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Father of 'Gay Rights' Dies; Media Ignore NAMBLA Connection
Concerned Women for America ^ | 10/30/2002 | Peter J. LaBarbera

Posted on 11/12/2002 1:11:32 PM PST by Buffalo Bob

In noting the passing of Harry Hay — the man who first organized homosexuals as a political minority — no mainstream media outlets reported that Hay was an advocate of pedophile rights and the notorious group NAMBLA.

NAMBLA is the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a group that advocates for the legalization of sex between men and boys, and an end to all "age of consent" laws.

Hay, who died on October 24, at age 90, formed the first American homosexual activist group, the Mattachine Society, in 1950. He conceived of the idea of organizing homosexuals at a time when most were afraid to even be discovered as such. Hay was also a committed Communist who married to hide his homosexuality so that he could join the Party.

He went on to found The Radical Faeries, a shamanistic spirituality movement for homosexual men. "Gay pride" parades frequently include local contingents of "Faeries" — semi-naked men prancing and dancing in variations of Native American rituals.

Hay strongly opposed the notion that "gays" should assimilate into larger "straight" culture. Thus, in the eighties and nineties, when homosexual activists began banning NAMBLA from "gay pride" parades to clean up their public image, he and other "gay" liberationists were outraged.

In 1994, Hay, then in his eighties, was among the signers of a "Spirit of Stonewall" proclamation that argued that efforts to ban NAMBLA from the New York "pride" parade violated the spirit of the original Stonewall "rebellion," which is revered by homosexual activists as the spark of the modern "gay rights" movement. (In 1969, homosexuals and others then regarded as deviants rioted in response to a police crackdown of the Stonewall Inn in New York City.)

The Spirit of Stonewall (SOS) declaration read in part:

Stonewall was the spontaneous action of marginal people oppressed by the mainstream — of teenaged drag queens, pederasts, transsexuals, hustlers, and others despised by respectable straights and "discreet" homosexuals. …

SOS is an ad hoc committee of lesbian, gay and other individuals and groups formed to bring Stonewall 25 [celebrating the 25th anniversary of the riots] back to the principles of gay liberation. We focus on one of the most glaring departures from those principles: the attempt to exclude [NAMBLA] . …

NAMBLA's record as a responsible gay organization is well known. NAMBLA was spawned by the gay community and has been in every major gay and lesbian march. … NAMBLA's call for the abolition of age of consent is not the issue. NAMBLA is a bona fide participant in the gay and lesbian movement. NAMBLA deserves strong support in its rights of free speech and association and its members' protection from discrimination and bashing.

In 1986, Hay's pro-NAMBLA activism had a role in what became known in homosexual circles as the "Harry Hay incident." As part of a protest against the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade, Hay taunted organizers for excluding the North American Man/Boy Love Association by wearing a sandwich board that read, "NAMBLA Walks with Me." This event is chronicled by Hay's biographer, homosexual writer Stuart Timmons, in The Trouble with Harry Hay: Founder of the Modern Gay Movement. The book includes a photo of Hay in the NAMBLA sandwich board.

More recently, Hay wrote an essay for the pederasty magazine GAYME, according to a "queer" magazine Web site. GAYME is a magazine for men who are sexually "into boys," according to one Web reviewer. It is produced by former NAMBLA Bulletin editor Bill Andriette.

Timmons' sympathetic biography of Hay reveals that he had his first homosexual sexual encounter at age nine, with another boy. At age 14, in a grove of trees, he "discovered his first [homosexual] lovemaking" with a 25-year-old sailor named Matt. Hay refused to describe the experience as "molestation," according to Timmons, "to make the point of how sharply gay life differs from homosexual norms." The account continues:

"As a child," [Hay] explained, "I molested an adult until I found out what I needed to know." … Far from being an experience of "molestation," Harry always described it as "the most beautiful gift that a fourteen-year-old ever got from his first love!"

A Nexis database search of Harry Hay obits in over 30 print news outlets — including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Associated Press and Time Magazine — turned up no mention of his pro-NAMBLA advocacy.

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1 posted on 11/12/2002 1:11:32 PM PST by Buffalo Bob
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To: Buffalo Bob
And now he knows just how wrong he was.....
2 posted on 11/12/2002 1:19:29 PM PST by SouthernFreebird
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To: Buffalo Bob
Wonder what he's doing now!
3 posted on 11/12/2002 1:20:07 PM PST by Free_at_last_-2001
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Comment #4 Removed by Moderator

To: Buffalo Bob; Paul Atreides; KLT; Dallas; Teacup
Harry Hay has passed on to the great behind...

5 posted on 11/12/2002 1:28:28 PM PST by Slyfox
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To: Buffalo Bob
Pedophile rights?

Like the right to remain silent, the right to counsel, the right to a fair trial, and the right to be summarily executed?

Those rights?
6 posted on 11/12/2002 1:29:06 PM PST by Blood of Tyrants
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To: Buffalo Bob
When Allen Ginsburg died the media also ignored his affiliation with NAMBLA. You will also find no mention of it in any of the numerous biographies about the man.
7 posted on 11/12/2002 1:31:54 PM PST by Welsh Rabbit
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To: Buffalo Bob
The liberal "progressives" (lol) must be simply heartbroken.
He was their vision of the future.
Homosexual pedophiles are a "progressives" hero.
Poor, poor, "progressives."
8 posted on 11/12/2002 1:35:58 PM PST by concerned about politics
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To: Free_at_last_-2001
Wonder what he's doing now!

Probably decomposing.
9 posted on 11/12/2002 1:40:58 PM PST by Dimensio
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To: Buffalo Bob

Eyuch !!! Good riddance to bad garbage !!!

10 posted on 11/12/2002 1:52:23 PM PST by GeekDejure
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To: Buffalo Bob; All

To learn more about Harry Hay, his "contributions" to society and his champions, the Radical Faeries, visit . . .

Not for the easily repulsed. Don't say I didn't warn you . . .

11 posted on 11/12/2002 2:11:42 PM PST by BraveMan
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To: Buffalo Bob
Did he die of a Viagra overdose?
12 posted on 11/12/2002 2:13:09 PM PST by TommyDale
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To: Slyfox
aka, The Barney Frank Nebula.
13 posted on 11/12/2002 2:26:18 PM PST by Paul Atreides
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To: Slyfox
LMAO....he was such an ass, anyway.
14 posted on 11/12/2002 2:28:39 PM PST by Dallas
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To: Buffalo Bob
"NAMBLA is the North American Man/Boy Love Association, a group that advocates for the legalization of sex between men and boys, and an end to all "age of consent" laws."

I'd like to address this to the not-too-happy 'gays' and others of similar pre-occupations:

Somehow, the word 'Love' does not quite fit into the title. Love does not require sexual performance, favors or obligations in return for friendship, compassion and concern. In fact, it is discouraged, lest the weaker mind mistake one for the other. Sow to the flesh and reap corruption. Something about 'millstones' in there somewhere.

Love is of God and God is Love. If you use your Godness, your goodness, your power of 'love' in return for sexual favors, aren't you mis-representing what God is and mis-using talents of the heart? And isn't that an act of betrayal and a denial of God? I'm not pontificating, but just asking some simple questions.

What psychic, emotional, spriritual benefit is there to a sexual act between man and man? Man and boy? Woman and woman? Doesn't sexual pre-occupation with the same sex or with those with an infant mind limit your human response and true friendship with the rest of the human race? Sure it does, because such acts force you to live in a closet of guilt. When you come out of the closet, do you come out clean, or do you come out to brag about your guilt and to get it re-inforced and accepted by others marching in the same parade?

Even if you pervert an entire generation of children, as you are in the process of doing, you must know somewhere, deep down inside that even if the whole world marches in your parade, a day will come when your sexual activities will cease and all that will remain is your guilt and the knowledge that you have lived your life in vain. What a waste of closet space, where prayers should have been uttered instead.

Well, Okay, I'm pontificating. Sorry about that. Your turn. Fire away.

15 posted on 11/12/2002 3:42:52 PM PST by Eastbound
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To: Welsh Rabbit
That is correct. Yet, he made no secret of his affection (?) for young boys and the research into this aspect of his life would have been quite easy.

You don't think the media has any agenda in ignoring this, do ya?

16 posted on 11/12/2002 3:52:54 PM PST by Skooz
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To: All
I'm not making this up --Harry Hay had an affair with Grandpa Walton!

A tall and muscular young man, Hay worked as both an extra and ghostwriter in 1930s Hollywood. He developed a passion for theater, and performed on Los Angeles stages with Anthony Quinn in the 1930s, and with Will Geer, who became his lover. Geer (who later generations grew to love as Grandpa Walton on the TV series “The Waltons”), took Hay to the San Francisco General Strike of 1934, and indoctrinated him into the American Communist Party. Hay became an active trade unionist.

17 posted on 11/12/2002 4:31:00 PM PST by NYCVirago
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