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Today's Criminal Will Become Tomorrow's Islamic Terrorist ^ | June 25, 2002 | C.T. Rossi

Posted on 06/25/2002 5:40:14 AM PDT by Stand Watch Listen

America is about to view a remake of a classic story. It's not a multi-million-dollar Hollywood comic book-turned-movie spectacle nor a modernized version of a long-favored stage drama. Rather, America is discovering a 700-year-old stage for herself - the story of the Janissaries.

The Janissaries were the elite fighting force of the Moslem Ottoman Empire for centuries. Their ranks were filled with young Christian men (who often converted to Islam) conscripted to fight for the sultan. They became instrumental in holding together the Ottoman Empire precisely because they were free from the tribal loyalties that left other Moslem Arabs and Turks, at times, conflicted. In today's parlance, we would merely call them Moslem extremists.

While most reporters (and unfortunately the White House) look at the John Walker Lindh and Jose Padilla stories as some type of strange socio-religious anomaly, these instances are anything but. The advent of Jihad Johnny and Abdullah al Muhajir represent the revival of a proved weapon of radical Islam - the Janissary warrior. And the recruitment has just begun.

The key element in the recruitment of the new Janissaries is to seek out and evangelize those who are disaffected with Western culture. In the case of John Walker Lindh, Islam provided a young man with moral boundaries when his parents would (or could) not. With Jose Padilla, the story was different.

Padilla was recruited to his new vocation as an Islamic terrorist after prison. Time will show that Padilla was not alone.

Perhaps the foremost expert in prison evangelization in America is Chuck Colson, co-founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries. Colson is now warning that the Islam being preached is neither "noble" nor "peaceful."

In the June 24 issue of the Wall Street Journal, Colson relates the story of how, when addressing an open meeting of prisoners, his use of the name Jesus was met with attempted censorship by Moslem inmates who upon hearing the name would turn up the volume on their portable radios. Not stopping there, Colson states that the multi-faith gathering came within a hare's breath of becoming a full-scale prison riot - his ability to quiet the Christian prisoners being the pivotal factor.

Colson also made mention that Al Qaeda training manuals outline plans whereby American inmates are targeted for conversion because such individuals may be "disenchanted with their country's policies." These "converts" are extremely useful to terrorist groups as the inmates "combine a desire for 'payback' with an ability to blend easily into American culture." This Islamic prison outreach, as recommended by Al Qaeda, is taking place - the most prominent ministry being the National Islamic Prison Foundation. Colson also notes that a main funder of such programs is none other than Saudi Arabia.

While the new American Janissaries, harvested from penitentiaries, could prove eminently useful to terrorist groups in waging a domestic terror campaign upon America, the solicitation of Moslem acolytes is not limited to American jails - nor even to America.

Islamic "missionaries" have also descended upon the volatile Chiapas region of Mexico. Since 1996, more than 300 conversions amongst the Mayan people have been made. According to the Houston Chronicle, the leader of the Islamic group, Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi, "has sharply condemned democracy and global capitalism." The Chronicle also provided a telling quote from Moslem missionary Esteban Lopez: "There isn't a pure Islamic government in the world. That's what we hope to create."

All of these patterns lead us to serious questions that need to be asked.

Many Moslems have traditionally been critical (if not paranoid) of the proselytizing nature of Christianity. Such skepticism about the honorable intentions of Christianity led to the imprisonment of Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer in Afghanistan for their overt religious discussions with Afghani locals. It is also the attitude that makes it illegal to wear the religious garb of a faith other than Islam in Saudi Arabia.

But now Moslem missionaries seem to be turning up in the oddest places, places that are violent and unstable, places where the people might harbor animosity toward American society, places recommended in Al Qaeda's grand strategy. Saudi money also seems to be in play.

Are we prepared to ask the hard questions? Probably not.

And so the conscription of the new Janissaries continues. Under the guise (and legal protection) of a noble religion, the forces of radical Islam recruit disciples, for whom there is only one prerequisite - a hatred of America. All this is an old tale . . . but now it's coming to a theater near you.

(C.T. Rossi comments on contemporary culture for the Free Congress Foundation.)
Free Congress Foundation

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; Foreign Affairs; News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: abdalqadirassufi; chiapasmexico; estebanlopez; islamicprison; janissaries; moslemottoman
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1 posted on 06/25/2002 5:40:15 AM PDT by Stand Watch Listen
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To: Stand Watch Listen
2 posted on 06/25/2002 5:44:23 AM PDT by antidisestablishment
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To: Stand Watch Listen; JohnHuang2
I saw Colson talking about this trend on tv, but this article really explains it well.

We need to wake up and realize that to allow these "missionaries" to recruit in our country is not a legitimate expression of our traditional religious tolerance but the facilitation of our own destruction.

3 posted on 06/25/2002 5:51:26 AM PDT by Bigg Red
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To: antidisestablishment
And so the conscription of the new Janissaries continues.

Meanwhile, many American churches are focusing evangelistic efforts on university students from dal-al-islam. If by God's grace we can convert their best faster than they can convert our worst, the future looks hopeful.

4 posted on 06/25/2002 5:53:57 AM PDT by TomSmedley
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To: Stand Watch Listen
The El Rukn sect in Chicago has had ties with local gangs from the get-go. They've been recruting since the 80's.
5 posted on 06/25/2002 5:54:30 AM PDT by Tijeras_Slim
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To: Tijeras_Slim
I'm afraid it's much worse than that. Due to decades of
drug abuse, many of the criminals recruited from the inner cities will be addicts.

So not only will we be looking at a new breed of terrorist, we're potentially looking at crack-ghetto terrorists. A new breed of supercriminal.

I think the only possible solution, in this case, is to set fire to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and the state of Michigan. It's a desperate solution, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate reactions.

6 posted on 06/25/2002 6:03:45 AM PDT by altayann
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To: altayann
And for those of you who think that setting fire to a state is something of an overeaction, I say just look at what it's done for Colorado and Arizona. Gang membership in inner forest communities is down significally since the start of summer.
7 posted on 06/25/2002 6:05:25 AM PDT by altayann
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To: Stand Watch Listen
The key element in the recruitment of the new Janissaries is to seek out and evangelize those who are disaffected with Western culture.

Based on the many “peaceful” ex-cons that I’ve had the displeasure of working with, I think the Saudis will be somewhat disappointed in their ROI.

If all they are hoping to garner is some vague sympathy for their Jihad, those who might give some shelter but more likely to serve as fodder for their terrorism, they may get what they desire.

However, if they are hoping for someone to carry out an operation with responsibility attached to it beyond the capability of a pig with thumbs, they’ve targeted the wrong group.

It’s not so much a disaffection with Western Culture that landed these guys in the slam, it’s sloth, gluttony, and a moron level intelligence.

The attraction to islam is the ability to “P*ss off Whitey”. One can change their name to an esoteric arab sounding one, wear a kufi hat and a tunic without actually showing true allegiance to allah. This muslim costume is just another tool in the arsenal along with littering, leering at white women, blaring rap music, cheating welfare and robbing convenience stores.

If it comes down to an all out war, I’d rather have these” brothers” on the muslim’s side anyway.


”Guns Before Butter.”

8 posted on 06/25/2002 6:16:12 AM PDT by End Times Sentinel
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To: altayann
So not only will we be looking at a new breed of terrorist, we're potentially looking at crack-ghetto terrorists. A new breed of supercriminal.

I happen to agree with you! Nothing brings out the cunning, deviousness, and perseverance in a person like a crack addled mind. No way could we hope to defend ourselves against this bunch.

BTW- the line about the forest fires was priceless! LOL!


”Guns Before Butter.”

9 posted on 06/25/2002 6:27:12 AM PDT by End Times Sentinel
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To: Owl_Eagle
Just remember though, what a perfect way to infiltrate these organizations with prison converts who are willing, for whatever reason, to work for the good guys.
10 posted on 06/25/2002 4:05:24 PM PDT by TheBlueMax
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