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  • Supreme Court To Hear Case On 'Faithless' Electors- Punish Electoral College members who ignore the popular vote?

    01/18/2020 8:02:14 PM PST · 49 of 52
    TakeChargeBob to Political Junkie Too; All

    Good discussions but I think to me the solution is clear.

    First I start with the constitution and I am an originalist. As Yo-Yo pointed out in post 41, there are 2 elements to this. First is Article II Section 1 where it designates the number of electors for each state. This affirms the electoral college rather than the popular vote. To change that you need to change the constitution.

    The 12th Amendment (1804) notes the formality of the electors reporting to Congress and I agree is silent on how they are appointed and who they must vote for. This appears murky however, the contextual basis for the this amendment was to remedy the problems with the 1800 election - and concerns clarification about voting for president and vice president. While it mentions electors (IMO as a tool - I think it was logistics of communication as it was known then) there are no special rights for them. Consider the timeframe where only persons of privilege could vote, to endow electors with privilege to overrule the votes of the people who voted for president seems unconstitutional based on subsequent amendments.

    As an originalist, I am totally comfortable with a ruling that negates electors and substitutes electoral votes and do not consider it a rewrite of the constitution. It affirms the states powers in the count per Article II Section 1. It does not practically affect the 12th amendment.

    What is the purpose of having electors rather than electoral votes? Electors are not how people vote when they vote for president.(What percent of people know the elector they are voting for 5 minutes after they vote - even if the name of the elector is noted on the ballot? Almost none.)

    As I pointed out, the possibility of mischief in the electoral count is huge. No one has effectively countered my risk to the system by the examples that I gave which I will reiterate.

    Consider a 270-268 outcome but 2 electors are either (or both) threatened or given large sums of money - say $25 million to change their vote. What is the rationale for allowing this possibility? It is insane. While the risk exists on both sides (which is equally wrong), I contend that the risk is greater for the Rs. Consider 2020. Assume Trump wins 270-268 and the D wins the popular vote (as voter fraud is rampant). What do you think will happen if Soros pays off 2 electors in some secret bank account and the votes are changed? What would the media do? You know the spin that would be created - impeached president, popular vote so the end result is fair. Would there be investigations in the new administration on these electors - not a chance? Would we violently recreate- I doubt it - perhaps some but it would be temporary and further tempered by MSM and worse by RINO squishes.

    I ask the question - why allow the possibility for this to happen?

  • Supreme Court To Hear Case On 'Faithless' Electors- Punish Electoral College members who ignore the popular vote?

    01/17/2020 11:56:57 PM PST · 25 of 52
    TakeChargeBob to Political Junkie Too

    “I don’t see a great risk of a court ruling affirming the right of an Elector voting his will.”

    I strongly disagree. The probability of faithless electors is huge. Consider an election with a 270 - 268 outcome. Clearly the person with 270 votes was elected as the winner based on electoral votes. There are 2 risks that are more prevalent today. One is the money involved in campaigns and the other is information available to the public about electors that could put them in danger.

    Consider the money aspect, with over $1 billion spent on campaigns (not to mention the possible corruption of deep state internal and foreign influence and the value of power), why not give 2 electors $25 million each to switch their votes. (Done in a way that could be hidden. Also the party in power would decline to investigate too strongly.) I believe some faithless electors got a $1,000 fine.

    In addition to the money or separately, consider the fact of threats to electors and their families.

    I contend that with power the risk is too great.

    Faithless electors is my number one peeve of our system. I was thrilled to see that the Supreme Court is looking into this. I strongly support the electoral college. I am fine with the Nebraska and Maine rules as well as winner takes all. The point is that the electoral votes reflect the will of the people. (This assumes an honest count - which is my second peeve. We have to make significant improvements/reforms to get and insure an honest count.) It is absurd to have a small group of people with undeserved enhanced power to substitute their will and negate the vote.

    I would hope the ruling from the supreme court mandates the electors votes as per the results of the actual and validated votes. (There is a formal process for validating votes in the states - needs much improvement.) This eliminates the risk as I outlined from faithless electors.

    Note that I did not give a 269-269 example as only 1 vote change would affect the outcome. There are multiple reasons for this but the one I want to stress as that it does not necessarily turn a loser into a winner. (I realize it is possible to know which way a tie is going to be resolved depending upon the House election but it could be more complicated in that there could be some tainted house results that could come into play.)

  • Q Anon: 01/03/20 Trust Trump’s Plan ~ Vol.204, Q Day 798

    01/03/2020 5:40:54 PM PST · 194 of 1,559
    TakeChargeBob to greeneyes

    “MORE OSWEDA AKA WICTOR” (I corrected the name by removing the L)

    I recently came to the same conclusion based on the content (particularly nuances of weapon systems and their impact) and the frequent retweets from Brian Cates who I know was an avid Wictor reader as I was until he left twitter.

    Do you have any further confirmation of this? Regardless, I will be putting Carlos Osweda on my daily read list.

  • Why is Adam Schiff sniffing around the phone records of reporters and congressmen?

    12/05/2019 8:39:44 PM PST · 23 of 65
    TakeChargeBob to Kevin in California

    Why have the Rs been so tepid about this? They should have jumped on this immediately and orchestrated a response of outrage. First in a news conference and publicize a letter that should have been sent to Barr to open up an investigation on this abuse of power. They should have also noted that they will be considering a lawsuit.

    Impeachment is not a relevant excuse. I believe that I saw that the request was made on Sept 30 before the impeachment inquiry was voted on and passed.

  • Live results for Louisiana’s governor’s race: John Bel Edwards vs. Eddie Rispone

    11/16/2019 9:54:11 PM PST · 167 of 176
    TakeChargeBob to mrsmith

    I have been tracking against Dave Wasserman’s projection chart and recognized early on (when parishes starting passing 50%) that Edwards was going to win.

    I compared on a spreadsheet the actual results with Wasserman’s projection and the following are the actual vs projected results. (Note that Wasserman’s projection had an even split with Edwards ahead by 5 votes.)

    Total Actual votes were 5.2K higher
    Of the 64 parishes (many are relatively small):
    1. 18 had higher turnout adding 45.5 additional votes accounting for 29.2K additional votes for Edwards.
    2. 51 had higher than projected additional votes for Edwards
    3. 44 had higher than projected percentage of the votes for Edwards.
    4. 4 parishes projected for Rispone to win (2 just barely) were won by Edwards.

    In summation, Edwards areas had higher turnout and he overperformed in most parishes relative to projected.

    While I think voter fraud is a serious problem that has not yet been addressed, the consistency of results does not indicate voter fraud in this case.

  • Here’s What Republicans Should Ask Robert Mueller When He Testifies

    07/01/2019 9:56:03 PM PDT · 39 of 42
    TakeChargeBob to detective

    I agree that the Republicans should be strategic in getting out the impressions by focusing in on the heart of the matter. They should refrain from scolding Mueller or going after extraneous stuff (e.g. Uranium One or anything not related to the Mueller report). The questions and responses and challenges to the responses should tell the story.

    Also there should be coordination with the Republican team so that a coordinated strategy can be implemented. (I am skeptical about this part happening.)

    While I often love what he says, Louie Gomert should not participate. While we might enjoy it, his flame throwing will hurt the case to people that can be influenced. Also he is most likely to bring up the extraneous material.

  • Why Ed Markey is Desperate to Avoid Voting on His “Green New Deal”

    02/13/2019 8:38:04 AM PST · 32 of 38
    TakeChargeBob to EyesOfTX

    On the surface this sounds like a clever move but unfortunately we know for sure based on recent experience that this will be worthless and at best gains no benefit.

    I believe that there was a vote on something to do with healthcare (perhaps medicare- don’t recall) that McConnell wanted to put the Ds on record for. They called it a show vote and voted present eliminating any talking point. The MSM dutifully reports it as such. Thus the impact that McConnell wanted was not realized at all. A vote on the Green New Deal will have a worse effect. The votes and logic will be the same and the MSM plus some on our side will ridicule McConnell’s vote.

    The Green New Deal is not ready for making law and it is an obvious show vote. (Even those on our side who want to embarrass the Ds with this realize it is a show vote.) This proposal is a godsend to us. (Caveat if it is effective to gain public support for the Ds we are doomed as a country.) We do not need to play obvious politics and weaken our hand. When the Ds are self destructing leave them alone. The way to get people on the record is to ask them during the campaign about the Green New Deal. Also we need to bring this up in every race. Especially for the D reps in conservative districts where even if they do not support the Green New Deal we can run against the radical D leadership.

  • Q Anon: 12/06/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/07/2018 7:14:27 AM PST · 86 of 2,082
    TakeChargeBob to bagster

    “If the Oracle recalls correctly (vague recollection time), the Donald made the “Calm before the storm” statement shortly before it has been revealed that Sessions assigned Humber.”

    To refresh your recollection, here are the relevant dates and details:

    Oct 5, 2017 - Trump made the “Calm before the storm” statement in the WH in a photo op with senior military staff. He repeated this phrase twice. Then when questioned -”What storm” - he replied - “You’ll find out.”

    Nov 13, 2017 - letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephan Boyd to House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte - in response to the request of a Special Counsel to address U1, CF and other matters. Boyd responds how they are addressing this request. Specifically they have directed senior prosecutors, reporting directly to the AG and the Deputy AG, to make recommendations whether matters not currently under investigation should be opened, whether current investigations require additional resources, or whether any matters require a Special Counsel.

    March 7, 2018 - Jeff Sessions “I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice, to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us – and we’re conducting that investigation.”

    March 29, 2018 - Sessions in letter to Grassley, Goodlatte, and Gowdy references Boyd’s Nov 17, 2017 letter and announces that Sessions asked Huber to lead this effort. The context of the letter suggests that this is an ongoing effort that is underway. It is reasonable to conclude that Huber has been in place from the beginning.

  • Q Anon: 12/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/06/2018 1:51:26 PM PST · 1,468 of 1,885
    TakeChargeBob to mairdie

    The California voting scheme is the most important issue that we have. As the articles explain, the motor voting and sending out absentee ballots to all and finally ignoring chain of custody is a recipe for disaster. They suggest that this could roll out across America where Ds have control of the legislature and governorship.

    This will lead to permanent D control. This does not even need illegal aliens as the vote harvesting will lock in Ds. (The Ds have a head start on long term cheating.) The House may be permanently lost. But this will extend to Senate seats as the D areas will have an unusual high turnout. That may take a few terms to accomplish. This can be dangerous to the 2020 presidency although it may take the 2024 presidency to accomplish. Once the Presidency and the Congress becomes D controlled, then see this scheme be passed nationwide with the rationale that every voter should vote.

    Once D control is complete then watch the amnesty of illegals to be in place. Note that the Ds will eliminate the filibuster especially since it locks in their power so their bill will be passed. This will be accomplished by a Trojan horse that will be combine amnesty for illegals with some legitimate border security with real teeth. If they are clever they could build a wall but TDS that is associated with the wall will prevent that. With the voter scheme and then padding the votes with new D voters from the newly amnesty will give the Ds sufficient lock in votes. Thus the need to increase the invaders immediately is minimized. That is why if they are smart, the border security will be tough and be hard to argue against for most people. In fact, this will get a lot of bipartisan support. Here is the catch, the Ds in the future will make various exceptions to allow people to migrate and become citizens. This will pad additional Ds to the voter roles. The last part of the scheme would be to lower the voting age to age 16 to get younger voters. Of course felons could be part of that package but if Ds are smart, that would be left to the states.

    IF you think this disaster scenario is far fetched, look at the news and see what is occurring. In North Carolina there is talk of not seating an elected R because of ballot harvesting. Crickets from Rs about California. This is the very definition of chutzpah. It speaks volumes of how the Rs and Ds fight. Right now we have only Trump that knows how to fight. Even if the great awakening occurs with 63,000 arrests, and the DS is cleaned out, widespread application of this voting scheme will lead to D control. As the Ds move farther to the left, the results will still be disastrous for our country.

  • Q Anon: 12/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/06/2018 12:02:04 AM PST · 1,104 of 1,885
    TakeChargeBob to stylin19a; greeneyes

    Thanks for the information. I did not realize that Awan went back to the W era. However, based upon the Ds that you identified, these are the most radical that would not work with any Rs. This does not lead to W.

  • Q Anon: 12/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/05/2018 9:47:35 PM PST · 1,070 of 1,885
    TakeChargeBob to greeneyes

    The Awan scandal was largely DWS and fellow Ds. Not sure that any Rs were involved in this as that is too much of a risk. I do not doubt Rs were parts of other scandals (eg no name).

    This developed way after W.

    Frustrated that the Rs do not get coordinated to make this and other scandals more of an issue. However, with DS Ryan and most likely McConnell this gets no traction.

    Trump was right the one thing that he admires about the Ds is that they stick together.

  • Q Anon: 12/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/05/2018 1:30:10 PM PST · 746 of 1,885
    TakeChargeBob to AZLiberty

    I am too wordy and that results in me being misunderstood too often.

    Let me be clear, in no way do I suggest that GHWB’s funeral is the D5 event. That is more absurd than the premise that I tried to debunk in my post which was the deep state influencing the timing of GHWB’s death to coincide with D5.

    The people that need to be indicted are the Obama and Clinton critters particularly with regard to sedition/treason against Trump, Uranium 1, Clinton Foundation, Hillary e-mails, leaks and many others. I also want to specifically add one of the most important underreported things - the Awan IT scandal that compromised national security. I have no doubt some Rs (eg no name) are complicit in wrong doing or cover up of these issues, but for the most part these are largely Ds.

  • Q Anon: 12/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/05/2018 12:08:46 PM PST · 677 of 1,885
    TakeChargeBob to Uncle Sham

    “These people ARE that evil. You are giving them credit they do not deserve.”

    I do not underestimate the evil of the deep state. My main point was that the delay does not serve any purpose. A delay of a week does not impact any outcome.

    Relative to the context of my quote, as far as Bush goes, my comment “Think about what you have to believe to go there.” (go there meaning Bush’s complicity). I’ll give you a head start. Was 43’s eulogy today where he spoke about his last words with his father on Friday a lie? What was 43’s gain to have a delay in D5 by a week? I stand by my last sentence of my quote that you showed in your post.

  • Q Anon: 12/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/05/2018 12:15:50 AM PST · 295 of 1,885
    TakeChargeBob to haffast

    Q suggested in his post # 2522 that the GHWB was a coincidence. In posts #2537 and #2549 Q suggested it was mathematically improbable to have a state funeral on D5. In fact, the numbers at the bottom of 2537 (68–95–99.7 rule) were discussed by some showing normal distribution. As an actuary mathematics does interest me (especially as it pertains to mortality). Lets get real - we are talking about a sick 94 year old. There were many news stories about his illnesses. The probability that he dies given his medical condition is not a surprising event. Sometimes timing is piss poor and it happened to coincide with D5 date. I am sure most, if not all of us, know someone who died at an inconvenient time. The death of GHWB does not fall under mathematical coincidences. (I am not discussing the plethora of other coincidences) The mathematical explanation to make the case for intentional timing of death is practically non existent. Amusingly, the poor mathematical explanation is the best one as the other premises underling a nefarious timing is absurd. The fact that Q went there was extremely troubling to me and raised a whole bunch of questions and concerns as I have high hopes for Huber, Declass - we have it all will yield results.

    I finally thought of an explanation that I can hope to be true regarding Q’s implications of nefarious timing of GWHB death. Disinformation to the derps! This is meant to underestimate Q who is obviously not to be believed if he is espousing this nonsense. Perhaps it makes the deep state complacent and less on its guard. Perhaps there is another rationale underlying a successful strategy for why Q implies this. Otherwise it is counterproductive. For those of you who think that it is true is sufficient, it is not. It would be counter to any successful Q strategy. Recall that one of the strategies is the great awakening of the people and many of us have spoken to a number of people about Q. Even if true, there is no way you would have any credibility with normies and the MSM would have something to mock and diminish the Q movement.

    As far as why the premise of nefarious GHWB is absurd, there are 2 major reasons. The main one that I will discuss is the specific date and the expectation of what was to occur on D5. This was the date that we were anxiously hoping for more than a year. However, in reality, it is just the beginning. What do we think was going to happen when Huber testified on D5 along with the prior Comey and Lynch testimonies? At best this would be a start of the Great Awakening. At best, there is a whole lot more to come such as indictments, prosecutions, and convictions. Lets go further, assume D5 was the date where 60K+ derps including the main ones would be rounded up and sent to Gitmo. Take any permutation. Answer this question - what is the difference if all of this waits a week? Other than our frustration of waiting any more - the answer is absolutely nothing! So lets take this further and other events for the next few weeks occur (false flags or other nefarious things) and things are delayed to the next Congress. What is lost - testifying to the R led House Committees. Well as Q said that could move to the Senate. Also what is the expectations that Congress will get to the bottom of things? Minimal at best. The key is what Huber actually has and he does not need Congress for anything. Also the prosecution or punishment if it involves military tribunals or Gitmo also doesn’t involve Congress. As Q notes we have the Supreme Court. So the whole premise of influencing the GHWB death to delay D5 has no practical purpose. At the end, we want results - convictions. That will be the key.

    The other reason that I will ask people to think about, is for a nefarious timing to occur, President 43 and his family would have to be complicit. Think about what you have to believe to go there. It is so stupid, that no other explanation is required.

  • Trump's Master Spooks

    12/02/2018 10:50:18 PM PST · 14 of 41
    TakeChargeBob to bitt

    Interesting article. I could not understand why the raid occurred. This article provides a reasonable explanation. Not sure it is so as this is speculation. I am impressed with Imperator Rex’s writings as I have viewed his tweets daily (before he was removed from twitter - for at least a second time).

    I saw a tweet that Cain and his lawyer will be on Hannity on Monday night. Relative to this article, the most we can expect from the interview is to see if their take would not be inconsistent with Rex’s explanation. Cain and his lawyer will not speculate as does Rex so do not expect a corroboration in the interview.

  • Q Anon: 11/27/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    12/01/2018 12:49:01 AM PST · 1,894 of 2,480
    TakeChargeBob to JockoManning

    “one wonders if he was nudged along like No Name.”

    I am replying to your post but it is also directed to others that suggest that the Deep State had influence over the date it was withheld for the purpose to detract from next week’s hearings. I will demonstrate why these suggestions are not in the realm of reality.

    To give my perspective, I am hopeful that next week will be momentous in that the hearings will demonstrate that the Deep State will have a big hurt inflicted. Many of us are anxious to see what Hannity refers as the boomerang come to fruition. From the Q posts and Trump tweets most of us on this thread have faith that Huber will have the goods. Q said we have it all. Trump is a master tactician who plays the long game. There are also various people’s tweets who I respect that do not necessarily believe in Q but believe in the same end game. This expectation of ours makes sense to us in light of the facts that have arisen during this whole process.

    Getting back to my demonstration, I will start by accepting the premise that what was suggested for Bush was true for McCain. (I am not stating my belief on this but accepting the premise is the least favorable position to my demonstration.)

    First lets consider what has to happen for Bush to be nudged or having his date of death withheld. This involves a mass conspiracy - secret service, 41’s family and perhaps others. Was there any exposure for 41 - especially in his state of health - No. The only thing that I saw in tweets was speculation that 41 had involvement in JFK’s death and probably other things. Assume the worst and it is known by Trump. No way he was going to go after 41. It would be ridiculous to do so. There are hundreds if not thousands of targets in the Clinton/Obama world including congress critters to go after first. It should be obvious that there is no vested interest for 41 and his family for influencing the date of death or withholding disclosure. (For this discussion which involves a political motive - I am ruling out something medically that could at times have an impact.)

    The second part of the premise is that the timing was to affect the disclosures that will come out next week. Above, I discussed out why this makes no sense from the perspective of 41’s family. For this demonstration, I will discuss the expectations of this week. The hope of this week is to get the information to the public as to what will be testified. We hope to find out something momentous. While we want our long awaited hopes to be filled, the important thing will be to have many pay the price. If the whole conspiracy/sedition/treason comes out but no consequences occur, that would be a big fail and we would be more frustrated and angry. To that end what does having the hearings coincide with the 41 funeral do other than to diminish the press coverage? I will accept it will dampen the public awareness. I will also accept that the timing of Declass could be delayed by a few days to a week. Lets explore this further.

    First Comey and Lynch testimony - for me the key is to get information from that that is useful in prosecution. For Huber it is discovery of what he is working on. The important bottom line for Huber is that a multitude of people will be indicted. The reality of these indictments will not at all be affected by the 41 funeral.

    Now lets discuss the MSM. The expectation should be that the fake news will occur. Their explanations will be far different than what is apparent to us. Unless a smoking gun clearly comes out, the MSM spin will not provide the public with any awareness. (The fact that many people get their reality from Fake News does hurt us at the voting booth.) However, if there are indictments of key people, then that is a whole new ballgame. Even with spin, you can’t hide the facts. Ultimately, if convictions occur, then it is impossible to withhold what happened. The big public relations issue would be in how this takes place. We are expecting the use of military tribunals. That will take President Trump to make televised explanations plus a lot of preparedness of the public. That is not going to happen from the Congressional hearings. (I am not even discussing the general ineffectiveness of these hearings.) I see little impact to the public perception next week unless there is a smoking gun. Thinking about what I just wrote, it had just occurred to me that having the 41 funeral coincide with the hearings is probably helpful. It drowns out the MSM spin. People will not get interested until indictments and convictions occur.

    The bottom line is that for what we hope to occur - the indictments and convictions by military tribunal must be done properly and air tight. That is the only way it can be successfully accomplished.

  • Q Anon: 11/27/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    11/30/2018 6:42:20 AM PST · 1,146 of 2,480
    TakeChargeBob to Cletus.D.Yokel

    “the documentation being handed to Congress might be used as leverage with Comey and/or Lynch testimony.”

    Perhaps my wording was confusing so let me clarify.
    1. The whistleblower had already given the documents to Horowitz and to Congress willingly. This part addresses your comment above.
    2. The raid of the house was afterwards. This is what I was concerned about. One other fact that the article mentions is that the whistleblower status was ignored by the FBI.

    Who ordered the raid and why was the raid necessary are the key questions. I do not know if it is Mueller (that would be huge if it were - which is one reason that I am asking this question) but if it was it would probably not go through Wray. I do believe Mueller uses FBI resources (e.g. the raid on Manafort’s home). He requires a court order to conduct the raid.

  • Q Anon: 11/27/18 Trust Trump's Plan

    11/30/2018 12:00:09 AM PST · 1,077 of 2,480
    TakeChargeBob to bitt

    There are 2 things in this article that I want to point out.

    First who ordered and for what reason did the FBI invade the house of the whistleblower who gave info on the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to Horowitz who then instructed that this info also be given to the House and Senate? This sounds like a Mueller/Weissman tactic - but there was no mention of anyone except the FBI. (The whole article - worth reading - is troubling and raises other questions but I wanted to focus on the who and why.)

    The second thing is the person who signed the court order - federal magistrate Stephanie A. Gallagher - who was an Obama appointee. Not knowing the why, I can’t make an informed opinion on Gallagher’s court order. My first impulse when I see Obama Appointee is a negative reason. However, my focus is on the fact that this judge, appointed by Obama for the District Court but time expired before she was confirmed, was nominated by President Trump this year and got voted out of the judiciary Committee on Oct 11,2018 by a 20-1 vote. At that meeting she was one of 7 voted on favorably. I looked at the votes in favor and against and noted 2 others that were Obama appointees that got nominated by Trump. Mary S. McElroy had a similar story as I noted for Gallagher. Her vote was 19-2. Lastly, Mary M. Rowland was a federal magistrate appointed in 2012. The vote was 16-5. (Lee voted no to all 3). Question - why in the hell did Trump nominate these 3 Obama appointees 2 of which were previously nominated by Obama for the District Court?

  • Trump threatens to declassify 'devastating' documents if Democrats 'want to play tough'....

    11/28/2018 10:44:19 PM PST · 37 of 49
    TakeChargeBob to caww

    There was an interesting article that I reference below that explains Trump reason to hold off is leverage.

    I agree that Trump should use this to maximum effect. Leverage is good for some things and may be a valid reason.
    However, unless the swamp is drained, even large positive tradeoffs would not be worth it. By not rooting out these corrupt characters, will mean that they will come back in force after Trump and our country would be permanently harmed.

    I am hopeful (closer to confident) that Trump is playing the strategic game and will know the right time. I think that Trump is manipulating the press in threatening the Ds to not go after him or he will release the docs which will be harmful to the Ds. I think he is setting the stage as to what will be revealed by the OIG (Horowitz) and Huber. Then releasing the documents at that time makes the corruption more powerful. To me, the key is what has already occurred in the investigations of Huber.

  • Senate panel cancels votes on Trump court picks amid Flake standoff

    11/28/2018 10:22:53 PM PST · 108 of 115
    TakeChargeBob to Kickass Conservative

    This could be a godsend if the following things result from this:

    If it spurs the following changing of the rules of the Senate: (It would have to be next congress)
    a. The majority leader could call up a floor vote for anything for which a vote was taken in the Committee (in this case it could be Judiciary but I would extend it to other Committees). This eliminates a rogue Senator holding up appointments.
    b. Change the debate time on the Senate floor for various levels. Cabinet heads and Supreme Court justices - 20 hours. There could be categories of people requiring 8 hours and some requiring 4 hours and others requiring 2 hours. The time is to be split 1/2 Rs and 1/2 Ds. The majority gets to go last . One side can choose to limit its remarks and choose to not use its full allotted time. The use of time of course can be waived by mutual consent of the majority and minority leaders. (I am fine with unanimous consent).
    c. Eliminate the mandatory day(s) between the judiciary committee vote and the floor vote.
    d. Eliminate the cloture vote for any votes that require a just a majority (or 50+VP) to pass. That is a duplicative vote and a waste of time.
    e. If there remains a requirement to pass a Committee vote before being voted on then change the composition of the Committee to have a +2 majority. This eliminates a rogue Senator.

    I have no idea why McConnell will not remove Flake from the Committee and replace him with another Senator (my suggestion would be Kyle). Perhaps there are rules that are in place that does not make this practical.