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  • AZ:Pima Co. agrees to settle over botched SWAT raid

    09/15/2013 3:19:02 PM PDT · by marktwain · 58 replies ^ | 4 September, 2013 | Morgan Loew
    TUCSON, AZ (CBS5) - CBS 5 Investigates has learned that attorneys for Pima County have agreed to settle a case with the family of a slain Iraq War veteran, who was gunned down during a SWAT raid at the vet's home. In the original claim, Jose Guerena's family demanded $20 million. The family's attorney, Christopher Scileppi, confirmed that the sides has reached an agreement, but that it still needed the approval of the county board of supervisors and the court. He did not say how much the family would receive in the settlement. At issue was whether an innocent man...
  • Beware Warrior Cops

    08/21/2013 3:06:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 32 replies ^ | August 21, 2013 | John Stossel
    We need police to catch murderers, thieves and con men, and so we give them special power -- the power to use force on others. Sadly, today's police use that power to invade people's homes over accusations of trivial, nonviolent offenses -- and often do it with tanks, battering rams and armor you'd expect on battlefields. In his book "Rise of the Warrior Cop," Radley Balko recounts the rise of police SWAT teams (SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics) armed with heavy military equipment. SWAT raids began as rarely used methods of dealing with violent situations, like hostage-takings. But...
  • The Jose Guerena Case: A Preliminary Review

    08/20/2013 8:29:40 AM PDT · by Uncle Chip · 5 replies
    Stately McDaniel Manor ^ | August 18, 2013 | Mike McDaniel
    The last update in the Jose Guerena case–5.2 on February 1, 2012–concluded, as have all the others, with many unanswered questions. What is known is that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik claimed that it could take an enormous amount of time to investigate this case, and it could be a very long time before any arrests were made. This article, for those that have not been following this case closely, is a brief review of developments through Update 3 to bring you up to speed as I continue reporting and analysis. I’ll also add a bit of new information in...
  • Where was the Reverend Al when police killed Hispanic Iraq war vet Jose Guerena?

    03/24/2012 1:20:13 AM PDT · by jay0718 · 9 replies
    Generation Snooki ^ | March 24, 2012 | Jay Stephenson
    Where was the Reverend Al when police killed Hispanic Iraq war vet Jose Guerena? Jay Stephenson March 24 2012 On May 5 last year, former Marine and Iraq war veteran Jose Guerena was just minding his business before police raided his Arizona home and opened fire, releasing more than 70 rounds in 7 seconds while his wife Vanessa and 4-year old son listened from a nearby closet. Armed with SWAT gear and an armored carrier, police no knock raided the Guerena home searching for illegal drugs that were never found. He was suspected of taking part in a marijuana...
  • 14 defendants named in Guerena lawsuit

    11/06/2011 6:21:29 PM PST · by TankerKC · 15 replies
    KVOA TV ^ | Nov 1, 2011 | KVOA
    TUCSON - The family of a Tucson man killed by a Pima County SWAT team filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Jose Guereña died May 5th, during a raid at his southwest side home, reportedly after he pointed a rifle at officers. The team fired 71-shots in all, nearly two dozen hit the former marine. Weeks later court documents tied Guereña to a drug trafficking ring; something the family's attorney said isn't true. Originally the Guerena family filed an intent to sue hoping to get a $20-million settlement. That never happened so the official lawsuit was filed by their attorney and...
  • Family of Marine Killed in Arizona SWAT Raid Sues Pima County for $20 Million

    08/18/2011 8:25:56 AM PDT · by Immerito · 266 replies ^ | August 17, 2011 | E. D. Kain
    Jose Guerena was killed by a Pima County SWAT team back in May. His wife, Vanessa, and 4-year-old son were in the home at the time but were fortunately unharmed when police fired dozens of bullets into the home. Guerena himself did not fire on police, but police reported he was holding a rifle when they broke the door down. Follow-up investigations have shown that Guerena was related to people likely involved in criminal activity, but Guerena himself appears to have been on the sidelines. Now Vanessa Guerena is filing suit against Pima County to the tune of $20 million...
  • Attorney Representing Vanessa Guerena Files $20 Million Dollar Claim in Tucson

    08/12/2011 11:58:58 PM PDT · by chulaivn66 · 24 replies
    KOLD TV 13 TUCSON, AZ ^ | 08/12/2011 | chulaivn66
    The attorney representing Vanessa Guerena filed a twenty-million dollar lawsuit today naming all of the agencies whose members participated in the SWAT raid, Pima County and the several agencies employing them and Sheriff Clarence Dupnik. See the filing PDF link at KOLD.COM for the listing of names and agencies involved in the filing. Chris Scileppi, the attorney called the raid needless and in a report shown on KOLD TV channel 13 Tucson, a tape ran showing Mrs. Guerena at the door of the home, approached by SWAT members and dragged from the doorway across the gravel front yard after tripping...
  • No arrests 3 months after killing by SWAT

    08/05/2011 10:16:16 AM PDT · by petitfour · 19 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 8/5/2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    No arrests have been made in the three months since Jose Guerena was killed by a SWAT team during a raid of his home that officials said was part of a complex drug-trafficking investigation involving numerous people. Stolen cars, drugs, cash and weapons were found in another one of the four houses raided that May 5 morning, but Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said no one has been arrested because an ongoing homicide investigation tied to this case is "much bigger." "We could go out and make some arrests today, and we could've made some arrests some time ago, but we have...
  • Leader of Pima County's GOP faces removal effort (Criticizing botched SWAT raid that killed Guerena)

    07/02/2011 1:49:24 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 87 replies
    AZ Star ^ | 07/02/2011 | By Rhonda Bodfield Arizona Daily Star
    Pima County Republican Party leaders voted late Thursday to take party chairman Brian Miller’s keys to the GOP headquarters away and call a special meeting to try to remove him from his post. Miller has been under fire from party stalwarts for the past month, with multiple meetings called in recent weeks after he criticized a SWAT raid in May that resulted in the shooting death of a man law enforcement officers said they suspected of involvement in drug dealing. Several elected officials and party leaders have complained that his comments pitted the party against law enforcement at a time...
  • Stolen assault rifle found in home of ex-Marine killed by SWAT

    06/23/2011 8:58:10 PM PDT · by smokingfrog · 114 replies ^ | 23 June 2011 | Mindy Blake
    Tucson Police confirm that a weapon they found in Jose Guerena's home had been stolen in 2008. SWAT officers killed Guerena in his southwest side home last month when they went to serve a search warrant. Investigators say Guerena pointed an assault rifle at officers when they went in the house.
  • Morning Poll: Were Pima County SWAT Officers Justified in Shooting at Ex-Marine -- 71 Times

    06/16/2011 10:47:39 AM PDT · by NoNAIS · 38 replies · 1+ views
    Phoenix NewsTimes ^ | July 16, 2011 | James King
    We want to know what you think: were SWAT officers justified in shooting Guerena?
  • Arizona SWAT Team Cleared in Former Marine's Killing

    06/14/2011 7:47:24 PM PDT · by sigzero · 102 replies
    ABC News ^ | June 14, 2011 | DEAN SCHABNER
    The SWAT team that gunned down a former Marine in his Tucson, Ariz., home was cleared today of any wrongdoing in the incident. Jose Guerena, 26, was killed in a hail of bullets from the SWAT team, which broke down the door to his home on May 5 while trying to serve a search warrant as part of a home invasion probe. Guerena did not fire a single shot in the incident, but Pima County Chief Criminal Deputy Attorney David Berkman said in the report issued today that the five SWAT team members were justified in using deadly force because...
  • SWAT: We said, 'Open up' at least twice

    06/04/2011 11:23:17 AM PDT · by petitfour · 151 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 6/4/2011 | Jamar Younger
    The SWAT officers who shot and killed a man while serving a search warrant last month gave at least two commands for someone to open the door before knocking it open, according to documents released Friday. The officers told investigators that, upon opening the door, they saw a man appear in the hallway holding a rifle before they saw what they thought were muzzle flashes from his gun. It was later determined Jose Guerena's rifle was on safety and he didn't fire at the officers. The Pima County Sheriff's Department released hundreds of evidence photos and transcribed interviews with the...
  • Judge postpones ruling of warrant unsealing in fatal SWAT shooting

    05/31/2011 7:26:05 PM PDT · by petitfour · 10 replies
    KGUN9 ^ | 5/31/2011 | Ina Ronquillo
    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Pima County Superior Court Judge Deborah Bernini has postponed her decision on the warrant unsealing in the fatal SWAT shooting death case that left Jose Guerena, 26, dead. Judge Bernini said during a hearing Tuesday afternoon that she needs to meet with Pima County Sheriff's Investigators to discuss why the records should remain sealed since information has already been released in the case. Mike Storie, attorney for Pima County SWAT and Christopher Scileppi, attorney representing the Guerena family have already spoken publicly about the case. Judge Bernini hopes to have her final ruling made by the end...
  • Man killed in SWAT raid was under investigation 20 months, sheriff says

    05/31/2011 7:06:41 PM PDT · by petitfour · 86 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 5/31/2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    The man killed in a SWAT team raid last month had been under investigation by The Pima County Sheriff’s Department for 20 months as part of a major drug and homicide investigation, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said Tuesday during an editorial meeting with the Star. But details of the investigation into Jose Guerena’s activities won’t be released because a criminal informant for the sheriff’s department could be in danger, Dupnik said. “There’s a chance that our informant is going to get killed,” he said. Guerena died after SWAT officers fired 71 rounds from the front door of his home in the...
  • 911 tapes released in deadly SWAT shooting

    05/17/2011 10:28:58 AM PDT · by petitfour · 77 replies
    KGUN9 ^ | 5/17/2011 | Joel Waldman
    TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) – 9-1-1 recordings from a deadly SWAT shooting reveal some tense moments: 911: Is law enforcement at your house, ma'am? Is law enforcement at your house? (Are they) inside or outside your residence? Guerena: They are outside, but they came inside! They were inside. They were (inaudible) going to shoot me. And, I put my kid in front of me. They were going to hit me! 911: Ok, I need you to calm down. Fear and panic from the wife of decorated Marine Jose Guerena's. Vanessa Guerena called 9-1-1 the morning of May 5th, the day SWAT...
  • A look inside the world of Tucson Police S.W.A.T.

    05/16/2011 4:49:07 PM PDT · by petitfour · 41 replies
    KGUN9 ^ | 5/16/2011 | KGUN9
    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They are the best of the best responding to the worst situation in Tucson. Let's put it this way, when Police call 91-1 they get S.W.A.T. Little is known about the team members that make up Special Weapons and Tactics. They are the highly skilled and specially trained to handle every and any emergency. David Ortiz, a Medic with S.W.A.T. says," The goal for the S.W.A.T. Team really is to save lives." Before you sit side by side with the most elite part of the Tucson Police force on you to way to resolve a high risk...
  • Former Marine killed by SWAT was acting in defense, family says

    05/11/2011 4:48:15 PM PDT · by WaterBoard · 141 replies · 1+ views ^ | May 11, 2011 | Joel Waldman
    Jose Guerena, 26, was killed when a SWAT team came to his house to serve a search warrant Guerena's wife, Vanessa, said the SWAT team did not identify themselves Thinking it was a home invasion, Guerena got his rifle Now, Pima County Sheriff's officials are refuting original claims that Guerena fired at the SWAT members. In fact, they confirmed his safety was still on when his gun was recovered. Also, officials said that reports that some SWAT officers' shields were riddled with bullets are also untrue. SWAT gunned Jose down with 71 rounds fired in just about seven seconds; officials...
  • Medical care blocked for Marine Veteran killed by SWAT - update

    05/12/2011 4:38:06 AM PDT · by WaterBoard · 154 replies
    KGUN9-TV ^ | May 11, 2011 | KGUN9-TV
    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - 9 On Your Side has uncovered startling new information in the case of a man SWAT team members killed Thursday. Medical attention was standing by to try to save Jose Guereña. Paramedics waited more than an hour. Then deputies sent them away By then Guereña was dead.
  • SWAT team fired 71 shots in raid

    05/11/2011 9:17:14 AM PDT · by petitfour · 259 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | May 11, 2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    The Pima County Regional SWAT team fired 71 shots in seven seconds at a Tucson man they say pointed a gun at officers serving a search warrant at his home. Jose Guerena, 26, a former Marine who served in Iraq twice, was holding an AR-15 rifle when he was killed, but he never fired a shot, the Sheriff's Department said Monday after initially saying he had fired on officers during last week's raid.
  • Probe clears 5 SWAT-raid officers

    06/14/2011 6:32:12 PM PDT · by freedomwarrior998 · 285 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 6-14-2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    The five SWAT officers who shot and killed 26-year-old Jose Guerena while serving a search warrant May 5 have been cleared of any wrongdoing. The Pima County Regional SWAT team members -from four law enforcement agencies in the county - were justified in using deadly force against Guerena, according to an investigation by the Pima County Attorney's Office.
  • The Case for SWAT Teams (Mend them, don't end them.)

    06/09/2011 10:11:36 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 36 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | June 8, 2011 | Mike McDaniel
    It’s a difficult time to defend SWAT teams. On May 5, 2011, during the morning hours, a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department (Tucson, AZ) raided the home of Jose Guerena, his wife Vanessa, and their four-year-old son. Guerena, 26, a Marine veteran of two combat tours, worked in a nearby copper mine. Vanessa, seeing armed men in their yard, warned Jose, who sent her and their son to hide in a closet. Taking up his AR-15 rifle, Jose waited in a hallway, ready to defend his family. Within minutes, despite never taking his...
  • Picture Gallery: Guerena SWAT raid shooting scene photos

    06/08/2011 1:02:48 PM PDT · by petitfour · 20 replies
    KGUN9 ^ | 6/8/2011 | Forrest Carr
    KGUN9 News viewers have been requesting more information about the scene of the May 5 SWAT shooting that killed former U.S. Marine Jose Guerena. Some have asked whether any drawings exist to show what happened in the house where the raid took place. Investigators have not released any drawings, but crime scene photographs issued late last week do give an idea of what happened. The picture gallery above provides highlights from more than a thousand photos that investigators have released to the media so far. According to the raid video and to testimony contained in various documents made public so...
  • Fatal SWAT raid: just-released autopsy details Guerena's wounds

    06/06/2011 2:10:29 PM PDT · by petitfour · 76 replies
    KGUN9 ^ | 6/6/2011 | Forrest Carr
    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Pima County Medical Examiner has released the official autopsy report on the death of Jose Guerena, the 26-year-old former U.S. Marine who was shot to death in a SWAT raid on May 5. The report confirms what a spokesman previously said to KGUN9 News by phone, that Guerena's body had 22 bullet entrance wounds. The report also shows that Guerena had many exit wounds as well. There were no drugs in his system. The autopsy lists the manner of death as "homicide" caused by "multiple gunshot wounds." In the case of a Medical Examiner's report, this...
  • Autopsy reports released in deadly Tucson SWAT shooting

    06/06/2011 2:03:15 PM PDT · by petitfour · 34 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 6/6/2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    The 26-year-old man shot and killed by a SWAT team during a raid last month was struck 22 times and a toxicology exam showed there were no traces of drugs in his blood at the time of death, according to an autopsy report released Monday. SWAT officers fired 71 rounds at Jose Guerena from the doorway of his home while serving a search warrant the morning of May 5, officials from Pima County Sheriff’s Department have said. Less than a third of those shots hit Guerena, leaving some 49 rounds passing through walls and some hitting nearby homes, according to...
  • Pima deputies charged with theft of drug money

    06/06/2011 7:54:02 AM PDT · by Mr.Unique · 35 replies
    KOLD 13 ^ | June 3, 2011 | Brian White
    TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Unsealed court records allege that two former Pima County Sheriffs deputies worked together to pull over known drug traffickers to steal their money. In the "superseding indictment" that was unsealed Thursday, prosecutors allege that then-Deputies Miguel Arvizu and Francisco Jimenez arranged to also provide "security" while others stole drugs and money from a storage facility in Green Valley. Arvizu was a deputy for nearly seven years, from June 8, 2003, to when he resigned April 28, 2010. Jimenez was hired June 23, 2006, and resigned March 17, 2011. The charges paint a picture of two allegedly...
  • Should PCSD reconsider their policy in deciding whether to use a SWAT team when executing <snip>?

    06/02/2011 3:30:21 PM PDT · by AZ .44 MAG · 22 replies · 1+ views
    KGUN 9 TV ^ | 6-2-2011 | KGUN 9 TV
    Poll asks if Pima County Sheriff's Department should reconsider using SWAT team to execute search warrants.
  • SWAT raid draws criticism of Sheriff Dupnik

    06/01/2011 9:35:19 PM PDT · by Jim 726 · 22 replies
    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – The raid on former Marine Jose Guerena's home has garnered national and international attention, raising numerous questions about excessive force and proper SWAT protocol, with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik at the center on an increasingly heated and political debate. The Pima County Sheriff's Department released limited information on the debate, including yielding hundreds of documents, granting an interview with a lieutenant and raw video on the raid. Meanwhile, Dupnik has refused interviews, citing the need to maintain the integrity of the investigation. However, the raw video has not quelled the debate over the SWAT raid or...
  • The Guerena Shooting: Initial Analysis

    06/01/2011 6:18:44 AM PDT · by marktwain · 85 replies
    The Confederate Yankee ^ | 28 May, 2011 | MikeM
    The Guerena Shooting: Initial Analysis As regular readers know, I’m a USAF veteran (I was a security police officer in SAC during the cold war) and have extensive civilian police service, including SWAT duty. I have been writing on the Erik Scott case In Las Vegas since August of 2010. Those extensive posts are available in our Erik Scott archive. The Jose Guerena shooting, which took place on May 5, is similar in many ways. My co-blogger, Bob’s May 25 story on the Pajamas Media site (here) has stimulated considerable interest in the story on the Net. What I’ve yet...
  • Dupnik: Raid stemmed from 20-mo. probe

    06/01/2011 1:06:37 AM PDT · by petitfour · 76 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 6/1/2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    The man killed in a SWAT team raid last month had been under investigation by the Pima County Sheriff's Department for 20 months as part of a major drug and homicide investigation, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said Tuesday during an editorial meeting with the Star. But details of the investigation into Jose Guerena's activities won't be released because an informant for the Sheriff's Department could be in danger, Dupnik said. "There's a chance that our informant is going to get killed," he said. Guerena was killed when SWAT officers fired 71 rounds from the front door of his home in the...
  • Group protests SWAT death of Tucson Marine (AZ)

    05/31/2011 6:10:34 AM PDT · by marktwain · 39 replies ^ | 30 May, 2011 | Associated Press and Jared Dillingham
    TUCSON, Ariz. – The death of a former Marine near Tucson continues to stir controversy. A group spent this Memorial Day protesting the SWAT raid which led to his death. Investigation documents reveal officers seized guns, banking documents and other items from the home but did not find drugs or cash.
  • The Jose Guerena Raid: A Demonstration of Tactical Incompetence

    05/29/2011 7:28:27 AM PDT · by marktwain · 169 replies · 1+ views ^ | 27 May, 2011 | Herschel Smith
    Helmet camera footage of the SWAT team raid on the home of Jose Guerena has been released. Bob Owen noticed the same thing I did. One of the team members fell in the doorway upon breaching and entering the home. The video speaks for itself, but by way of summary, let’s observe the following. First, Mr. Guerena’s weapon, contrary to initial accounts by the SWAT team, was never taken off of safety. The team took no shots from him. Second, the team mills around for a while before breaching the home. Third, they don’t form into a stack. Fourth, absurdly,...
  • Pima County SWAT: Guerena wearing ‘boxer briefs’ when shot

    05/29/2011 5:03:28 AM PDT · by marktwain · 25 replies · 1+ views ^ | 27 May, 2011 | Howard Nemerov
    Are these indications of cover-up, or just poor reporting? Earlier this week, Pima County Sheriff’s Department acknowledgeda SWAT raid where Tucson resident Jose Guerena was shot and killed during a multi-residence search warrant executed for an alleged home invasion ring. Sergeant Bob Krygier, SWAT supervisor, said no SWAT entered the house, but that shooting commenced “about two or three seconds” after breaching the front door. [Page 3, line 39 of PDF document] Officers didn’t enter Guerena’s house until after sending in a robot to determine he was dead. Reportedly, “about $100,000 in cash, marijuana and firearms were seized that morning...
  • What Does the SWAT Marine Data Dump Prove? (More details about the raid)

    05/28/2011 2:51:53 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 63 replies
    Reason Magazine ^ | 05/28/2011 | Tim Cavanaugh
    As Mike Riggs noted earlier, helmetcam footage of the Pima County, Arizona, Sheriff's Department SWAT raid that killed 26-year-old Marine Iraq veteran Jose Guerena has been released. The footage is part of a larger release that includes a debriefing [pdf] with Sgt. Bob Krygier, the primary supervisor per se during the operation; audio of the 911 call made by widow Vanessa Guerena (the only adult proximate witness to the slaying not affiliated with Arizona law enforcement); and a transcript [pdf] of Vanessa Guerena's interrogation shortly after Jose Guerena's death. Those links come from Fernanda Echávarri's excellent coverage in the Arizona...
  • "What Were You Guys Thinking? Why Did You Kill Him?"

    05/27/2011 11:20:50 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 53 replies
    Pro Libertate ^ | 05/27/2011 | William N. Grigg
    "Why, why did you kill him?" a traumatized Vanessa Guerena begged to know as she was interrogated in a makeshift "command center" by detectives from the same Sheriff's Office that had just slaughtered her husband Jose. Her questioners, eager to exploit her trauma to extract information, initially refused to give her a straightforward answer. Jose, who had finished a graveyard shift at the Asarco copper mine, was sleeping when a SWAT team from the Pima County Sheriff's Office laid siege to his home on the morning of May 5. Vanessa was doing laundry, and the couple's four-year-old son Joel was...
  • All four homes in raid tied to Guerena family

    05/28/2011 1:49:58 AM PDT · by petitfour · 420 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | 6/28/2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    Records released by the Pima County Sheriff's Department this week show that the four houses served with search warrants the morning of May 5 - when Jose Guerena was shot and killed by a SWAT team - are less than four miles apart and are all connected to the Guerena family. And while initial reports were that doctors told the Guerena family that Jose had been shot 60 times, the Pima County medical examiner's preliminary report says he was shot 22 times. In its sole briefing on the incident, the Sheriff's Department said SWAT team members fired 71 rounds. Aside...
  • SWAT attorney: 71 shots in 7 seconds 'standard operation'

    05/28/2011 12:39:29 AM PDT · by Do Not Make Fun Of His Ears · 40 replies
    CBS News 13 KOLD ^ | 5/27/11 | Bud Foster
    A defense attorney for the Pima County Sheriff's SWAT team defended the actions of the officers, saying it was a "standard operation." "When you take into account five shooters, it doesn't seem excessive," says Mike Storie. The five officers fired 71 shots into a small hallway in seven seconds, killing former Marine Jose Guerena. Officers were trying to serve a search warrant, and say the 26-year-old pointed a gun at them. "This is a standard operation," says Storie. "The only thing unusual about this operation is unseen." Unseen, because while a one-minute videotape released by the sheriff's department shows the...
  • SWAT raid: deadly force justified when serving search warrant

    05/27/2011 9:15:42 PM PDT · by marktwain · 85 replies ^ | 27 May, 2011 | Steve Nuñez
    TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – Video of the SWAT raid and deadly shooting of former Marine Jose Guerena has raised many questions from 9 On Your Side viewers who wanted to know how much force police are legally allowed to use when serving a search warrant. 9 On Your Side Reporter Steve Nuñez sat down with Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Bloom to show him the raw footage of the raid. The Pima County Sheriff's Department released the video to the media on Thursday. "I'm sure everyone's reaction first of all, it's horrible," said Bloom as he watched SWAT officers fire 71 bullets...
  • AZ Police Under Scrutiny After Opening Fire on and Killing Marine (admit nothing illegal in home)

    05/27/2011 3:03:59 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 107 replies
    Fox News ^ | 05/27/2011 | Fox News
    A Marine who was fatally shot in his Arizona home earlier this month reportedly never fired upon the SWAT team that fired at him 70 times. Jose Guerena, a 26-year-old father of two and veteran of the Iraq war, died on May 5 in his home near Tucson, Ariz., during an anti-drug police raid. Authorities initially reported that they thought Guerena fired upon them, but an investigation revealed that no shots were fired, ABC News reports. The SWAT team descended upon Guerena's home thinking it was one of four houses associated with a drug smuggling operation. But nothing illegal was...
  • Statement of Vanessa Guerena (wife of Marine killed by AZ SWAT.)

    05/27/2011 8:42:35 AM PDT · by Fido969 · 28 replies
    Arizona Daily Star ^ | May 27, 2011 | Fernanda Echavarri
    Victim's wife statemeet right after AZ SWAT kills her husband. Part 2 at:
  • Brodesky: Tucson deserves to know more about Guerena shooting

    05/27/2011 6:31:45 AM PDT · by marktwain · 32 replies ^ | 21 May, 2011 | Josh Brodesky
    Maybe, as it's been alleged, Jose Guerena was part of a home-invasion ring with family members, ripping and running with body armor and assault weapons, posing as law enforcement. But all we know, more than two weeks after SWAT officers shot him 60 times, is that Guerena was a Marine who served in Iraq and had no criminal record. We know he worked the night shift at the Asarco Mission Mine, and he was a father and husband. We know that what SWAT officers said they found in Guerena's home - guns, body armor, a piece of law enforcement clothing,...
  • SWAT Helmet Cam Captures Shooting of Jose Guerena (Pima Co SWAT Raid)

    05/26/2011 10:18:53 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 18 replies
    Reason Magazine ^ | 05/26/2011 | Mike Riggs
    Iraq War Veteran Jose Guerena, 26, was shot and killed on May 5 by a Pima County SWAT team that fired 71 bullets through Guerena's front door. The video of that raid, captured on a SWAT helmet cam, is below. Video via The Agitator. See Reason's coverage of Guerena here.
  • Sheriff releases video of SWAT shooting into house of ex-Marine

    05/26/2011 10:23:23 PM PDT · by nparker99 · 211 replies
    KOLD News 13 Tucson ^ | 5/26/2011 | Michael Truelsen
    The Pima County Sheriff's Department released a video Thursday that shows a SWAT team shooting into a suspect's house. He died after being shot 60 times. Jose Guerena, 26, was shot and killed May 5 when Pima County authorities served a search warrant on his home. The Sheriff's department says five SWAT team members fired more than 70 rounds in less than 10 seconds after the former Marine pointed an assault rifle at officers. His wife contends the family thought the officers were robbers. He was shot 60 times
  • Tucson SWAT shooting of former Marine

    05/27/2011 12:23:06 AM PDT · by petitfour · 48 replies · 2+ views
    The Arizona Daily Star ^ | 5/26/2011 | azstarnet
    This is video of the SWAT raid on Jose Guerena.
  • Documents: SWAT officer fired 'until his weapon ran dry'

    05/27/2011 12:29:33 AM PDT · by petitfour · 56 replies
    KOLD news ^ | 5/26/2011 | Sonu Wasu
    The Pima County Sheriff's Department released video, audio, and more than 500 pages of incident reports and interview transcripts related to the May 5 shooting death of a former Marine. The shooting took place while officers were serving a warrant in a drug conspiracy case at Jose Guerena's home, on Redwater Street. The SWAT team arrived at the home just before 9:30 a.m., hoping that children would be out of the house and at school at that time. The video of the whole incident times out at 1 minute and 17 seconds. It starts with a team of SWAT officers...
  • Oath Keepers to Rally in Tucson on Memorial Day Over Death of Young Marine Veteran

    05/24/2011 2:32:39 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 37 replies · 1+ views
    Oath Keepers ^ | 05/24/2011 | Oath Keepers
    CALLING ALL OATH KEEPERS, ALL VETERANS, ALL PATRIOTIC POLICE OFFICERS, ALL GUN OWNERS, AND ALL LIBERTY LOVING AMERICANS. This is an urgent call-out to all Oath Keepers, all veterans, all patriotic police officers, all Americans who cherish our liberty and our Constitution, and to all liberty leaders and patriotic organizations to join us in Tucson, Arizona this Memorial Day, May 30, 2011 to take a stand in defense of our Constitution, which our war dead fought to defend, and to take a stand against the egregious policy of using SWAT teams to serve search warrants on veterans and gun owners...
  • Seventy-One Shots: The Death of Jose Guereña

    05/25/2011 10:50:46 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 75 replies · 1+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | May 25, 2011 | Bob Owens
    Jose Guereña survived two tours in Iraq, but he couldn't survive his own government. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik infamously railed in January of this year that Arizona is a “Mecca for prejudice and bigotry.”One must wonder if the “prejudice and bigotry” he considers endemic to Arizona is to blame for the death of U.S. Marine veteran Jose Guereña, killed when Dupnik’s deputies gunned him down in his home. They fired 71 shots. They hit him 60 times. And then, as if this wasn’t enough, Dupnik’s deputies blocked paramedics for an hour and 14 minutes from approaching the scene, denying...
  • Jose Guerena Evidence: Don't Buy Your Kids the Jesús Malverde Bobblehead (AZ SWAT killing)

    05/24/2011 11:46:32 AM PDT · by Fido969 · 11 replies
    Reason hit and run ^ | 05/22/11 | Tim Cavenaugh
    ...Reconciling O’Connor’s claims with Storie’s suggests the only item potentially linking the Marine veteran to a drug conspiracy was the picture of Jesús Malverde. Jesús Malverde, a probably mythical Robin Hood figure who is said to have died at the hands of Porfirio Diaz’s dictatorship in 1909, is the subject of a cult centered in Sinaloa, Mexico. Malverde tchotchkes can be found throughout Mexico and the Southwestern United States. With judicious use of Our Fathers and Hail Marys, the official prayer to the non-church-approved Malverde is said to be effective for immigrants and people who have been ripped off.
  • Allegations in Tucson SWAT shooting incident

    05/24/2011 1:55:37 AM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 152 replies ^ | May 20, 2011 | fox11az
    TUCSON, Ariz. -- According to the lawyer defending the SWAT team that killed Jose Guerena, the Iraq war vet they shot 60 times in a raid was part of a home invasion ring. His family says prove it. On May 5 members of the Pima County SWAT team were serving a search warrant at the Guerena family home. The sheriff's department said the home was part of a narcotics conspiracy case. "The information they had that there was an organization in town, a violent organization that was dealing in drugs, drug rip offs, home invasions," said attorney Michael Storie. Storie...
  • Death Squad Damage Control in Tucson

    05/24/2011 12:38:09 AM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 46 replies
    Pro Libertate ^ | 05/23/2011 | William N. Grigg Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution (emphasis added) The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land…. No person shall be disturbed in his private affairs, or his home invaded, without authority of law. Sections 3 and 8 of the “Declaration of Rights” from the Arizona State Constitution’s “Declaration of Rights” People seeking to defend the manifestly indefensible often sabotage themselves by disclosing critical details...