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  • Japan:New Fat-Busting Microwave Oven Unveiled

    08/23/2004 10:27:57 AM PDT · 20 of 41
    pragmatic_asian to saveliberty

    You're misinformed. Kobe beef is raised in many parts of the world and here in California for most of the cows' life. They ship the cattle back to Kobe Japan for the last year in order for it to be legally labeled Kobe beef.

  • S. Korean Unlikely to Get Gymnastics Gold

    08/22/2004 11:26:44 AM PDT · 15 of 26
    pragmatic_asian to RichInOC

    My thoughts exactly. These hypocrites were staging demonstrations against the US when the US delegation had the temerity to suggest that something was amiss with the Roy Jones Jr. decision. Subsequent investigations have shown that judges were bribed to favor Korean athletes yet Jones still doesn't have his gold.

    Even if a mistake in judging was made so what? What other mistakes were made and that haven't been examined? Some mistakes in judging may have hurt Hamm and benefitted the Koreans and haven't been examined; who knows? Unless some sort of fix was actually altered the decision, allow game time judgements to stand.

  • Microsoft pays dear for insults through ignorance

    08/19/2004 1:12:26 PM PDT · 22 of 24
    pragmatic_asian to swarthyguy

    >>You ever read the Indian or Paki press?

    Some. Not impressed with either. Both are nominally free but all I've seen is that they're free to be inaccurate, partisan and anti-American. Doesn't make both of their repression of the Kashmir topic of discussion any less an act of censorship.

    >>Stop shilling for MS; if their stupidity and ignorance leads to them making mistakes, then it's their fault. Simple.

    How did you jump to the assumption that I'm shilling for MS? I'm only bashing uninformed detractors. The only thing I'm defending is their right to sell a product. As for mistakes: Taiwan isn't it's own country? Is that MS's mistake or China's delusion? You think that Kashmir belongs to India. So is it MS's mistake when Pakistan claims otherwise? Hagia Sophia didn't used to be a church? Hembra doesn't mean woman in Spanish despite some Central American country's bastardization of the word? Christians don't get offended when Gregorian chants are used in all sorts of non pious situations. Was MS making a mistake in using a Koranic chant for a game or are the Islamists being too sensitive? It's not as simple as you think.

    >>If they put out a product, it's incumbent upon them to be accurate.

    Yes and you have the right not to buy it. All I'm saying to other countries is to stop being such sensitive pansies about every little mistake.

  • Microsoft pays dear for insults through ignorance

    08/19/2004 10:52:02 AM PDT · 17 of 24
    pragmatic_asian to SMARTY; texson66; miliantnutcase; John Jorsett; Moose4; swarthyguy

    It doesn't sound like many, if any, of those gaffes are Microsoft's fault. It seems to me that those offended countries are either in denial, way too sensitive, or are the ones being pricks. If China wants to continue to deny reality and continue to think Taiwan is theirs, how is that the fault of MS? How many Nicaraguans know that 'cracker' is an offensive term to some whites? (Hell, the article even notes that MS made the changes.) And the fact is that churches were converted to mosques.

    None of the problems stem from a lack of basic geography. They stem from the geopolitical unstability of those complaining nations. No MS employee would be arrested here or in Puerto Rico for referring to Puerto Rico as a state like they would be in India or Pakistan for going one way or the other with Kashmir. (Ain't MS's fault that those countries want to stifle free speech.) In the one instance where Muslims were offended by Koranic chants being included in a game, that was the fault of Japanese developers.

    This article is yet another anti-American hit piece by the Guardian. There are a lot of cultures in the world. You're going to know your culture better than an outsider. The US is the most prominent culture and is akin to a celebrity. More people are going to know about us than we do about them. So in reality, it's other countries who are being culturally insensitive when they won't allow for some leeway in these mistakes in cultural interaction. The fact is that Americans are way more tolerant (often too tolerant) of other cultures than they are of us. They should STFU. If Microsoft wants to bend over in the name of cultural sensitivity, that's their business.

  • Bush has done us no harm, says PM

    08/15/2004 2:37:17 PM PDT · 14 of 17
    pragmatic_asian to melsec

    So it's the US's fault that you can't raise mature kids to think for themselves? Now who's not thinking beyond slogans? If the things that make Australian culture unique isn't strong enough to survive on its own, maybe it deserves to be replaced.

  • Bush has done us no harm, says PM

    08/15/2004 12:15:55 PM PDT · 12 of 17
    pragmatic_asian to dfwgator; cake_crumb

    Don't fall into that kind of lazy thinking. No one is forcing them to buy anything. If they don't like rap music, Hollywood movies, Starbucks, etc... they don't have to buy it. They also shouldn't confuse what we consume with our culture. They shouldn't blame us for their choices. (For all of France's complaints, the McDonald's in France are most profitable in Europe.) The US has no problems with appropriating other cultures these days.

  • Najaf Sees Worst Fighting Since 2003

    08/06/2004 3:22:51 PM PDT · 32 of 37
    pragmatic_asian to Dog Gone

    Considering the number of police station bombings, I would suppose that they are somewhat fearful.

    In any event, not finishing off Sadr is turning into a bigger mistake by the day. It's still not too late to kill this SOB.

  • Provocation on the Temple Mount-Islamic extremists may target the Dome of the Rock, blame Israel

    08/05/2004 12:28:55 PM PDT · 7 of 10
    pragmatic_asian to SJackson

    What don't they blame Jews for?

    Cloudy day? Israeli plot to destroy your crops.

    Lost your keys? Mossad stole them.

    Your country is a mess? Jew's fault.

  • Kerrys raced to dump foreign stocks

    07/29/2004 11:40:23 AM PDT · 8 of 15
    pragmatic_asian to Pikamax

    This is just stupid. I doubt anyone cares about his personal finances unless he was making his money selling drugs, children or arms to terrorists. Plenty of people own stocks in foreing companies. It just good risk diversification.

  • Laziness 'is easy' for French electricity worker

    07/29/2004 11:04:31 AM PDT · 15 of 17
    pragmatic_asian to TheErnFormerlyKnownAsBig

    It sounds like you were working for the French even though you don't sound French yourself.

  • [Chinese]FM urges US to punish border officer for beating

    07/26/2004 12:20:39 PM PDT · 7 of 12
    pragmatic_asian to monday

    The article didn't say that they found drugs on her. The border agent stomped her when she tried to take pictures of an arrest of a male suspect.

    "She and two other women were crossing the Rainbow Bridge over Niagara Falls on the US-Canada border late last Wednesday when Customs and Border Protection officers confiscated marijuana from a male pedestrian.

    The three were trying to take pictures when the officers inside a house nearby called and then rushed out of the building."

    I hope the judge limits the award to actual damages rather than some 'send a message' type amount.

  • Melanie Phillips: The United Tyrants' Club

    07/23/2004 1:25:19 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    pragmatic_asian to alloysteel

    Those leftist democracies would've voted to keep the US out of that UDN because Al Gore 'won'.

  • Nine Iraqi wedding-goers killed after US tank collision

    07/23/2004 11:07:28 AM PDT · 56 of 87
    pragmatic_asian to ken21

    Arabs in the Middle East have the highest rate of 1st cousin marriage anywhere. In most parts of Saudi Arabia, 60% of marriages are to 1st cousins. In Iraq it was about 30% IIRC. And while geneticists have shown that the absolute rate of defects only increases to 3%, that's still double what it would normally be. That 3% also has had a lot of time to compound. Now, I'm not eugenics proponent but I think some of this explains why the Middle East is as screwed-up as it is.

  • Grandmother, 71 weds student, 19

    07/20/2004 2:47:18 PM PDT · 50 of 62
    pragmatic_asian to zarf

    Yup. She's not robbing the cradle. He's robbing the grave.

  • LA Times Shock: Abstinence Working Every Time It's Tried

    07/16/2004 11:52:56 PM PDT · 4 of 5
    pragmatic_asian to muawiyah

    Hate to break it to y'all but a lot of this drop can be explained by the fact that kids are doing a lot of sexual activities that won't result in pregnancies.

  • Army surrenders to 'coward' GI

    07/15/2004 9:49:30 PM PDT · 40 of 42
    pragmatic_asian to Trickyguy

    My sister and an old girlfriend had panic attacks. It is absolutely a horrific experience. They can happen for no reason at the most random times. I've gotten phone calls at work, at 3 in the morning to go comfort them.

    If that drug caused the panic attack, I can understand.

  • Europe's Islamist Alliance

    07/12/2004 1:49:23 PM PDT · 5 of 12
    pragmatic_asian to MrShoop

    "Are these not the new slaves?" asks Olivier Besanconneau, leader of the French Trotskyites. "Is it not natural that they should unite with the working class to destroy the capitalist system?"

    1. You're not a slave if you get paid and can quit.

    2. I suppose it is natural for Muslims to try and destroy capitalism given their prohibition against charging interest and penchant for violent jihad.

    3. If they do destroy that capitalist system they're going to be out of a job real quick.

  • Vanity - A question concerning asylum seekers facing deportation.

    07/10/2004 7:38:33 PM PDT · 11 of 11
    pragmatic_asian to Jane_N

    I forgot to add that during the Clinton reign of terror, that number was a ridiculous average of 145,000 a year.

  • Vanity - A question concerning asylum seekers facing deportation.

    07/10/2004 7:35:26 PM PDT · 10 of 11
    pragmatic_asian to Jane_N

    The US approves more political asylum and Convention Against Torture claimants than the rest of the world combined every year. In 2002, the US admitted 70,000 asylum and CAT cases. In 2003 it dropped to 50,000 because of 9-11 and we were called racist, xenophoic, unilateral, etc. even though that lower number was still more than all other countries combined. Go figure.

  • Vanity - A question concerning asylum seekers facing deportation.

    07/10/2004 11:07:45 AM PDT · 8 of 11
    pragmatic_asian to Jane_N

    My church has a lot of services for asylum and Convention Against Torture (CAT) refugee seekers. We've a lot of practice helping Chrisitians fleeing persecution from China. I've worked several cases pro bono. It would make sense that those Muslims try to get help from those who know how to help. I can understand why they would want to live in the US but I've seen a lot of false asylum and CAT claims from the Mid East.

  • Woman has abortion against will in France, court says no harm done

    07/08/2004 10:17:23 PM PDT · 34 of 39
    pragmatic_asian to Colofornian

    Just to play devil's advocate. The point pro-choicers would make is that she did have a choice and it was to have the baby. They aren't going to protest that because they would say that aren't opposed to anyone choosing to have a baby. Where her choice was removed was when the state doctor over-rode her decision and accidentally/incompetently killed her child. If you don't like the state making that decision one way for you, how can you accept them making a decision the other way? They don't need to protest when others are already doing it.

  • Chinese & Americans Differ As Students

    07/08/2004 2:50:07 PM PDT · 19 of 20
    pragmatic_asian to AmericanInTokyo

    Exactly right. I might get flamed for this but immigrants aren't the threat to American values that some people think they are. Their families stay much closer together and they attend church much more regularly. Not too many of their kids are in those Gone Wild videos either. Their kids learn English even if the parents have trouble with it.

    When I was in high school black kids and some Hispanic kids in the US have a lot of peer pressure NOT to succeed in school because it is seen as selling out. Contrast that to Asian kids where most will ostracize you as an idiot if you get any C's. Asian kids in the US are also much better about participating and taking an active part in their education than their counterparts in Asia. Kids in Asia are too obiedient and excel mostly in rote learning. They're too much into conforming with the group and take no initiative. Me and my 3 brothers were valedictorians of our respective high school graduating classes. My sister was the black sheep and only salutatorian.

    When I was in China I sometimes heard ABC used as American Born in China and it wasn't complimentary. It was used describe hot shot returnees who were too anglo. In the US it does stand for American Born Chinese and it also can be derogatory. I've mostly heard it used to describe kids who could no longer speak Chinese.

  • Ancient European Remains Discovered In Qinghai (China)

    07/06/2004 11:56:59 PM PDT · 61 of 134
    pragmatic_asian to RightWhale; madison10; blam

    Jews have a long history in China.

    But you gotta wonder how they kept kosher. :)

  • U.S., Israel will guard their own athletes at Olympics

    07/06/2004 7:34:27 PM PDT · 5 of 24
    pragmatic_asian to wagglebee

    IIRC, Los Angeles Games actually made $200 million from the games themselves. This then caused all sorts of cities to start bidding for the games and helped to foster all the corruption that followed. Most of that money went to the US Olympic Committee. The city of Los Angeles made money because most of the facilities already existed. They did make more on the facilities that were built.

  • African countries should refuse to pay debts - UN adviser

    07/06/2004 10:46:03 AM PDT · 33 of 54
    pragmatic_asian to Gefreiter; mpreston; TN4Liberty; lepton; tracer; Question_Assumptions; CarrotAndStick

    Guess what all those African countries also spent all that money on? Arms. How do people think that those participants in all those inter-tribal and inter-religious conflicts in Africa are able to pay for the weapons used in their wars? They spend almost nothing on food or capital investment and spend most of it on war and socialist programs. South Africa is doing fairly well because they've operated under the rule of law and were actually denied aid because of aparthied. (Anyone noticed that the Brits left their charges generally more well off than those controlled by the Belgians, French and others?)

    When the US and other countries gives troubled countries food, medicine, and other necessities, it only allows them to spend more money on weapons and waste it on corrupt activities. We should be teaching them to fish. Giving them just aid is like giving money to a drug addict at this point.

  • US 'deserter' to leave N Korea

    07/04/2004 10:23:13 AM PDT · 14 of 16
    pragmatic_asian to pepsionice

    We must have read different accounts. From what I've read, the guy left his unit on his own after making preparations to leave (giving his things away and writing a vague letter to his parents). I don't give any credence to the fact that nobody around him knew about his capability for desertion. There was no reported NK activity in his area. The brainwashing would have been only after the fact either way and really doesn't make a difference in the actual desertion itself. The only 'braing-washing' he could have been under before deserting would have been the NK propaganda about it being a socialist paradise. There should be further investigation at least, although the military has already done so and think he is a deserter.

  • The U.S. Cavalry

    07/04/2004 8:53:48 AM PDT · 12 of 17
    pragmatic_asian to lancer

    Sadly in Africa it's a common belief that if you have sex with a virgin, it will cure you of AIDS. A lot of young kids have been raped because they're more likely to be virgins. There was one instance where a 2 year old girl was raped. There are much more instances of AIDS being spread by rape.

  • Redgrave Calls For More Aid For Palestinians (Barf Bags Ready?)

    07/04/2004 8:34:33 AM PDT · 17 of 24
    pragmatic_asian to Graybeard58

    I'd be happy to donate some Bibles.

  • Hating America (Long Read-but worthwhile)

    07/01/2004 10:30:24 AM PDT · 28 of 33
    pragmatic_asian to locochupacabra

    It has been my experience that Europeans are much more ignorant about Americans than we are of them. Everything they claim to know about America is either erroneous or a carricature. This article merely confirms what I've known for the last several years.

    I was in Germany a week ago trying to close the purchase of a media company. When I finally got my hands on their books, I found 600,000 Euros of payables that couldn't be accounted for. While they laughed about Enron and Worldcom, I think the state of European accounting is much, much worse. Most of their scandals are too small to be worth noting.

    When Germans find that I'm American, they make all sorts of assumptions. Europeans in general assume that I've been the victim of racism and are suprised to when I tell them I've experience much more racism in Europe. [Yet surprisingly, the girls at the clubs and raves love Asians - flavor of the month I suppose. I take full advantage of that.] In presuming racial victimization, they also assume that I'm not fond of America and try to engage me in some anti-american chat. They're often suprised at how well and how strongly I defend the US. In one instance where all the petty, dirty things the US had done to protect the free world was thrown back in my face and they were getting personal, I had to resort to "Germany is still well ahead in the body count this century but I do hold that against you because I understand that those things were done by a different government in different times." I was ashamed I actually used that but it was a heated argument. The Germans really are sheepish and ashamed about it.

  • Angelina Jolie's Adoption agent admits fraud

    06/27/2004 10:14:59 AM PDT · 31 of 64
    pragmatic_asian to FITZ; Xenalyte

    You two are just trolls aren't you? Have fun with that.

  • Angelina Jolie's Adoption agent admits fraud

    06/27/2004 8:05:25 AM PDT · 9 of 64
    pragmatic_asian to Malesherbes

    "Aside from the alleged fraud, this has the aroma of a "trophy child" adoption, a "mommy dearest" acquisition. I don't like cynicism, but Hollywood tends to drive me to it."

    Then put your cynicism aside. From all accounts, Jolie really loves that kid and has done tremendous things for Cambodia. She takes him everywhere with her and often takes him back to Cambodia to teach him about his culture. If you recall how much of a loon she was before the adoption and how she's lived afterwards to accomodate her adopted child, I think people will see that it's not just a "trophy" child adoption. Having a child really seems to have activated the mom instincts.

    It doesn't seem to me that Jolie was in on the fraud so it would be a pity if she lost her child after raising him these past several years.

  • Let us cleave these plucky little Americans to our bosom

    06/20/2004 12:19:39 PM PDT · 18 of 55
    pragmatic_asian to All

    I've noticed that everyone loves to criticise the US but can't even take a hint about their own flaws. I'm not saying that those polls are a accurate assesment of the UK but they can't even seem to stand the thought that someone doesn't like them. You would think that it would make him think twice about forming the same stereotypes about the US and Americans.

    He left out the fact that it wasn't a general sample of Americans. It was a poll of high achieving (A's and B's) minority college students with lots of extracuricular activities. As someone who fits that general description, I can tell you that most of us had a hell of a lot more to worry about than what some other country was really like. The kids that wanted to go to the UK either knew enough or found out enough to make an informed decision. I talked to several students who had studied abroad in the UK before I signed up for a semester at Oxford. As with any foreign country, it's not as good as the ol' USA.

  • US students think British are 'the pale people in the rain'

    06/18/2004 9:24:57 PM PDT · 57 of 63
    pragmatic_asian to MadIvan

    Last time I check, Tim isn't British and had came to the US to work. If those students want to follow his lead, they'll stick around the US.

    I attended Oxford for a semester with a friend and enjoyed the tutorial system. The quality of the education was fine but we always felt that we were looked down upon as minorities but some of that could be chalked up to Britain's class conscious culture. Although it was the most polite discrimination we ever experienced we still heard the whispers and saw the stares. I'm sure things have changed in the 9 years since we attended.

    France and Italy are only popular destinations for their food and images (read easy women and 'romantic' men). All the serious students I knew in college went to the UK and Japan if they wanted a year abroad.

  • Lebanese Woman Could Be World's Oldest

    06/15/2004 12:40:45 PM PDT · 23 of 50
    pragmatic_asian to freepatriot32

    My great-grandma is 105. She has now lived in three different centuries.

  • Asteroids and Comets: Deadly Dangers from Above

    06/15/2004 11:05:38 AM PDT · 28 of 48
    pragmatic_asian to Strategerist

    I've never heard of a single American ever dying from a meteor impact but I do remember several airline crashes. Obviously a large enough meteor strike would kill all Americans but for the average person at any single point in time, the odds aren't equivelant. This is one of those ridiculous stats that has no empirical basis.

  • Chinese gearing up for SUVs

    06/14/2004 2:25:09 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    pragmatic_asian to G.Mason

    And here I thought that SUV's could go off roading.

  • Historians rank Reagan #8 among presidents

    06/10/2004 11:43:56 AM PDT · 146 of 246
    pragmatic_asian to Coroner

    The Russian troops already controled that real estate. What would you have had FDR do? Start another world war to beat htem back to Russia? You're falling into the same line of liberal euro-weenie thinking that blames the US instead of the people who started the Cold War and made it necessary. The US isn't nearly as culpable for not doing something to stop another's evil acts. Blame the party that committed the acts - the Russians. Those countries that got taken over should also shoulder some of the blame for resisting so weakly and/or for being part of the Axis in the first place. I'm surprised you also didn't criticize FDR for not acting preemptively and preventing France from being overrun. Blaming FDR and by extension the US, doesn't make sense in this instance. There was plenty of things wrong with FDR's policies but not attacking an ally right after a long and bloody war to free-up some former enemies because they might be enslaved for the next few decades isn't one of them.

  • Help me, I'm a Muslim, stricken BBC reporter cried

    06/07/2004 12:29:40 PM PDT · 51 of 58
    pragmatic_asian to Irene Adler

    ---Yes, this is not uncommon in Islam. I have Muslim relatives who were going to travel in the ME shortly after 9/11. They told me this is what they would say ("I am a Muslim.") if they were ever threatened for having U.S. citizenship or "looking like Americans".---

    So your relatives were intimidated by Middle Easterners for being Americans after the US was attacked by Middle Easterners? Unf'ing believable.

  • No sex please - we're Japanese

    06/04/2004 8:52:47 PM PDT · 63 of 64
    pragmatic_asian to LonghornFreeper

    I've seen one demographic study that says if current trends continue, there will only be 100 Italians, Japanese and Spaniards in 250 years.

  • Spelling Bee Finalist Proves He's Far From Faint-Hearted

    06/04/2004 12:51:16 PM PDT · 15 of 18
    pragmatic_asian to CarrotAndStick; spetznaz; xusafflyer; blanknoone; thoughtomator

    Even in the worst schools, there are enough good teachers and resources that you can get a good education if you make an effort. I don't blame those teachers for their students' stupidity. The vast majority of kids at the grade schools and high schools I went to were from very poor families who didn't speak any English. I dare anyone to try an educate 35 of those kids. Studies have shown that it is kids from poor and/or non-english speaking families who are dragging down all the standardized test scores. Kids who give a damn and try are doing fine. It's just too fashionable to blame public schools when it's the kids and their parents who are the problems. I went to horrible public schools and was able to score a 1460. My high school's average was 880 that same year (and those were the kids who wanted to go to college).

    There's a great documentary called Spellbound about the 1999 National Spelling Bee. It follows 8 families as they go to Washington DC for the finals. There are still plenty of people pursuing the American Dream.

  • Have We Just Been Google-Bombed? (Clueless Barf Alert)

    06/01/2004 6:19:26 PM PDT · 22 of 31
    pragmatic_asian to prion

    No maybe about it. Saudi Arabia has to be the biggest financial backer of terrorism around. The real issue is whether this writer is a liar or an idiot. My bet is that not even google could find this "reporter's" brain.

  • Report: Lab Results Counter Bryant Accuser's Story

    05/30/2004 10:18:32 AM PDT · 46 of 46
    pragmatic_asian to tirednvirginia

    "If Kobe Bryant wasn't a famous basketball star, you guys wouldn't be worried about him one bit. If he was just a regular black guy, none of you would care."

    Kettle, meet pot.

    "Its amazing how many experts on rape have posted on this thread. I am so impressed."

    I'm no Pamela Mackey but I've defended both rape victims and accused rapists. One of my friends is a rape victim. I think I know a little more than the average person about rape. But the great thing about this site is that you don't have to be an expert on any subject to comment, otherwise you'd be silent all the time.

  • Report: Lab Results Counter Bryant Accuser's Story

    05/28/2004 4:34:07 PM PDT · 44 of 46
    pragmatic_asian to tirednvirginia

    You must have driven over the speed limit sometime in your life. I think you should be prosecuted for reckless driving and lose your license.

  • SUBMARINES: The Chinese Submarine Building Program

    05/25/2004 1:58:42 PM PDT · 76 of 94
    pragmatic_asian to GOP_1900AD

    Oops, I read PLO rather than PLA. In any case, the Chinese are actually they're pretty open about their intentions. They are now encouraging their ex-pat scientists and grad students to go back home and are providing incentives to do so. We get much more from importing bright people in anycase. I would prefer to get more of them to stay. The family friend I wrote about in my earlier post was recruited by Chinese agents and offered $1 million dollars to disclose what he knew about lasers and high speed semi-conductors. They even threatened to confiscate his new factory in Shanghai. He refused and reported this contact to the FBI as per his post employment contract terms and post security clearance requirements. Of course he's ethnic Chinese from Vietnam like myself, so he hates Communists as much as I do.

    I'm not going to sit here and deny that there are spies and moles. There are and I hate them worse than anyone because it casts apsersions on myself and other loyal immigrant-citizens. But I'm going to stand by what I said about corporate security. If it's valuable, it's probably closely guarded and if it's not then it is not worth sweating over.

    So are you saying that you knowingly hired PRC spies and covert military through your H1B program? Or was it just paranoia?

  • Ignorance, hypocrisy, obedience: symptoms of a sick America (French Harvard Grad updates diagnosis)

    05/25/2004 1:29:06 PM PDT · 19 of 21
    pragmatic_asian to dead

    Let's take a look at the lies this French idiot is promulgating:

    "America's problems are structural...America will still have one child in six living in poverty;"

    Poor families tend to have a lot of kids. Having a lot of kids makes it hard to save and/or earn more. Most families in the US are well off. The average per capita income of our poorest state is still higher than per capita income of Sweden (part of the alleged socialist EU paradise).

    "America will still have two million people in jail;"

    So f'ing what? Are we suppose to let criminals roam the streets? I know France allows their Muslims free reign and consider gang rapes of girls just another culture, but we have actual moral standards in America. Per capita crime rates in the US is actually lower than in Canada, Britain, France or Germany. If you're so keen on letting criminals go free, tell me your address in France and I'll pay you a visit. You sound like you have some money and are amenable to getting the crap beat out of you.

    "America will still have military installations in 50 countries."

    And yet not a single one of those countries have asked the US to leave. In fact, when the US even mention redeployment in S Korea, they threw a hissy fit.

    "By studying America's self-image, we can collect symptoms of the disease; that ails American society. Is America truly the beacon of justice? Not when it tortures prisoners."

    The US hasn't even come close to the horrors France committed in Algeria and Vietnam. One of my distant relatives was beheaded by the French in 1954.

    "Is America truly the cradle of democracy? Not when its president is elected by a minority, not when government for corporations displaces by the people for the people."

    We have those laws to prevent a tyrany of the majority and to make sure that everyone, in all states is heard. And how good is France's system when a Nazi sympathiser like Le Penn gets nearly 1/5 of the vote for president?

    "Is America the land of the free? Not when powerful corporations can silence dissidents like Michael Moore."

    Funny, one corporation doesn't think they can make money distributing Moore's tripe and this idiot cries conspiracy because he doesn't know how a free-market economy works. Here's an important fact that you missed Frenchie - the audience is also free to ignore that idiot. Moore not only was able to get his movie funded and made but small distributors are going to him because the audience for that shite is small. I guess he didn't learn anything about economics at Harvard.

    "Is America the land of plenty? Not when one household in thirteen lives in a trailer."

    Un-f'ing believable. Where the hell did this stat come from? In the US, over 90% of people over the age of 40 own the home they live in. That's a rate unprecedent in all of human history.

    "Does the US have the best way of life? In a BBC poll, 96 per cent of Americans say that foreigners want to live in America. In the same poll, one Australian in 100 says she would prefer to live in America."

    In America, you live the life you want for the most part. There really is no best way of life, but we know life with air conditioing is better than letting thousands of our grandparents die while everyone else goes on vacation. But just because one set of foreigners doesn't want to give up their already comfortable lives to move across the world doesn't mean that there aren't other foreigners that do. Maybe that's why the US has more immigrants than the rest of the world combined. That's not even counting all those illegal immigrants that flock to the US.

    "It's not hard to guess why: Australians like paid vacations, Medicare, the fair go, even if it doesn't always work perfectly."

    I have paid vacations and company paid health insurance that is better than Medicare or Medicaid. My family came here with nothing, but now my four siblings and I have 5 college degrees and 4 graduate degrees, work for Fortune 500 companies. That sounds like a fair go.

    'America is the best.'

    We win the most Nobel Prizes; get awarded the most patents; award the most graduate degrees; publish the most scientific papers and literature; our arts and media is the most popular and critically aclaimmed; we produce 32% of the world's economy despite being less than 5% of the world's population; our military power is unparalleled; etc... So I would say the US has as good a claim to being the best as anyone.

    'Corporations have a right to maximise profit.'

    It's not the only thing corporations do, but not many people start a business to lose money.

    'Government should serve the economy.'

    Well it's a lot better than having the economy serve the government (see the former USSR).

    'People must look after themselves.'

    Can I move into your home and mooch off you for the rest of my life Julian?

    'Status comes from wealth.'

    That's true in every society, culture and country since the beginning of man. Good try at pinning avarice on the US though.

    'Winning justifies anything.'

    You're right. Freeing France wasn't worth all those civilian German deaths.

    All in all, he's hypocritically promulgating ignorance by obfuscating a sliver of fact with the lies of the left because he's obedient to their group think. He's just out to make a buck and maximize his profits by playing to the audience he knows he can manipulate because of their ignorance.

  • SUBMARINES: The Chinese Submarine Building Program

    05/25/2004 11:27:41 AM PDT · 67 of 94
    pragmatic_asian to GOP_1900AD
    "So, do you believe, for example, that if someone were secretly in the PLA or even ErBu, and used being a student here as a means of spying, that this fact would be discovered by the typical H1B hiring and screening process at the typical corporation?" Anyone with enough skills to get into the US through H1B would very likely not be a terrorist but I suppose they could be terrorist sympathizers and supporters. The common trait for nearly all terrorists is that they're unemployed and have nothing to lose. Consider Raymond Stock an expert on Arabic literature and media based in Cairo: "I don't think the Persons of Mass Destructions (suicide bombers/terrorists) are really a product of local Iraqi resentment against us. They are mainly imported cookie-cutter killers, created by a combination of Arab mass media, certain extremist elements in Muslim culture, and some very shrewd recruiting by Al Qaeda and its ilk. When young, angry, futureless, sexually repressed people are taught that death is a permanent vacation of guilt-free pleasure, and they see it glorified in countless videos, all you need is a willing truck driver to ferry them over the border from Syria, Jordan, Turkey or Saudi Arabia and presto — a human bomb." The US already has the highest number of Palestinian emigres and students of any country (and there really aren't that many) but I've yet to hear anything about Palestinians benefiting from espionage. Even if they stole some knowledge or recieved some training from those corporations, it would not be of any use to the Palestinians since they lack the infrastructure to take significant advantage of it. The techonology to build a decent home is out there but they're content with their 'refugee camps' and lobbing rocks and the occasional mortar. Consider that our patent system requires disclosure sufficient for someone 'skilled in the field' to recreate an invention or technology in order to claimed in a patent. This is how foreign countries are able to manufacture generic versions of US corporation's drugs. The technology that terrorists and spies would find useful is either already out there or require security clearance for access not just a H1B check. One of my brothers works for Boeing and has secret level clearance; almost no Palestinian would even get classified level clearance much less the useful top secret stuff. (Financial and political support to terrorist organizations are a different story but there are plenty of leftists in this country that already do that.) Most high tech companies already have pretty good security to prevent corporate espionage and a good portion of that translates to prevention of plain espionage.
  • Iraq War Was "Colonial" and About Oil: Saudi Envoy

    05/24/2004 8:41:30 PM PDT · 17 of 17
    pragmatic_asian to Land_of_Lincoln_John

    Then why didn't we keep Kuwait and take-over Saudi Arabia while we were there the first time?

  • China slams the door on big Hollywood sequels

    05/24/2004 8:39:39 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    pragmatic_asian to Jalapeno

    The best thing China could do to help their entertainment industry would be to crack down on piracy. Piracy really hurt the HK film industry in the 90's since vcd's were coming out before movies premiered at a prices less than 2 adult tickets. China is being stupid yet again.

  • SUBMARINES: The Chinese Submarine Building Program

    05/24/2004 8:08:41 PM PDT · 41 of 94
    pragmatic_asian to crz

    "They OWN both ends of the Panama canal. How many people they have down there is anybodys guess."

    But Panama itself is actually very pro-American. Not just the government but also the vast majority of the people love the US. They even dollarized their currency, that is they use the US dollar as their official currency.

    Other countries aren't suicidal. If they were to try a full on invasion, the US has enough nukes to blow everyone up. There's no advantage for anyone to occupy the US. Without the US as the customer of choice for the world economy, the world would go into a depression that would make the Great Depression look like a lark.

  • SUBMARINES: The Chinese Submarine Building Program

    05/24/2004 7:58:01 PM PDT · 38 of 94
    pragmatic_asian to LibWhacker

    More of them stayed here than left. And if they hadn't stayed, the US wouldn't be where it is today. I'm friends with the children of those that stayed and they're as patriotic as anyone. Their parents are greater successes here than they possibly could've been in China and they know it. They are not just the kids of China's political elite. It would be better for the US to attract those bright students and get them to stay rather than keep them out or drive them out. They would just go elsewhere to get a similar education and then go back to China. Even today, there are over 400,000 European researchers in the US because it's the best place to conduct high level research.

    At Pfizer La Jolla where my brother works, over a 1/3 of the researchers are from outside the US. Many are Chinese nationals on their way to becoming US citizens and plenty are kids of Chinese nationals who emigrated here in the 70's. (The largest contingent are Canadians but I'm guessing you don't have a problem with them.) The US has acted as a brain drain on the rest of the world for decades and continues to do so. Good thing too or the US wouldn't have its huge technological lead. If you want to stop immigration, there are two groups that I'd go after before grad students: Muslims and illegals.

    A family friend's life and career was stalled because a white fellow co-worker falsely accused him of selling secrets to the Chinese in order to get a promotion both had been considered for. A year long FBI investigation cleared him but his career at Raytheon was finished. He started multi-million dollar semi-conductor fabicration plants in China, Taiwan and the US a few years later. It's this type of BS that is causing a higher percentage of grad students (Chinese included) to go back to their country of origin rather than stay (as the majority used to).

    Every country has talent that can improve upon technology. China has a billion people people to draw from and I'm not so myopic as not to give them credit for their inventions, developments or improvements even if they used other's technology. No one country is responsible for all development. The US even used Nazi and Imperial Japan's research after WWII.