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Rice: Iraq Providing Shelter, Chemical Weapons Help to Al Qaeda
FOX News Channel ^ | September 26, 2002 | Associated Press

Posted on 09/26/2002 3:14:49 PM PDT by Republican_Strategist

Edited on 04/22/2004 12:34:46 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]


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TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Front Page News; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: alqaeda; iraq; rice; rumsfeld; waronterrorism
Please Visit The Iraqi-Bin Laden Connection
1 posted on 09/26/2002 3:14:49 PM PDT by Republican_Strategist
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To: Republican_Strategist
It looks to me like the Bush team is sitting on a great deal of evidence of Iraq - Al Qaeda cooperation. They are in a position to let the democrats keep crawling out on a limb, trying to pander to their far-left and peacenik constituencies, before releasing installments of evidence that will saw through the limb. We are also seeing why the democrats had hoped to defer any action before the election: they are badly split, and are turning on one another.
2 posted on 09/26/2002 3:21:53 PM PDT by thucydides
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To: thucydides
I am really enjoying watching this unfold. I am amazed at what poor strategists they are. Unless they are scaring senior citizens, whipping up minorities into frenzies or scaring Soccer Moms into believing their kids are going to be learning with one book and an abacus by candlelight due to mean, evil Republican tax cuts-they got nothing.
3 posted on 09/26/2002 3:31:13 PM PDT by riri
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To: thucydides
Your analysis is quite astute, democrats proceed at your own risk.
4 posted on 09/26/2002 3:41:33 PM PDT by The Vast Right Wing
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To: Republican_Strategist
Now whom should we believe in this assertion - Condi Rice, or Barbra Streisand, who apparently has it on good authority that "Sadam" Hussein did not bring down the World Trade Center, and therefore we should not go to war with Iraq (or is it Irack).

My money is on Dr. Rice. She is considerably smarter, and she probably spells better, too.

5 posted on 09/26/2002 3:46:34 PM PDT by alloysteel
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To: Republican_Strategist
And so the ducks begin to swim into line. Well done, Mr. President.
6 posted on 09/26/2002 3:57:43 PM PDT by mitchbert
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7 posted on 09/26/2002 4:52:05 PM PDT by Greybird
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To: Republican_Strategist
Here's an old speech from Mr. "Secular" Hussein - the recent ones sound much more like a rabid Islamic Televangelist than this:

Transcript of Saddam Hussein's speech to Iraqis
September 3, 1996

(CNN)--In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the Most Merciful; oh, great people; oh, honorable members of our armed forces; oh, sons of our glorious Arab nation; oh, honorable people of the world:

Once again, the hopeless cowardly Americans were back to repeat their cowardly act hiding behind a technological advance that Allah, most gracious, wanted it to be their curse and cause for shame.

The aggressors came back launching their failed cowardly raids to commit a damned third attack which has very significant implications. The courageous resistance and great steadfastness of the noble Iraqi people gave the aggressors what they deserved. They will be taught a lesson and their wanton attack will be resisted.

The missile attack on Iraq took place around 9 o'clock this morning, 3rd of September 1996, corresponding to 20th Rabi' Athani 1417 Hijri. This is going to be a glorious day. The Iraqi people will, in the name of Allah, add to their honorable record. It will be a day when the cowardly aggressors will be condemned by both history and the whole world, having been condemned by Allah Almighty.

Oh, Iraqi people and members of the brave Iraqi armed forces, the apple of our eye, this is another day you can call your own. So, resist them as you have done. Allah Almighty wishes you to take your pride of place under the sun and on the heights of your good land.

We have come to expect you -- and your people and the Arab nation are calling upon you -- to resist them and teach them a new lesson full of meanings their weak and empty souls do not know.

Oh, men of our air defenses and our air hawks, from now on consider as non-existent their damned imaginary no-fly zones above 36 parallel and below 32 parallel. Strike with efficiency and competence, in the name of Allah, any of the aggressors' planes which violate the air space of your great country and everywhere in Iraq, now and in the future.

The free peoples of the world and the sons of our glorious Arab nation can rest assured that proud, glorious and defiant Iraq is safe. Iraq is as powerful as high mountains. It will not be shaken by the winds of evil; neither will it be frightened, Allah willing, by the hiss of vipers.

The sons of the Land of Two Rivers were more than a match to the enemy; they downed a large number of its missiles.

Allah foiled the aggression and the aggressors and, thanks be to God, we only suffered light losses in the failed attack.

May Allah bless the souls of our honorable martyrs.

Allah is greater, Allah is greater.

May the cowards be defeated

8 posted on 09/26/2002 5:58:58 PM PDT by piasa
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To: piasa
More "secular" rantings from Saddam Hussein:

Address on the 14th Anniversary of The Great Victory (Translation : the day Iraq lost the Mother of all Battles) day August 8, 2002

In the name of Allah The Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Nay, we hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold, falsehood doth perish! Our Great People, Our Valiant Men and Women, Our Men of the Heroic Armed Forces, Our Arab brethren, Fellow Believers, Wherever you may be, Peace Be Upon You..

Regardless of details, and of the nature of evolution between successive historical chapters, the human lesson derived is that the present of any nation or people cannot be isolated from its past; and that, according to this, nations and peoples have established their present, even though it might be distinguishable from their past in terms of advancement or retraction.

Of the lessons also gained from the history of mankind is the fact that greed and arrogance, when combined, lead the oppressor to do injustice not only to others, but to himself as well; once this combination of greed and arrogance has misled him into a sense of undefeatable capability and power, as he takes the road of falsehood and aggression, committing the most heinous acts and proceeding from that sick imagination, to fall down the precipice and then into hell.

One of the lessons of recent and distant history is that all empires and bearers of the coffin of evil, whenever they mobilized their evil against the Arab nation, or against the Muslim world, they were themselves buried in their own coffin, with their sick dreams and their arrogance and greed, under Arab and Islamic soil; or they returned to die on the land from which they had proceeded to perpetrate aggression. This has been the case with all empires preceeding our present time. If this is what history tells us about its judgment on all times and eras of the past without exception, can we then describe those who are trying to ignore history now except in the words which no wise or prudent person would wish to be described with?

This is the inevitable outcome awaiting all those who try to aggress against Arabs and Muslims. If anyone wants to learn from history, anyone with greed and arrogance combined in himself, he ought to remember this fact and think again. Otherwise, he will end up in the dust-bin of history, as twentieth century politicians world say.

We always stood, and continue to stand, to learn from all such lessons, whenever the horns of aggression loomed large against us. We never faced, nor will face, any aggression relying basically on our force of arms, or our muscles and the muscles of our people, but rather on the strength of our faith, in the belief that Allah always helps the faithful and their just cause to prevail over injustice.

Faith, according to this rule, is the decisive factor in linking the final outcome to the good of the people and the nation, and to self-satisfaction, with all that Allah Almighty shall extend of the means of strength provided by the faithful on the basis of His Divine instruction: “Extend to them all the strength you can provide…”. We have always, along with our comrades, our people and our armed forces, asked ourselves: Can fathers and mothers discharge their parental duties towards their children when they are placed in chains under the burden of servitude? Will the children be but ungrateful apostates, if they see their fathers and mothers in chains, enduring the heavy burden of oppression, and never move to save them, break their chains, or surround them with their protective chests of faith, against all misguided evil aggressors?

Do you know, brothers in the Arab homeland, who our father and mother are, we the Iraqis, our armed forces, and the leadership of our army and people? Our mother and father are the nation and the homeland. It is on the basis of these meanings and what we recall from the lessons of history, that we took our stand in 1980 to defend our people and nation against those who sought to enslave them, put them in chains, and then leave them to decay.

Yes, this was our stand. And we recall, and never forget, that he who wants his homeland to be liberated and healthy, his nation free and unfettered, has to be loyal to them so that they will remain generous to him. Otherwise, he will remain doomed to subservience, killed by a sense of guilt, labouring under the heavy burden of contempt, of having fallen behind and failing to play his role in the position that brings pride to freedom-fighters in the eyes of their people, their nation and their homeland.

Thus, we relied on Allah, and took the position required under the circumstance, along with our people and armed forces, to confront danger, with stand aggression and defy arrogance, for eight long years which lasted from September 4th, 1980, to the date which Allah designated to be the day of final victory in August 1988.

It is also on the basis of these concepts, and the lessons derived from them, that our revolutionaries made their day in July 1968.

On these same grounds and concepts, the people of Iraq and their armed forces, led by their brave leaders against the aggression and arrogance of the United States and those who allied themselves to the Americans, or followed them under duress, or by choice, from 17 January 1991, the day of the battle of Um el-Ma’arick until today.

On this basis, the stand of loyalty taken by the faithful shall remain firm and healthy. Darkness shall be defeated, and every cloud that carries no useful rain shall be dispersed, giving way to the sun to usher in endless spring, blessed by Allah, fill with pride its people who themselves bring disgrace to the conduct of the aggressors.

The forces of evil will carry their coffins on their backs, to die in disgraceful failure, taking their schemes back with them, or to dig their own graves, after they bring death to themselves on every Arab or Muslim soil against which they perpetrate aggression, including the Iraq, the land of Jihad and the banner.

(*My note: That Jihad and banner thing sounds almost exactly like bin Laden)

We say this to refute the grumbling and sibiliation of those bragging their power, governed by the devil, their master in every evil act and crime which they perpetrate against the land of the Arabs and Muslims, while they wade in the rivers of innocent blood they shed in the world, believing that the people of the world should become slaves to Tyranny and its threats, both declared and executed threats. But if they wanted peace and security for themselves and their people, then this is not the course to take. The right course is of respect to the security and rights of others, through dealing with others in peace and establishing the obligations required by way of equitable dialogue and on the basis of international law and international covenants.

The right way is that the Security Council should reply to the questions raised by Iraq, and should honour its obligations under its own resolutions. There is no other choice for those who use threat and aggression but to be repelled even if they were to bring harm to their targets. Allah, the omni-powerful is above all power and shall repel the schemes of the unjust.

I say this even though I had preferred to avoid referring to it, under a different circumstance, as I have generally done so far. But I say it in such clear terms so that no weakling will imagine that when we ignore responding to ill talk, then this means that we are frightened by the impudent threats which will make those who have lost all ties with God the Compassionate, and all trust in their people, tremble and shiver; and so that no greedy tyrant will be misled into an action the consequences of which are beyond their calculations.

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great..

What a pure, magnificent and melodious breeze of faith; a voice, as if recalled from the depth of our eternal heritage and history, a voice in which we find ourselves and it in us, in the same spirit raised by our forefathers in the battles of Jihad at Yarmouk against the Bizantines, and the Battles of the First Qadissiyah, in which our forefathers broke, in the Name of Allah, the ranks of the invading armies that had occupied the land of Sham (Syria) and Iraq, where they brought injustice and death, motivated by stubbornness, to remaion the side of falsehood in the face.

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great

These our brethren the faithful and the Arabs, are the calls made by your sons and brothers in Iraq, the land of faith, as they confront the enemy who wants to harm Iraq, with total disregard to God and man, despite all the resilience and resolve with which the Iraqi people have faced this enemy who has refused to listen to any Islamic or Arab voice, and indeed rejected all the initiatives and calls for peace, which we had proposed more than once, name of the people of Iraq.

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great..

This is the call made by everyone confronting the enemies with a gun, a cannon, on a tank, in a plane, or on a naval boat, by millions of men amongst our troops, in conscription or reserve, our peoples army and our special task forces.

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Attacking.. defending.. advancing and charging forward deep in enemy territory, chasing evil to defeat it; or forming with their dear chests the fence protecting this faithful, patient and healthy homeland; or standing, whenever Allah so wills it, behind the boarders in the same way as they did at Faw and Penjaween, in a trench here and a trench there, along a battlefront extending over one thousand and two hundred kilometers from Faw and the territory surrounding and protecting it to the south up to the head-land of Minshaf in our dear northern part of Iraq.

Allah is Great..

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Our beloved call.. the voice of our dear Prophet, the voice of Bilal, Abi Bakr, Umar, Ali and Uthman.. of Khalid, Abi Ubayda, Sa’d and Usama.

The fragrance of the Message, the voice of history, the call of the spirit carrying the body to the destination determined by Allah, to be pure, secure, aromatic, and rosy, as he is a witness to the will of Allah, or a living martyr, so destined by Allah Almighty, whose command is irrevocable, praised He be for all He wills and all He wants.

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great..

There is no God but Allah.

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great..

Praise be to Allah

Charge on.. Charge on.. Charge on..

The dear chant is raised, as if the men are circumambulating around the Ka’ba, or returning to the place from which Prophet Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah, ascended to God on that Blessed Night, after they cleanse the land of Palestine from Zionist desecration.

Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. Allah is Great.. with millions of gun-barrels, exchanging places on the battle- fronts, or being stationed where they ought to be from the start of the battle until Allah grants His final victory.

Thousands of artillery-guns and tanks and hundreds of aircraft, backed by millions of honourable Arabs and Iraqis and of the faithful who prayed for Iraq to be granted Allah’s victory, which the Almighty graced Iraq with.

With victory, came the first expressions of gratitude to Allah, for having cleansed the hearts of the victorious faithful from all hatred, and prevented any grudge or rancour from infiltrating our souls, against the hatred and hard-headedness we had faced throughout eight years of fighting, preceded by an additional period of scheming and abuse, praying to Allah the omni-powerful, the Almighty, to spare us any such hatred or any hatred which we don’t know.

Victory was born out of all this. It voice, spirit and breeze of faith were raised high, in the resounding “Communique -of-all-Communiques” on the Day-of-Days which Allah Almighty had destined to be the day of decisive victory, crowned by it on the 8th of August 1988.

Oh God.. Oh God.. Oh.. August.

How hot is year temperature, not only to ripen the date-fruit to be picked by your people, but also to break the spikes that others want to use against your people and thus defeat the unjust aggressors, in the name of Allah.

Brother to July and it link to September!!

(*My note... curious peotic reference here to September)

Dear month, dear day, we extend our greetings to you as we live your dear days one by one, and to every living soul and every soul that has a place in heaven, blessed by Allah, the Almighty.

Greetings similar to those we extend to our Iraqi brothers and Iraqi martyrs, to the Arabs in the forefront of whom come the heroic people of Palestine, and to every honourable Mujahid of the faithful who met his God with a pure heart.

Greeting to the people of Palestine, men and women, living and martyrs.

Greetings, Greetings to Iraq

Greetings, Greetings to our Arab Nation, and to everyone of its brave heroes, Greetings.. Greetings.. Greetings

Allah is Great

Allah is Great

Allah is Great

There is no God but Allah

Allah is Great

Praise be to Allah

9 posted on 09/26/2002 6:40:13 PM PDT by piasa
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To: piasa
10 posted on 01/16/2003 4:46:26 PM PST by Robert_Paulson2 (clintonsgotusbytheballs?)
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To: Robert_Paulson2
Thanks for the ping
11 posted on 01/16/2003 5:28:59 PM PST by piasa
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