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  • Mainstream Media Covers Kids who Pillage and Plunder; But not Kids who Pray

    09/29/2016 5:04:23 AM PDT · by Kaslin
    Todd ^ | September 28, 2016 | Todd Starnes
    When you dropped your kids off at school today - you probably saw a bunch of students gathered around the flag pole. Those kids were part of See You at the Pole - a national prayer gathering. Some two million young people woke up before sunrise to pray with their classmates. Many of you posted photos on my Facebook page of students praying in your hometowns - from Staten Island, New York to Stinking Creek, Kentucky. There were first graders and freshmen holding hands on this cool Autumn day to pray for our nation -- to cry out - as...
  • Liberals Have Nothing But Contempt for Women

    09/29/2016 4:42:04 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies ^ | September 29, 2016 | Kurt Schlichter
    Forgive me if I’m confused, but there seems to be a huge disconnect between what our would-be elite overlords are telling us about women and what they actually think. Apparently coherence and consistency are sexist, and probably also racist and homophobic, making the pooh-bahs of the establishment and their media gimps the most tolerant people in the world. So, Hillary has some serious sads because Trump interrupted her in the debates. That’s sexist you know, because women are both just as good and tough and stuff as men and, simultaneously, little delicate flowers that we must treat like fine china....
  • Trump Is Better Positioned for the Next Two Debates Than the Pundits Dare Realize

    09/29/2016 4:26:49 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 17 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 29 | Dov Fisher
    In the first presidential debate Donald Trump achieved Job One: convincing independents that he is being mischaracterized and caricatured, that he really is a “normal” guy, just exuberant but essentially normal, under control, disciplined. To the point that he is a plausible choice. I believe that at the suggestion of his handlers he drank water whenever he felt the urge to interrupt or insult or felt himself “losing it.” (The irony, of course, is that he mocked Marco Rubio for drinking lots of water during debates. But, as with “All Things Trump,” the alternative is Hillary. So drink away!) It...
  • Joan of Arc’s Shaky Pedestal: France Battles Over Its Identity at School

    09/29/2016 2:03:07 AM PDT · by aquila48 · 6 replies
    The Slimes ^ | SEPT. 27, 2016 | RACHEL DONADIO
    Bikini — and burkini — season is over here, but with the new school year, France’s battle over national identity has erupted on a new front: its history curriculum. School curriculums have long been a part of culture wars, including in the United States, where there have been tussles over slavery and evolution. But in France, where the state sets school programs nationwide, the country’s understanding of its past — and how it uses education to shape young citizens — has become a hot-button issue in a fraught election season. Changes to how Joan of Arc and other touchstone historical...
  • The Jews that Choose Trump

    09/28/2016 11:55:10 PM PDT · by Mr. Mojo · 9 replies
    Frontpage Mag ^ | September 29, 2016 | Daniel Greenfield
    There is grumbling in progressive circles over polls showing that Orthodox Jews will vote for Trump. Among non-Orthodox Jews, Hillary beats Trump by 66 to 23 percent. Among the Orthodox, Trump beats her 66 to 22 percent. In New York, Hillary scores 61 to 19 percent among Jews, but among Orthodox Jews, Trump wins 50% of the vote while Hillary lags at 21%. It’s no wonder then that Jewish Democrats for Trump is largely targeting Orthodox Jewish voters. Why Orthodox Jews? It might be tempting to attribute this support to Trump’s daughter having converted to Orthodox Judaism, but these same...
  • Denmark reverses course on refugee ‘child brides’ (sick)

    09/28/2016 10:37:17 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 16 replies ^ | 28 Sep 2016 10:23 GMT+02:00
    Denmark’s decision to separate married couples in refugee centers if one party is below the age of 18 has been reversed after the government concluded it was in violation of international conventions.Metroxpress reported on Wednesday that the Danish Immigration Service will now reunite several married couples who have been living separately since February. “In some of these cases it has been it has been assessed that it would not be compatible with Denmark’s international obligations to maintain the separate living quarters, thus these couples have been offered to be housed together,” DIS wrote in an official response to a parliamentary...
  • 'Barefoot Bandit' released from prison

    09/28/2016 10:28:05 PM PDT · by Rabin · 11 replies
    seattletimes ^ | Copyright Bob Friel 2012 | Bob Friel
    In mid 2012, Kid Colton, the Barefoot Bandit, a true story of Colt Harris-Moore, Born to run, outlaw child. Colt had the local sheriff after him before the age of 10, survived his youth by slipping in and out of dumpster and homes for food, and learned to evade the police by "melting" into the Pacific Northwest wilds. In the fullness of time whatever else could be found amongst the scrapes. He got caught of course, and sent to juvy, walked away, and proceeded to Orcas Island, where, like D. B. Cooper; with no pilot training whatsoever, exited the area...
  • Obama: Our military fights so Kaepernicks can protest

    09/28/2016 9:03:56 PM PDT · by kevcol · 34 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | September 28, 2016 | Susan Crabtree
    President Obama Wednesday night said U.S. service members fight so that people like the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick can express their views and take a knee during the national anthem to make a point. . . A widow of a veteran who died of cancer after being misdiagnosed at a Veteran Affairs hospital wanted to know why that doctor was still working at the hospital and there wasn't more accountability for some employees. While Obama said that a lot of people have been fired and the VA has worked hard to improve wait times, he acknowledged that there is no...
  • What Happened When New Zealand Got Rid of Government Subsidies for Farmers

    09/28/2016 9:02:11 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 45 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | September 22, 2016 | Josh Siegel
    In 2006, Chris Hausman, a fourth-generation Midwestern farmer long accustomed to depending on government support for survival, traveled across the world to witness a revolution in agriculture. It had been more than 20 years since a left-leaning government in New Zealand chose to eliminate government subsidies for farmers, and Hausman was surprised at what had transpired since. “I will tell you it was a shock to their agricultural system,” says Hausman, 58, who farms corn and soybeans on a 1,500-acre plot 150 miles south of Chicago. “You had a system dictated by government programs that was thrown out the window...
  • Hey Lester Holt, Is This Hillary's Confidential Signal That You Need to Fact Check Her BRAIN?

    09/28/2016 8:34:47 PM PDT · by CharlesOConnell · 19 replies
    Freep | 9/28/2016 | CharlesOConnell
    @LesterHoltNBC Hey Les, is this Hillary signalling to you that you need to fact check her BRAIN? Or is it her confidential signal that you need to bring her a Kleenex®?
  • The Long Read: Why class won’t go away

    09/28/2016 8:25:41 PM PDT · by thecodont · 9 replies
    The Guardian ^ | Tuesday 27 September 2016 06.00 BST | Lynsey Hanley
    Something has gone wrong in Britain, and the EU referendum result showed us – or at least, those of us who weren’t already aware – what it is. The campaign and its aftermath exposed a society that has split along lines of class, region, age and culture, with fewer binding threads than at any point in recent history. On the day, huge swaths of the country voted by class and geography. This was hardly surprising, considering how tensions between the classes have been exploited mercilessly by politicians. Social and economic inequalities, particularly between the south-east and the rest of the...
  • Hamas Celebrates, Calls Peres a Criminal as Palestinian Authority Remains Silent

    09/28/2016 8:21:47 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 4 replies
    Breitbart Jerusalem ^ | Septemberr 28, 2016 | Breitbart Jerusalem
    (AFP) – Hamas welcomed the death of former Israeli president Shimon Peres Wednesday, calling him a “criminal”, while the Palestinian Authority made no official comment after the death of the Nobel Peace Prize winner. In the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for the Islamist Hamas movement which runs the enclave said: “The Palestinian people are happy at the death of this criminal. “Shimon Peres was one of the last Israeli founders of occupation. His death marks the end of an era in the history of the Israeli occupation,” spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP. Tributes to the 93-year-old poured in from...
  • Debate: Why Trump Won and Hillary Lost, The Trump Phenomenon ( black man weighs in)

    09/28/2016 7:41:28 PM PDT · by GilGil · 11 replies
    Youtube ^ | 9/28/2016 | Derrick Grayson
    Debate: Why Trump Won and Hillary Lost, The Trump Phenomenon ( black man weighs in)
  • Ohio HONOR KILLING: Muslim Father Shoots Daughter in the Head — Twice While She Slept

    09/28/2016 7:33:34 PM PDT · by Rusty0604 · 72 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 09/28/2016 | Pamela Gellar
    When asked to explain why the father would shoot his own daughter, family members blamed a medical condition; they said Mansour is a diabetic. Yes, that’s it — diabetes. And not only did no one in the media question this, they actually deliberated whether the medical case could be made. That’s how sick, broken and subdued our fourth estate has become. “Neighbors: Family ‘kept to themselves’ at home where police say dad shot his daughter”, FOX 19, By Denise Zarrella, Reporter, September 27th 2016: ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) – A 63-year-old father is facing murder, felonious assault, and domestic violence...
  • Howard Dean Doubles Down on Trump 'Using Coke?';

    09/28/2016 7:28:00 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 82 replies ^ | September 28, 2016 | Tom Blumer
    During Monday night's presidential debate, former DNC chairman and 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean tweeted: "Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?" Even the tabloid site TMZ described Dean's tweet as a "low blow." Unbowed, Dean doubled down at MSNBC on Tuesday, to the point where a clearly uncomfortable Kate Snow tried to maneuver him into backing away a bit. He wouldn't, which is fine with Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, who told the network's Peter Alexander on Wednesday that "we should probably be talking more about" Dean’s speculation. At the Washington Free Beacon Tuesday afternoon, David Rutz reported that...
  • Diamond and Silks Take After The 1st Presidential Debate. Round 1

    09/28/2016 6:44:34 PM PDT · by GilGil · 12 replies
    The Viewers View ^ | 9/27/2016 | Diamond and Silk
    Donald Trump came in and stood his ground. He didn't waver nor did he back down. He won all of the polls after the debates. Now old Crooked Hillary lied lied lied. The truth is not in her. She will say and do anything to get a vote. Diamond and Silk tells you what they really think.
  • You’re an Idiot and a Lunatic for Questioning ‘Safe Spaces,’ ‘Microagression,’

    09/28/2016 6:38:58 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 29 replies
    Wire Point ^ | 25 September 2016 | Mark Glennon
    Never mind that he’s talking about many who his university educated, including me. Any of you who question campus preoccupation with safe spaces, trigger warnings and microagressions are idiots and lunatics. That’s what Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro told new students this past week in his welcoming address. Articles about his comments include those in CampusReform and The Daily Northwestern. “Look for safe spaces,” Schapiro told the freshman, and he pledged that “if you can’t find them, we will help you find them.” Regarding traumatic ideas, Schapiro says, “If they say that…you shouldn’t be warned to prepare yourself psychologically for...
  • Sen. Warner Makes His Hillary Endorsement Mainly About Himself

    09/28/2016 6:21:02 PM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 32 replies
    Legal Insurrection ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Perhaps John Warner’s biggest claim to fame is a distinction he shares with a good-sized chunk of older American men: having once been married to Elizabeth Taylor. But the former Republican senator from Virginia found another way to get himself some attention today: by endorsing Hillary for president. Interviewed by Andrea Mitchell on her MSNBC show this afternoon, Warner managed to make his endorsement mainly about himself. In the course of their brief conversation, Warner let it be known: that he had been on the lawn for the famous handshake between Rabin and Araft; that he had served in both...
  • California officer guns down refugee in 'shooting stance'

    09/28/2016 6:05:43 PM PDT · by artichokegrower · 70 replies
    Sacramento Bee ^ | September 28, 2016 | JULIE WATSON and BRIAN MELLEY
    The fatal police shooting of a Ugandan refugee who drew something from his pocket and extended his hands in a "shooting stance" happened about a minute after officers in a San Diego suburb arrived at the scene where a mentally unstable man was reportedly walking in traffic, a police spokesman said Wednesday.
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Remembering Our Troops!! ~ 29 September 2016

    09/28/2016 5:59:50 PM PDT · by Kathy in Alaska · 71 replies
    Serving The Bestest Troops and Veterans In The World !! | The Canteen Crew
    ~ The FReeper Canteen Presents ~ ~ Remembering Our Troops!! ~ RAPTOR RESOLVE An Air Force F-22 Raptor flies over the Arabian Sea to support Operation Inherent Resolve, Jan. 27, 2016. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Corey Hook Canteen Mission Statement Showing support and boosting the morale ofour military and our allies' militaryand family members of the above.Honoring those who have served before. BIG DIG Soldiers work to free an ambulance stuck in the snow while supporting winter storm response operations around Annapolis, MD, Jan. 24, 2016. The soldiers are assigned to the Maryland National Guard's 110th Information...
  • 'Death spiral'? ObamaCare problems making coverage harder to afford, find

    09/28/2016 4:57:47 PM PDT · by Rockitz · 26 replies ^ | 28 September 2016 | Dan Springer
    When Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey announced recently that it’s $46 million in debt and shutting down, it became the 17th failed ObamaCare co-op since the Affordable Care Act launched three years ago. Those failures – just six of the original 23 co-ops remain – have left hundreds of thousands of people scrambling for coverage. Meanwhile, insurers claiming big losses are leaving some state exchanges -- including Indiana University Health Plans, whose exit is expected to result in 27,000 Indiana residents losing ObamaCare plans in 2017. And companies still operating in the federal and state exchanges are raising premiums...
  • Charlotte Horror: How Trapped Drivers Pleaded with 911 to Rescue Them From Seething Mob

    09/28/2016 4:53:22 PM PDT · by RightGeek · 77 replies
    Heatstreet ^ | 9/27/2016 | Emily Zanotti
    Charlotte motorists were caught in a terrifying nightmare as rioters flooded onto I-85 and surrounded their cars during last week’s unrest– and many drivers pleaded with emergency services to rescue them from the demonstrators. The city of Charlotte has released a number of 911 tapes, including calls made from gridlocked motorists on Charlotte streets who feared for their lives as protests over the death of Keith Scott moved to block highways going in and out of the city. Dozens of vehicles were stopped on I-85 and other major thoroughfares. According to some of the motorists trapped on the streets, protesters...
  • Agnes Nixon, creator of 'One Life to Live' and 'All My Children,' dies at 93

    09/28/2016 4:51:49 PM PDT · by Borges · 4 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 9/28/2016 | Valerie J. Nelson
    *** Although her characters were inevitably embroiled in melodrama, Nixon was repeatedly honored for elevating soaps during a television career that spanned more than 60 years. She pioneered socially relevant themes and dealt with them seriously, bringing attention to such once-taboo topics as racism, AIDS, lesbian relationships and teenage prostitution. In 1962, Nixon wrote a story line for “The Guiding Light” on CBS about a character who develops uterine cancer and has a life-saving hysterectomy. The network and show sponsor Proctor & Gamble agreed to the plot only if the words “cancer,” “uterus” and “hysterectomy” were not used.
  • Kevin Jackson Colin Kaepernick can kiss my black...

    09/28/2016 4:24:35 PM PDT · by GilGil · 10 replies
    The Black Sphere ^ | 9/1/2016 | Kevin Jackson
    I'm sick of morons trying to make heroes out of black babies like Colin Kaepernick. This stupid piece of sh*t has been radicalized by the very system that wants us to believe it wants a "color-blind" society. Liberal suck, then they die...thankfully. It's time REAL Americans fight back against this nonsense. Begin by joining my Facebook-like site for Conservatives: We fight brain-dead Leftist 24/7 and we know how to WIN!
  • Shocking Report Reveals Scientists Have Created the Word’s First Baby With Three-Parents

    09/28/2016 3:43:38 PM PDT · by NYer · 32 replies
    Life News ^ | September 28, 2016 | STEVEN ERTELT
    A shocking new report claims the world’s first three-parent baby (pictured above) has been born. Children born through ‘three-person IVF’ would contain some genetic material from each of three different people. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT There are about 50 known mitochondrial diseases (MCDs), which are passed on in genes coded by mitochondrial (as opposed to nuclear) DNA. They range hugely in severity, but for most there is presently no cure and little other than supportive treatment. The goal behind creating “designer babies” with three parents is to eliminate such diseases.But there are good reasons for pro-life people to be concerned about...
  • Colin Kaepernick: 'Let's make America great for the first time'

    09/28/2016 3:39:30 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 63 replies
    ESPN ^ | September 28, 2016 | Nick Wagoner
    Kaepernick had offered similar criticisms of Trump and Clinton when he first began discussing his reasons for his protest. Kaepernick circled back to Trump on Tuesday afternoon when the QB was asked what he thought of Trump's comments on the radio show. "That's a very ignorant statement, that if you don't agree with what's going on here, that if you want justice and liberty and freedom for all, that you should leave the country," Kaepernick said. "He always says, 'Make America great again.' Well, America has never been great for people of color and that's something that needs to be...
  • #TrumpWon the debate? Legitimate polls show otherwise (The CBC's pollster is mad at Trump)

    09/28/2016 3:27:45 PM PDT · by jerod · 46 replies
    CBC News Website ^ | Posted: Sep 28, 2016 12:23 PM ET | By Éric Grenier
    Online 'polls' pegged Donald Trump as the presidential debate winner, but scientific polls did not. The hashtag #TrumpWon was trending on Twitter Tuesday. Partially boosted by sarcasm, it was fuelled primarily by Donald Trump, who was quick to claim he won Monday's debate by citing a slew of online polls that pegged him as the winner. But there's a problem. None of the polls Trump has pointed to are actually legitimate polls. Instead, all of the scientific, real polls published so far have shown him to be the loser of the debate by significant margins. In the world of public...
  • Michelle (My Belle) Campaigns Against Trump in Philadelphia

    09/28/2016 3:10:54 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies
    Rush ^ | September 28, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I mentioned in the previous hour Politico story: "Clinton Campaign in Panic Mode over Black Voter Support in Florida." This is interesting. I mean, the conventional wisdom from the Drive-By side is if Hillary cannot get close to replicating the Obama turnout, particularly in African-Americans, that she is in deep, deep doo-doo. Now, Hillary, of course, counters this by going out to black events and trying to sound like she's African-American. (impression) "I ain't no ways t'aaaird!" When, in fact, she can barely stand up, she's so damn tired. "I ain't no ways t'air... (coughing) t'aired!" It's...
  • Baltimore mayor fires back at prosecutor over profile (cat fight)

    09/28/2016 2:42:40 PM PDT · by GilGil · 19 replies
    Associated Press ^ | 9/28/2016 | AP
    The mayor's comments were in response to a profile of Mosby in The New York Times Magazine in which she said the mayor disseminated false information about the investigation into Gray's death. In the story Mosby recalled "screaming" at Rawlings-Blake and blaming the riots on her. Mosby told the magazine that she called Rawlings-Blake during the riots in April of 2015 and screamed, "You have single-handedly caused what's happening in this city right now," before hanging up on the mayor. Rawlings-Blake on Wednesday said, "Am I to blame? No," adding, "you have to stand up, be in the big role...
  • Danish far-right group's 'anti-migrant spray' draws ire

    09/28/2016 2:37:34 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 26 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 28/9/16
    A Danish far-right group faced criticism on Wednesday after handing out "asylum spray" to be used against violent migrants. In the southern town of Haderslev, 137 cans of relabelled hair spray were given away to the public on Saturday by the far-right Party of the Danes, which does not hold any seats in parliament. "The asylum spray is a concrete reaction against more Danes feeling insecure," party leader Daniel Carlsen, a former member of a Nazi group that he now distances himself from, told AFP. "Some Danish girls don't dare to go outside after it gets dark, partly because there...
  • Your Host Ruins the Post-Debate Glow for Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

    09/28/2016 1:39:07 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    Rush ^ | September 28, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: "Clinton Feels the Pressure." Why? Even after a strong debate, Clinton has a huge staff advantage over Trump. The Electoral College is tilted in her favor. She's running to succeed Obama, who's a popular president. She's running against Trump who ought to be the easiest candidate for president ever to beat. And despite all that, she finds herself in an excruciatingly tight race. "Why aren't I 50 points ahead?" Apparently she is feeling the pressure. The next headline from Politico: "Clinton Campaign in 'Panic Mode' Over Florida Black Voters." This story is from today. It's a post-debate...
  • Large crowds walk along streets of El Cajon to protest deadly shooting

    09/28/2016 1:24:17 PM PDT · by jeannineinsd · 63 replies
    Fox 5 San Diego ^ | 9/28/16 | Fox 5
    Live Feed from Fox 5 San Diego in El Cajon, CA.
  • Panic, Anxiety Spark Rush to Build Luxury Bunkers for L.A.'s Superrich [Rev 9]

    09/28/2016 1:15:58 PM PDT · by Jan_Sobieski · 81 replies
    Hollywood Reporter ^ | 9/28/2016 | Ingrid Schmid
    Oscar winners, sports stars and Bill Gates are building lavish bunkers — with amenities ranging from a swimming pool to a bowling alley — as global anxiety fuels sales and owners "could be the next Adam and Eve." Given the increased frequency of terrorist bombings and mass shootings and an under-lying sense of havoc fed by divisive election politics, it's no surprise that home security is going over the top and hitting luxurious new heights. Or, rather, new lows, as the average depth of a new breed of safe haven that occupies thousands of square feet is 10 feet under...
  • Chelsea Clinton Suggests Marijuana Is Killing People

    09/28/2016 12:42:50 PM PDT · by VitacoreVision · 56 replies
    High Times ^ | Sept. 27, 2016 | Mike Adams
    Former White House rugrat Chelsea Clinton believes marijuana may have some therapeutic benefits, but she also thinks the herb may be killing people in states where it has been made legal. During a recent appearance at Youngstown State University, Clinton—campaigning on behalf of her mother, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton—told a crowd of students that “anecdotally, we have lots of evidence” that cannabis is effective in treating epilepsy and stimulating the appetites of those undergoing chemotherapy treatment. But she then went on to say that there are still some public health concerns associated with pot consumption due to recent deaths...
  • Madonna Gets Naked, Joins Katy Perry in Supporting Hillary Clinton

    09/28/2016 12:21:09 PM PDT · by seanmerc · 78 replies ^ | 28 Sep 16 | Gil Kaufman
    Madonna has gotten naked more than a few times in her career. But this time she's doing it for a cause. On Wednesday morning (Sept. 28), the singer posted some politically motivated nudes on her Facebook page telling fans, "Living for Hillary. Yes I vote for intelligence. I vote for equal rights for women and all minorities."
  • In 30 Years of Public Life, Hillary Clinton Has Never Made Anyone Feel Good

    09/28/2016 12:08:29 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies
    Rush ^ | September 28, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: If you establishment types really, really want to understand how Trump supporters look at this -- if you really do -- let me remind you of something. By the way, I'm proud of how often I'm seeing this pop up in columns and opinion pieces. It is something I have been reminding people over the past month. You guys in the Drive-Bys in analyzing Hillary's debate, you're judging rhetoric. You're judging the spoken word. That's how you define intelligence (muttering), "It's intellectualspeak. You communicate (muttering) so you're really, really smart, really... Obama does intellectualspeak. It's a specific...
  • That time Hillary Clinton said all Americans are racist and nobody blinked an eye

    09/28/2016 11:48:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 18 replies
    Hot ^ | September 28, 2016 | LARRY O'CONNOR
    Shouldn’t we be talking about Hillary Clinton’s startling proclamation during Monday night’s debate that every American has “implicit bias” on race relations? When asked by moderator Lester Holt (the only time he asked a direct and exclusive question of the Democratic Party’s nominee) “Do you believe that police are implicitly biased against black people?” Clinton didn’t just throw cops under the racist bus, she threw us all under: Lester, I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone. Not just police. I think unfortunately too many of us in our great country, um, jump to conclusions about each other. And...
  • How Green Was My Campus

    09/28/2016 11:37:00 AM PDT · by Academiadotorg · 3 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | September 28, 2016 | Malcolm A. Kline
    The sustainability campaigns on American college campuses, which we have covered for about as long as they have existed, may seem more ubiquitous than pledge drives on PBS. Nevertheless, some scholars think they haven’t gone far enough. "We are currently on track to having the hottest year ever, breaking the record established last year," Marcus Peter Ford writes on the Academe blog maintained by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). "We also set records for warmth in 2013 and 2014." "And yet, to date, climate change has had little impact on how we understand the purpose of higher education....
  • Sean Penn Likens Voting for Donald Trump to "Masturbating Our Way Into Hell"

    09/28/2016 11:35:29 AM PDT · by seanmerc · 93 replies
    The Hollywood Reporter ^ | 28 Sep 16 | THR Staff
    The actor shared his thoughts on politics and also joined Twitter for the first time. Sean Penn rarely makes late night appearances but he stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote the audiobook he narrated, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.
  • Hillary Clinton was clearly victorious, but only one candidate did enough to win new voters ...

    09/28/2016 11:23:23 AM PDT · by GilGil · 29 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | 9/28/2016 | SE Cupp
    FULL TITLE: Hillary Clinton was clearly victorious, but only one candidate did enough to win new voters during the presidential debate ...Undecideds are undecided for a reason. They do not like either of these candidates... To move undecideds, Trump needed to make Clinton look like a politician who doesn’t get it, who doesn’t get you. Over and over again, Trump hammered this point Monday night, arguing she’s had 30 years in politics and little to show for it. He called her a “typical politician,” said she was “all talk, no action,” and in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, painted her as...
  • Millennials and the Obama Legacy

    09/28/2016 11:15:10 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 28, 2016 | Jon N. Hall
    In his 2008 campaign for president, candidate Obama said that the debt run up by President Bush was “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” and that Bush ran up the debt all “by his lonesome” (short video). Despite presiding over far more debt in his first term than Bush did in two, President Obama was re-elected by young folks. It would seem that debt doesn’t really register with millennials. Although millennials may not be interested in debt, debt is interested in them. On Oct. 1, 2016 the federal government will begin its next fiscal year, FY 2017. Fiscal 2017 will mark ten years...
  • Hillary Clinton’s Lyin’ Eyes

    09/28/2016 11:01:09 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 18 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 28, 2016 | Brian C. Joondeph
    Long ago in 1976, Bill Clinton was elected Arkansas attorney general, launching his political career and that of his ambitious wife. One year earlier, The Eagles released their hit song “Lyin’ Eyes”. Little did Don Henley and Glenn Frey know that their popular song and Hillary Clinton would have a synchronous moment 40 years later during her presidential campaign. The lyrics, “You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes” at one level, fits Mrs. Clinton’s life story and political history quite accurately and at another level provides a glimpse into her current health and suitability to serve as president. From the early...
  • JPSO deputies refuse Bonnabel detail after players kneel during anthem

    09/28/2016 11:00:31 AM PDT · by TigerClaws · 11 replies
    JPSO deputies refuse Bonnabel detail after players kneel during anthem
  • Dreadlock Ban Isn’t Discrimination; Court Rejects Govt. Claim of “Racial Distinctions in the...

    09/28/2016 10:50:34 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 9 replies
    Judicial Watch ^ | September 28, 2016
    Full title: Dreadlock Ban Isn’t Discrimination; Court Rejects Govt. Claim of “Racial Distinctions in the Natural Texture of Black and Non-Black Hair” A federal appellate court has ruled against the Obama administration’s claims that firing a black woman for wearing dreadlocks constitutes racial discrimination and the government agency representing the employee poses an interesting question: Would a woman wearing a hijab face the same fate? The answer is no. Muslims have more rights in the U.S. workplace than African Americans, it seems. In the aftermath of several rulings protecting Muslim rights to wear religious head covers on the job, a...
  • Trump's Taxes? Audit the Clinton Foundation!

    09/28/2016 10:21:51 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 28, 2016 | Daniel John Sobieski
    Perhaps Sen. Harry Reid should sue Hillary Clinton for copyright infringement. The former Secretary of State went after Donald Trump for failing to release his tax returns, suggesting that it could be because he is not as charitable as he claims or maybe he didn’t pay any taxes on his fortune. it was eerily reminiscent of the lie Harry Reid admitted telling in 2012 about Mitt Romney: One of the strangest incidents of the 2012 presidential campaign was when then-Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid accused then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney of having not paid any taxes over the past...
  • Geert Wilders For Breitbart: Let’s Lock The Door To Islam

    09/28/2016 10:18:09 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 7 replies ^ | September 28, 2016 | Gert Wilders
    Yesterday, I visited Maassluis. It is town near Rotterdam, where the indigenous Dutch inhabitants have become the victims of immigrant youths of Moroccan descent. Cars have been demolished, houses vandalized, people threatened. The Dutch no longer feel free and safe in their own city. When the local radio station interviewed some of the victims and referred to the perpetrators as Moroccans, it received an anonymous letter: “You are racists! Your time will come! I won’t take care of it because I am too old. But our boys are the new soldiers.”
  • 1st Case Of Locally-Acquired Dengue Reported In Miami-Dade County

    09/28/2016 9:39:02 AM PDT · by rrstar96 · 11 replies ^ | September 28, 2016 | Giovanna Maselli
    MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Florida health officials have confirmed the first case of locally acquired Dengue fever in Miami-Dade County. The infection is primarily spread through bites of infected mosquitoes. The person infected with the virus has already received medical treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. Health officials are investigating close contacts around the person to make sure more people are not infected. Miami-Dade Mosquito Control says they are conducting aggressive mosquito control efforts in the area of concern. Dengue fever can present itself as a flu-like illness with muscle aches, pain, fever and sometimes a rash. The...
  • Oh Dear, Clinton’s Latest Campaign Surrogate is a: Murder Accomplice, Hard Core Porn Star...

    09/28/2016 9:14:22 AM PDT · by GilGil · 62 replies
    Conservative Treehouse ^ | 9/28/2016 | Sundance
    Full Title: Oh Dear, Clinton’s Latest Campaign Surrogate is a: Murder Accomplice, Hard Core Porn Star and Drug Lord Concubine… This has to be the worst campaign vetting in the history of failed campaign vetting… Or the most horrible exploitation, Clintonian level exploitation, of a very troubled woman…. You decide. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign narrative is now centered around, and vested in, using a former Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado, as an attack surrogate against Donald Trump.
  • The Rush Limbaugh Show, M-F, 12noon-3PM, WOR-AM, Wednesday, September 28th, 2016.

    09/28/2016 8:55:04 AM PDT · by carriage_hill · 41 replies
    The EIB Network ^ | Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh
    AND NOW... amidst billowing clouds of fragrant, aromatic first- and second-hand premium cigar smoke... it is time for... that harmless, lovable little fuzz ball, the highly-trained broadcast specialist, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, from behind the golden EIB microphone, firmly ensconced in the prestigious Attila-The-Hun chair at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, serving humanity simply by showing up, and he’s not retiring until every American agrees with him — do NOT doubt him — with shrieks of joy at the mere mention of his name (that’s Rush, for those in Rio...
  • Daddy's Issues (Huma Abedin's father believes the state should enforce Sharia law)

    09/28/2016 8:43:09 AM PDT · by Mr. Mojo · 30 replies
    Washington Free Beacon ^ | Sept. 28, 2016 | Adam Credo
    Syed Abedin, the father of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma, outlined his view of Sharia law and how the Western world has turned Muslims “hostile” during a wide-ranging video interview that shines newfound light on the reclusive thinker’s world views, according to footage exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. Abedin, a Muslim scholar who was tied to the Saudi Arabian government until his death in 1993, has remained somewhat of a mystery as the media turns its eye to his daughter Huma, a top Clinton campaign aide who recently announced her separation from husband Anthony Weiner following his multiple...