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Posted on 06/13/2005 10:06:05 AM PDT by doug from upland

The Jane Doe Case Files
Clinton's Lifetime of Raping Women

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This is the information that was withheld from the public by our criminal coddling Congress. It is an amazing glimpse into the information that will be withheld for another 50 years. The fact that the files have been sealed implies that the information is too terrible for current historians to deal with. What follows is an article from by Carl Limbacher published February 24, 1999. It reveals that many of the Democratic Senator's who said that there was no evidence worthy of impeachment, such as Barney Frank, were virtual co-conspirators of Clinton's corruption. It reveals that a true sociopath has sought and gained power and then used that power to destroy the lives of a great many of the people who were pulled into his darkness.

Paula Jones' Investigators Reveal their Secrets

Are there other victims like Juanita Broaddrick in Bill Clinton's past? The husband and wife team of Rick and Beverly Lambert say the answer to that question is yes. Seasoned private investigators with a knack for success, the Lamberts were tapped by Paula Jones' lawyers in September 1997 for the Jane Doe search. for six months, they traveled between Arkansas and D.C. looking for women whose account could bolster Jones' allegation.

What they found horrified and nauseated the handful of congressmen familiar with their work product, which was turned over to the House Judiciary Committee after being subpoenaed by the Office of Independent Counsel. Arguably, President Clinton would never have been impeached had several House m;embers not switched their votes after reviewing evidence in the Lamberts' Jane Doe files.

In their first post-impeachment trial interview, the Lamberts detailed exclusively to the accounts of some of the 209 witnesses they contacted; evidence about which they were bound to silence until after Clinton's trial was over. The shocking revelations are based on interviews with and leads on a series of heretofore unknown females, as well as the stories behind names that have long been in the public domain.

Among the accounts described to is the interview of a once close friend of a former Miss America, who adamantly maintained that the beauty queen told her she was raped by Bill Clinton.

The Lamberts also described for the first time anywhere the significance of two names on the Paula Jones supplemental witness list, which was placed into the impeachment trial record only at the 11th hour. The two individuals were colleagues of a propective Jane Doe who died under mysterious circumstancews just days after Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit was filed.

The Lamberts' Jane Doe case files included a number of prominsing leads that had to be abandoned when the Jones case was dismissed last April. One involved a 14-year-old girl who, according to one eyewitness, was raped at a Little Rock cocaine party.

A note of caution. Much of the evidence presented here is anecdotal. It is based on Rick and Beverly Lambert's own recollections, backed by copious documentation they maintained during their half-year assignment as Jones' private investigators.

What follows is an in-depth account of the Lamberts' investigation, aspects of which were not completed before the Jones case was settled. The evidence they shared with is similar in nature and kind to what one might expect to find in raw FBI files. In this case, the FBI file in question would be the president's.

First, some background on Rick and Beverly Lambert themselves.

Before entering the Jones case last year, the Lamberts had already made their mark in the field of private investigation. Rick, with years of experience in law enforcement, handles most of the leg work while Beverly fields leads, selecting those most promising and maintaining a massive database at their headquarters, their private home in Lindale, Texas.

Beverly describes their dynamic partnership, known professionally as Accuracy Investigations, Inc., as "really just a mom and pop operation." But such modesty belies their phenomenal track record. One bit of Lambert sleuthing, a case that ended up in a daring rescue of a kidnapped child who had been hidden in Jordan, has already been immortalized by Hollywood.

Paula Jones' second legal team, the Dallas firm of Rader, Campbell, Fisher, Pike & Holmes, makes frequent use of the Lamberts' unrivaled detective work. With Rick's street-smart doggedness and Beverly's natural ability to relate to female subjects, the Lamberts were a natural choice for the high-profile Jones vs. Clinton case. Rick's job was to find the Jane Does, Beverly's, to interview them.

One particularly elusive Jane Doe was former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen. Long rumored to have had a sexual relationship with Clinton, she spent late 1997 and early 1998 on the run from the Lamberts-who were trying to serve her a subpoena in the Jones case.

Published reports cited the testimony of Gracen's friend Judy Stokes, who recalled that Gracen had come to her in tears right after a 1983 sexual encounter with Clinton. Gracen said the sex was, "something she did not want to have happen," according to Stokes.

The somewhat ambiguous quote fueled speculation that Clinton had raped the onetime beauty queen, a notion dispelled by Gracen in the New York Daily News last April. She admitted to a consensual one-night stand that she regretted almost immediately.

But Rick Lambert tells that Stokes was not the least bit ambiguous in the account she gave him, undermining Gracen's rape denial.

"I talked to Judy Stokes for an hour and a half. At first, she was reluctant to burn her bridges with Liz. But I finally asked, 'Do you believe Clinton raped her?' She said, 'Absolutely. He forced her to have sex. What do you call that?' Stokes was totally convinced it was rape."

Lambert had contacted Stokes in December 1997 after Gracen refused to talk to him.

"I called Liz at her stepfather's house on Christmas Eve. She answered the phone but pretended to be somebody else. She told me Liz was in Paris. I said, 'Liz, why won't you talk to me?' At that, she hung up on me."

"Fifteen minutes later, I get a call from her Hollywood agent Miles Levy. I said, 'Boy, the phones sure work fast overseas, don't they? Why won't she talk to me?'"

Levy told Lambert, "Look, that would be career suicide for Liz and you know it.'"

Careers were often at stake for many of the Clinton Jane Does. Beverly Lambert, keeper of the Jane Doe files, said that most of the women she interviewed were upwardly mobile professionals, not the stereotypical bimbos depicted by the Clinton camp.

There was the "young woman lawyer in Little Rock" described in Roger Morris' best-seller "Partners in Power," who said she kept her Clinton assault quiet "for the sake of her own hard-won career and that of her husband." Beverly Lambert had never read the book but recognized the story instantly. will not identify this woman, since she asked for confidentiality when Morris spoke to her in 1994 and rebuffed the Lamberts' attempts to get her testify. But Rick and Beverly obtained her account from other sources.

This Jane Doe bumped into Clinton at a Democratic fundraiser in the late '70's. It was held at Little Rock's popular riverfront restaurant Fisherman's Wharf (now Landreys).

Beverly Lambert learned the details of the attack:

"She offered Clinton a ride home. And once he got her alone in her car, he grabbed this woman and assaulted her. He did his trademark thing; exposed himself, asked her to 'kiss it,' and pushed her head down into his lap."

What about the Broaddrick-like biting and bruising that author Morris reports this woman suffered at Clinton's hands? Lambert was never given the specifics, but told

"It would not surprise me at all if he did that to her. She went right home and told her husband. Apparently there was some physical trauma."

Her husband was angry enough to confront Clinton, who sheepishly apologized according to both Beverly Lambert and Roger Morris. So why didn't this couple come forward for the Jones investigators?

"Right after they talked to Roger Morris, her husband was suddenly appointed to head up the Arkansas Real Estate Commission," says Beverly. "I'm sure that job pays pretty well. She works for the state, too. So at this point they're afraid for their jobs."

Beverly adds: "They were one of our first leads. The husband was cooperative when Rick first called, but said he wanted to check with someone before he talked further. When he called back he was totally hostile and started calling Rick every name in the book."

Alleged Brutal Sex and a Dead Witness

Many of the Jane Does interviewed by Paula Jones investigators Rick and Beverly Lambert were reluctant to be dragged into the high-profile case and chose not to come forward.

For one prospective Jane Doe, it was a physical impossibility. Kathy Ferguson was found dead of a gunshot would to the head just five days after Jones filed suit against President Clinton. Kathy's ex-husband, Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, was named as a co-defendant. Her death was ruled a suicide by local police.

With Kathy unavailable, the Lamberts interviewed her friends Sherry Butler and Sam Houston, who both worked at Little Rock's Baptist Memorial Hospital. Their names were submitted into evidence in the closing weeks of the impeachment trial as part of a supplemental witness list in the Jones case.

Butler was a licensed practical nurse at Baptist Memorial. She and Houston, the hospital's urologist, were just two of several co-workers in whom Kathy had confided about her own unwanted encounter with Bill Clinton.

In 1994,'s executive editor, Chris Ruddy, reported on the incident:

"Houston had said he once asked Kathy if she had ever been harassed by Clinton when her former husband served on the governor's security detail. She responded with an account-which is consistent with what other personnel at the hospital say Ferguson told them on separate occasions-of having been 'blocked in the kitchen' of the governor's mansion as then-Governor Clinton made unwelcome advances on her.

"Sherry Butler said that Ferguson, in speaking of that same incident to her, had said that Clinton 'shoved her against a counter' and wouldn't let her leave the kitchen.

"Butler added that Ferguson had been firm in her belief in Paula Jones' testimony. 'That girl is telling the truth,' Butler remembers her friend saying about Jones." (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Nov. 4, 1994).

Rick Lambert confirmed to that Kathy Ferguson was the reason Butler's and Houston's names were on the Jones witness list:

"That's the only connection they had-Kathy Ferguson. Sherry Butler told me about what Clinton tried to do to her. But, of course, the best witness to that is dead."

Lambert added: "I talked to Sam Houston at length about this. At the time, he was being ostracized by his cohorts for being a conspiracy theorist. You couldn't convince the man to this day that Kathy's death was a suicide."

Because much of the Jones investigation involved sensitive allegations about women who were sometimes too embarrassed to open up to a male investigator, Beverly Lambert often took the lead in face-to-face interviews. One such Jane Doe is the now famous Juanita Broaddrick, who alleged on "Dateline NBC" last week that Clinton brutally raped her 21 years ago. The Lamberts tracked her down on Nov. 13, 1997, at her Van Buren, Ark., home.

Beverly Lambert told that she spoke to Broaddrick for 30 minutes. "The most significant statement she made was that 'it was a horrible, horrible situation and I don't want to relive it again.' She said that Bill Clinton was a 'vicious, vicious man' and that no one would ever be able to bring him down."

Lambert said Broaddrick refused to go into detail but described the entire ordeal as "the worst nightmare of my life." The Lamberts tape-recorded the interview and this key evidence was subpoenaed by the Office of Independent Counsel, a development that led to further interviews by federal investigators.

During the interview with Beverly Lambert, Broaddrick revealed information she had indicating that another woman had been raped by Clinton. Lambert explained: "I don't think she meant to do it. But she let it slip that a friend of Sheffield Nelson's wife was also attacked."

In 1990, Nelson made a bid for the Arkansas governorship but lost the race to Clinton. Just a month before the 1992 election, Nelson met with Broaddrick to persuade her to go public with her rape account. Broaddrick declined to do so, telling the pair, "Who's going to believe little old Juanita from Van Buren?"

Last month, Broaddrick repeated the same story to, saying that Nelson told her the woman refused to come forward because she was drunk at the time of the attack and perhaps blamed herself. Reached at his Little Rock home days later, Nelson confirmed the story but would not reveal the woman's name, explaining the she "would never come forward."

Lambert revealed details of Broaddrick's ride home from the Camelot Hotel, based on her interview with corroborating witness Phillip Yoakum. According to Yoakum's account, nurse Norma Rogers drove, stopping at regular intervals for ice to apply to Broaddrick's badly swollen lips. Rogers later confirmed parts of Yoakum's story to NBC. Broaddrick told NBC last week that Clinton bit her upper lip to weaken her resistance to the assault.

Yoakum shared one gruesome detail with Lambert that debunks any notion that the sex Clinton had with Juanita Broaddrick was in any way consensual. According to Yoakum, Broaddrick's lip was "damaged to point of nearly being torn into two pieces."

Beverly Lambert said she had a number of what she described as strong assault leads on Clinton.

"I can promise you," she told, "that if someone calls us to gather information on Clinton's pattern of forceful sexual behavior, we have that. But no one has ever asked us about it before. There are so many, so many. They went on and on and on and they all had basically the same story. That's the nauseating part, to me."

Lambert added that if people could read the material she and her husband submitted to Ken Starr they would know that "this is not a man who is going to stop."

Tales of a Penthouse Pet and Statutory Rape

For Paula Jones' investigators, Rick and Beverly Lambert, the Jane Doe hunt ended on April 1, 1998 when Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed the Clinton accuser's case on summary judgment. The Lamberts had been on the trail for a mere six months, yet had turned up enough evidence to compel Bill Clinton to settle even after Jones' case was thrown out of court.

The story of one such Jane Doe, alleged Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick, rocks Washington today because the Lamberts tracked her down and recorded what she told them. And it was that recording, once subpoenaed by Ken Starr, which led to follow-up FBI interviews, the transcripts of which were shared with 40 undecided House members on the eve of President Clinton's impeachment.

Several congressmen were sickened by what they learned and voted to put Clinton on trial because of it.

With the House passing perjury and obstruction counts by razor-thin margins, the Lamberts' work proved decisive. The first impeachment of an elected president would not have come to pass but for the evidence gathered by this self-described "mom and pop" investigative team.

Yet the day the Lamberts got word of Judge Wright's decision their Jane Doe search was far from complete. Rick Lambert told "I'd have given anything if we'd had the entire four years that the case was in existence-because there were so many viable leads that I got, even on my last six-day trip to Little Rock."

Lambert added, "I don't mind telling you I was damn dejected to have to quit while we had so much to follow up on."

The Jones investigators described some of the leads they so desperately wanted to pursue, but not before cautioning that the information was raw and untested. In two cases, women were identified by name but will remain anonymous here, at the Lamberts' request.

One rather ominous account came from former Clinton bodyguard Barry Spivey, whose name is included on the Jones case supplemental witness list. Lambert described the ex-trooper as a Clinton loyalist still, years after his retirement from the governor's security detail.

Spivey had become something of a mystery man, who insisted on meeting Rick Lambert on a deserted road nestled deep in the Arkansas backwoods. The Jones investigator admitted he was none too comfortable with the situation.

Spivey shared a story about a conversation he had with Clinton while on a flight over southeast Arkansas. The trooper noticed a blackened patch amidst the greenery below that, surprisingly, Clinton recognized. That patch was all that was left of an estate that had burned to the ground in the mid-80's.

According to the trooper, Clinton began reminiscing about rumors of his involvement with the woman of the house, a onetime "Penthouse pet." Her husband, Spivey said, was involved in a pornography ring.

Clinton explained to Spivey, "You know that mansion just burned down right on top of them." Years later, Spivey remains struck by one thing: the eerie expression that crossed Clinton's face as he spoke those words.

The Lamberts heard many a tale of Clinton's misdeeds. Some rang true, some didn't.

Of all the Jane Doe leads described to, one was more shocking than all the others put together. And because of its sensitive nature, Rick Lambert stressed that he had but one witness account to substantiate the story. Still, it was the case that troubled him the most.

This Jane Doe was just 14 years old at the time of her Clinton encounter. And, according to the witness in whom she confided years later, she had attended a 1984 party co-hosted by Arkansas bond daddy Dan Lasater and Clinton's brother Roger. Both would later serve jail time on drug charges.

As told to Lambert, the girl was rendered unconscious by a deliberate overdose. And when she came to she was half-naked, with the governor of the state of Arkansas on top of her.

Beyond that single sourced account, the evidence to back up the story is circumstantial. Lasater was, for instance, convicted of "social distribution," based on allegations he used the lure of free cocaine to get wayward young women to entertain his male party guests.

Other corroboration comes from Roger Clinton's then landlady, Jane Parks, who has spoken on the record about the wild parties Roger threw attended by his older brother, the governor. Parks says marijuana and cocaine were the intoxicants of choice and the women came and went at all hours of the day and night.

Sometimes the female company was "surprisingly young," according to Parks. Her office shared a wall with Roger's apartment and she was able to hear as well as see quite a lot.

In 1997 Parks told the London Telegraph's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that she could clearly distinguish Gov. Clinton's voice through the ventilation duct when, on at least two occasions, he had sex with the party girls.

Parks' assistant told Evans-Pritchard she thought that some of Roger's female guests were perilously close to underage, "probably 17, 18 years old."

According to Lambert, the young assault victim fled Arkansas when Gov. Clinton won the 1992 Democratic presidential nomination. Lambert and several reporters traced the girl, now a woman in her late 20s, to California. But she remained elusive till the end.

This fantastic tale is but one of many still open cases in the Lamberts' Jane Doe files, and it may never be resolved. But it's legitimate to wonder: How can one politician generate so many dark stories? Nixon had his enemies, but the charges against him never metastasized like this. Or is this army of Clinton accusers simply making it all up?

Rick Lambert doesn't think so. "Man, I'd have given anything if we could have kept the investigation going. But I had a business to run and I was hired to look strictly into who got a state job for sex. I wish somebody would just come along and hire me and tell me to just grab these leads and run with them."

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1 posted on 06/13/2005 10:06:06 AM PDT by doug from upland
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To: doug from upland

2 posted on 06/13/2005 10:10:35 AM PDT by Calpernia (
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To: doug from upland

3 posted on 06/13/2005 10:14:11 AM PDT by Zacs Mom (Proud wife of a Marine! ... and purveyor of "rampant, unedited dialogue")
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To: doug from upland

Maybe Bush should nominate Bill Clinton to a federal circuit court and they can drill him over all these women before they turn him down.

4 posted on 06/13/2005 10:16:42 AM PDT by Always Right
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To: doug from upland

Truly nauseating.

Won't the Clintons just go away somewhere, already?

5 posted on 06/13/2005 10:18:12 AM PDT by cvq3842
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To: doug from upland

6 posted on 06/13/2005 10:28:07 AM PDT by Tuba Guy (' Only YOU Can Prevent Hillary! ')
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To: doug from upland
Close to home - It is now alleged in Ed Klein's new book on Hillary that she was raped by BJ and that is how Chelsea was conceived (see Drudge for book except)
7 posted on 06/13/2005 10:35:45 AM PDT by llevrok (Semper Conservatatis)
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To: doug from upland

There are some men who can only get it up by being violent. Maybe that is his sexual orientation.

8 posted on 06/13/2005 10:36:40 AM PDT by econ_grad (The US Constitution presents no significant challenge to the government.)
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To: doug from upland


9 posted on 06/13/2005 10:38:32 AM PDT by Dante3
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To: doug from upland

What's amazing to me is how the MSM just fluffed all this stuff off...even with circumstantial evidence. This is the same media that sends reporters to Texas...for chase down 30+ year-old National Guard stories. And in the process accepts the words of those with obvious bias.

Hell, this is a MSM that will grasp on to the wildest liberal conspiracy theories and run with them without any substantiation. Yet, not only did the media not chase down these Clinton stories, many of them became complicit in defending Clinton, as they impuned the character of the accusers and attacked those who did follow the stories. These people are all dangerous.

10 posted on 06/13/2005 10:48:16 AM PDT by cwb
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To: doug from upland

I hadn't heard about the Penthouse playmate and her husband. Just how many more victims are out there?

The Clintons, as well as others who aren't politicians, have Satanic protection. That's the only thing I can think of that allows them to continue to get away with what they've done. I don't think their many victims will see justice in this world.

11 posted on 06/13/2005 10:49:03 AM PDT by TheSpottedOwl (Free Mexico!)
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To: doug from upland


12 posted on 06/13/2005 10:49:18 AM PDT by krunkygirl
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To: doug from upland

ping for later.

13 posted on 06/13/2005 10:51:59 AM PDT by REDWOOD99
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To: TheSpottedOwl

You're absolutely right. There's what is called an 'occultic shield' around people who have sold their souls to the devil (bin Laden is one of them). Christians need to get serious and pray against that shield. It WILL come down if enough of us get serious about it and pray warfare prayers.

14 posted on 06/13/2005 10:59:37 AM PDT by Marysecretary (Thank you, Lord, for FOUR MORE YEARS!!!)
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To: doug from upland


The husband of a Little Rock attorney warns Clinton at the Democratic Convention that if he approaches his wife again, he'll kill him. Clinton apologizes and agrees to leave the woman alone.

Bill Clinton loses re-election as governor. He will win two years later. Larry Nichols will tell the George Putman Show in 1998 that he had met with Clinton and Jackson Stephen's brother Witt and that Witt had told Clinton that the Stephens were ready to back him for another run at the governorship but that he had to "dry out on the white stuff."

There are reports that following his loss, Clinton ended up in the hospital for a drug overdose. Journalist R. Emmett Tyrrell later asked emergency room workers at the University of Arkansas Medical Center if they could confirm the incident. He didn't get a flat ''no'' from the hospital staff. One nurse said, ''I can't talk about that.'' Another said she feared for her life if she spoke of the matter. Newsmax will report: "Dr. Sam Houston, a respected Little Rock physician and once a doctor for Hillary's cantankerous father, Hugh Rodham, says it is well known in Little Rock medical circles that Clinton was brought to a Little Rock hospital for emergency treatment for an apparent cocaine overdose. According to Houston, who told us he spoke to someone intimately familiar with the details of what happened that night, Clinton arrived at the hospital with the aid of a state trooper. Hillary Clinton had been notified by phone and had instructed the hospital staff that Clinton's personal physician would be arriving soon. When Mrs. Clinton arrived, she told both of the resident physicians on duty that night that they would never practice medicine in the United States if word leaked out about Clinton's drug problem. Reportedly, she pinned one of the doctors up against the wall, both hands pressed against his shoulders, as she gave her dire warning."

15 posted on 06/13/2005 11:01:22 AM PDT by kcvl
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To: doug from upland

There IS a time coming when these people will have to answer before the righteous Judge for these things.

16 posted on 06/13/2005 11:10:08 AM PDT by nightdriver
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To: doug from upland

This is a perfect example of why I love FReepers! Thanks for all your hard work in pulling this together. You rock!

17 posted on 06/13/2005 11:25:09 AM PDT by alwaysconservative (From the mouths of babes: If you don't stand up to bullies, they'll always try to push you around.)
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To: Marysecretary
"There's what is called an 'occultic shield' around people who have sold their souls to the devil (bin Laden is one of them). Christians need to get serious and pray against that shield. It WILL come down if enough of us get serious about it and pray warfare prayers.


18 posted on 06/13/2005 11:27:38 AM PDT by DCPatriot
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To: DCPatriot

And you are ignorant of warfare praying and what's really going on in the occult. You need to read some books on the subject, my friend.

19 posted on 06/13/2005 12:31:09 PM PDT by Marysecretary (Thank you, Lord, for FOUR MORE YEARS!!!)
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To: doug from upland; jimrob

Mate, I have garnered no small amount of respect for you over the years, and your postings never cease to capture My interest, but there are times (such as reading this post) when I seriously think that it will only be a matter of hours before certain individuals will come knock you up, or JimRob & Co. Such as the 'four very large men' who took that surveillance video from the bloke across the hallway of Klintoon's then-mistress. Or other, more... ummm, 'Service' types. I enjoy posting on here, and would hate to see it disappear, but the fact that Klintoon & his bloated Other Half are still walking around free (and in his case, unconvicted of Impeachment) and STILL with supporters makes Me quite, quite nervous. Please, please, please watch your back. Speaking as someone who has had some experience in that area. You too, JimRob.

20 posted on 06/13/2005 1:25:26 PM PDT by Utilizer (WinDoze "XXX"ES. Adult-rated, ready for the desktop! It STILL sucks -but you already knew that...)
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