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Text of Blix letter to Iraq ordering destruction of missiles
Agence France-Presse | February 22, 2003

Posted on 02/22/2003 11:51:28 PM PST by HAL9000

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 22 (AFP) - The following is the text of a letter from Hans Blix, chairman of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) to Iraqi General Amer al-Saadi, ordering the destruction of Iraqi missiles. The text was made available by Blix's office.

The reference to UNSCOM is to the UN Special Commission, the previous disarmament agency.

Dear Dr. al-Saadi,

During our latest discussions in Baghdad, on February 9 and 10, 2003, I informed you that a panel of international experts would be convened in New York to conduct a technical assessment of the range capabilities of Al-Samoud 2 and Al Fatah missile systems. The assessment was also to include the refurbished casting chambers associated with the proscribed Badr-2000 missiles that had been destroyed under UNSCOM supervision, as well as the capability of the test stand under construction at the Al Rafah Liquid Engine Test Facility.

The panel, which met on February 10 and 11, consisted of experts nominated by the governments of China, France, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States. The Russian expert nominated was unable to attend.

UNMOVIC experts provided the panel with background information on the relevant aspects of Iraq's missile program and infrastructure. The panel was also advised that, in 1994, UNSCOM had informed Iraq that any increase: of diameter in the design of the Ababil -1OO liquid engine missile (subsequently renamed as Al Samoud) exceeding 600 millimeters was not permitted. The panel was further informed that UNMOVIC had advised Iraq, in December 2002, to cease all flight tests of the Al Samoud 2 which has a diameter of 760 millimeters, until UNMOVIC completed its technical assessment.

The panel also used in its assessment the information presented by Iraq to UNMOVIC experts in Baghdad on January 26 and February 10, as well as the results of four separate computer simulations of the ranges of the Al-Samoud 2 and Al Fatah missiles. These simulations were conducted by experts from four different countries using the data declared by Iraq.

The panel was unanimous in its assessment in reaching the attached conclusions. These conclusions were presented to UNMOVIC's College of Commissioners on February 13. On the basis of the panel's conclusions on the Al-Samoud 2, which do not call for further clarification or testing. I reported, on February 14, to the Security Council that two declared variants of the Al Samoud 2 missile system were capable of exceeding 150 kilometers in range, and were therefore proscribed pursuant to resolution 687 (1991) and the monitoring plan adopted by solution 715 (1991).

Accordingly, the government of Iraq should present to UNMOVIC for verifiable destruction all Al Samoud 2 missiles and associated items, as follows:

1. All Al-Samoud 2 missies and warheads, whether deployed, assembled or partly assembled;

2. Fuel and oxidizer, where deployed with Al-Samoud missiles;

3. The SA-2 missile engines imported outside of the export/import mechanism and in contravention of paragraph 24 of resolution 687 (1991), which have been configured for use in the Al-Samoud 2, are in the process of being so configured, or are otherwise associated with the Al-Samoud 2 missile program;

4. All engine components acquired for the modification of the SA-2 engine for use with the Al-Samoud 2 system, such as thrust regulators, gas generators and air pressure regulators;

5. All SA-2 autopilots and other guidance and control items, such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, inertial equipment and software imported or developed for use with the Al-Samoud 2 system;

6. With respect to launchers, all parts of the launching mechanism that are designed for use with the Al-Samoud 2 system. The basic platforms of the vehicles need not be destroyed, but will be tagged and their future use monitored;

7. Those components specific to the Al-Samoud 2, which are incorporated in the logistic support vehicles, such as fuel, oxidizer and control vehicles required for the operation of the Al-Samoud 2 missile force;

8. Equipment and components designed for the production and testing of the Al-Samoud 2 missile; and

9. All software and documentation concerning conception, research and development, production and quality control related to the Al-Samoud 2 missile program.

With respect to the casting chambers that had been deemed proscribed and were destroyed under UNSCOM supervision, the panel confirmed that the reconstituted casting chambers could still be used to produce motors for missiles capable of ranges significantly greater than 150 kilometers, Accordingly, these chambers remain proscribed and are to be destroyed.

The panel found that clarification of Al Fatah missile data supplied by Iraq was required before the capability of the missile system could be assessed. UNMOVIC will request such clarification.

The panel also assessed that the AJ Rajah static test stand, under construction would be capable of testing missile engines with thrusts greater than that of the SA-2 engine. The test stand will be monitored.

The necessary destruction is to be carried out by Iraq under UNMOVIC guidance and supervision. UNMOVIC will select from a variety of methods of destruction, depending on the items to be destroyed, such as explosive demolition, crushing, melting and other physical and chemical methods.

The appropriate arrangements should be made so that the destruction process can commence by March 1, 2003.

Your sincerely,

Hans Blix

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1 posted on 02/22/2003 11:51:29 PM PST by HAL9000
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To: HAL9000
Something tells me that Hans (ignorance is) Blix caught some heat for his soft ball presentation to the U.N. the last time. Blix never mentioned the fact that Saddam Hussain and Iraq was in breech of U.N. Res. 1441 and all the other resolutions going all the way back to U.N. Res. 687. I was very angry after watching Hans Blix's presentation and France's response to Colin Powell's convincing presentation.

In my humble opionion, The only reason why we are having a problem with France and Germany is the fact that George W. Bush doesn't look to the U.N. for leadership, he looks at the U.N. as a gathering of nations that are lacking a leader and when he gave his speech on Sept. 12th, 2002 and trashed their inability to lead. France and Germany took his speech as a threat to their influence in the U.N. body. GWB made the U.N. look completely useless with that speech and I think it didn't sit well with France and Germany and their ambitions to make the EU a force to be reckoned with.

I hope that this whole situation will open the eyes of those around the world that we are serious about human rights and that tin horn Dictators will no longer be ignored. I watched a USO toyr for our troops earlier today and I heard a comedian say that he would pump ESPN2 to every third world country on the planet and let them see what we create when we are bored. We build and drive 325 MPH Top Fuel Dragsters that travel the 1/4 mile in less tham 5 seconds just because we are bored, We build space ships because we need to learn about things most don't even contemplate. Piss us off by attacking our country and killing the innocent and see what we can build

2 posted on 02/23/2003 12:18:39 AM PST by MJY1288 (It's Time To Roll)
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To: MJY1288
Piss us off by attacking our country and killing the innocent and see what we can build.

Oh Yes ! A Very Good Rant!

3 posted on 02/23/2003 5:33:21 AM PST by happygrl
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To: MJY1288; RJayneJ
>>We build and drive 325 MPH Top Fuel Dragsters that travel the 1/4 mile in less tham 5 seconds just because we are bored, We build space ships because we need to learn about things most don't even contemplate. Piss us off by attacking our country and killing the innocent and see what we can build<<

Quote of the Day?

4 posted on 02/23/2003 10:13:13 AM PST by Jim Noble
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To: happygrl
Oh Yes ! A Very Good Rant!

Cummon Happy Girl, don't show your dovish hand by attacking the last 17 words of a well presented and accurate agrument against the likes of Blix, Annan, Chirac and George Clooney. Maybe you should take a few breaths in a brown bag and relax and re-enter the fray.

5 posted on 02/23/2003 10:30:04 AM PST by scannell
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To: HAL9000
Of course Saddam will destroy the missles...check the date..same date Blix will release his written report to the SC...this is such a sham! If these missles were so important to Saddam, he never would have allowed them to be found. This is a game, folks..a game by Blix, the SC and Saddam. The goal is no war and the underminig of the U.S. - Bush and Powell are on to these creeps. We will not get 9 votes in the SC...not even close. The war will be done without the blessing of the U.N. and after another whitewash report by Blix. Our President will be vindicated when he puts all the WMD on display for the world to see. Vindated with the American people...not by the rest of the anti-American countries or the peaceniks.
6 posted on 02/23/2003 10:39:37 AM PST by Wait4Truth (God Bless our President!)
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To: Jim Noble
You bet! Thanks for the nomination! };^D)
7 posted on 02/23/2003 8:34:30 PM PST by RJayneJ
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To: MJY1288; scannell
Whoops ! I see that my post was misunderstood. It was meant as a compliment. Rants can be good (you know, when you just let it all out) or they can be hot air.

Sincerely sorry if you thought I was dissing MJY1288.

I really appreciate an impassioned comment and that's what I meant.

8 posted on 02/24/2003 12:00:28 AM PST by happygrl
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