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  • Grassley’s Kangaroo Court

    09/22/2018 3:52:51 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 92 replies
    National Review ^ | September 22, 2018 6:00 AM | ANDREW C. MCCARTHY
    It’s a kangaroo court. Understand, this is not about Christine Blasey Ford. She’s a tool — a quite willing tool, but a tool all the same. This is not even about the eminently qualified federal circuit-court judge Brett Kavanaugh — it would be no different regardless of which nominee President Trump selected in consultation with White House counsel Don McGahn, the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, and the rest of the originalist, conservative legal community come of age. Democrats do not want a model of constitutional fidelity and judicial restraint elevated to the Supreme Court. End of story. And who...
  • It’s a Set-up

    09/19/2018 9:53:50 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 42 replies
    National Review ^ | September 19, 2018 | ANDREW C. MCCARTHY
    In my column yesterday, I contended that the unverifiable sexual-assault allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh bore “all the hallmarks of a set-up.” I based that assessment on the patently flimsy evidence, coupled with Senate Democrats’ duplicitous abuse of the confirmation-hearing process. To repeat myself: If the Democrats had raised the allegation in a timely manner, its weakness would have been palpable, it would have been used for what little it’s worth in examining Kavanagh during his days of testimony, it would be put to rest as unverifiable, and we’d be on to a confirmation vote. Instead, we’re on to a...
  • Democrats, Kavanaugh, and ‘The End of Civilization’

    09/18/2018 1:30:19 PM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 57 replies
    National Review ^ | September 18, 2018 | By ANDREW C. MCCARTHY
    Judge Robert Bork used to tell a prescient and darkly humorous story about watching Clarence Thomas’s Senate confirmation hearings - etched in pre-hashtag history as the “Thomas–Hill hearings,” in homage to Anita Hill’s role as the Left’s heroic accuser. At the time, Thomas was a judge of the same eminent D.C. Circuit federal appeals court on which Bork had served. As he viewed Thomas’s “high-tech lynching” in horror, Bork recalled, a friend of his, the iconic Irving Kristol, approached and asked him what was happening. “The end of civilization,” the judge sadly quipped. “Of course it is,” Kristol deadpanned. “But...
  • Mr. Rosenstein, What Is the Crime?

    09/08/2018 9:06:58 AM PDT · by mojito · 46 replies
    NRO ^ | 9/8/2018 | Andrew McCarthy
    For precisely what federal crimes is the president of the United States under investigation by a special counsel appointed by the Justice Department? It is intolerable that, after more than two years of digging — the 16-month Mueller probe having been preceded by the blatantly suspect labors of the Obama Justice Department and FBI — we still do not have an answer to that simple question. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein owes us an answer. To my mind, he has owed us an answer from the beginning, meaning when he appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller on May 17, 2017. The...
  • Revoking Brennan’s Security Clearance: The Right Thing, Even if for the Wrong Reason

    08/18/2018 7:15:49 AM PDT · by centurion316 · 90 replies
    National Review ^ | Aug 18, 2018 | Andrew McCarthy
    I do not share my friend David French’s theoretical constitutional concerns about the president’s revocation of security clearances — at least when it comes to former government officials who become media commentators and have no demonstrable need for a security clearance. Like David and many other analysts, though, I think it’s a big mistake to politicize the revocation of security clearances. Still, I am even less of a fan of the politicization of intelligence itself. And that justifies the revocation of former CIA director John Brennan’s clearance. As is often the case with President Trump, the right thing has been...
  • FISA Applications Confirm: The FBI Relied on the Unverified Steele Dossier

    07/23/2018 12:45:04 PM PDT · by SpeedyInTexas · 33 replies
    National Review ^ | 07/23/2018 | Andrew McCarthy
    On a sleepy summer Saturday, after months of stonewalling, the FBI dumped 412 pages of documents related to the Carter Page FISA surveillance warrants — the applications, the certifications, and the warrants themselves. Now that we can see it all in black and white — mostly black, as they are heavily redacted — it is crystal clear that the Steele dossier, an unverified Clinton-campaign product, was the driving force behind the Trump–Russia investigation. … It turns out, however, that the crazies were right and I was wrong. The FBI (and, I’m even more sad to say, my Justice Department) brought...
  • McCarthy: “Astonishing” FBI used Discredited Dossier as Source No. 1 to get FISA Warrant – Video

    07/22/2018 12:16:41 PM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 74 replies
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | July 22, 2018 | Brian
    Here is former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy today analyzing the redacted FISA documents released by the Justice Department last night. He is very strong in saying he is “shocked” to find that, indeed, the FBI used the unverified and discredited Steele Dossier to justify their need for a FISA Warrant to spy on Carter Page. McCarthy said he really didn’t think they would do that – that he didn’t think something like this could happen here. But it has. . . .
  • McCarthy on FISA application: "This is so bad...look at the judges."

    07/22/2018 12:05:54 PM PDT · by aspasia · 46 replies
    fox & friends via youtube ^ | Jul 22, 2018 | Mccarthy
    Watch here.
  • House Republicans Grill Rosenstein over Trump-Russia

    06/30/2018 12:45:05 PM PDT · by Meet the New Boss · 12 replies
    National Review ^ | 30 June 2018 | Andrew C. McCarthy
    ‘You’re the boss.” That was Representative Jim Jordan’s terse rejoinder during a feisty exchange with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the House Judiciary Committee’s oversight hearing on Thursday. The Ohio Republican was blasting Rosenstein over information Republicans say Justice Department officials have concealed from Congress for a year. snip These calls were made by subordinates, Rosenstein DAG-splained. “They work for you,” Jordan bluntly replied. ...while House Republicans revel in reminding anyone who will listen that DOJ’s intransigent middle managers work for Rosenstein, they never quite get around to mentioning that Rosenstein works for President Trump. The president is better...
  • Look to Trump, Not Trey Gowdy, to Address Bias at the FBI and DOJ

    06/23/2018 8:41:02 AM PDT · by yoe · 14 replies
    National Review ^ | June 23, 2018 | Andrew C. McCarthy
    The president runs the executive branch, after all. I confess to being more weary than dizzy from the Dr. Gowdy–and–Mr. Trey routine. Just three weeks ago, Representative Gowdy, the South Carolina Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee, ( assured us) that everything was peachy with the FBI — no way, no how did the bureau “spy” on the Trump campaign when it deployed an “informant” to pry information from Trump-campaign officials. As (Mollie Hemingway) pointed out at the time, Gowdy had not seen relevant documents the FBI and Justice Department have been withholding from Congress — in fact, his...
  • The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation

    06/21/2018 12:17:51 PM PDT · by advance_copy · 22 replies
    National Review Online ^ | 6/21/18 | Andrew McCarthy
    While generally cautious about criticizing Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the Clinton-emails investigation, Trump supporters have taken aim at its chief logical flaw: Although key investigators harbored anti-Trump and pro-Clinton bias, and even made statements indicating an intention to act on that bias, the IG did not find that this bias was the proximate cause of any particular investigative decision. This conclusion is easy to rebut; I did so myself in a column last week. Yet, the Trump camp should also be embracing it. Why? Because if this is the Justice Department’s position, then Special Counsel Robert Mueller has...
  • Problems at the Justice Department and FBI Are Serious

    06/17/2018 7:14:53 AM PDT · by libstripper · 54 replies
    National Review ^ | June 16, 2018 | Andrew McCarthy
    And they won’t be solved by whining about criticism. hat do you do with an FBI agent, sworn to uphold the law, who flagrantly violates the law in a rogue investigation aimed at making a name for himself by bringing down some high-profile targets? Why . . . you promote him, of course. At least that is the way the Justice Department answered that question in the case of David Chaves, an FBI agent who serially and lawlessly leaked grand-jury information, wiretap evidence, and other sensitive investigative intelligence to the media in his quest to make an insider-trading case against...
  • The IG’s Report May Be Half-Baked

    06/15/2018 9:22:08 PM PDT · by Revel · 46 replies
    National Review ^ | 06-15-18 | Andrew C. McCarthy
    You’ve got to hand it to Michael-Horowitz: The Justice Department inspector general’s much-anticipated report on the Clinton-emails investigation may be half-baked, but if it is, it is the most comprehensive, meticulously detailed, carefully documented, thoughtfully reasoned epic in the history of half-bakery. Why say do I say the report “may be half-baked”? Why don’t I just come out and declare, “The report is half-baked”? Well, I figure if I write this column in the IG’s elusive style, we’ll have the Rosetta Stone we need to decipher the report. See, you probably sense that I believe the report is half-baked. But-if...
  • Rod Rosenstein’s Subpoena Threat: He’s Conflicted, and He’s Acting Like It

    06/13/2018 11:38:11 AM PDT · by Behind Liberal Lines · 58 replies
    NATIONAL REVIEW ^ | June 13, 2018 12:16 PM | By ANDREW C. MCCARTHY
    The House Intelligence Committee is investigating whether the government has used the Justice Department’s awesome investigative authorities as a weapon against political adversaries. We learned yesterday that, in response to this ... Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein . . . threatened to use the Justice Department’s awesome investigative authorities as a weapon against political adversaries. That Rosenstein threatened to subpoena the committee’s records does not seem to be in serious dispute...the best explanation for the outburst is that Rosenstein is beset by profound conflicts of interest, and he’s acting like it.... Rosenstein has clung to his role as Mueller’s ostensible...
  • The Papadopoulos Case Needs a Closer Look (FBI perjury trap)

    06/02/2018 9:21:10 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 31 replies
    National Review ^ | June 2, 2018 5:30 AM | ANDREW C. MCCARTHY
    Is the former campaign adviser accused of misrepresenting his subjective state of mind, not objective reality? Congress should be taking a very hard look at the prosecution of George Papadopoulos. To these eyes, the harder one looks, the more the Papadopoulos case appears to be much ado about nothing. That is no small thing: The “much ado” here is a purported Trump–Russia conspiracy to subvert a presidential election. There has always been something fishy about the charge filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller against Papadopoulos, who was a green-as-grass 28-year-old when he made the big primary-season move from Ben Carson–campaign...
  • Yes, the FBI Was Investigating the Trump Campaign When It Spied

    05/30/2018 7:10:20 PM PDT · by Zhang Fei · 95 replies
    NRO ^ | May 30, 2018 9:55 PM | Andrew C. McCarthy
    Gowdy’s fire truck pulled into Fox News Tuesday night for an interview by Martha MacCallum. An able lawyer, the congressman is suddenly on a mission to protect the Justice Department and the FBI from further criticism. So, when Ms. MacCallum posed the question about FBI spying on the Trump campaign, Gowdy deftly changed the subject: Rather than address the campaign, he repeatedly insisted that Donald Trump personally was never the “target” of the FBI’s investigation. The only “target,” Gowdy maintains, was Russia. This is a dodge on at least two levels. First, to repeat, the question raised by the FBI’s...
  • How the Clinton-Emails Investigation Intertwined with the Russia Probe

    05/23/2018 11:57:35 AM PDT · by Meet the New Boss · 10 replies
    National Review ^ | 23 May 2018 | Andrew C. McCarthy
    snip If the thousands of text messages between Ms. Page and Agent Strzok are clear on anything, they are clear on the thinking of the bureau’s top brass. In its Trump antipathy, the media-Democrat complex has admonished us to ignore the Strzok-Page texts.... That’s the wrong way to look at it. Regardless of their politics (which, the texts show, are not as left-wing as some conservative-media hyperbole claims), these FBI officials are a window into how the Obama administration regarded the two investigations in which Strzok and Page were central players: Mid Year Exam and Trump-Russia — the latter eventually...
  • The Real Origination Story of the Trump-Russia Investigation

    05/22/2018 6:13:44 PM PDT · by bitt · 24 replies
    National Review ^ | 5/22/2018 | ANDREW C. MCCARTHY
    The Trump-Russia investigation did not originate with Carter Page or George Papadopoulos. It originated with the Obama administration. Exactly when is the “late Spring”? Of all the questions that have been asked about what we’ve called the “Origination Story” of the Trump-Russia investigation, that may be the most important one. It may be the one that tells us when the Obama administration first formed the Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative. See, it has always been suspicious that the anonymous current and former government officials who leak classified information to their media friends have been unable to coordinate their spin on the start...
  • Andrew McCarthy Discusses FBI and DOJ Attempts To Justify Spying on Trump Campaign…

    05/17/2018 6:44:01 PM PDT · by bitt · 22 replies
    Andrew McCarthy appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss the bombshell admissions within a New York Times report, leaked by FBI and DOJ officials, attempting to justify their illegal spying and surveillance operation against the campaign of Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016. video and link to andrew mccarthy's piece
  • Spinning a Crossfire Hurricane: The Times on the FBI’s Trump Investigation

    05/17/2018 9:58:39 AM PDT · by Para-Ord.45 · 47 replies ^ | May 17, 2018 | Andrew McCarthy
    The young’uns may not believe it, but back before it was known as “classic rock,” you couldn’t just play your crossfire hurricane on Spotify. You had to spin it. Fittingly, that is exactly what the New York Times has done in Wednesday’s blockbuster report on the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. The quick take on the 4,100-word opus is that the Gray Lady “buried the lede.” Fair enough: You have to dig pretty deep to find that the FBI ran “at least one government informant” against the Trump campaign — and to note that the Times learned this because “current...