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"Don't play around with us," Fox said. "We can jump walls. We can swim rivers. And we can defend ourselves." The Huffington Post has published a photograph (below) of former Mexican president Vicente Fox giving Donald Trump the finger, taken a day before Fox apologized to Trump in an interview with Breitbart News. He also said some of Trump's proposals could lead to war.

Huffington Post Posts Vicente Fox Giving Donald Trump the Finger (We can jump walls) | Breitbart | 5-10-2016 | Joe Pollak | Posted on 05/10/2016 9:19:56 AM PDT by ghosthost

Lee asked for the terms, and Grant hurriedly wrote them out. All officers and men were to be pardoned, and they would be sent home with their private property--most important, the horses, which could be used for a late spring planting. Officers would keep their side arms, and Lee's starving men would be given Union rations. Shushing a band that had begun to play in celebration, General Grant told his officers, "The war is over. The Rebels are our countrymen again." [This Day in History: 04/09/1865 - Robert E. Lee Surrenders]

The First Look At Hillary Documents
Posted January 17, 2008 at 10:56:25 PM PDT by Grampa Dave
If Hiterily gets elected with enough votes in Congress, these will be the good old days.

The purists, who will stay at home because our candidate couldn't walk on water without getting the soles of his Teva's wet will have gifted us with another Clintoon pillaging.

Thanks Dallas59:

posted on 03/25/2016 7:41:06 PM PDT by Dallas59 (Only a fool stumbles on things behind him.)

Polite Suggestions for FreeRepublic nextpointoh [Vanity]

President Hillary is totally unacceptable!
Posted April 23, 2016 at 1:02:08 PM PDT by Jim Robinson
If you are a NeverTrump type person, you are working against our purposes on FR, so please opus out now and log off and let us carry on with our mission in peace.

Continue insulting us with 24/7 anti-Trump diatribes and insults, your opus will be assumed.

We will unite behind our nominee and we will win this coming election (with or without you) and we will get a handle on this divided forum very soon.

Hope you understand my position.

By the way, Cruz's campaign still refuses to answer the question whether or not Cruz will support Trump if he's the nominee. He's taking the GOPe route of preferring Hillary over Trump. This is also totally unacceptable.

Congratulations to our presumptive nominee, Donald Trump!
Posted April 20, 2016 at 11:58:05 AM PDT by Jim Robinson
Congratulations to our presumptive nominee, Donald Trump!

Great job in New York and throughout this campaign. Cruz and Kasich are now mathematically eliminated and just like all the others who were mathematically eliminated should concede and drop out so we can all unite behind our nominee and prepare to defeat the godless America-hating traitor Hillary Clinton in November.

As conservatives and patriots, it's time to put bruised egos behind us, heal our differences and act united in the best interests of our nation. The media and the GOPe will try to keep us divided, of course, but we must not fall for their treasonous tricks.

A divided Republican party will ensure Hillary waltzes into the White House in November.

Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. Hillary would be a third term for Obama and would complete his mission of completely destroying America.

Do not let freedom expire on our watch!!

I'm praying this forum and our loyal members will now be shifting into high gear to defend our freedom by uniting against the treasonous enemy within.

Let's get Trump over the 1237 mark and finally take the GOPe completely out of the picture!!

Then onward to the presidency in November!!

Should Trump and Cruz unite with we the people against the establishment uni-party?
Posted March 16, 2016 at 1:31:00 PM PDT by Jim Robinson
The biggest plus is a Trump/Cruz ticket would immediately secure the nomination for us (the majority of the right-leaning grassroots voters), end any possibility of a GOPe betrayal at the convention, and would ensure the Republican party is finally with we the grassroots people (tea party, conservatives, religious people, economic conservatives, business people, middle class, blue collar, national security patriots, etc, ie, a rebirth of the Reagan Coalition) and against the globalist GOP big government establishment. It'd be a yuuuge middle finger to the elite ruling classes of both parties.

And it would have coattails guaranteeing a pro-America landslide against the America-hating Marxists and a strengthening of the Republican majority in the congress and in local and state governments. And finally begin a return to constitutional, pro-America, pro-free-market government and a reversal of the slide into godless socialism and globalism.

A mandate from we the people to secure the borders, enforce the law, deport the illegals, end sanctuary cities, end the war on Christianity, cut the taxes, cut the government, cut the regulations, end the war on American industry, end the war on coal gas & oil, bring back a growing economy, bring back manufacturing and jobs, and rebuild the military.

Unlike the GOPe, this is what real Americans want and what both candidates propose doing.

So let's quit bickering, join forces, and make it happen.

The voter rebellion is on! Who should lead: Cruz or Trump? Both?
Posted February 3, 2016 at 1:57:45 PM PST by Jim Robinson
...the situation is ripe for rebellion. And we had a great Christian constitutional conservative tea party leader poised to lead it, Ted Cruz. And we were happy to jump on this young lion's bandwagon and push him through to triumph over the Marxist Democrats. But the entrenched GOP establishment would have none of it... But then jumped in an older, long-maned alpha lion who's been around the block a couple times, roaring his way to the top of the hill. Trump's hard-nosed, no-nonsense, non-politically-correct, take no prisoners approach quickly grabbed the attention of the masses of fed-up voters. Trump single handedly slew the establishment's Prince Jeb, the media and the establishment itself and completely rewrote the rules of engagement. His bold pronouncements that he would build a wall, enforce the law and deport them all was the exact right message at the exact right time and immediately vaulted him to front-runner status. And he added to that that he would end sanctuary cities, end anchor babies and even slap a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Again, exactly what the masses wanted to hear. Now, many of us feel that these twin invasions (illegal aliens and Muslim infiltrators) were and are existential threats to our national sovereignty and were thrilled to have a mighty warrior like Trump who takes no guff from the media or the establishment to lead the charge. The media, the establishment and even many so-called conservatives immediately objected with "you can't do that." ...Trump's huge rallies attracted thousands and thousands and his polling numbers soared for months. He was leading in most of the national polls and in most states... Personally, I'm all in for the Rebellion no matter who leads it. And I've often stated that Cruz is my favorite because of his constitutional conservative stance, but if Trump wins the nomination I'll enthusiastically support him in the general. Why? Because we cannot possibly allow yet another American-hating communist to follow Obama into the White House to complete the job of totally destroying our free Republic. End of that story. It's a no-brainer and my picture is in the dictionary under that term. I absolutely love Trump's bold stand against illegal aliens and his call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration and believe it's even stronger than Cruz's past positions. I also love Trump's Reagan-like tax plan. Cruz's flat tax proposal is also interesting. I believe they both want to cut regulations, cut spending, cut government, return education to the states, etc, build a powerful military and fight against terrorism and make America great again... The important thing here (IMHO) is that we save our nation. I'm not ready to rule out either of these candidates...I say we should let the candidates fight it out and not be so eager to trash either one of our leading candidates. Digging up and publishing dirt and rumors on either is not doing our side any good and is potentially destructive in the long run. And trashing our fellow FReepers is something that should never be done.

We are going to have a great candidate and we're going to crush Hillary in the election!
Posted March 5, 2016 at 3:03:33 PM PST by Jim Robinson
Folks, we need to keep our eye on the prize and settle down. We are going to have a great pro-America candidate whether it's Cruz or Trump, and we're going to crush the godless America-hating Marxist/fascist felon, Hillary Clinton, in the general election! And that's just a fact. And that's the bottom line. We are finally going to secure our borders and start helping repatriate the illegal aliens to Mexico or where ever they came from. And we're going to tighten up and start enforcing our immigration laws, including ending sanctuary cities and possibly ending anchor babies. Both of our leading candidates agree on that. And we're going to repeal Obamacare, cut taxes, cut spending, cut regulations, cut the government, cut the debt, cut the global balonyism, cut the P/C crap. We're going to cut the EPA, cut the education dept, cut a whole lot of unconstitutional stuff out of the federal government and let the states control education and other issues that the constitution reserves to them. Both of our guys agree on that. We're going to pay more attention to trade deals and get better deals for American industry and American workers for a change. We're going to bring back capital, bring back manufacturing, bring back jobs! Cutting taxes, cutting government, rolling back regulations and replacing socialism with capitalism will see to a booming Reaganesque economy and that will generate prosperity and jobs. Cruz, Trump and all of us agree on all of that. We also agree that we want pro-life, pro-family, pro-constitution, pro-America judges. Both our candidates agree with us on that. We also want to rebuild our military and make it the most powerful force for peace and defense on the planet. We emphasize peace through strength and do not use our military for nation building or social engineering. We understand it's for blowing the crap out of terrorists and war mongers who wish to do us harm. And both of our candidates are on board for that. Hillary stands for the exact opposite on all of the above!! This primary is going to be over soon and we're all going to have to make a decision. No matter whether Cruz gets it or Trump, we must unite behind OUR candidate and the AMERICAN side and do all we possibly can to get him elected and send the unindicted felon and all around America-hating, liberty-hating traitor, Hillary Clinton to her well deserved next term--in jail. I say we drop the vitriol against each other and against our leading candidates as of now. We're only serving to harden the hearts of our natural allies against us and from this point forward, the hit pieces will not change minds or votes, but will possibly feed the enemy propaganda machine. Lighten up and bring some joy back into our lives and peace on our board. We're among friends here.

Actually, it really is a rebellion
Posted on 02/10/2016 11:44:39 AM PST by Jim Robinson
As much as I love Cruz as a conservative, there really is a voter rebellion underway and it may be unstoppable. Despite all the denials, the simple truth is the voters really are fed-up and really are up in arms against the establishment.

Trump's message is exactly what the voters are looking for:

Build the wall, enforce the law, deport them all, slap a moratorium on Muslim immigration, bomb the hell out of ISIS, cut the taxes, cut the spending, cut the regulations, cut the government, cut the bad trade deals, cut the political correctness crap, bring back capital, bring back manufacturing, bring back jobs, get the economy back on track, rebuild the military so no one messes with us and make America great again!

It's a winning message.

The rallies are real.

The pent up anger is real.

The rebellion is real!

GOPe RINOs Bush, Rubio, Kasich, et al, stand no chance whatsoever.

News for the elites: We're already in a trade war and we're losing our ass!
Posted March 3, 2016 03/03/2016 5:42:56 PM PST by Jim Robinson
They're killing us and we're not even bothering to fight back. What do we manufacture in the U.S. anymore? Where have all our manufacturing jobs gone? Why can't we be competitive? Why are our costs so high? Is government the solution or the problem?

Torches and Pitchforks Torches and Pitchforks Torches and Pitchforks Torches and Pitchforks

Victor Davis Hanson: Wall Street 101
Posted September 24, 2008 at 8:00:49 AM PDT by BroJoeK
It's worth remembering that in 1801, when Jefferson became president, the US national debt was around $100 million, about 10 times annual federal revenues. This was literally "the cost of freedom," and would correspond today to a national debt around $30 trillion. Since our actual national debt is $13+ trillion, the government is in better financial shape today than it was in Jefferson's time. And at the time, Jefferson's number one priority was paying down the national debt. So, how did he do it? How does ANY wise government ever increase its revenues? Yes, that's right! JEFFERSON REDUCED GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND CUT TAXES.

What Andrew Jackson did
Posted September 24, 2008 at 8:00:49 AM PDT by LS
The Jackson story is I think much misunderstood. So does Prof. Ed Perkins. Both of us have written articles suggesting that Jackson was NOT "opposed to a national bank." No, he was a good Democrat, and was opposed to a national bank in WHIG hands. At the time he "destroyed" the national bank, he had a plan for a national bank of his own. Instead, he put the money in "pet banks." (Does this sound familiar? Dems never change.)

It is true the BUS was big -- about 10 times bigger than the next biggest bank. But it was not "government." It was 4/5 owned by the private sector. And it had to compete with hundreds of smaller private banks, each with the ability to print money. So there was COMPETITION in money, and th BUS's notes were only as good as "gold."

I have no problem with Jackson killing the bank except that the U.S. government ought to get interest for its money -- which it doesn't get in a purely government institution.

In fact, I showed in my book "Banking in the American South from the Age of Jackson to Reconstruction," and in my follow-on article about Jackson and small notes, that his goal was to eliminate all paper money! This would have been a disaster, as his own bankers told him.

revised 5-31-2016, always more to come.