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You are surprised that I told you, “Mind your language please; there are ladies present. “

Yes, I am the nag who frequently scolds posters for inappropriate language. Often, I have been asked if I am with the language police, and my admonitions annoy some people, I know, and I am sorry for that.

I realize that my complaint may sound priggish to younger people, but I am an old lady, a grandmother who was raised in a time when people were much more tempered in their language. In those days, a properly raised lady would have been ashamed to have a boy hear a four-letter word slip from her mouth. And boys were taught by their parents to be gentlemen, so it was considered most impolite to use vulgar language in the company of females.

You are not the first person to whom I have posted that comment, and I suspect you won’t be the last. But, even though some resent my scolding, I am determined to continue with my one-woman mission of cajoling FReepers into returning to polite discourse, which is more in line with conservative principles.

Thank you. God bless.

PS: Here is a link to a thesaurus entry giving synonyms for "courage". Please consider using one of these words instead of the vulgar word I keep seeing here on FR. We ladies do not need to be subjected to that crass term referring to a man's genitalia.


Here is a link for some synonyms for the word "scoundrel". If you use one of these words instead of the disgusting slang term for "anus", the polite people here will be appreciative. My favorite from this list is "caitiff".


Wondering about my taglines?

15 MAR 2019:Beta Male O'Rourke is a fake Mexican.

O'Rourke, the latest pick of the desperate Deep State, is using an Hispanic nickname so that he will seem like a tex-mex homeboy. Isn't that insulting to Hispanic voters? The little punk tries to come across as a man in charge, but he is nothing but a foul-mouthed, wimpy little boy, a beta male.


24 MAY 2018: The USA news industry, the MSM-13, takes a machete to the truth. h/t TigersEye

Oops! Just realized that I had never memorialized my start date for the tagline "Francis is a nincompoop." Oh, well, he still is a nincompoop, but I am hoping he will soon be stepping down to be replaced by a faithful shepherd of the Church. However, I just had to switch to my new tagline because it is such a great one.

25 MAR 2017: Vacate the chair! Ryan must go.

That tagline was inspired by this story:


FEB 2017: The LORD of hosts is with us; our stronghold is the God of Jacob. Ps 46:12

Needs no explanation....


20 JAN 2017 "The best f-word we can apply to Obama on this glorious inauguration day is 'former'."

Pretty sure I don't need to explain that one.


AUG 2016: "Go away, Satan!"

That tagline was inspired by this story:


JUL 2016: You're on fire, stupid.

That tagline was inspired by this story:


1 NOV 2015: Keep calm and Pray on.


20 JAN 2015:Let's put the ship of state on Cruz Control with Ted Cruz

That tagline was inspired by comments on this thread:


NOV 2014:Too many productive Americans are POWs in the War on Poverty.--

That tagline was inspired by this article:

War on Poverty Turns 50: Are We Winning Yet?


Previous tagline:

31 MAY 2014: Obamugabe officially declares the USA a vanquished subject of the Global Caliphate.

As you may recall, it was on that date that Obama held a press conference in the Rose Garden to announce his trading of 5 terrorists for the deserter named Berghdahl. With him were the parents of the deserter, and the father, invited by Obama to speak, launched into Arabic.

I had no idea of what the father was saying, but another FReeper's comment explained that Bergdahl had uttered the bismallah, which is an islamic incantation that is used to dedicate a locale to their deity. Obama responded immediately with a huge smile.

I got to wondering what was going on. Why the press conference for this? Why the bismallah? Then my feeble brain came to the conclusion, which I post here from one of my thread comments:

Obamugabe used the Rose Garden presser, on May 31, as a ceremony of surrender to the mohammedans. Following all of the work that the Soros Administration has done to destroy our Republic, Obama was instructed to officially hand us over to the Global Caliphate.

Bergdahl, the cracker mock-up of Osama bin Ladin, played back-up singer, with his bismallah. As he praised his satanic deity in front of what once was our White House, he dedicated the site for islam in perpetuity.

And, of course, the loyal toadies in the media broadcast the ceremony all over the world, so that the islamonazis would get the word. I am sure that there was much ululation and the passing out of sweets in the ME on that night.