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“Episcopal Church, I Weep for Thee”
titusonenine ^ | 1/05/2004 | Kendall Harmon

Posted on 01/04/2005 8:16:30 AM PST by sionnsar

And another individual drama:

“I have been forced to the pinnacle and now I say not one more…step am I willing to go. I am not an idiot as so many on the left side of the political divide call me. I am none of the names they call like kindergartners in a sandbox. I am no longer willing to have my values and morals denigrated. And that is what the left does not understand. It is not simply that I do not want a gay Bishop, it is not simply that I don’t believe in gay marriage, though the other side seems to think the gay issue is what put Bush over the top in terms of getting out the vote from his base. The truth is that is not the issue. The issue is that while I have spent nearly 21 years teaching my own children to have respect for others views and beliefs, and to simply turn away from those things that are not the values and morals of ourselves, I find the other side is not willing to do the same for me and mine.

Just one little corner was all I asked for, and I couldn’t even have that.”

Read it all.

TOPICS: Mainline Protestant
[A gut-wrenching story. --sionnsar]
1 posted on 01/04/2005 8:16:30 AM PST by sionnsar
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To: ahadams2; Brian Allen; kalee; walden; tjwmason; proud_2_B_texasgal; Perseverando; TexasKamaAina; ...

Traditional Anglican ping, continued in memory of its founder Arlin Adams.

FReepmail sionnsar if you want on or off this list.
This is a moderately high-volume ping list (typically 3-7 pings/day).

Resource for Traditional Anglicans:

2 posted on 01/04/2005 8:16:58 AM PST by sionnsar († † || Iran Azadi || Gregoirovich, NYET!!
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To: sionnsar
The Left does not compromise. The Left does not care what you think or what you want. The Left will push for its agenda -- 100% of its agenda. And the Left will scream and cry and call you names if you indicate that you wish to retain even 1% of your own agenda.

And the key agenda of the Left is the destruction of Christianity.

3 posted on 01/04/2005 8:28:01 AM PST by ClearCase_guy (The fourth estate is a fifth column.)
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To: ClearCase_guy

" And the key agenda of the Left is the destruction of Christianity."

Yep. For it is only Christianity that has the lead regarding the truth ............. and the left knows that without the truth, they have a fighting chance to recover a May Day celebrating world.

I have a hunch the Christians are not going to give up in defeat just yet.

4 posted on 01/04/2005 10:08:36 AM PST by gobucks (
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To: ClearCase_guy
The Left does not compromise. The Left does not care what you think or what you want. The Left will push for its agenda -- 100% of its agenda.

You're absolutely right. Religion sets standards in the form moral guide lines and this is detrimental to the lefts life styles.

5 posted on 01/04/2005 11:31:17 AM PST by Democrap (
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To: gobucks; All
[From Stand Firm Alabama: --sionnsar]

I came across one individual drama on TitusOneNine (Kendall Harmon's blog) and it made me so sad. This person that shared their story has left the Episcopal Church, and it is not clear from the story where they have gone.

Is this story your story? Have you lost hope? Proverbs 13:12 says "hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." Stand Firm Alabama exists to provide a tree of life for people in the Episcopal Church that have lost all hope. While our only true hope rests in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and we can rejoice in the hope of the glory of God (Romans 5:2), we wish to be seen as a tangible expression of that hope. If you are thinking of leaving the Episcopal Church or know someone who is, please join us and connect with us before you make that decision.

We also invite you to the Extreme Faith renewal conference at Church of the Ascension on January 9-11. This will be a source of hope for all.

6 posted on 01/04/2005 12:31:48 PM PST by sionnsar († † || Iran Azadi || Gregoirovich, NYET!!
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To: All
[ Captain Yip's Secret Journal (say what??), in The Kitchen Sink: --sionnsar]

Commentor Scott in response to this post asks,

I wonder why y'all aren't frequenting the Anglo-Catholic parishes that remain in the diocese, such as Ascension, Atonement, St. Luke's?  Merely because they remain in Communion?  Or what?  What's your opinion of such parishes?

And that is a terrifically good question that's full of loose ends that need to get tied up.  That won't get done today.  Family situations have kept me on the road and away from The Church of Christ the King for the last month.  Nor will I comment on the parishes Scott cites-and I would add, St. Paul's by the Lake-save that I was for many years a member of one of those parishes.  And to say that there's more to the Anglo-Catholic way of being a Christian than ceremoniousness.

The more interesting feature of Scott's comment is how it illustrates the conflict in Episcopal polity.  Is the fundamental structure in Episcopal polity the parish or the diocese?  If your parish follows a traditional form of Anglican theology and practice, but your bishop is a resolute innovator, what is the impact of the bishop on you personally and upon your parish community?  If the bishop is chief pastor, chief teacher, of your diocese, what relationship can you have with that pastor and teacher if he voted against the harmless House of Bishops resolution B001 (which merely affirmed the validity of traditional Christian documents), but voted for Mr. Robinson's consecration (against the advice of the Archbishop of Canterbury), and for the same-sex marriage resolution?  What pastoral relationship can you have with a bishop who is in terms of the wider Anglican Communion, and indeed in terms of Christianity world wide, schismatic?  I don't have an answer to this.  It's a vital question because the Church isn't just a place where like minded folks sit around, but a place where we enter a relationship with God.  If our teachers mislead us, it's about the same as having someone tell newlyweds that affairs are just fine, or mentors telling new hires that insulting the boss and stealing the supplies are good business manners.  So when the leadership of ECUSA decides to go where no bish has gone before, the sheep have problems. 

7 posted on 01/04/2005 12:37:40 PM PST by sionnsar († † || Iran Azadi || Gregoirovich, NYET!!
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To: sionnsar
Boy oh boy, I could have written that article verbatim. I have not yet quit the church, but I am really really close. My husband, who is a liberal with a brother who is a practicing homosexual (and yet still hypcritically calls himself a Catholic!) completely disagrees with me about this. I told him I am sick of the "homoization" of America and if I can't even find refuge from it in my church, what am I to do?

Last Sunday the bishop of Pennsylvania came to our church, and I refused to even greet him. He has had very harsh words for people like me who are opposed to the homoization of our church.

8 posted on 01/04/2005 12:49:45 PM PST by Dems_R_Losers (Merry Christmas!!! Believe it! Say It! Wear It!)
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To: sionnsar
God does not condone either a hetero- or homosexual relationship outside of marriage.

God does not condone marriage between homosexuals nor an active homosexual relationship (tendencies, as with all temptations, must be curbed by all but are not inherently sinful).

Appointing an active homosexual who relishes his sexual practices (and even holding them up to God) is heresy and definitely not based in Christianity.
9 posted on 01/04/2005 10:59:52 PM PST by ScottM1968
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To: sionnsar
My family left the ELCA, a kissing and bishop-sharing cousin of the ECUSA, for a number of reasons, inlcuding ordaining gay pastors, blessing gay unions, Called to Common Mission (unity), Formula of Agreement (unity), abortion on demand for employees (though public statement opposes), and other things. I'm waiting for the results of their 'Journey Together Faithfully' excercise, due out mid-January. Don't expect anything new, just a continuation of "we don't have a position, but, hey, do it if you want to."

As for the left's agenda, a key is The Frankfurt School from the late 1930's. That's where sensitivity training and concensus building were birthed, along with using public schools to indoctrinate youth.
10 posted on 01/05/2005 8:34:07 PM PST by polymuser
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To: Dems_R_Losers

You should have given the Bishop a piece of your mind. I used to email my Bishop all the time.....fortunately he's probably the most conservative Bishop in the U.S.

11 posted on 01/05/2005 9:00:14 PM PST by bonfire
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To: sionnsar


12 posted on 02/20/2007 10:05:09 AM PST by sionnsar (††|Iran Azadi| 5yst3m 0wn3d - it's N0t Y0ur5 (SONY) | UN: Useless Nations)
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