fight Led by Sergeant
12/12/42, With the American Forces in New Guinea, Location of Front Lines
12/15/42, At a New Guinea Base, Was a Battle of Hide-Outs
12/17/42, With Advanced American Forces in New Guinea, Enemy Fled Buna Before Its Capture
12/20/42, An Advanced New Guinea Base, Americans Clear Way
12/21/42, At a New Guinea Base, Australians Took Cape Endaiadere
12/22/42, At a New Guinea Base, Tanks Broke Impasse
12/23/42, At a New Guinea Base, Allied Advance General
12/24/42, At a New Guinea Base, Buna Battlefield Reflects Grim War
12/25/42, Allied Base, New Guinea, American Feat Told
12/26/42, At a New Guinea Base, U.S. Patrol Lives a Buna Area Saga
12/30/42, At a New Guinea Base, Grass Fires as Weapons
12/31/42, At a New Guinea Base, U.S. Scouts Ferret Out Foe at Buna by Entering Lines and Drawing Fire
1/1/43, At a New Guinea Base, Enemy Bands Roam Jungle
1/3/43, At a New Guinea Base, Enemy Loses Concealment
1/4/43, At a New Guinea Base, Storming of Giropa Point
1/11/43, At a New Guinea Base, Air-Borne Army Won Papua Despite Terrible Hardships
2/11/43, Sydney, Australia, Australia is Thrilled
2/24/43, Sydney, Australia, Troops in Pacific Get U.S. Comforts
3/2/43, Somewhere in Australia, Australia Studies Moves
3/4/43, Somewhere in Australia, Wave after Wave in Attack
3/7/43, Somewhere in Australia, Japan Masses Forces Off Australia (W)
3/13/43, Somewhere in Australia, New Enemy Move is Seen in Pacific
3/16/43, Somewhere in Australia, 2 Japanese Troopships Hit by Allies North of Australia
3/17/43, Allied Headquarters in Australia, Japanese Convoy in Aru Area Gone
3/18/43, Somewhere in Australia, MacArthur in Australia One Year; Reviews Moves that Thwarted Foe
3/21/43, Somewhere in Australia, Japanese Seem Ready to Try New Attacks (W)
3/24/43, Somewhere in Australia, Fortresses Punish Rabaul Airdromes
4/14/43, Somewhere in Australia, Blamey’s Warning
4/15/43, Somewhere in Australia, Japanese Mass Planes
4/16/43, Somewhere in Australia, Big Fleet at Truk, Knox is Reminded
4/25/43, Somewhere in Australia, G.H.Q., Somewhere in Australia (NY Times Magazine)

6/3/43, Somewhere in Australia, Americans Trained for Jungle War with New Weapons, Garb Tactics
6/14/43, Somewhere in Australia, Allies Are Curbing Malaria in Pacific
7/2/43, Allied Headquarters for Southwest Pacific, Biggest Allied Step
7/3/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, Vila Base Neutralized
7/5/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, Stiff Fight Indicated
7/6/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, U.S. Sector Emerges
7/7/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, Sea Battle Halts (L)
7/8/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, Air Base Squeezed (L)
7/9/43, Allied Headquarters of the Southwest Pacific, Enemy Shows Big Decline in Air Strength in Solomons
7/10/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, Munda Hammered
7/11/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, Japanese Warships Bombed Off Munda
7/11/43, Allied Headquarters for the Southwest Pacific, Man to Man in the Jungle (W)
7/12/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, 52 Tons of Bombs Loosed on Munda
7/13/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Cruiser and 3 Destroyers Sunk by Allies in Solomons
7/14/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Japanese Pressed
7/16/43, Allied Headquarters of Southwest Pacific, Mubo, New Guinea, Taken; U.S. Destroyer Gwin Lost
7/18/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, 4 Warships Sunk (L)
7/18/43, Allied Headquarters for Southwest Pacific, Americans Are Closing In on Munda (W)
7/19/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Allies Smash Foe Off New Georgias
7/20/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, U.S. Troops Press Munda from East
7/22/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Enemy Supplies Halted
7/23/43, Allied Headquarters of the Southwest Pacific, Allies Raid Java; Bomb Naval Base
7/24/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Japan Again Loses Ships in Solomons
10/9/43, New Delhi, India, Mountbatten Begins Plans
11/6/43, Allied Headquarters on the Burma Border, Chinese Drive into North Burma to Protect New Supply Route
11/15/43, At a Base on the Burma Border, Big Chinese Force is Created in India
1/6/44, New Delhi, India, Air ‘Hump’ Surpasses Burma Road as an Allied Supply Line to China
2/25/44, With General Stilwell’s Chinese Forces in Hukawng Valley, American-Trained Chinese
2/26/44, With General Stilwell’s Chinese Forces in Hukawng Valley, Hundreds of U.S. Doctors, Nurses Attend Chinese Forces in Burma
3/2/44, With Chinese Forces, in the Hukawng Valley, Burma, Chinese Continue Advance
3/8/44, With Lieut. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell’s Chinese-American Forces, in the Hukawng Valley, U.S. Unit in Burma a Dashing Outfit
3/9/44, With Chinese-American Forces, in Burma, U.S. Unit Closes Trap on Burma Foe
3/17/44, With General Stilwell’s Chinese-American Forces in the Hukawng Valley, Chinese Boys Win Glory as Tankmen
3/21/44, With Stilwell’s Chinese-American Forces, in North Burma, Hukawng Valley Won by Stilwell
3/23/44, With Chinese-American Forces in North Burma, Importance of Sumprabum
3/28/44, With General Stilwell’s Chinese-American Forces in North Burma, Chinese Excel in Battle
4/3/44, New Delhi, India, Japanese in India Aim at a Railway
4/10/44, New Delhi, India, Poised for Imphal Battle
4/11/44, New Delhi, Tamu Defenders Intact
4/25/44, British Fourtheenth Army Headquarters, Burma Front, Counter-Blow Gains
4/26/44, Tactical Air Force Headquarters, on the Burma Front, Enemy Air Force Wrecked in Burma
4/28/44, On the Dimapur-Kohima Road in Northern Manipur, Kohima Battle Crucial
4/30/44, New Delhi, ‘Uncle Joe’ Footslogs with His Soldiers (N.Y. Times Magazine)
5/2/44, On the Kohima Front, A Battle of Ridges
5/3/44, On the Kohima Front, Long Kohima Battle is Seen
5/6/44, On the Kohima Front, in India Foe Sees Kohima Peril
5/12/44, On the Manipur Front, in India Foe Stubborn at Imphal
5/15/44, With Stilwell’s Army, in North Burma Desperate Enemy Delays Stilwell
5/19/44, With the Chinese-American Forces Attacking Myitkyina, Burma Big Burma Thrust
5/22/44, With Chinese-American Forces at Myitkyina, in Burma Merrill’s Raiders Make War Record
5/23/44, Myitkyina Airdrome, in Burma, Field at Myitkyina Reinforced Apace
5/24/44, Myitkyina Airdrome, Improvised Tents Rise at Myitkyina
5/26/44, Myitkyina Airdrome, Foe’s Position Clearer
5/27/44, Myitkyina Airdrome, Burma, C-47 Relic Shields Myitkyina Press
5/30/44, With General Stilwell’s Forces, Enemy Has Back to River
5/31/44, At General Stilwell’s Headquarters, in North Burma, Both Sides Racing Heavy Burma Rain
6/17/44, Chungking, China, B-29 Bombing Trip to Japan is Described by Eyewitness
6/18/44, Headquarters of Twentieth Bomber Command, India, ‘Superfort’ Crews Composed of Aces
7/24/44, New Delhi, India, Japanese Pull Out of South Manipur
12/7/44, New Delhi, India, Foe Still Flees in Burma
12/18/44, Allied Land Headquarters, Southeast Asia Command, India, U.S. Unit Spearheads Burma Push, Routing Japanese above Mandalay
12/30/44, Fourteenth Air Force headquarters, in China, U.S. Fliers Increase China Blows Despite Loss of Forward Bases
1/5/45, Kunming, China, Campaign Virtually Over
1/11/45, Kunming, China, Air Transport Aid to China Increases
1/21/45, Combat Headquarters, in North Burma, Foe Fanatical in North Burma

Dyess, Lieut. Col. W.E.
2/4/44, Atrocities Opened March of Bataan [as told to Charles Leavelle]
2/6/44, Bataan Captives Died of Tortures [as told to Charles Leavelle]
2/7/44, Americans Lashed on March of Death [as told to Charles Leavelle]
2/8/44, Comrade Flogged by Japanese after Fleeing, Dyess Recalled [as told to Charles Leavelle]
2/11/44, Massacre Threat Faced Wainwright [as told to Charles Leavelle]
2/13/44, Aid Held Up by Foe as Americans Died [as told to Charles Leavelle]
2/14/44, Japanese Torture for Flight is Told [as told to Charles Leavelle]

Dynan, Joseph
7/29/42, Americans Saw Doolittle’s Attack on Japan; One Bomber Flew Over an Internment Camp

Effrat, Louis
6/16/38, Fans Jam Stands Long Before Game
9/19/38, Washington, Masterson’s Kick Brings 16-16 Tie
9/24/38 (in 9/23 thread), Football Pirates Top Dodgers, 17-3
10/30/38, Philadelphia, Penn Holds Navy to Scoreless Tie
6/27/39, Philadelphia, Pippen’s Pitching Stops Yanks by 3-2
7/25/39, Browns to Oppose Champions Today
10/9/39, Washington, 27,092 See Farkas and Filchock Pace Redskins to 41-13 Triumph
10/23/39, Dodgers Vanquish Eagles, 23-14 as Kercheval and Manders Excel
11/13/39, Farkas Gets Three Touchdowns as Redskins Rout Dodgers, 42-0
11/20/39, Packers Take Undisputed Lead with 28-0 Victory at Brooklyn
11/27/39, Washington, Redskins Overwhelm Lions, 31 to 7, Scoring 3 Tiouchdonws on Passes
12/4/39, Detroit, Hinkle Touchdown Brings 12-7 Victory
12/11/39, Milwaukee, Fans Pay $83,510, Play-Off Mark, for Precarous, Windswept Seats
4/24/40, Carleton sets Back Bees by 8 to 3 as Dodger Rookies Excel at Bat
5/15/40, 21,535 See Dodgers Take Thriller, 6-5
5/22/40, Brooklyn Victor over Cubs, 4 to 3
5/29/40, 28,918 See Dodgers Halt Phillies, 4-2
6/19/40, New Dodger Star Taken to Hospital
6/26/40, Five-Run Attack Tops Dodgers, 8-3
7/31/40, Sewell of Pirates Tops Brooklyn, 8-2
8/7/40, Fans and Players Will Honor Ott at Dodger-Giant Contest Tonight
8/14/40, Boston, Bees Win with 4 in Sixth, 4 to 1, after Magerkurth Evicts Terry
9/4/40, Oakdale, L.I. , Manhattan Faces Problems in Line
9/11/40, Dodgers Buy Kampouris of Bears for Reported $25,000 and Player
9/16/40, Washington, Redskins Top Dodgers by 24 to 17 Despite Losers’ Strong Comeback
9/19/40, Mize Paces 17-Hit Cardinal Attack as Dodgers Lose 4th in Row, 14-7
9/28/40, Philadelphia, Babich Gives 5 Hits to Down Yanks, 6-2
10/13/40, West Point, N.Y., Cornell Routs Army, 45-0, Scoring Seven Touchdowns
10/14/40, Brooklyn Strikes Early to Win, 21-0
10/21/40, Chicago, Maniaci’s 32-Yard Run Snaps Tie and Bears Check Brooklyn, 16-7
11/3/40, Philadelphia,70,200 Watch Penn Sink Navy, 20 to 0
11/11/40, Spadaccini Intercepts Two Passes to Top Giants for Cleveland, 13-0
11/18/40, Washington, Washington Overcomes Bears, 7-3; Assured at Least of Tie for Title
11/25/40, Brooklyn Rally Tops Cards, 14 to 9
12/2/40, It was Hein’s Day but Parker’s Game
4/30/41, Brooklyn Annexes Eighth in Row, 13-2
5/7/41, Walker’s 2 Homers Top Pittsburgh, 7-3
6/4/41, Wyatt Gains No. 9, Stopping Cards, 6-0
6/11/41, Squeeze Play Wins for Brooklyn, 4-3
6/18/41, DiMaggio’s Streak Reaches 30 Games
7/2/41, Boston, Braves’ 6 in Third Defeat Giants, 6-4
7/16/41, Davis and Hamlin Beat Cubs, 7-0, 8-4
8/6/41, Dodgers Buy Chipman and Burge from Atlanta Club for $70,000
8/13/41, Bombers Score 4-to-0 Decision
8/20/41, Davis and Drake Triumph, 9-0, 6-2
9/3/41, Higbe Takes 19th for Brooklyn, 9-2
9/10/41, Henrich Hits 28th to Top Browns, 1-0
9/24/41, Newark, N.J., Royals Top Bears with 2 in 9th, 4-3
10/13/41, Milwaukee, 12 of Isbell’s 15 Passes Caught as Brooklyn is Put to Rout, 30-7
10/26/41, West Point, N.Y., Brilliant Play by Cadets Halts Lions at West Point
11/2/41, Philadelphia, Navy Hands Penn its First Defeat
11/3/41, Dodgers Overcome Eagles by 15-6 on 2 Field Goals, Safety, Touchdown
11/10/41, Brooklyn Checks Washington, 13-7
11/17/41, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn is Upset by Steelers, 14-7, on Art Jones’s Last-Quarter Dash
11/17/41, Thrills for All in Polo Grounds Duel; Not a Dissenter in Huge Gathering
12/8/41, Tuffy Leemans Receives the Gifts, but Two Dodgers Steal Spotlight
1/2/42, Miami, Fla., Georgia Defeats Texas Christian

Egan, Charles E.
7/27/40, Nazis’ Buying Here Reported as Hedge
4/12/41, Buenos Aires, Balkan Gains Aid Nazis in Argentina
3/25/42, Washington, Guthries Charges False, Says Chief
4/29/42, Washington, March Prices Top (L)
12/19/42, Washington, A Sudden Famine (L)
1/20/43, Washington, Holland Displaced in War Plants Post
1/26/43, Washington, Allied Boycott of Argentina Urged as Pressure to Spur Policy Shift
3/20/43, Washington, Allies’ African Aid is Key for Europe
5/13/43, Washington, Allied Troops Get New Fuel Sources
2/3/44, Washington, U.S. Aluminum Pool is 2 Billion Pounds
3/24/44, Washington, Says WLB is Firm for Stabilized Pay
7/19/44, Chicago, Race Issue Snarls the Platform; Southerners Halt Compromise

Egan, Maj. John C.
8/23/43, An American Bomber Base, in Britain, The Regensburg Shuttle Raid

Egan, Leo
9/29/40, Democrats to Attack (W)
11/9/44, War Vote Here 72% for Roosevelt, 12% Higher than among Civilians

Ehrenburg, Ilya
6/24/42, Moscow, Soviet Using Dogs to Blow up Tanks
7/30/42, Moscow, Nazis Strip West, Russian Declares

Eisenberg, Maurice
10/10/43, Casals and the Bach Suites (Arts and Entertainment)

Enderis, Guido
7/25/38, Berlin, Prague is Warned by Reich General
9/4/38, Berlin, World Watches Nazis’ Rally (W)
9/13/38, Berlin, Reich Press Puts Issue up to Czechs
9/15/38, Berlin, Chamberlain Visit Stuns Reich; Hitler Looks to British Fair Play
12/31/38, Berlin, Germany Condemns Failure of U.S. to Disavow Ickes for His Speech
3/3/39, Berlin, Reich is Reserved over New Pontiff
4/29/39, Berlin, Chancellor Hitler Speaks
5/9/39, Berlin, Nazis Say Axis Tie will be Unlimited
8/19/39, Berlin, Reich Holds Time for Words is Past
9/9/39, Berlin, Berlin Envisages Deadlock in West
9/27/39, Berlin, Poland is Topic, Berlin Says
10/7/39, Berlin, Nazi Favors Truce (L)
12/13/39, Berlin, Planes Save Liner
2/24/40, Berlin, Welles Will Meet Hitler Next Week
2/25/40, Berlin, Nazi Sees God’s Aid
3/18/40, Berlin, Italy’s Role in War Seen as Main Issue
3/19/40, Berlin, Meeting is Cordial (L)
5/20/40, Berlin, Hitler Reclaims Eupen-Malmedy
6/18/40, Berlin, Axis to Fix Truce
6/19/40, Berlin, French Await Note (L)
6/21/40, Berlin, Envoys will Meet (L)
6/22/40, Berlin, Ceremony is Brief (L)
6/23/40, Berlin,Nazi Terms Signed (L)
7/1/40, Berlin, Blows at Britain Surveyed in Reich
7/20/40, Berlin, Speaks as a Victor
8/28/40, Berlin, Axis to Mediate Balkan Crisis
9/28/40, Berlin, Russia Reassured (L)
11/12/40, Berlin, Molotoff in Reich for 3-Day Parley
11/13/40, Berlin, Secrecy on Parley (L)
1/25/43, Berne Switzerland, Gloom Spread in Germany by First Truth on Russia
1/29/43, Berne Switzerland, Reich Labor Draft Drains ‘the Barrel’
3/22/43, Berne Switzerland, Nazis Hear Hitler

Erickson, Leif
11/28/43, With United States Army Forces on Makin Island, Conroy was Avenged by Fellow-Officer
Eskelund, K.J.
12/28/39, Helsinki, Russians Attack Just to Get Warm
12/30/39, Helsinki, 3,000 Russians Die as Finns Beat Off Karelian Attacks (L)
1/2/40, Helsinki, Carnage at Aglaejaervi Described
1/4/40, Helsinki, Second Trap is Set
1/5/40, Helsinki, Finns Press Counter-Drive
1/8/40, With the Finnish Army, on the Karelian Isthmus, Soviet Ski Attack Smashed by Finns in Fight for Salla (L)
1/10/40, Viborg, Finland, Russians Inactive on Finnish Fronts
1/12/40, Helsinki, 2 Soviet Attacks Broken, Finns Say; Air Raids Continue
1/24/40, Helsinki, Fierce Red Drives Repulsed by Finns; 19 Die in Air Raid
1/25/40, Helsinki, Reds Pound in Vain to Cut Finns’ Trap
1/26/40, Helsinki, Finns Halt Drive to Relieve Enemy
1/27/40, Helsinki, Soviet Attacks are Futile
1/29/40, Helsinki, Finns Holding Off Russian Attempts to Break Up Trap (L)
1/30/40, Helsinki, Red Fliers Kill 104
1/31/40, Helsinki, Raid on Kronstadt Reported by Finns
2/1/40, Helsinki, Russians “Buried” in Lake
2/3/40, Helsinki, Finns Throw Back Russians on Sleds, Kill Parachutists
2/4/40, Helsinki, Reds Bomb Cities (L)
2/5/40, Helsinki, Fierce Red Drive Checked by Finns; Bombs Ruin Cities (L)
2/6/40, Helsinki, Mannerheim Drive Wanes
2/7/40, Helsinki, Finns Hald Tanks as Russians Press Mannerheim Drive (L)
2/8/40, Helsinki, 1,500 Russians Die as Drive is Pushed in East, Finns Say
2/9/40, Helsinki, Finns Report Fresh Gains
2/10/40, Helsinki, Red Drive goes On
2/11/40, Helsinki, Finns’ Lines Intact after 10-Day Siege, Defenders Assert
2/12/40, Helsinki, Shields and Flame Fail to Aid Soviet Drive, Finns Say
2/21/40, Helsinki, Finns Undaunted by Red Bombings
2/25/40, Helsinki Finns’ Positions Described
3/1/40, Helsinki, Finns Driven Back Steadily
3/4/40, Helsinki, Eastern Front Flares Up
3/5/40, Helsinki, Drive Checked Temporarily
3/7/40, Helsinki, Finns Driving Back Reds’ Bay Thrusts
3/8/40, Helsinki, Russians Seize Lake Ladoga Isles and Claim Nautsi in the Far North
3/10/40, Helsinki, Finns Forced Back on Southern Coast
3/12/40, Helsinki, Finns Admit Russian Gains
3/15/40, Helsinki, Army of 100,000 Exiles on March as Sad Finns Leave Ceded Areas

Fair, Philip
9/19/39, Aboard the S.S. Collingsworth, 500 Reported Killed

Fairfax, Warwick
8/18/42, Sydney, Australia, Solomons Battle is Vital to Allies
2/2/43, Sydney, Australia, Australian Hails Casablanca Talks, Emphasizing References to Japan
2/21/43, Sydney, Australia, New Vistas Rise in Pacific

Farnsworth, Clyde A.
4/28/43, Somewhere in Iran, Aid to Russia Gluts Iran Artery; Flow of U.S. Supplies Taxes Port (with George Tucker)
7/31/44, Aboard the Superfortress Monsoon, over Japanese-Occupied China, A Monsoon Strikes

Farson, Negley
7/7/42, London, Soviet Oil Supply Held Nazi Target

Feder, Sid
5/20/44, With the Fifth Army before Sant’ Oliva, Italy, Poilus and U.S. Tanks Breach Fortifications of the Hitler Line
8/18/44, With American Forces, on the French Riviera, Americans Smash German Flare-Ups

Fedin, Constantine
1/5/44, Moscow, Foe Puts Red Army to Ordeal by Wire

Feinberg, Alexander
3/5/44, Two Aides Also Die

Fernsworth, Lawrence A.
3/6/38, Barcelona, Nazi Aid to Rebels is Held Increased
9/10/38, Barcelona, Spain, Loyalists Report Firm Ebro Stand

Field, Bryan
9/21/38 (in 9/19 thread), Champion Seabiscuit is Defeated in $6,050 Manhattan Handicap
5/4/41, Louisville, Ky., First by 8 Lengths
5/11/41, Baltimore, Md., 30,000 at Pimlico
6/8/41, Robert Morris 2d

Finch, Percy
7/25/44, Aboard United States Invasion Flagship, off Guam, Navy Guns Tear at Foe

Fine, Benjamin
2/22/41, Un-American Tone Seen in Textbooks on Social Sciences
1/24/42, Dupuy Pictures Complacency Peril
3/28/43, Camp Lee, Va., Thousands of Soldiers Learn to Read and Write (W)
4/11/43, History Study Survey Stirs Education World (W)
6/23/43, U.S. History Study is Being Analyzed
1/2/44, Grammar with Jive to It (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Fitchett, Sergeant Ian
2/2/42, Singapore, No Loss in Retreat
2/5/42, Singapore, More Australians Return
2/9/42, Singapore, Chinese Troops Welcomed

Fleischer, Jack
3/21/44, Stockholm, Sweden, Finnish People Grim

Floyd, Nat
1/20/42, Bataan, Philippine Islands, Some American Civilians in Bataan; Escaped from Manila Before Fall
2/9/42, On the Bataan Peninsula, U.S. Generals’ Daring on Bataan Improves Their Troops’ Morale
2/10/42, On Bataan Peninsula, Philippines, Foe on Bataan Shuns Direct Drive; Prefers Sniping and Flank Moves
2/14/42, On Bataan Peninsula, Bataan Tanks Crush Japanese Unit Without Single Casualty in Battle
2/24/42, On the Bataan Peninsula, Food on Bataan Now Less Varied; Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Rare
4/18/42, Somewhere in Australia, Writer Tells of Philippine Escape and Stay at Secret U.S. Air Base
4/22/42, Melbourne, Australia, Writer Says Plea on Bataan was for ‘Chow’ and Planes

Foisie, Sgt. Jack
8/10/43, With American Forces in Northern Sicily, Surprise Attack from Sea Staggers Germans in Sicily

Folkard, Christian
3/9/42, Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea, Towns are Seized (L)

Forman, Henry James
5/18/41, Darwin, Marx, Wagner: Critique of a Heritage, by Jaques Barzun (B)

Forman, Harrison
6/1/41, Singapore, Singapore Ready to Meet Attack (W)
1/15/42, Changsha, China, untitled report on Changsha battle
1/30/42, Chungking, Japanese Warning Given Free French
2/6/42, Chungking, China, Chinese Battling Foes at Waichow
2/9/42, Chungking, Chungking Fights Huge Price Rises
2/18/42, Chungking, Chinese Pushing South
2/21/42, Chungking, Chinese War Chief Says Japan May Attack Siberia in a Month
3/18/42, Chungking, China Pins Hopes on Allied Drives
3/21/42, Chungking, We Mean Business, Stilwell Asserts
4/4/42, Chungking, Reinforcement of Flying Tigers Now Assured, Leader Declares
4/7/42, Chungking, Mandalay Ruined by Enemy Bombs
4/10/42, Chungking, Sacred Saffron of Priests Aids Foe’s Burma Advance
4/19/42, Chungking, Chinese Elated at Word of Raids on Japan; Chungking Celebrates; Cheers U.S. Strength
4/29/42, Chungking, Quaker Unit Takes War Risk in Burma
5/11/42, Chungking, A Trap in Yunan
5/20/42, Chungking, China Calls Allies to Avert Knockout
6/17/42, Chungking, China Asks Allies for Pacific Drive
7/14/42, Chungking, Seaboard Campaign Grows
7/26/42, Chungking, Chinese Are Confident The Can Outlast Foe (W)
8/29/42, Chungking, Two Big Airfields Seized by Chinese
8/30/42, Chungking, Chungking Sees Japan Losing the Initiative (W)
9/5/42, Chungking, 13,000,000 Addicts Laid to Japanese
10/11/42, Chungking, Chinese Welcome Pledge by Allies

Fox, Douglas C.
11/30/41, War Spreads in the Desert (W)

Fraser, Helen
1/19/41, Edinburgh, Housewife’s View of British Rations

Frayman, Joseph
8/27/40, London, Capital is Circled (L)
8/28/40, London, Far-Ranging R.A.F. Claims Wide Havoc

Frischauer, Willi
2/6/44, Rommel-The Man We Have to Beat (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Gallagher, Wes
11/8/42, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Shock Troops Lead
11/10/42, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, ‘Well Satisfied,’ Says Eisenhower of American Army’s Progress
1/4/43, With the American Air Forces in Tunisia, ‘Daisy Chain’ Flier Glad to Land Again
1/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tunisian Rain Viewed as Bar to Attack Till Late February
9/23/44, Alsace-Lorraine, France, Third Army Repels New Tank Assault
12/20/44, In Belgium, South of Monschau, Nazi Tanks Halted by Epic U.S. Stand
12/21/44, In the Stavelot Sector, Belgium, Americans Taking, Giving Record Loss

Gallup, George
5/2/41, Princeton, N.J., Ship Sinking Held No Cause for War
5/16/41, Princeton, N.J., Florida is in Lead for Intervention
5/30/41, Princeton, N.J., 85% See Us in the War, Gallup Survey Finds
6/11/41, Princeton, N.J., 76% of Voters Favor Strike Ban in Defense Jobs, Gallup Poll Shows
6/15/41, Princeton, N.J., Convoy Sentiment Seen Rising after Roosevelt Emergency Talk
6/27/41, Princeton, N.J., Survey Finds 76% Back Roosevelt
6/29/41, Princeton, N.J., War Trend Found Gaining Slightly
7/9/41, Princeton, N.J., War Sentiment in U.S. Decreases
7/13/41, Princeton, N.J., Victory for Russia Favored in Survey
7/20/41, Princeton, N.J., 45% in Who’s Who Want Us in War
7/30/41, Princeton, N.J., 51% in U.S. Want Trainees Kept in Service; But Gallup Finds 50% Oppose Service Abroad
8/3/41, Princeton, N.J., Voters Approve Check on Japan
8/29/41, Princeton, N.J., $30 More is Favored for the Drafted Men
9/21/41, Princeton, N.J., ‘Keep-Out-of-War’ Party Opposed by Most Voters, Survey Indicates
9/26/41, Princeton, N.J., Majority Favors ‘Shoot on Sight’
10/1/41, Princeton, N.J., Plan to Change Neutrality Act Favored by Voters, Survey Finds
10/3/41, Princeton, N.J., 62% Favor ‘Shoot-at-Sight’ Policy, Final Returns in Survey Disclose
10/4/41, Princeton, N.J., Average American Still Bets a Bit, War or No War, Gallup Survey Finds
10/19/41, Princeton, N.J., Voters Approve Arming U.S. Ships
10/25/41, Princeton, N.J., Jews Listed Fifth in Pro-War Groups
10/26/41, Princeton, N.J., Labor Seen Losing Favor with Public
11/2/41, Princeton, N.J., Law Forbidding Defense Strikes Widely Favored in Gallup Poll
11/5/41, Princeton, N.J., Neutrality Shift Finds More Favor
11/16/41, Princeton, N.J., Strike Ban Urged by 3 Main Groups
11/20/41, Princeton, N.J., 60% are Opposed to Coal Walkout
12/12/41, Princeton, N.J., Voters Wanted Strong Action Against Japan for Years, Gallup Institute Finds
12/13/41, Air Raid Sentiments Sounded in Gallup Poll
12/23/41, Princeton, N.J., Germany is Held Main Threat to U.S.
1/4/42, Princeton, N.J., Change to Daylight Time All Year ‘Round Favored by Majority in Gallop Poll
1/11/42, Princeton, N.J., Drastic U.S. Curbs Backed by Voters
1/14/42, Princeton, N.J., Public is Divided on U.S. Sales Tax
1/21/42, Princeton, N.J., At Least Two More Years of War Expected in U.S. Before Defeat of Axis, Poll Shows
1/23/42, Princeton, N.J., 54% of Owners Don’t Think Autos Vital, Gallup Finds in Survey on Tire Rationing
2/1/42, Princeton, N.J., Poll Shows Public For 60-Hour Week
2/4/42, Princeton, N.J., Cards of Identity for All Favored
2/13/42, Princeton, N.J., Women Replacing Men in Plants Should Get Same Pay, Poll Finds
2/15/42, Princeton, N.J., Dry Trend Shows Upswing in Nation
2/21/42, Princeton, N.J., 45% for Deduction from Pay for Tax
2/22/42, Princeton, N.J., 72% of Irish in U.S. Want Bases in Eire; 56% in Gallup Poll Favor Joining in War
3/27/42, Princeton, N.J., 69% of Voters Ask Draft for Women
3/28/42, Princeton, N.J., Rise in Army Pay Favored in Poll
3/29/42, Princeton, N.J., 48-Hour Week is Backed in Gallup Poll; Overtime Pay after Only 40 Hours Opposed
4/5/42, Princeton, N.J., Drastic Pay-Price Control Law is Favored by 2 to 1 in Gallup Poll
4/29/42, Princeton, N.J., Public Calls it ‘2d World War’
5/3/42, Princeton, N.J., Federal Sales Tax of 2% Favored by Majority, Gallup Poll Finds
5/6/42, Princeton, N.J., 70% of Farmers Oppose Lewis’s Proposal to Organize Them, Gallup Poll Finds
5/13/42, Princeton, N.J., Roosevelt’s Conduct of War Approved by 8 Out of 10 Voters, Gallup Poll Finds
5/22/42, Princeton, N.J., Community Heads Favor Sales Tax
5/27/42, Princeton, N.J., Unified Command Backed by Leaders
5/30/42, Princeton, N.J., Peace Bid to Finns Urged by Leaders
6/24/42, Princeton, N.J., Freeing of Convicts for Army is Favored
7/17/42, Princeton, N.J., Allied Invasion of Europe is Urged
7/24/42, Princeton, N.J., Churchill Popularity at Lowest Ebb, but 78% Still Back Him, Gallup Poll Finds
8/2/42, Princeton, N.J., Law to Mobilize Workers Favored
8/7/42, Princeton, N.J., 64% Wish Military to Direct the War
8/9/42, Princeton, N.J., Airpower is First in Poll of Public
9/6/42, Princeton, N.J., Draft of Youths Backed by Public
9/26/42, Princeton, N.J., Handling of Draft Satisfies Public
10/2/42, Princeton, N.J., Approval Grows for ‘Gas’ Ration
12/9/42, Princeton, N.J., Mrs. Roosevelt is Both Praised and Blamed for Her Activities
1/10/43, Princeton, N.J., 64% of Voters Call Federal Rationing Fair Despite Some Grumbling, Gallup Poll Finds
1/16/43, Princeton, N.J., Churchill Popularity at Peak in Britain; 93% Back Him on War, Gallup Poll Finds
1/20/43, Princeton, N.J., 81% Favor a Ban on Strikes in War
2/28/43, Princeton, N.J., 51% See 4th Term if War is Still On
4/4/43, Princeton, N.J., Vital Shift Seen in ’44 Electorate
4/17/43, Princeton, N.J., Meat Is Hardest to Cut Down On in U.S. Homes, Gallup Poll Finds
4/21/43, Princeton, N.J., Pay-As-You-Go Tax is Favored by 79%
5/2/43, Princeton, N.J., World Police Plan Backed by Public
5/22/43, Princeton, N.J., Australians Would Grant Air Bases to Us After War Has Ended, Gallup Poll Finds
6/6/43, Princeton, N.J., Roosevelt’s Fate is Linked to War
6/20/43, Princeton, N.J., U.S. Nearly United on Post-War Role
6/27/43, Princeton, N.J., Dewey, Willkie Still Lead Field
7/14/43, Princeton, N.J., Dewey is Top Choice of the Republicans in 3 Largest States, Gallup Poll Finds
9/15/43, Princeton, N.J., Draft of Fathers Opposed by Public
9/19/43, Princeton, N.J., M’Arthur Strong in Test by Gallup
10/24/43, Princeton, N.J., Poll Sees Willkie Weakest in West
10/27/43, Princeton, N.J., U.S. Voters Want Nazi Army Crushed Even if Hitler Falls, Gallup Poll Finds
11/21/43, Princeton, N.J., Poll Finds Public Hostile to Strikes
12/5/43, Princeton, N.J., Vote of Soldiers Could Decide ’44 Election, Gallup Poll Finds
12/29/43, Princeton, N.J., 2-Term Limitation Backed in Survey
1/30/44, Princeton, N.J., Dewey Gaining in Popularity, Survey of Republicans Shows
2/5/44, Princeton, N.J., 2 States Polled on Candidacies
2/27/44, Princeton, N.J., Dewey Leads as Republican Choice in Every Section, Gallup Poll Finds
3/4/44, Princeton, N.J., Post-War Jobs, Public Debt and Taxes Chief Worries of Voters, Gallup Poll Finds
3/5/44, Princeton, N.J., Wallace Top Choice for Vice President of Party’s Voters, Gallup Poll Finds
3/19/44, Princeton, N.J., Sales Tax in U.S. Backed by Public
3/26/44, Princeton, N.J., Democrats Choice to Direct War, but Voters Divide on Prosperity
4/16/44, Princeton, N.J., 4-F’s in War Jobs Backed by Public
4/30/44, Princeton, N.J., Dewey Lead is Rising Steadily; 55% of Party Seen Backing Him
5/7/44, Princeton, N.J., Public Seen Taking War Too Lightly
5/12/44, Princeton, N.J., 50% of Roosevelt Voters Back Republican if President Does Not Run, Gallup Poll Finds
5/20/44, Princeton, N.J., Australian Bases to U.S. Favored
6/3/44, Princeton, N.J., Voters Favor Drafting of Men Who Quit Jobs in War Factories
6/4/44, Princeton, N.J., West is Held Safe for Republicans
6/10/44, Princeton, N.J., Nazis Seen Hoping for Another War
6/11/44, Princeton, N.J., Roosevelt Holds Labor Vote by 2-1

Garcia, Frank M.
10/4/39, Rio de Janeiro, Sea Raider Called ‘Pocket Battleship’
6/13/41, Rio de Janeiro, Robin Moor Men Resting in rBrazil
1/22/42, Rio de Janeiro, Committees Speed Task
8/23/42, Rio de Janeiro, New Ally in Fight (L)

Garrott, George
9/19/42, 43 Big R.A.F. Raids Smash Nazi Cities

Gedye, G.E.R.
3/18/38, Vienna, Action by Himmler
4/26/38, Prague, Czechs Show Resistance
5/25/38, Prague, Nazi Leader Quits Prague
6/13/38, Prague, Sudeten Vote 90% as Order Prevails in Czech Elections
8/6/38, Prague, Runciman Meets German Loyalists
8/14/38, Prague, Czechs Firm in Face of New Nazi Threat
8/30/38, Prague, Henlein Avoided Runciman Plans
9/8/38, Prague, Henleinists Halt Parlays
9/13/38, Prague, Sudetens Excited; Czechs Firm
1/7/39, Prague, Czechs Shell Town at Hungarian Line; Dozen Die in Clash
3/11/39, Prague, Slovak Plot Fails, Leaders Jailed; Government is Ousted by Prague
3/12/39, Prague, Sidor New Premier in Slovak Cabinet; Reich Radio Active
3/13/39, Prague, Hitler’s Support of Slovak Cause is Seen by Prague
3/15/39, Prague, Czechs Taken by Surprise
8/18/39, Moscow, Talks of 3 Staffs in Russia Cordial
8/20/39, Moscow, Russia Discloses Clash in Parley
8/21/39, Moscow, Reich and Soviet in 7-Year Treaty
8/24/39, Moscow, Arrives by Plane
8/31/39, Moscow, Soviet Looks Westward
9/10/39, Moscow, Russians Alarmed at Reich Advance
9/12/39, Moscow, Soviet Seen Ready to Disarm Poles
9/14/39, Moscow, Mobilization for Peace
9/15/39, Moscow, Press Attack on Poland
9/16/39, Moscow Success for Germans
9/23/39, Moscow, Concessions Surprise Russians
9/25/39, Moscow, Russia Shuts Neva; Finns Dig Trenches
9/27/39, Moscow, 2D Ribbentrop Trip (L)
9/28/39, Moscow, Soviet Ship is Sunk (L)
9/29/39, Moscow, Banquet for Ribbentrop
10/5/39, Moscow, New Orders for Saracoglu
10/11/39, Moscow, Lithuania Gets Vilna
10/24/39, Moscow, Finns See Stalin
10/27/39, Moscow, 41 Said to be Held (L)
10/29/39, Moscow, Seized Ship at Sea (L)
11/7/39, Moscow, Peace Soviet’s Aim (L)
11/12/39, Moscow, Finns Accused of Stubborn Stand in Deadlocked Talks by the Soviet
11/13/39, Moscow, Soviet Press Warns Finns
11/14/39, Moscow, Finns Quit Moscow as Soviet Refuses to Ease Demands
11/16/39, Moscow, Russians Berate Helsinki Leaders; Finland is Calm
11/27/39, Moscow, Moscow Shows Ire (L)
11/28/39, Moscow, Moscow Rebuffed (L)
11/29/39, Moscow, Crisis Sharpened (L)
11/30/39, Moscow, Molotoff Proclaims Split
12/2/39, Moscow, ‘Cabinet’ Asks Aid (L)
12/3/39, Moscow, In Finland the Soviets Reveal Their Real Aims (W)
12/5/39, Moscow, Shift in Soviet Aims Seen
12/7/39, Moscow, Demand is Urgent (L)
12/8/39, Moscow, Soviet Encircling (L)
12/16/39, Moscow, Moscow Accepts Expulsion Quietly
12/21/39, Moscow, Stalin’s Birthday Eclipses the War
12/23/39, Moscow, Big Soviet Losses Learned in Russia
12/27/39, Moscow, Soviet People Irked at the Failure of Red Army to Conquer Finland
12/31/39, Moscow, Soviet Denies War Led to Censorship
1/7/40, Moscow, Russians Anxious to Appease Japan (W)
1/16/40, Moscow Moscow Reaction Temperate
1/23/40, Moscow, Izvestia Attacks Pope Pius and Roosevelt; Terms Pontiff ‘Tool’ of Allies in Peace Move
3/13/40, Moscow, Hangoe is Leased (L)
4/18/40, Moscow, Nazi Legation Aide Held Slain for Leading Unit Invading Oslo
6/27/40, Moscow, Russia Abandons 5-Day Work Week
9/13/40, Varna, Bulgaria, Soviet Censorship Aimed at Hiding Facts from World Sympathizers
11/16/40, Istanbul, Turkish Press Still Calm
11/17/40, Istanbul, Stalin Policy Still a Puzzle (W)
12/10/40, Istanbul, Reich Said to Bar Air Help to Italy
1/2/41, Istanbul, Turkey Rounds up Counterfeiters in Plot to Debase the British Pound
1/6/41, Istanbul, Nazis’ Propaganda Watched by Turks
1/12/41, Istanbul, Nazis Use Propaganda to Mask Balkan Aims (W)
2/6/41, Istanbul, Exiled Turk Dies 3 Hours after His Return from 20 Years’ Absence as a Foe of Ataturk

Gibbs, Sir Philip
10/27/39, With the British Forces, in France, Spirit and Environment of 1914 Enfold British Army in France
11/7/39, With the British Forces, in France, Amateur Actors Found in Ranks of British Troops at the Front
11/9/39, With the British Forces, Young Britons Eager to Show their Prowess with New Arms
12/5/39, With the British Forces in France, [Untitled piece on King George visit to troops in France]
1/31/40, With the British Forces, in France, British Captain is Decorated During Skirmish in Frozen No Man’s Land
6/1/40, Paris, Young Britons Valor in Flanders Lauded by General who Led Them

Gilbert, Gama
11/19/39, Swing (NY Times Magazine)

Gilling, Edward
7/11/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Eisenhower Rubs His Seven Lucky-Pieces as Allied Invasion Fleet Approaches Sicily
7/13/43, Somewhere in Sicily, Eisenhower Sees Advance in Sicily

Goette, John
8/8/43, Burma Surgeon, by Gordon S. Seagrave (B)

Goodwin, T/Sgt. Hal
10/8/44, Dog Heroes of the Marine Corps, (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Gordon, Albert J.
2/18/43, Hartford, Conn., New Navy Plane Shows Its Paces
2/19/43, New Battleship Iowa is Called World’s Greatest Fighting Craft

Gorrell, Henry T.
6/12/44, With American Forces, Overlooking Carentan, Nazis in Carentan Defy Ultimatum
6/13/44, Overlooking Carentan, Normandy, Carentan Seized at Bayonet-Point
6/14/44, With American Fourth Division, Near Montebourg, Americans Battle Germans Man to Man in Two Towns
9/16/44, Kornelimuenster, inside the Siegfried Line defenses, Germany, Hostility of Some Waning
11/17/44, An Advanced Observation Point inside Germany, Storm of Steel Rocks Earth, Stampedes Horses at Front

11/26/44, With American Infantry beyond Huertgen Forest, Germany, Quick Stab Clears Huertgen Forest

Gould, Jack
6/19/41, Washington, Trammel Calls FCC Move ‘Brutal’

Graham, Frederick
2/11/40, Our Aircraft Industry is Expanding Rapidly
3/9/41, Goal for Mid-1942 Set at 37,000 New Planes (W)
7/11/43, London, Allied Bombs Rip French Airfields
7/14/43, London, Alexander Extols Allied Navies’ Job
7/23/43, London, Air Troops Barred Invasion Setback
7/25/43, London, Fortresses Raid Trondheim Base
7/31/43, London, Reich Port Rocked
8/1/43, London, Allies Rake Nazis in France after RAF Blow Near Ruhr
8/9/43, London, Milan, Turin Genoa Raided; RAF Meets Weak Defenses
8/13/43, London, Our Fliers Depend on Service Branch
8/14/43, London, Huge U.S. Air Plant Set Up in Ireland
8/18/43, London, U.S. Planes in Shuttle Blow Attack Nazi Fighter Factory
8/21/43, London, RAF’s Day Bombers Cut Nazi Strength
8/27/43, London, New-Type Maps Aid U.S. Bombers; Artists Sketch Air View of Target
9/4/43, London, Flying Fortresses Strike
9/6/43, London, Air Blows Pressed on Nazis in West
9/8/43, London, RAF Rocks Munich; Day Raids Step Up
9/20/43, A United States Army Air Force Bomber Station in England, ‘Youngsters’ Guide U.S. Aerial Tactics
9/24/43, London, Nazi Europe Rocks in 24-Hour Bombing
10/5/43, London, Fortresses Rock Frankfort in Steady Allied Air Blows
10/9/43, London, Fortress Escorts Punish Luftwaffe
10/10/43, London, Danzig is Target (L)
10/11/43, A United States Heavy Bomber Station, in Britain, We Lose 32 Craft (L)
10/16/43, London, Photos Show Results
10/17/43, London, Luftwaffe Throws Its All into a Defensive War (W)
11/7/43, London, Work of Reducing Germany by Air Bombing Goes Ahead (W)
11/14/43, London, Reich Port Rocked
11/20/43, London, Fighter Mastery Over Nazis Shown
11/21/43, London, Leverkusen is Hit (L)
11/21/43, London, Nazi Raids Keep London On Guard (W)
11/28/43, London, RAF Shifts Tactics (L)
12/1/43, London, Fortresses Pound Reich War Plants
12/2/43, London, Morrison Upheld on Mosley Move
12/6/43, London, U.S. Bombers Rock Targets in France
12/12/43, London, Air Battles Fierce (L)
12/13/43, London, Attrition of Nazis in Air Progresses
12/14/43, London, [Untitled article on Nazi secret weapons]
12/27/43, London, Invasion in West Held Not Imminent
12/28/43, London, Tedder Named Eisenhower Aide; Briton Called Top Air Tactician
1/12/44, London, Peak Air Attack
1/19/44, A United States Mustang Fighter Base, One-Man Air Force Belittles His Feat
1/20/44, London, Nazis’ Doom Seen in Fighter Planes
1/24/44, London, Allied Bombs Rock French Coast Zone
1/30/44, London, Our Raid a Record (L)
1/31/44, London, 2 Targets Ripped
2/3/44, With an Airborne Engineer Aviation Battalion, Somewhere in Britain, Aerial Engineers Vital to Invasion
2/4/44, London, U-Boat Base Target
2/14/44, London, U.S. Bombers Step Up Attack on Germans in Pas-de-Calais
2/18/44, London, U.S. 9th Air Force to Lead Invasion
2/21/44, A United States Heavy Bomber Station, in Britain, 2,000 Planes Mass
2/22/44, An American Heavy Bomber Station, in Britain, Two Killed Trying to Save Fortress
2/23/44, A United States Heavy Bomber Station, Somewhere in Britain, U.S. Fliers Scorn Heroics after Job
2/24/44, London, London is Bombed 4th Straight Night
2/25/44, London, Record Fleets Fly
3/13/44, London, Human Ballast at Ocean Bottom Helps Mulish ‘Pigboat’ Foil Nazis
3/25/44, London, Fires Dot London after Air Attack
4/17/44, A United States Air Service Command Station, in Britain, Record Plane Pool Formed in Britain
5/8/44, London, Maneuver at Night
5/16/44, London, Nazis Increase Air Spying over Britain, 20 Shot Down
5/23/44, London, Weather Affects Destiny of D-Day
5/25/44, London, Allies’ Fighter-Bomber Emerges as a Major D-Day Threat to Foe
6/7/44, London, Chutists Disrupt enemy Rear Lines
6/8/44, London, Allies Reinforced
6/11/44, London, RAF Opens on Berlin
6/11/44, London, Allied Air Power rulses the Skies over France (W)
6/12/44, London, U.S. ‘Heavies’ Bomb Close to Our Lines
6/26/44, On the Cherbourg Front, 29 Robot Nests Set in Cherbourg Area
7/12/44, An Advanced Ninth Air Force Base, Normandy, The Thunderbolt Pilots’ Work
7/15/44, Somewhere in France, Warfare is Murder, and What For? Slain Nazi’s Letter to Wife Asks
7/26/44, In the St. Lo-Periers Sector, Mighty Bombing Watched from Air
7/28/44, With United States Ninth Air Force, Somewhere in France, Our Air Force Tally
8/4/44, United States Ninth Air Force Headquarters, Normandy, 384 German Tanks Smashed in Week
8/7/44, Granville, France, Bretons Friendly to U.S. Soldiers
8/18/44, A United States Ninth Air Force Fighter Base in France, U.S. Planes Detect and Shoot Up Foe’s Armor Sneaking from Trap
9/6/44, With American Third Army, Advancing on Germany, 3d in Good Shape as It Nears Reich
9/11/44, With American Third Army along the Moselle, Smoke Screen Aids Moselle Crossing
9/12/44, Along the Moselle River, Americans Wear Coats of Enemy
9/14/44, Along the Moselle with the United States Third Army, Germans Fighting Hard on Moselle
9/17/44, Along the Moselle River, in France, Maginot Line Guns Fired at Germans
9/21/44, Along the Moselle, Mad Charge on Moselle Is a Fiasco
10/14/44, With American Third Army on the Moselle, U.S. Troops View a Post-War Reich
10/17/44, With American Third Army before Metz, Third Army Drops Fort Driant Siege
11/20/44, With American Ninth Army in Germany, Anglo-U.S. Drive Brings Fall of Strategic Geilenkirchen
11/25/44, With American Ninth Army, in Germany, Ninth Army Also Slowed
11/28/44, With American Ninth Army, in Germany, Battle House by House
11/30/44, With the United States Ninth Army in Germany, 9th Swings Flank to Win Roer Banks
12/1/44, With United States Ninth Army in Germany, Great Roer Battle Now Facing Ninth
12/10/44, With the Ninth U.S. Army in Germany, ‘No Activity’ – But Ask the Patrols! (N.Y. Times Magazine)

12/25/44, With United States Forces, in Belgium, Luftwaffe is Pressed

Green, Clinton
7/16/43, With American Forces in Sicily, 17 Yanks in 2 Jeeps Take Ragusa; Save Wounded Fliers in Hospital
11/25/44, B-29 Headquarters on Saipan, the Marianas, Precision Marked Take-Off of B-29’s
11/28/44, Twenty-first Bomber Command Headquarters, Saipan, Marianas, B-29’s Pierced Fog in Follow-Up Blow

Greene, Roger D.
6/28/44, At the British Front in France, Charred Tanks Litter Roads

Gruin, Frederick
12/27/42, Outstanding Events and Main Trends of the Year in Review

Gruson, Sidney (Sydney)
7/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3,360-Ton Bombing by RAF Rocks Kiel
8/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3,000 U.S. Planes Rock Nazi Targets
8/5/44, London, Hitler Sets ‘Ruthless Purge’ of Army, Ordering 12 Tried
8/6/44, London, Partisans Claim Much of Warsaw
8/9/44, London, U-Boat Doom Assured by Drive; Big Part of Fleet in Breton Ports
8/14/44, London, Bombers Again Rip Foe’s Riviera Line
8/16/44, London, Woman Says Laval, Petain Must Die
8/26/44, London, Ally Fights Reich
9/12/44, London, U.S. Fliers Smash Reich Air Defense
9/13/44, London, U.S. Planes Erase 105 More of Nazis’
9/14/44, London, 2 Reich Cities Hit by 600,000 Bombs
9/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Eisenhower Reveals Allies Arm ‘Cells’ inside Germany
9/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Terrific Air Blows Dealt to Germany
10/4/44, London, Warsaw Gives Up after 63-Day Fight
10/7/44, London, Berlin Battered in U.S. Day Attack
10/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Bombers Rip Reich
10/18/44, London, 1,300 U.S. Bombers Smash at Cologne
10/22/44, London, Speedy Punishment for War Criminals (W)
10/31/44, London, RAF Blow Speeds Razing of Cologne
11/3/44, London, 1,400 Fighters Duel (L)
11/5/44, London, 5,000-Plane Blow Rocks Reich Cities
11/6/44, London, U.S. ‘Heavies’ Pound Rhineland Areas
11/9/44, London, V-2’s Hit London, Say Nazis, Claiming Big Rocket Damage
11/11/44, London, Churchill Bares V-2 Toll; Says Damage is Not Great
11/14/44, London, Warship Capsizes
11/15/44, London, Norse Troops Land to Aid Liberation
11/17/44, London, 8,000 Tons Dropped
11/22/44, London, U.S. Bombing Costs Nazis 80 Aircraft
1/1/45, London, 3,500 Planes Rip 17 Reich Targets
1/2/45, London, Big Bombers Tear Reich’s Rail Lines
1/3/45, London, 2,000 Big Bombers Strike at Germans
1/15/45, London, 8th’s Planes Pace Big Air Battles
1/22/45, London, Tito Likely to Pick Regency This Week
1/27/45, London, Survivor of Uprising in Warsaw Says Russians Refused to Assist

Guard, Harold
3/7/42, Melbourne, Australia, U.S. Bombers Leave Java, Balked by Lack of Fighters
7/3/42, Somewhere in Australia, Allies Not Ready for Pacific Drive

Gunnison, Royal Arch
10/7/40, Manila, Philippines Offer Invasion Problem
11/27/41, Hong Kong, Japan Reported Willing to Leave China Areas Occupied in ‘Incident’
11/29/41, Manila, Stern Chiang Note to Us Reported Against Letdown in Aid to China
12/8/41, Manila, No Bombing of Manila
12/27/41, Manila, Says Manila is Bombed

Gunther, John
8/11/39, Warsaw, Beck Feels Peace is Still Possible
8/19/39, Riga, Latvia, Danzig Crisis Held Preliminary to Reich Showdown with Britain
9/3/39, London, Hitler’s Tactics Stiffen British
11/6/41, London, British Go All Out for Aid to Russia
7/13/43, General Montgomery’s Headquarters, Montgomery Sees New War Phase
7/15/43, An Allied Force Command Post, George VI Applauded

Hackett, Francis
9/28/44, Books of the Times (C)

Hagerty, James A.
11/8/39, Goldstein Winner (L)
4/15/40, Simpson Accepts Dewey Challenge; Seeks Re-Election
6/26/40, Philadelphia, Hoover Challenge (L)
6/27/40, Philadelphia, A Night of Speeches (L)
6/29/40, Philadelphia, Willkie Approves Platform, Opposes Big Campaign Gifts
7/14/40, Chicago, Three Stand Firm (L)
7/16/40, Chicago, Hits Back at G.O.P. (L)
7/17/40, Chicago, Choice Left Open (L)
7/18/40, Chicago, ‘Stay Out’ Plank
8/10/40, Colorado Springs, Col., Willkie Bars Link to Foreign Policies
8/18/40, Elwood, Ind., Would Aid Britain (L)
9/15/40, Rock Island, Ill., Willkie Says that Roosevelt ‘Promoted’ the Munich Pact
9/17/40, Coffeyville, Kans., Willkie Predicts Dictatorship Here if Roosevelt Wins
11/1/40, Camden, N.J., Reply by Willkie(L)
11/2/40, Aboard Willkie Special Train, Harrison, N.J., Attacks Estimate
11/3/40, Ovation to Willkie (L)
11/4/40, Pledge by Willkie (L)
11/5/40, Pledge by Willkie (L)
11/4/41, Extra Hour to Vote (L)
11/5/41, O’Dwyer Vote High (L)

Hailey, Foster
5/9/41, San Francisco, Missing Witness Bogs Bridges Case
6/9/41, Los Angeles, Boo Frankensteen (L)
6/10/41, Los Angeles, Bayonets on Coast (L)
12/15/41, Los Angeles, Unexplained Anti-Aircraft Fire and Raid Alarm Stir Los Angeles
1/5/42, Pearl Harbor, Navy Minimizes Battleship Losses
1/6/42, Honolulu, Civilians Called by Hawaii Inquiry
1/19/42, At Sea with the Pacific Fleet, Carrier’s Fliers Guard Vast Area
1/29/42, Honolulu, U.S. Units in Hawaii Improvise Defense
2/9/42, Honolulu, USO Mobile Units Cheer Oahu Forces
2/12/42, Honolulu, U.S. Planes Thunder above Pacific to Checkmate Any Threat to Hawaii
2/14/42, Pearl Harbor, Toll of U.S. Raids Detailed by Navy
6/17/42, Honolulu, ‘Eyes’ of Navy Tell of Job at Midway
6/18/42, Honolulu, Nimitz Commends Men of Carriers
6/21/42, Honolulu, U.S. Fighter Score Off Midway Large
6/22/42, With the Pacific Fleet, at Sea, ‘Never a Dull Moment’ at Midway, Reporter Watching Battle Found
6/23/42, With the Pacific Fleet, at Sea, Valor at Midway the Casual Brand
6/26/42, Honolulu, Japan’s Naval Strength Stressed; Battle of Pacific Held Just Begun
6/29/42, Honolulu, 4 Carriers Sunk
6/30/42, Honolulu, Pound Foe on Isle
9/13/42, At Sea with the Pacific Fleet, Second Round Won in the Solomons
9/17/42, With the Pacific Fleet, at Sea, Yorktown Captain Swam to Aid of Boy
10/8/42, At Sea with the Pacific Fleet, U.S. Marines Were Too Fast for the Enemy in Dash of Reinforcements to Guadalcanal
10/23/42, Honolulu, Guadalcanal Grip Sure, Say Fliers
10/24/42, Honolulu, Our Defense Role Aids Us in Pacific
10/25/42, Honolulu, Halsey is Known as a Fighting Man
10/27/42, Honolulu, Wasp Crew’s Battle with Fires to Save Carrier Told by Skipper
11/19/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Halsey Defends Battleship’s Role
11/29/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Japanese Troops Died in Holocaust
12/5/42, Guadalcanal, Guadalcanal Finds Infiltration Cure
12/9/42, Guadalcanal, Guadalcanal Gain is Along Beaches
1/8/43, A South Seas Base, Allies Ready to Strike in Pacific; Lower Solomons Now Held Safe
1/19/43, An Advanced South Seas Base, Child Savagely Hurt by Japanese Finds a Haven with U.S. Marines
1/30/43, At Sea Off Guadalcanal, Guadalcanal Isle of Death for Foe
2/6/43, At Sea Off Guadalcanal, Task Force Fools the Japanese, Then Batters a Base Near Munda
2/19/43, An Advanced South Seas Base, Fortress Cut in Two 3 Miles Up, Tail Gunner Falls into Pacific Idyl
2/24/43, At Sea Off the Solomons, Destroyer Sinking Makes Sailor Cry
3/5/43, An Advanced South Pacific Base, Japanese Servile While Prisoners
3/12/43, At Sea with the South Pacific Fleet, Shells Rained on Solomons Bases in Night Raid by U.S. Navy Ships
5/24/43, A Pacific Base, Green Unit’s Fight Held Guadalcanal
5/25/43, A Pacific Base, 164th Met Beauty on Guadalcanal
5/27/43, A Pacific Base, Soldiers of 164th Get Lead Baptism
5/28/43, A Pacific Base, 164th Won Glory at ‘Coffin Corner’
5/30/43, A Pacific Base, Attrition Fighting Won Guadalcanal
5/31/43, A Pacific Base, Patrol Job Tough On Guadalcanal
6/1/43, A Pacific Base, 164th Takes Pride in Fearless Dead
6/17/43, With the North Pacific Fleet, at Sea, Japan Shifts Aim in the Aleutians
7/30/43, At an Advance Aleutian Air Base, Shuttle Bombers Wear Down Kiska
8/14/43, Adak, the Aleutians, Two Navy Bases Bombed in Kuriles Raid; Navy and Army Centers Targets
11/7/43, At Sea Off the Aleutians, Navy’s Rosendahl Real Hero of Sea
2/27/44, Master of the Pacific Chessboard

Hall, H. Duncan
1/11/42, Australia a Key Base for War in Far East (W)

Hamilton, Thomas J.
8/14/38, London, British are Uneasy on Vacations (as Thomas Hamilton)
8/26/39, London, Britain Considers Soviet Army Talks
1/14/40, Madrid, France and Spain Agree on Balanced Trade; Pact Covers Big Exchange of Needed Goods
6/19/40, Madrid, Major French Naval Units Join British at Alexandria
7/15/40, Madrid, Bonds with Nazis Defended in Spain
10/25/40, Madrid, Spaniards Warned Die has been Cast
12/8/41, Washington, Japanese Seizure Ordered by Biddle
12/29/41, Washington, All Aid Promised (L)

Handleman, Howard
2/6/44, Aboard Joint Expeditionary Force Flagship, Kwajalein Lagoon, Kwajalein Foe Dazed

Hartrich, Edwin E.
4/19/41, Manila, Japanese Invasion Seen in Indies Region

Hatcher, George
12/31/39, Atlanta, Lynchings Reduced to 3 for Whole Country in ‘39 (W)

Hawkins, Thomas F.
2/12/40, In the Mannerheim Line, Summa Sector, Finns’ Summa Line Found Unyielding

Hazlitt, Henry
9/24/44, The Road to Serfdom, by Frierich A. Hayek (B)

Henry, H. Taylor
5/19/40, Paris, Writer Escapes Bombs
11/3/40, Helsinki, Finland, Ryti Denies Links of Finns to Nazis

Henry, John R.
7/22/44, Aboard a Flagship at Guam, Invaders Find Defenses of Guam Blown to Shreds by Our Attacks
8/6/44, Aboard United States Admiral Conolly’s Flagship at Guam, Death Rain on Guam
8/12/44, Third Amphibious Corps Headquarters, Guam, ‘Rabbit Hunt’ on Guam

Hetherington, John A.
10/27/41, Tobruk, Libya, Tobruk Not Quiet, Reporter Learns
11/28/41, With the British Army Corps, in Libya, Axis Thrust into Egypt a Daring Venture, but Damage Caused is Held Only Slight
12/1/41, Tobruk, Libya, Flashes of Gunfire Light Pathway Across No Man’s Land to Tobruk
7/2/42, With the British Forces, in Egypt, Bayonets Opened Nazi Desert Trap
7/6/42, With the British Eighth Army, Auchinleck Struck First

Hewlett, Frank
1/26/42, With General MacArthur’s Army in the Philippines, MacArthur’s Men Say Plane Aid would Drive Out the Japanese
4/12/42, Corregidor, Bataan’s 98 Days a Terrible Ordeal
4/18/42, Melbourne, Australia, Troops on Bataan Routed by Malaria
4/20/42, Melbourne, Australia, Priority For Ranks in Leaving Bataan
4/26/42, Melbourne, Australia, Guerrillas Check Foe in Philippines
10/28/44, Leyte, Philippines, A PT ‘Expendable’ Shows Up on Leyte
12/16/44, With Landing Forces on Mindoro, Troops Land Fast on Mindoro Beach

Hill, Gladwin
2/27/43, At a United States Bomber Statin, in England, Reporters Fly on U.S. Raid; Call Reich Attack ‘Efficient’

Hinkel, John V.
11/8/39, Cincinnati, Vatican Deciding on New Catechism

Hinkley, Vern
3/21/38, Honolulu, Hawaii’s Defense Faces Severe Test
12/21/41, Honolulu, Honolulu Regains its Normal Poise

Hinton, Harold B.
11/4/39, Washington, Congress is Swift
1/14/40, Washington, Trade Pacts Loom as Issue (W)
6/28/40, Washington, War Danger Marks Neutrality Debate
4/6/40, Washington, All Changes Fail (L)
5/29/40, Washington, House Speeds Aim of 2-Ocean Fleet
6/19/40, Washington, For 2-Ocean Navy
7/23/40, Havana, Transfer Opposed (L)
7/24/40, Havana, Nazi Rule Barred (L)
7/28/40, Havana, U.S. Plan Prevails (L)
10/9/40, Washington, Washington Acts (L)
1/9/41, Washington, Cooperation on Foreign Policy is Invited by Senate Committee
1/12/41, Washington, Time Limit is Urged (L)
1/18/41, Washington, British Fleet Key
1/24/41, Washington, Urges Neutrality (L)
1/29/41, Washington, No Dollars Left (L)
1/30/41, Washington, Four Amendments (L)
2/1/41, Washington, Report from Reich(L)
2/2/41, Washington, Knox Urges Speed (L)
2/7/41, Washington, Air Power the Crux
2/8/41, Washington, New Yorkers Say Civil Uprising Will Come Here if We Enter War
2/13/41, Washington, Spending Curbed (L)
2/15/41, Washington, Isolationists Seek to Forbid Convoys or Navy Transfers
2/19/41, Washington, War is Pictured
3/8/41, Washington, Convoy Ban Beaten (L)
3/9/41, Washington, All Curbs Downed (L)

Hipple, William
5/24/42, Aboard a Warship with the United States Pacific Fleet, U.S. Fliers Had ‘Dive Bomber’s Field Day’ in Raid on Japanese Ships Off New Guinea
11/29/43, With United States Marine Assault Troops at Tarawa Atoll, First Wave of Marines to Land on Tarawa Ran Into a Hail of Fire

Hoeffding, Waldemar
11/16/41, Berlin, Goebbels Appeal a Startling Move

Hollenbeck, Don
9/14/43, Salerno, Italy, Salerno Thoroughly Looted

Holt, Jane
7/23/41 News of Food (C)
8/22/41 News of Food (C)
6/17/43 News of Food (C)
4/22/44 News of Food (C)
9/6/44 News of Food (C)

Holt, Second Lieut. William K.
2/18/44, A South Pacific Air Base, Marines Saw Huge Fleet in Flight over Truk Feb. 4 (with First Lieut. Penn T. Kimball)

Hope, Bob
5/28/44, Sure-Fire Gags for the Foxhole (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Hornaday, Walter
9/10/39, Dallas, Tex., Southwest Stirred Up (W)
11/24/40, Dallas, Tex., Texas Favors Ban on Japanese Trade (W)
6/29/41, Dallas, Tex., Southwest for Helping Russia to Halt Hitler (W)
9/21/41, Dallas, Tex., Southwest for Action (W)
12/14/41, Dallas, Tex., Southwest People are Impatient for Action (W)
3/22/42, Dallas, Tex., Southwest is Critical of Wartime Policies (W)
5/3/42, Dallas, Tex., Southwest Gives Its Blessing to Program (W)

Horne, George F.
3/7/40, Ship Defies U-Boats (L)
11/19/43, Pearl Harbor, Jaluit is Set Afire
11/20/43, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz Widens War
11/22/43, Pearl Harbor, Beachheads Won (L)
11/23/43, Pearl Harbor, Isle Holds Tighten (L)
11/24/43, Pearl Harbor, Success in Pacific
11/25/43, Pearl Harbor, We Win Gilberts in 76-Hour Battle
11/26/43, Pearl Harbor, One U.S. Carrier Division Downed 46 Planes and Lost 4 in Gilberts
11/27/43, Pearl Harbor, Battle for Tarawa the Hardest in Marine History, Says Carlson
11/28/43, Pearl Harbor, Gilbert Lessons to Aid Next Blow
11/30/43, Pearl Harbor, Tarawa’s Captor Reviews Victory
12/2/43, Pearl Harbor, 1,026 Marines Lost in Tarawa Capture
12/7/43, Pearl Harbor, Heavy Task Forces Strike in Pacific
12/9/43, Pearl Harbor, 2 Bases Attacked (L)
12/15/43, Pearl Harbor, Carrier Crewmen Died as Rescuers
12/22/43, Army Headquarters in the Central Pacific, He Visits M’Arthur
1/4/44, Pearl Harbor, ‘Lost’ Ships Pay Off for Pearl Harbor
1/7/44, An Army Air Base in the Central Pacific, Pacific Air Force Keeps Losses Low
1/12/44, At a Naval Air Station, in the Central Pacific, New Tactics Tried by U.S. in Pacific
1/16/44, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii’s Role in War Growing in Importance
1/20/44, Pearl Harbor, Carolines Hit for First Time in Blow at Japanese Air Base
1/25/44, Pearl Harbor, Wide Air Attacks Blast Marshalls
1/31/44, Pearl Harbor, A Two-Day Assault (L)
2/1/44, Pearl Harbor, Ship Clash Hinted (L)
2/2/44, Pearl Harbor, Grip on Kwajalein (L)
2/3/44, Pearl Harbor, Atoll Islets Fall (L)
2/4/44, Pearl Harbor, Many Japanese Die
2/5/44, Pearl Harbor, Ebeye is Attacked
2/6/44, Pearl Harbor, 3 More Isles Won
2/7/44, Pearl Harbor, 4th Channel Taken
2/8/44, Pearl Harbor, American Losses in Marshalls 1,516
2/12/44, Pearl Harbor, Planes, Ships Blast Japanese Outposts
2/15/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Fliers Blast Outposts of Truk
2/17/44, Pearl Harbor, Ponape, East of Truk, Hit in Softening of More Isles
2/18/44, Pearl Harbor, Reduction is Begun (L)
2/19/44, Pearl Harbor, Beachhead Set Up (L)
2/20/44, Pearl Harbor, Marines Gain Goal (L)
2/21/44, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Stunned (L)
2/22/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Troops Take Eniwetok Island
2/24/44, Pearl Harbor, Marianas Blasted (L)
2/25/44, Pearl Harbor, Battleships Sank Cruiser off Truk
2/26/44, Pearl Harbor, Guam Also Bombed
2/28/44, Pearl Harbor, Revision by Nimitz (L)
3/27/44, Espiritu Santo Atoll, ‘Tokyo Rose’ a Hit with U.S. Soldiers
4/11/44, With the Pacific Fleet in the Caroline Islands, Desperate Japan Hoarding Power
4/26/44, Army Headquarters, Central Pacific Area, Pacific Offensive to Match Invasion
5/3/44, Pearl Harbor, Three Islands Hit (L)
5/4/44, Pearl Harbor, Big Blow at Japan near Heart is Due
5/18/44, Pearl Harbor, 22 U.S. Fliers Rescued by a Submarine at Truk
6/4/44, Pearl Harbor, Fierce Fighting Ahead in the War on Japan (W)
6/12/44, Pearl Harbor, Marianas Struck by U.S. Task Force
6/14/44, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz Forces Bag 140 Planes, 13 Ships
6/15/44, Pearl Harbor, Navy Guns Batter Marianas, Kuriles
6/16/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Saipan is Stormed
6/17/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Blow Near Japan
6/18/44, Pearl Harbor, Gain in Marianas
6/19/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Balked
6/20/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Fleet is Attacked (L)
6/21/44, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz Hints Blow
6/22/44, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz Bares Blow
6/23/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Carrier Sent Down
6/24/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Submarine Hits Japanese Carrier
6/25/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Thrust near Japan Wrecks 72 Planes
6/25/44, Naval Air Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, In Strategy of Pacific War Air Power Has Great Role (W)
6/26/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Losses in Marianas Soar
6/27/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Troops Scale Lofty Saipan Peak
6/29/44, Pearl Harbor, Advance on Saipan is Outflanking Foe
7/1/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Saipan Cost Us 9,752 Casualties
7/2/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Saipan Gains Made in Weird Cave War
7/3/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Amercans Surge Forward on Saipan
7/5/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Weaken
7/7/44, Pearl Harbor, 5 Japanese Shps are Sunk in Bonins, 27 are Damaged
7/8/44, Pearl Harbor, Saipan Artillery Blocks Evacuation
7/9/44, Pearl Harbor, Desperate Japanese Lunge a Mile Out of Saipan Trap
7/10/44, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Crushed
7/14/44, Pearl Harbor, 3 Enemy Admirals Killed in Pacific
7/15/44, Pearl Harbor, Guam is Attacked 10th Straight Day
7/18/44, Pearl Harbor, Warships Add Fury to Attack on Guam
7/22/44, Pearl Harbor, Beachheads Set Up
7/23/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Attack
7/24/44, Pearl Harbor, Gains on Guam
7/25/44, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Trapped
7/26/44, Pearl Harbor, Unified U.S. Front Imminent on Guam
7/27/44, Pearl Harbor, Marines Close on Guam Airport; Win Fourth of Tinian, with Strip
7/28/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Carrier Planes Sink 10 Ships in Blow at Japanese in Carolines
7/29/44, Pearl Harbor, 2,000 Japanese Die in Attack on Guam
7/31/44, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Pushed into Tip of Tinian
8/1/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Troops Seize One-Half of Guam
8/2/44, Pearl Harbor, Conquest of Tinian Termed Complete
8/3/44, Pearl Harbor, New Airfield Won in Guam Invasion
8/7/44, Pearl Harbor, Fleet Hits Convoy
8/8/44, Pearl Harbor, Guam Almost Won, Our Men Press On
8/9/44, Pearl Harbor, Guam Foe Wedged in Narrow Corner
8/10/44, Pearl Harbor, Guam Now Virtually Ours; Battered Foe in Tiny Trap
8/11/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, American Survivor Tells Epic of Guam
8/14/44, Pearl Harbor, Admiral Hopeful
9/17/44, Off Peleliu Island, Palau, Peleliu Lay Silent Prior to Invasion
9/18/44, Peleliu Anchorage, Peleliu Lay Silent Prior to Invasion
9/19/44, Peleliu Island, Palau, Hero on Peleliu Shields Identity
9/20/44, Peleliu Island, Palau, Our Palau Losses Light
9/26/44, Peleliu, Palau, A Gentleman Dies in Peleliu Battle
10/6/44, Pearl Harbor, Our Palau Dead 1,022
10/10/44, Pearl Harbor, Halsey’s Warships Rip Marcus Island
10/13/44, Pearl Harbor, New Strike at Luzon
10/14/44, Pearl Harbor, Fleet Undamaged
10/16/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Ships Attacked
10/17/44, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Hard Hit (L)
10/18/44, Pearl Harbor, 2 of Our Ships Hit (L)

10/19/44, Pearl Harbor, Carrier Craft Smash 7 Ships; New Atoll Seized in Pacific
10/25/44, Pearl Harbor, Halsey Meets Foe (L)
10/26/44, Pearl Harbor, Enemy Carrier Sunk
10/27/44, Pearl Harbor, Main Fleet Broken (L)
10/28/44, Pearl Harbor, Japan is Crippled
10/30/44, Pearl Harbor, 4 Carriers Sunk (L)
10/31/44, Pearl Harbor, Big Warship Probably Sunk in U.S. Air Attack on Luzon
11/1/44, Pearl Harbor, Japan’s Air Losses Exceed Her Output
11/4/44, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Damage U.S. Carrier Group
11/7/44, Pearl Harbor, Manila Hit Hard
11/8/44, Pearl Harbor, 2-Day Luzon Blows Smash 440 Planes, 30 Japanese Ships
11/14/44, Pearl Harbor, 200 Japanese Retake Palau Islet; LCI’s Rescue Small Marine Guard
11/15/44, Pearl Harbor, Blow over Luzon
11/20/44, Pearl Harbor, Iwo Isle Shelled in Warship Attack
11/21/44, Pearl Harbor, 3 Ships Set Afire
11/24/44, Pacific Headquarters, Twentieth Air Force, Saipan Base Once Held ‘Impossible’
11/25/44, Pacific Headquarters, Twentieth Air Force, B-29 Blows against Japan to be Steadily Increased
11/27/44, Pacific Headquarters, Twentieth Army Air Force, Hawaii, B-29’s in New Blow
11/30/44, Army Air Force Headquarters, Hawaii, B-29’s Hit by Night
12/13/44, Pearl Harbor, Destroyer Caught in 2 Fleets’ Fire
12/15/44, Pearl Harbor, New Nimitz Blow
12/16/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz Fliers Hit Luzon Fields Again
12/17/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, 373 Planes, 17 Ships Smashed at Luzon
12/19/44, Pearl Harbor, 28 Japanese Ships Sunk
12/26/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Warships Join Air Blows at Iwo
12/27/44, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Bomb Saipan
12/30/44, Honolulu, Propaganda War Opened on Japan
1/7/45, Pearl Harbor, Halsey Smashes 83 Japanese Ships
1/10/45, Pearl Harbor, Formosa Battered by Carriers, B-29’s
1/11/45, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Carriers Fight Foe Off Indo-China

Horne, Louther S.
9/10/39, Chicago, Central States Ban War (W)
6/29/41, Chicago, Central States Say ‘Dog-Eat-Dog’ (W)
9/21/41, Chicago, Central West Sees War (W)
10/19/41, Chicago, Chicago Reports Change (W)
12/14/41, Chicago, Central States Forget About Isolation (W)
3/22/42, Chicago, Midwest Turns from Isolationism to War (W)
5/3/42, Chicago, War-Minded Midwest Ready to Back Plan (W)
10/31/43, Chicago, Midwest Kindly to Moscow Parley (W)
4/9/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
4/16/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
4/23/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
4/27/44, Chicago, Conferences Fail (L)
4/30/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
5/14/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
5/21/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
5/28/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
6/18/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
7/2/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)
11/5/44, Chicago, Report from the Nation: Central States (W)

Hulen, Bertram D.
10/12/39, Washington, Moderation is Aim (L)
10/19/39, Washington, 3-Mile Zone Closed (L)
11/5/39, Washington, Trade Bans Set Up (L)
11/30/39, Washington, Hull Acts Quickly
1/5/40, Washington, Canada, U.S. Revive St. Lawrence Plan
1/23/40, Washington, Hints Retaliation (L)
3/30/40, Washington, ‘Propaganda’ Seen (L)
4/18/40, Washington, Replies to Japan
7/6/40, Washington, Hull Stands Firm (L)
7/12/40, Washington, Nazi Aides Accused (L)
7/17/40, Washington, U.S. Resists Closing of the Burma Road, Hull Makes Clear
8/4/40, Washington, Washington Gets Tokyo Complaint
8/25/40, Washington, Hopkins Resigns from the Cabinet
10/26/40, Washington, Vichy Data Sought (L)
10/27/40, Washington, Petain is Warned (L)
12/8/40, Washington, Note Hails Greeks (L)
12/11/40, Washington, Metals Restricted
2/15/41, Washington, Roosevelt, Nomura Emphasize Anxiety for Peace in Orient
2/19/41, Washington, Welles Cold to Tokyo Plea; Warns Axis of Firm Stand
3/6/41, Washington, More Due in Africa
3/7/41, Washington, Hull Retaliates (L)
3/29/41, Washington, Roosevelt Cables Yugoslavs Backing
4/4/41, Washington, Hull in Blunt Note (L)
4/14/41, Washington, Capital Reserves Judgment on Pact
5/1/41, Washington, Nazi Drive for All Africa Seen; Suez and Dakar Held in Peril
5/16/41, Washington, President Moves (L)
5/31/41, Washington, Critical Situation Keeps Hull at Post
6/6/41, Washington, Nazi Ties Irk U.S. (L)
6/13/41, Washington, U-Boat Hailed Ship (L)
6/15/41, Washington, Neutrality Act is Severely Tried (W)
6/23/41, Washington, Washington Waits
6/26/41, Washington, Pacific Port Free
7/2/41, Washington, Soviet Requests U.S. Help; Offers to Pay for Supplies
7/6/41, Washington, Long-War Preparation Shaped at Washington (W)
7/24/41, Washington, U.S. is Cautious on Pacific Peril
7/25/41, Washington, U.S. Policy Stated (L)
7/31/41, Washington, Apologies Offered
8/27/41, Washington, Tokyo Threat Reported
8/28/41, Washington, Washington Firm (L)
8/29/41, Washington, Accord is Sought (L)
9/10/41, Washington, Crew of 24 Lost (L)
9/13/41, Washington, President Tells Moscow Mission to work Out Aid to Beat Hitler
9/14/41, Washington, Hit by Shell Pieces
10/8/41, Washington, Party of 20 is Held (L)
10/14/41, Washington, President Hopeful (L)
10/19/41, Washington, Washington Sees Lull in Far East
10/23/41, Washington, Rumania Denounces Vienna Pact with Hungary on Transylvania
11/2/41, Washington, Our Stand Clear, Officials Insist
11/7/41, Washington, Soviet Gets Credit (L)
11/15/41, Washington, Issues of Peace or War Now Raised with Japan (W)
11/19/41, Washington, Japanese Envoys Ask Instructions after Hull Talk
11/20/41, Washington, U.S. Aid to French Expected to Stop
11/26/41, Washington, Kurusu Parleys Reveal No Basis for Negotiations
11/27/41, Washington, Move Now Tokyo’s (L)
11/28/41, Washington, Talks are Bogged (L)
12/4/41, Washington, No Common Ground
12/6/41, Washington, Japanese Answer (L)
12/8/41, Washington, Hull Denounces Tokyo ‘Infamy’
1/16/42, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 21 Nations Meet (L)
1/22/42, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Argentina Agrees (L)
9/20/42, Washington, Enemy Ships Flee (L)
10/4/42, Washington, Big Convoy is Sent
10/8/42, Washington, Roosevelt Says U.S. Will Join In Investigation of Atrocities
10/11/42, Washington, Flotillas Blasted (L)
12/6/42, Washington, Draft Stops at 38 (L)
1/3/43, Washington, Japan’s Plans Long Known, ’31-’41 State Papers Reveal
1/5/43, Washington, Berlin Thrown Into Rage by War Guilt Disclosures
1/17/43, Washington, Action in Solomons
1/30/43, Washington, Talks Explained (L)
2/7/43, Washington, ‘Moderate’ Losses Reported by Knox
2/13/43, Washington, Territory Claims Listed by Russian
2/24/43, Washington, Roosevelt Rejects Inference Russians Will Halt at Border
3/10/43, Washington, Standley Spoke on His Own, Says Welles, Avoiding Stand
3/22/43, Washington, President Aghast (L)
5/29/43, Washington, Standley Offers Resignation in Pique, Washington Hears
6/13/43, Washington, Two New U.S. Submarines Lost; Both Had Bagged Japanese Ships
6/20/43, Washington, Guadalcanal Bag Rises to 94 Planes
7/4/43, Washington, Enemy Ships Flee (L)
7/17/43, Washington, ‘Baby Flat-Top’ Fights 11 U-Boats; Fliers Sink 2, Probably 8 Others
7/21/43, Washington, Paramushiru Hit
7/25/43, Washington, War Pattern in Pacific Clears in Rising Tempo (W)
8/8/43, Washington, Berlin Evacuation Stirs Washington
9/18/43, Washington, World Blows Near (L)
9/20/43, Washington, ‘Mightiest Fleet’ in History Created in Navy Expansion
10/13/43, Washington, U.S. to Use Azores, President Affirms
10/30/43, Washington, Post-War Military Accords Reported Settled in Moscow
2/1/44, Washington, 89 Notes on Captives Mark U.S. Indictment of Japan
3/11/44, Washington, U.S. Demands Ban (L)
3/14/44, Washington, Washington is Silent on Russian Moves; Some See Drive for Influence in Balkans
3/18/44, Washington, Hull Asks Stalin to Explain His Recognition of Badoglio
10/29/44, Washington, Stilwell Moved from Orient at Request Laid to Chiang
11/1/44, Washington, Stilwell-Chiang Differences Personal, Roosevelt Says
12/6/44, Washington, Veto on Sforza Hit (L)

Humphreys, Alan
4/23/42, Aboard a British Naval Light Craft, Commandos Begin by Ending a Patrol

Hurd, Charles W.
1/25/40, Washington, Senate Body Votes More Aid to Finns
3/23/40, Washington, Billion Farm Bill Passed by Senate; Economy in Peril (L)
8/3/40, Washington, Need of Men Vital (L)
8/6/40, Hyde Park, N.Y., Roosevelt Plans Tour of Defenses
8/10/40, Hyde Park, N.Y., Overseas Duty for Guard Unlikely; President Quotes Odds at 100 to 1
8/24/40, Washington, Against Deferring (L)
8/29/40, Hyde Park, N.Y., Archbishop Visits President at Home
9/3/40, Newfound Gap, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, New Day, New Arms (L)
9/17/40, Washington, 400,000 by Jan. 1
10/4/40, Washington, Roosevelt to Talk on Defense Oct. 12
10/13/40, Dayton, Ohio, Reply to the Axis (L)
10/24/40, Philadelphia, Roosevelt Speaks
10/31/40, Boston, President Moves (L)
11/3/40, Cleveland, Third Term ‘Last’
11/4/40, Washington, Goes to Hyde Park
11/5/40, Hyde Park, N.Y., Hyde Park Appeal
11/6/40, Hyde Park, Roosevelt Looks to ‘Difficult Days’
2/19/41, Detroit, Tank Production Faces Tools Lag; Priorities Called Key to Problem
5/3/41, Washington, U.S. Junior Pilosts to Fly War Craft
5/15/41, Washington, 21 Bombers Join Hawaii Defenders after Secret Flight from the Coast
7/4/41, Washington, Urgent Need Cited (L)
7/13/41, Washington, Future of Army to be Fixed Soon (W)
7/17/41, Washington, Shifts 20 Generals to Vitalize Army
7/25/41, Washington, Stimson Accuses Wheeler of Actions Near Treason
8/21/41, At Sea with the Atlantic Fleet, Fleet Sails Seas Alert as in War; Guns Ready, No Radio, Lights Out
8/22/41, At Sea with the Atlantic Fleet, Secret Devices Aid Navy Power
8/23/41, At Sea with the Atlantic Fleet, Our Fleet Alert in Perilous Night
8/29/41, Washington, 500 of Our Tanks Sent to British
9/18/41, Washington, Guard All Shipping (L)
10/30/41, Washington, Kearny Crippled in Action Defending Ship Under Fire
11/1/41, Washington, Reuben James Hit (L)
11/5/41, Washington, U.S. Navy Tanker Torpedoed Near Iceland, Reaches Port
11/6/41, Washington, Navy Plows Ahead, Shooting on Sight
11/11/41, Washington, A.F.L. Bans Strike (L)
11/17/41, Washington, Scuttling is Tried
11/26/41, Washington, Stimson Charges Finns Hamper Aid
12/9/41, Washington, 1 Battleship Lost
12/11/41, Washington, First Communiques by U.S. Report Philippines Battles
12/12/41, Washington, U.S. Fliers Score
12/13/41, Washington, Wake and Midway Hold Out, U.S. Communiques Reveal
12/14/41, Washington, Two U.S. Isles Holding Out, but Guam is Believed Lost
12/16/41, Washington, Heroic Acts Cited (L)
12/17/41, Washington, Foe in 2 Attacks (L)
12/18/41, Washington, Defense Shake-Up (L)
12/24/41, Washington, Foe Lands on Wake Island; Garrison Continues Battle
12/25/41, Washington, Heroic Defense of Wake Isle an Epic in Marines’ Annals
1/1/42, Washington, Japanese Nearer (L)
1/2/42, Washington, Arc About Manila (L)
1/3/42, Washington, Japanese Pressing (L)
1/6/42, Washington, Our Planes Score (L)
1/9/42, Washington, Enemy Offensive in Philippines Near
1/13/42, Washington, M’Arthur Engages Foe in Gun Duel
1/17/42, Washington, Hart Strikes Foe (L)
1/20/42, Washington, 5 U.S. Planes Bag 9 of Foe at Cost of 2 in Celebes Raid
1/21/42, Washington, Tokyo’s Ships Hit (L)
1/22/42, Washington, Cargo Craft Sunk
1/23/42, Washington, 600,000 are Moved
1/26/42, Washington, No American Loss (L)
1/27/42, Washington, Sea Fight Rages On
1/28/42, Washington, M’Arthurs Planes Fell Two of Foe’s
1/30/42, Washington, Bataan Line Holds (L)
2/11/42, Washington, Reinforced Foes Driving on Bataan
2/12/42, Washington, M’Arthur Breaks Attack on Bataan
2/15/42, Washington, U-Boat Strategy is Hard to Meet (W) 2/17/42, Washington, Japanese Open Drive on M’Arthur; Pessimism Rises in Washington
2/19/42, Washington, Rain of Bombs Marks Drive on M’Arthur and Refugees
2/21/42, Washington, Bataan Combats Incendiaries; Japanese Landings Explained
2/24/42, Washington, New Bataan Lull Stirs Speculation
2/25/42, Washington, Destroyer is Lost (L)
2/26/42, Washington, Navy Record Told
2/27/42, Washington, Japanese Set Back
3/1/42, Washington, Submarine War Again Rising in Seriousness (W)
3/3/42, Washington, U.S. Top Commands Set Up for Air, Ground and Supply
3/5/42, Washington, Subic Bay Raided
3/6/42, Washington, M’Arthur Reveals Bombs Hit Troops
3/10/42, Washington, King in Top Post in Navy Shake-Up
3/18/42, Washington, General Flies Out (L)
3/19/42, Washington, 4 Cruisers Struck (L)
3/25/42, Washington, Foe in Bataan Uses New Type of Plane
3/26/42, Washington, Bataan, Corregidor Bombed; Japanese Drive Held Near
3/27/42, Washington, 4 Japanese Planes Bagged at Bataan
4/2/42, Washington, Halt in Philippines (L)
4/3/42, Washington, Fighting is Savage
4/4/42, Washington, Big Convoy Raided by 4 U.S. Warships
4/5/42, Washington, The Navy’s ‘Cominch’ (NY Times Magazine
4/7/42, Washington, Advance is Costly
4/8/42, Washington, Drive’s Pace Rises (L)
4/9/42, Washington, Defenders Retire
4/10/42, Washington, Defense Crushed (L)
4/11/42, Washington, Navy Men on Isle (L)
4/17/42, Washington, Enemy Widens Grip
4/18/42, Washington, 60,000 Captured by Foe on Bataan
5/5/42, Washington, Washington Stern (L)
5/6/42, Washington, Troops Half-Starved
5/7/42, Washington, Philippines Lost (L)
5/8/42, Washington, We Score First
5/31/42, Washington, U-Boat Raids Challenge Techniques of Our Navy (W)
6/5/42, Washington, Follows Dutch Harbor
6/9/42, Washington, Silence Shrouds Fleets in Pacific
6/11/42, Washington, Claim is Scouted (L)
6/13/42, Washington, Navy Gives Figures
6/16/42, Washington, Air Attacks Go On (L)
6/26/42, Washington, Gen. Eisenhower Takes Up Headquarters in London
7/2/42, Washington, U.S. Carrier Took Planes to Malta
7/8/42, Washington, Gen. Spaatz Named Air Chief in Europe
7/15/42, Washington, Yorktown Was Hit in Midway Melee
7/18/42, Washington, Navy Says Foe Still Holds Three of Aleutian Islands
7/22/42, Washington, U.S. Navy Scores
8/9/42, Washington, Revised Nazi Strategy is Seen in Operation (W)
8/11/42, Washington, Marines On Shore (L)
8/16/42, Washington, Aid to Russia Weighed in Light of Nazi Gains (W)
9/3/42, Washington, Navy to Advance Younger Officers
9/16/42, Washington, Towers Air Chief in Pacific Fleet
9/17/42, Washington, 2 Enemy Cruisers Hit in Solomons
9/20/42, Washington, All of Russia’s Loss is Not Hitler’s Gain (W)
9/22/42, Washington, Japanese Naval Hesitancy Shown in Solomons Area
9/23/42, Washington, U.S. Fliers Bomb Warship, Attack Bases in Solomons
9/29/42, Washington, 24 Downed in Day (L)
10/3/42, Washington, Submarines Score
10/4/42, Washington, War Fronts Will Feel Winter Soon (W)
10/6/42, Washington, U.S. Blows Dealt (L)
10/7/42, Washington, Planes Get 3 Hits
10/8/42, Washington, No Sign of Enemy (L)
10/9/42, Washington, Carrier In Action (L)
10/13/42, Washington, Sea Battle in Dark
10/14/42, Washington, 30-Minute Combat (L)
10/15/42, Washington, Japanese Striking (L)
10/16/42, Washington, Foe Hits from Air (L)
10/17/42, Washington, Big Attack is On (L)
10/18/42, Washington, All Arms Engaged (L)
10/18/42, Washington, Jungle Island Becomes the Heart of Great Battle for the Pacific (W)
10/20/42, Washington, Fleets are Poised (L)
10/21/42, Washington, Bombings Kept Up (L)
10/22/42, Washington, Ships Sunk by Foe (L)
10/23/42, Washington, Thrust is ‘Minor’ (L)
10/24/42, Washington, Enemy is Repelled Again in Solomons
10/25/42, Washington, Pacific Command Shake-Up is Laid to Guadalcanal Crisis
10/27/42, Washington, All-Out Push is On (L)
10/28/42, Washington, Battle at Airfield (L)
10/29/42, Washington, U.S. Soldiers Hold (L)
10/30/42, Washington, U.S. Lines Pierced (L)
10/31/42, Washington, Guadalcanal Firm (L)
11/3/42, Washington, U.S. Forces Hit Out
11/4/42, Washington, Foe Lands Troops on Guadalcanal East of Our Force
11/6/42, Washington, Japanese Ashore
11/7/42, Washington, Our Men on Guadalcanal Smash Hard Japanese Counter-Attacks
11/8/42, Washington, New Pacific Clash Awaited
11/9/42, Washington, 4 Points Invaded (L)
11/10/42, Washington, U.S. Losses Light (L)
11/12/42, Washington, Our Men in Drives on Guadalcanal
11/13/42, Washington, Raids on Guadalcanal
11/14/42, Washington, Batters Japanese
11/15/42, Washington, Our Navy in Action (L)
11/15/42, Washington, Japanese May Try Soon for Decision in Pacific (W)
11/17/42, Washington, Foe’s Navy Routed (L)
11/18/42, Washington, Joy at Sea Victory
11/20/42, Washington, 5 Sinkings Listed
11/21/42, Washington, 750 Die on Island
11/22/42, Washington, Solomons Sea Victory Staggers the Japanese (W)
11/25/42, Washington, Guadalcanal Foes Cut Off, Knox Says
12/1/42, Washington, U.S. Fliers Bomb Solomons Convoy
12/9/42, Washington, Key to European Air Control Seen in Battles Over Tunisia
12/10/42, Washington, Help Denied to Foe (L)
12/13/42, Washington, Japan Still May Strike Directly at Our Shores (W)
12/18/42, Washington, Fortresses Erase 12 Zero Attackers
12/19/42, Washington, 7 More Japanese Ships Sunk by United States Submarines
12/20/42, Washington, Major Pacific Campaign Lies Ahead (W)
12/29/42, Washington, Guadalcanal Foe Balked in Air Aid
12/31/42, Washington, Guadalcanal Bombers Sink 2 Enemy Ships Near Munda
1/1/43, Washington, Enemy Bases Hit Near Guadalcanal
1/5/43, Washington, Guadalcanal Action Indicates Foe’s Destroyers Infest Sea
1/6/43, Washington, 170 Japanese Slain
1/10/43, Washington, Japan is Seen Preparing for Big Blow in Pacific (W)
1/12/43, Washington, List of Losses Names Hornet, 3 Cruisers and 7 Destroyers
1/15/43, Washington, PT Boats Torpedo 2 Destroyers, Rout Flotilla near Guadalcanal
1/21/43, Washington, Guadalcanal Push Slays 1,032 of Foe
1/23/43, Washington, Guadalcanal Foe Reduced to 4,000
1/24/43, Washington, Anti-U-Boat Campaign Resurveyed (W)
1/26/43, Washington, Guadalcanal Drive Takes Enemy Base
1/30/43, Washington, 5 Japanese Ships Sunk or Damaged
1/31/43, Washington, Nazi Reverses in Russia a Problem for Analysts (W)
2/7/43, Solomons Lure Japanese to New Test of Strength (W)
2/10/43, Washington, Foe Quits Island
2/11/43, Washington, U.S. Bombs Blast Bases in Solomons
2/12/43, Washington, Now Guadalcanal is a Springboard
2/14/43, Washington, Value of Guadalcanal To Be Proved (W)
2/17/43, Washington, The Chicago Sunk
2/18/43, Washington, Tokyo Cruiser Believed Sunk, Submarines Get 5 More Ships
2/19/43, Washington, Stimson Reports ‘a Sharp Reverse’
2/23/43, Washington, Victims of U-Boats
2/26/43, Washington, ‘Clean-Cut Repulse’ in Tunisia Dealt to Foe, Stimson Asserts
12/20/43, Washington, Republican Heads Must Pick Issues
12/26/43, Washington, M’Arthur is an Enigma in Political Shuffling
2/13/44, Washington, Tempo Rises in Pacific with Kwajalein’s Fall (W)
6/6/44, Washington, Roosevelt Speaks
6/14/44, Washington, ‘A Mere Beginning’
7/12/44, Washington, President’s Stand (L)
9/19/44, Chicago, Nimitz Gives Plan
10/1/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
10/8/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
10/15/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
10/22/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
10/29/44, Washington, Veterans Intelligence (C)
11/5/44, Washington, Veterans Intelligence (C)
11/12/44, Washington, Veterans Intelligence (C)
11/19/44, Washington, Veterans Intelligence (C)
11/26/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
12/3/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
12/10/44, Chicago, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
12/17/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
12/31/44, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
1/7/45, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
1/14/45, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
1/21/45, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)
1/28/45, Washington, Veterans’ Intelligence (C)

Hurlbut, Sergeant J.W.
9/13/42, Guadalcanal, Big Patrol Action Waged by Marines

Huston, Luther A.
9/26/38, Washington, Roosevelt Makes Appeal (L)
3/3/40, Washington, Census Preparations Set on Gigantic Scale (W)
8/11/40, Washington, Social Security Grown to Giant Size in 5 Years (W)
7/27/41, Washington, Gasoline Rationing Impends (W)
9/27/42, Washington, Carrier Lexington Leaves the Ways

James, Edwin L.
3/5/39, Pius XII Not the Pope Totalitarians Desired (W)
5/21/39, London-Paris-Moscow Treaty Talks Continue (W)
7/16/39, Washington is Tangles on Our Neutrality Act (W)
9/10/39, Germany is Off Again on a War of Conquest (W)
2/25/40, War Still in Low Gear Except on Finn Front (W)
3/3/40, Welles Finds Germany Not Ready for a Peace (W)
4/7/40, Allies Forge Blockade as Chief War Weapon (W)
7/28/40, Hitler Delays Invasion but Keeps Up Bombing (W)
8/4/40, One More Week Passes, and No British Invasion (W)
8/18/40, As Washington Fiddles, Nazis Drive Westward (W)
12/15/40, British Egypt Victory Big Blow to Mussolini (W)
12/29/40, Are Germans Sending Their Troops to Italy? (W)
8/24/41, The Winter in Russia is Always Very Cold (W)

James, Rembert
7/2/44, Aboard Joint Expeditionary Force Flagship, Off Saipan, Eerie Battle of Saipan
7/8/44, Aboard Joint Expeditionary Force Flagship, Off Saipan, Saipan Life Road Set Up
7/30/44, Aboard Expeditionary Flagship, off Tinian, Battle of Tinian

James, First Lt. Weldon
8/14/44, Aboard the USS Texas, off Cherbourg, Hit Twice, Ablaze, Texas Battles On

Jarrell, John W.
6/12/44, With United States Forces, on the Lower Cherbourg Peninsula, Bluff Bags 120 Nazis

Jarrett, V.H.C.
12/10/41, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Checks Land Invasion; Defense Lines Reported Holding
12/17/41, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Strong and in ‘Good Heart’
12/18/41, Hong Kong, British Gunners Score

Jewell, Edward Alden
4/14/43, News and Notes of Art (C)

Johnson, Albin E.
10/26/43, Warsaw Ghetto in Heroic Battle, New Reports on Struggles Reveal

Johnson, Mac R.
11/25/44, Aboard a B-29 Superfortress over Tokyo, Skies over Tokyo Bomber’s Delight

Johnston, Richard J.H.
7/7/44, London, English Community Hit by a Robot Surveys Ruins, then Goes to Work
7/9/44, London, Mosquito Airmen Use Indian Tactics
7/14/44, London, London Children Leave City Glumly
7/17/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Bombers Rock Munich and Vienna
8/2/44, London, New Looting Laid to Nazis in Italy
8/4/44, London, Peak Robot Blow Hits 7 Hospitals
8/5/44, London, Robot Laboratory Hit in Big U.S. Blow
8/6/44, London, 2,000 U.S. Planes Rip Reich Targets
8/6/44, London, Britain Wars on Robot Bomb (W)
8/7/44, London, U.S. Bombers Rock Berlin and Toulon
8/10/44, London, U.S. Bombers Rock Stuttgart Target
8/14/44, An Eighth Air Force Fighter Base England, Anything Moving is P-47’s Target
8/18/44, London, Flying Bomb Rocks Buckingham Palace, Breaking Windows; Johnson House Hit
8/19/44, London, FFI Units Intensify Fighting in France
8/28/44, London, Baltic Port Fired
9/7/44, An American Hospital, in England, Germans Fight Doggedly On to Keep Allies from Brest
9/8/44, A Base Hospital, Somewhere in England, Injured Newsman Acclaims ‘Medics’
9/28/44, London, Big Bombers Push Blows over Reich
10/7/44, Luxembourg, Luxembourg Escapes War Scars bu Germans Wrecked Economy
10/21/44, United States Ninth Air Force Advanced Headquarters, Luftwaffe Hit Hard
10/22/44, United States Ninth Air Force Advanced Headquarters, Flooding Ordered by Patton
11/2/44, United States Ninth Air Force Advanced Headquarters, Novice Flies Plane to Flee Germany
11/5/44, United States Ninth Air Force Headquarters, in France, Deficiencies Noted in Foe’s Jet Craft
11/6/44, A Pioneer Fighter Group Headquarters, in France, Unsung Wingmen Keep Aces Going
11/20/44, United States Ninth Air Force Headquarters, with the Ninth Army, Planes Rake Nazis on Roads to Rhine
11/22/44, Somewhere in Germany, Tank-Plane Fight Led from Kitchen
12/5/44, Advanced Headquarters, Ninth Air Force, Cub Plane Rescues Downed Flier, Revisits Fire-Raked Field for More
12/14/44, Ninth U.S. Air Force Advanced Headquarters, Bomber Crew Leaps into Ground Battle; All Except Pilot Survive Big Guns’ Havoc
12/19/44, With the American Seventh Army in Germany, Germans Stiffen in Southern Reich
12/21/44, With the United States Seventh Army, in Germany, 7th Army Batters a Stubborn Enemy
12/29/44, With the Seventh Army in Eastern France, French Fighters Scorn Luftwaffe
1/1/45, With the American Third Army, Strike on Ten-Mile Front
1/4/45, With the United States Third Army, in Belgium, Strike on Ten-Mile Front
1/6/45, With the American Third Army, 3d Army Exacts Huge Toll of Foe
1/18/45, With United States Seventh Army, 7th Army Gains Ground
1/20/45, With American Seventh Army in France, Germans Widen Front
1/24/45, With United States Seventh Army, 145 Men Lost after 5-Day Stand
1/27/45, With American Seventh Army, in France, Snow Curbs Sleep for 7th Army Men
1/31/45, With the 100th Division, American Seventh Army, Engineers Start Front-Line Factory To Fill Need for Barbed Wire Posts

Johnston, Richard W.
11/27/43, With United States Marine Assault Forces at Tarawa, Gilberts Battle is Called Fiercest Fought in Pacific
2/2/44, Aboard an Army Transport En Route to Kwajalein, Men Studied Huge Map
2/21/44, Aboard a United States Expeditionary Flagship Off Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands, Engebi Taken in 6 Hours
6/17/44, Aboard Joint Expeditionary Force Flagship, Saipan, Saipan Town Won in Street Fighting
7/4/44, Aboard Joint Expeditionary Force Flagship, Off Saipan, Americans Close Vise on Garapan
7/26/44, Aboard Expeditionary Flagship, off Tinian, Marines’ Bazookas Rip Foe on Tinian

Johnston, Stanley
6/13/42, Chicago, Witness of Coral Sea Battle Gives Picture from Carrier
6/15/42, Chicago, Two U.S. Carriers Scored on Tulagi
6/16/42, Chicago, Bombs Smothered Japanese Carrier
6/17/42, Chicago, ‘Tin Fish’ Stitched Sea about Carrier
6/18/42, Chicago, Flames on Carrier Fought to the End

Jones, George E.
6/20/43, Guadalcanal, Eyewitness’s Account
8/6/43, Munda Airport, New Georgia Island, Flame Throwers Decisive
2/5/44, Namur Island, Kwajalein Atoll, The Marshalls, Namur Battering Crazes Japanese
2/5/44, Aboard Carrier Flagship off Luzon, Attack on Manila a Fiery Panorama
10/17/44, Aboard U.S. Carrier, Off Formosa, Ships Off Formosa Fight Foe 10 Hours
1/10/45, Aboard Amphibious Flagship, in Lingayen Gulf, Yanks Land from 800 Ships; MacArthur Ashore with Men
1/11/45, With the American Forces at Lingayen Gulf, Only Feeble Defenses found on Lingayen’s Beachheads
1/12/45, With the American Forces, in Lingayen Gulf, Enemy Guns Spray Shore
1/14/45, With the American Forces, in Lingayen Gulf, American Civilian Eludes Luzon Foe
1/15/45, At a Forward Observation Post, on Lingayen Beachhead, Luzon Hill is Taken in First Hard Fight
1/18/45, With United States Army Troops, on Luzon, Bungled Defense Aids Us on Luzon
1/19/45, With American Forces on Luzon, Seized Airstrip on Luzon in Use
1/21/45, With United States Forces, on Luzon, ‘Lost’ Battalion Beats Luzon Foe
1/22/45, With American Forces, on Luzon, Japanese Held Off by Medical Units
1/23/45, With American Forces, South of Tarlac, Luzon, Manila Highway Peaceful, Quiet
1/24/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Luzon, Camp for Bataan’s Victims Captured by U.S. Troops
1/25/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Luzon, Swift Luzon Push Near Clark Field
1/26/45, Advanced Headquarters on Luzon, Big Air Base Taken
1/27/45, With American Forces, on Luzon, Enemy on Edge of Field
1/29/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Luzon, Key Town is Seized in Northern Luzon
1/30/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Luzon, Savage Luzon Fight Won by Americans

Jones, Roland M.
12/11/38, Omaha, Neb., Nebraska ‘Little TVA’ Moves Ahead (W)
9/10/39, Omaha, Neb. Farm Area for Revision (W)

11/24/40, Omaha, Neb., New Features in Corn Loan (W)
6/29/41, Omaha, Neb., Midwest Undisturbed by New Move (W)
9/21/41, Omaha, Neb., Midwest Tempers Rise (W)
10/19/41, Omaha, Neb., Farmers’ Views Altered (W)
12/14/41, Omaha, Neb., Middle West Ready to Face the Storm (W)
3/22/42, Omaha, Neb., Farmers Resent Idea of Complacency (W)
5/3/42, Omaha, Neb., War Grows More Clear to the Corn Belt (W)
4/9/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
4/16/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
4/23/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
4/30/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
5/14/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
5/21/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
5/28/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
6/18/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
7/2/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)
11/5/44, Omaha, Neb., Report from the Nation: Midwest States (W)

Jordan, Philip
2/9/41, London, Wavell, Warrior of the Desert (NY Times Magazine)
4/20/41, London, Desert Fights for Britain in the Defense of Egypt (W)

Kennedy, Edward
11/16/40, Cairo, British Mount Big Guns on Crete; Island to be Eastern Gibraltar
1/24/41, Tobruk, Libya, Italians Give Up to U.S. Reporter

Kelley, Robert F.
11/6/38, Baltimore, Notre Dame Victor over Navy, 15-0
11/12/39, Cambridge, Mass., Harvard Triumphs over Army, 15 to 0
10/26/39, Cambridge, Mass., 40,000 See Crimson Reach Navy’s 2-Yard Line in Draw
11/9/41, Cambridge, Mass., Cantabs Brilliant

Kernick, J.W.
6/11/40, Istanbul, Turkey Prepares under Allied Pact

Keys, Henry
7/2/43, Aboard U.S. Flagship of a Destroyer Division, Foe at Munda is Surprised; Destroyers Aid Brilliantly
11/28/43, Pearl Harbor, Vast U.S. Forces Used at Gilberts

Kieran, John
3/28/39, St. Petersburg, Fla. One Man on a Horse (C)
4/1/39, McCarthy’s All-Stars (C)
4/19/39, A Red Sox Conference (C)
5/1/39, The Babe Ruth of Tomorrow (C)
5/3/39, A Halt for the Iron Horse (C)
5/16/39, On the Firing Line (C)
5/30/39, All Around the Mulberry Bush (C)
6/22/39, Journey’s End (C)
7/3/39, Easier than Pulling Teeth (C)
7/11/39, The Stars in Their Courses (C)
7/12/39, Star Dust at the Stadium (C)
7/18/39, Two Stitches in Jig-Time (C)
8/1/39, A Baseball Suggestion (C)
8/8/39, A Run on the Bank Holiday (C)
8/29/39, Where There Was Some Smoke (C)
10/5/39, Won in the Ninth (C)
10/6/39, Pearson’s Peerless Pitching (C)
10/8/39, Crosley Field, Cincinnati, The Carnage at Crosley Field (C)
10/9/39, Crosley Field, Cincinnati, Straight as a String (C)
11/5/39, One More for Notre Dame (C)
12/3/39, Philadelphia, The Service Struggle (C)
4/17/40, Start at the Bottom (C)
5/22/40, A good Price for a Pair of Shoes (C)
8/7/40, Predicting an Early Fall (C)
8/21/40, Sinking Spells in August (C)
8/28/40, Mr. Dykes Overflows (C)
9/28/40, That Stunning Event in New Jersey (C)
10/4/40, Even Up in the Series (C)
10/5/40, Breath by Breath at Briggs Stadium (C)
10/6/40, The Big Day for Oom Paul Derringer (C)
10/7/40, Detroit, Three and Two in the Series (C)
10/8/40, Cincinnati, All Square and One to Go (C)
10/9/40, Red is the Winning Color (C)
11/3/40, Kaydets Pass the Time Cheering One Lost Cause after Another
12/1/40, Executive Order to Recall the Navy Needed with Army Rout Impending
12/8/40, The Redskins and the Great Bears (C)
5/7/41, Life of a Front Office Man in Baseball (C)
5/14/41, Around the Batting Cage (C)
6/4/41, In Memoriam (C)
6/8/41, A Big Day at Belmont (C)
6/18/41, This Way for the Big Show (C)
7/9/41, Detroit Star Gazing by Daylight in Detroit (C)
7/12/41, Just a Matter of Taste (C)
8/13/41, A Flash in the Dark (C)
8/20/41, The Great Uprising in Philadelphia (C)
9/22/41, Out of the Blue for Soldiers, Sailors and Marines (C)
10/2/41, Caught Between the Bases (C)
10/3/41, When the Fun Began (C)
10/4/41, Onkel Franz On the Grill (C)
10/5/41, The Marvelous Ruse of Marius Russo (C)
10/6/41, Killer Keller Knocked them Dead (C)
10/7/41, Please Omit Flowers (C)
11/30/41, Navy is Fooled, but Not for Long

Kimball, First Lieut. Penn T.
2/18/44, A South Pacific Air Base, Marines Saw Huge Fleet in Flight over Truk Feb. 4 (with Second Lieut. William K. Holt)

King Harold
5/29/43, Moscow, Stalin Sees Soviet End ‘Lie’ on Aim to Bolshevize World

Kluckhohn, Frank L.
3/24/38, Mexico City, 1,000,000 in Mexico Hail Oil Seizures
5/21/38, Mexico City, Cedillo’s Men Cut Tampico Rail Line
5/25/38, Mexico City, Cardenas Appeals to Rebels to Yield
6/1/38, Mexico City, Four Catholics are Slain in Mexican Clash as Police Rout Rally for Reopening Churches
6/25/38, Mexico City, Unions in Mexico Attack on Jews
9/10/39, Washington, Nazi Secret Police Help Subdue Poles
9/26/39, Washington, Soviet Reported Offering Turks Guarantee Against Reich for Straits Ban on Belligerents
10/6/39, Washington, Warships Sent Out (L)
10/19/39, Washington, Soviet Aids Despite Pact
10/25/39, Washington, Hull Seeks Facts (L)
11/2/39, Washington, Coast Guard and Navy Thwarted in Hunt for Coulmore Survivors
12/19/39, Washington, U.S. Navy Yields 40 Fast Planes to Finns; Gives Priority for Purchase of War Craft
12/20/39, Washington, Luxury Ship Burns (L)
12/27/39, Washington, Americas’ Aid Plan is Forming Rapidly
12/29/39, Washington, Finns to Expand Mosquito Fleet
1/21/40, Washington, Washington Angry (L)
2/4/40, Washington, U.S. Acts on Raids by Tokyo’s Fliers on China Railroad
2/14/40, Washington, Washington Hears of Soviet Massing
3/23/40, Washington, 2,000 Late Planes for the Allies are Approved by Defense Board
4/7/40, Washington, Germany’s Oil Supply a Vital Factor in War (W)
4/15/40, Washington, British Navy Work Eases Washington
5/16/40, Washington, President to Ask Billion to Equip an Army of 750,000
6/2/40, Washington, Waring by General
6/6/40, Washington, Big Stores on Hand
6/16/40, Washington, No U.S. Recognition
6/26/40, Washington, Bessarabia Linked in Red-Nazi Deal
7/13/40, Washington, Training Planned (L)
7/18/40, Washington, Army of 2,000,000 a Minimum Need, Marshall Insists
8/1/40, Washington, Grave Peril Seen (L)
8/6/40, Washington, Bill Up to Senate (L)
8/7/40, Washington, Clash on Draft (L)
8/8/40, Washington, Test vote 47 to 36 (L)
8/9/40, Washington, Bill Voted 71 to 7 (L)
8/10/40, Washington, Clashes in Senate (L)
8/14/40, Washington, Army Plans Upset by Delay in Draft; Wheeler Hits Bill
8/15/40, Washington, Senate Lifts Pay in Army to $30 to Aid Enlisting
8/16/40, Washington, Lee Makes Fight in Senate
8/29/40, Washington, Final Vote 58 to 31 (L)
9/4/40, Washington, Line of 4,500 Miles (L)
9/15/40, Washington, Draft means Big Army Purchases (W)
9/24/40, Washington, U.S. Chides Japan
9/27/40, Washington, Roosevelt Moves (L)
9/29/40, Washington, Japan’s Move Follows Our Increasing Curbs (W)
12/18/40, Washington, Aid Plan Outlined (L)
12/27/40, Washington, Talk to be ‘Clear’ (L)
1/7/41, Washington, Will Lend Arms (L)
1/15/41, Washington, ‘Rotten, ‘Dastardly’, Rossevelt Says of War Charge Made by Wheeler
1/22/41, Washington, No Plan to Convoy, President States
1/24/41, Washington, Roosevelt Sending Aide to Chungking
1/25/41, Washington, Breaks Precedent (L)
1/26/41, Washington, ‘Vital Needs Told (L)
2/14/41, Washington, President Denies Any Controversy over More Destroyers for Britain
2/26/41, Washington, President is Firm (L)
2/27/41, Washington, Aid Steps Mapped (L)
3/16/41, Washington, All Must Sacrifice (L)
3/19/41, Washington, President Leaves Today for Fishing Cruise in Yacht with Two Destroyers as Convoy
3/20/41,On Board President Roosevelt’s Special Train, President on Way to Florida Vacation; Hears Donovan Report on Europe’s Trend
4/11/41, Washington, Agreement Signed (L)
4/21/41, Hyde Park, N.Y., Economies Merged (L)
5/5/41, Staunton, Va., President Sharp (L)
5/15/41, Washington, Big Planes Vital (L)
5/17/41, Washington, Hints at Navy Use (L)
5/28/41, Washington, A Call to Nation (L)
6/11/41, Washington, Roosevelt Urges Delayed Judgment on Sinking of Ship
6/14/41, Washington, U.S. Sees Violation of Pact in the Robin Moor Sinking
6/15/41, Washington, Covers All Europe (L)
6/17/41, Washington, Fifth Column Curb (L)
6/21/41, Washington, ‘Piracy’ is Assailed (L)
7/5/41, Hyde Park, N.Y., Blasts Appeasers (L)
7/8/41, Washington, Navy Forces Land (L)
8/6/41, Washington, Rumors in Capital (L)
8/7/41, Washington, Hull and Eden Act (L)
8/8/41, Washington, Note is Technical
8/14/41, Washington, Agreement Reported Reached
8/15/41, Washington, Talks Held at Sea (L)
8/16/41, Washington, Bid to Soviet Premier
8/19/41, Washington, Fields Near Dakar (L)
8/20/41, Washington, Roosevelt is Grim
8/26/41, Washington, Tacit Approval by U.S. Indicated in Hull’s Comment on Iran Move
8/27/41, Washington, U.S. Army Mission Will Assist China
8/31/41, Hyde Park, Warning on Nazis (L)
8/31/41, Washington, Public Morale Viewed as a Defense Problem (W)
9/2/41, Hyde Park, Output Not Enough (L)
9/6/41, Washington, Navy Ships in Hunt (L)
9/11/41, Washington, Congress is Called (L)
9/12/41, Washington, War Up to Hitler (L)
9/13/41, Washington, To Guard Any Sea (L)
9/21/41, Hyde Park, N.Y., Tokyo Still Firm
9/23/41, Washington, Flew Panama Flag (L)
9/24/41, Washington, Congress Has Say (L)
10/5/41, Washington, Nazis Disillusion 3 Baltic Nations
10/16/41, Washington, Tokyo is Watched
10/17/41, Washington, Marshall and Stark Present at Talk at White House
10/18/41, Washington, Kearny in Limits, Says President
10/22/41, Washington, 36 Men are Missing (L)
10/25/41, Washington, Army Tank Program Doubled under New Arms Expansion
10/29/41, Washington, Nazi Ire over ‘Secret Map’ is a ‘Scream’ to Roosevelt
11/3/41, Hyde Park, N.Y., Defense Fortified (L)
11/8/41, Washington, Marines in China May Be Recalled
11/11/41, Washington, Crisis in Far East Now Held Acute
11/15/41, Washington, Roosevelt Orders Marines to Leave 3 Posts in China
11/18/41, Washington, Kurusu and Roosevelt Talk for Hour on Far East Crisis
11/19/41, Washington, U.S. Army to Send Mission to Russia
11/25/41, Washington, Move Protective (L)
11/29/41, Washington, War Seen Closer (L)
12/1/41, Aboard the President’s Special Train, President is Grim (L)
12/2/41, Washington, Japanese See Hull (L)
12/3/41, Washington, A Test for Tokyo (L)
12/8/41, Washington, Guam Bombed; Army Ship is Sunk (L)
12/9/41, Washington, Unity in Congress (L)
12/10/41, Washington, ‘Serious Setback’ (L)
12/12/41, Washington, War Opened On Us (L)
12/23/41, Washington, 2 Leaders Confer (L)
12/24/41, Washington, Churchill Talks
12/27/41, Washington, Congress Thrilled
12/28/41, Washington, Fuse World Front
1/7/42, Washington, 56 Billion in Year
1/24/42, Washington, Report Due Soon on Pearl Harbor
1/28/42, Washington, U.S. Fronts Secret (L)
2/12/42, Washington, Japanese-German Junction in Indian Ocean Held Aim
2/13/42, Washington, Byrd Asks Nation to Center on War; End ‘Confusion, Jealousy, Red Tape’
2/18/42, Washington, Foe Speeds Tempo of Drive on Bataan
3/8/42, Washington, Our Move Studied
3/11/42, Washington, M’Leish Accuses Japanese in Spain
3/20/42, Washington, Pacific Strategy Tied to Mid-East
3/22/42, Washington, More War News is Promised (W)
4/4/42, Washington, Foe Bombed 3 Ships (L)
4/17/42, Washington, Leahy May Return (L)
4/22/42, Washington, U.S. Navy to Rule in South Pacific
4/28/42, Washington, Roosevelt Blunt (L)
4/29/42, Washington, Big Forces Abroad
5/8/42, Washington, Foe Says Wainwright Agrees to Full Philippine Surrender
5/9/42, Washington, Fleet is Smashed
5/10/42, Washington, Sea Fight with Japan Marks Rise of Our Power (W)
5/28/42, Washington, Russians Press for a Second Front; Allies Bid Them Admit Observers
6/19/42, Washington, Premier’s 2d Visit (L)
6/20/42, Washington, World Plans Made (L)
6/21/42, Washington, Churchill Said to Oppose Call for an Invasion Soon
6/21/42, Washington, War News System Reshaped (W)
7/19/42, Washington, Immediate Attack on Siberia Feared
8/17/42, London, Our Raids on Nazis Mount; Doolittle on Duty in London
8/18/42, At an American Bomber Base, in Britain, Eaker Leads Raid
8/19/42, London, Osnabrueck Hit Again
9/1/42, London, Desert Battle On (L)
9/3/42, London, U.S. Units March in London; Victorious Invasion Pledged
9/6/42, London, Fortresses in Raid (L)
9/6/42, London, British Are Determined to Crush Rommel Now (W)
9/7/42, London, British Farm Drive Opens Social Vista
9/8/42, London, New Fortress Raid Avenges U.S. Loss
9/21/42, London, Pro-German Irishmen Spy on U.S. Troops in Ulster
9/24/42, London, U.S. ‘Chutists are Taken for Nazis in Britain Because of Similar Garb
9/30/42, Somewhere in England, American Eagles in U.S. Air Forces
10/1/42, London, Churchill Says Raid on Dieppe Cost Allied Force Losses of Nearly 50%
10/7/42, London, Allied Planes Attack Essen; Mosquitos Raid in Holland
10/14/42, London, General Minimizes A.E.F. Race Friction
10/17/42, London, R.A.F. Bombs Blast Cologne; Day Blows at Nazis Kept Up
11/18/42, An American Parachutist Base, Somewhere in North Africa, New Yorker Leads Chutists’ Jump to Capture North African Airfield
12/1/42, At an Advanced Outpost, in Tunisia, Nazis Mass Outside Tunis, Fearing It May Fall Today
12/3/42, At an Advanced Position, in Tunisia, Nazi Tanks, Planes Active
12/6/42, With the Advanced Forces in Tunisia, Men at Front See Tough Tunis Fight (W)
12/13/42, At the Front, in Tunisia, Rangers, Commandos Land Behind Enemy Near Bizerte
12/18/42, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Planes Strike
12/22/42, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tunisian Bomb Tally
12/24/42, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allied Generals in Tunisia Ponder What Rommel’s Next Move Will Be
12/27/42, Algiers, Vote is Unanimous (L)
12/30/42, Allied Headquarters in North Africa,P-38s Strike in Tripolitania
12/31/42, Allied Headquarters in North Africa,Pro-Ally Men Held (L)
1/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa,U.S. Fliers Blast Tunisian Bases; 3 Axis Ships Sunk, Destroyer Hit
1/4/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa,Americans Get 23
1/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa,Infantry, Commandos Storm Hills Dominating Highway Near Mateur
1/8/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa,Tunisian Heights Regained by Nazis
1/26/43, On the Central Tunisian Front,Enemy in Tunisia Flees Our Attack
1/28/43, On the Tunisian War Front,Americans Await Rommel at Gafsa
2/3/43, On the Tunisian Front, ‘Front-Row View’ of Sened Battle
2/4/43, On the Tunisian Front, Rommel’s Forces Battle Americans
2/8/43, On the Tunisian Front, Effect of Talks Felt at Front
2/13/43, On the Tunisian Front, Brooklyn Troops in Tunisian Caves
2/16/43, On the Central Tunisian Front, U.S. Tanks Tackle Rommel’s to Save Encircled Infantry
2/19/43, With American Forces in Tunisia, Flaming Sbeitla Lit Fierce Battle
2/22/43, On the Tunisian Front, How Germans Took Pass at Kasserine
2/23/43, On the Tunisian Front, Rommel’s Crack Armored Division Halted by American Combat Team
2/23/43, On the Tunisian Front, Rangers Who Hit Gafsa Want More
2/24/43, On the Tunisian Front, Front in Tunisia Like Valley Forge
2/25/43, On the Tunisian Front, Germans Turn and Streak for Coast as Allies Strike
2/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Two Major Lessons Found in Survey of Tunisian Battle
3/1/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Men and Arms Stand Up in Tunisian Testing Ground
3/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Anglo-U.S. Strain in Tunisia Noted
3/3/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sbeitla Retaken
3/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Nazis Gain 4 Miles in North Africa; U.S. Patrols Push Near Faid Pass
3/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rommel Hits Back
3/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tide in North Africa Turns Against the Axis (W)

3/8/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Second Day Duplicates First
3/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Retreat in Tunisia (L)
3/17/43, On the Tunisian Front, American Pilots Foil Foe’s Patrol
3/19/43, At the Tunisian Front, Returning Americans Find Romantic Gafsa Desolated
3/19/43, On the Tunisian Front, Americans Come with Dawn to Maknassy
3/25/43, On the Tunisian Front, U.S. Wounded Stick to Guns to Beat Off German Thrusts
3/26/43, On the Tunisian Front, Americans Beating Nazis All Round
3/27/43, At the Tunisian Front, American Infantry Battles Axis in Key Passes to Coast
4/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, First Goals Gained (L)
4/8/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Armies Are United (L)
4/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Axis Pushed Back
4/11/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Chase Continues (L)
4/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 1st Army Back at Starting Point
4/15/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 3 U.S. Craft Lost (L)
4/16/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, First Army Scores (L)
4/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Gain Made in North (L)
4/18/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Eisenhower Cites Record of 2d Corps
4/18/43, Allied Forces Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Now In Position for the Kill in Africa (W)
4/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Algiers is Bombed (L)
4/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Fliers Bag 58 (L)
4/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Height is Stormed
4/22/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, British Drive On
4/30/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Germans Hit Back
5/1/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tunisia Line Afire
5/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans Push On
5/3/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Inch Ahead
5/4/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Foe Withdraws (L)
5/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Pincers Peril Base (L)
5/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 3 Drives Converge
5/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Enemy Reels Back (L)
5/8/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Twin Drives Score (L)
5/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Thousands Give Up (L)
5/9/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Victorious Americans in Tunisia Now Veterans (W)

5/10/43, Headquarters in North Africa, Navy Joins Battle (L)
5/11/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Navy Rings Cape (L)
5/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, ‘Last Tank Battle’
5/13/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, African War Over (L)
9/6/43, Somewhere in Australia, Japanese Trapped
9/7/43, Somewhere in Australia, M’Arthur in Plane
9/8/43, Somewhere in New Guinea, Allies Closing In on Enemy at Lae
9/14/43, On the Lae Front, New Guinea, Japanese Morale Lower
9/15/43, With U.S. Paratroopers Outside Lae, New Guinea, American Paratroopers Stalk Foe in High Jungle Grass Outside Lae
9/18/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Lae Falls in Allied Drive; Japanese Fleeing into Trap
9/18/43, Somewhere in New Guinea, War in Lae Area Differs Markedly from Fighting in European Zones
9/19/43, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Tactics Used at Lae Give Speedy Victory (W)
9/24/43, Somewhere in New Guinea, ‘Enemy’ Armada was Ours

9/26/43, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, M’Arthur’s Issue One of Strategy (W)
10/8/43, Allied Headquarters in Southwest Pacific, Foe’s Air Power Recedes
10/9/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Night Sea Battle (L)
10/14/43, Aboard a Bomber, Over Rabaul, Ships in Rabaul Bay Scurry but are Bombed into Flames
10/15/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Allied Blockade Now Faces Rabaul
10/17/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Flanking Tactics Held Key to Pacific Victories (W)
10/18/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Fight at Oro Bay (L)
10/19/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Japanese Fail in Attempt to Land Men to Regain Finschhafen Base
10/20/43, Allied Headquarters in Southwest Pacific, 60 Planes, 3 Ships Ripped at Rabaul
10/21/43, Allied Headquarters in Southwest Pacific, Foe Bends Back New Guinea Trap; Loses 17 More Planes in Solomons
10/23/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, 221 Tons of Bombs Hit New Guinea Foe
10/24/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Foe Thrown Back in New Guinea Bid
10/26/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Rabaul Hit Again/i>
10/28/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, New Rabaul Blow Wrecks 58 Planes
10/31/43, Allied Headquarters in the South Pacific, Allies Increasing Hold on Solomons
10/31/43, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Air Blows Herald Pacific Attacks (W)
11/1/43, Admiral Halsey’s Headquarters in the South Pacific, Americans in Battle on Choiseul; Allies Hit Rabaul, Bag 45 Planes
11/2/43, Guadalcanal, Big Jump in Pacific
11/4/43, Allied South Pacific Headquarters, Near Japanese ‘Vitals’
11/6/43, A South Pacific Base, Bougainville Gripped
11/7/43, Admiral Halsey’s Advanced Headquarters in the South Pacific, Offensive to Smash Japan Gets Under Way in Pacific (W)
11/8/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Allies Lash Rabaul Again, Probably Hit Heavy Cruiser
11/10/43, Allied Headquarters in Southwest Pacific, Marines in Action (L)
11/13/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, A Carrier Assault (L)
11/16/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Our Fliers Hit Cruiser Off Rabaul; 1,000-Pounder Explodes Inside Her
11/17/43, Allied Headquarters in Southwest Pacific, Scant Force Cited by M’Arthur Aide
11/25/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, U.S. Naval Victory
11/27/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Australian Drive Wins Sattelberg
12/3/43, Somewhere in Australia, Australians Hail Results at Cairo
12/9/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Record Blow Hits Cape Glouchester
12/10/43, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Australians Seize Wareo, Pursue Foe in New Guinea
12/17/43, Aboard the Flagship of the Seventh Amphibious Force, off New Britain, New Britain Landing Made in Eerie, Thunderous Dawn
12/18/43, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Japanese Hit Back (L)
12/19/43, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Blow at New Britain is Well Timed (W)
12/21/43, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Arawe Air Strip Won by Us; Cape Gloucester is Smashed
12/28/43, With U.S. Marines on New Britain, Marines Hit Shore Cheering in Cape Gloucester Attack
12/31/43, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Japanese Crushed

1/2/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Japanese Face a Crisis as We Move on Rabaul (W)
1/3/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Thrust at Madang (L)
1/4/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, 2 Japanese Cruisers Fired at Kavieng; Plane Bag is 32
1/16/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Australians Drive to Sio’s Outskirts
1/17/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Japan’s Strategy to Tire Out Allies

1/27/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, U.S. Fliers Sink 6 Japanese Ships and Fell 24 More Planes at Rabaul
2/9/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Our Pacific Theatres Closely Knit for Series of Blows at Japan
2/16/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, U.S., New Zealand Men Take Green Isles, Ring Solomons
2/18/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, 9 Japanese Ships in Convoy Smashed
2/21/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Allies Now Peer at China’s Coast
2/22/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Convoy is Smashed (L)
2/24/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, 7,000 of Foe Slain in Victory of U.S. in West New Britain
2/25/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Tokyo Troopship and Warship Sunk
2/27/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Pacific Campaign is Speeded Up (W)
3/1/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Americans Ashore (L)
3/2/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Our Men Repel Foe on Los Negros Isle
3/5/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Japanese Crushed
3/6/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Threat Rises in Admiralties; MacArthur Pours in Troops
3/7/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Americans Jump Nearer to Madang
3/8/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Strike at Talasea (L)
3/9/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Marines Beat Off Talasea Attacks
3/12/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, M’Arthur Tightens the Net on Japanese in the South (W)
3/17/44, Allied Headquarters in the South Pacific, U.S. Negro Troops Crack Bougaiville Foe; Some from Harlem in Spirited Action

3/18/44, Allied Headquarters in the South Pacific, Bougainville Japanese Called Fanatical in Vain Bid to Oust Us from Beachhead
3/20/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Admiralties Won as Lorengau Falls
3/21/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Japanese Convoy of 5 Ships is Sunk
3/22/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, By-Pass Kavieng (L)
4/1/44, A Forward Base in New Guinea, Our Pacific Drive May By-Pass Truk; MacArthur Fliers can Neutralize Base
4/2/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Two-Way Bombing of Truk Continues
4/9/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Pacific Campaign at Turning Point (W)
4/11/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Most of New Britain Won; Japanese Fleeing to Rabaul
4/14/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Bong Downs 27th Japanese Plane and Becomes U.S. ‘Ace of Aces’
4/24/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Great Pacific Leap (L)
4/25/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Town is Captured
4/26/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Allies Push On in New Guinea as Fliers Swarm upon Foe
4/27/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Foe Gets Surprise
4/28/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, MacArthur and Nimitz Meet and Agree on United Efforts
4/29/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, U.S. Officer Hero at Hollandia in Inferno Set by Japanese Bomb
4/30/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Our Forces in Pacific Overwhelm the Enemy (W)
5/2/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea, Pacific Attack-Bomber Pilot Ace Has Been on 118 Missions
5/7/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Japanese Morale Low at Hollandia
5/19/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, M’Arthur Repeats
5/20/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Wakde Field Won, Japanese Trapped
5/25/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Americans Advance in New Guinea against Stiff Enemy Resistance
5/28/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea,Leap to Schoutens (L)
5/28/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Japan Feels Pinch in a War of Attrition (W)
5/29/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea,Ships Hit Japanese
5/30/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea,Americans Punch toward Biak Field
5/31/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea,Japanese Recoil in Biak Tank Duel
6/1/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia,Our Forces on Biak are in Difficulty
6/2/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,U.S. Troops on Biak Getting More Help
7/4/44, Allied Headquarters, in New Guinea,Doughboys Land on Numfor, Swiftly Win Main Airfield
8/26/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia,Japanese Cruiser Fired by U.S. Fliers
9/3/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Davao Heavily Hit, 38 Planes Wrecked
9/4/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Bombings Force Japanese Fliers to Evacuate Southern Mindanao
9/5/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Furious Blows in Southwest
9/10/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,MacArthur’s Fliers Busy
9/13/44, General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific,Celebes Gets Record Attack
9/15/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea,Morotai Invaded
9/16/44, Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Morotai Airdrome Won
10/6/44, Allied Headquarters in New Guinea,Liberators Blast Balik Papen Again
10/8/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia,’Let’s Try It’ . . . And Kenney Does (N.Y. Times Magazine)
10/21/44, Advanced Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Leyte Invasion Opens Way to Cut Life Lines of Japan
10/22/44, Advanced Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific,Philippine Invasion Opens New Phase of War (W)
10/23/44, Aboard Admiral Kinkaid’s Flagship, at Philippines Beachhead,Spirit of Iron Men Voyaged to Leyte
10/28/44, Aboard Admiral Kinkaid’s Flagship,Kinkaid Scorns Enemy
10/30/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,U.S. Forces Gain on Leyte; Two-thirds of Island Ours
10/31/44, Leyte,Leyte Foe Speaks of ‘Soft’ U.S. Terms
11/2/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,M’Arthur Pounds Enemy in Carigara
11/3/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Enemy Flees to Leyte Escape Port as We Cross Isle, Drive on Ormoc
11/9/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Philippines Enemy Poised for Attack
11/12/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Leyte Sets a Pattern for Victory (W)
11/19/44, Advanced Headquarters on Leyte,Japan Chooses Leyte for an All-Out Fight (W)
11/26/44, Advanced Headquarters on Leyte,Foes Sink off Cebu
11/27/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Foe’s Resistance Lessens on Leyte
11/29/44, Aboard Admiral Kinkaid’s Flagship, off Leyte,Enemy’s Port Hit
11/30/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Convoy is Blasted
12/1/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,4 Ormoc-Bound Ships Sunk; 2 Damaged by Our Planes
12/2/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Foes on Leyte Die in Suicide Attacks
12/5/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,4-Hour Sea Battle
12/7/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Foe’s Line is Cut in Drive at Ormoc
12/8/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,77th Infantry Hits (L)
12/9/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Americans’ Coastal Assault is within a Mile of Ormoc
12/10/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte,Foe in Ormoc Trap Forced Backward
12/10/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, ‘End Run’ on Leyte Sets Back the Enemy (W)
12/11/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Japanese Cut Off (L)
12/12/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, 2 U.S. Forces Join to Crush Leyte Foe
12/13/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, 4 Destroyers Hit
12/16/44, Advanced Headquarters on Leyte, Foe is Surprised (L)
12/17/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, M’Arthur’s Daring Move Adds a Valuable Base (W)
12/17/44, Advanced Headquarters on Leyte, A War You Can Feel, Hear, Smell, but Do Not See (N.Y. Times Magazine)

12/18/44, Advanced Headquarters on Leyte, 2 M’Arthur Gains
12/19/44, Advanced Headquarters, in the Philippines, 28 Ships Also Sunk
12/20/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Foe in Leyte Trap
12/21/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Leyte Foe Fleeing
12/22/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, U.S. Fliers Using Mindoro Airfield
12/23/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, U.S. Guns Shelling Leyte Escape Port
12/24/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Nearly 100 Planes Wecked at Manila
12/25/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Our Land Planes Hit Manila Again
12/26/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, ‘Greatest Japanese Defeat’ Ends Campaign on Leyte
12/27/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, ‘New Manila Blow Downs 39 Planes
12/28/44, Aboard the Seventh Fleet Flagship, Fliers Rout Ships
12/31/44, Advanced Headquarters on Leyte, Japanese on Leyte from Manchuria
12/31/44, Advanced Headquarters on Leyte, Enemy Seems Desperate as M’Arthur Closes In (W)
1/2/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, U.S. Planes Smash 8 Ships in Gulf of Luzon, Rake Isle
1/10/45, With General M’Arthur’s Forces, on Luzon, Whole War Can Be Shortened
1/13/45, Aboard a United States Warship, in the Lingayen Gulf, Lead Ship’s Voyage to Luzon a Grim Saga Written in Fire
1/14/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Luzon, Manila Push Gains
1/15/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Luzon, Beachhead Grows

Knauth, Percival
8/28/39, Danzig, Reich Fliers’ Garb Common in Danzig
9/13/39, Berlin, Germans Advance (L)
9/23/39, Berlin, Big Slice to Soviet
9/24/39, Berlin, Final Victory Won in East, Nazis Say
10/20/39, Berlin, First Phase of War Ended, Nazis Claim
11/17/39, Berlin, End of Britain as a World Power is Proclaimed as Germany’s Goal
12/18/39, Berlin, Decision at Berlin
12/25/39, Berlin, War Capitals Strive to be Gay on First Blacked-Out Christmas
2/4/40, Berlin, Nazis Say English are ‘White Jews’
2/14/40, Berlin, New Baltic Threat by Germany Seen
5/22/40, Berlin, Anti-Tank Defense Aids Nazi Advance
5/27/40, Berlin, Drive Near Dover
6/1/40, Berlin, New German Drive Near, Berlin Hints
6/2/40, Berlin, Germans Advance
6/3/40, Berlin, Germans Close in on Allied Pocket
6/4/40, Berlin, Berlin Sees Raids Opening New Drive
6/5/40, Berlin, Berlin is Exultant over Raid on Paris
6/6/40, Berlin, Nazis Aim at Havre
6/7/40, Berlin, Berlin is Reticent
6/8/40, Berlin, Drive Progresses, Germany Reports
6/9/40, Berlin, Berlin Confident
6/19/40, Munich, Munich is Gay as Dictators Meet; Peace Hope Adds to Crowd’s Joy
7/6/40, Berlin, Nazis Delighted by French Action
7/7/40, Berlin, Hitler Welcomed by Frenzied Berlin
8/5/40, Berlin, Beer Faces Doom as the German Drink; Nazis Look for Non-Alcoholic Substitute
8/11/40, Berlin, Nazis Urge Spartan Habits (W)
8/18/40, Berlin, Huge German Air Force Put to Its Great Test (W)
8/19/40, Berlin, Nazis Again Bomb London Air Bases
8/28/40, Berlin, Nazis Say Britain Lost 1,055 Planes
8/29/40, Berlin, Berlin Night Raid Lasts for 3 Hours
8/31/40, Berlin, Nazi Center is Hit
9/2/40, Berlin, Berlin Unscathed in Raid, Nazis Say
9/7/40, Berlin, R.A.F. in Battle over Nazi Capital
9/9/40, Berlin, Marshal in France
9/10/40, Berlin, Goering Sends out Waves of Raiders
9/11/40, Berlin, Raid Nazi Capital (L)
9/13/40, Berlin, Reich Army Chief on French Coast
9/14/40, Berlin, Berlin Says Havoc in Britain Mounts
9/16/40, Berlin, Nazis See London Hard Hit by Raids
9/19/40, Berlin, Parley Talked of as Crucial
9/26/40, Berlin, Berlin is Hit Again
9/29/40, Berlin, More Nazi Planes Join British Raids
10/2/40, Berlin, Long Winter Drive Now Seen by Reich
10/24/40, Berlin, Parley at Border
11/9/40, Berlin, Hitler Forswears ‘Any Compromise’
11/10/40, Berlin, Molotoff to visit Hitler this Week
11/20/40, Berlin, Midland City Fired (L)
12/3/40, Berlin, Bristol Reported Target
12/4/40, Berlin, Mass U-Boat Raid Reported by Nazis
1/18/41, Berlin, The Malaya Hit, Nazis Hold
2/14/41, Berlin, Germans Report Sinking of 13 British Ships; Several ‘Liners’ Said to Have Been in Convoy
2/23/41, Berlin, U.S. Flag Masked British Ship Sunk by Nazis, They Charge
2/27/41, Berlin, First Libyan Clash Reported by Nazis
2/28/41, Berlin, Nazi Fliers Report 16 Convoy Ships Hit

Kovacs, Eugen
7/16/39, Bucharest, Rumania, Balkans Feeling Pressure of Axis (W)
9/23/39, Bucharest Rumania, Scores Executed in Rumanian Plot
6/29/40, Bucharest, Rumania, Russians Start Occupying Area
6/30/40, Bucharest, Rumania,Line is Preserved (L)
7/1/40, Bucharest, Rumania, Reds Hasten Drive (L)
7/2/40, Bucharest, Rumania,Reich Prestige Up (L)
8/29/40, Bucharest, Rumania, Attack on Rumania is Laid to Hungary
9/6/40, Bucharest, Rumania, Assailed by Iron Guards
6/18/41, Reich and Russia Long Set to Fight

Krock, Arthur
10/30/38, Washington, New Deal Foes Suspect Defense Plan is a Ruse (W)
9/10/39, Washington, America is Mobilized as a Watchful Neutral (W)
12/31/39, Washington, Political Outlook Still Dominated by One Man (W)
10/1/40, Washington, Both Sides are Evading Real Neutrality Issue (W)
1/21/40, Washington, Republican Defeatism is Noted in the East (W)
5/12/40, Washington, Are We Nearer War? – Debate in Capital (W)
7/18/40, Chicago, ‘Draft’ of Roosevelt is Traced to Inner Circle of the New Deal
9/22/40, Willkie’s ‘Lost Chance’ Held Gain for Nation (W)
11/6/40, Big Electoral Vote (L)
11/7/40, A 5,000,000 Margin (L)
4/6/41, Washington, Question of Convoys Must be Faced Soon (W)
6/15/41, Washington, Ship Sinking Highlights Nazi-American Clash (W)
10/8/41, Washington, The War in Pictures (C)
10/22/41, Washington, Army Contracts First (C)
10/29/41, Washington, ‘America Attacked’ (C)
11/12/41, Washington, Immunities of Congress (C)
11/19/41, Washington, Philippines as a Fortress (C)
11/26/41, Washington, Lewis for New NLRA (C)
12/3/41, Washington, U.S. Aid to Soviet is Found Lagging
12/8/41, Washington, Unity Clicks into Place (C)
12/10/41, Washington, Vulnerability of Hawaii (C)
12/17/41, Washington, Hull Warning Unheeded? (C)
12/24/41, Washington, Churchill’s Visit (C)
1/7/42, Washington, Spirit a Key to Victory (C)
1/14/42, Washington, Divided Authority (C)
1/21/42, Washington, Ten Critical Days (C)
1/28/42, Washington, Pearl Harbor Issue (C)
2/4/42, Washington, Policy on Loans to China (C)
2/8/42, Washington, Public Slow to Grasp Spirit of War Urgency (W)
2/11/42, Washington, Admiral Land’s Task (C)
2/18/42, Washington, Bettering American Unity (C)
2/25/42, Washington, Acute Problem for Steel (C)
3/4/42, Washington, National Talent Pool (C)
3/11/42, Washington, Faith in ‘Sea Otter’ (C)
3/18/42, Washington, Guthrie’s Resignation (C)
3/25/42, Washington, WPB Regional Plan (C)
4/1/42, Washington, Detroit’s Achievement (C)
4/8/42, Washington, Our War Problem of Transport (C)
4/22/42, Washington, Brake on War Program (C)
4/29/42, Washington, Work Week in Industry (C)
5/6/42, Washington, Admiral Leahy’s Return (C)
5/13/42, Washington, Henderson and Wages (C)
5/20/42, Washington, Aim of New A.E.F. (C)
5/27/42, Washington, Lease-Lend for Russia (C)
6/3/42, Washington, ‘Sealing’ East Coast (C)
6/10/42, Washington, Keeping Cars on the Road (C)
6/17/42, Washington, Our Coastal Patrol (C)
6/24/42, Washington, A Restive Congress (C)
7/1/42, Washington, Inflation Camel (C)
7/8/42, Washington, White House Hazard (C)
7/15/42, Washington, Ford Plant Slowdown (C)
7/22/42, Washington, The Higgins Ship Case (C)
8/5/42, Washington, The Higgins Short Cut (C)
8/12/42, Washington, WPB Just Goes Ahead (C)
8/26/42, Washington, Vargas’s Statesmanship (C)
9/9/42, Washington, President’s Powers (C)
9/16/42, Washington, Sales Tax Not Dead Yet (C)
9/23/42, Washington, Hope in New WPB Set-Up (C)
9/30/42, Washington, Censorship Conflict (C)
10/7/42, Washington, WPB Gets Into Stride (C)
10/14/42, Washington, Interest in Willkie Keen (C)
10/28/42, Washington, Government View of AP (C)
11/4/42, A National Trend (L)
11/18/42, Washington, New Survey of ’42 Vote (C)
11/25/42, Washington, War Machine Studied (C)
12/2/42, Washington, Debate on Panama (C)
12/9/42, Washington, Hull Reassures Fighting French (C)
12/16/42, Washington, How Big an Army? (C)
12/23/42, Washington, Nevada Issues Left Open (C)
1/6/43, Washington, Prosperity for Iceland (C)
1/13/43, Washington, Seizure of Utilities (C)
1/20/43, Washington, Marcantonio Rebuff (C)
2/3/43, Washington, The Frozen Wealth of France (C)
2/10/43, Washington, Government’s Magazine (C)
2/17/43, Washington, Tinder in WPB Set-up (C)
2/24/43, Washington, Manpower Flaw (C)
3/3/43, Washington, Collective Security (C)
3/10/43, Washington, Standley’s Position (C)
3/17/43, Washington, Army and Coal (C)
3/24/43, Washington, Senate Post-War Plans (C)
3/31/43, Washington, 4th Term Strategy (C)
4/7/43, Washington, Uncertainty on Labor (C)
4/14/43, Washington, Double Press Censorship (C)
4/28/43, Washington, Need for Balance (C)
5/5/43, Washington, That House in R Street (C)
5/12/43, Washington, Reckoning Ship Tonnage (C)
5/19/43, Washington, Strategy Senate Issue (C)
5/26/43, Washington, Axiom Again Proved (C)
6/2/43, Washington, Nazis Seen Weakening (C)
6/16/43, Washington, Over-all Food Control (C)
6/23/43, Washington, Effect of Subsidies (C)
6/30/43, Washington, Wallace’s Attack (C)
7/7/43, Washington, BEW-RFC Peace ‘Urged’ (C)
7/14/43, Washington, OWI Wins on U-Boats (C)
9/1/43, Washington, Amity with Russia (C)
9/15/43, Washington, Disbanding in Canada (C)
9/22/43, Washington, Decision Awaited on Marshall Shift
9/29/43, Washington, New Ickes Dispute (C)
10/13/43, Washington, Azores Vital to Allies (C)
10/20/43, Washington, A Quandary for Quezon (C)
11/3/43, Washington, Moscow and the Senate (C)
11/10/43, Washington, Pact a Product of U.S. (C)
11/17/43, Washington, Counting the Soldier Vote (C)
11/24/43, Washington, Pledges On Ballot Bill (C)
12/7/43, Washington, In the Nation: An Opportunity to Justify States’ Rights (Editorial)
12/8/43, Washington, Navies Plan Peace Patrol (C)
12/15/43, Washington, Tests for Dewey (C)
12/22/43, Washington, Silence on Parleys (C)
1/5/44, Washington, Strike Shadow in Europe (C)
1/12/44, Washington, Curzon Line and U.S. (C)
1/26/44, Washington, Pre-Convention Decisions (C)
2/2/44, Washington, The Soldiers’ Vote (C)
2/16/44, Washington, The Algiers Purge (C)
2/23/44, Washington, The President’s Tax Veto (C)
3/1/44, Washington, Daniels and the Law (C)
3/8/44, Washington, Reliance on Marshall (C)
3/15/44, Washington, Allies ‘Recognize’ Italy (C)
3/22/44, Washington, ‘Hedge’ on France (C)
3/29/44, Washington, President on Palestine (C)
4/5/44, Washington, South’s Devices Run Thin (C)
4/19/44, Washington, United Nations Council (C)
4/26/44, Washington, White House Stages Nerves War with Tip to Stand By for Big News

5/3/44, Washington, Knox’s Peace Patrol Plan (C)
5/10/44, Washington, President and Ward’s (C)
5/31/44, Washington, Pearl Harbor Echoes (C)
6/7/44, Washington, Certainty in Five Weeks (C)
6/14/44, Washington, A Treaty Ignored (C)
6/21/44, Washington, Capital Factions Aghast (C)
6/26/44, Chicago, Willkie Aides Seek Unity (C)
6/28/44, Chicago, Overtone of States (C)
7/4/44, Washington, In the Nation (C)
7/12/44, Washington, President Seen as Agreeable to Change in Running Mate
7/19/44, Chicago, Farley on Vice Presidency (C)
7/23/44, Chicago, The Democratic Party Enters a New Phase (W)
8/2/44, Washington, Recalls Truman Criticism (C)
8/9/44, Washington, French Accord is Set (C)
8/23/44, Washington, Power to Declare War (C)
9/13/44, Washington, Hillman as a Liability (C)
9/20/44, Washington, Federal Workers’ Plight (C)
9/27/44, Washington, Roosevelt on New Plane (C)
10/4/44, Washington, Byrnes May Retire Soon (C)
10/11/44, Washington, Peace a Problem for the Senate (C)
10/18/44, Washington, Edison ‘Breaks Law’ (C)
10/25/44, Washington, Ball’s Political Record (C)
11/8/44, Dewey Concedes (L)
11/9/44, 1940 Lead Slashed (L)
11/15/44, Washington, Cabinet Shifts Doubted (C)
11/22/44, Washington, War Powers Statute (C)
11/29/44, Washington, Stettinius Appointment (C)
12/6/44, Washington, State Department Shift (C)
12/13/44, Washington, Senate on Treaties (C)
12/27/44, Washington, Manpower and Strategy (C)
1/3/45, Washington, Byrnes’ Unique Role (C)
1/10/45, Washington, Applying the Labor Act (C)
1/17/45, Washington, House and Foreign Policy (C)
1/24/45, Washington, Vast Powers of RFC (C)
1/31/45, Washington, Wallace Strategy is Told (C)

Kuhn, Ferdinand Jr.
2/16/38, London, Austria Capitulates to Germany
3/9/38, London, British to Court Ribbentrop Today
4/18/38, London, Britain May Push Deal with Reich
4/28/38, London, Britain and France Agree on a Defensive Alliance
5/3/38, London, British Gesture to Italy
8/14/38, London, Britain Facing Arab Rising
8/17/38, London, Halifax Dejected on Outlook
8/22/38, London, Franco Rejects Proposal to Withdraw Volunteers
8/30/38, London, New British Warning Likely
9/8/38, London, British Wavering
9/13/38, London, Britain Now Fears Prolonged Strain
9/15/38, London, Chamberlain Flying to Reich
9/17/38, London, London Still Sees Danger
9/19/38, London, Powers Draw Plan (L)
9/28/38, London, New Deadline Reported (L)
9/29/38, London, Hitler Agrees to Parley (L)
10/1/38, London, ‘Peace with Honor,’ Says Chamberlain
11/22/38, London, Tanganyika is Open (L)
12/14/38, London, Premier Unmoved (L)
12/31/38, London, British Annoyance Spurred
1/21/39, London, Another Nazi Coup Feared by Britain
2/16/39, London, British Increase Program
3/3/39, London, London Sees Gain for Cause of Peace
3/14/39, London, British Hold Aloof from Czech Affair
3/16/39, London, Chamberlain Sees Munich Flouted; Cancels Trade Parleys in Berlin
3/31/39, London, Britain Decides
4/11/39, London, British Ships Weigh Anchor
4/14/39, London, Anglo-French Pledge Widened
4/27/39, London, Reserves on Call
6/13/39, London, British Push Negotiations
7/5/39, London, Soviet Pact Talks are Snagged Anew
8/1/39, London, Chamberlain Firm (L)
8/9/39, London, British Defenses Repel Air ‘Enemy’ Raiding in Waves
8/18/39, London, Britain Rules Out a 4-Power Parley
8/22/39, London, London Staggered
8/23/39, London, Commons is Called (L)
8/24/39, London, Britain Acts Fast
8/27/39, London, British Stand Firm (L)
8/31/39, London, London Note Blunt (L)
9/1/39, London, British Mobilizing
9/4/39, London, First Nazi Planes Approach England
9/8/39, London, Raid on Nazi Fleet Called big Victory
9/15/39, London, Chamberlain Bars Slaughter
9/19/39, London, Navy is Hard Hit
4/7/40, The French Yellow Book: Diplomatic Documents (1938-1939) (B)
12/1/40,Winston Churchill, by Rene Kraus (B)

Kumlein, Gunnar D.
11/9/43, Stockholm, Sweden, ‘Ghost Army’ of Allied Fugitives Harasses Germans Below Rome

LaCoss, Louis
10/19/41, St. Louis, New Feeling in St. Louis (W)

Ladd, Second Lieut. Owen F.
3/19/44, London, Over Berlin in a B-17 (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Landsberg, Morrie
10/29/44, Aboard United States Carrier Task Force Flagship, Philippine Sea, U.S.S. Princeton Volcanic in Death

Lardner, John
3/27/42, United Nations Headquarters, in Australia, Reporters Daunt Army in Australia

Laurence, William L.
5/30/40, 11,000 Times Speedier Way Found to Obtain Atomic Power Element
9/21/40, Chicago, Chart Vitamin K in Clotting Role
9/8/42, Buffalo, War Spurring Discoveries 20 Years Ahead of Peace
5/12/43, Detroit, Guadalcanal ‘Hell’ Told to Doctors
6/24/43, Akron, Ohio, Army Reveals Anti-Aircraft Gun Good at 60,000 Feet, a 50% Gain
10/22/43, Philadelphia, New Dressing Omits Tourniquet, May Save Many Lives, Says Army

Lawrence, W.H.
7/31/41, Washington, Warns in Message (L)
9/11/41, Washington, Broad Survey Set
10/26/41, Washington, Key to the Federal Defense Organization (W)
11/16/41, Washington, 53,000 Told to Quit (L)
11/17/41, Washington, Refuse Union Shop (L)
11/18/41, Washington, President Defied (L)
11/19/41, Washington, Union Held Safe (L)
11/23/41, Washington, Dr. Steelman Chief (L)
12/21/41, Washington, Britain-U.S. Confer
2/24/42, Washington, President Speaks
4/1/42, Washington, Roosevelt Says Pacific Body Fights Power of Darkness
4/21/42, Washington, Navy Takes Over (L)
5/20/42, Washington, Airman Decorated
6/6/42, Washington, U.S. Warns Japan
6/10/42, Washington, Two Boards Set Up (L)
6/12/42, Washington, U.S., Soviet Agree
6/15/42, Washington, Ceremonies at White House
6/23/42, Washington, Leaders in Accord (L)
6/27/42, Washington, Litvinoff in Parley
6/28/42, Washington, Report on Parleys
8/13/42, Washington, U.S. Forces Dig In (L)
8/14/42, Washington, Air Blow at Italy from Malta Seen
9/8/42, Washington, Time Ultimatum (L)
9/11/42, Washington, ‘Danger’ in Rubber (L)
9/15/42, Washington, President Warns Our Production is Only Little Past ‘Half-Way Mark’
9/19/42, Washington, Hull Sternly Jogs Japan on Captives
10/2/42, Washington, An 8,754-Mile Tour
10/13/42, Washington, May Draft Labor (L)
11/1/42, Washington, Damaged Ship Lost (L)
11/11/42, Washington, Allies In Accord
1/8/43, Washington, To Disarm the Axis (L)
1/12/43, Washington, A 210 Billion Debt (L)
1/16/43, Washington, War Council Plan of Allies Evolving with Russia, China
2/3/43, Washington, President Implies 1943 Invasion Plan
2/13/43, Washington, Hard Blows in ‘43 (L)
2/18/43, Washington, Mme. Chiang Guest of the President
2/19/43, Washington, Delay Aids Enemy
3/11/43, Washington, Post-War Program (L)
3/13/43, Washington, Briton in Capital (L)
3/14/43, Washington, Lend-Lease In Favor on Its Second Birthday (W)
3/15/43, Washington, Senators in Move
4/9/43, Washington, Acts on Inflation (L)
4/21/43, Monterrey, Mexico, Meet in Monterrey (L)
5/12/43, Washington, Invasion One Topic (L)
5/15/43, Washington, Blows in Europe and the Far East Promised in Churchill Broadcast
5/20/43, Washington, Cities to Be ‘Ashes’ (L)
5/22/43, Washington, Staffs Reach Strategy Decisions; Roosevelt, Churchill Study Them
5/29/43, Washington, ‘High Speed’ is Aim (L)
6/9/43, Washington, President Solemn
6/26/43, Washington, Congress Rebels (L)
8/3/43, London, 8th Air Force Gets ‘Home Folks’ Visit
8/6/43, London, Strategy Meetings of Chiefs Unlikely
8/25/43, London, Germany Still First Target for Allies, London Believes
9/12/43, London, 22 Ships at Malta (L)
10/14/43, Moscow, Moscow Bars Talk on Boundaries; Puts Victory First as Parley Topic
10/22/43, Moscow, Anglo-U.S. Hopes Rising in Moscow
11/2/43, Moscow, Accord in Moscow (L)

11/6/43, Moscow, Russian Maps Show Huge Gains in Offensives to Expel Invaders
11/17/43, Moscow, Izvestia Praises Allied War Deeds
11/29/43, Kiev, Russia, 50,000 Kiev Jews Reported Killed
11/30/43, Kiev, Russia, Speed of Nazi Exit Helped Spare Kiev
12/4/43, Moscow, Cossack Loses Horse by Saving an Ostrich, but All ends Well, Thanks to the Infantry
12/13/43, Moscow, Pact with Czechs Signed in Moscow
12/17/43, Moscow, Kharkov Slayers Tried by Russia
12/18/43, Moscow, Nazis Admit Trumping Up Charges to Execute Soviet War Captives
12/29/43, Moscow, Kiev Offensive Fans Out
12/30/43, Moscow, Rusians Gain in Seesaw
1/2/44, Moscow, Railroads Fix Pattern of All Russian Fighting (W)
1/5/44, Moscow, Tank Battles Rage
1/6/44, Moscow, Berdichev is Taken (L)
1/7/44, Moscow, Rakitno Captured (L)
1/8/44, Moscow, New Drive Opened (L)
1/10/44, Moscow, Big Trap is Closing (L)
1/11/44, Moscow, Russians Kill 8,000 Nazis Who Refused to Surrender
1/13/44, Moscow, Mozyr Next Goal
1/14/44, Moscow, Mozyr Under Fire
1/18/44, Moscow, Pravda Cites Tale (L)
1/19/44, Moscow, New Push Opened
1/25/44, Moscow, Red Army Rolls On
1/26/44, Moscow, Russians Storm Rail Key; Sever Foe’s Escape Routes
1/28/44, Moscow, Red Army Expands Front Plunging toward Estonia
2/1/44, Moscow, Nazis Pushed Back
2/4/44, Moscow, Two Armies Join (L)
2/5/44, Moscow, Russians Squeeze Trapped Divisions
2/12/44, Leningrad, Huge Nazi Defenses at Leningrad Revealed to Allied Press on Tour
2/15/44, Moscow, Soviet Gains Detailed
2/23/44, Moscow, Krovoi Rog Seized
2/25/44, Moscow, Rogachev is Taken
2/29/44, Moscow, Russians Sweep On (L)
3/2/44, Moscow, Russians Pass City (L)
3/6/44, Moscow, Nazi Plight Grave (L)
3/7/44, Moscow, Enemy is Isolated
3/10/44, Moscow, Soviet Push Grows
3/11/44, Moscow, Third Drive Opens
3/14/44, Moscow, Dnieper City Falls (L)
3/15/44, Moscow, Nazi Force Ringed (L)
3/16/44, Moscow, 62-Mile Line Riven
3/18/44, Moscow, Russian Foresees Japanese Failure
3/20/44, Moscow, Dniester Crossed (L)
3/21/44, Moscow, Russians Capture Vinnitsa and Key Point on Dniester
3/22/44, Moscow, Nazi Rail Link Cut
3/23/44, Moscow, Red Army in Pervomaisk; Also Reported at the Prut
3/24/44, Moscow, 37-Mile Gain Made
3/28/44, Moscow, Close On Cernauti (L)
3/31/44, Moscow, Zhukoff Rolls On
4/3/44, Moscow, Prut River Forced (L)
4/4/44, Moscow, Two Crossings Won (L)
4/5/44, Moscow, Russians Fight in Tarnopol; Near Odessa Escape Artery
4/10/44, Moscow, Spur Line Severed
4/11/44, Moscow, Foe Pinned to Sea (L)
4/12/44, Moscow, Big Junction Taken
4/20/44, In the Odessa Catacombs, Men of Odessa Catacombs Rose Up to Smash at Enemy
5/10/44, Moscow, Crimea is Cleared (L)
6/3/44, Eastern Command, United States Strategic Airforce Somewhere in the U.S.S.R., ‘Forts’ Are in USSR (L)
6/7/44, A United States Bomber Base in Russia, ‘Forts’ Rock Galati from Soviet Bases
6/12/44, Moscow, Russians Advance 15 Miles, Take 80 Villages in Karelia
6/13/44, Moscow, Russians Advance, but Finns Stiffen
6/22/44, Moscow, Britain-Russia Shuttle Set Up
6/28/44, Moscow, Stalin Lauds U.S. for Aid to Soviet
7/13/44, Novosibirsk, U.S.S.R., Soviet Industries to Rival American
7/14/44, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, U.S.S.R., Samarkand Lifts Mid-Asia’s Blight
7/15/44, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, U.S.S.R., Russian Migration Not Planned Ahead
7/18/44, Moscow, 57,000 Nazis Parade in Moscow as Prisoners from White Russia
7/19/44, Moscow, Soviet Troops Gain 31 Miles through a 124-Mile Breach
7/20/44, Moscow, East Front Widens
7/21/44, Moscow, Lwow is Menaced
7/22/44, Moscow, Russians Race On
7/23/44, Moscow, Red Army Drives Show No Signs of Flagging (W)
7/25/44, Moscow, Lublin Captured (L)
7/27/44, Moscow, Red Army in Deblin
7/28/44, Moscow, 6 Nazi Bases Fall
7/29/44, Moscow, Warsaw Imperiled
7/30/44, Moscow, Soviet Speed and Power Overwhelms the Nazis (W)
7/31/44, Moscow, Red Army Rolls On
8/2/44, Moscow, Red Army at Coast
8/3/44, Moscow, Russians Resisted
8/6/44, Moscow, U.S. Flier Rescues Pal from Enemy
8/7/44, Moscow, Mikolajczyk Sees Pro-Soviet Poles
8/15/44, Moscow, Paulus Turnabout Pleases Moscow
8/19/44, Moscow, Sandomierz Falls
8/25/44, Moscow, Kishinev is Taken
8/30/44, Lublin, Poland, Nazi Mass Killing Laid Bare in Camp
8/31/44, Lublin, Poland, Liberated Poland is Nearing Normal
9/1/44, Moscow, Ex-Axis City Taken
9/6/44, Moscow, Sofia in Confusion
9/9/44, Moscow, Varna is Seized
9/15/44, Moscow, Russians Capture Suburb of Warsaw
9/22/44, Moscow, Russians Say Finns Lag
9/23/44, Moscow, Russia Restoring Dnieper Dam; German Plan to Blow It Up Foiled
9/27/44, Moscow, Red Army Warned to Shun ‘Glitter’ in Its Travels in Capitalist World
10/1/44, Moscow, Lublin Poles Call Bor ‘Criminal’; See Long Siege to Free Warsaw
10/6/44, Klooga, Estonia, Nazi Death Camp a Scene of Horror
10/12/44, Moscow, Churchill and Stalin Force Polish Rivals to Showdown
10/13/44, Moscow, Rival Poles Reach Moscow for Talks
10/14/44, Moscow, Mikolajczyk Sees Stalin, Churchill
10/18/44, Moscow, Iran Turns Down Soviet Bid for Oil
10/23/44, Moscow, Iran is Condemned by Moscow Paper
10/24/44, Moscow, Stalin Lists Gains
10/26/44, Moscow, Russians Invade North Norway; Take Kirkenes in Wide Advance
10/30/44, Moscow, Bulgarian Terms Silent on Dobruja
11/18/44, Moscow, Russians Crack Down on Price Chiselers, though Multilevel Rates Induce Violations
1/14/45, Lublin, Poland, Lublin Maps Poland’s Shift to Industry; Silesia Eyed as Aid in Transformation
1/24/45, Moscow, Nazi ‘Line’ in Peril (L)
1/30/45, Moscow, Sabotage in Reich Bared

Lee, Clark
1/19/42, With the Sixtieth United States Coast Artillery, on the Bataan Peninsula, P.I., MacArthur’s Anti-Aircraft Experts Keep Japanese High in the Air
2/4/42, With the United States Forces, in Bataan, Philippines, Bataan Vigilance Balks Japanese in Attack under Bright Moonlight
2/8/42, With General M’Arthur’s Force in Western Bataan Peninsula, Tanks Aid Mop-Up of Foe on Bataan
2/9/42, On the Bataan Peninsula, Difficulties in Bataan Travel
2/10/42, On Bataan Peninsula, Sights on Bataan
2/16/42, On Bataan Peninsula, Bataan ‘One-Man Army’ Kills 116 on Raids Behind Japanese Lines
4/11/42, Melbourne, Australia, Bataan Fall Laid to First Air Blow
4/15/42, Melbourne, Australia, Cebu’s Defenders Short of Weapons
4/16/42, Melbourne, Australia, Planes on Bataan Wrought Wonders
9/19/43, An Advanced Allied Command Post, Two U.S. Officers Risked Death to Visit Badoglio on Invasion Eve

Lee, John E.
10/8/43, With the British Home Fleet, Nazis Heavily Hit in Raid on Norway
9/24/44, General Eisenhower’s Advanced Army Post in France, Reich’s Cause is Hopeless, Eisenhower Tells Press

Lee, Paul Kern
7/22/43, Aboard a British Cruiser Off Catania, Sicily, British Navy Guns Aid Catania Fight
9/6/43, Behind the Enemy Lines, in Italy, Commandos Seize 200 Men in Italy

Leiper, Henry Smith
6/8/42, Churchmen Who Defy Hitler-I: Bishop von Galen of Germany
6/9/42, Churchmen Who Defy Hitler-II: Bishop Berggrav of Norway
6/10/42, Churchmen Who Defy Hitler-III: Archbishop de Jong of Holland
6/11/42, Churchmen Who Defy Hitler-IV: Patriarch Gavrilo of Yugoslavia
6/12/42, Churchmen Who Defy Hitler-V: Cardinal van Roey of Belgium
6/13/42, Churchmen Who Defy Hitler-VI: Karl Barth of Switzerland

Leurquin, Robert
9/4/38, Paris, ‘Crust’ of Gunpowder Guards France (W)

Leviero, Anthony H.
6/22/38, U.S. Jury Indicts 18 as Spies in Reich Government’s Pay
9/29/40, Fort Dix, N.J., Field Service Welds Guard (W)
11/25/40, Fort McClellan, Ala., Old 69th Joined by Private Mouse

Levy, Joseph M.
7/3/38, Jerusalem, Palestine Events Increase Despair (W)
8/6/38, Jerusalem, Palestine Division Rises in New Form
9/11/38, Jerusalem, Arabs in Palestine Greet War Threat
9/15/38, Jerusalem, Arab Nations Lose Zeal on Palestine
10/4/38, Jerusalem, 21 Slain by Arabs in Palestine Raid
12/2/38, Jerusalem, Arab Group Offers Aid to the British
5/21/39, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Disappointed (W)
11/12/39, Cairo, The Near East is Prepared (W)
2/13/40, Suez, Egypt, Van of ANZAC Army Debarks at Suez; Force Put at 30,000
6/23/40, Cairo, Alexandria Fights First Italian Raids
7/5/40, Cairo, Raider over Kamaran
7/21/40, Cairo, British Raid Bases of Italy in Africa
8/6/40, Cairo, British Claim Five Planes
8/7/40, Cairo, French Somaliland a Base
8/8/40, Cairo, Fascisti Get Zeila
8/10/40, Cairo, 15 Italian Planes Reported Downed by R.A.F. in Libya
8/11/40, Cairo, Italians’ Advance Harried by R.A.F.
8/12/40, Cairo, Italians Continue Drive
8/17/40, Cairo, R.A.F. Intensifies Bombing in Africa
9/17/40, Cairo, British Engage Foe in Egyptian Battle
9/20/40, Cairo, Italians in Egypt Shelled from Sea
9/23/40, Cairo, Egyptian Masses Wish No War Now
9/25/40, Cairo, R.A.F. Pounds Italian Bases
10/5/40, Cairo, Nazi Move by Sea to Libya Foreseen
10/10/40, Cairo, Reported to Spurn Help
10/21/40, Cairo, 250 Americans Imperiled
10/27/40, Cairo, Power of British in Egypt Growing
5/27/41, Arabs’ Prejudices Big Factor in Iraq
12/2/41, Cairo, U.S. Tanks Finest in Libya; Rout Heavier Nazi Machines
12/3/41, Cairo, Tobruk Line is Cut
12/4/41, Cairo, Battle in Africa Marking Time
12/5/41, Cairo, R.A.F. in Libya Pounds Axis Units
12/6/41, Cairo, British Defeat Axis Units in Heavy Fighting, but Lose Gambut
12/8/41, Cairo, Battle of Tanks Reopens in Libya
12/9/41, Cairo, Nazis Thrust Back in Libyan Fighting
12/10/41, Cairo, Germans in Libya Retire Westward
12/11/41, Cairo, Libyan Port Freed
12/12/41, Cairo, Nazi Withdrawal in Africa Goes On
12/13/41, Cairo, British Push West in Libyan Advance
12/14/41, Cairo, British Pound Foe Retiring in Libya
12/15/41, Cairo, Axis Forces Fight Pursuers in Libya
12/16/41, Cairo, British Unchecked in Libyan Advance
12/17/41, Cairo, Last Axis Tanks Fighting in Libya
12/19/41, Cairo, Retreat in Africa
12/20/41, Cairo, British Take Derna Airport and Press Pursuit in Libya
12/31/41, Cairo, Axis Tank Sortie in Libya Smashed
1/18/42, Cairo, Middle East Expects Blows (W)
1/24/42, Cairo, Germans in Libya Retake Agedabia
1/25/42, Cairo, Battle is Joined Beyond Agedabia
1/27/42, Cairo, Germans in Africa Go 45 More Miles
1/29/42, Cairo, Germans’ Libyan Drive Checked as RA.F. Exacts Increasing Toll
1/30/42, Cairo, Axis Reaches Er Regima
2/1/42, Cairo, Upset in Libya Shows Woes of a Desert War (W)
2/3/42, Cairo, Germans in Libya Still Drive Ahead
2/5/42, Cairo, Rommel Advances
2/16/42, Cairo, Kittyhawks Win Libyan Air Battle
2/19/42, Cairo, Nazis Fade Back on Libyan Front
2/24/42, Cairo, Rommel Bolsters His Libyan Front
3/23/42, Cairo, Hard Blow Dealt Germans in Libya
3/27/42, Cairo, Fierce Air Raids on Malta Continue
4/3/42, Cairo, Indian Ocean Held Vital Battle Zone
5/15/42, Cairo, Nazi Troops in Air Fought R.A.F. Blow
5/29/42, Cairo, 2 Thrusts in Libya (L)
6/1/42, With British Forces, in the Western Desert, Nazis Held in Libya
6/2/42, With British Forces, in Libya, British in Libya Rip Nazis’ Power Myth
6/3/42, With British Forces, in Libya, Grant and Lee Tanks Firing 75s a Big Factor in Repelling Rommel
6/4/42, Cairo, Battle in Desert is Centered on Axis Salient in Mine Field
6/5/42, Cairo, Planes Pound Axis Units in Libya; British Recapture a Strong Point
6/7/42, Cairo, Axis in Libya Hit
6/7/42, Cairo, Desert War Still Indecisive (W)
6/9/42, Cairo, British Guns Halt Nazi Push in Libya
6/12/42, Cairo, Bir Hacheim Falls to Axis in Libya; Free French Retire after 16 Days
6/13/42, Cairo, Nazis Strike Out from Bir Hacheim
6/14/42, Cairo, Axis Libyan Army Closer to the Sea
6/15/42, Cairo, British Still Hold Off Foe in Battle for Tobruk Road
6/16/42, Cairo, Tank War Raging to Climax in Libya
6/17/42, Cairo, Nazis Spring Trap in Libya but Find Quarry has Fled
6/19/42, Cairo, Desert Units Split
6/20/42, Cairo, Libyan Units Dig In
6/23/42, Cairo, Axis Tanks Pause at Egypt’s Border
6/25/42, Cairo, Rommel’s Forces Swing from Coast
6/27/42, Cairo, Egypt Crisis Near
7/9/42, British in Egypt Seen in Dire Peril
12/20/43, Ankara, Turkey, Balkan Sentiment Seen Cool to Kings
1/15/44, Ankara, Turkey, Bombs Raze Heart of Sofia; Mass Exodus Adds to Panic
1/19/44, Ankara, Turkey, Air Attacks Rally Anti-Axis Bulgars
3/21/44, Ankara, Turkey, Search for Refuge Laid to Antonescu
5/10/44, Istanbul, Turkey, Jews in Hungary Fear Annihilation
5/22/44, Istanbul, Turkey, Nazis Bar Rescue of 1,350 Orphans
6/27/44, Ankara, Turkey, Turko-Soviet Pact Desired in Ankara
12/25/44, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria Opens Officials’ Trials

Lewis, Herbert
6/29/41, St. Paul, Wheat Country Feels Cross-Currents (W)
10/19/41, St. Paul, Northwest is Uncertain (W)
3/22/42, St. Paul, Northwest’s Farmers Voice Complaints (W)
5/3/42, St. Paul, Farmers of Northwest Voice Some Dissent (W)

Leysmith, W.F.
6/3/39, London, Tapping is Heard (L)
8/11/39, London, England Has Greatest Black-Out Since the War, With London Dark
3/26/40, London, End-the-War Move Appears in Britain
4/27/40, London, London Art Prices Suddenly Soar above Levels at Peak of 1919 Boom
8/10/40, London, Nazi Plane Losses Now Placed at 60
8/11/40, London, Guernsey Bombed in Wide R.A.F. Raids
8/15/40, London, Big Manhunt is On (L)
8/16/40, London, Factories Target (L)
8/17/40, London, Italy Again Raided by British Planes
8/21/40, London, Single mass Raid Made on England
8/22/40, London, Heavy Bombs Used (L)
8/23/40, London, City’s Suburbs Hit (L)
8/25/40, London, Worst Damage Yet (L)
8/26/40, London, Attack Scale Cut
8/28/40, London, 2 London Attacks
8/30/40, London, London Attacked; R.A.F. Repels Raids

Lincoln, Charles M.
7/30/39, Time is Britain’s Ally in Rush to be Ready (W)

Lissner, Will
6/28/42, Invaders Confess (L)
8/11/43, Quebec, Conferences Begin (L)
8/14/43, Quebec, U.S. Staff Chiefs in Quebec; Major Parleys Open Today
4/2/44, Communist Dogmas Basically Revised
7/2/44, Soviets’ Revisions of Mark Verified
10/1/44, Soviet Economics Stirs Debate Here

Lochner, Louis P.
5/21/40, With the Western German Armies, On the Attack
5/24/40, With the German Armies on the Western Front, Swastika Flies on Channel Coast; Nazis Eager to Invade England
5/17/42, Lisbon, Italy Embittered by War; Germans Also Losing Faith

Lodge, J. Norman
1/3/43, With the United States Fleet, in the South Pacific, Halsey Predicts Victory This Year

Loftus, Joseph A.
1/21/45, Washington, Perkins to Remain Labor Secretary

Logan, Walter
1/27/43, Casablanca, French Morocco, President Pays Surprise Visit to U.S. Troops in Morocco
1/31/44, Aboard a United States Destroyer, off Anzio, Bombings at Anzio Exceed Salerno’s

Lohman, Sidney
12/17/44, Radio Row: One Thing and Another

Long, James M.
6/19/44, Somewhere in Southern England, Witness Describes Comet Bomb Flight

Long, Tania
9/3/42, 3 British Women’s Units Cleared of Drunkenness and Immorality
10/15/44, London, Huge Air Attack Rips Reich Cities
10/18/44, London, Records Reveal D-Day Nazi Chaos
11/27/44, London, Misburg Oil Plant Blasted; 50 American Aircraft Lost

Lowry, W. McNeil
9/24/44, Proceedings of the Writers’ Congress, Published in cooperation with the Writers’ Congress Continuations Committee of the Hollywood Writers’ Mobilizaton (B)

Lucas, Sgt. James G.
12/4/43, Tarawa, Grim Tarawa Defense a Surprise, Eyewitness of Battle Reveals

MacCormac, John
9/3/39, Ottawa, Canada Confident on British Course
9/6/39, Ottawa, Canada Not Listed in Embargo Order
11/8/40, Washington, Needed for Arming (L)
1/9/41, Washington, Treasury Sums Up Deficit Financing
5/19/41, Washington, Defense Vital Now (L)
12/3/41, Washington, British Dominions are Watching U.S.-Japanese Parleys Intently (L)
1/10/42, Washington, Malay War Means More Lease-Lend
4/11/42, Washington, Marshall Seeking an Offensive Now
5/22/42, Washington, A Withholding Tax of 10% is Proposed by the Treasury
7/12/42, Washington, Oil Held Key to Hitler’s Strategy (W)
12/7/42, Washington, Agencies Merged (L)
12/20/42, Washington, Wider Social Security a Major Roosevelt Aim (W)
8/22/43, Washington, New and Heavier Load Ahead for Taxpayers (W)
12/3/43, Washington, Allies Not Agreed on Stabilization
1/13/44, Washington, Allies Relax Curb on Italian Politics
1/30/44, Washington, Soviet ‘Autonomy’ Troubles Allies
2/16/44, Washington, Civil Rights Pacts for Europe Ready
3/8/44, Washington, Oil Parley is Due with Britain Soon
3/13/44, Washington, Crafty Reich Plot Laid for Next War
5/13/44, Washington, 2,000,000 Murders Listed by Soviet
6/20/44, London, Churchill Sees Victory in Summer as Possible Fruit of Teheran Plan
6/25/44, London, 3 U-Boats, 6 Planes Sunk in the Artic
7/3/44, London, Normandy Shows Foe’s Oil Dearth
7/27/44, London, Rebuilding of London’s City Area Outlined in a $600,000,000 Plan
8/4/44, Kingsbridge, Devonshire, Our Army Cleared in Devon’s Damage
8/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Organize Air Army for Mighty Blow at Nazis
8/18/44, London, Paris Hears Guns of Its Liberators
8/27/44, London, Balkan Line Snaps
8/31/44, London, Slovaks in Rising Seize Rail Center
9/2/44, London, Sofia Cabinet Out; Peace Talks Halt
10/7/44, London, Dutch Fear Nation’s Destruction unless German Atrocities Cease
10/16/44, London, Horthy Makes Bid (L)
10/28/44, London, Churchill Reveals 3-Power Talk Plan
11/1/44, London, Nazi Fight into ’45 Seen by Churchill
11/10/44, London, ‘Big 3’ Talk Urgent, Churchill Affirms
11/13/44, London, Himmler Broadcasts Appeal to Fight for Reich’s Survival
11/15/44, London, 9 of 11 Reich Ships Blasted by Royal Navy off Norway
12/23/44, London, Check by 3d Army Admitted by Nazis
12/30/44, London, Nazis Say Battle Enters 2d Phase
1/9/45, London, Harder V-Bombing Claimed by Berlin

MacDonald, James
11/24/39, London, Mines Wreck 5 More Merchantmen, Bringing Total to 22 for 6 Days
1/15/40, London, Peril Kept Secret (L)
1/24/40, London, 5th British Destroyer Sunk; Crew, 175 or More, All Lost
2/4/40, London, Raid British Coast
2/18/40, London, Altmark Captives Relate Sufferings
2/29/40, London, British Fliers Soar over Berlin Again
3/2/40, London Nazis Raid Convoy; Say Ships Were Hit
3/18/40, London, Foes Exchange Raids
3/23/40, London, British Submarine Sinks German Ship
5/20/40, London, British Again Raid Nazis’ Oil Supplies
5/29/40, London, Six German cities Attacked by R.A.F.
6/8/40, London, Nazi Planes Raid 12 British Counties
6/17/40, London, British Take Toll from Italy’s Navy
6/20/40, London,England is Raided
6/21/40, London,British Raid Reich
6/22/40, London, Britain is Bombed
6/23/40, London, Arms Plant is Hit
6/24/40, London, France to Disarm (L)
6/30/40, London, British Fliers Set Big Fires in Reich
7/1/40, London, Britons and Nazis Continue Bombing
7/3/40, London, Scharnhorst Hit
7/4/40, London, Raids in Wide Area
7/5/40, London, 20 Nazi Bombers Raid British Naval Base; Sink Three Ships and Injure Vacationists
7/8/40, London, Kiel and Bremen Bombed
7/11/40, London, Nazis Raid in Force
7/12/40, London, Coasts Attacked
7/13/40, London, Wide Areas Raided
7/14/40, London, British Defenders Bag 12 Nazi Planes
7/19/40, London, Nazi Bombs Smash Scottish Tenement, Hit near Trolley
7/20/40, London, 150 Planes Battle over British Coast
7/21/40, London, Sky Battles Fierce (L)
7/22/40, London, Raid is Broken Up (L)
7/25/40, London, British Beat Back Five Nazi Raids
7/26/40, London, R.A.F. Fliers Fight Hundreds of Nazis
7/28/40, London, R.A.F. Raids France
7/28/40, London, Britain’s Hope Based on Her Air Defenses (W)
7/29/40, London, R.A.F. Fights Raids, Pounds Nazi Bases
7/31/40, London, French Help R.A.F. to Bomb Germany
8/1/40, London, Battle High in Sky
8/3/40, London, Savage Raids by R.A.F.
8/4/40, London, Nazi Bases Bombed
8/5/40, London, Raids Widespread
8/14/40, London, Plane Loss Heavy (L)
8/15/40, London, Raid Milan, Turin
8/16/40, London, Reich Oil Supplies Bombed by British
8/19/40, London, British Claims are Held Reliable; American Note Check at Air Base
8/20/40, London, Italian Cities Hit
8/21/40, London, R.A.F. Pounds Bases
8/23/40, London, Nazis Rain Shells at British Convoy
8/24/40, London, Big British Guns and Planes Reply to Nazi Artillery
8/25/40, London, British Pound Foe
8/26/40, London, British in Wide Raids
8/27/40, London, R.A.F. Lists Berlin Among Places Hit
8/29/40, London, Axis Bases Attacked
9/1/40, London, Berlin Battered 3 Hours
9/2/40, London, City Pounded, British Say
9/3/40, London, Targets in Munich Bombed by British
9/5/40, London, Woods are Bombed
9/7/40, London, Danubian Oil Port Raided
9/8/40, London, R.A.F. Raids Blast Reich War Plants
9/9/40, London, Bases for Invasion Battered by R.A.F.
9/10/40, London, R.A.F. Retaliates
9/12/40, London, Navy Helps R.A.F. (L)
9/15/40, London, Nazi Docks Bombed
9/17/40, London, Ports Fired Anew
9/18/40, London, Blow to Invasion (L)
9/19/40, London, Invasion Bases Hit (L)
9/20/40, London, Storm Helps R.A.F. to Block Invasion
9/21/40, London, Nazi Bases Struck (L)
9/22/40, London, Channel is Lighted (L)
9/23/40, London, R.A.F. Bombers and Storm Pound the ‘Invasion Ports’
9/26/40, London, Channel Bases Hammered
10/1/40, London, Nazi War Plants Battered
10/2/40, London, ‘Bertha’ Bases Hit (L)
10/3/40, London, Arms Plant is Hit (L)
10/4/40, London, Hamburg is Raided 2 Hours by British
10/6/40, London, Large Fires Seen (L)
10/7/40, London, ‘War Machine’ Hit (L)
10/10/40, London, Reich Heavily Hit
10/12/40, London, French Port Afire (L)
11/7/40, London, Nazis in Force Raid London for Hours
11/9/40, London, R.A.F. Bombs Rain upon U-Boat Base
11/11/40, London, New Air Blow Seen as Hitler Revenge
11/12/40, London, Nazis Lose 14 Craft (L)
11/20/40, London, 3-Hour R.A.F. Raid Blasts Oil Plant
11/21/40, London, Arms Plant Fired, R.A.F. Men Report
11/29/40, London, Raid on Port Heavy
12/9/40, London, Bombs Rain on City
12/23/40, London, Strike Near Venice (L)
12/30/40, London, Battle in Atlantic
1/5/41, London, Night Raids Major Problem (W)
1/10/41, London, Nazi Sea Bases Struck
1/18/41, London, Nazis Bomb Town in South of Wales
2/9/41, London, Fires Set in Port
2/10/41, London, Fires Set in Port (L)
2/12/41, London, Hanover Set Afire
2/16/41, London, British Fight off Mass Nazi Raiders
2/24/41, London, 8 Axis Ships Sunk in Mediterranean
2/26/41, London, R.A.F. Raids Brest, Attacking Berth of Reich Cruiser
2/28/41, London, Cologne Fires Set in Big R.A.F. Raid
3/5/41, London, Nazis Again Pound Wide British Area
3/9/41, London, Searing Night Raid Strikes at London
3/10/41, London, Nazis Strike Hard at London Again
3/14/41, London, R.A.F. Strikes Hard (L)
3/15/41, London, Nazi Bombers Range Britain as Defenses Take Rising Toll
3/17/41, London, British Girls, Men Drafted for Work
3/24/41, London, Plane Record Set
5/9/41, London, Raids Widespread (L)
5/11/41, London, Nazis Bomb Widely (L)
5/12/41, London, Reich Port Seared
6/9/41, London, Airfields Blasted
6/16/41, London, R.A.F. Bombs Fire Cologne Factories
7/17/41, London, R.A.F. Bombs Ships and Big Industries
7/20/41, London, British Open ‘V’ Nerve War; Churchill Spurs Resistance
7/21/41, London, ‘V’ Signal Rallies Peoples in Europe
7/27/41, London, Biggest Bombers Raid Reich Cities
7/28/41, London, London Bombed after Long Lull
8/4/41, London, Nazi Capital Bombed Hard; Hamburg and Kiel Targets
8/10/41, London, R.A.F. Sears Kiel, Hamburg; Bags 18 Nazis in Day Raids
8/11/41, London, R.A.F. Hammers Nazis on Coast
8/14/41, London, British Bomb a Vast Area; Raiders Defy Bad Weather
9/9/41, London, Visit Arctic Isles
9/24/41, London, Maisky Says Foe Lost 3,000,000 Men
9/30/41, London, Raiders Fly Far (L)
10/11/41, London, Britons Training to Invade Europe
10/23/41, London, Many Nazi Bases are Hit by R.A.F.
11/13/41, London, Sea Toll Reduced
11/14/41, London, Britain Welcomes Ship Bill Decision
11/22/41, London, Brett Views Libya as U.S. Plane Test
12/11/41, London, Blow Staggers London
1/3/42, London, Serbian Prelate Charges Killing of 180,000 in Nazi-Invaded Croatia
1/19/42, London, Official Detained
1/27/42, A Northern Irish Port, Secret Trip Made (L)
2/15/42, London, Foe Moves on City
2/16/42, London, British Capitulate (L)
2/17/42, London, Japanese Report Capture of 60,000 at Singapore
3/12/42, London, British Hit at Ship
3/20/42, London, Battle Developing in Central Burma
3/21/42, London, Fight at Toungoo
5/21/42, London, Big Bomber Force Raids South Reich
6/9/42, London, R.A.F. Centers Big Attacks on Germans’ Channel Front
6/13/42, London, King Asks Good-Will in Message to India; Gandhi Seeks to Oust U.S.-British Forces
6/21/42, London, R.A.F. Raids Emden; Pounds Nazi Bases
7/2/42, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, U.S. Constructs Large Naval Base in Ireland for Battle of Atlantic
9/7/42, London, Heaviest U.S. Raids
9/18/42, London, Wiesbaden Target
10/5/42, Somewhere in Sussex, Sussex Villagers Run War Factory
10/11/42, London, U.S. Bombers’ Toll at Lille 48 Planes and 38 ‘Probables’
10/26/42, London, Desert Gain Held (L)
10/31/42, London, Egypt Drive Gains
11/1/42, London, Biggest Day Raid on Britain in 2 Years Hits Canterbury
11/5/42, London, British Sweep On (L)
11/7/42, London, 110 Miles from Starting Point
11/9/42, London, General Giraud Emerges to Urge French in Africa to Join Allies
11/22/42, London, Italy’s Worst Raid
11/23/42, London, Tunis Airfield Hit
11/25/42, London, Himmler Program Kills Polish Jews
11/29/42, London, 1940 Order Behind Scuttling of Toulon Ships, Vichy Says
11/30/42, London, Allies Cut Road and Rail Line Linking Tunis and Bizerte
12/4/42, London, 7 Axis Ships Sunk on Way to Tunisia
12/5/42, London, Allies Lose Towns (L)
12/6/42, London, Africa Aid Rushed
12/6/42, London, Italian Peace Seen Only by Conquest (W)
12/7/42, London, Camel Corps Takes Heights; Fierce Tunisia Battle Rages
12/8/42, London, Our Line Unbroken (L)
12/9/42, London, Enemy is Hit Hard (L)
1/18/43, At an R.A.F. Bomber Station, Somewhere in England, Fires Rage in City (L)
1/23/43, London, Big Allied Air Attacks in Europe Follow New R.A.F. Raid on Ruhr
1/28/43, At a United States Bomber Station, in England, Big Bombers Score (L)
1/29/43, London, ‘Thunderbolt’ Raid Hists Duesseldorf
1/31/43, London, Two Blows in Day (L)
2/4/43, London, Allied Air Armada Wrecks Rebuilt Plants at Cologne
2/5/43, London, Fortresses and R.A.F. Raid Reich Around the Clock
2/6/43, London, R.A.F. Blasts Turin, Lorient and Ruhr
2/13/43, London, Wilhelmshaven Raided Hard by R.A.F. in War on U-Boats
2/14/43, London, India Stays Calm as Gandhi Fasts (W)
2/15/43, London, U-Boat Lair Raided
3/3/43, London, R.A.F. Strikes Hard (L)
3/13/43, London, Lorient ‘Bullseye’ for U.S. Bombers
5/9/43, London, Invasion Fears Hang Over the Axis (W)
5/17/43, London, British Bells Hail Victory in Tunisia
5/22/43, London, Sinclair Calls Air Victory Short-Cut
6/14/43, London, Britain Forms Tactical Air Force in Preparation for the Offensive
6/20/43, London, Duesseldorf Plants Razed in Biggest Ruhr Raid June 11
6/21/43, London, Escort Carrier Helps Convoys Win Five-Day Battle with U-Boat Packs
7/6/43, London, British Go Ashore on Crete, Raid Airfields and Retire
7/20/43, London, British Press is Solid in Support of Bombing War Targets in Rome
8/1/43, London, Heightened Air War Has a Fourfold Aim (W)
8/21/43, London, Civil Air Plan Set, Beaverbrook Says
11/4/43, London, Britons with Hearty Appetites Find ‘Pubs’ and State Restaurants Best
1/23/44, London, 1,000 Bombers Out
2/6/44, London, Big U.S. Planes Hit French Airfields
2/7/44, London, Luftwaffe’s Bases Again U.S. Targets
2/9/44, London, Gunner in Tail of ‘Halved’ Fort Fires On as He Plunges to Death
2/27/44, London, Double Night Blow (L)
3/1/44, London, ‘Forts’ Again Blast Brunswick Plants
3/13/44, London, Order Curbs Spies (L)
4/30/44, London, Nazi Invasion Instructions Reported Issued in France
5/5/44, London, M.P.’s Darn Socks in Servant Crisis
5/20/44, London, British Protest Nazi Slaying of 47 Escaping Air Officers
5/27/44, London, Invasion Newsmen Hope for ‘Breaks’
6/3/44, London, Vast Air Fleets Smash at Europe
6/5/44, London, U.S. ‘Heavies’ Bomb in France All Day
7/5/44, With the British and Canadian Forces, near Caen, Norman Peasants Do Chores amid Battle
7/6/44, With the British Army, in France, Canadians Forced to Quit Airfield
7/10/44, Caen, French Refugees Trickle into Caen
7/19/44, In the Caen Sector, 7,000 Tons of Bombs Pace British Drive
7/22/44, With British Forces, near Caen, Desolation Marks Area below Caen
7/31/44, With British Second Army, in France, Huge Air Assault Opens British Push
8/9/44, With Canadian Forces, South of Caen, Canadians Smash into Foe on Anniversary of Amiens
8/10/44, With Canadian Forces, at Cintheaux, Canadians Cling to Hill in France
8/11/44, With Canadian Forces, in the Forward Area, One Canadian Tank Staves Off the Enemy
8/12/44, With Polish Forces, in the Caen Sector, Division of Poles Fighting in France
8/18/44, With First Canadian Army Forces, in Falaise, Canadians free Historic Falaise
8/30/44, With Canadian First Army, at Freneuse, Canadians Speed over Seine Spans
9/4/44, Arras, France, FFI Aid Drive on Belgium
9/5/44, Brussels, Brussels Cheers as British Enter
9/13/44, With British Second Army, North of Bourg-Leopold, Belgium, British Kept Busy in Belgian Mop-Up
9/20/44, With British Second Army, in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands, Dutch Not Stolid over Liberation
9/21/44, With the British Army at Eindhoven, German Raid Kills Many in Eindhoven
9/23/44, With British Second Army in Nijmegen, Pick of German Troops Beaten in Battle for Bridge over Rhine

9/26/44, With the British Second Army at Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 26 of 30 Men Lost at Arnhem Bridge
9/29/44, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Nijmegen Gets ‘Jitters’
10/25/44, With the British Second Army at ‘s Hertogenbosch the Netherlands, ‘s Hertogenbosch is 50% Occupied
10/26/44, With the British Second Army in ‘s Hertogenbosch, British Clean Up ‘s Hertogenbosch
10/27/44, With the British Second Army on Outskirts of Tilburg, Tilburg Bridges Blown Up
11/13/44, Vught, the Netherlands, Foe Put Nurseries inside Death Camp
11/17/44, With British Second Army at Meijel, the Netherlands, People in Meijel Hug Their Cellars
11/19/44, With Allied Forces in Germany, Geilenkirchen is Target
11/20/44, Bauchem, Germany, Advance Called Dream
11/21/44, With Allied Forces in Geilenkirchen, Germany, German Attack Fails

MacDonald, W.A.
6/5/38, Holds Federal Aid Vital to Education

MacLennan, Nancy
1/8/43, Washington, Women in House Divided in Views
2/20/43, Washington, Mme. Chiang Poises as If for Flight
3/10/44, Washington, Roosevelt Backs Palestine Plan as Homeland for Refugee Jews

Madison, Mary
4/22/44, Forum is Opened on Conservation

Mallon, Winifred
11/6/43, Washington, Explains Halting of FCC Unit Shift (In Moview Review post)

Manly, Chesly
12/4/41, Washington, Goal is 10 Million Armed Men; Half to Fight in AEF (L) (Chicago Daily Tribune)

Markey, Morris
2/8/44, Aboard a United States Aircraft Carrier, Off Kwajalein Atoll, Roi-Namur Battle Related from Sky

Martin, John
12/1/40, Ballet Gives ‘Les Presages’ (Dance review)
5/22/43, ‘Wanderer’ Given by Ballet Theatre
5/12/44, Martha Graham Offers a Revival
12/16/44, Ballet Premiere of ‘Mad Tristan’

Matthews, Herbert L.
3/14/38, Barcelona, Rebels in Alcaniz, 45 Miles from Sea
3/30/38, Barcelona, Rebel Push Slows
4/6/38, Barcelona, Holding a Big Rebel Force at Bay, 150 Men Covered Gandesa Flight
8/17/38, Barcelona, Rebels Set Back on Almaden Front
11/27/38, Barcelona, Terror Increases in Barcelona Raids
12/2/38, On the French-Spanish Frontier, American Fighters Leave Spain Today
12/27/38, Barcelona, Writer Finds No Advance
2/5/39, Perpignon, France, Figueras being Evacuated
5/9/39, Rome Italy Calls People to Back Alliance
5/21/39, Rome, New Tie to Reich Troubles Italians (W)
7/5/39, Rome, Italy Holds Aloof in Danzig Dispute
7/30/39, Rome, Fascism Resumes Home Jobs (W)
8/8/39, Rome, Italy’s War Games End Abruptly, with Mussolini Strangely Absent
8/9/39, Rome, Pope’s Key is Renunciation
8/14/39, Rome, Rome Sees a Victory
8/17/39, Rome, Italy Warns Poles Not to Fight
9/4/39, Rome, Italy Fails to Act as Her Ally Fights
10/28/39, Rome, First Encyclical
11/4/39, Rome, U.S. to Enter War, Rome Writer Says
11/11/39, Rome, Pope Voices Hope for World Unity
11/12/39, Rome, Pius XII Criticizes Lack of Religion in Schools of U.S.
11/12/39, Rome, Danger Rising in Balkans (W)
11/16/39, Rome, Mussolini Bids Students Keep Rifles Handy; ‘Not a Cowardly Peace but an Armed Peace’
11/19/39, Rome, Pius XII: Militant for Peace (NY Times Magazine)
12/23/39, Rome, Himmler as Envoy
12/31/39, Rome, Pope Works Constantly for Peace (W)
1/15/40, Rome, Italy is Disturbed by Neutrals’ Fear
1/25/40, Rome, Vatican Continues Atrocity Charges
1/30/40, Rome, Prelate Gives Interview
2/25/40, Rome, Vatican Works for Future Peace (W)
2/26/40, Rome, Welles in Rome; Greeting is Mild
2/27/40, Rome, Rome Talk Cordial (L)
3/10/40, Rome, Ribbentrop to See Pope Tomorrow; Pontiff is Likely to Urge Peace
3/11/40, Rome, Nazi Envoy’s Visit held Fruitless So Far, as Coal Accord Ends Crisis
3/12/40, Rome, Nazi Conciliatory
3/13/40, Rome, Ribbentrop’s Visit in Rome a Failure
3/19/40, Rome, Germany is Said to Propose Peace on Basis of Old Four-Power Pact
3/23/40, Rome, Advice of Italians Sought by Teleki
3/25/40, Rome, Pontiff Condemns Injustices of War
5/7/40, Rome, Pius Sees Humbert (L)
5/20/40, Rome, Italian War Move Indicated by Ciano
5/27/40, Rome, Italy’s War Entry after June 10 Seen
6/11/40, Rome, Duce Gives Signal (L)
6/12/40, Rome, Rome Awats News of Mussolini’s War
6/15/40, Rome, Italians in Clash on French Border
6/16/40, Rome, Invasion of Savoy by Italy Reported
6/21/40, Rome, French Ask Italy for an Armistice
6/25/40, Rome, Halt at 12:35 A.M. (L)
7/4/40, Rome, Britain Promises Not to Bomb Rome
7/13/40, Rome, New Sea Victory Claimed by Italy
7/14/40, Rome, Sea Lane Held Cut
7/17/40, Rome, Warning to Britain by Hitler Expected
7/19/40, Rome, Russia is Warned not to ‘Trick’ Axis
8/1/40, Rome, British ‘Knockout’ is Held Unlikely
8/6/40, Rome, Fierce Air Fights Rage over Africa
8/25/40, Rome, Italians Pressing Air Raids in Egypt
9/13/40, Rome, Fighting in Africa (L)
9/16/40, Rome, Italy’s Army Goes Deeper into Egypt
9/18/40, Rome, Sidi Barrani Taken
9/19/40, Rome, Rome Parley Today
9/30/40, Rome, Rome Talk is Near
10/4/40, Rome, Dictators on Way (L)
10/5/40, Rome, Meet at Brenner (L)
10/8/40, Rome, Times Reporter Expelled by Italy
11/24/40, Rome, Italy Welcomes Rumania
11/25/40, Rome, Pope Asks Peace, but is Pessimistic
12/4/40, Rome, Christmas Truce Proposed by Pope
12/7/40, Rome, Fascist Gets Post (L)
12/12/40, Rome, Ferment in Italy
12/14/40, Rome, British Advance Conceded in Rome
12/23/40, Rome, Marshal is Frank
12/24/40, Rome, Italy May Print Speech
12/30/40, Rome, Axis Spurns Peace by U.S. Mediation
1/3/41, Rome, Rome Calls Fliers Back from France
1/8/41, Rome, Rome Sees Axis Tie Tightened by Loss
1/12/41, Rome, Rome Claims Hits
1/13/41, Rome, Italians Claim Sinking of Cruiser in Fight with British off Sicily
1/19/41, Rome, Dictators to Meet in Germany Today to Map New Moves
1/29/41, Rome, 2 More Ministers to Fight for Italy
2/7/41, Rome, Italians Warned to Live Up to War
2/24/41, Rome, Duce Pledges Push (L)
3/4/41, Rome, Rome Says British Land at Salonika
3/9/41, Rome, British Fall Back to Tobruk in Libya
4/15/41, Rome, Koritza Retaken, Italians Declare
5/10/41, Rome, 6 British Warships Hit, Italy Reports
5/26/41, Rome, Rome Reports on Battle
5/30/41, Rome, Italians Land on Crete
6/2/41, Rome, Pope Asks Opening of Land to Settlers in a ‘New Order’
6/16/41, Rome, Swift Rome Reply
6/18/41, Rome, Italy Issues Writ Blocking U.S. Funds
6/19/41, Rome, Rome Reports Victory
6/27/41, Rome, Italy Sending Expeditionary Force to Aid Nazis in Attack on Russia
6/30/41, Rome, Pope Keeps Silent on Axis ‘Crusade’
8/8/41, Rome, Bruno Mussolini Dies in Air Crash
9/17/41, Rome, Pope Said to Bar Roosevelt Plea to Call War Just
9/23/41, Rome, Raid Toll 3 Ships, Says Rome; British Torpedo 2 Big Liners
10/1/41, Rome, Curbs Stun Italy, Stocks Sag; New Radical Steps Forecast
10/4/41, Rome, Pope Denounces Curbs on Marriage and Deplores ‘Mania for Divorce’
10/29/41, Rome, Mussolini Warns He Will Crush Us
11/19/41, Rome, Italians Arrest American Rector
11/26/41, Rome, Axis Sees British Blocked in Libya
11/29/41, Rome, Italians Surrender Gondar, Last East African Outpost
12/9/41, Rome, Rome Backs Japan, Dodges War Issue
5/17/42, Lisbon, Italy Embittered by War; Germans Also Losing Faith
9/4/42, New Delhi, India, Fiery Pamphlets are Issued in India
10/5/42, Somewhere in Eastern India, U.S. Training Given to Chinese in India
11/23/42, New Delhi, India, Viceroy’s Decision is Called Unwise
1/12/43, New Delhi, India, Appetite of Yanks Cuts Food in India
2/18/43, New Delhi, India, 3 Aides of Viceroy Quit Over Gandhi
2/22/43, New Delhi, India, U.S.-British Talks on India Progress
3/30/43, Benaires, India, College Students Unruly in India
5/16/43, Kabul, Afghanistan, Afghanistan Sees Isolation Ending; Primitive Land Awaits War Role
5/25/43, New Delhi, India, Food Lack in India Eclipses Politics
5/27/43, Calcutta, India, India’s Moslems Win Control in Northwest Frontier Province
7/2/43, Srinagar, Kashmir, Ruler of Kashmir Lives in Splendor
7/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Invaders Press On
7/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Junction is Major Gain
7/15/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Foe’s Sicilian Lines Ravaged as Allies Destroy 42 Planes
7/16/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Biscari Captured
7/18/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Allies in Sicily Follow Path of Conquerors (W)
7/20/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Raid is Explained
7/21/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Damage to Shrines is Kept to Minimum
7/22/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Eisenhower Sees Slower Advance
7/23/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Marsala Reached (L)
8/3/43, Seventh Army Headquarters, Sicily, PT Boats Battle Sea for 2 Nights
8/7/43, On the Sicilian Front, Fierce Battle for Troina Viewed by Correspondent
8/9/43, Troina, Sicily, Troina a Town of Horror, Americans Find on Entry
8/19/43, Messina, Sicily, Americans’ Way Lit by Full Moon on Last Night of Battle for Messina
8/23/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, City Now Isolated (L)
8/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, P-38’s Blast Foggia
9/9/43, American Seventh Army Headquarters, Sicily, Armistice Cast Shadow in Sicily
9/17/43, With U.S. Fifth Army, Fifth Army Beats Germans Soundly
9/18/43, With the American Fifth Army in Italy, Americans Go Hunting
9/19/43, With the American Fifth Army in Italy, Germans Continue Their Withdrawal
9/24/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Germans in Italy are Using Tactics of Demolition Employed in Sicily
10/1/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Naples Line Abruptly Melted, Pouring Allies Onto the Plain
10/2/43, Naples, Naples Goes Mad with Joy as Grim Allied Push Ends
10/3/43, Naples, Naples Showers Gifts on Allies
10/6/43, Naples, Italian Navy Officers Led Battles against Germans inside Naples
10/11/43, Naples, Time Bomb Kills Twelve in Naples Just before Clark Goes to Mass
10/28/43, Benevento, Italy, U.S. Hero Outwits Foe to Take Hill, Then is Killed by Stray Mine Blast
11/6/43, Naples, Naples Students Cry ‘Down With King’ but Street Crowds Cheer Victor Emmanuel
11/18/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Weather Aids Germans
11/21/43, Naples, Allies Ease Curb on Italian Press
11/29/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Salerno Secured by 45th Division
12/1/43, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Fifth Army Flanks Germans
12/3/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Americans Battle the Mud in Italy
12/4/43, With the Allied Fifth Army in Italy, General Clark Caught in German Barrage on Fifth Army Front but Escapes Injury
12/5/43, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, New Drive in Italy (L)
12/11/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Italians in Action against Germans
12/18/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Italians Take Hill in San Pietro Area
12/21/43, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Germans Badly Punished
12/24/43, At an Advanced Command Post in Italy, Eisenhower Holds War in Italy Sound
6/2/44, With the Fifth Army Below Rome, Alban Hills Victory Blinds German Guns below Rome
6/3/44, With the Fifth Army Below Rome, Drive for Rome On
6/9/44, Rome, Bonomi is Chsen as Italian Premier
6/10/44, Rome, Italian Premier Selects Cabinet
6/13/44, Rome, U.S. Fliers Elated at Russia ‘Misson’
6/16/44, Vatican City, Hungarian Envoy Bids for Freedom
6/24/44, Rome, Nazis Make Stand in Central Italy
7/1/44, Rome, Millions Spent to Save Ciano Failed to Avert Execution
7/7/44, Vatican City, Mystery Bombing of Vatican Last Winter Traced to Hatred of Anti-Clerical Fascist
7/13/44, Rome, Rome Communists Received by Pope
7/15/44, Rome, Bonomi Rule Fixed from Rome South
7/17/44, Rome, Mussolini Lost 50 Pounds in Month before Overthrow, He Told Doctor
7/18/44, Rome, 8th Army Surges across Arno River
7/19/44, Rome, American Troops Reach Arno River
7/20/44, Rome, Americans Seize Leghorn; 8th Army Poles Take Ancona
8/16/44, With American Forces, in Southern France, Germans Caught Unaware by new Thrust from South
8/17/44, St. Tropez, France, American Parachutists Take St. Tropez by Lucky Error
8/18/44, Saint Raphael, France, Walk Through Snipers’ Paradise Links Two American Beachheads
8/21/44, With the American Seventh Army, in Southern France, French Pressing Toulon Defenders
8/24/44, With the American Seventh Army, Germans Hold Off French at Toulon
9/2/44, Florence, Italy, Florence Evinces Radical Tendency
9/3/44, Aboard a C-47, Returning from France, Destruction of Germans on Rhone Said to Surpass Anything in War
9/4/44, Rome, 8th Army Widens Gothic Line Breach
9/16/44, Rome, 8th Army Captures Key Adriatic Ridge
9/25/44, Rome, Italian Line Caved
9/27/44, Rome, Rubicon Crossed by Eight Army
9/28/44, Rome, Italy to Declare War on Japanese
10/6/44, Rome, Air and Sea Attack
10/14/44, Rome, Athens Reported Held by Patriots
11/11/44, Rome, Italian Government Report Shows Carreta, Lynched as Fascist, was Entirely Innocent
12/3/44, Rome, Italy Faces a Continuing Crisis (W)
12/14/44, Rome, Allied Commission in Italy Has Crisis
1/22/45, Rome, Fascist Leaders Go On Trial Today

Maxted, Stanley
9/21/44, With Allied Airborne Forces in the Arnhem Area, the Netherlands, Fight at Arnhem is Without Mercy

Maynard, Theodore
10/3/43, Gilbert Keith Chestorton, by Masie Ward (B)

McCarthy, Francis
11/14/43, Aboard a United States Aircraft Carrier Off Rabaul, Carrier Hellcats Chewed Up Enemy

McCormick, Anne O’Hare
3/3/39, Berlin, New Pope Praised Fight on ‘Heresies’
7/21/40, Chicago, The New Deal is the Issue, Conventions Reveal (W)
6/22/42, The Problems of Lasting Peace, by Herbert Hoover and Hugh Gibson (B)
8/18/43, In the Strait Between Scylla and Charybdis (Editorial)
8/8/44, Rome, ‘War in a Museum’ Waged by Germans at Florence
8/24/44, Rome, Churchill Helps to Unify Greeks

McDaniel, C. Yates
2/11/42, Singapore, British Fall Back
2/12/42, Singapore, Smoke Hides Sun in Singapore as War Waxes on City’s Outskirts
2/22/42, Batavia, Netherlands East Indies, Reporter Depicts Singapore Escape

McDougall, W.H.
3/3/42, United Nations Headquarters, Java, Foe in Java Slinks Through Jungles
3/4/42, United Nations Headquarters, Java, Dutch Tank Force Leads Raid in Java

McDowell, Rachel K.
12/16/44, Pre-Holiday Mass for Armed Forces

McGlincy, James F.
8/11/44, Outside St. Malo, France, St Malo ‘Madman’ Still Holding Out

McGowen, Roscoe
6/16/38, 40,000 See Vander Meer of Reds Hurl Second No-Hit, No-Run Game in Row
2/28/39, Clearwater, Fla., Dodgers Reach Clearwater, Drill 2 Hours; Pressnell, Hamlin Expected to Sign Tonight
6/4/39, Cubs Beat Dodgers with 6 in 8th, 10-5
6/19/39, Chicago, Dean Wins, 1-0, on Hartnett Homer, Then Cubs Crush Dodgers by 9-1
8/22/39, 14 Hits Aid Hamlin in 15th Victory, 7-1
5/1/40, Cincinnati, Dodgers Top Reds for 9th in Row, 3-0
6/12/40, Pittsburgh, Casey, Shoulder Ailing, is Sent by Dodgers to Visit Specialist
7/3/40, Philadelphia, Carleton Pitches 3-Hit Triumph, 4-1
7/10/40, St. Louis, Jubilant Victors Reconstruct Game
7/17/40, Pittsburgh, Pirates’ 2 in Eighth Halt Brooklyn, 5-3
7/24/40, 40,583 See Fists Fly in Dodger Debacle
8/21/40, St. Louis, Brooklyn downed Twice, 3-0 and 4-3
9/25/40, Dodgers Overcome Giants, 5 to 4, and Clinch Second Place in Race
4/16/41, Terrymen Pound Wyatt to Win, 6-4
5/28/41, Philadelphia, Casey Victor, 6-0, with 7-Hit Effort
6/18/41, Chicago, Wasdell’s Homer Beats Cubs in 10th
6/25/41, Pittsburgh, Davis of Brooklyn Halts Pirates, 8-0
7/2/41, Dodgers Lose, 6-4, to Phils in Tenth
7/23/41, Cincinnati, Reds’ Five in Ninth Halt Brooklyn, 5-4
7/30/41, St. Louis, Camilli’s Homers Mark 7-All Draw
8/13/41, 39,145 See Giants Prevail by 8-5, 2-0
9/10/41, Chicago, Dodgers Lead Cubs, 1-0, when Rain Washes Them Into Twin Bill Today
9/17/41, Cincinnati, Werber’s Single Downs Casey, 4-3
9/24/41, Boston, Higbe and Wyatt to Face Braves in Dodgers’ Rush to Clinch Title
10/2/41, Brooklyn Squad Angered by Loss
10/3/41, Manager is Irked by Rivals’ Taunts
10/5/41, Dodgers Gloomy over Fitz’s Fate
10/6/41, Dodgers Stress Luck of Rivals
10/7/41, Bombers Lauded by Dodger Scout
10/19/41, Boston College Tops Manhattan

McIver, R.M.
7/2/44, A Guide to Public Opinion Polls, by George Gallup, (B)

McHale, Captain W.A.
4/26/40, At Dock, Trondheim, Diary of American Ship Captain Tells of Trondheim’s Occupation

McLaughlin, Kathleen
4/10/39, Easter Throngs Brave Wind to Parade in Fifth Ave. Sun
5/1/39, Many Feminine Touches Revealed as Women Analyze Attractions
7/17/40, Chicago, Women Win Voice in Policy Making
7/18/40, Chicago, Feminine Demands Change Platform
4/14/41, 300,000 Paraders Jam Fifth Ave.; Brilliant Pageant Ties Up Traffic
6/14/41, Ottawa, Canada Expects Roosevelt Soon
8/1/44, Washington, D-Day Wounded Got Care in 10 Minutes
9/20/44, Washington, Senate Accepts Reconversion Bill
9/21/44, Washington, Reconversion Bill Sent to Roosevelt

McMillan, Richard D.
5/2/41, With the British Evacuated from Greece, via Cairo, Fierce Battle with Parachutists was Last Fight of B.E.F. in Greece
7/16/42, With the British Eighth Army, west of El Alamein, Egypt, Vain Axis Assault Fires Desert Night
7/23/42, With British Tank Forces, in Egypt, U.S.-Made Tankis Join in Charge in Egypt as Imperial Guns Blast Path Through Foe
12/19/42, New U.S. Gun Turned Tide in Libya; Ripped Tanks Apart at Long Range
6/9/44, Bayeux, Allied Front Line, Normandy, Bayeux Ecstatic as Allies Arrive
6/15/44, With the British Forces in Caen Sector, 12 N., Big Allied Barrage Hits Foe near Caen
6/16/44, With the British Forces in Caen Sector, The ‘Most Modern Battle’ Fought near Caen is Highly Destructive
6/22/44, With the American Army before Cherbourg, Prisoners Show Disgust
6/28/44, With the British Forces in France, Hours of Shelling Hack British Path
8/17/44, Inside Falaise, Canadians Battle in Falaise Streets
9/28/44, With the British Army Before Arnhem, the Netherlands, Arnhem Troops Undaunted after Escape from a ‘Hell’

McMurtry, Charles
11/30/42, With the U.S. Fleet in the Southwest Pacific, Carrier Fight Cost Enemy 50 Planes
2/21/23, An Advanced Base in the South Pacific, Heroic Fight Made by Doomed Chicago

Meier, Larry
6/8/44, London, Veteran Nazi Troops on Beaches Beaten by Seasick, Untried Men

Meltzer, Julian Louis
5/23/43, Jerusalem, Palestine Zionists Find Outlook Dark (W)
1/15/44, Jerusalem, Palestine Jewry Plans to Carry Relief Operations to Europe
3/26/44, Jerusalem, Six Policemen Slain in Palestine; Curfew and Death Penalty Invoked

Mengert, H.R.
10/30/38, Columbus, Ohio, Ohio Puzzled by Campaign (W)

Merillat, 2nd Lieut. H.L.
8/30/42, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Strong Opposition Met in Solomons

Michael, Charles R.
2/7/41, Washington, Willkie Seeks Unity on Aid Bill among Republicans in Congress

Middleton, Drew
9/26/42, London, Nazi Plans Held Disrupted by Soviet Stalingrad Stand
9/29/42, London, Mosquito Bomber is Invasion Threat
10/3/42, London, Fortresses Strike
10/8/42, London, Osnabrueck Attacked
10/10/42, London, Nazi Shift Viewed as Sign of Alarm
10/12/42, London, U.S. Bombers’ Victory Held New Step to Invading Europe
10/21/42, London, 530 U-Boats Bagged, Briton Says; Two Battleships Join Royal Navy
11/14/42, With United States Troops East of Algiers, Resistance to U.S. Troops Slight at Most Objectives Near Algiers
11/17/42, At Advanced Allied Headquarters in Algeria, Allies in Tunisia to Keep Initiative
12/5/42, With Allied Forces on Djedeida Front, Tunisia, Allies Put to Test in Djedeida Fight
12/5/42, With the United States Armored Force in Djedeida Sector, Tunisia, Tanks Battle Amid Groves
12/10/42, In the British Front Line, near Medjez-el-Bab, Tunisia, All Arms Battle for Tunisian Prize
12/21/42, With Advance Forces, in Tunisia, Silence Shrouds Front in Tunisia
12/24/42, An Advanced R.A.F. Fighter Station, in Tunisia, R.A.F. in Tunisia Hails Americans
12/25/42, With the Allied Armies, in Tunisia, Nazi Column Ambushed
1/3/43, With the Allied Forces, in Tunisia, Big-Scale Battle Needed in Tunisia
1/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Fliers Pound Tunisian Targets
1/10/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tunisian Base Hit (L)
1/11/43, North Africa, Air Pincers Move Over Libya Opened
1/13/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Libyan Strong-Point Raided by Flying Forts from West

1/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Bomb Score Heavy (L)
1/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 23 Enemy Planes Downed over Tunisia in 24 Hours
1/17/43, With the Allied Forces in North Africa, Allies Fight Hard for Mediterranean Mastery (W)
1/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, British in Tunisia Repulse Two Thrusts and Push On
1/26/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Amercans’ Sortie in Tunisia Answers Dare of Germans
1/27/43, Casablanca, French Morocco, Leaders Go by Air (L)
1/31/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, A Bitter Battle Looms to Break Axis in Tunisia (W)
2/1/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, French Line Yields
2/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Maknassy Periled
2/3/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans ‘Mop Up’ Village, Gain at Tunisia Mountain Cut
2/4/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sened Held Firmly
2/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Giraud Releases 27 Red Ex-Deputies
2/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Nazi Posts Found Superior on Much of Tunisian Front
2/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, New War Theatre
2/8/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, New Giraud Moves Backed by Envoys
2/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sardinian Bases Pounded
2/10/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tunisia Air Offensive Grows, Raises Losses of Axis to 625
2/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, British Land, Air Sea Chiefs to Serve Under Eisenhower
2/14/43, An Air Force Rest Camp, North Africa, American Fliers Recall R.A.F. Men
2/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Eisenhower Preparing to Rout Axis in Tunisia (W)
2/16/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans Retire (L)
2/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rommel Repulsed
2/18/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Battle at Sbeitla (L)
2/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans Retire (L)
2/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rommel is Raided
2/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Patrols Probing Allied Lines Beaten Off in Tunisian Hills
2/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Our Men in Tunisia Meet Famed German ‘Blitz’ (W)
2/22/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Germans Advance (L)
2/23/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 16-Mile Axis Gain (L)
2/24/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Tunisia Lines Hold (L)
2/25/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Press Foe (L)
2/26/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Attack to North
2/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Pursue Foe (L)
2/28/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Battles Rage On (L)
2/28/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Stage Set in Tunisia for Our Big Offensive (W)
3/1/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Planes Harry Foe (L)
3/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Beja Thrusts Fail
3/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Nazi Thrust Fails
3/11/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies in Tunisia Probe Foe’s Lines
3/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 8th Army Unit Drives North, Beats Off a Rommel Column
3/13/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rommel Loses Desert Battle; French Imperil Mareth Line
3/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rommel is Preparing One More Big Attack (W)
3/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Victory, Long Retreat and Counter-Attack: Story of the 55-Mile Battle in Mid-Tunisia
3/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Units Keep On (L)
3/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Force at Pass (L)
3/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Axis Reaction Seen
3/22/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sened Recaptured (L)
3/23/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rommel in a Vise (L)
3/24/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Pressing On (L)
3/25/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Axis Thrust Fails (L)
3/26/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rommel Hangs On (L)
3/28/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allied Air Superiority is Telling in Tunisia (W)
4/23/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allied Ring Holds (L)
4/24/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Key Hills Reached (L)
4/25/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Push Resumed (L)
4/26/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 14 Tanks Smashed (L)
4/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Mateur Menaced (L)
4/28/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, First Army Gains
4/29/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, All Lines Advance (L)
5/2/43, With the United States Second Corps, In Tunisia, Hill 609 Battered by American Guns
5/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, We Learn in Tunisia How to Invade Europe (W)
5/3/43, With an American Infantry Division, in Tunisia, Americans in North Tunisia ‘Professional’ Soldiers Now
5/6/43, With the Second United States Corps, in Tunisia, Hill 609 a Jagged Monument to Yanks Who Made History
5/7/43, At Advanced American Headquarters, Outside Mateur, Americans’ Drive Up Peak Weakens Bizerte’s Gateway
5/9/43, Tunis, Tunis is Deliriously Happy as British Tanks Rumble In
5/10/43, Tunis, Tunis, Delivered from Evil, Rises to Allied Bugles’ Blare
5/12/43, British First Army Headquarters, Tunisia, Flow of Captives Taxes First Army
5/13/43, Tunis, Prisoners Flock to British Forces
5/14/43, British First Army Headquarters, Von Arnim Refused Surrender Terms
5/15/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italian Islands Hit
5/16/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans Bomb Both Ends of Italy-Sardinia Supply Line
5/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 100 Tons of Bombs Rock Pantelleria
5/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans Batter Sardinia and Sicily in Air Offensive
5/22/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Record Day in Air (L)
5/25/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italian Isle Raked
5/30/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italian Oil Center is Left in Flames
6/2/43, Algiers, Action is Surprise
6/4/43, Algiers, French Establish an Empire Regime; Will Drop Nogues
6/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Navy Guns Rake Pantelleria for 4th Time Since Sunday
6/5/43, Algiers, Giraud’s Retention of Army Post Remains at Issue in French Group
6/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Churchill and Allied Chiefs Fix Details of Next Blows
6/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Hitler Not an Idol to Young Soldiers
6/10/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Ultimatum Defied (L)
6/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Island is Occupied (L)
6/13/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, One-Day Triumph (L)
6/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Linosa Gives Up
6/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Six Bases Raided (L)
6/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Hit Naples, Sicilian Airfields
6/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Big Drive Resumed
6/26/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Greek Base Raided
6/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sicily Lifeline Hit
6/29/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Naples Also Raided
6/30/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italian Naval Base Battered by 100 Planes in 9 minutes
7/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Big Allied Armies Train for Invasion
7/4/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italian Bases Hit
7/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Sicilian and Sardinian Bases Suffer Heavy New Poundings
7/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Six Axis Airfields in Sicily Scourged
7/7/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 7 Italian Isle Bases Raided; 56 Axis Fighters Destroyed
7/9/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allied Airmen Severely Lash Sicily; Raid Gerbini 20 Times in One Day
7/10/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Several Landings (L)
7/11/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, First Round is Won (L)
7/11/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Finest Allied Army Leads Invasion of Sicily (W)
7/12/43, At Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Air-Borne Force was First to Attack Enemy in Sicily
7/13/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Ragusa is Menaces (L)
7/14/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Foe’s Communication Lines in Sicily Paralyzed from Air
7/15/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans’ Job Toughest
7/16/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Big Raids Reduce Messina to Ruins
7/17/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 20,000 Captured
7/18/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Agrigento Seized
7/18/43, Allied Force Headquarters in North Africa, Invasion Charts the Future (W)
7/19/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans Push On
7/20/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Rail Centers Hit (L)
7/21/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, U.S. Troops Gaining (L)
7/24/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italians Cut Off (L)
7/25/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Marsala is Seized (L)
7/25/43, Allied Force Headquarters, North Africa, Supplies For Our Invasion Armies (W)
7/25/43, Allied Headquarters, North Africa, Eisenhower Plans Minutely, Then Strikes (N.Y. Times Magazine)
7/26/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, British Eighth Army Opens New Drive to Take Catania
7/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans Drive for Eastern Sicily
7/28/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Axis Counter-Blow Repulsed in Sicily
7/29/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, American Forces in North Sicily Battle Germans Near Etna Line
7/30/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 7th Army Strikes (L)
7/31/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Americans and Canadians Gain On a Wide Front in Sicilian Drive
8/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, British Break Axis Line
8/3/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 2 Key Towns Taken (L)
8/10/43, London, Nazi Air Defense Lags
8/12/43, London, British See Russians Aiming for Decision by Next Spring
8/13/43, London, Exiles Perturbed Over French Issue
8/15/43, London, Slow Death of Luftwaffe Points to Defeat (W)
8/19/43, London, Russian Offensive in Critical Stage
8/29/43, London, RAF in Big Battle (L)
8/29/43, London, Bombing Berlin is Air War At Its Toughest (W)
9/2/43, London, 1,800 Tons Fall on Berlin; 47 Bombers Lost in Attack
9/4/43, London, Britons Confident of Result in Italy
9/7/43, London, Britons Approve Churchill’s Plea
9/10/43, London, Peak Air Attacks Rake Nazis’ Bases
9/15/43, London, London is Anxious
9/16/43, London, Fifth Army Must Rely on Own Effort to Expand Foothold, London Says
9/18/43, London, London Sees Nazis at Crisis in Russia
9/26/43, London, German Retreats Upset Allied Plan
9/27/43, London, Cripps Sees Peril in Spurning Soviet
9/28/43, London, P-47’s Fly 600 Miles to Aid Fortresses in Emden Attack
10/3/43, London, Russians Overcome Transport Problems (W)
11/2/43, London, Reich Peace Plea in the Winter Seen
11/4/43, London, Our Top Air Blow
11/6/43, London, Gelsenkirchen Hit in Daylight Blows
11/9/43, London, Italy Called ‘Holding Operation’ with West Becoming Major Arena
11/10/43, London, Premier is Grave
11/12/43, London, Two-Way Bombings (L)
11/14/43, London, Luftwaffe Now Showing Less Fight (W)
11/17/43, London, Air Drive Widened
11/18/43, London, Allied Warning to French Lists 37 Bombing Targets
11/19/43, London, Reich is Hammered
11/20/43, London, 2,500-Ton Bombing (L)
11/21/43, London, Allies Still Face Hardest Campaign (W)
11/23/43, London, Soviet Upset Foe by 18 Offensives
11/24/43, London, Aim is End of Berlin
11/25/43, London, Flames Guide RAF (L)
11/27/43, London, Air Blows Mount
11/28/43, London, Red Armies Launched on a Triple Offensive (W)
12/2/43, London, Fortresses Strike at Solingen Again
12/5/43, London, Huge Soviet Drive to Usher Invasion
12/7/43, London, First Quarter of 1944 Likely to See Fruition of the Teheran Strategy
12/11/43, London, Sofia Rocked Anew
12/12/43, London, Winter to See Climax of Air War on Reich (W)
12/14/43, London, Long-Range Attack
12/17/43, London, Nazi Capital is Hit
12/20/43, London, Rommel Assigned to Halt Invaders
12/21/43, London, Reich Port Bombed (L)
12/22/43, London, 800 Planes Strike (L)
12/23/43, London, Air Battles Waged (L)
12/29/43, London, Bomb Accuracy in Clouds Mastered by 8th Air Force
12/30/43, London, City Burning Again (L)
12/31/43, London, 1,300 Craft Strike
1/2/44, London, Work Will be Speeded on the Great Invasion (W)
1/5/44, London, ‘Heavies’ Hit Reich
1/6/44, London, Kiel Blasted Again
1/8/44, London, Bag 42 Nazi Planes
1/9/44, London, Germans Speed Defenses on Channel and North Sea
1/11/44, London, Big Nazi Disaster is Said to Be Near
1/14/44, London, Nazi Air Battle Toll is 152; U.S. Blow Opens New Phase
1/15/44, London, U.S. ‘Heavies’ Join
1/17/44, London, General is Ready
1/18/44, London, Bradley to Lead U.S. Invasion Units
1/19/44, London, Churchill Steals Show in Commons
1/21/44, London, Tedder in London to Speed Air Blow
1/22/44, London, U.S. Planes Strike (L)
2/1/44, London, U.S. 3-Day Score 268 Nazi Fighters
2/8/44, London, Italian Campaign Perturbs Britain
2/9/44, London, ‘Forts’ Pace Attack Rocking Frankfort
2/10/44, London, Britain Rebuffs Bombing Critics
2/12/44, London, Frankfort Attack Keeps Up Air Blow
2/15/44, London, Rundstedt Bares Invasion Defenses
2/17/44, London, Capital Set Afire (L)
2/18/44, London, Eisenhower Tours Invasion Camps as Rommel Inspects Nazi ‘Wall’
2/20/44, London, Nazis Exploit Our Bombing of Mt. Cassino Monastery (W)
2/22/44, London, Luftwaffe Shaken
2/23/44, London, Air Smash Goes On
2/26/44, London, Regensburg Fired (L)
2/27/44, London, War on the Luftwaffe is Prelude to Invasion (W)

2/28/44, London, Why ‘The British Are Wonderful’: Meet Plain, Stalward Mrs. Neame
2/29/44, London, U.S. Bombers Hit Nazis in France; Pace New Pas-de-Calais Attacks
3/3/44, London, Germany Bombed by Night and Day
3/7/44, London, Air War at Peak (L)
3/8/44, London, 176 Nazis Downed in Berlin Bombing
3/9/44, London, Record Day Strike (L)
3/10/44, London, Nazis Shun Battle (L)
3/12/44, London, Battle is Joined to Destroy the Luftwaffe (W)
3/17/44, London, Stuttgart Ripped (L)
3/19/44, London, Nazi Fighter Strength Sapped by U.S. Attacks (W)
3/21/44, London, U.S. Bombers Add to Frankfort Ruin
3/23/44, London, Bombers Out Again (L)
3/24/44, London, 5,000 Planes Used (L)
3/25/44, London, Fight for a Better World, Premier Tells U.S. Troops
3/28/44, London, Nine Luftwaffe Bases Suffer; RAF Hits Essen Huge Blow
3/30/44, London, Naval Guns to Aid in Coming Invasion
4/1/44, London, 2,240 Tons Batter Nuremberg Plants
4/2/44, London, Russians Threaten Foe with Double Offensive (W)
4/5/44, London, 2,700 Nazi Planes U.S. 3-Month Toll
4/7/44, London, Balkans Hit by Air as Soviet Requests
4/9/44, London, Russian Advance Throws Germans off Balance (W)
4/11/44, London, Nazi Bases Rocked
4/12/44, London, Nazi Plants Ripped (L)
4/14/44, London, 8 Targets Bombed (L)
4/16/44, London, More Bombing is Required to Set the Invasion Stage (W)
4/18/44, London, 5,000 New Planes Lost by Germans
4/19/44, London, Fliers Strike Hard (L)
4/20/44, London, Nazis Fight Feebly (L)
4/21/44, London, Russians Believed Massing for Drive
4/22/44, London, Patton Gets Post Linked to Invasion
4/23/44, London, Great Railway System Aids German Defense (W)
4/25/44, London, 3-Way Blows in Air (L)
4/26/44, London, Big Attacks Go On (L)

4/27/44, London, Reich Plane Center Bombed by Our ‘Heavies’ Unopposed
4/28/44, London, Two U.S. Air Blows (L)
4/29/44, London, Wide Area Struck (L)
5/1/44, London, Major Victory Won in 4 Days against German Plane Plants
5/2/44, London, Tactical Attacks (L)
5/4/44, London, Germans in West Have 69 Divisions
5/5/44, London, Arms Depots Burn (L)
5/6/44, London, Mass RAF Photos of Europe Form Mosaic for Invasion
5/7/44, London, Soviet Offensives Seen Supporting Invasion (W)
5/7/44, London, A Soldier ‘Made in America’ (N.Y. Times Magazine)
5/9/44, London, Battle over Reich (L)
5/10/44, London, ‘Heavies’ Pace Blow at Nazis from Coast into the Reich

5/11/44, London, Nazi Defenses Hit (L)
5/12/44, London, Air Tempo Mounts (L)
5/13/44, London, Leipzig Region Hit
5/14/44, London, Bombers’ Invasion Role Important, but Limited (W)
5/16/44, London, Nazis Concentrate Tanks
5/17/44, London, Germans Mass Sea Power, Push Aerial Invasion Vigil
5/19/44, London, Germans Confirm Rundstedt Choice
5/20/44, London, 125 of Foe Downed
5/24/44, London, Airfields Bombed
5/25/44, London, Air Power at Peak
5/26/44, London, Stand above Rome by Foe is Expected
5/27/44, London, Reverses in Italy Upset Nazi Plans
5/28/44, London, Tremendous Air Blows ‘Soften Up’ the Enemy (W)
5/30/44, London, Bombers Fly Far
6/1/44, London, Germans Bolster Armies in West; Anti-Invasion Strength Growing
6/2/44, London, Four-Front War Seen by Germans
6/3/44, London, All Areas in Eastern Europe Now in Range of Bombers
6/7/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, All Landings Win (L)
6/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces, Vital Road is Cut (L)
6/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Reserves Fail (L)
6/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Take Key to Road (L)
6/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Americans Push On (L)
6/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces, Allies Well Launched on a Three-Front War (W)
6/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, St. Lo Threatened (L)
6/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazis Fight Hard (L)
6/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Push Flanks Caen (L)
6/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Big Battle Joined (L)
6/16/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Roads in Peril

6/17/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Vital Town Seized (L)
6/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Last Road Shelled (L)
6/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Ebb of German Power Seen on Three Fronts (W)
6/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Four Towns Seized (L)
6/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Key Port Shelled
6/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Line Pierced (L)
6/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Port is Besieged (L)
6/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Lines Pounded (L)
6/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Troops Sight Port

6/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Port Now Inferno (L)
6/25/44, London, Invasion Means Battle of Supply (W)
6/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Warship Guns Aid (L)
6/27/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Victory in France (L)
6/28/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Gain Up to 5 Miles (L)
6/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Orne River Neared
6/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Thrusts Held (L)
7/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Caen Airport Won (L)
7/2/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Shells Rain on Foe (L)
7/2/44, London, Nazi Manpower Shrinks under Big Allied Blows (W)
7/3/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Rommel Regroups
7/4/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive on La Haye
7/5/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Canadians Score (L)
7/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allied Pace Slows
7/7/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Key Town Flanked
7/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Vire River Crossed
7/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Tanks in Outskirts (L)
7/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Junction Flanked (L)
7/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Units Push On (L)
7/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Key Road Menaced (L)
7/16/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, First Army Gains
7/16/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Battle of Caen Called Key to French Campaign (W)
7/17/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Montgomery Hits
7/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Inch Ahead (L)
7/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Major Assault On (L)
7/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Press Foe (L)
7/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, British Push South
7/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive South of Caen Stalls as Rain Floods Battle Area
7/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, British End Threat to Flank on Orne
7/23/44, London, Caen and St. Lo Open Two Doors (W)
7/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Beat Back German Attacks
7/28/44, With the First Army in Normandy, U.S. Might Strikes Awe in Normandy
8/1/44, With American Forces in Normandy, Germans in Full retreat on Western Norman Coast
8/4/44, With American First Army in Brittany, Breakneck Speed Marks U.S. Smash
8/6/44, With American First Army in the Field, Bold Allied Tactics Vindicated in France (W)
8/8/44, Near Cherence Le Roussel, Normandy, Air Attacks Save Americans’ Lines
8/9/44, With American Forces, near Mortain, Germans’ Thrust in France Broken
8/13/44, First Army Headquarters, France, Americans Improve on the German Blitzkrieg (W)
8/15/44, London, Tunisia-Like Blow Confronts Enemy
8/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Trap on Seine Set (L)
8/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Sweep Widens (L)
8/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Patton Sweeps On (L)
8/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive for Germany (L)

8/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Enemy Flees ‘Kill’ by Allies at Seine
8/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Sweep South of Paris Further Splits Up Enemy
8/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Third Near Marne (L)
8/27/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Enemy Rout Grows (L)
8/28/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Big Offensive On (L)
8/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Third Rolls Up Foe (L)
8/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Tanks Race On (L)
8/31/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies In the Clear (L)
9/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Belgium in Reach (L)
9/2/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Sedan Also Seized (L)
9/3/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Tournai Captured (L)
9/4/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Race to Reich On (L)
9/5/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Dutch Town Falls (L)
9/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3 Armies Near Line (L)
9/7/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Battle of Reich On (L)
9/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Sedan Firmly Held (L)
9/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, British Smash On (L)
9/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Go Ahead (L)
9/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Have the Edge in Battle of Germany (W)
9/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, The General Who Outblitzed the Nazis (N.Y. Times Magazine)
9/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Push Nears Aachen (L)
9/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Tanks Pass Border (L)
9/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Strike from Eupen (L)
9/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Siegfried Line Hit (L)
9/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe’s Line Dented (L)
9/16/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Defenses Crumble (L)
9/17/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe is Near Panic
9/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Bombs Clear Way (L)
9/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Firm Link Forged (L)
9/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Allies Hit at Wing (L)
9/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Making Stand (L)
9/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Arnhem Link is Aim
9/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Invasion of Holland Speeds Allied Victory
9/27/44, With American First Army, in Germany, German Stand on the Rhine through Winter Held Likely
9/30/44, With American First Army, Near Stolberg, Advances by Hodges’ Army Now Measured by the Yard
10/2/44, Roetgen, Germany, Germans Obeying U.S. Army Rules in Occupied Territories of Reich
10/3/44, With American First Army, in Germany, East of Heerlen, the Netherlands, Bombs, Shells Shake Earth as Yanks Pierce Westwall
10/4/44, With First United States Army, Near Uebach, Germany, Exploiting of New Breach Watched Now as the Test
10/544, With First United States Army near Uebach, Germany, Only Artillery Saves Germans from Rout on Cologne Plain
10/6/44, With United States First Army in Germany, Gunfire is Slowing Our Drive in Reich
10/7/44, With the American First Army, in Germany, Fighting Furious in Aachen Sector
10/8/44, With American First Army, in Germany, Sheer Power Wins Gains near Aachen
10/9/44, With American First Army in Germany, Surprise Attack Outwits Germans on Aachen Front
10/11/44, At a Regimental Command Post of the United States First Army near Aachen, Offer Handed Foe (L)
10/13/44, With United States First Army, Outside Aachen, Counter-Attack Fails
10/14/44, With American First Army Assaulting Aachen, First Storms City (L)
10/15/44, Outside Aachen, Germany, 3,000 Civilians Quit Aachen amid Stony Glances of GI’s
10/17/44, At an American Infantry Command Post near Verlautenheide, Germany, Foe Pays Heavily in Aachen Attacks
10/19/44, At Rifle Company Headquarters in Aachen, Germans Prolong Agony of Aachen
10/21/44, At Rifle Company Headquarters in Aachen, Hodges Takes City
10/28/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, Opening of Antwerp Near
10/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, Poles Seize City
10/31/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, Germans Split Up (L)
11/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Crossing River (L)
11/2/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Invade Walcheren (L)
11/3/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Forest is Cleared
11/4/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, Schelde Guns Fall (L)
11/5/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Hard-Won Gains in West Speed Allied Operations (W)
11/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, Allies Slice Up Foe’s Line in Southwest Netherlands
11/7/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, U.S. Troops Regain Ground in Huertgen Forest Area
11/8/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, High Ground Objective
11/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, In Preparation 6 Weeks
11/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Long Strides Made (L)
11/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, 3d Army Pushes On
11/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, 6 Divisions Push On
11/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, Winter Victory Drive Launched in the West (W)
11/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, France, All Exits Covered (L)
11/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Fort is Crumbling (L)
11/16/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3 More Forts Fall (L)
11/17/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Push for the Rhine (L)
11/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Dueren Push Gains (L)
11/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Winter to Bring Peak of Strategic Bombing (W)
11/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Gains in All Areas (L)
11/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Nazi Flank Turned (L)
11/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Sarrebourg Falls (L)
11/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Push toward Ruhr (L)
11/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Rhine City Falling
11/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Patton Hits Hard
11/27/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, 10 Forts Captured (L)
11/28/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Allies Slowed Up (L)
11/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Advances in Reich (L)
11/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Roer Grip Widened (L)
12/1/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Slowly Yields (L)
12/2/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Big Battle Begun (L)
12/3/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Great Offensive Grinding Ahead (W)
12/4/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Big Bridge Seized (L)
12/5/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, New Drive Opened (L)
12/6/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Patton Strikes Hard to Drive Enemy from Rich Saar Basin
12/7/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 Bridgeheads Won (L)
12/9/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Patton Lines Hold
12/10/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, German Army Rallies from Defeat (W)
12/11/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Dueren Push Gains
12/12/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Nazis Driven Back (L)
12/13/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 7-Mile Step Made (L)
12/14/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive East of Roer (L)
12/15/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Patch’s Men Gain (L)
12/16/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, 7th Army Enters Germany at Three Points in South
12/18/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Belgium Entered (L)
12/19/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, War’s Length Said to Hang on German Drive’s Outcome
12/20/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, ‘Forts’ Hit Supply Points
12/21/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, West Front Crisis (L)
12/22/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Liege Threatened (L)
12/23/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Rail Hub Isolated (L)
12/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Forces Stiffen (L)

12/24/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Wehrmacht Lashes Out with Its Oldtime Fury (W)
12/25/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe’s Losses Mount (L)
12/26/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Battle in 2d Phase (L)
12/27/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 51 Miles in Belgium (L)
12/27/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Two Reich Armies, Possibly 3, in Push
12/28/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Salient is Reduced (L)
12/29/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe on Defensive (L)
12/30/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Blows Wane (L)
12/31/44, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Waist of Bulge Shrinks
1/1/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, 3d Army Hits Out (L)
1/2/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Drive Cuts Waist (L)
1/3/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Foe Brings up Men (L)
1/4/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, U.S. Move is Veiled (L)
1/5/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Hodges Pushes On (L)
1/6/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, British Join Push (L)
1/7/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Key Road Neared
1/8/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Trap in the Making (L)
1/9/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Nazis Forced Back (L)
1/10/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Nazi Bulge Sagging
1/14/45, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force, Paris, Allies on West Front Facing a Harder Task (W)

Miller, Robert C.
8/29/42, Marine Headquarters, Guadalcanal Island, the Solomons, Tulagi Won in 48 Hours; T.N.T. Buried Foes in Caves
9/18/42, Marine Headquarters, Solomon Islands, Trapped Foe Fired Rifles at U.S. Tanks

Miller, Webb
12/21/39, With the Finnish Army in the Mannerheim Line, Six Finnish Planes Fight Off 11 Bombers in Furious Melee Over Mannerheim Line

Mohr, Oscar
10/2/39, Amsterdam, Low Countries Arm (W)
11/11/39, Amsterdam, Dutch Ask Inquiry (L)
3/29/40, Amsterdam, One of Plane’s Crew Killed – Two Hurt as Craft Accused of Neutrality Violation is Forced to Earth in Flames
5/11/40, Amsterdam, Hollanders Firm (L)
5/12/40, Amsterdam, Strategic Town Recaptured
5/14/40, Amsterdam, Look to Allied Help
5/22/40, The Hague, Dutch People Try to Find New Life

Mokler, Capt. Lynn H.
7/25/43, Somewhere in England, ‘Missing’ Bombers Took Toll of Foe

Monks, Noel
7/15/43, Aboard a Destroyer, Off General Montgomery’s Sicilian Headquarters, Gen. Patton Waded Ashore to Battle

Morin, Relman
9/16/43, With the American Fifth Army in Italy, ‘Triangle Battle’ Victory of Allies

Moroso, John A. 3d
5/19/42, A Northern Ireland Port, Warships and Planes Blast U-Boats Out of Convoy Path

Morris, John D.
12/28/42, Washington, Army Needs Heavy (L)
3/29/43, Washington, Japanese Go West
5/31/43, Washington, Foe in Suicide Rush (L)
6/14/43, Washington, U.S. Fliers Down 25 Zeros of 50 in Solomons Battle

Moscow, Warren
1/5/39, Albany, Urges New Laws
1/9/40, Albany, Party’s Hands Off Albany Majority
2/13/40, Albany, Ask Education Cut (L)
2/29/40, Albany, Republicans Adopt Own Budget Plan; Cuts at $5,625,000 (L)
11/17/39, Albany, Martin is Cleared by Senate, 28 to 19, in Removal Vote (L)
3/5/40, Albany, A Veto Threatened (L)
3/26/40, Albany, Bills Permit Pay Cuts
3/31/40, Albany, New Truce is Made (L)
4/1/40, Albany, Lehman Signs Bill for City Control of Transit Board (L)
4/2/40, Albany, Pari-Mutual Bill is Signed by Governor; Paves Way for Opening of Racing April 15
6/29/40, Philadelphia, Hamilton Status Yet to be Decided
8/10/40, Utica, N.Y., State Republicans Fix Harmony Rule
12/23/42, Albany, Urges Continuing State War Council
1/29/45, Advanced Headquarters, Pacific Ocean Areas, Nimitz Moves Headquarters to Island at Gates of Japan

Mosley, Leonard
6/9/44, With the Paratroops behind the Atlantic Wall, Witness Depicts Leap of ‘Chutists
7/1/44, With the British Sixth Airborne Division, in Normandy, Wounded Britons Reported Killed

Mueller, Merrill
7/6/44, General Eisenhower’s Advance Command Post, Sought First-Hand Study

Mundy, W.S.
4/8/42, In the Burma Front Lines, Prome Retreat Depicted
5/18/42, On the Assam-Burma Frontier, A.V.G. Blow Impels Chinese to Victory

Munro, Ross
9/9/41, With the Canadian Spitsbergen Expedition, Spitsbergen Move Without Incident
8/21/42, With the Canadian Raiding Force, Returning from Dieppe, Canadians Traversed Inferno at Dieppe, Witness Reveals
2/13/43, With British Commando Troops, on the Tunisian Front, Commandos Raided in Bizerte Region
7/12/43, With Canadian Troops in Sicily, Canadians Smash Pachino Defenses
7/13/43, With the Canadians in Southeast Sicily, Canadians ‘Folded’ Coastal Defenses
7/14/43, Ispica, Sicily, Canadians Push On at Amazing Speed
6/8/44, With Canadian Forces Landing in France, Canadians Land in Broad Daylight

Musel, Robert
12/1/43, London, Forced Labor for Germans Reported as Aim of Stalin

Natson, Robert C.
3/22/42, Portland, Ore, Oregon Region Restive Under Inaction

Neuberger, Richard L.
10/30/38, Portland, Ore., Oregon Republicans Swing Left (W)
6/22/41, Portland, Ore., Northwest Backs Ban on Oil to Japan (W)
6/29/41, Portland, Ore., Pacific Area Split on Communism (W)
8/3/41, Portland, Ore., Wide Unity in Northwest (W)
12/14/41, Portland, Ore., Grim Intensity Marks Popular Reaction (W)
5/3/42, Portland, Ore., Northwest Relieved at Roosevelt Firmness (W)

Newton, Marshall E.
5/24/39, Portsmouth, N.H., Open Valve Cause (L)
5/25/39, Portsmouth, N.H., Naquin Hails Men’s Performance, They Praise His Resourcefulness
1/11/41, Fort Dix, N.J., Fort Dix Buildings Ready but Vacant

Nichols, Joseph C.
10/16/38, Cambridge, Mass., Army Vanquishes Harvard, 20 to 17
10/1/39, West Point, N.Y., Army Shows Drive to Top Furman, 16-7
10/20/40, Cambridge, Mass, Harvard, in Rally, Ties Army, 6 to 6
5/24/41, Washington, 35,000 See Bomber Triumph on a Foul
10/3/42, Undefeated Boxer Gains 36th Victory

Nichols, Lewis
4/1/43, ‘Oklahoma!’ a Musical Hailed as Delightful, Based on ‘Green Grow the Lilacs,’ Opens Here at the St. James Theatre
6/25/43, “Stars On Ice” [The Play in Review]
11/6/43, “Artists and Models” [The Play in Review]

Nickerson, Hoffman
9/14/41, The Reconstruction of Europe: Taleyrand and the Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815, by Guglielmo Ferrero. (B)

Nickerson, Jane
11/17/43, Ithaca N.Y., Calls Food Export ‘All We Can Spare’

Novaro, Octavio
9/26/43, London, Shaw Says Reich May Disappear as a Nation as Result of the War

Nugent, Frank S.
3/11/38, Warners Start the Southern Cycle with ’Jezebel’ at the Music Hall
5/13/38, Errol Flynn Leads His Merry Men to the Music Hall in ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’
6/24/38, A New Version of ‘Holiday’ Comes to the Music Hall
7/19/38, First Rate Entertainment is ‘Algiers’ at Music Hall
7/22/38, Favorite Neighbors are Back in ‘Love Finds Andy Hardy’ at the Capitol
8/6/38, The Roxy Plays Host to ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band,’ a Twentieth Century Tribute to Irving Berlin
9/2/38, One of the Best is ‘You Can’t Take It With You,’ the music Hall
9/9/38, ‘Boys Town,’ Metro’s Tribute to Father Flanagan, Shown at the Capitol
9/23/38, Aptly Titled is ‘Carefree’ the Rogers and Astaire Film at the Music Hall
11/26/38, ‘Angels With Dirty Faces,’ Racy Guttersnipe Drama, with James Cagney, Comes to the Strand
12/8/38, G.B.S. Makes Debut as Screen Writer in ‘Pygmalion’ at Astor
12/23/38, ‘A Christmas Carol’ is the Music Hall’s Salute to the Yule Season
2/17/39, In the Best of Humors is ‘Made for Each Other,’ at the Music Hall
3/3/39, A Ford Powered ‘Stagecoach’ Opens at Music Hall
3/11/39, James Cagney Rides the Plains in ‘Oklahoma Kid,’ at the Strand
3/17/39, ‘Love Affair,’ a Bitter-Sweet Romance, Opens at the Music Hall 3/31/39,Astaire and Rogers Repeat the Tragic Story of the Castles at the Music Hall
4/1/39, The Founding of the Wrong-Number Industry Well-Dramatized in Roxy’s ‘Alexander Graham Bell’
4/8/39, Errol Flynn Restores Law and Order to ‘Dodge City,’ the Wild and Woolly Horse Opera at the Strand
4/14/39, Goldwyn Presents Film of ‘Wuthering Heights’ at Rivoli
4/21/39, Bette Davis Scores New Honors in ‘Dark Victory’; Geroge Brent also is Seen in the Music Hall Feature
4/26/39, The Warners Look Through the Past to the Present in ‘Juarez,’ Screened Last Night at the Hollywood
4/29/39, The Warners Make Faces at Hitler in ‘Confessions of a Nazi Spy’
5/16/39, Metro’s London-Made Version of ‘Goodbye, Mr. Chips’ Has its Premiere at the Astor Theatre
6/3/39, Twentieth Century-Fox’s ‘Young Mr. Lincoln’ is a Human and Humorous Film of the Prarie Years
6/30/39, Ginger Rogers and Charles Niven Featured in ‘Bachelor Mother’ at Music Hall
7/14/39, On the Long Side is Edward Small’s Production of ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’ at the Music Hall
8/12/39, Zoe Akin’s ‘The Old Maid’ Reaches the Strand as a Mature, Engrossing and Poignant Drama
8/18/39, ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ Produced by the Wizards of Hollywood, Works its Magic on the Capitol Screen
9/2/39, Fog-Bound Thriller is Roxy’s ‘Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,’ with Basil Rathbone as the Sleuth
9/8/39, “Golden Boy” review
9/9/39, With the Merest Nod to Louis Bromfield, the Roxy Offers a Version of His Novel, ‘The Rains Came’
9/15/39, “The Real Glory” review
9/22/39, ‘The Women,’ Clare Booth’s Witty Comedy of the Deadlier Species, Opens at the Capitol
9/23/39, ‘Espionage Agent,’ a Melodrama of the Spy Menace, is Shown at the Strand
10/6/39, Ingrid Bergman of Sweden Makes Her Hollywood Debut in ‘Intermezzo’ at the Music Hall
10/7/39, The Warners Regenerate John Garfield Again in the Strand’s ‘Dust Be My Destiny’
10/12/39, Laughton Obscures Hitchcock in ‘Jamaica Inn’ at the Rivoli
10/20/39, Frank Capra’s ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ at the Music Hall Sets a Seasonal High in Comedy
11/4/39, John Ford’s Film of ‘Drums Along the Mohawk’ Opens at the Roxy
11/10/39, ‘Ninotchka,’ an Impious Soviet Satire Directed by Lubitsch, Opens at the Music Hall
11/11/39, The Warners Look Back on ‘The Roaring Twenties’ at the Strand
11/23/39, Paramount Finds Comedy in ‘The Cat and the Canary’
11/24/39, Post-Turkey Repot on ‘Another Thin Man’ at the Capitol
11/30/39, Marlene Dietrich Reaches a High in Horse Opera with ‘Destry Rides Again,’ at the Rivoli
12/2/39, Errol Flynn Catches a Tudor in Strand’s Film of ‘Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex’
12/10/39, “Gone With,” etc. – or the Making of a Movie (NY Times Magazine)
12/20/39, David Selznick’s ‘Gone With the Wind’ Has its Long-Awaited Premiere at Astor and Capitol, Recalling Civil War and Plantation Days of South – Seen as Treating Book with Great Fidelity
1/1/40, ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame,’ with Charles Laughton, Opens at Music Hall
1/12/40, Frenzied’s the Word for ‘His Girl Friday,’ a Distaff Edition of ‘The Front Page, at the Music Hall
1/13/40, David Niven Plays an Unruffled ‘Raffles’ at the Roxy
1/19/40, Comedy-Melodrama Arrive[s] in ‘The Amazing Mr. Williams’ at Loew’s
1/22/40, Alexander Korda Presents an Exciting Propaganda Film in ‘Lion Has Wings’ at Globe
1/25/40, Twentieth Century-Fox Shows a Flawless Film Edition of John Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes of Wrath,’ with Henry Fonda and Jane Darwell, at the Rivoli
1/26/40, Ernst Lubitsch Offers James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan in a Genial and Tender Romance in ‘The Shop Around the Corner’ at the Music Hall
1/27/40, The Old Cagney Formula Still Prevails at the Strand in the Warner Film ‘The Fighting 69th
2/8/40, ‘Pinocchio,’ Walt Disney’s Long-Awaited Successor to ‘Snow White,’ has its Premiere at the Center Theatre
2/16/40, ‘I Take this Woman,’ with Spencer Tracy and Hedy Lamarr, at the Music Hall
2/17/40, Hal Roach Presents a Splendid Film Version of John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ at the Roxy
2/23/40, The Music Hall Celebrates Washington’s Birthday with a Brilliant Edition of Sherwood’s ‘Abe Lincoln in Illinois,’ with Raymond Massey and Ruth Gordon
2/24/40, Another Fine Biographical Film arrives Here in ‘Dr. Erlich’s Magic Bullet’ at the Strand
3/8/40, Hair-Raising’s the Word for ‘Northwest Passage’ with Spencer Tracy, at Capitol
3/14/40, Posting a Proceed-with-Caution Sign on Paramount’s ‘Road to Singapore’
3/15/40, An Amusing, Algerish Biography of ‘Young Tom Edison,’ Featuring Mickey Rooney, is Presented by Metro at the Music Hall
3/16/40, W.C. Fields and Mae West are Seen in ‘My Little Chickadee,’ at the Roxy
3/29/40, Splendid Film of du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ is Shown at the Music Hall
3/23/40, ‘Primrose Path’ with Ginger Rogers at Roxy
8/24/41, Loco Boys Make Good (NYT Magazine)

Oakeshott, Arthur
9/6/44, With the Home Fleet aboard a British Aircraft Carrier, off Norway, Eyewitness Describes Attacks

O’Brien, Charles T.
9/21/41, Denver, Mountain States Split (W)

O’Connor, Hugh
5/30/42, West Point, N.Y., Cadets Cheer Him (L)
10/12/42, Field Headquarters of the Second Army, Lebanon, Tenn., Tanks Found Slow in Tennessee Blitz

Oechsner, Fred C.
6/11/42, Bitter Feud Split Chief Hitler Aids

O’Quinn, Judson
9/18/44, Advance Headquarters, Troop Carrier Command in Europe, Brereton Highly Elated

Owen, Russell
10/22/39, Scapa Flow Mine Fields Mapped from Air for U-Boats, Experts Say
1/18/42, U-Boats Return to Our Shorews (W)

Packard, Reynolds
9/15/43, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Gen. Clark Went Ashore in Italy
9/16/43, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Germans Digging In (L)
9/18/43, With the United States Fifth Army in Italy, 5th Army Retakes All Lost Ground
10/3/43, Naples, Italian Snipers Wiped Out
1/8/44, San Vittore, Italy, San Vittore Won in Battle to Death
1/24/44, With the Fifth Army, Below Rome, Allies Awaiting Counter-Assault against New Positions below Rome
1/25/44, At the Fifth Army Beachhead, Troops Felt Let Down
1/26/44, On the Fifth Army Beachhead, South of Rome, AMG Aides Landed on Day of Invasion
1/28/44, With British Front-Line Troops South of Rome, British Smash Tanks
2/1/44, At the Fifth Army Beachhead, Americans Leap on Enemy Tanks
2/11/44, At the Anzio Beachhead, British Artillery Slows Down Nazi Assaults with ‘Time Crashes,’ Shell Showers on Enemy
2/21/44, At the Fifth Army Beachhead, Germans Shoot Own Men

Palmer, C.B.
9/3/44, Outstanding Events and Major Trends of the Second World War (W)
12/31/44, The News of the Year in Review: Outstanding Events and Trends (W)

Palmer, Sgt. Chester D., Jr.
2/9/43, Bogota, Colombia, Navy Plane Hops Andes on Malaria Mission to Fight Colombian Outbreak Fatal to 5,000

Palmer, Col. Frederick
10/1/39, Early Peace Seen as Real Prospect
1/4/43, Washington, MacArthur Mastery Seen Proved Once Again in Success at Buna

Park, Ken C.
10/30/38, Lansing, Mich., Strike Policy Up as Michigan Issue (W)

Parker, A.R.
8/18/39, Maehrisch-Ostrau, Bohemian-Moravian Protectrate, Germans Prepare in Czech Regions

Parker, Ralph
1/2/42, Kuibyshev, Russia, Trains Westward Show Soviet Gain
1/18/42, Moscow, Soviet Army Puts On Skis (W)
1/30/42, Moscow, Ukraine Areas Liberated
2/8/42, Moscow, Soviet Winter Tactics Harry German Retreat (W)
2/11/42, Moscow, Red Army Battles Reinforced Nazis
2/14/42, Moscow, Leningrad Ring Pierced
2/18/42, Moscow, Kharkov Evacuation Awaited
2/20/42, Moscow, Town Near velizh Taken
2/21/42, Moscow, Ferocity of Fighting Grows
2/22/42, Moscow, Rival Nazi Church Assailed in Russia
2/27/42, Moscow, Red Army Tightening Ring on Base that Held 96,000
3/12/42, Moscow, Moscow Claims Air Superiority
3/17/42, Moscow, Moscow Deflates Nazis’ Reports of Huge Soviet Forces at Front
3/25/42, Moscow, Nazis Hurl 500,000 Against Red Army
3/30/42, Moscow, Nazis Lose Battle on Kalinin Sector
4/20/42, Kuibyshev, Russia, Nazis Said to Lose Their Best Fliers
4/23/42, Kuibyshev, Russia, Red Army Balks German Tanks by Cutting Off Their Support
4/25/42, Kuibyshev, Russia, Soviet Detention of Fliers Accepted
4/27/42, Kuibyshev, Russia, Soviet Heartened by Hitler Speech
5/3/42, Kuibyshev, Russia, Political Commissars Aid Red Army (W)
5/11/42, Moscow, Red Army Gaining in Kalinin Sector
5/12/42, Moscow, Russians Surging to Battlefields
5/14/42, Moscow, Drive Viewed as a Prelude
5/16/42, Moscow, Nazis Hurled Back (L)
5/17/42, Moscow, Tanks Crush Nazis (L)
5/18/42, Moscow, Salient Deepened (L)
5/19/42, Moscow, Battle is Fiercer (L)
5/20/42, Moscow, Germans Hit Back (L)
5/21/42, Moscow, Tank Units Clash (L)
5/22/42, Moscow, Axis Belt Pierced (L)
5/23/42, Moscow, 15,000 Nazis Killed as Russians Check Foe Near Kharkov
5/24/42, Moscow, Russians Claim Some Gains
5/26/42, Moscow, Savage Combat On (L)
5/27/42, Moscow, Nazis Pound Flank (L)
5/28/42, Moscow, Russians Advance in Fierce Battles
5/29/42, Moscow, Russians Press Offensive; Fight Off Attacks in South
6/1/42, Moscow, Nazis’ Lines Seized in Kalinin Fighting
6/8/42, Moscow, Sevastopol Checks Nazi Drive; Planes and Artillery Blast Foe
6/9/42, Moscow, Soviet Anticipates Abundant Harvest
6/10/42, Moscow, Soviet Base Holds
6/11/42, Moscow, New Front Opens
6/12/42, Moscow, Pact is Welcomed by Russian People
6/14/42, Moscow, Red Army Checks Two Nazi Drives
6/15/42, Moscow, Sevastopol Beats Off Nazis; German Kharkov Push Held
6/17/42, Moscow, Red Army Strikes
6/19/42, Moscow, Soviet Ratifies Pact with Britain; Molotoff Pledges ‘Mighty’ Blows
6/21/42, Moscow, Soviet Confident as War Year Ends
6/22/42, Moscow, Red Army Retires
6/23/42, Moscow, City Hard Pressed
6/26/42, Moscow, Russians Give Up Rail Hub to Nazis
6/27/42, Moscow, Further Advance Stemmed
6/28/42, Moscow, Red Army Checking Nazi Ukraine Push
6/29/42, Moscow, Von Bock is Checked
7/1/42, Moscow, Russians Hold Broken Lines
7/2/42, Moscow, Soviet Gives Bonus of Month’s Pay to Seamen Reaching Murmansk with Supplies for War
7/3/42, Moscow, Nazis Widen Front in Russian Drives
7/5/42, Moscow, Russians Retreat in Kursk Fighting
7/6/42, Moscow, At Don, Foe Claims
7/7/42, Moscow, Voronezh in Peril (L)
7/8/42, Moscow, Red Army Retires Under Tank Blows
7/10/42, Moscow, Foe Widens Front (L)
7/11/42, Moscow, Germans Slash On (L)
7/13/42, Moscow, Red Army Retires (L)
7/14/42, Moscow, Germans Roll On (L)
7/15/42, Moscow, Opinion in the Soviet
7/16/42, Moscow, Soviet Army Hits Back
7/17/42, Moscow, Russians Stiffen
7/19/42, Moscow, New Drive by Enemy
7/20/42, Moscow, Nazis’ Pace is Cut (L)
7/21/42, Moscow, Foe Nearer Rostov (L)
7/22/42, Moscow, Nazi Units Cut Off (L)
7/23/42, Moscow, Red Army Retires (L)
7/26/42, Moscow, Nazis Win Toehold (L)
7/27/42, Moscow, Nazis Forge Ahead (L)
7/29/42, Moscow, Some Sectors Holding
7/30/42, Moscow, Red Army Stiffens
7/31/42, Moscow, Red Army Gaining (L)
8/2/42, Moscow, Nazis at Soviet Rail Towns; Stalingrad Defenders Hold
8/3/42, Moscow, Peril at Salsk Grave
8/4/42, Moscow, Red Army Holds Firm
8/5/42, Moscow, Reverses Alarm Moscow
8/6/42, Moscow, Nazis Move on City (L)
8/7/42, Moscow, Threat to Volga Grave
8/8/42, Moscow, Oil Field Menaced (L)
8/9/42, Moscow, Nazis Close In on Maikop; Black Sea Trap Tightened
8/10/42, Moscow, Non-Russian Citizens of the Soviet Face Thralldom as Germans Gain
8/11/42, Moscow, Rear Guard Falls Back
8/12/42, Moscow, Germans Stab Into Circassia; Second Oil Field Menaced
8/13/42, Moscow, Nazis Drive Ahead
8/14/42, Moscow, Germans Nearer Oil City; Russians Firm Elsewhere
8/15/42, Moscow, Red Line is Dented
8/16/42, Moscow, Nazis Await New Forces
8/16/42, Moscow, Moscow Braves a Week’s Bad News (W)
8/17/42, Moscow, Caucasus Force Intact
8/19/42, Moscow, Russians Report Gains
8/20/42, Moscow, German Pressure Ominous
8/21/42, Moscow, Don Battles Go On
8/23/42, Moscow, Strong Defense Maintained
8/27/42, Moscow, Russian Push is On
8/28/42, Moscow, Red Army Gains
8/29/42, Moscow, Nazi Tanks Halted
8/30/42, Moscow, Nazi Gains Halted (L)
9/2/42, Moscow, Defense Stronger in North
9/3/42, Moscow, Red Army Wavers (L)
9/4/42, Moscow, Reich Drive Shifts
9/5/42, Moscow, ‘Red Verdun’ Holds (L)
9/6/42, Moscow, Nazis Held for Three Days
9/8/42, Moscow, Battle is Widened
9/9/42, Moscow, General Assault May Impend
9/10/42, Moscow, Russian Defense Difficult
9/11/42, Moscow, Soviet Retreat Orderly
9/12/42, Moscow, Defense Ordered to Stand
9/13/42, Moscow, Battle in Fourth Week
9/13/42, Moscow, Russians See Stalingrad as Key to the War (W)
9/14/42, Moscow, Russians Are Optimistic
9/16/42, Moscow, Nazis Press General Assault
9/17/42, Moscow, Nazis in Caucasus Seek Manganese
9/18/42, Moscow, City’s Rubble a Battlefield
9/20/42, Moscow, Battle Tide Fluctuates
9/21/42, Moscow, Positions Improved
9/22/42, Moscow, Nazi Salient Smaller
9/23/42, Moscow, Stalingrad Bolsters Defense
9/24/42, Moscow, Nazi Lines Dented
9/25/42, Moscow, Forty-Mile Front is Held
9/28/42, Moscow, Russians Pushed Back
9/29/42, Moscow, Nazi Losses Severe
9/30/42, Moscow, Nazis Hurled Back
10/1/42, Moscow, Fresh Units Gain
10/2/42, Moscow, Loss in North, Gain in South
10/3/42, Moscow, Battle Picture Confused
10/4/42, Moscow, Russian Line is Strong Despite Nazi Assaults (W)
10/5/42, Moscow, Soviet Drives Gaining

10/7/42, Moscow, Nazis Pushed Back (L)
10/8/42, Moscow, Push Into City Slowed
10/9/42, Moscow, Battle in Workers’ District
10/10/42, Moscow, Thrust to Volga Repulsed
10/14/42, Moscow, Attack on Factory Fails
10/16/42, Moscow, Caucasus Contest Widens
10/17/42, Moscow, Battle Rages Through Night
10/18/42, Moscow, Germans Widen Salient
10/18/42, Moscow, Winter Returning as Russians’ Ally (W)
10/20/42, Moscow, Red Army Yields Block, Then Holds
10/21/42, Moscow, Weather Gives Some Relief
10/22/42, Moscow, New Tactics in Air Evolved in Russia
10/23/42, Moscow, Germans Lose Momentum
10/24/42, Moscow, Russian Initiative Grows
10/25/42, Moscow, Strong Nazi Attacks Fail
10/25/42, Moscow, Germans Drive Hard for Caucasus (W)
10/26/42, Moscow, Enemy Forced Back
10/27/42, Moscow, Nazis Reach Factory
10/28/42, Moscow, Stalingrad Hails General as Savior
11/1/42, Moscow, Interest Shifts to Caucasus
11/1/42, Moscow, Soviets Rely on Themselves (W)
11/3/42, Moscow, Both Wary at Stalingrad
11/4/42, Moscow, Caucasus Positions Precarious
11/5/42, Moscow, Stalingrad Onslaughts Crushed
11/6/42, Moscow, Stalingrad Offensive is Futile
11/7/42, Moscow, Moscow is Decorated for Fete; Soviet’s 25th Anniversary Today
11/8/42, Moscow, Rommel’s Defeat Linked to Nazis’ Caucasus Push (W)
11/17/42, Moscow, Big Red Ski Forces Ready for Winter
11/19/42, Moscow, Crucial Sector Frustrates Foe
11/20/42, Moscow, Winter Transforms Front
11/22/42, Moscow, Red Army Makes Ready for Hard Winter War (W)
11/25/42, Moscow, Nazis Retreat, Some in Panic, Leaving Rumanians in Lurch
11/26/42, Moscow, Russians Roll On (L)
11/27/42, Moscow, Don Net Tightened (L)
11/28/42, Moscow, Russians Close In on Trapped Nazis
11/29/42, Moscow, Red Star is Jubilant
12/3/42, Moscow, Red Army Punches New Holes in Lines
12/4/42, Moscow, Invisible Bridge Aids Soviet Drive
12/5/42, Moscow, Russian Reports Confident
12/6/42, Moscow, Gains Menace Nazi Supplies
12/6/42, Moscow, Red Army is In Shape for Winter Offensive (W)
12/13/42, Moscow, Seesaw Battles Raging
12/16/42, Moscow, Russian Resistance Massive
12/17/42, Moscow, Russians Nip Nazi Coup
12/19/42, Moscow, Russians in Byelyi Area
12/20/42, Moscow, Threat to Stalingrad Salient
12/20/42, Moscow, Russians Finding Out Where Nazis are Weak (W)
12/21/42, Moscow, Merger of Drives Likely
12/22/42, Moscow, Nazis Leave Scorched Earth
12/24/42, Moscow, Russian Advance Audacious
12/25/42, Moscow, Russians Crush Resistance
12/26/42, Moscow, Operations on a Grand Scale
12/28/42, Moscow, Ukranians Hail Success
12/29/42, Moscow, Russians Improve Positions
12/31/42, Moscow, Southern Advance is Rapid
1/1/43, Moscow, Parallel Drives Lengthen
1/3/43, Moscow, Nazi Hub Menaced (L)
1/4/43, Moscow, Battered Germans Reorganize
1/7/43, Moscow, Voluntary Retreat Doubtful
1/8/43, Moscow, Trap Closing on Salient
1/9/43, Moscow, Gains Widen Rostov Front
1/13/43, Moscow, Cossacks Re-enter the Kuban
1/14/43, Moscow, Russians Harry Nazi Retreat
1/15/43, Moscow, Caucasus Advance is General
1/16/43, Moscow, Strong Resistance Continues
1/17/43, Moscow, Don Successes Continue
1/17/43, Moscow, Russian Infantry Masses for Attack (W)
1/20/43, Moscow, City’s Spirit Defied Conquest
1/21/43, Moscow, Leningrad Aisle Widens
1/22/43, Moscow, Soviet Superiority Prevails
1/24/43, Moscow, Advance Toward Black Sea
1/24/43, Moscow, Soviet’s Mettle Proved at Leningrad (W)
1/26/43, Moscow, Cossacks Sweep On in Kuban
1/27/43, Moscow, German Losses Monumental
1/28/43, Moscow, Victory on Volga Opens Rail Routes
1/30/43, Moscow, Nearing Kursk-Kharkov Line
1/31/43, Moscow, Bold Russian Blow Traps Axis Hordes
2/5/43, Moscow, Russians Near Vital Highway
2/10/43, Stalingrad, Stalingrad Ruins Record Hard Fight
2/11/43, Stalingrad, Stalingrad Battle Held Classic Feat
2/14/43, Moscow, Donbas Stronghold Crumbling
2/16/43, Moscow, Large Nazi Forces Fighting Russians
2/18/43, Moscow, Nazis at Kharkov Caught Off Guard
2/19/43, Moscow, Donets Successes Multiply
2/21/43, Moscow, Red Army Grows in Power (W)
2/25/43, Moscow, Ukraine Wedges Widen
2/26/43, Moscow, Donets Battle Shifts
3/1/43, Moscow, Donets is In Peril
3/3/43, Moscow, Hard Task for Timoshenko
3/4/43, Moscow, Nazis Fail in Counter-Attacks
3/5/43, Moscow, Stand West of Rzhev Fails
3/9/43, Moscow, Russians Continue Big Drives
3/9/43, Moscow, People Have Some Knowledge
3/10/43, Moscow, Allied ‘Misinterpretation’
3/12/43, Moscow, Nazi Plan to Trap Kharkov Armies Failed by Thin Soviet Rear Guard
3/14/43, Moscow, Russians Repel Tank Blows
3/15/43, Moscow, Moscow Report on Kharkov
3/16/43, Moscow, Russians Fight Beyond Kharkov
3/17/43, Moscow, Kharkov’s Flanks Hold Firm
3/19/43, Moscow, Russians Press Air Battle
3/20/43, Moscow, Fight Rages in Donets Hills
3/22/43, Moscow, Nazis Forced to Change Tactics
3/23/43, Moscow, Strain of Winter Ends for Moscow
3/24/43, Moscow, Donets Line Holds Firmly
3/25/43, Moscow, Russians Push Beyond Dnieper
3/26/43, Moscow, Air Fighting at Leningrad
3/27/43, Moscow, Yartsevo Line Faces Siege
3/29/43, Moscow, Red Army Poised for Next Big Push
3/31/43, Moscow, Fierce Nazi Blows Fail on Donets; Russians Press Toward Smolensk
4/2/43, Moscow, Red Army Deepens Wedge in Caucasus
4/3/43, Moscow, Caucasus Pressure Grows
4/4/43, Moscow, Russians Reveal Front Line; Menace Nazi Bases in North
4/27/43, Moscow, Poles Denounced
5/2/43, Moscow, Russians Probe Lines to Learn Nazi Plans (W)
5/6/43, Moscow, Soviet Premier Offers Tie with Poland after War (L)
5/10/43, Moscow, Russia Recovers in Vyasma’s Ruins
5/20/43, Moscow, Davies in Moscow with Stalin Note
5/23/43, Moscow, Red Parties Freed (L)
5/28/43, Moscow, Air Mastery Still Contested
10/10/43, Moscow, Germans, Expecting a Lull, Attacked on the Dnieper (W)
10/16/43, Moscow, Heavy Toll Paid for Zaporozhye
10/17/43, Moscow, Liberation of Ukraine a Major Russian Goal (W)
10/24/43, Moscow, Valor of Poles Praised
10/24/43, Moscow, Russians Winning Back More Devastated Land (W)
10/31/43, Moscow, Russians Threaten Foe Everywhere (W)
11/5/43, Moscow, Donbas Industries Wrecked
11/6/43, Moscow, World Premiere Heard (In Movie Review post)
11/9/43, Moscow, German ‘Shuttle’ Wrecked
11/15/43, Moscow, Boldness Won Zhitomir
11/16/43, Moscow, Nazis Squirming in a Bag
11/17/43, Moscow, Front Wheeling Westward
11/20/43, Moscow, Russians Outgeneraled Foe in Capturing Korosten and Rechitsa by Brilliant Tactics
11/21/43, Moscow, Major Russian Blows Aimed at the Center (W)
11/25/43, Moscow, Russians Absorb Heavy Blows
11/26/43, Moscow, German Offensive Lags
11/27/43, Moscow, Nazis Near Gomel Caught Off Guard
12/1/43, Moscow, Zhlobin’s Peril Increases
12/2/43, Moscow, Communications at Stake
12/6/43, Moscow, Lessons of Kursk Aid Russians Now
12/13/43, Moscow, Russians’ Mobility Increased by Cold

12/13/43, Moscow, Russians’ Mobility Increased by Cold
12/15/43, Moscow, River City is Prize (L)
12/26/43, Moscow, German Massacre of 15,000 Detailed
12/26/43, Moscow, Germans Still Strong along Russian Fronts (W)
12/28/43, Moscow, Reward for 2-Month Fight
12/31/43, Moscow, Nazi Armies Flee (L)
1/1/44, Moscow, Rail Hub Topples (L)
1/3/44, Moscow, Vitebsk Stronghold Weakens
1/4/44, Moscow, Converging Move Again Wins
1/15/44, Moscow, Rail Center Falls (L)
1/16/44, Moscow, Nazi Defenses Formidable
1/22/44, Moscow, Rail Center Falls
1/23/44, Moscow, Russians Close In
1/23/44, Moscow, Red Army Puts Lessons of Experience to Work (W)
1/29/44, Moscow, Red Army Forces Converge
1/31/44, Moscow, Russians Converge on Luga
2/6/44, Moscow, Russians Take 200 Places in 50-Mile Thrust in Poland
2/7/44, Moscow, A New Soviet Push (L)
2/8/44, Moscow, 2 Traps Tightened
2/9/44, Moscow, Lunge Cuts Off Krivoi Rog
2/10/44, Moscow, Iron City Menaced
2/11/44, Moscow, Russians Slice Off Part of Nazi Trap
2/13/44, Moscow, Luga Half Ringed
2/14/44, Moscow, Pskov Next Red Army Goal
2/19/44, Moscow, 40 Villages Fall
2/27/44, South of Shenderovka, on the Second Ukrainian Front, Wreckage Litters Area of Nazi Trap
3/1/44, On the Second Ukrainian Front, in Russia, Plight of Germans near Korsun Told
3/5/44, On the Second Ukrainian Front, Russia, Many Jews Killed in Cherkassy Area
3/6/44, Moscow, Russia is Speeding Work on Rail Lines
3/8/44, Moscow, Red Army Slashes at German Routes
3/18/44, Moscow, Vinnitsa is Prized Goal
3/19/44, Moscow, Border Town Won (L)
3/25/44, Moscow, Vital Rail Line Cut (L)
4/1/44, Moscow, Red Army Exploits Its Gains
4/9/44, Moscow, Near Tatar Pass (L)
4/13/44, Moscow, All Armies Go On (L)
4/14/44, Moscow, Capital Also Won
4/15/44, Moscow, Poet-Partisan from Vilna Ghetto Says Nazis Slew 77,000 of 80,000
4/18/44, Moscow, Red Army Assault on Galati Imminent; End of Crimean Drive will Free Two Armies
4/19/44, Moscow, Red Army Slashes beyond Balaklava
4/25/44, Moscow, Enemy Front is Disrupted
6/7/44, Moscow, Moscow is Excited by News
7/9/44, With the Red Army on the White Russian Front, Germans Outgeneraled on White Russia Front (W)

Parr, Grant
11/7/42, Cairo, Debut of U.S. Tank Aids British; New General Shermans Praised
11/8/42, Cairo, Prisoners’ Morale at New Low
12/6/42, Cairo, U.S. Bombers Blast Naples, Sink Cruiser, Hit a Battleship
12/12/42, Cairo, Enemy at Agheila Reported Jittery
12/15/42, Cairo, Libya Foe Harried
12/16/42, Cairo, Speculation on Axis Stand
12/17/42, Cairo, Columns Smashed (L)
12/18/42, Cairo, Desert Trap Shut (L)
12/19/42, Cairo, Retreat Harassed
12/20/42, Cairo, British Push Foe Deeper Into Libya
1/18/43, Cairo, Tripoli Next Goal
1/19/43, Cairo, Allied Planes Smite Rommel as 8th Army Gains in Libya
1/20/43, Cairo, Desert Units Gain
1/21/43, Cairo, Rommel Pounded
1/22/43, Cairo, Libyan City Raided (L)
1/23/43, Cairo, Tanks in Small Battle
1/24/43, Cairo, Rommel is Pressed (L)
2/6/43, Cairo, Churchill Thrills Eighth Army with a Flying Visit to Tripoli
2/9/43, Cairo, Italian Harbor Hit

Parrott, Lindesay
7/13/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, 45,000 Japanese in Wewak Trap Launch Suicidal Bid to Escape
7/15/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, 10 Japanese Ships Bagged Daily, M’Arthur Toll of Havoc Shows
7/27/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, Aitape Trap Grinds Japanese Steadily
7/30/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, First Big Air Blow Rips at Halmahera
8/1/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, Big Jump in Pacific
8/4/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, Japanese Attack Again near Aitape
8/8/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, ‘Cats’ Strike Back
8/11/44, Allied Headquarters in Australia, Outer Bases Abandoned
9/18/44, Beachhead on Morotai, Perfect Air Cover Given to Morotai
9/20/44, General Headquarters, Southwest Pacific, Foe Fails in Morotai Blow
9/22/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters, in the Southwest Pacific, M’Arthur Fliers Smash 12 Vessels
9/23/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters, in the Southwest Pacific, Allied Fliers Hit 14 Japanese Ships
9/24/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, 12 More Vessels Sunk
9/26/44, Advanced Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Plane Sinks 3 Japanese Warships; Navy ‘Cat’ Hits All 3 in One Run
9/28/44, Allied Headquarters, Southwest Pacific, 3,000-Mile Sortie Hits Batavia Area
10/4/44, Allied Headquarters, in the Southwest Pacific, Big U.S. Planes Rip Borneo Fuel Base
10/20/44, Advanced Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific, Our Pacific Forces Keyed for Big Task
10/24/44, On Leyte Beachhead, America’s Thunder Rolled at Leyte
10/28/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Big Isle Below Luzon Won; Japanese on Leyte Routed
10/30/44, Tacloban, Philippines, Freed Filipinos Are Jubilant; Enemy Treated Them as Slaves
11/1/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Leyte Drive Continues
11/3/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Japanese Lose Grip on Big Ocean Area
11/4/44, Carigara, Leyte, Shells Cleared Carigari [sic]
11/5/44, Headquarters of the First Cavalry, on Leyte, Cowboy Division Acquires Horses on Leyte, Begins to Remound Itself
11/7/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Last Japanese Grip on Leyte Imperiled
11/8/44, Liloan, Panaon Island, the Philippines, Fresh Food through Brisk Barter Puts Weight on GI’s in Philippines
11/11/44, Advance Headquarters, on Leyte, Fight in Ormoc Bay (L)
11/12/44, Advance Headquarters on Leyte, New Ormoc Battle (L)
11/15/44, Advance Headquarters, on Leyte, New Trap is Set for Foe on Leyte
11/16/44, Advance Headquarters, on Leyte, Foe’s Escape Road Severed on Leyte
11/17/44, Advance Headquarters, on Leyte, A Japanese Fantasy
11/18/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Part of Japanese on Leyte Cut Off
11/20/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Americans Hold Leyte Foe in Trap
11/21/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Americans Hack at Leyte Bastion
11/26/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, PT-Boats Shut off Japanese on Leyte
1/10/45, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, Units Drive Inland (L)
1/11/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Units Drive Inland (L)
1/12/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Patrols 18 Miles In (L)
1/13/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Luzon Gains Made
1/16/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Road Center Taken in Drive on Manila
1/17/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Sixth Army Widens Deep Luzon Wedge
1/18/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, MacArthur Protects Flank by 17-Mile Dash along Gulf
1/19/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Two Road Centers Captured on Luzon
1/20/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Japanese Counter-Attacks Swiftly Smashed on Luzon
1/21/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Sixth Army Splits Japanese on Luzon
1/22/45, Allied Headquarters, on Leyte, Tarlac Captured, a Key to Manila
1/31/45, On the Zambales Beachhead, on Luzon, New Army in Luzon

Peffer, Nathaniel
10/30/38, Japan’s Gains Doubtful as the Chinese Fight On (W)
7/7/40, Japan Seeks to Speed Hegemony in East Asia (W)
9/14/41, Truce, but Not Peace, is Visible in Far East (W)
5/24/42, Japan Must Risk All to Try for a Knockout (W)

Persson, Goesta
4/28/40, Swedish-Norwegian Border, Trondheim is a Disputed Prize
5/6/40, Swedish-Norwegian Frontier, 100 Reich Planes Seen Headed North

6/13/39, Paris, Formula Again Has Wide Scope
8/11/39, Paris, Italian Doubts are Seen
11/30/39, Paris, Restoration of Imperial Russian Frontiers, with Rumania Next, is Thought Soviet Aim
4/1/40, Paris, Two Policies Uppermost
10/8/40, Soviet Seen Balked by Nazi Move; Drive to Straits Held Delayed
1/3/41, Indecision Seen in Hitler’s Delays; Plans on Vichy, Spain Held Awry
4/12/41, Washington, Vichy Africa Seen Open to Nazi Drive
6/20/41, Washington, Russian Passivity on Turks a Puzzle
6/27/41, Washington, Stalin Concessions Spurned by Hitler
8/6/41, Washington, Vichy-Nazi Accord Not Yet Ruled Out
9/12/41, Washington, Soviet Air Mission Asks for Quick Aid
1/28/42, Washington, Free French Grant to Allies Use of Islands in the Pacific
3/11/42, Washington, Nazis Said to Get Fuel in Martinique
9/2/42, British Must Hold Corridor in Egypt
11/12/42, Rommel Reported Building Axis Defense In Tunisia
12/12/42, Jibuti Likely to Go with De Gaulle Soon
8/19/43, Allies Ready to Move
9/22/43, London Said to Bar Sforza from Italy
11/12/43, Reich Plane Output Reported Cut 60%
11/26/43, ‘Big 4’ Suggested as Parley Result
1/7/44, Stalin Said to Oppose Intermediary on Borders
3/1/44, Civil War in Yugoslavia Predicted as Tito-Mikhailovitch Feud Issue
7/8/44, U.S.-French Pact is Seen
7/26/44, Washington, Laval Reported to Have Sent $50,000 to Argentina in Anticipation of Disaster
8/16/44, Washington, Himmler’s Hand Seen in Bombing; Reich Power for Him the Result
1/5/45, Washington, New Greek Regent Noted for Courage

Peters, C. Brooks
8/8/39, Berlin, Nazi General Asks Labor to be Calm
8/12/39, Berlin, Danzig Main Issue (L)
10/1/39, Berlin, Vessels Cautioned (L)
11/22/39, Berlin, Pair Seized Nov. 9
11/23/39, Berlin, Gestapo Signs Off with ‘Silly’ Britons
11/24/39, Berlin, Nazis Lay Pre-War Ship Sabotage to British; Arrested ‘Agent’ is Said to Have Confessed
11/25/39, Berlin, Nazis Doubt Diplomatic Good-Will of Dutch over Border ‘Incident’
12/19/39, Berlin, Germans Claim Victory
1/7/40, Berlin, Hitler’s Men Who Run Reich (W)
2/18/40, Berlin Reich Press Irate
4/4/40, Berlin, Goering Predicts ‘Blow in the West’
4/13/40, Berlin, Nazis Warn British of Major Air Raids
4/14/40, Berlin, Reich Says Fliers Beat British Fleet
4/15/40, Berlin, Berlin Renews Threat to Britain, Charging Air Bombing of Bergen
4/16/40, Berlin, Nazis See Way Open to Attack Britain
4/18/40, Berlin, Nazis Raid British from New Bases
4/24/40, Berlin, Nazis Claim 11 Planes
6/10/40, Berlin, Nazis Widen Front as Advance Gains
6/12/40, Berlin, Berlin Confident, but News is Vague
6/13/40, Berlin, Nazi Ring Closing on Paris; Van 12 ½ Miles from City
6/14/40, Berlin, New German Drive
6/15/40, Berlin, 2 Forces Take City (L)
6/16/40, Berlin, Verdun Forts Fall (L)
7/7/40, Berlin, As Berlin and London View the Great Battle (W)
8/9/40, Berlin, 34 British Planes Claimed by Nazis
8/12/40, Berlin, Nazis See Success
8/13/40, Berlin, Berlin Hails Gain
8/14/40, Berlin, Biggest Nazi Raids Bomb Coast Areas
8/15/40, Berlin, Weather Forces Lull
8/16/40, Berlin, Nazis Range Afar
8/17/40, Berlin, Berlin is Exultant
8/25/40, Berlin, Nazis Claim Hits on British Bases
8/26/40, Berlin, Planes over City (L)
8/27/40, Berlin, Full Attack Begun in Air, Reich Says
8/30/40, Berlin, Raids Anger Reich (L)
8/31/40, Berlin, 80 British Planes Downed, Nazis Say
9/5/40, Berlin, Talks of Invasion (L)
9/8/40, Berlin, Reich ‘Retaliating’
9/12/40, Berlin, Berlin Threatens New Fury in Raids
9/15/40, Berlin, London Surrender Demanded by Nazis
9/17/40, Berlin, Secrecy in Berlin Hints at Surprise
9/29/40, Berlin, “Satisfies” Berlin
10/1/40, Berlin, Axis Woos Russia
10/5/40, Berlin, Strategy Stressed at Talks, Nazis Say
10/23/40, Berlin, ‘New Order’ Near (L)
11/19/40, Berlin, Hitler Holds Talks
11/24/40, Berlin, Slovakia is Next (L)
12/1/40, Berlin, Italian Reverses Cause Reich Worry (W)
12/11/40, Berlin, Hitler Challenges World Democracy
12/25/40, Berlin, Channel Belittled
12/28/40, Berlin, Nazis Bid U.S. Shun Eire in Sending Aid
1/1/41, Berlin, Hits Democracies
1/20/41, Berlin, Meeting Reported
1/21/41, Berlin, Axis Chiefs Draft Next Move in War
1/30/41, Berlin, Hitler Talk Today May Score Aid Bill
1/31/41, Berlin, Holds Foe Beaten
2/2/41, Berlin, Nazis Cite Hitler on Gas Reprisal
2/14/41, Berlin, Yugoslav Inaction Sought by Hitler
2/15/41, Berlin, Statesmen Meet (L)
2/25/41, Berlin, March is Time Set (L)
3/1/41, Berlin, Vienna Signing Due (L)
3/17/41, Berlin, Derides U.S. Help (L)
3/23/41, Berlin, Big Atlantic Loss (L)
3/26/41, Berlin, Belgrade in Axis
3/27/41, Berlin, Matsuoka Greeted Royally in Berlin
3/29/41, Berlin, Nazis Await Reply
4/1/41, Berlin, Fear for “Private Property”
4/6/41, Berlin, Germans Charge Plot
4/9/41, Berlin, Nazis Push West
4/10/41, Berlin, Nazis Smash Lines (L)
4/12/41, Berlin, Nazis See Debacle
4/13/41, Berlin, Nazis Doubt Help of U.S. to Balkans
4/14/41, Berlin, Reich Now Claims Fall of Belgrade
4/16/41, Berlin, British in Greece Broken, Nazis Say
4/17/41, Berlin, Berlin Hails Gains
4/19/41, Berlin, Nazis Claim Break in Defense Lines
4/20/41, Berlin, Germans Drive On (L)
4/21/41, Berlin, Trikkala is Taken
4/22/41, Berlin, Berlin Sees a Rout (L)
4/23/41, Berlin, Germans Driving South in Greece
4/24/41, Berlin, Stukas Sink Ships
4/26/41, Berlin, Germans Push On (L)
4/27/41, Berlin, Swift Final Drive Made by Germans
4/28/41, Berlin, Greek Ports Fall
4/29/41, Berlin, Nazis Mopping Up Greek Resistance
5/16/41, Berlin, Meat Allowances Reduced in Reich
5/21/41, Berlin, Germany is Vague on Drive in Crete
5/24/41, Berlin, 3 More Warships Claimed in Berlin
5/30/41, Berlin, Axis Squeeze is On (L)
5/31/41, Berlin, Germans See Rout (L)
6/1/41, Berlin, Axis Planes Active
6/2/41, Berlin, Nazis List Captives in Crete at 10,000
6/19/41, Berlin, A Ten-Year Treaty (L)
6/22/41, Berlin, Bad Faith Charged (L)
6/23/41, Berlin, Germans Withhold Details
6/25/41, Berlin, Hitler Goes to Soviet Front; Reports Invasion ‘Success’
6/26/41, Berlin, Nazis See Victory Assured in Drive
6/29/41, Berlin, Reich to Announce Big Victory Today
6/30/41, Berlin, Nazis See Victory (L)
7/1/41, Berlin, Berlin Lists Gains
7/2/41, Berlin, Drive for Moscow Speeded by Nazis
7/3/41, Berlin, Berlin Sees Sweep
7/6/41, Berlin, Invaders Press On
7/8/41, Berlin, Nazis Claim Break in the Stalin Line
7/9/41, Berlin, Berlin News Scant
7/13/41, Berlin, Nazis Drive Ahead (L)
7/13/41, Berlin, Goebbels’s Network Covers Reich (W)
7/14/41, Berlin, Germans Foresee Red Army’s Doom
7/17/41, Berlin, Germans Describe Beating Back Foe
7/18/41, Berlin, Forts Delay Nazis (L)
7/19/41, Berlin, Smolensk Passed, Germany Asserts (L)
7/20/41, Berlin, Nazis Drive Ahead (L)
7/21/41, Berlin, Berlin Cites Traps
7/22/41, Berlin, Nazis Claim Traps Doom Soviet Units
7/23/41, Berlin, Red Army Split Up, Germans Declare
7/24/41, Berlin, Invasion Checked
7/26/41, Berlin, Nazi Spearheads Hit by Russians
7/27/41, Berlin, Nazis Still Say Struggle Rages
7/29/41, Berlin, Smolensk Fight Won, Nazis Claim
7/30/41, Berlin, Berlin Confident of Soviet Defeat
7/31/41, Berlin, Berlin Concedes Defensive Stand
8/1/41, Berlin, Germans Vague on Russian Front
8/2/41, Berlin, 45,000 Captured, Germans Assert
8/6/41, Berlin, Nazis Widen Smolensk Gap in Moscow Push, They Say
8/7/41, Berlin, Nazis Depict Havoc
8/8/41, Berlin, Kiev Encircled, Germans Assert
8/9/41, Berlin, Drive Upon Odessa
8/10/41, Berlin, Big Ukraine Gain Claimed by Nazis
8/12/41, Berlin, Odessa Trap Seen
8/13/41, Berlin, Berlin Cites Gains
8/14/41, Berlin, New ‘Dunkerque’ is Seen at Odessa
8/15/41, Berlin, Nazis Gain in South
8/16/41, Berlin, Nazis Grow Vague on Ukraine ‘Trap’
8/18/41, Berlin, Nikolaev is Seized (L)
8/19/41, Berlin, Nazi Guns Shell Dnieper Retreat
8/20/41, Berlin, Bitter Ukraine Battles Continue as Axis ‘Mops Up’ Resisting Foe
8/21/41, Berlin, Nazis Attack Bridgeheads
8/22/41, Berlin, Nazis in Key Cities
8/23/41, Berlin, Nazis Say Crisis Looms in Russia
8/25/41, Berlin, Nazis Press Foe on Dnieper River
8/26/41, Berlin, Russian Attacks Parried by Nazis
8/27/41, Berlin, Nazis Claim Dniepropetrovsk and Control of Dnieper River
8/28/41, Berlin, Germans Claim Zaporozhe, See Donets Basin Menaced
8/29/41, Berlin, Nazis Reported Near Leningrad
8/30/41, Berlin, Duce Meets Hitler (L)
8/31/41, Berlin, 60 Vessels Sunk in Tallinn Flight
9/2/41, Berlin, Nazis Fight Off Russian Thrusts
9/3/41, Berlin, Germans Close In
9/4/41, Berlin, Nazis Concede Pause in Drives
9/5/41, Berlin, Germans See ‘Trap’
9/6/41, Berlin, Pound Soviet City
9/8/41, Berlin, Leningrad Area Raided by Nazis
9/9/41, Berlin, Leningrad’s Doom Sure, Berlin Says
9/10/41, Berlin, Leningrad Siege Begun, Say Nazis
9/11/41, Berlin, Berlin Reticent on War in East
9/12/41, Berlin, Berlin Concedes Losses in Center
9/17/41, Berlin, Nazis Claim Rout of 3 Red Armies Below Leningrad
9/18/41, Berlin, Tanks Push South
9/19/41, Berlin, Moscow ‘Menaced’
9/20/41, Berlin, Nazis Slash Ahead (L)
9/23/41, Berlin, Red Warships Hit
9/25/41, Berlin, Nazis Stress Stiff Defenses
9/28/41, Berlin, ‘5 Armies’ Caught (L)
9/29/41, Berlin, Berlin is Reticent (L)
9/30/41, Berlin, Elias Taken to Berlin
1/12/42, Washington, Americans Strike
1/26/42, Washington, Bataan Coup Won
2/9/42, Washington, 2 Flanks Attacked
2/16/42, Washington, M’Arthur Expects Big Enemy Attack
2/22/42, Washington, Gun Duel is Heavy in Bataan Battle
2/23/42, Washington, Igorots Astride Tanks in Bataan Wipe Out a Japanese Regiment
3/1/42, Washington, U.S. Submarines Score
3/12/42, Washington, Admiral King Promises Offensives; Hart Lays Defeat to Lack in Air
3/15/42, Washington, Houston is Lost (L)
3/22/42, Washington, Bataan Flares Up (L)
3/29/42, Washington, Wainwright’s Men Counter Enemy Blows in Philippines
3/30/42, Washington, Japanese Attack
4/5/42, Washington, Action Near Java (L)
4/6/42, Washington, Luzon Fight Rages
4/12/42, Washington, Fighting on Island (L)
4/15/42, Washington, Cebu Battle Heavy
4/26/42, Washington, Occupy Vital Isle (L)
5/11/42, Washington, Fires Set in Japan
6/8/42, Washington, Report by Admiral King
6/22/42, Washington, New Landing Made
6/28/42, Washington, Japan Bombed with 20-Cent Sight; Arnold Gives D.F.C. to 23 Raiders
8/1/42, Newport News, Va., Aircraft Carrier Launched by Navy
8/9/42, Washington, Washington’s Report
8/10/42, Washington, Our Units Fight On (L)
8/18/42, Washington, Foe’s Ships Routed (L)
8/21/42, Washington, Marines Have Captured Islands in Solomon Group, Navy Asserts
8/26/42, Washington, Fleet is Crippled (L)
8/27/42, Washington, Isles Firmly Held (L)
8/28/42, Washington, Japanese Retreat (L)
8/29/42, Washington, Public is Warned on Solomons Fight
8/30/42, Washington, Japanese Destroyer Sunk, 2 Others Hit in Solomons

Petersen, Anne
11/17/43, Bethpage, L.I., 3 Women Serve as Test Pilots for Navy Hellcats and Avengers

Petroff, Eugene
7/18/41, Moscow, Red Writer Tells of Fight in Baltic
7/21/41, Moscow, Russian Describes His Town’s Battle
7/23/41, Moscow, Reds See a Defect in German Armor
9/6/41, With the Russian Army, Reds See a Defect in German Armor
7/14/42, Red Navy Ship Ran Gantlet of Bombs to Aid Sevastopol

Philip, P.J.
8/14/38, Paris, Two Sides in Spain Same in Manpower
8/30/38, Paris, French Disturbed by Tour of Hitler
9/5/38, Bordeaux, France, Bonnet Asks U.S. to Help in Peace
9/13/38, Paris, Paris Sees Respite in Hitler’s Speech
12/6/38, Paris, Ready to Complete Accord (L)
12/7/38, Paris, Peace Declaration Signed (L)
3/11/39, Paris, Refugees Termed a Peril to France
3/19/39, Paris, What is Hitler Up To? A Frantic Europe Asks (W)
5/16/39, Paris, French See Il Duce Trapped by Errors
6/28/39, Paris, Daladier Fearful of Summer Crisis
7/16/39, Paris, Birth Rate Worries France (W)
8/5/39, Paris, Paris Anxious Over Pact
8/23/39, Paris, France Prepares to Stop Germany
8/24/39, Paris, France Mobilizes; Now Expects War
9/1/39, Paris, Ministers Stand Firm
9/7/39, Paris, French See Reich Invaded This Time
9/10/39, Paris, Vast Differences from 1914 are Noted by Paris (W) 10/4/39, With the French Armies, on the German Frontier, War in the West Found Leisurely
10/11/39, Paris, France Skeptical (L)
10/26/39, Paris, Quiet Winter Seen on Western Front
11/24/39, Paris, Air Battles Rage over West Front
12/4/39, Paris, League Committee Meets Today
12/10/39, Geneva, League Indicates it Will Brand and Expel Russia as Aggressor
12/12/39, Geneva, Reply Today Asked (L)
12/13/39, Geneva, Soviet Reply Curt (L)
12/15/39, Geneva, Geneva Unanimous
12/25/39, Paris, War Capitals Strive to be Gay on First Blacked-Out Christmas
12/30/39, Paris, Europe Must Unite, Daladier Asserts
1/7/40, Paris, Finns Spur Neutrals
1/23/40, Paris, French See Lesson in Raids on Finns
1/25/40, Paris, Reich-Soviet Deal Said to Give Nazis Rumanian Wedge (L)
2/24/40, Paris, Chautemps Lauds Welles on Mission
2/28/40, Paris, Press Censorship is Lifted in France
3/10/40, Paris, French Justify Actions
3/21/40, Paris, Unity is Paris Aim (L)
3/22/40, Paris, Reynaud Presents Enlarged Cabinet; 5 on War Council (L)
4/24/40, Paris, Allies Plan Moves
5/19/40, Paris, Nazi Dive Bombers Terrify Refugees
5/20/40, Paris, Command Changed
5/21/40, With the French Armies, On the Defense
5/22/40, Paris, Premier is Candid
5/25/40, Paris, Nazi Losses Called High
5/26/40, Paris, Flanders Battle Seen near Climax
5/31/40, With the French Armies in Eastern France, French Town Behind Front Blasted by Nazis; Bombings There Halt after Allied Reprisal
6/1/40, With the French Armies in the East, French at Front See Final Victory
6/4/40, Paris, 17 Craft Downed (L)
6/7/40, On the Edge of the Fighting Area, Front Lines Swirl in New Kind of War
6/10/40, Paris, Many Flee Paris, but Hope Persists
6/14/40, Tours, France, Urgent Pleas to Us
6/19/40, Bordeaux, France, Hitler’s Terms Awaited
6/20/40, Bordeaux, France,Terms are Awaited
8/14/40, Riom, France, War Guild Charge Lodged in France
11/7/40, Ottawa, Canada Sees Gain for Joint Defense
12/22/40, Ottawa, Petain Role that of France’s Savior (W)
5/7/41, Ottawa, 11 U.S. Ferry Fliers Lost in Atlantic Sinking by Nazis
8/9/41, Ottawa, 6th Army Division Planned in Canada
11/6/41, Ottawa, U-Boats Roaming Labrador Coast
1/21/42, Ottawa, Draft Plebiscite Studied in Canada
5/12/42, Ottawa, Ottawa Gets Bill on Full Draft; Quebec Leader Quits Government
6/11/42, Ottawa, Right to Ship Men is Asked in Canada
6/22/42, Ottawa, Vancouver Island Shelled; Northwest Coast Dims Out
10/16/42, Ottawa, Another Ship Sunk in St. Lawrence River as U-Boat Penetrates Farthest Upstream
11/15/42, Ottawa, Debt Trend to U.S. Feared in Canada
5/30/43, Ottawa, War Issues Delay Voting in Canada
8/11/43, Quebec, Share of Canada in Parley Marked
8/13/43, Quebec, Moehne Raid Hero Seeks Japan Job
8/20/43, Quebec, Quebec Parley is Depicted as News Sahara; Bracken Refers to Its Leaders as ‘Oysters’
8/24/43, Quebec, Canada Pact Seen on Base to Britain
8/26/43, Ottawa, President is Grim (L)
8/30/43, Quebec, Churchill Fishes and Catches Ideas
9/15/43, Ottawa, Canada Explains Cut in Home Army
2/20/44, Invasion Will Demand Our Mightiest Effort (W)
8/16/44, Ottawa, Ottowa Postpones Provincial Parley
9/10/44, Ottawa, Stricter Secrecy Planned
11/6/44, Ottawa, Canada War Chief Against New Draft
11/26/44, Ottawa, Repercussions Expected
12/2/44, Ottawa, Keep Draft Pledge, is Quebec’s Advice
1/24/45, Ottawa, Canadian Election is Now Held Likely

Phillips, R. Hart
6/3/39, Havana, 907 Refugees Quit Cuba on Liner; Ship Reported Hovering Off Coast
6/6/39, Havana, Cuba Opens Doors to 907 on St. Louis
6/7/39, Havana, Cuba Recloses Door to Refugees; 48-Hour Limit on Offer Expires
1/20/43, Havana, Germany’s Defeat Feared in Hungary

Pointer, John
9/24/39, Hitler’s Heirs (NY Times Magazine)

Pol, Heinz
5/18/41, ‘German Lawrence’ Stirs Revolt (W)

Poore, Mary
11/5/44, In Secret Battle, by Lawrence Lipton (B)

Pope, Virginia
7/18/40, Fall Hats Shown by Two Designers

Popham, Capt. John N.
7/2/44, Saipan, Marianas Islands, Saipan Landing a Grim Ordeal of ‘Taking’ Rain of Mortar Fire
7/3/44, Saipan, Marianas Islands, Saipan’s Victors Take the Spoils; Beer, Bananas, Houses to Live In

Porter, Russell B.
5/1/39, Nations in Parade (L)
11/2/40, Ovation in Kings (L)
6/21/41, Portsmouth, N.H., Wreckage Sighted
9/7/43, Cambridge, Mass., Churchill Urges Post-War Alliance for World Peace
7/3/44, Bretton Woods, N.H., Monetary Plans Face Wide Attack
7/4/44, Bretton Woods, N.H., World Bank Urged by Keynes as Vital

Post, Robert P.
3/3/39, London, Chamberlain Aids Palestine Parley
3/5/39, London, War Fear Dominates Palestine Discussion
5/12/39, London, British Stand Firm (L)
5/18/39, London, British Issue Plan to Make Palestine Independent by ‘49
5/21/39, London, Palestine Plan Irks Both Arabs and Jews (W)
8/5/39, London, British Negotiator to Leave Moscow Without an Accord
9/16/39, London, Fight Against U-Boats Effected by Wide Sea and Airplane Patrol
10/2/39, London, 4 British Planes Downed in Battle
10/20/39, London, Nazi Fliers Adrift Since Scapa Flow Raid Reach British Coast in Collapsible Boat
10/22/39, London, British Save Ships (L)
10/31/39, London, British Flotilla Fights off Raid
11/19/39, Portsmouth, England, British Navy Depot Shows Sea Might
11/23/39, London, 8 German Planes Shot Down in Day
11/29/39, London, Intense Sea Hunt On for Nazi Raider
12/5/39, London, Scheer Sank Ship, London Believes
12/16/39, London, London Gets News of Sea Fight Loss
12/18/39, London, 72 Britons Killed in Graf Spee Fight
12/19/39, London, Sharp Naval Blow
1/6/40, London, Stanley in Office that Father Held
4/1/40, London, Anglo-French ‘Nation’ Forecast After War; Would Solve Problem of Balancing Reich
4/3/40, London, ‘Driven Off,’ Say British
4/5/40, London, Churchill’s Role is Little Changed
4/11/40, London, Ports Recaptured
4/12/40, London, Four-Day Naval Battle Rages over Vast Area in the North Sea
4/14/40, London, Allies Hold Port (L)
4/14/40, London, The Far-Flung British Navy (W)
4/19/40, London, Stavanger Raided
4/28/40, London, British Challenge Berlin’s Charges
5/7/40, London, Warships Bombed by German Fliers
5/11/40, London, Reich Aircraft Attacked
5/19/40, London, London Claims Aerial Hits on Fuel Tanks in Germany
5/21/40, London, R.A.F. Claws Back at Larger Forces
5/22/40, London,British Planes Active
5/23/40, London, Germans Pounded by British Fliers
6/4/40, London, R.A.F. Reply Seen
6/6/40, London, Fuel Tanks Raided by British Planes
6/7/40, London, Britons Bomb Foe in Four Countries
6/9/40, London, Converted Liner is U-Boat Victim
6/13/40, London, British Raid Turin
6/28/40, London, British Digging In
7/11/40, London, Sea Fight Results Disappoint British
7/13/40, London, Burma Road Curb Pledged by Britain to Appease Japan
7/14/40, London, Navy’s Task is Put First in Defense of Britain (W)
7/16/40, London, Burma Road Offer Linked by Britain to Peace in Orient
7/17/40, London, Too Late, British Think
7/19/40, London, Churchill Defends Burma Road Pact
7/21/40, London, Removal of Children a Live Issue in Britain (W)
7/25/40, London, R.A.F. Expects of Us 3,000 Craft a Month
8/6/40, London, British See Blow within 2 Weeks; R.A.F. Raids Bases
8/8/40, A British Airport, British Bomber Crews Spirited in Attacks on Targets in Reich
8/9/40, London, Convoy is Target
8/13/40, London, Portsmouth is Hit (L)
8/14/40, London, British Disperse German Warships
8/20/40, London, Fascisti March In (L)
8/21/40, London, Isle Leases Urged (L)
8/25/40, London, First London Raid Starts Fire; Populace is Calm under Bombing
9/3/40, London, Attack up Thames
9/5/40, London, London Attacked by 3 Nazi Waves
9/15/40, London, New Hit on Palace by Nazi Time Bomb
9/17/40, London, Heart of City Hit (L)
9/19/40, London, Big London Stores Wrecked by Bombs
9/24/40, London, Nazis Foiled, British Hold
9/28/40, London, London Badly Hit
10/1/40, London, R.A.F. Night Fliers Repel Nazi Planes
10/8/40, London, Raiders at London Every 10 Minutes
10/9/40, London, London Chief Goal
10/10/40, London, Fires Rage in City (L)
10/13/40, London, New Berlin Raid Staged by British
10/16/40, London, Spee’s Conqueror Battles off Sicily
10/17/40, London, Nazis Give London Lull for 24 Hours
10/19/40, London, Nazi Ships Blasted (L)
10/24/40, London, Nazis Pass London to Hit at Midlands
10/25/40, London, Hard Nazi Raiding Hits at Midlands
10/26/40, London, Nazis Again Strike Heavily at London
10/27/40, London, Scattered Raiders Batter at Britain
10/31/40, London, London Reveals Mining
11/17/40, London, Raiders of London Driven off Early
12/9/40, London, R.A.F. Bombs Pound Duesseldorf Again
12/11/40, London, Two German Spies Hanged in London
12/16/40, London, Border is Crossed
12/22/40, London, Italy’s Path is Harsh; Duce’s Dreams Fading (W)
12/30/40, London, Address is Spur to British Hopes
12/31/40, London, Havoc in ‘The City’
1/7/41, London, Roosevelt Pledge Hailed by British
1/15/41, London, 3 British Warships Hit in Axis Attack in Mediterranean
1/16/41, London, Nazis Raid Britain after 2-Day Lull
1/30/41, London, Prospects in Summary
2/10/41, London, Hope Put in U.S. Aid
2/11/41, London, Action by London (L)
2/12/41, London, British Ships’ Guns Set Fires in Ports
3/4/41, London, British Await Further News
3/7/41, London, Raiders in Norway Sank Eleven Ships
3/12/41, London, Week’s Sinkings 29
3/13/41, London, British Grateful
3/16/41, London, Crucial Sea Campaign is On in the Atlantic (W)
3/17/41, London, London Sees Tonic
3/19/41, London, Sinkings Revealed
3/26/41, London, British Skeptical of Nazis’ Pledge
3/28/41, London, Churchill Vows Help to Yugoslavs; Hails Our Role in ‘Common Cause’
3/30/41, London, Fascist Ship Sunk (L)
3/31/41, London, French Guns Fire
4/6/41, London, War Proves Air Power Needs the Aid of Ships (W)
4/7/41, London, Forces in Greece, Britain Confirms
4/11/41, London,British Depressed by Balkan Events
4/17/41, London, Battle Off Tripoli (L)
4/18/41, London, British Still Dig in Ruins for Victims of Worst Raid
4/22/41, London, British Not Upset
4/23/41, London, Churchill Silent on Greece, Libya
4/28/41, London, Premier Confident (L)
4/29/41, London, Anzacs are Going (L)
5/3/41, London, All-Day Fighting
5/6/41, London, Big R.A.F. Bombs Hit 2 Nazi Battleships
5/10/41, London, Biggest R.A.F. Raid (L)
5/12/41, London, London is Hard Hit (L)
5/13/41, London, British Astounded (L)
5/21/41, London, Churchill Announces Move
5/25/41, London, Hood is Blown Up (L)
5/26/41, London, Fleet Bent on Avenging Hood; Second Ship Hit, Berlin Says
5/27/41, London, Air Arm Makes Contact
5/28/41, London, The Hood Avenged
6/2/41, London, Island Abandoned (L)
6/4/41, London, Unrest in Britain over Crete Rises; Action Demanded
6/11/41, London, Crete is Explained
6/12/41, London, Russian-Nazi ‘Rift’ Reported in London
6/23/41, London, Churchill Promises to Aid All Who are Hitler’s Foes
7/2/41, Lonson, General is Moved
7/16/41, London, Russia is an Ally, Churchill Asserts
7/21/41, London, Bracken Succeeds Duff Cooper as British Information Chief
7/25/41, London, British Ready to Back U.S. to Hilt in Any Action Taken Against Japanese
8/19/41, London, Churchill Home, Plans Radio Talk; Cheered by Convoy, Visited Iceland
8/22/41, London, Troops on Border (L)
8/25/41, London, Premier is Blunt (L)
8/26/41, London, Iranians Struggle (L)
8/29/41, London, British worried over War Output
9/15/41, London, Air Unit in Russia (L)
10/1/41, London, 3 New Perils Seen (L)
11/11/41, London, Our Stand Backed
11/19/41, London, Dill Retiring as British Army Chief; Brooke Gets Post in wide Shake-Up
11/23/41, London, British in Libya Test a New Army (W)
11/27/41, London, New Tanks in Field
11/28/41, London, Britain Projects Sweeping Draft
11/29/41, London, British Claim 71 Axis Ships
1/28/42, London, Challenge to Opponents
2/13/42, London, Nazis Run Gantlet (L)
2/14/42, London, Nazi Navy is Peril
2/16/42, London, Premier is Somber
2/20/42, London, War Leader Yields (L)
2/21/42, London, Churchill Critics Await New Shifts
2/23/42, London, Margesson is Out (L)
2/27/42, London, British Cripple German Cruiser
3/1/42, London, Nazi Post Seized
3/27/42, London, Heavy Raids Made
4/7/42, London, New Delay on India Buoys British Hopes
4/9/42, London, Axis Libyan Columns Move; British Think Offensive is On
4/14/42, London, Ships Menace India (L)
4/24/42, London, Chinese in Danger
5/13/42, London, Nazi Bomber Raids Destroy Warships in Mediterranean
5/16/42, London, British Remnants Elude Burma Trap
5/19/42, Somewhere in Northern Ireland, Convoy is Largest (L)
5/27/42, London, Briton Sees Gain in Mediterranean
5/28/42, London, Action in Desert (L)
5/30/42, London, Desert War Rages
6/3/42, London, Essen is Hit Hard (L)
6/12/42, London, No Secret in Pact, British are Told
6/14/42, London, British are a Match for Nazis in Libya (W)
6/27/42, London, Huge Fires Rage at Bremen in 1,000-Plane R.A.F. Raid
12/23/42, London, 12 of Raiders Lost
1/5/43, London, U.S. Camera Men Cut Off by Tanks
1/9/43, London, Sea Battle Saved Convoy for Russia
1/11/43, London, Convoy Rides Out 35 U-Boat Attacks
2/9/43, London, American Reporters in Britain Take Up High Altitude Flying

Pratt, Fletcher
5/3/42, Victory Through Air Power, by Major Alexander de Seversky (B)
7/5/42, Strategy for Victory, by Hanson W. Baldwin (B)

Prescott, Orville
11/16/42, Books of the Times (C)
3/22/43, Books of the Times (C)
5/12/43, Books of the Times (C)
5/17/43, Books of the Times (C)
6/11/43, Books of the Times (C)
7/12/43, Books of the Times (C)
8/9/43, Books of the Times (C)
5/15/44, Books of the Times (C)
7/19/44, Books of the Times (C)
8/21/44, Books of the Times (C)
9/8/44, Books of the Times (C)
9/20/44, Books of the Times (C)
10/24/44, Books of the Times (C)
11/21/44, Books of the Times (C)
1/2/45, Books of the Times (C)

Railey, Hilton H.
6/16/41, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., Big Armored Unit Ready to Attack in First Such Army Manoeuvre
6/17/41, Bell Buckle, Tenn., Tries Fear Tactic in Tennessee ‘War’
6/19/41, Manchester, Tenn, Says We Will Lead in Armored Forces

Raskin, A.H.
3/25/41, Bethlehem, Pa., Violence at Gates (L)
3/26/41, Bethlehem, Pa., Picketing Ceases (L)
4/3/42, Detroit, All-Welded Tank Built in 47 Days; Fisher Body Sets the Speed Mark

Reed, Philip G.
2/3/44, Aboard Joint Expeditionary Flagship, Kwajalein Atoll, Tiny Isle Taken by Mistake by Army Unit in Marshalls

Resner, Lawrence
6/7/44, Country in Prayer

Reston, James B.
10/18/39, London Hitler Held Duped by His Propaganda
10/23/39, London, One of Nazi Planes Downed over Sea
11/13/39, London, Churchill Taunts Hitler to Combat
11/23/39, London, Blown Up at Port (L)
11/24/39, London, Mines Parachuted (L)
11/25/39, London, Few Hours’ Tie-Up
11/27/39, London, 10 Die in Polish Ship
12/7/39, London, Britain is Sending Arms to Finland
12/12/39, London, Four Ships Vanish Near Tip of Africa
12/19/39, London, Knockout Blow Held Aim
1/5/40, London, Allies Discuss Scandinavian War; Ready to Fight to Protect Flank
1/7/40, London, A Fair Nazi Back in England (W)
1/12/40, London, Nazi Fliers Range Wide British Area
2/20/40, London, Finns Again Ask for Military Aid
2/25/40, London, “Lord Haw Haw” (NY Times Magazine)
2/28/40, London, Nazi Bombers Downed
3/2/40, London, British Bare Study of Magnetic Mines
3/6/40, London, London Stand Firm (L)
3/8/40, London, London is Aroused
3/9/40, London, British Would Act
3/10/40, London, Allied Plan Ready
3/13/40, London, British Feel Blow
3/14/40, London, Anger in Commons
3/25/40, London, Nazi Ship is Sunk; Allies Open Drive to Cut Ore Route (L)
4/15/40, London, Assured on Radio (L)
4/16/40, London, Troops Go Ashore (L)
4/17/40, London, Aid in South Asked
4/18/40, London, Nazi Airport Fired (L)
4/22/40, London, Transport Line Attacked
4/25/40, London, 100 British Planes Raid Nazi Airports
4/26/40, London, London Concedes 2 British Retreats
4/27/40, London, Set Up Air Bases
5/13/40, London, Arrests in Britain
5/23/40, London, Bill Quickly Voted
5/24/40, London, Fliers Range Far
5/25/40, London, 1,500 Nazi Planes Lost, British Claim
6/20/40, London,Britain will Send Children Overseas
7/4/40, London, Fight as Ship Sinks
7/5/40, London, Battle off Oran (L)
7/12/40, London, Britain Firm on Blockade
7/15/40, London, Bars Submission (L)
7/16/40, London, 22 Nazi Airdromes Raided by British
7/20/40, London, Sea Battle Fought in Mediterranean
7/23/40, London, British Intensify Air Raids on Reich
7/26/40, London, German Designs on Azores Seen; Spanish-Portuguese Rift Held Aim
7/30/40, London, Nazis Beaten Off (L)
8/1/40, London, British Ship is Hit; Nazi Raider Flees
8/17/40, London, 5 Suburbs Raided (L)
8/19/40, London, Damage Minimized (L)
8/26/40, London, Big British Bases Found Little Hurt
9/4/40, London, R.A.F. Repels Raids
9/6/40, London, Thames Area Hit
9/7/40, London, Nazis Strike Hard (L)
9/8/40, London, War’s Key Question: ‘Can Britain Hold Out?’ (W)
9/10/40, London, Big Buildings Hit (L)
9/12/40, London, London Guns Roar
9/13/40, London, Nazi Bombs Fewer
9/15/40, London, Four Men for Britain Put Drive in the War (W)
9/25/40, London, R.A.F. Sinks Ships in Channel Raid
9/27/40, London, R.A.F. Pounds Reich
9/30/40, London, Nazi Bases Bombed (L)
10/2/40, London, Respite from Raids Enjoyed in London
10/3/40, London, 1,000 Nazi Planes Spar over Britain
10/7/40, London, London Night Lull Delight to People
10/15/40, London, Nazis Hit 63 Areas
10/18/40, London, Kent Bears Brunt
10/21/40, London, Nazi Fighter Raid Drums on London
10/22/40, London, Nazis Widen Raids on British Plants
10/23/40, London, Nazi Fliers Foiled by London’s Smoke
10/28/40, London, De Gaulle Forming Free ‘Government’
11/7/40, London, Irish Will Refuse to Give Britain Bases; Political Issue is Too Risky for De Valera
11/10/40, London, Britain Faces Grave Crisis at Sea (W)
11/18/40, London,,I. Nazi Formations Smashed by R.A.F.
11/21/40, London, Industry is Target (L)
11/27/40, London, Japanese Broaded Indo-China Demand
11/29/40, London, Fight off Sardinia (L)
11/30/40, London, Battle in Channel
2/20/41, Washington, Funds for Samoa (L)
6/8/41, Washington, British Position ‘Extremely Grave’ but Not Disastrous, Winant Says
7/22/41, Washington, Three Plans for Holding Army Urged in Stormy Senate Debate
9/10/41, Washington, British Promise to Cut Exports
10/2/41, Washington, U-Boat is Blamed (L)
10/30/41, Washington, Japan Asks Truce with Us on Trade
11/8/41, Washington, Ballot is 50 to 37 (L)
11/9/41, Washington, Washington Faces Question of Declared War (W)
11/14/41, Washington, Last-Minute Move (L)
12/1/41, Washington, 4 Powers Ready, Washington Says
12/9/41, Washington, Capital Swings Into War Stride; Throngs Cheer for the President
12/11/41, Washington, Tirpitz Rumored in Malayan Fight
1/4/42, Washington, Briton in Top Post
1/8/42, Washington, Allied Agents Report Plot of Army to Depose Hitler
1/25/42, Washington, Raid Signs Ignored (L)
2/3/42, Washington, Heavy Loss to Foe (L)
2/16/42, Washington, Washington Sees Dire Blow in East
5/11/42, Washington, Anti-Hitler Revolt is Viewed as One of Churchill’s Aims
6/1/42, Washington, To Draft Program for Allied Victory
9/18/43, London, Molotoff Stresses His Need for Stalin’s Aid at Meeting
9/22/43, London, Dual Blow Coming
9/27/43, London, Russia is Forcing Issues as We Delay Post-War Plan
10/1/43, London, Chief of Staff Will Head Allied Forces in Britain
10/8/43, London, Three Powers Bar ‘Spheres,’ Plan Joint Watch on Europe
10/23/43, London, London’s Defense Revived by Nazis
11/9/43, London, British and Turks Renew Cairo Talk
11/16/43, London, Earlier ‘Big 3’ Talks Possible as War Pace is Accelerated
11/17/43, London, Earlier ‘Big 3’ Talks Linked to Final Assault
11/26/43, London, Chiang Kai-shek is Invited to Join Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin Talk
12/4/43, London, Decisions Varied (L)
12/6/43, London, Plan Many Fronts
12/19/43, London, Churchill Stands as a Symbol and a System (W)
12/25/43, London, Invasion Leader Pleases British
1/11/44, London, Compromise Seen (L)
1/12/44, London, Russo-Polish Crisis Grows as Poles Study Soviet Offer
1/13/44, London, Poles Will Offer to Discuss Border
1/14/44, London, Poles Defer Reply as Crisis Deepens
1/17/44, London, Deadlocked Reached (L)
1/21/44, London, Churchill Tackles Russo-Polish Rift
1/27/44, London, Eden Defines Limit of Polish Backing
1/31/44, London, Poles Ask Allies to Define Border
2/23/44, London, Cites Nazis’ Power
2/26/44, London, Finns Invited to Moscow for Parley, London Hears
2/28/44, London, Six-Month Influx a Record
3/7/44, London, Berlin Blow Opens All-Out Air Smash
6/8/44, Washington, Will Name Envoys to Exile Regimes
7/19/44, Washington, German Staff Has Plans Now for Next War, Welles Warns
8/15/44, Washington, No Army Included
8/23/44, Washington, For Use of Forces
8/27/44, Washington, Security Plan Poses a Basic U.S. Decision (W)
10/9/44, Washington, To Maintain Peace

Reston, Sally
9/29/43, London Churchill Warns War May See 1945
2/28/44, London New Tax Aid Plan Drawn in Britain

Richards, Robert
5/28/43, United States Bomber Base Somewhere in Britain, George, Elizabeth Visit U.S. Air Bases

Richardson, William D.
10/23/38, Baltimore, Princeton Rallies Twice to Deadlock Navy, 13-13
11/13/38, Two Long Drives by Navy Overcome Columbia, 14-9
11/27/38, Durham, N.C., 52,000 See Blocked Kick Decided in Favor of Duke
6/13/39, West Conshohocken, Pa., Great Shot at 4th Helps Nelson Win
10/22/39, Cleveland, Notre Dame Team Stops Navy, 14-7
11/12/39, Annapolis, Md., Columbia Passes Down Navy, 19-13
11/26/39, South Bend, Ind., Fighting Irish Bow
11/10/40, Baltimore, Irish Win in Rally
12/1/40, Boston, Boston College Wins, 7-0; Will Play in Sugar Bowl
1/2/41, Dallas, Third-Period Drive Checks Rams, 13-12
6/8/41, Fort Worth, Texas, Victor by 3 Shots
11/23/41, Princeton, N.J., Navy Turns Back Princeton, 23 to 0
1/2/42, New Orleans, Rams Triumph, 2-0, on a Blocked Kick

Robertson, Douglas
2/19/38, Peiping, Japan Shifts Push to Shansi Sectors
5/17/38, Peiping, Victory ‘a Matter of Hours’
1/13/39, Peiping, Chinese Cut the Peiping-Tientsin Railway; All Traffic is Halted by Guerrilla Attack
1/17/41, Shanghai, Nazis to Increase Raiding in Pacific
2/2/41, Shanghai, Japanese Tighten Grip on Indo-China
7/31/41, Shanghai, Shanghai Germans Sell Supplies to British Navy and Soviet Army
11/19/41, Shanghai, U.S. Civilians Stay at Shanghai Jobs
11/28/41, Shanghai, U.S. Marines Sail from Shanghai with Farewell of Rain and Tears
12/8/41, Shanghai, U.S. Gunboat Lost in Shanghai Blow

Rolo, Charles J.
4/1/44, ‘Raider’ Wingate Killed in Crash; He Trained Units for Burma Attack (with Gene Currivan)

Roper, James E.
2/20/44, With the Fifth Army, before Cassino, Enemy Held 2,000 in Cassino Abbey

Rosinski, Herbert
8/4/40, Descent upon England a Strategists Puzzle (W)

Ruch, Walter W.
11/18/41, Philadelphia, Catholics in U.S. Put at 35,000,000
12/8/42, Philadelphia, Dreadnought Tops 26 Ship Launchings
1/18/44, Philadelphia, Bombers Cripple Heart of Reich, Arnold Tells ‘Box Score’ Critics

Russell, Ned
11/11/42, Algiers, Algeria, Algiers Taken Over by Americans Despite Sporadic Axis Bombings (with William Stoneman)
8/6/43, Catania, Sicily, Catania Explodes in Hysteria of Joy

Sargint, H.J.J.
9/29/41, London, Catholics Assail Nazis in Holland
11/13/41, London, Austria Declared Nazis’ Foe Within

Sauerwein, Jules
5/9/39, Paris, Pope Calls for Parley
8/21/39, Berlin, Italo-Reich Parleys Now Going On Seen as Determining Peace or War
12/27/39, Bucharest, Rumanian Appeals for Neutral Unity

Schedler, Dean
4/11/42, Corregidor, Dazed, Weary Troops Reach Corregidor under Foe’s Fire
4/12/42, Corregidor, Corregidor Most Bombed
5/7/42, At United Nations Headquarters, Australia, Wainwright Stays to End by Choice
10/21/42, With MacArthur at Leyte, Philippines, Covering Fire is Deadly

Schiff, Victor
10/8/44, London, Schickelgruber: Alias – (New York Times Magazine)

Schmidt, Dana Adams
11/27/44, At American Seventh Army Headquarters in France, Battle of Vosges Won
12/1/44, Strasbourg, France, Strasbourg Foe Proves Orderly
12/15/44, At Sixth Army Group Headquarters, in France, Foe Seeks Delay on Alsace Front
12/16/44, Paris, Alsace, Lorraine Favor Integration
12/30/44, Paris, France to Call Up 200,000 Men Early in ’45; Move Laid to Clamor over German Offensive
1/26/45, Paris, 12,000 Troops AWOL in Paris; Thousands Join in Black Market
1/27/45, Paris, Resistance Unity in France Blocked
1/29/45, Paris, Negrin Seen Ready to Lead New Spain

Schwarz, Daniel
3/12/44, Princeton, N.J., The Einstein Theory of Living(New York Times Magazine)

Sedgwick, A.C.
10/28/40, Athens, Border is Crossed (L)
11/5/40, Athens, 5 Hills Occupied
11/6/40, Athens, Greek Advance Continues
11/19/40, Athens, Greek Wounded Arrive
11/24/40, Athens, New Italian Bases Menaced in Drive
11/25/40, Athens, Greek Gains Wide (L)
11/26/40, Athens, Greeks Closing In
11/27/40, Athens, Greeks Progress Steadily
11/28/40, Athens, Greece Announces a General Advance
11/29/40, Athens, Air Activity Reported
12/3/40, Athens, Retreat Called General
12/4/40, Athens, Port Threatened
12/5/40, Athens, Premedi Captured
12/7/40, Athens, Final Victory Held Closer
12/8/40, Athens, Greeks Push Drive, Capture New Base
12/9/40, Athens, Vital Base Falls (L)
12/10/40, Athens, Greeks Now Hold Fourth of Albania
12/13/40, Athens, Greek Advance General
12/14/40, Athens, Gain in All Sectors
12/15/40, Athens, More Greek Gains in West Reported
12/16/40, Athens, Greeks Retain Initiative
12/17/40, Athens, Cold and Terrain Slow Greek Drive
12/18/40, Athens, Greeks Push Gains through Icy Peaks
12/20/40, Athens, 600 Italians Taken in Greek Advance
1/23/41, Athens, Italian Attack Checked
1/30/41, Athens, Metaxas Credited for Greeks’ Gains
2/17/41, Athens, Advance by Greeks Reported General
2/18/41, Athens, R.A.F. Aids Greeks in Mountain Push
3/1/41, Athens, 30 Italian Planes Bagged in Albania
3/9/41, Athens, Greek Pass Forced (L)
4/13/41, Athens, Nazi Blow Recoils (L)
7/20/41, Beirut, Syria, Beirut Discloses Nazi Effort There
7/31/41, Tartus, Lebanon, Vichyites in Syria Hostile to British
2/7/42, Jerusalem, Deaths of Hunger on Rise in Athens
2/25/42, Ras En Nakurah, Palestine, New Railway Aids Allies in Levant
6/25/42, Jerusalem, Confidence Urged in Mid-East Press
7/4/42, Somewhere in Egypt, British Stand Puts Stop to Foe’s Rush
7/6/42, With the British Eighth Army, Hopes Soar at Desert Base on Wings of Allied Air Might
7/7/42, El Alamein, Egypt, El Alamein Called Grave of Nazi Hope
7/8/42, With the Eighth Army, in Egypt, Both Sides Avoid Big Risks in Egypt
7/9/42, With the British Army, in Egypt, British Watch a Battle Brewing across Bleak Egyptian Desert
7/13/42, With the British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Australians Push Ahead in Egypt, Acting on Pleas to ‘Give ‘Em Hell’
7/14/42, With the British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Axis Forces Harassed
7/17/42, With the British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Doleful Italians and Morose Nazis Taken Prisoner in Desert Fighting
7/18/42, With British Armored Units, in Egypt, Tank Battle Indecisive
7/22/42, With British Eighth Army in Egypt, German Endurance Fails
7/23/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, U.S. Hospital Unit Under Desert Fire
7/30/42, With British Eighth Army, Britons from Tobruk Who Roamed 35 Days in Desert Tell Epic Story
8/26/42, With British Eighth Army, Nazi Move in Egypt Believed Started
9/3/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Axis Tanks Unable to Hide at Night
9/4/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, British Armor Holds Firm
9/8/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Axis is Reinforcing Its Front in Egypt
9/10/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Desert’s Cruelties to Machines Delay Allies’ Offensive in Egypt
9/27/42, With British Eighth Army, Time-Out Periods Mark Desert War (W)
10/18/42, Cairo, Egypt, Allies Build Power for Blow in Egypt (W)
10/22/42, With Advance R.A.F. Fighter Squadrons, in Egypt, Air War in Desert Pressed by Allies
10/27/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, First Objectives Won
10/30/42, Cairo, Egypt, Four Allied Arms Join in Egypt Push
11/2/42, With British Eighth Army, British Guns Play Big Role in Egypt
11/3/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Axis Desert Loss Marked by Ironies
11/4/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Advance by Allies in Egypt Depicted
11/5/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Tanks Roar Ahead in Dust and Flame
11/10/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, Reporters Injured in Desert Fighting
11/12/42, With British Eighth Army, in Egypt, 8th Army Goes On Past War Wrecks
11/14/42, With British Eighth Army, Brief Fight Won Rugged Halfaya
11/20/42, With British Eighth Army, Axis Battle Wreckage in Cyrenaica Testifies to Allied Striking Power
12/15/42, With British Eighth Army, in Libya, Rommel Retreat Mystifies British
12/16/42, Brega, Libya, Advance Hindered (L)
12/28/42, With Forward Elements of the British Eighth Army, in Tripolitania, Sirte Guards Fled British Van
1/3/43, With British Eighth Army, in Libya, Germans Fortify Position in Libya
3/24/43, At the Mareth Line, British Engineers ‘Pick Rommel’s Lock’
3/25/43, With British Eighth Army, Engineers Fight On Job at Mareth
3/26/43, With British Eighth Army, British Shell Mareth Forts to Pulverize Rock Defenses
4/2/43, With British Eighth Army at Gabes, A Work of Death is Shown in Gabes
4/25/43, Cairo, General ‘Monty’s’ Brotherhood (NY Times Magazine)

7/1/43, Nicosia, Cyprus, Allies’ Nerve War Affects Them Too
8/2/43, Cairo, Egypt, Ploesti Smashed (L)
8/9/43, Cairo, Egypt, Athens of Today is Shown in Film
8/15/43, Jerusalem, Jews in Palestine Angered by Briton
8/18/43, Jerusalem, Palestine Issues Sharpen at Trial
8/28/43, Jerusalem, Arabs’ Unity Plan to Get More Aid; Transjordan Chief to Visit Egypt
10/30/43, Cairo, Egypt, Partisans Breach Railroad
1/8/44, Cairo, Egypt, 5 Axis Ships are Sunk in Aegean as Allied Bombers Resume Task
4/30/44, Naples, Allies’ Big Planes Batter at Toulon
5/6/44, Naples, Waters Rush onto Pescara, Imperiling German Defense
5/8/44, Naples, Allies Already at Work in Italy on Program to Spare Treasures
5/14/44, Naples, 6,000-Yard Bridgehead Secured
5/15/44, Naples, Key Bases Blasted
5/16/44, Naples, Allies Push Ahead (L)
5/17/44, Naples, Allies’ Loss Light (L)
5/19/44, Naples, Allies Driving On (L)
5/20/44, Naples, Hitler Line Menaced
5/21/44, Naples, Nazis Lose Vital Link
5/22/44, Naples, Germans Eye Flank (L)
5/24/44, On the Fifth Army Beachhead, South of Rome, Germans at Anzio Taken by Surprise
5/26/44, Anzio, Fifth Army Unites Forces at a Small Rustic Bridge
5/27/44, Anzio, Cisterna Battle Fierce and Bloody
5/29/44, Sezze, Italy, Soldiers in Italy Fed Up with View
5/30/44, With the Fifth Army, Below Rome, Foe Fights Most on Roads to Rome
6/7/44, Rome, Gestapo Operated Quarters in Rome
8/17/44, Rome, Invasion Gaining (L)
8/18/44, Rome, Americans Reach Outskirts of Cannes, Approach Toulon
8/20/44, Rome, Allies Capture St. Maximin, 25 Miles above Marseille
8/21/44, Rome, Thrust to Aix-en-Provence Cuts Off Marseille, Toulon
8/22/44, Rome, Port Almost Ours
8/23/44, Rome, Americans, French Flank Marseille
8/28/44, Avignon, Avignon Cheers French and Allies
9/1/44, Grenoble, France, Muddled Germans Roam South France
9/5/44, Lyon, 27 Lyon Bridges Blasted by Foe
9/6/44, Rome, French and Americans Push Past Macon in Saone Valley
9/7/44, Rome, 8th Army Plunges Closer to Rimini
9/8/44, Rome, Enemy Flight Held Futile
9/9/44, Rome, Allies Surge Forward
9/12/44, Rome, 3d, 7th Armies Link as Dijon is Taken
9/16/44, Vesoul, France, Foe Stiffens Near Belfort
9/25/44, Pistoia, Italy, Pistoia Almost Empty
9/27/44, With the Fifth Army, Germans Aware of Peril
10/6/44, Patras, Greece, Greek City Found Empty of Goods
10/24/44, Athens, Strife in Peloponnesus
12/30/44, Athens, War Flames in Mounting Fury
1/16/45, Athens, Elas Forces Leave Areas Set in Truce

Seidenfaden, Erik
4/15/40, Stockholm, Soldiers and Peasants Halted Invaders’ Drive at Elverum Just when Government was Prepared to End Resistance

Semitjow, Vladamar
5/5/40, Roeros, Norway, Norwegians Fight Nazis Near Roeros

Sforza, Count Carlo
10/13/40, Col. House and His Part in World Politics, by Arthur D. Howden Smith (B)
10/3/43, The Fruits of Fascism, by Herbert L. Matthews (B)

Shalett, Sidney M.
5/22/42, Detroit, Willow Run Plant a Wonder of War
1/1/43, Aberdeen, Md., Says New Weapons Make Us Toughest
1/4/43, Washington, U.S. Battleship’s Green Crew Bags 32 Planes, 4 Warships
3/4/43, Washington, Tunisia Protection Lessons Aid Troops in Training Here
3/17/43, Washington, Joint Drive is Set (L)
3/20/43, Washington, Air Defenses of Battleships Called ‘100 Times’ Better
3/21/43, Washington, Kiska Gets the Attention of Our Air Force (W)
3/30/43, Washington, U.S. Strategy Set for Pacific ‘Action’
4/3/43, Washington, Navy Builds New Drydocks to Repair Warships at Sea
4/9/43, Washington, Guadalcanal Raid
4/10/43, Washington, Allied Destroyer Included in Toll of Japanese Raid
4/16/43, Washington, Aid Promised to MacArthur, but Secretary Implies Rebuke
4/17/43, Washington, U.S. Navy Now Has Seven Fleets, with Two in Pacific, Says Knox
4/18/43, Washington, New Offensive Appears to be Shaping in Pacific (W)
4/21/43, Washington, The Hornet Was ‘Shangri-la’ for Doolittle’s Tokyo Raid
4/23/43, Washington, Only Military Targets Hit, Tokyo Raid Fliers Declare
5/8/43, Washington, Aleutian Advance
5/19/43, Washington, Squeeze on Enemy (L)
5/20/43, Washington, Foe Now In Pocket
5/21/43, Washington, Naval Guns Hit Foe (L)
5/22/43, Washington, Attu Foes to Be ‘Liquidated’ if They Fight On, Knox Says
5/23/43, Washington, Strategy of Offensive in Pacific Area Posed (W)
5/25/43, Washington, U.S. Aleutian Fliers Down Five of 16 Raiding Bombers
5/26/43, Washington, Foe’s Bombers Lose Heavily in Fighter Trap Over Attu
5/29/43, Washington, Fighting in Clouds
5/30/43, Washington, Attu Valuable as Base for Blockading Kiska (W)
6/1/43, Washington, Tokyo Raid Backed by the Enterprise
6/18/43, Washington, Best Pacific Score (L)

6/19/43, Washington, Guadalcanal Raid Damage Minor; 25 Americans Killed, 22 Missing
6/27/43, Washington, Mammoth Cave, Washington, D.C. (N.Y. Times Magazine)
7/1/43, Washington, 2-Pronged Drive (L)
7/2/43, Washington, Viru Bay is Seized
7/3/43, Washington, Navy Planes Hit Savagely at Foe on Munda and Vila
7/6/43, Washington, Clash in Kula Gulf (L)

7/11/43, Washington, Japanese Reeling Back Before Drive in Pacific (W)
8/8/43, Washington, Munda a Major Gain in Pacific War (W)
8/17/43, Washington, Invasion of Italy Soon Held Likely
8/22/43, Washington, Island Evacuated (L)
8/22/43, Washington, Surrender of Kiska New Japanese Tactic (W)
9/8/43, Washington, Reviews War Pace (L)
10/24/43, Washington, Army Expects Germans to be Stubborn in Italy (W)
10/31/43, Washington, Driving Nazis from Italy a Tough Job for Allies (W)

11/6/43, Washington, Reich in Fright over Russians, Exchanged Prisoner Reports
11/11/43, Washington, Destroyer Sits Astride U-Boat as Crew Battles Nazis to Death
11/14/43, Washington, Japanese Seen Afraid to Risk Big Sea Fight (W)
11/17/43, Washington, Navy Spokesman Says Foe is Outclassed at Rabaul
11/18/43, Washington, Navy’s 45,000-Ton Plane Carriers Tremendous Fighting Machines
11/26/43, Washington, Detials on Patton Asked by Stimson
11/28/43, Washington, Navy Aims New Blows at Foe from Gilberts
12/5/43, Washington, Japan Knows She Faces Fight to a Finish Now (W)
12/12/43, Washington, Invasion of Marshalls Near, All Signs Indicate (W)
12/17/43, Washington, Nazis Sank 17 Ships in Bombing of Bari
12/29/43, Washington, Army Held Redy to Man Railroads
1/4/44, Washington, Nazi Air Survival or Ruin at Stake Soon, Says Arnold
1/12/44, Washington, Halsey Sees Fleet Victor Near Japan
3/16/44, Washington, U-Boats Rarely Attack Convoys; Fear or Defeatism Held Cause
3/26/44, Washington, Japanese Drive in India is Offset by Our Gains (W)
4/2/44, Washington, Pacific Fleet’s Blow Opens Far Horizons (W)
4/5/44, Washington, Yap Isle Smashed (L)
4/16/44, Washington, Indian Fighting Holds Far Eastern Spotlight (W)
4/21/44, Washington, Allied Unity Seen in Blow at Sabang
4/24/44, Washington, Navy is Confident
4/29/44, Washington, Knox Dies in Home of Heart Attacks; Navy in Mourning
5/13/44, Washington, Army Bares U.S. Visit by Clark to See Roosevelt and Marshall
5/16/44, Washington, AMG to Ease Rule as France is Freed
5/19/44, Washington, Enemy’s Loss 20,174 Planes at a Cost of 6,154 to USAAF
5/21/44, Washington, Burma Gains Spur Hope of Getting Aid to China (W)
5/25/44, Washington, Chinese Sees Aid on New Road Soon
6/2/44, Washington, Waiting to Strike
6/9/44, Washington, Stimson Sees Foe Bracing to Strike
6/10/44, Washington, Colossal Error by Germans Seen
6/11/44, Washington, Big Strides Made in Navy Weapons
6/14/44, Washington, German Dilemma in Normandy Seen
6/16/44, Washington, B-29’s Make Debut (L)
6/18/44, Washington, Air and Naval Blows Pierce Japan’s Armor (W)
6/25/44, Washington, Pacific Victory Perils Japan’s Inner Defenses (W)
6/28/44, Washington, ‘Big Army’ Meeting Tests of Invasion
6/29/44, Washington, Navy Now Aiming at Japan Itself
7/1/44, Washington, Loss of Initiative on Three Fronts is Termed Disastrous for Nazis
7/8/44, Washington, B-29’s Hit Sasebo (L)
7/9/44, Washington, Our Gains in Pacific Front Point to a Philippines Invasion (W)
7/23/44, Washington, Japan’s Cabinet Shift Reflects War’s Course (W)
7/26/44, Washington, Navy Chiefs Cheer Our Marianas Gain
7/29/44, Washington, First B-29 Daylight Blow Hits Manchuria Industry
7/30/44, Washington, ‘Fortress Japan’ Has Three Defensive Zones (W)
8/20/44, Washington, Our Pacific Strategy Nears Its Final Stage (W)
8/27/44, Washington, ‘Superforts’ Put Japan in Line for Reich Fate (W)
8/31/44, Washington, 65,000 Ships Built by the Navy Since Sept. 1, 1939, Forrestal Says
9/1/44, Washington, Eisenhower Seeks Flood of Arms to Replace Losses Since D-Day
9/5/44, Washington, Westwall Stand by Nazis Doubted
9/9/44, Washington, Major B-29 Strike
9/17/44, Washington, Philippines Held Next Hurdle in Pacific War (W)
10/12/44, Washington, Raid in Greenland Ends Nazi Spying
10/14/44, Washington, Philippines Blow Seen at Formosa
10/15/44, Washington, War in Pacific Moves to the Far East Zone (W)
10/17/44, Washington, B-29’s Hit Formosa Again
10/22/44, Washington, Hard Fight Forecast (W)
10/27/44, Washington, Battle Analysts Sound Wary Note
10/28/44, Washington, Three U.S. Carriers Sunk
11/4/44, Washington, B-29’s Rip Rangoon in Record Strike
11/15/44, Pearl Harbor, Pacific Chiefs See Last-Ditch Fight
11/21/44, Guam, A Marine Keeps a Rendevous at Grave of Brother on Guam
11/24/44, Advanced Headquarters, on Leyte, M’Arthur Certain of Leyte Victory
11/26/44, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Peleliu Clean-Up a Difficult Task
12/13/44, Washington, Plane Speeds as Fast as Sound Predicted by Admiral Ramsey
12/15/44, Washington, Massive Air Blows Set New Technique
12/16/44, Washington, Senate Votes New Five Star Rank for 3 Admirals and 4 Generals
12/21/44, Washington, Price to Nazis of Attack Aids Us in Final Strategy, Observers Say
12/28/44, Washington, Japanese Carrier and 26 Ships Sunk
12/30/44, Washington, 61,045 Navy Ships
1/6/45, Washington, Roosevelt Explains Shift

1/7/45, Washington, Pacific War’s Tempo Mounts as Luzon Invasion Nears (W)
1/14/45, Washington, U-Boat Struggle ‘A War of Wits’ (W)
1/17/45, Washington, Russian Push Held Answer to Critics
1/27/45, Washington, Rising B-29 Storm Promised to Japan
1/28/45, Washington, Luzon’s Fall to Mark New Phase of the War (W)
1/30/45, Washington, Stilwell Doubts Japan’s Collapse

Shapiro, Henry
12/22/42, With the Red Army, on the Stalingrad Front, Confidence of Russia’s Fighters at Highest Point Since War Began
12/24/42, With the Red Army, on the Stalingrad Front, Stalingrad Chief Lays ‘Miracle’ to Red Army’s Refusal to Retreat
12/27/42, With the Red Army, on the Stalingrad Front, Soviet Equipment Superior to Foe’s, Front Writer Finds
2/9/43, Stalingrad, All of Stalingrad Ruined by Battles
2/10/43, Stalingrad, Von Paulus Linked to Atrocity Cases
6/28/43, Leningrad, Leningrad Lives and Fights amid Wreckage and Shelling
6/29/43, Leningrad, 100,000 Died in Leningrad Siege; People Fought Off 300,000 Nazis
1/5/45, Lublin, Poland, Red Armies Poised for Warsaw Drive

Shapiro, L.S.B.
9/14/43, In the Salerno Area, Hard Fight Rages in Salerno Itself
9/16/43, Fifth Army Headquarters, Salerno Area, Italy, Americans and British Stand Firm

Shaplen, Joseph
5/1/43, Lewis is Unshaken (L)
5/3/43, On Job Tomorrow (L)
7/21/44, Fuehrer ‘Bruised’

Sheean, (Lt. Col.) Vincent
8/17/40, London, Flier is Brought Down
6/20/43, Washington, New Air Arm Born in War in Tunisia
6/21/43, Washington, African Air Force Immense Weapon

Sheehan, Joseph M.
11/13/38, West Point, N.Y., Army Eleven, Off to Fast Start, Overcomes Chattanooga, 34-13
11/18/40, Brooklyn Routs Cleveland, 29-14

Sherman, Beatrice
7/2/44, Some Criminals at Large (B)

Shuster, George N.
6/22/41, Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent, 1934-1941, by William L. Shirer (B)
10/19/41, I Paid Hitler, by Fritz Thyssen (B)

Sinnott, Edmund W.
4/11/43, New Haven, Conn., Yale to Teach Farm Science (W)

Smith, Hugh
7/19/38, Dublin, Corrigan Flies to Dublin
12/25/39, Dublin, Irish Terrorists Raid Dublin Fort; Steal Munitions
1/7/40, Dublin, Keeping Neutral a Strain to Eire (W)
8/27/40, Dublin, 4 Irish Towns Hit
1/3/41, Dublin, Fears of Irish Rise (L)
6/12/42, Dublin, Eire is in Crisis on Clothes Ration
5/11/44, Dublin, Angry Opponents Assail De Valera

Solon, S.C.
6/8/44, With Allied Expeditionary Force, Airborne Power Impresses Enemy

Speers, Leland C.
12/11/38, Army Lists its Many Needs (W)
1/19/39, Washington, President Backs Fortifying Guam
5/14/39, Our New Army Chief (NY Times Magazine)
11/5/39, Washington, $1,300,000,000 Bill for Navy Will Ask 95 New Warships
1/4/40, Washington, For Emergency Use
1/11/40, Washington, New Cruiser Fleet, Best in the World, is Planned by Navy
1/12/40, Washington, Our Propposed Navy Considers Chance of Allies’ Defeat
1/13/40, Washington, Washington Plans 2 Liners Designed as Plane Carriers
4/14/40, Washington, Vast Secret Fleet in Japan Reported
9/10/40, Washington, Navy Signs Orders to Build 201 Ships for 2-Ocean Fleet
9/30/40, Washington, Navy Must Treble its Personnel, Lacks Funds to Man Larger Fleet
1/1/41, Washington, All Navy ‘Games’ Off for this Year; Fleet Kept a Unit
1/9/41, Washington, One for Atlantic
1/13/41, Washington, Secretary Opposes Fleet Depletion; Destroyers Essential to ‘Balance’

Standish, Harry A.
12/26/42, With the British Advance Forces in Burma, Mud Slows British in Burma Advance

Stanton, John
1/2/44, Main Trends and Events of the Year in Review (W)

Stark, Louis
1/17/39, Washington, Projects Wider Aid (L)
7/30/39, Washington, Unemployment Remains Major Economic Worry (W)
10/3/39, Cincinnati, A.F.L. Urges Repeal of Embargo; Holds it Will Keep Us Out of War
6/21/40, Washington, Assails Proposal for Youth Training
8/4/40, St. Louis, Auto Union Vote Censure of Soviet
1/23/41, Washington, ‘Brains’ of Country Indexed in Defense
2/5/41, Washington, NLRB Adopts Rules Barred by Madden
2/17/41, Miami, Fl., Printing Unions Ask Curb on Radio, with drastic Cut in ‘Commercials’
3/19/41, Washington, Leaders Get Hint (L)
3/22/41, Washington, Patience is Ending (L)
3/27/41, Washington, OPM Into Action (L)
4/3/41, Detroit, Pickets Leaving (L)
5/3/41, Washington, G.M. Resumes Talks with Union Itself
6/7/41, Washington, To Act in Few Days (L)
6/11/41, Washington, New Crisis Eased (L)
6/15/41, Washington, Labor's Communist Issues Brought into Open (W)
10/26/41, Washington, Deadline Passes (L)
10/27/41, Washington, Asks for Loyalty (L)
10/28/41, Washington, Roosevelt is Firm (L)
10/29/41, Washington, Roosevelt Shifts (L)
10/30/41, Washington, Lewis in Parleys (L)
11/13/41, Washington, Coal Truce Sought (L)
11/15/41, Washington, President is Stern (L)
7/1/42, Washington, WLB Extends Rule Beyond War Works
9/15/42, Washington, M’Nutt Rules Jobs (L)
1/13/43, Washington, Petrillo Refuses to Clarify Ban Aim (in movie review thread)
2/17/43, Washington, Racketeering Bill Stirs Sharp Clash
4/30/43, Washington, Deadline is Fixed (L)
5/2/43, Washington, Ickes In Control (L)
6/2/43, Washington, Pay Demand is Cut (L)
6/3/43, Washington, Summons Leaders (L)
6/4/43, Washington, WLB Kept in Power (L)
6/19/43, Washington, WLB Bans Strikes (L)
6/20/43, Washington, New Parley Today (L)
6/21/43, Washington, Ickes Acts Today (L)
6/22/43, Washington, WLB Warns Ickes (L)
6/23/43, Washington, Wage Rates Stand (L)
6/24/43, Washington, For Non-War Duty (L)
10/14/43, Boston, AFL Votes to Admit Lewis Mine Union
11/4/43, Washington, Pact Goes to WLB (L)
12/24/43, Washington, Two Unions Accept (L)
12/28/43, Washington, War is Put First (L)
12/29/43, Washington, 3 Unions Waiting (L)

Starzynski, Stefan
9/23/39, Warsaw, Mayor of Warsaw Describes Slaughter of Civilians and Destruction of Capital

Stassen, Harold E.
5/23/43, Blueprint for a World Government (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Steinkopf, Alvin J.
8/12/41, Smolensk, Russia, Hitler’s Conquerors of Smolensk Hold a Heap of Ashes and Rubble

Stewart, Ollie
10/1/39, It’s Not All Swing in Harlem (NY Times Magazine)

Stirling, Yates Jr.
6/10/40, Present Battle Held Not Decisive from Point of View of the Allies
7/1/40, U.S.-British Accord with Japan on East Asia is Urged by Stirling
8/10/40, Destroyer Sale Urged by Admiral
8/13/40, Pacific is Stressed in U.S. Naval Policy

Stone, Shepard
5/29/38, Background of Czechoslovak Crisis

Stoneman, William
11/11/42, Algiers, Algeria, Algiers Taken Over by Americans Despite Sporadic Axis Bombings (with Ned Russell)
11/13/42, Somewhere in Algeria, Algeria ‘Cinched’ within Half Hour

Stowe, Lieut. Sam, USNR
1/10/44, Tarawa Engineers Protected by Dead

Straus, Noel
7/5/40, Stadium Premiere for New Cantata
3/27/41, Recital is Offered by Edna Bockstein
5/5/44, Gonzalez Scores in ‘Boheme’ Role
5/11/44, Columbians Offer Operatic Comedy
12/16/44, ‘Norma’ is Heard at Metropolitan

12/21/44, Menuhin Appears with Landowska (believed to be written as reviewer N.S.)

Streeter, Edward
10/31/43, Here is Your War, by Ernie Pyle (B)
Stringer, William
6/14/44, At United States Front Lines in Normandy, ’Land of Plenty’ Described in Normandy; Groaning Tables, Silk Sheets Reported

Strunsky, Simeon
6/30/40, On Polling the Public’s Opinion (W)
11/23/41, Roosevelt: Dictator or Democrat?, by Gerald W. Johnson (B)

Struther, Jan
8/30/42, Mr. Miniver (NY Times Magazine)

Stuart, John
7/11/44, Washington, Bares Hitler Plan for Invading U.S.
10/4/44, Lakehurst, N.J., Air Rescue Show Given by the Navy

Sulzberger, Cyrus L.
12/17/39, Budapest, Rumania is Beset by Many Worries (W)
1/7/40, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Rumania Weights Her Might (W)
2/2/40, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Turkey Admits Lack of Neutrality on Eve of Balkan Entente Parley
7/27/40, Belgrade, YugoslaviaSoviet Said to Plan a Bloc in Balkans
8/14/40, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Albanian Revold Reported
10/11/40, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Supply Ships Seen (L)
10/20/40, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Soviet Friendly to Turks
11/6/40, Salonika, Greece, Salonika Morale High under Raids
11/10/40, Athens, Invaders Trapped (L)
11/11/40, Athens, Fascisti Fall Back
11/12/40, Athens, Invaders Retreat
11/13/40, Athens, Albanian Ports Ravaged
11/14/40, Athens, Albanian Ports Bombed
11/15/40, Athens, Big Battle Raging (L)
11/16/40, Athens, 700 Italians Taken as Greeks Push On
11/17/40, Athens, Greeks Press Foe (L)
11/18/40, Athens, Italians Rush Aid (L)
11/19/40, Athens, Italian Resistance Slows Greek Drive
11/20/40, Athens, Greek Gains Widen in Albanian Drive
11/21/40, Athens, Greeks Smash Lines on Wide Front; Much Booty Seized in Italian Rout
11/22/40, Athens, Advance is Steady (L)
11/23/40, Athens,Much Booty taken (L)
11/28/40, With the Greek Armies in Albania, Italian Columns are Reported Isolated; 3,000 Fascisti Trapped Near Argyrokastron
12/1/40, Athens, Push on in Albania (L)
12/2/40, Athens, General Advance Claimed by Greeks
12/3/40, Athens, Key Roads in Greek Hands
12/6/40, Belgrade, Port is Reported Taken
12/29/40, Athens, Laden Troopsheps Hit by Submarine
1/2/41, Athens, Italians Fall Back in Klisura Region
1/8/41, Athens, Ships is Bold Raid
1/9/41, Athens, Attack by Greeks Opens in Albania
1/30/41, Athens, Gen. Metaxas Dies; Greeks Keep Policy
2/6/41, Athens, Greeks Take Town in Albania Battle
2/11/41, Belgrade, Extension of War Feared in Balkans
2/14/41, Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia Yields Right (L)
2/22/41, Belgrade, Balkan Rumor Rife (L)
3/6/41, Athens, United on Balkans (L)
3/21/41, Athens, Optimism Voiced in Athens
3/23/41, Athens, British Move to Block Hitler in the Balkans (W)
3/30/41, Athens, Serbs Aid the Democracies (W)
4/3/41, Belgrade, Nazi Troops Mass at Border Points
4/5/41, Belgrade, Reich Army Moves (L)
4/6/41, Belgrade, Nazi Units Crowd Yugoslav Border
4/14/41, Athens, Retreat of Serbs Related by Writer
4/15/41, Athens, Yugoslavs Smash Drives of Germans
4/16/41, Athens, Nazis Push South (L)
4/18/41, Athens, Greeks Fight Hard (L)
4/23/41, Smyrna, Turkey, Huge Tanks Beat Back British Harried by Swarm of Planes
5/16/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazis at Air Bases
5/17/41, Ankara, Turkey, R.A.F. Raids Fields
5/18/41, Ankara, Turkey, Syrian Bases Bombed
5/20/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazi-Soviet Deal on Iran Reported
5/23/41, Baghdad Capture by British is Seen
5/31/41, Ankara, Turkey, British Surrounding Iraqis
6/2/41, Ankara, Turkey, British Expected to Move on Syria
6/5/41, Ankara, Turkey, R.A.F. Raids French (L)
6/6/41, Ankara, Turkey, Amman is Bombed
6/12/41, Ankara, Turkey, Two Columns Gain (L)
6/15/41, Ankara, Turkey, More Troops Mass
6/16/41, Ankara, Turkey, All Soviet Troops Reported Called
6/19/41, Ankara, Turkey, Turkish People Astonished
6/20/41, Ankara, Turkey, Demobilizing of Red Army Said to Be German Demand
6/21/41, Ankara, Turkey, Tension Increased
6/24/41, Ankara, Turkey, Sea Fight Reported
6/25/41, Ankara, Turkey, French Retreat Hinted
6/29/41, Ankara, Turkey, Nazis in a Race Against Time to Win the War (W)
7/2/41, Ankara, Turkey, Famine Spread Menaces Greece; Cholera Outbreak is Reported
7/30/41, Moscow, New Soviet Blows (L)
8/1/41, Moscow, Budenny Urges ‘Scorched Earth’
8/2/41, Moscow, Russians Push Nazis Back Farther in a Growing Counter-Offensive
8/3/41, Moscow, Red Army Strikes
8/4/41, Moscow, Diversion Attempted
8/7/41, Moscow, Air Force is Active
8/8/41, Moscow, Nazis Pushed Back (L)
8/9/41, Moscow, Soviet Positions Maintained
8/10/41, Moscow, Nazis Reported Held
8/10/41, Moscow, Guerrillas Scorch Earth for Nazis (W)
8/11/41, Moscow, Russians Report Invader Checked in Most Sectors (L)
8/12/41, Moscow, Nazis Aim at Bases
8/14/41, Moscow, Red Forces Retire
8/15/41, Moscow, Russians Give Up 2 Ukraine Towns
8/16/41, Moscow, Bitter Combats On
8/20/41, Moscow, Germans Drive On
8/21/41, Moscow, Nazi Thrusts Continue
8/22/41, Moscow, Leningrad Girds; Gomel Yields
8/23/41, Moscow, 2,000,000 in Old Czarist Capital Vow to Defend City to the Last
8/24/41, Moscow, Appeal by Voroshiloff
8/24/41, Moscow, Russia Holds Off Axis as Allies Marshal Aid (W)
8/25/41, Moscow, Karelian Push Renewed
8/27/41, Moscow, Protest Answered (L)
8/29/41, Moscow, Dnieper Let Loose
8/31/41, Moscow, Nazi Trap Avoided
9/1/41, Moscow, Red Army Drive in Center Gains
9/2/41, Moscow, Russians Hold Firm
9/3/41, Moscow, Red Army Gaining (L)
9/4/41, Moscow, Red Army Pushes On
9/5/41, Moscow, Drive on Kiev Called Failure
9/6/41, Moscow, German Positions Captured
9/7/41, Moscow, Kiev Defense Firm
9/9/41, Moscow, 8 Nazi Divisions Reported Cut Up
9/10/41, Moscow, Nazis Pushed Back
9/12/41, Moscow, Russians Drive On
9/13/41, Moscow, Russians Lose City
9/14/41, Moscow, Two Drives Go On (L)
9/15/41, Moscow, Kremenchug Lost
9/23/41, With the Red Army on the Central Front, Smolensk Front a Litter of Ruins
9/25/41, With the Red Army on the Central Front, Air War is Waged Night and Day over the Central Front in Russia
9/26/41, With the Red Army on the Central Front, Ruin Now Marks Field of Elnya
9/28/41, With the Red Army on the Central Front, Russians Make Ready for Winter Campaign (W)
9/29/41, Moscow, Red Fleet Strikes
10/1/41, Moscow, Russians Retake a Northern City
10/3/41, Moscow, Four Villages Recaptured
10/4/41, Moscow, Soviet Counters Drive for Donets
10/5/41, Moscow, Nazis Lose Ground (L)
10/6/41, Moscow, Hitler is Disputed (L)
10/8/41, Moscow, Great Battles On (L)
10/9/41, Moscow, Soviet Fights Hard
10/10/41, Moscow, People Warned of Peril
10/11/41, Moscow, Situation Remains Serious
10/12/41, Moscow, Retreat Admitted
10/13/41, Moscow, Moscow Admits More Nazi Gains
10/14/41, Moscow, Soviet Town Falls
10/15/41, Moscow, New Threat to Capital
10/24/41, Kuibyshev, Russia, Zhukoff is a Strategist
10/26/41, Kuibyshev, Russia, Russians Battle New Nazi Drives
10/28/41, Kuibyshev, Russia, Russians Repel Moscow Thrust
10/30/41, Kuibyshev, Russia, Moscow’s Army, Braving Big Guns, Repels Nazi Push
11/4/41, Kuibyshev, Russia, Moscow Raids Incessant
11/5/41, Kuibyshev, Russia, Moscow Combat at Savage Pitch
11/9/41, Kuibyshev, Fabled Russian Winter Closing In on Invaders (W)
11/10/41, Kuibyshev, Litvinoff’s Mission Vital war Factor
11/13/41, Kuibyshev, Nazis, Bulgarians Carving Up Greece
11/14/41, Kuibyshev, Losses severe in Tulz Zone
11/15/41, Kuibyshev, Nazis Find Winter is Formidable Foe
11/16/41, Kuibyshev, Winter and Russians Rob Hitler of Victory (W)
11/26/41, Kuibyshev, First British Tanks Praised
12/2/41, Kuibyshev, Second Victory for Timoshenko
12/4/41, Kuibyshev, Soviet Propaganda Seeks Rift in Germany’s Allies in Russia
12/6/41, Kuibyshev, Germans Massing Moscow Forces
12/9/41, Kuibyshev, Soviet Sees Gains in New Diplomacy
12/12/41, Kuibyshev, Von Bock Relieved on Moscow Front
12/14/41, Moscow, Germans Pursued
12/14/41, Moscow, Moscow is Depot for Soviet Drive
12/15/41, Moscow, Moscow Relieved and Gay After Beating Off Nazi Tide
12/19/41, With the Red Army, Northwest of Moscow, Soviet Columns Chasing Foe Wind over Snowy Wasteland
2/1/42, Jerusalem, Axis Radio Blankets Islam(W)
2/2/42, Baghdad, Iraq, Iraqi War on Axis Indicated by Nuri
2/3/42, Baghdad, Iraq, Allies Keep Check on Pulse of Arabs
2/3/43, London, Nazi War Loss of 4,000,000 Men Computed from Insurance Data
2/17/43, London, Reich Vulnerable in Oil of Rumania
3/6/43, London, Eclipse of Hitler is Seen in Change in German Army
3/27/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allies Rule in Air (L)
3/28/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Fondouk is Goal
3/29/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Big Push Started (L)
3/30/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Main Forts Taken (L)
3/31/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, 8,000 Are Captured (L)
4/1/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Two Towns Taken (L)
4/2/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Nazis Make Stand
4/3/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Allied Blitz Continues
4/4/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Longer German Retreat Seen
4/4/43, Algiers, Our Soldiers in Battle Soon Learn Art of War (W)
4/5/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, French Take Town
4/6/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, Italian Ships Hit (L)
4/8/43, With the Second United States Corps, in Tunisia, Americans and British Meet Beneath Frowning Djebels
4/10/43, At the Tunisian Front, Mahares Yielded
4/12/43, Allied Headquarters in North Africa, La Hencha is Taken (L)
4/21/43, Cairo, Egypt, Germany’s Gamble on Tank and Dive-Bomber Held Lost
5/7/43, Jerusalem, Allies Try to Ease Middle East Strain
5/9/43, Beirut, Lebanon, Arab World Plans a New Future (W)
5/16/43, Cairo, When Will the War End? (N.Y. Times Magazine)
5/28/43, Moscow, Stalin Sends Reply to Roosevelt; ‘Agreeable,’ Says Davies, Returning
5/29/43, Moscow, Germans Face Grave Threat
5/31/43, Moscow, Germans Regroup 218 Divisions for Supreme Gamble in Russia
6/5/43, Moscow, New Red Army, at Peak of Power, Evolved to Master Nazi Menace
6/6/43, Moscow, Russians Note Decline of Mighty Wehrmacht (W)
6/13/43, Moscow, Red Army, in Peak Form, Eager for Battle Test (W)
6/17/43, Moscow, Red Army Infantry Still Bears Brunt
6/19/43, Moscow, Soviet Guns Have Edge on the Axis as Huge Duel is About to Start
6/20/43, Moscow, Russians Weigh Chances of German Offensive (W)
6/26/43, Moscow, Soviet NKVD Plays Special War Roles
7/7/43, Cairo, Egypt, Voronezh is Seen as Nazi Objective
7/11/43, Cairo, Egypt, Nazis Strike at Russia in Third Great Gamble (W)
7/18/43, Cairo, Egypt, Axis Must Face New Blows (W)
8/1/43, Cairo, Egypt, Palestine Faces Clash After War
8/3/43, Cairo, Egypt, Palestine Arabs Fear Loss of Land
8/19/43, Istanbul, Turkey, U.S. Ploesti Fliers Feted in Rumania
9/4/43, Cairo, Egypt, Nazis Said to Hold Balkan Grip Vital
10/4/43, Cairo, Egypt, Germans Attack Kos in the Aegean
10/5/43, Cairo, Egypt, Big German Force is Gaining on Kos
10/7/43, Cairo, Egypt, Allies Say Battle for Kos Goes On
10/20/43, Cairo, Egypt, Bulgaria Assured by Soviet on Raids
10/28/43, Cairo, Egypt, Serbs Massacred in Nazi Reprisals
10/29/43, Cairo, Egypt, Yugoslav Factions Attacked by Nazis
11/5/43, Cairo, Egypt, Good Soviet Crops Aid Food Outlook
12/2/43, Cairo, Egypt, All-Out War Set (L)
12/7/43, Cairo, Egypt, Attack Plans Set (L)
12/8/43, Cairo, Egypt, Unity is Stressed (L)
12/18/43, Cairo, Egypt, Nazi Drive Halted by Tito Partisans
12/27/43, Cairo, Egypt, Soviet Influences Partisan Leaders
12/28/43, Cairo, Egypt, Rail Line Marks Tito’s Economy
1/5/44, Cairo, Egypt, Stalin’s Greetings Sent Peter’s Aides
1/25/44, With the Fifth Army on the Rapido River, Americans Swim Rapido River to Escape Crossfire of Germans
1/26/44, With the Fifth Army, at the Rapido River, Rapido Crossing Made at High Cost
1/27/44, On the Fifth Army Beachhead, South of Rome, Germans Call Air Reserves to Attack New Beachhead
1/28/44, Aboard a British Warship, Allies below Rome Hold Initiative, Says Alexander
1/29/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Clark Order Prohibits 5th Army from Attacking Church Property
1/31/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Americans and French Turning German Position around Cassino
2/1/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Tanks and Infantry Cooperate
2/3/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Tanks and Troops Battered Cassino
2/4/44, With the Fifth Army, Stab into Cassino Repulsed by Nazis
2/5/44, With the Fifth Army outside Cassino, Cassino Toe-Hold Won by Americans
2/7/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, 240-mm. ‘Man-Killers’ Hurl Shells at Enemy in Ancient Italian Castle
2/8/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Cassino Defenses Like Stone Wall
2/9/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Americans Wedging into Cassino after Week’s Battle in Outskirts
2/10/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Planes Take Hand in Cassino Battle
2/13/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Clark is Confident (L)
2/14/44, With the Fifth Army at Cassino, Tired Americans Attack in Cassino
2/15/44, Fifth Army Headquarters, in Italy, Germans in Italy Rationing Shells; Draw Reinforcements from Reich
2/16/44, With the Fifth Army, at Cassino, 200 Germans Flee (L)
2/18/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Nazis Resume Pressure
2/20/44, With the Fifth Army, at Cassino, 2-Pronged Drive on Cassino Launched by 52,000 Shells
2/20/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Italy Provides Test of Victory Strategy (W)
2/23/44, Fifth Army Headquarters, in Italy, Allies Maintain Air Rule at Anzio
2/25/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Manpower Shortage Forces Nazis to Cut Size of Regiments in Italy
2/26/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, U.S. Japanese Win Praise at Cassino
3/1/44, Fifth Army Headquarters, Italy, Americans Learn Mountain Fighting
3/4/44, Naples, Italy, Sforza for Fiume as Seat of League
3/6/44, Naples, Italian Campaign Held Disappointing
3/7/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Italian Campaign Saps Foe in West
3/16/44, With the Fifth Army, at Cassino, 3,500 Tons Dropped (L)
3/17/44, With the Fifth Army at Cassino, Castle Hill Taken
3/18/44, With the Fifth Army at Cassino, Allies at Cassino Seize Rail Station
3/19/44, With the Fifth Army at Cassino, Cassino Conquest Nears Completion
3/20/44, With the Fifth Army at Cassino, Allies Soon Wipe Out Most of Enemy Gains at Cassino
3/21/44, With the Fifth Army at Cassino, Cassino Push Lags
3/22/44, With the Fifth Army at Cassino, Allies’ Big Attack in Cassino Bogged
3/23/44, Allied Fifth Army Headquarters, Germans with 325 Divisions Face Drives from All Sides and Sky
3/26/44, Fifth Army Headquarters, Italy, Allies’ Third Drive on Cassino Failure
3/29/44, With the Fifth Army, in Italy, Routine at Front Proves No Routine
3/30/44, With the Fifth Army, at Cassino, Allies Abandon Two Heights Dominating Cassino Highway
4/2/44, With the Fifth Army in Italy, Lessons for the Invasion Learned in Italy (W)
4/22/44, Cairo, Egypt, Tito’s Forces Get Soviet Aid by Air
4/24/44, Cairo, Egypt, Revolt on 3 Ships Crushed by Greeks
8/26/44, Cairo, Egypt, Sofia Said to Break with Berlin
8/30/44, Cairo, Egypt, Sofia Emissaries Awaited
9/2/44, Cairo, Egypt, Cairo Talks Suspended
9/9/44, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt to Demand Complete Liberty
9/23/44, Cairo, Egypt, Big Area in Greece Freed of Germans
11/26/44, Brave Men, by Ernie Pyle (B)
12/4/44, London, Rumanian Plants Moved to Russia
1/8/45, Cairo, Egypt, British Role Bold in Balkan Fighting
1/19/45, Cairo, Egypt, Killers of Moyne to Die for Crime
1/27/45, Cairo, Egypt, U.S. Orders Cuts in Big Iran Force

Summers, Harry
3/19/43, Somewhere in Australia, Japan Shifts Aim against Australia

Szapiro, Jerzy
3/18/38, Warsaw, Poland Sends an Ultimatum
5/29/38, Warsaw, Firm Polish Stand in Crisis is Lauded
8/14/38, Warsaw, Poland Denies ‘Buffer-Bloc’ Plan
5/6/39, Warsaw, Reply Held Final (L)
6/28/39, Warsaw, Poles Shoot Down German Plane over Naval Base Facing Danzig
8/17/39, Warsaw, 3 Border Incidents
8/19/39, Warsaw, Reich Atrocities Charged by Poles
8/21/39, Warsaw, East Border Freed (L)
8/22/39, Warsaw, Poland Unshaken; Still Would Fight
8/23/39, Warsaw, Poles Doubt Help to Reich in Accord
8/26/39, Warsaw, Poles are in State of Full Readiness
8/27/39, Warsaw, Poles Don’t Expect an Immedate War
8/28/39, Warsaw, Poles Dig Trenches and Watch Soccer
8/31/39, Warsaw, Poles Mobilizing Army of 2,500,000
9/1/39, Warsaw, ‘Republic is Menaced’
9/1/39, Warsaw, Hostilities Begun
9/2/39, Warsaw, Warsaw Raided 4 Times in Day
9/10/39, Somewhere in Southeastern Poland, Defense is on Madrid Model

Taubman, Howard
8/10/40, Lenox, Mass., Berkshires Scene of Chamber Music
7/2/43, 20,000 at Stadium Hear Robeson Sing

Taves, Brydon
9/4/40, Aboard a British Destroyer in the North Atlantic, Writer on British Destroyer Sees U-Boats in Raids and One Sunk

Taylor, Henry J.
7/9/42, Somewhere in Egypt, Bostons Outfight Stukas in Desert
7/11/42, With the British Forces, in Egypt, Egypt Battles Led from Trailers; Fliers Report to Chief in Desert
7/25/42, Ankara, Turkey, Neutrality Basic, Says Turkish Chief
8/25/43, Quebec, M’Arthur Absent Again at a Parley

Teatsorth, Ralph
10/26/44, Aboard Admiral Kinkaid’s Flagship, off the Philippines, ‘17 Hours of Hell’ Raised in Sea Battle Off Leyte
10/27/44, Aboard Admiral Kinkaid’s Flagship, off Leyte, Our Planes Batter Fleeing Warships
10/28/44, Aboard Admiral Kinkaid’s Flagship, off Leyte, Admiral Hints Foe Lost 3 Battleships

Thompson, Craig
9/23/40, Boston, Executive Committee Acts
3/15/41, London, Reich Ports Raked (L)
3/20/41, London, Nazi Naval Bases Blasted by R.A.F.
3/22/41, London, Plymouth Bombed for Second Night
3/25/41, London, R.A.F. Guns Troops of Foe in France
4/11/41, London, Britain to Recruit Women in Service
4/20/41, London, Nazis Fly In Low
4/20/41, London, Britons in a Grimmer Mood (W)
5/1/41, London, Churchill Reports
5/8/41, London, Many Raiders Lost
5/16/41, London, Hess’s Inquisitors Submit Report; Hitler Said to Have Known of Flight
5/22/41, London, Battles on Island (L)
5/24/41, London, Battle at Maleme (L)
5/25/41, London, Island Battle Hot
5/27/41, London, Push East Begins
5/28/41, London, Churchill Reveals Nazi Gains in Crete
5/29/41, London, Canea Loss Not Denied
5/30/41, London, Crete Evacuation is Seen in London
6/8/41, London, Britain Maintains Secrecy on Hess
6/18/41, London, Nazi Planes Found by Radiolocator
7/14/41, London, Pact Quickly Made (L)
7/24/41, London, Britain Stresses Indo-China Peril
7/25/41, London, Flying Fortresses in R.A.F. Raids Score Hits on Nazi Battleships
7/30/41, London, U.S. Aid Extolled
8/31/41, London, British Navy ‘Outboxes’ U-Boats for Prize if Convoys in Atlantic
9/1/41, London, British Air Patrol Plays Falcon to U-Boat Hawks in the Atlantic
10/25/41, London, George VI Reviews American Fliers
11/15/41, London, Ark Royal Sunk Near Gibraltar by Axis Torpedo
11/21/41, London, Axis Line Skirted (L)
11/24/41, London, Libyan Posts Fall (L)
11/25/41, London, Desert Army Gains
11/30/41, London, 8 Nazi Ships Sunk in Arctic Convoys
12/9/41, London, Britain Joins U.S. Against Japanese
12/12/41, London, Axis to Get Lesson, Churchill Warns
12/22/41, London, Nazi Shift Renews Talk of Invasion
12/26/41, London, British Garrison Ends 16-Day Siege
1/27/42, A Northern Irish Port, U.S. Troops Land in a Trouble Spot
3/4/42, London, Patrol Skirmishes Break Burma Lull
3/20/42, London, Seed and Animals for Europe Asked
3/29/42, London, Failure, Nazis Say (L)
4/26/42, Somewhere in Southern England, Tanks Doom Feudal Village Near English Invasion Coast
4/27/42, London, British Widen Air Offensive; Nazis Raid Bath in Reprisal
5/1/42, London, Burma Town Afire (L)
5/2/42, London, Foe Pushes Up Burma Road; Chinese Send New Forces
5/8/42, London, Burma Invaders Reported in India
5/9/42, London, Chinese Win Fight
5/17/42, London, Premier Confident
6/1/42, London, Nazis Reported Trapped
6/16/42, London, Survey Shows Gain in British Output
6/22/42, London, ‘Disaster’ is Seen in Tobruk’s Fall

Thompson, Ralph
2/19/40, Books of the Times (C)
2/16/42, Books of the Times (C)

Thuermer, Angus
12/27/40, Berlin, Wodehouse Works on New Book in ‘Padded Cell’ at German Camp

Tighe, Desmond
6/7/44, Aboard a British Destroyer, Off Berniere-sur-Mer, Invaders Rush Up Norman Shore in Storm of Steel from Sea and Air
6/27/44, Aboard H.M.S. Glasgow, off Cherbourg Harbor, 14 Warships Shell Cherbourg at Once

Tilton, Captain J.H.
8/31/39, Aukland, New Zealand, Clipper at New Zealand

Tolischus, Otto D.
2/5/38, Berlin, Hitler Assumes Control of Army
2/14/38, Berlin, Berlin Hopeful of Accord
3/18/38, Berlin, Hitler Speech Awaited
4/26/38, Berlin, Reich Press Tells Czechs to Give In
11/9/38, Berlin, Nazis Ask Reprisal in Attack on Envoy
11/11/38, Berlin, Bands Rove Cities (L)
11/12/38, Berlin, Nazis Defend Wave of Terror
11/13/38, Berlin, New Decrees against Jews (L)
11/24/38, Berlin, Reich Levies 20% on Jews’ Property
11/27/38, Berlin, Nazis in Final Phase of their War on Jews (W)
12/14/38, Berlin, German Paper Tells Two Powers to Keep Out of the Memel Affair
12/31/38, Berlin, Reich to Build Submarines Up to Parity with Britain (L)
9/2/39, Berlin, Reich is Closing In
1/21/39, Berlin, Berlin Surprised by Removal
1/23/39, Berlin, Nazi Order Erases Old Officer Caste; Ties Army to Party
1/31/39, Berlin, Backs Rome in War (L)
3/16/39, Berlin, Germany Grasps Rich Reich Booty
3/14/39, Berlin, Reich Ultimatum (L)
4/26/39, Berlin, Reich Orders out Jews it Released
5/9/39, Berlin, Deal with Stalin Sought by Hitler
5/18/39, Berlin, 3 Nations Reject Reich Pact Offer
5/23/39, Berlin, Alliance is Sealed in Berlin
7/26/39, Berlin, Reich Press Hails Submarine Fleet
7/30/39, Berlin, ‘Have-Not’ Powers Seeking New World Order (W)
8/9/39, Berlin, Angry Reich Press Threatens Poland with Mailed Fist
8/11/39, Danzig, No Danzig Surprise (L)
8/14/39, Danzig, Ports of Danzig and Gdynia Rivals in dramatic Race to Bring In Arms
8/17/39, Berlin, Price is Increased (L)
8/18/39, Berlin, Issue Held Grave (L)
8/21/39, Berlin, An ‘Appease Stalin’ Move
8/22/39, Berlin, Germans Elated (L)
8/23/39, Berlin, Ribbentrop on Way
8/25/39, Berlin, Nazi Talks Secret (L)
8/26/39, Berlin, Berlin Talks Held (L)
8/27/39, Berlin, Nazis Rush Arming
8/29/39, Berlin, Envoy Sees Hitler (L)
8/30/39, Berlin, Germany is Milder (L)
8/31/39, Berlin, Goering Chairman
9/1/39, Berlin, Hitler Gives Word (L)
9/3/39, Berlin, Soviet in Warning
9/4/39, Berlin, Hitler with Army on Eastern Front
9/6/39, Berlin, Germans Report Control of Silesia
9/7/39, Berlin, Cracow Claimed by Germans
9/8/39, Berlin, Nazis Press Poles (L)
9/9/39, Berlin, German Hopes Exceeded
9/10/39, Berlin, Poles Holding City (L)
9/11/39, With the German Armies in Poland, Poles Unprepared for Blow So Hard
9/14/39, Berlin, Nazis Blame Poles (L)
9/16/39, Berlin, Polish Resistance Firm in 2 Battles
9/18/39, Berlin, Nazi Drive in East Yields 3 Key Points
9/20/39, Danzig, Fuehrer at Danzig (L)
9/29/39, With the German Army, Before Warsaw, Last Warsaw Fort Yields to Germans
11/12/39, Berlin, Nazis Boast Army Fills Entire West Ready for Attack
12/22/39, Berlin, Hitler Felicitates Stalin on Birthday
12/31/39, Berlin, Nazi Aim Revealed
1/1/40, Berlin, Reich Looks to New Air Weapons, Holding Deadlock is Temporary
1/3/40, Berlin, Germans Prepare Military Attack
1/4/40, Berlin, Molotoff Reported Going to Berlin; Germans Consulting on Finland
1/5/40, Berlin, Reich Names Staff for War Economy
1/7/40, Berlin, Nazis View Shifts as Sharpening War
1/14/40, Berlin, Germany Waging ‘Population War’
1/21/40, Berlin, To Attack or Not: Hitler’s Heavy Problem (W)
1/25/40, Berlin, Nazi Chiefs Emphasize Offensive; Reported Rift Now Believed at End
1/26/40, Berlin, U-Boats Put at 60 with Lag in Output
1/30/40, Berlin, Reports Heard in Berlin
1/31/40, Berlin, Reich Held Ready (L)
2/3/40, Berlin Germans Hold U.S. Faces Gold Crisis
2/18/40, Berlin Japan is Attacked in the Nazi Press
2/28/40, Berlin, Reich Public Expects Big Effort; Victory Arches Already Planned
3/1/40, Berlin, No Nazi Peace Plan
3/2/40, Berlin, Berlin Bars Peace
3/3/40, Berlin, Nazi Restates Aim (L)
3/9/40, Berlin, Nazi to Visit Rome (L)
4/4/40, Oslo, Scandinavians See Respite from War
4/9/40, Stockholm, Sweden Takes Measures
4/10/40, Stockholm, Sweden Neutral, She Tells Reich
4/12/40, Stockholm, Invaders Set Back
4/14/40, stockholm, Haaken is Warned
4/15/40, Stockholm, King Urges People to Fight
4/17/40, Stockholm, Allied Moves Hidden
4/19/40, Stockholm, Allies Land More (L)
4/20/40, Stockholm, ‘Death’ Unit Loses (L)
4/2140, Stockholm, Skirmishes Go On (L)
4/23/40, Stockholm, Nazis are Pressed (L)
4/24/40, Stockholm, Nazis Flankng Foe (L)
4/25/40, Stockholm, British Fall Back (L)
4/27/40, Stockholm, Nazis Thrust Rapid (L)
4/28/40, Stockholm, Rail Link in Peril
4/29/40, Stockholm, Rail Link is Held (L)
4/30/40, Stockholm, Major Fight Rages (L)
5/1/40, Stockholm, German Units Join (L)
5/2/40, Stockholm, Nazis Quit Towns (L)
5/3/40, Stockholm, Reich Claims Rout
5/4/40, Stockholm, Nazis Get Big Area (L)
5/8/40, Stockholm, Allied Gains Seen in Narvik Fighting
5/12/40, Stockholm, Nazi World Revolution is Hitler’s Objective (W)
6/10/40, Stockholm, War in North Ends
6/16/40, Stockholm, Soviet Move Seen Directed at Reich
6/17/40, Stockholm, 2 Soviet Invasions
7/19/40, Stockholm, Swedes Alarmed by Nazis in North
8/3/40, Stockholm, Gustaf Stresses Swedish Defenses
8/10/40, Stockholm, Finns Defend Curb on Soviet Backers
2/18/41, Tokyo, Tokyo Urges Peace (L)
2/28/41, Tokyo, Japan Sets Terms
4/3/41, Tokyo, Japan’s New Party Announces Reform
4/7/41, Tokyo, Japanese ‘Regret’ Yugoslav Invasion
5/25/41, Tokyo, Japanese Debate Whether to Assist Axis if U.S. Fights
5/26/41, Tokyo, Reich Warns U.S. (L)
5/28/41, Tokyo, Japan Notes Navy is Ready to Fight
5/30/41, Tokyo, Japanese Pressing East Indies on Pact
6/5/41, Tokyo, Japanese Claim a Great Victory
6/16/41, Tokyo, Big War Coup Soon Seen by Japanese
6/22/41, Tokyo, Japanese Ponder War on America (W)
6/23/41, Tokyo, Japan is Worried by German Attack
7/3/41, Tokyo, Tokyo Chiefs Vote New Secret Plan
7/9/41, Tokyo, U.S. Nearing War, Japanese Believe
7/11/41, Tokyo, Japan Hails Idea of U.S. Fleet Move
7/17/41, Tokyo, Konoye Regime Out
7/25/41, Tokyo, Press Prepares Public
7/26/41, Tokyo, Japanese Bitter over U.S. Stand
8/3/41, Tokyo, Japan is Seen Bound to Her Course in Asia (W)
8/5/41, Tokyo, 600 Americans Stranded in Japan as She Holds Her Vessels in Port
8/6/41, Tokyo, Early Attack Seen
8/7/41, Tokyo, New Thai Reports Anger Japanese
8/12/41, Tokyo, Japan Widens Economic Rule; Its Envoy Warns U.S. is Ready
8/18/41, Tokyo, Japan Now Fears Push from North
8/27/41, Tokyo, Japanese Chiefs Study Next Step
9/3/41, Tokyo, Konoye Considers Program to ‘Defend’ Japanese Waters
9/4/41, Tokyo, Premier Emphatic
9/12/41, Tokyo, Hirohito Directs New Army Set-Up
9/20/41, Tokyo, Manchukuo Held to Need Our Help
10/2/41, Tokyo, Nazi Economics Scored in Japan
10/12/41, Tokyo, Hard Facts Restrain the Japanese (W)
10/15/41, Tokyo, Japanese Chiefs Report to Ruler
10/16/41, Tokyo, Tokyo Navy Sees Clash with U.S.
10/17/41, Tokyo, U.S. Tokyo Target (L)
10/18/41, Tokyo, Military is Ascendant
10/19/41, Tokyo, New Premier Declares the Policy of Japan Remains Unchanged
10/25/41, Tokyo, Japan Surprised by Call for Diet
10/27/41, Tokyo, Japan to Go Ahead, Tojo Reiterates
11/2/41, Tokyo, Japanese Warn War Seems Sure
11/3/41, Tokyo, Tokyo Time Limit on U.S. Forecast
11/5/41, Tokyo, Japanese Ask Us to Reverse Stand or Face Conflict
11/6/41, Tokyo, Diplomat is Flying (L)
11/8/41, Tokyo, Loan to Moscow Painful to Tokyo
11/11/41, Tokyo, Minister Says Japan Aims to Rid Asia of U.S., Britain
11/12/41, Tokyo, Japanese Irate at British Stand
11/17/41, Tokyo, Tojo Sets Terms, Demands We End Curbs on Japan
11/18/41, Tokyo, Showdown Held Nearer in Tokyo
11/19/41, Tokyo, Japan is Pledged to Fixed Policies
11/27/41, Tokyo, Hirohito Receives Tokyo Ministers
11/28/41, Tokyo, Japan Sees End of Negotiations
11/29/41, Tokyo, U.S. ‘Ultimatum’ is Seen by Japan
11/30/41, Tokyo, Japan Marks Anniversary
11/30/41, Tokyo, Japan’s Policy is Based on Her Wants, Not ‘Face’ (W)
12/1/41, Tokyo, U.S. Principles Rejected by Japanese as ‘Fantastic’
12/2/41, Tokyo, Japan Now Looks to U.S. for Reply
12/3/41, Tokyo, Japan Still Says U.S. Must Give In
12/5/41, Tokyo, Domei Gives Stand
12/7/41, Tokyo, Nipponese Face War They Thought Impossible (W)
7/27/42, Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa, Writer Tells of Tortures Japanese Used on Captives
7/29/42, Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa, Tokyo Terrorists Led Japan to War; Emperor in Peril
8/11/42, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Japanese Seek World Rule by ‘Divine Appointment’
8/15/42, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Japanese ‘Justice’ Reverts to Reign of Terror
8/16/42, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, U.S. Victims Detail Japanese Torture
8/26/42, Japan’s War Plot is Laid to Clique
8/27/42, Japan’s Military Has Supreme Rule
8/28/42, Tokyo Clique’s ‘100-Year Holy War’ Involves Exploitation of East Asia
8/29/42, Tokyo War Clique Bolsters Powers

Tollet, Marcus
10/11/39, Helsingfors, Finland, Finns Evacuate Border
11/6/39, Helsinki, Helsinki Not Alarmed
11/11/39, Helsinki, Helsinki Anxious
11/13/39, Helsinki, Finns May Go Home
11/14/39, Helsinki, Cabinet to Seek Solution

Trumbull, Robert
6/5/42, Honolulu, U.S. Isle is Bombed (L)
6/6/42, Honolulu, Our Fliers Excel (L)
6/7/42, Honolulu, Sea Fight Goes On (L)
6/8/42, Honolulu, Engagement Ends (L)
6/12/42, With United States Army Air Forces, Hawaii, Big Bombers Won
6/13/42, Pearl Harbor, Foe’s Midway Loss in Carriers Rises
8/7/42, Honolulu, Flying Fortress Over Wake Took 6 Japanese Fighters in Its Stride
8/9/42, Pearl Harbor, Pacific Battle On (L)
8/22/42, Pearl Harbor, 670 Japanese Slain (L)
8/28/42, Pearl Harbor, Marines Wiped Out Japanese on Makin Isle in Hot Fighting
9/16/42, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Not ‘on Run,’ Nimitz Warns Navy Men
9/27/42, Pearl Harbor, Halsey Decorates Heroes of Pacific
10/14/42, Pearl Harbor, Tokyo Fleet Missed Chance after Sinking Four Cruisers
10/15/42, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz Confident After Pacific Trip
11/17/42, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz is Elated
11/21/42, Pearl Harbor, Navy Fliers’ Part in Solomons Told

12/1/42, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Submarine Visits Japan, Sees Horse Races, Sinks 8 Ships
12/19/42, Pearl Harbor, Mortally Wounded U.S. Destroyer Torpedoed Japanese Battleship
12/31/42, Pearl Harbor, Destroyer with Makeshift Stern Reaches Hawaii from Solomons
1/2/43, Honolulu, Heaviest Air Blow in Pacific Hit Foe at Wake by Surprise
2/1/43, Pearl Harbor, Knox Bombed in Pacific Trip; Americans ‘Masters’ There
2/2/43, Kaneohe Naval Air Station, Hawaii, Knox Decorates Fliers in Hawaii
2/10/43, Aboard the U.S. Submarine Wahoo, at a Pacific Base, Wahoo Blew Up Destroyer with Last Torpedo, Sank 2 Cargo Ships, Transport and Tanker the Next Day
2/22/43, Pearl Harbor, Vengeance Came Swiftly
3/7/43, Honolulu, Halsey Bars Correspondents from Travel by Plane in the South Pacific War Zone
3/29/43, Pearl Harbor, Major Air Stations Built in Solomons
4/19/43, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Believed Weighing Blow in 1 of 3 Pacific Areas
5/19/43, Seventh Army Air Force Headquarters, Hickham Field, Hawaii, Big U.S. Planes Bomb Isle with Special Block-Busters
5/23/43, Pearl Harbor, ‘Dead’ Ships Rise at Pearl Harbor; Miracle in Salvage Cuts Loss to 3
7/6/43, Pearl Harbor, Big Sea Area Goal in Pacific Attack
7/15/43, Pearl Harbor, Pacific Initiative Safe, Nimitz Says
7/30/43, At a United States Army Bomber Base in Hawaii, Stronger Defense Now Guards Wake
9/2/43, Pearl Harbor, ‘Real Offensive’ in Pacific Believed Opened at Marcus
9/9/43, Pearl Harbor, Foe’s Marcus Loss 80%, Nimitz Says
9/20/43, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Forces Raid Gilberts, Hit 2 Central Pacific Bases
9/25/43, Pearl Harbor, Leaders in Raid on the Gilberts Stress Great Damage to Targets
10/7/43, Pearl Harbor, Air Base Battered (L)
10/11/43, Pearl Harbor, 61 Enemy Planes Wrecked at Wake
10/22/43, Pearl Harbor, Japanese Air Base on Tarawa Bombed
10/28/43, Honolulu, New Pacific Drive Pledged by Nimitz
11/28/43, With the 165th Infantry on Makin Atoll, Enemy Ended Makin Fight in Weird Suicide Attacks
12/1/43, Betio, Tarawa, Gilbert Islands, Two Allied Flags Hoisted at Betio
12/6/43, With the 165th Infantry, on Makin Atoll, Queen of Makin Appears on Atoll
12/19/43, Pearl Harbor, Tarawa ‘Proved’ Marines’ Mastery
1/10/44, At a United States Base in the Pacific, Anger of Minister Wins 27th Division
2/2/44, Aboard a Flagship Approaching Kwajalein, Fleet Confident on Way to Atoll
2/3/44, Off Roi Island, Kwajalein, 5,000-Ton Shelling
2/8/44, Roi Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Our Guns Exploded Marshalls Myth
2/9/44, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Nimitz Says Issue in Europe Won’t Affect Pacific Now
2/10/44, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, Kwajalein Gives Us Area Control
3/2/44, Aboard a U.S. Battleship at Truk, Battleships Stood Off Truk, Sank Foe
3/13/44, Pearl Harbor, 4th Atoll is Seized in the Marshalls
3/16/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Bombs Atoll Nearer Truk; Oroluk, 230 Miles to the East, Hit
3/17/44, Pearl Harbor, Land Planes Make First Raid on Truk
3/21/44, Pearl Harbor, Warships Batter Foe in Marshalls
3/31/44, Pearl Harbor, Big Force in Action (L)
4/1/44, Pearl Harbor, Nimitz Rips Truk (L)
4/4/44, Pearl Harbor, 10 More Marshalls Atolls are Seized by U.S. Forces
4/8/44, Pearl Harbor, Many Bases Ruined (L)
4/9/44, Pearl Harbor, Great U.S. Thrust Looms in Pacific
4/10/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Plan to Invade Truk Implied in Report of ‘Softening Up’ Blows
4/17/44, Pearl Harbor, Far-Flung Attack Hits Foe in Pacific
4/21/44, Central Pacific Army Headquarters, Soldiers in Central Pacific to Get Furloughs on Percentage Basis
6/19/44, With the Expeditionary Force to Saipan, Leaflets Bombard Enemy on Saipan
7/29/44, Guam, Japanese Suicides Use Machine-Gun
7/30/44, With the First Provisional Marine Brigade, on Guam, Command Post Has Wild Guam Dawn
7/31/44, Guam, Guam Proclaimed under Rule of U.S.
8/7/44, With United States Armed Forces on Guam, Broad Highways Grow Overnight on the Magic Island of Guam
8/8/44, At First Liberation Camp on Guam, Return of the Natives
8/18/44, Guam, Nimitz Outlines Non-Stop War with Twin Forces Against Japan
9/5/44, Pearl Harbor, 30 Japanese Ships Sunk in U.S. Blows
9/8/44, Pearl Harbor, Carrier Planes Heavily Attack Palau, Philippines Defense Key
9/10/44, Pearl Harbor, Warships Set Palau Fires; Tokyo Reports Yap Shelled
9/12/44, Pearl Harbor, Convoy Wiped Out
9/13/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Battleships Join in Smash at Palau
9/13/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Halsey Hits Bases
9/15/44, Pearl Harbor, Halsey Fliers Hit 84 Ships, Wreck Philippine Defenses
9/16/44, Pearl Harbor, Landing on Peleliu
9/17/44, Pearl Harbor, Marines Capture Peleliu Airdrome
9/18/44, Pearl Harbor, Angaur is Invaded
9/19/44, Pearl Harbor, U.S. Forces Smash Foe’s Palau Blows
9/20/44, Pearl Harbor, Crisis on Peleliu Broken by Marines
9/21/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Wildcat Division Captures Angaur
9/22/44, Pearl Harbor, Luzon is Hit Hard (L)
9/23/44, Pearl Harbor, Small Gain on Peleliu
9/24/44, Pearl Harbor, Our Marines Break Peleliu Deadlock
9/25/44, Pearl Harbor, Japan Loses 105 Vessels; Philippines Fleet Dispersed
9/26/44, Pearl Harbor, Surge North on Peleliu
9/27/44, Pearl Harbor, Our Palau Casualties 5,500
9/28/44, Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Pearl Harbor, Peleliu Battle is Near End
9/29/44, Pearl Harbor, Halsey’s 4th Blow
9/30/44, Pearl Harbor, Three More Isles in Palaus Invaded
10/11/44, Pearl Harbor, Surprise to Tokyo
11/22/44, Aboard a United States Carrier, off the Philippines, Alert Sent Halsey Back into Typhoon
11/29/44, Aboard a Carrier off the Philippines, Halsey Continues Blows
12/9/44, Headquarters of the Twenty-first Bomber Command, on Saipan, Halsey Continues Blows
1/4/45, Pearl Harbor, Carriers Strike Formosa and Okinawa
1/5/45, Pearl Harbor, Attack on Formosa Enters Second Day
1/10/45, Pearl Harbor, Navy Holds Key to Luzon Victory; Must Bar Reinforcements to Foe
1/13/45, Pearl Harbor, Sea Fight Goes On (L)
1/16/45, Pearl Harbor, Hong Kong Ripped (L)
1/17/45, Pearl Harbor, Carriers Strike at Canton; Bag 87 Planes in Wide Blows
1/21/45, Pearl Harbor, Manila Ports, Airfields Chief Goal of M’Arthur (W)
1/23/45, Pearl Harbor, Carriers Ravage Formosa Area, Bag 140 Planes, U.S. Ship Hit
1/24/45, Pearl Harbor, Twin Air Blows Rip Okinawa, Nagoya
1/26/45, Pearl Harbor, Joint Sea-Air Blow Strikes Iwo Island
1/28/45, Pearl Harbor, Great Navy Air Force Paces Drive on Japan (W)
1/29/45, Pearl Harbor, A Strategic Command
1/31/45, Pearl Harbor, Gates for Keeping Bases in Marianas

Trussell, C.P.
12/8/41, Washington, Congress Decided
12/10/41, Washington, Navy Criticized as Caught Asleep
12/12/41, Washington, Senate is Bitter in Hawaii Debate
1/18/42, Washington, Navy Scores Again
1/25/42, Washington, Setback in Bataan
2/2/42, Washington, Many Ships Sunk (L)
2/7/42, Washington, Spy Data Sought from 1940 Census
4/14/42, Washington, War Labor Policy Needed, Says Land
9/24/42, Washington, Warning of a Veto (L)
9/30/42, Washington, 48 to 43 For Rise (L)
10/3/42, Washington, Sept. 15 Rates Set (L)
10/4/42, Washington, New Era Ordered (L)
11/8/42, Washington, U.S. Meets ‘Threat’ (L)
4/22/43, Washington, Navy Called Slow in Submarine War
6/30/43, Washington, Battle in Public (L)
7/7/43, Washington, Won’t Investigate BEW-RFC Dispute
7/9/43, Washington, Corn Ceiling Lost (L)
9/2/43, Washington, Marcus is Shelled (L)
9/4/43, Washington, Third of Japan’s Shipping Sunk, Chiefly by Submarines, Says Knox
9/29/43, Washington, Wheeler Assails Bureau ‘Slackers’
10/21/43, Washington, Southerners Kill School Aid Bill as Discrimination Bar is Adopted

11/6/43, Washington, World Stand Made (L)
11/25/43, Washington, Report on Patton Asked of Stimson
11/27/43, Washington, Eisenhower Gives Report on Patton
2/25/44, Washington, Moves for Unity (L)
4/14/44, Washington, South Won’t Open Polls to Negroes, Maybank Warns
5/30/44, Washington, Both Houses Weigh Kimmel Extension
7/6/44, Washington, Planks on Negro Worry Democrats
1/24/45, Washington, Mead Holds Navy Admits Charges

Tucker, George
4/28/43, Somewhere in Iran, Aid to Russia Gluts Iran Artery; Flow of U.S. Supplies Taxes Port (with Clyde Farnsworth)

Tucker, Martha
6/8/41, Arab World Upset in Face of War (W)

Turner, Lieut. Alfred M.
5/14/44, At a Fortress Base in England, Fortress Knocks Four More Down

Vadnay, Emil
2/28/38, Vienna, Nazis Drop March as Austria Rings Graz with Steel
3/16/39, Prague, Czech Area Seized (L)

Valery, Bernard
9/16/41, Stockholm, Sweden, Sweden Warned on Reich ‘Insult’
12/17/41, Stockholm, Sweden, Typhus Outbreaks Menace Germans
12/28/41, Stockholm, Sweden, Hitler as General Faces Hard Tasks (W)
6/16/42, Stockholm, Sweden, Vilna Massacre of Jews Reported

Van Gelder, Robert
8/11/40, Ernest Hemingway Talks of Work and War
2/23/41, Author of “Captain Horatio Hornblower”

Vosser, Harry
2/13/42, London, Singapore Holding
2/14/42, London, Enemy is Shelled (L)
5/2/43, London, Trainbusters Add to Woes of Nazis (W)
9/24/44, London, Britons Expect Attack by Robots to Continue (W)
10/22/44, London, Germans Are Still Striving to Perfect New V Weapons (W)
11/12/44, London, Germans’ V-2 Rockets Not Yet Very Deadly (W)

Waggoner, Walter H.
5/8/44, Washington, Germans Fail in Trickery to Dig Out Underground
1/18/45, Washington, ’45 Plane Output is Again Enlarged

Wales, H.G. Quaritch
1/4/42, Malayan Terrain Governs Battles
1/18/42, Japanese Reveal Indies Strategy (W)

Warren, Lansing
12/22/39, Paris, Paris Yellow Book Charges Hitler Gave Czech President ‘3d Degree’
10/1/40, Paris, Swiss Prepare Defenses (W)
6/5/40, Paris, Paris Toll 254 Dead, 652 Hurt; 20 Children among Bomb Victims
6/25/40, Bordeaux, France, French Criticize Britain
7/13/40, Clermont-Ferrand, France, Era of Mutual Aid Now Seen as Dead
8/3/40, Vichy, Court in France Dooms De Gaulle
9/24/40, Vichy, Fleet Shells Port (L)
9/25/40, Vichy, Warships in Battle (L)
11/11/40, Vichy,French-German Peace Negotiations Barred until War against Britain has Terminated
11/18/40, Vichy, Gamelin, Blum and Daladier Moved to Riom; Early Trial is Presaged by Formal Arrest
12/15/40, Vichy, Petain Nips ‘Plot’
12/16/40, Vichy, Petain to Create Advisory Council
1/24/41, Vichy, Japan’s Mediation Accepted by Vichy
3/11/41, Vichy, London is Warned
8/22/41, Vichy, Zone in Paris is Encircled for a Round-Up by Police
9/6/41, Vichy, France Protests U.S. Press Charge
9/17/41, Vichy, Germans Shoot 10 Paris Hostages, but Two More Nazis are Fired On
9/21/41, Vichy, Curfew Silences French Capital as Reprisal Toll Mounts to 35
10/21/41, Vichy, Nazi Commander Slain at Nantes
10/22/41, Vichy, Hostages are Shot
10/23/41, Vichy, Frenchmen Slay a German Major
10/24/41, Vichy, Reprisals Mount
10/25/41, Vichy, 54 More French Killed by Nazis
4/15/42, Vichy, Wide Power Likely (L)
6/15/42, Vichy, French are linked Closer to Reich
10/12/42, Vichy, French ‘Explain’ Draft to Workers
3/2/44, Lisbon, Portugal, South Rhineland Found ‘Well Fed’
7/23/44, Washington, Role of Robot Planes in the Future Debated (W)
7/30/44, Washington, B-29’s Fire Plants
9/17/44, Washington, Soviet Still Balks Peace Agreement

Wavell, General Sir Archibald
3/16/41, The Art of Generalship (NY Times Magazine)

Wellard, James
9/13/43, Valletta, Malta, Italian Surrender Cheered in Malta

Werden, Lincoln A.
9/18/39, Wood, Field and Stream (C)
11/5/39, Philadelphia, Penn Downs Navy on Power, 13 to 6
11/3/40, Newton, Mass., Boston College Tops Manhattan
11/17/40, Philadelphia, Alert Penn Team Routs Army, 48-0
11/23/41, West Point, N.Y., Army Registers 7-to-6 Decision
11/23/41, Boston, Eagles Subdue Holy Cross in Last 90 Seconds, 14-13
8/14/43, Wood, Field and Stream (C)

Werth, Alexander
7/17/43, Moscow, Biggest Nazi Failure Seen
7/20/43, Moscow, Germans Alter Tank Tactics
7/27/43, Moscow, Germans Throw In More Troops
7/29/43, Moscow, Nazis Destroy as They Flee
7/30/43, Moscow, ‘Iron Crab’ Introduced by Nazis as Two-Man Underground Fort
8/6/43, Moscow, Joyful News for Moscow
8/8/43, Moscow, Russian Arms Prove Superior to German (W)
8/17/43, Orel, Russia, 12,000 Died in Orel Under Nazi Rulers
8/20/43, Moscow, Kharkov Flanked on South
8/24/43, Moscow, Channel Invasion Best, Pravda Says
8/29/43, Moscow, Russians Meeting Fierce Resistance (W)
9/10/43, Moscow, Freeing of Donbas Thrills Russians
9/11/43, Moscow, Nazi Horror Raged in Donbas Retreat
9/12/43, Moscow, Ukraine Battle Sapping Nazis’ Dnieper Defense (W)
9/16/43, Moscow, Russian Aims Seen in Smolensk Push
9/20/43, Moscow, Germans Vulnerable in Crimea; Their Communications Imperiled
9/21/43, Moscow, No Commitment Seen
9/26/43, Moscow, Russia Wins Rich Area but Faces Huge Tasks (W)

West, George P.
10/30/38, San Francisco, Lines are Drawn by Californians (W)

West, Rebecca
4/16/44, San Francisco, Britain’s Royal Princess Comes of Age (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Wheeler, Keith
7/21/42, At Sea with the Pacific Fleet, U.S. Bombs Killing Foe’s Alaska Hope

White, John W.
3/22/39, Montevideo, Uruguay Parley Curbed by Police
12/14/39, Buenos Aires, Prey of 3 Cruisers (L)
12/15/39, Montevideo, British Rebuffed (L)
12/16/39, Montevideo, Uruguay Sets Time (L)
12/17/39, Montevideo, Warship Repaired (L)
12/18/39, Montevideo, Raider Blown Up (L)
12/27/39, Montevideo, Exeter Fought Spee Till Dusk, New Reports on Battle Reveal
3/2/40, Montevideo, Big Reich Warship and 2 U-Boats are Reported Off Southern Brazil
3/8/40, Buenos Aires, Argentina Ousts Provincial Regime
5/6/40, Montevideo, British Experts are Dismantling Graf Spee; Many Shells are in Unexploded Magazine
6/10/40, Montevideo, Argentina Drafts Stiffer News Gag
9/29/40, Nazi Menace Met in South America (W)
10/4/40, Buenos Aires, U.S. Seeks South American Bases for Joint Defense of Hemisphere
10/14/40, Buenos Aires, Coasts Defended (L)
11/22/40, Montevideo, Uruguay, Uruguay’s Senate Bars Ceding Bases

White, W.L.
10/17/40, London, Fear and Heroism in London Bombing
2/12/41, Nazi Gliders Seen as Invasion Factor
7/11/43, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, by Capt. Ted Lawson (B)

White, William Smith
9/16/44, In Germany, German Response to U.S. Army Ranges from Relief to Full Flight

Whitehead, Don
3/30/43, With the British Eighth Army, West of Gabes, ‘Impossible’ Waste Crossed by British Flanking Column
7/25/43, Palermo, Sicily, Palermo Crowds Turn Out to Welcome Seventh Army
12/20/43, San Pietro Infine, Italy, Battle for San Pietro the Bloodiest since Landings below Salerno
1/23/44, With the Fifth Army’s Amphibious Forces, South of Rome, Allies ‘Just Walked’ Ashore on Empty Italian Beaches
1/25/44, At the Fifth Army Beachhead, South of Rome, ‘No Withdrawal, No Surrender,’ Troops Told before They Landed
1/26/44, On the Fifth Army’s Beachhead, South of Rome, Americans Battle All Night Long to Keep Mussolini Canal Bridges
6/20/44, With American Troops, Advancing Toward Cherbourg, Speed Bewilders Germans
6/27/44, With American Troops in Cherbourg, Tanks Back Up Infantry
9/23/44, Inside Germany, Germans Hang On to Siegfried Line

Whiteleather, M.K.
3/14/44, Abadan, Iran, Oil Experts Score Arabian Pipe Plan

Whitney, Robert F.
10/15/41, Washington, U-Boat it Hunted Attacked Greer
11/18/41, Washington, Bishops Condemn Nazis and Reds
3/4/42, Washington, Carrier Routs Foe (L)
3/26/42, Washington, M’Arthur Gets U.S. Hero’s Medal
9/16/42, Washington, Island Bombarded (L)

11/8/42, Washington, How Navy Drafts Its Communiques (W)
9/3/43, Washington, Other Invasions This Year Anticipated in Washington

Wilkins, H. Ford
11/24/40, Manila, Fear of Japanese Felt by Filipinos (W)
3/1/41, Manila, Manila Lays Plans to Guard Civilians
4/3/41, Manila, Singapore’s Chief Confers in Manila
10/19/41, Manila, Philippines Rush Defense Effort (W)
11/29/41, Manila, Quezon Accuses U.S. on Defenses
12/9/41, Manila, Philippines Pounded All Day as Raiders Strike at Troops
12/11/41, Manila, Philippines Fight
12/12/41, Manila, Blocked in Luzon
12/14/41, Manila, Lingayen Retaken (L)
12/16/41, Manila, Olongapo Base is Bombed
12/17/41, Manila, Philippine Forces Holding Japanese
12/19/41, Manila, Japanese Bomb Philippine Port
12/22/41, Manila, Battle is Begun
12/23/41, Manila, Defender Were Ready
12/30/41, Manila, Corregidor is Attacked

Willcox, Warren
12/10/44, Borrowed Night, by Oscar Ray (B)

Williams, Michael
3/3/39, Vatican City, Conflict is Faced
3/5/39, Vatican City, Neo-Paganism Gravest Problem for New Pope (W)

Williamson, S.T.
5/4/41, United We Stand! Defense of the Western Hemisphere, by Hanson W. Baldwin (B)
5/17/42, Eight U.S. Commanders on Our Far-Flung Fronts (N.Y. Times Magazine)
5/2/43, Four-Star Fighting Men (N.Y. Times Magazine)

Wilson, Richard C.
7/24/42, Lourenco Marques, Portuguese East Africa, Transport Hinders Enemy

Wilson, William C.
1/2/44, With the Marines at Cape Gloucester, Marine Fury Won Cape Gloucester
10/21/44, General MacArthur’s Headquarters, Leyte, Philippines, Two Ghost Ships of Pearl Harbor Come Back to Haunt the Japanese

Wolfe, Henry C.
3/1/42, Japan Holds Up Her End of Axis (W)

Wolfert, Ira
12/25/41, St. Pierre, Take Vichy Colony
11/28/42, From a Base in the Guadalcanal Sector, Solomons Battle a Fiery Spectacle
6/29/43, Guadalcanal, Japanese Radio Attacks Morale of Men on Guadalcanal with Tales of Home Folk
9/16/44, With United States Infantry, southeast of Aachen, 21-Year-Old Officer Leads Way through Siegfried Line

Wood, Alan
9/21/44, With Airborne Troops in the Arnhem Area, Fighting Is in Pockets
9/23/44, With Allied Airborne Forces in the Arnhem Area, Sky Troops Refuse to Yield in Battle in Arnhem Ruins
9/25/44, With British Airborne Units in the Arnhem Area, Heavy Fire by German 88’s Fails to Loosen Troops’ Grip on Arnhem
9/28/44, With the Arnhem Airborne Force, Arnhem Troops Undaunted after Escape from a ‘Hell’

Wood, Lewis
5/24/40, Washington, Alien Registering Asked in Defense
4/19/42, Washington, Attack on ‘Axis-Line’ Press (W)
7/28/42, Washington, To Sit Tomorrow (L)
7/30/42, Washington, Case Not Complete (L)
8/9/42, Washington, Clemency for Two
2/3/43, Washington, Big Enemy Effort (L)
2/4/43, Washington, Big Battle Denied
2/5/43, Washington, Pacific Frays Go On
2/6/43, Washington, U.S. Troops Pass Tassafaronga in Drive to West on Guadalcanal
5/15/43, Washington, Army Storms Isle
7/23/43, Washington, Submarine Triton Listed as Lost; Took Heavy Toll of Japanese Ships
7/29/43, Washington, Value of Tank Training Proved in Sicilian Invasion, Expert Says
8/26/43, Washington, Capital Convinced Welles Resigned
1/28/44, Washington, Horror Tale Bared (L)
2/19/44, Washington, Smashing Blow Hit at Truk, Knox Says
3/8/44, Washington, Nimitz in Capital Says Foe Avoids Our Pacific Fleet
4/9/44, Washington, Ruling on Texas Voting Arouses Southern Rage (W)
8/12/44, Washington, Japanese Execute 3 U.S. Prisoners
10/26/44, Washington, President Elated
11/18/44, Washington, Pacific Risks Cut
11/23/44, Washington, Two B-29’s Bagged by Japan’s Fliers
11/28/44, Washington, Tokyo Harbor Hit
12/2/44, Washington, Kimmel and Short will Not be Tried
12/19/44, Washington, Supreme Court Upholds Return of Loyal Japanese to West Coast

Woodford, Frank B.
7/27/41, Detroit, Auto Men Worried Over 1942 (W)

Worden, William L.
5/8/43, An Aleutian Army Base, Alaskan Combat Scouts Led Men in Midwinter Move at Amchitka
11/23/43, Aboard a Liberator Returning from Tarawa, As Seen from a Bomber
11/25/43, With the Seventh Army Air Force in the Central Pacific, Foe Driven Into Sea by Marines on Betio

Wouk, Herman
12/7/41, “Rhyme of the BB-66” (New York Times Magazine)

Wright, Sgt. Richard T.
10/9/42, A United States Outpost, in the South Pacific,Marine Tank Man Battles 65, Lives
10/30/42, Somewhere in the South Pacific,Japanese Flying Truce Flag Kill 28 of 30 Marines Who Honor It

Yahner, Rice
8/20/42, United States Ranger Headquarters, Somewhere in Britain,Taught by Commandos

Yarrow, Marshall
6/12/44, With American Air-Borne Troops, Somewhere in France,Captives Turn Captors

Young, Eugene J.
9/4/38, Hitler Fails to Crack Morale of Opponents (W)

Zahn, Samuel
6/25/44, Back Our Fighting Men

Zolotow, Sam
2/10/44, ‘Take It’ Opening at 48th St. Tonight (with movie review)
3/20/44, ‘Pitoeff is in Play Arriving Tonight (with movie review)
5/11/44, Lollmar Musical to Open Next Week (with movie review)
7/3/44, Kaufman Doubling on ‘George Apley’ (with movie review)
8/10/44, Metro Gets Rights to Franken Drama (with movie review)
11/29/44, “Bonanza’ to Open in 3d Ave. House (with movie review)