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Thunder on the Border-- (Minuteman Project)
various FR links & stories | 04-08-05 | the heavy equipment guy

Posted on 04/08/2005 1:57:23 PM PDT by backhoe

 Firsthand reports from days 5 and 6 of Minuteman Project -- The Minuteman Project takes this to a whole new level. There will be no denying that the border traffic can be stopped if there is someone there with the will to actually stop it.
 After incident, man asked to leave Minuteman Project -- Thanks for the info the MSM won't report...
 The Minutemen Will Make A Fool Of President Bush -- The Minuteman project is proving that the "Border Patrol" has not been doing their job - a job that has been rather limited by the "powers that be".
 Minuteman Project Under Fire from Phoenix News Station Who Went Undercover
 Spotters on the border
 Minutemen Are Heroes (Citizens Can Make A Real Difference Alert)
 Minuteman Volunteers May Have Played Prank
 Douglas Mayor says Minutemen disorganized, insensitive
 Officials: Man not held against his will
 Migrant traffic apparently shifting to avoid border volunteers
 Cochise officials investigating 2 Minutemen
 Border volunteers probed over allegations
 Lawn-Chair Militias (Minuteman Project)
 Border vigil rescues emaciated alien (Minutemen rescue illegal immigrant)
 Border watchers have eyes on Texas (Minutemen may bring their armed patrol to the Lone Star State)
 OUR OPINION: We'd better start paying attention (Minuteman Project)
 Last stand against Mexican wave
 Minuteman Project:
 Border Patrol Complains That Volunteers Are Tripping Sensors Used to Detect Illegal Crossers(DRUDGE)
 Citizens take posts on the border; 118 illegals caught, officials say
 Showdown at border?
 Rancher in border case backs Minutemen
 Firsthand Report of Today's Minuteman Project Activities
 Firsthand Report of the Second Day of Minuteman Project Activities
 Firsthand limited report of some activities on the third day of the Minuteman Project
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To: All
Bordering on fraud: Part II (Thomas Sowell)
Border Security First, Then the Bigger Issue
Stop Illegal Aliens In W.Va., Ohio

***scroll for updates...958am EDT: Senate voting on whether to kill the McConnell amendment to the immig bill, which would require voting identification (hat tip: Nighthaven)...motion to table is not agreed to...1000am EDT: Here we go on cloture vote...clerk will call the roll...1020am cloture motion passes; Allah fills in details...Meese blogger conference call: "There are a lot of bombs in the bill" including an amendment to prevent local police arrests of suspected illegal aliens based on illegal immigration status ...John Hawkins' report...McConnell amendment dead?***

Ed Meese III, attorney general of the United States from 1985 to 1988 and Heritage Foundation fellow, calls out the amnesty-deniers this morning in the NYTimes.

Tom Bevan looks at the Senate provision allowing illegals to pay back taxes before getting their pardon and asks: "Are We Going to Treat Illegals Better Than U.S. Citizens?"

Sen. John Cornyn has more:

A Modest Proposal (Tony Blankley says "Let's Emigrate to Canada!"--I called my congress women. today and encouraged them to just adopt the Mexican immigration laws, and we would be all racism, it would please our adopted president Fox, and no more marches in the streets supporting illegal immigration...
Take with a grain of salt:
 Allahpundit at Hot Air linked to this very disturbing story.
 Latino gangs had already smuggled suitcase nukes over the U.S.-Mexico border for al Qaeda.
On Monday, I published a compilation of irrefutable evidence of how terrorists regularly use our unsecured borders as a direct highway into the heart of our country. Now today, I bring you additional confirmation that al Qaeda indeed has nukes inside our country:
UPDATE: Previous reports cited two suitcase nukes arleady in the U.S.. Mir says three and that bin Laden wants six. The Russians say al Qaeda actually has had 20 since 1998. And the former Russian National Security Advisor says that 100 of Russia’s known arsenal of 250 suitcase bombs are missing.

UDPATE 2: A Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Agents Primer
By SFC Red Thomas (Ret), Armor Master Gunner

UPDATE 3: Nvermind al Qaeda - here’s a recent discussion of Iranian suitcase nukes. One commenter speculates about China using a deniable Arab pawn to destabilize relations between the West and Islam.

NOTICE: Print this out (.pdf version) for future reference.


1,281 posted on 05/24/2006 2:03:17 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All

Terrorist Loophole: Senate Bill Disarms Law Enforcement (Immigration Bill is Pure Insanity)
Dobbs: Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell
'It's very unfair,' legal resident says [Northern Ireland native: Laws ignored for Mexicans]
Only Nixon Could Go to China, and Only Pence Could Sell Amnesty to the House
Minutemen heed rancher, scale back fence plans--Just doin' the job that the  administration won't do.
GOP GETS ALIEN-ATED FROM PREZ (House Repubs dead-set against--legalization deemed political suicide)
...all the Coyote Senators, should see this video taken by the Minutemen in downtown Los Angeles last Sunday, 5/21/06, as our Patriots were peacefully parading to support secure borders and rule of law.

WARNING: Some VERY rough content...

Americans Against Illegal Immigration March

Do NOT watch entire video if not comfortable with it, but you'll get the idea.

Pakistani immigrant convicted for plot to bomb New York subway

1,282 posted on 05/25/2006 4:01:11 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: All

An extraordinary exchange just took place on the Senate floor over the last 40 minutes. It's the most important debate of the year, in my opinion.

The questions are these: Who do we let into this country and how many?  Under the Senate bill.... There would be, in effect, no limits.  If the current legal immigration level (950,000 a year for 20 years or 18.9 million over 20 years) is excluded from the total, according to Sessions, the Senate bill could be described as increasing legal immigration by 59 million to 198.2 million over 20 years.

You've got to watch the exchange for yourselves. We'll have video at Hot Air shortly. (1213pm EDT: Video of first exchange between McCain and Bingaman is up here.) In the meantime, re-read Sen. Sessions' analysis:

The Immigration Blog is tracking developments throughout the day.

Jim DeMint's top ten reasons to oppose the Senate amnesty bill:

Update: The Bingaman amendment passed. Allah reports...

Many thrilled to see their president (Vicente Fox in WA State)--Would Teddy Roosevelt have put up with this humiliation?

Israeli Advice on the Mexico Fence

As America begins to discuss building walls to stop illegal immigration, here’s some harsh but very pragmatic advice from an Israeli expert, at Ha’aretz: Israeli advice on the Mexico fence: be ruthless. (Hat tip: Jim.)   link: 389 comments

I am a firm believer of a fence much like the Isreali fence.

What about this to go along with a fence:

1. No medical care to illegal aliens, (opps! did I say a bad word.)
2. Employers who hire illegals should have to pay for their medical costs when they are hurt on the job. No Workmens Comp.
3. No welfare, medicaid or food stamps.
4. No free education at any public school.
5. No social security for illegals.

6. No "anchor baby" laws.
7. No giving caught illegals a court date that they will ignore, while letting them go free.

Here's my letter printed in today's Washington Times...

Pandering on immigration

But there’s one condition necessary to keep this preponderance of power working: “It should be as important for America to stop the illegal new comers as it is for them to come.”

Yes, it certainly should;

Man Found Guilty In Oct. Gang Rape

A Riverdale Park man suspected of belonging to a violent street gang was convicted yesterday by a Prince George's County jury of participating in the brazen gang rape of a young woman last fall.

Hector Mosquera, 28, was found guilty...Prosecutors said they obtained evidence that Mosquera is a member of Vatos Locos, a street gang made up primarily of Central American immigrants.

Feds warn O.C. of terror lurking 'down the street'
You might want to read this article before you assume that terrorists aren't coming across our unprotected border with Mexico.

U.S. border agents track jihadist

Al-Qaida meets with Central American gang, lawmaker says

The Vexing Problem of 'Other Than Mexican Migrants'

Why I won’t be listening to the President of Mexico address the Legislature

Cries From the Border

Bordering on fraud, part III

1,283 posted on 05/25/2006 4:28:12 PM PDT by backhoe
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To: All
What the Base Thinks

The Bush administration and Republican Senators have badly misjudged both the attitudes of most Republicans (and, of course, most Americans) toward illegal immigration, and the intensity of those views. While we have opposed the Senate plan, we have been pretty mild-mannered about it. So I'm turning the microphone over to my friend Bob Cunningham. No one I know of argues immigration-related issues more cogently. Equally important, no one I know of conveys the white-hot anger and sense of betrayal that millions of Americans feel about this issue more effectively.

We know that this site is widely read in the White House and in Congress. To all Republicans in Washington: please, please read what follows with care, and understand that Bob speaks for most Americans and the overwhelming majority of Republicans:

Here's what they're missing, and it is the principal reason, in my opinion, WHY the anti-ILLEGAL forces are so upset -- and so powerful.

It has to do with the bad faith, calculated deceit, Orwellian propaganda, dishonest sophistry, misdirection, arrogance, presumption, indifference to, and, indeed, contempt for the beliefs of huge numbers of ordinary Americans -- including LEGAL immigrants and Hispanic natives! --- on the part of political/media elites.

Let's recognize that the political process has --- democratically --- designated the illegals AS illegal. Why? Because we, as a nation, decided that their presence -- NOT themselves per se (as the false attribution of racism would have it) --- but their presence in such numbers for such purposes (the phony Jobs Americans Won't Do/Jobs Americans Are Not Doing) is undesirable. There are perfectly reasonable grounds for that judgment. When did we vote for the Mexification of America? ANS.: NEVER....Indeed, going back to the 1965 immigration "reforms", assurances were REPEATEDLY given (Kennedy) that such reforms would NOT lead to an influx or demographic change. And guess what? The burden of proof is NOT on the nation to justify this stance.

Period. Full stop. End of discussion.

Since these elites don't like that decision now they want us to accept a fait accompli..and more! They feel perfectly justified in collaborating in the subversion of our democratically enacted immigration regime --- with crass, narrow, economic special interests and with others having perhaps more sinister designs. Their objectives --- open borders, a free flow of cheap labor --- are plain now for all to see. Some no longer even bother to pretend otherwise.

Given that, there is NO REASON to believe ANY of their promises --- the "wall," enforcement of "tough" conditions for a "path to legalization/citizenship" or limits in a "tough and smart" "temporary" "guest workers" indentured servant-helot program. We also know that the very underlying rationale itself for "temporary" "guest workers" (the economically illiterate JAWD/JAAND) is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to ANY arbitrary "limits"....Indeed, the very claim itself that deportation is "impossible" renders the enforcement promises self-refuting! We should all ignore the false promises and intentional non-feasance in the past?...and do I even have to mention the Simpson-Mazzoli fraud? "This time it's different"?....we REALLY mean it now?....

The ultimate retort of the immigration celebrationists --- let us call it the "immigrants are good people" argument --- is totally beside the point. It is an assertion that no one would disagree with, but it is also an argument that has NO internal LIMITING PRINCIPLE. There is, on its own terms, no non-arbitrary basis for excluding ANY ONE of the 6 billion non-Americans. Other than criminal disqualification, most of them, are, indeed "good people" what?

Well, we already decided the question of numbers and limits...and the political/media elites, in conjunction with the scofflaw employers, do NOT have standing to subvert the democratic decision made, upon deliberation, several times in reliance on what we now can see were plainly false promises.

Never again.

CHOA Expects to Lose Money Treating Illegals
Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Think
Kyl: Immigration Bill is Critically Flawed
Senate Declares War on the House(disregarded the American people, favor the Democratic Party)
Border Fight Divides G.O.P. --"This bickering has got to stop if we are going to survive as a country."
This Illegal immigration has to stop if we are going to survive as a country.
The Ugly Underside of the Nanny State
New lawsuit challenge Prop 200 (Open Borders Crowd Never Rests)
Immigration and Outsourcing: How to Pit Cheap Labor Against the American Middle Class
Nominees for the new pack of Weasels (Those who voted for amnesty)

1,284 posted on 05/26/2006 4:49:23 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All

Rush Limbaugh Live Thread 5-26-06--Senate to America: FU! We're the Roman Senate and we know what's best for you. STFU, you ignorant constituents. (Oh, and you don't pay enough taxes.)--I'm thinking that when we call our Congress Critters, we should choose "2" for espanol and see if we get their attention that way.

Senate OKs citizenship for illegal aliens


No, Rush, We Didn't Hear It From You First

Illegal Immigration: One Citizen's View

Throw the Bums Out

Guard will be armed on border[and have the inherent right of self-protection]

Check out "Stop the Invasion" Billboards being sponsored by (Vanity)--PS, you can get a great yard sign (I did) for a few dollars more!!

Now it's up to the House - Contact your Congressman!

In The Battle Against Illegal Immigration, Whose Side is The Government Really On?

1,285 posted on 05/26/2006 12:52:52 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All
Biometrics, opening of borders, etc. was decided over a year ago by Bush, Fox & Canada
Here's a FR article from 2003. Three years later and how much further have we come?

US Ambassador in Mexico says Amnesty is coming soon

Thomas Sowell: The Senate's 'Tough' Immigration Bill --If the senate gets its way, America as we know it is dead.
[Rush] "Immigration" Bill Is an Attempt to Expand the Federal Government and Kill Conservatism
"Immigration" Bill Is an Attempt to Expand--If half of what Limbaugh says about the Senate bill is true, (and why would he make it up?), then... Houston, we have a problem. This is really bad, Republican Party ripping apart bad.
Rush Limbaugh Transcript on Immigration (Today's show)

[Mark Steyn] Undocumented Status for All!
Victor Davis Hanson: Our Brave New World of Immigration--Such mayhem is no longer an uncommon occurrence here. I have had four cars slam into our roadside property, with the drivers running off, leaving behind damaged vines and trees, and wrecked cars with phony licenses and no record of insurance. I have been broadsided by an undocumented driver, who ran a stop sign and then tried to run from our collision.
Use of English touchy subject here on border--I was  at the airport. I was hungry as I was leaving so I stopped at the nearest McDonalds I saw for breakfast. There wasn't one sign anywhere for miles in English. NOT ONE! The only English was the street signs. Every store, every billboard, everything was in Spanish.  The President and Senate's vision for America.  God help us.
Vicente Fox tours California. Praises the US Senate immigration bill--Fox on his  victory tour continues to spit in our eye...

1,286 posted on 05/27/2006 3:46:03 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: backhoe
1,287 posted on 05/27/2006 8:59:37 AM PDT by davidosborne (
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To: davidosborne

Good letter- thanks for the link.

1,288 posted on 05/27/2006 9:59:54 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All
Say "goodbye," America:

Vicente Fox: Senate Bill a Reward for Mexicans

Chicago Declared an Immigrant Sanctuary

Immigration Debate is NOT a LIBERAL vs CONSERVATIVE issue.

By Michelle Malkin   ·   May 27, 2006 01:35 PM

The Minutemen began a fence-building project in Arizona today--and they didn't ask Mexico's permission. Chris Simcox issued a statement announcing the construction project now underway:

Click here to donate Directly to Minuteman Border Fence


Does the just-passed Senate immigration bill really only require illegal immigrants to pay back taxes for 3 of the past 5 years? It looks that way. I'll take that deal! ... My sophisticated political antennae tell me that this provision will not go over well! At some point, the voters may conclude the Senate has simply lost its mind.

Ya think? And yes, I'd like a couple of tax-free years, please. And without even having to donate a kidney!

Bill advances to punish illegal aliens' employers [Louisiana]

Stepping Over the Line. Don't try sneaking north across Mexico's other border.

More patrols planned for El Paso, Laredo (small article, BIG implications)

Proud to be a Regan Conservative
Profoundly ashamed of the Senate Republicans
Grossly disillusioned with Bush’s immigration plan
Eternally honored to be an American

1,289 posted on 05/28/2006 3:41:19 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All
House GOP draws line on immigration.
Minutemen installing Ariz. border fence
The Reason Amnesty won't work even if President Bush hoodwinks us into passing the "comprehensive bill"

1,290 posted on 05/28/2006 7:13:33 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All
GOP rep. rejects 'amnesty' for migrants [Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., answered a flat "no"...]

English Only

Illegal Immigration Up Since Senate Bill

May 28, 1924: Congress establishes United States Border Patrol

 'Vigilantes' fence Arizona border (BBC)

IS GOP losing grip on power?--first in a series that will run once a month in the paper until labor day when it goes once a week if you read my other 'stuff' well, there is no middle :)

1,291 posted on 05/28/2006 12:17:31 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All

"Anchors" away
Tough Stance on Immigration (WA State Conservatives Thwart RINOS)

You Can't Stay on the Fence About Immigration
Politics: On Immigration, House GOP Says To Senate Colleagues: "HELLO, MCFLY!"
It looks like a good number of House Republicans - especially those in tough races - are finally coming around to understanding what many in the right-wing blogosphere have been saying for weeks - that support for the President and the Senate GOP's immigration bill (a/k/a "Amnesty") means political death.

ARIZONANS START WALLING OFF BORDER (slim chance Congress will legalize invaders)

1,292 posted on 05/29/2006 12:59:06 PM PDT by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
Democrats eye November landslide--illegals are the number one issue. If the House Republicans stand firm and if we get a bill that will secure the border only and leave dealing with the 12 million 20-25 million illegals already here...
1,293 posted on 05/29/2006 12:59:43 PM PDT by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All

1,294 posted on 05/30/2006 4:20:19 AM PDT by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All

That's what the president of the National Border Patrol Council calls the Senate immigration bill. Sounds right to me.

Diana West dubs it the "Dissolve America Now bill:"

More blood-boiling stuff over at The Immigration Blog, if you can take it this morning. And John Derbyshire asks the right question about the "path to citizenship" pablum: Why bother?

JOHN MCINTYRE:  There is a quiet rage building among average middle class folks on the illegal immigration issue... Mickey Kaus has more...What's been most striking to me about this whole affair has been the complete cluelessness, on the part of both the White House and the Congressional Republican leadership, on how this has been playing with the country and the base...Not many people outside the blogosphere seem to have listened, though, and the result -- once again -- is the Republicans in political trouble that they could have avoided...UPDATE: Polish your crystal ball by reading this piece by John Fund. He's certainly got this part right: "So far, the White House and Republican National Committee are behind the curve."
Brazen daylight smuggling pours illegals into U.S.
An old struggle to adapt to a new country's ways (Geno's Steaks:"Speak English")
Joseph Vento, whose grandparents came from Italy, insists that customers at Geno's Steaks order in English. "Why should I have to bend?" he says. 

1,295 posted on 05/30/2006 1:05:42 PM PDT by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All

Almost 1 million sex crimes by illegal immigrants in U.S.

Strong Sentiments on Illegal Immigration

Americans feel very strongly about this issue here, puhleeze watch the video

Minuteman Border Video

Congressman Jack Kingston is one of the most new-media savvy politicians in Washington. He's also solidly pro-enforcement on illegal immigration, and has applauded the Minutemen for their effort to patrol the southern border. His staff (specifically Parks Bennett, I think) put together a nice video that includes footage shot at the border by the Minutemen and a conversation between Congressman Kingston and the Minutemen's spokeswoman. It's good, and Kingston staffer David All made it available to Power Line Video. You can watch it here.

Congressman Kingston's blog is here. Our thanks to Kingston and his staff!

Conservatives Must Hold Firm On Immigration--But with the immigration, we're not talking about some little throwaway issue, but one whose resolution could determine whether this country will ultimately retain its national identity Secure the border and stop the flow first, then we'll talk... no bill is better than a bad bill.

Rep. Peter King: Immigration Bill Is Dead --'someone gets it'

What You Don't Know About the Immigration Bill (Allows 40 Million Immigrants in Next 20 Years)


1,296 posted on 05/31/2006 4:13:58 AM PDT by backhoe
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To: All
The yahoos revolt, and bigots vanish
What The Senate Didn't Tell You About Immigration

Robert Samuelson explains to his Washington Post readers what the Senate failed to communicate when it passed its Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA) last week. Many people wrote about the Heritage Foundation's analysis of the proposal, which estimated that 100 million people would emigrate to the US over the next twenty years under CIRA's provisions. Robert Rector adjusted that figure to 66 million after CIRA passed with several new amendments which provided some limitation to entry.

Samuelson points out that the White House and the CBO actually have similar numbers... 

John Derbyshire column in National Review Online:

But what, just exactly, is going to happen if a large proportion of the 12 million, some say as high as 20 million illegals here in this country, suddenly qualify for all sorts of social welfare programs/entitlements that they formerly didn't qualify for? Can anybody say massive increases in federal spending.

Davis Bacon Federal Wages applied to Immigrants on Private Construction-- How ironic. Davis-Bacon was originally drafted to stop blacks from getting jobs...

Nebraskans Show Immigration Frustration

La Raza's Own School in LA? (Interview with Marcos Aguilar)

Dunkin’ Donuts to Screen Workers

Search for (shooting) suspect now nationwide -- Illegal alien shoots 5 in Milwaukee WI.--It is everywhere. Nowhere seems to be safe from monsters these days. They're waiting for the promised amnesty, and then we'll all become one big happy family, according to our gubmint...

1,297 posted on 05/31/2006 1:32:59 PM PDT by backhoe
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To: All
A citizen's primer on immigration reform--The American people are about to get "Bushwhacked"

Here's additional reading to accompany the "Citizen's Primer":

How many illegal aliens are in the U.S.?
Illegal aliens in the U.S. -- 28,822,746
Illegal aliens in the U.S. since Jan. 1 -- 1,512,751

Those numbers are as of today and are updated daily.

AP NewsBreak: Schwarzenegger to order troops to border (Press Conference.. 2 pm)

Se Puede Get Two Years Tax-Free!

4 groups of illegal immigrants apprehended near '103' wildfire

(Houston City Council Supports Illegal Aliens) Day Labor Site Approved

Electronic verification of employees is likely to be required as the immigration debate intensifies

Things I'm Sick of Hearing

LIVE THREAD: 8:45am EST - C-span 2..President Bush speech on Immigration reform

1,298 posted on 06/01/2006 4:31:41 PM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All

***update: Expose the Left has video of reporter Sandy Wells, who was assaulted at the school and appeared on The O'Reilly Factor this evening***

Told you about the taxpayer-funded MEChA school yesterday.

Here's more info. The school's radical sponsors were first exposed this week by Doug McIntyre.


Donors include:

National Council of La Raza Charter School Development Initiative
Raza Development Fund, Inc.
Glendale Nissan/Infinity, Inc.
California State University, Los Angeles
Pasadena City College – MeCHA
The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture

The history of this government-run public school:

Our mission is to provide urban children of immigrant native families an excellent education founded upon their own language, cultural values, and global realities through a k-8 California public charter school to fulfill our commitment to justice, freedom and dignity in education.

Our vision of education emphasizes a student centered school society that cultivates academic excellence, talents, humanist ethics, positive culture, and social consciousness for students grades K-8 and their parents. Our pedagogy is meant to enrich the human capacity to transform our reality into one that is more just. We believe our school will be an integral member of a community, capable of providing learning and leadership opportunities to the entire community.

Ancestral Mexican schooling ethos embodied social ideals and appreciations intended to develop the child as a complete person. The indigenous heart of our vision is a repossession of an identity denied from our children in standard schools.

Now this:

A local radio reporter was assaulted Thursday while leaving a Los Angeles charter school that his station has said imparts separatist ethics, a station official said.

The reporter, Sandy Wells, was not hurt, according to station spokesman Steve Sheldon.

Wells was leaving the campus of Academia Semillas Del Pueblo, 4736 Huntington Drive, after interviewing the principal when a car came around the corner, jumped the curb and the driver tried to run him down, Sheldon said.

Wells managed to dodge the car, but the driver, a man who appeared to be in his mid-20s, got out and tackled him, taking away his tape recorder, he said.

The incident was reported to police, Sheldon said, adding that it is believed to be linked to the station's reporting on the school.

The Los Angeles Unified School District said it would issue a statement on the assault later in the day.

What will the MEChista leadership in Los Angeles have to say?


Michelle Jacobsen reports on more MEChA thuggery.


Illegal immigrants pay to have children smuggled into U.S.
--US taxpayers can educate them, give them free breakfast and lunch and foot their medical bills while they prepare to take our jobs. It is another part of the overall scam on US taxpayers.

And Vicente Fox visits America, acts like a big shot, and American politicians fawn all over him. He should be tarred and feathered and sent home to his palace in Mexico (and take several unnamed American politicians and several million of his illegal alien countrymen with him).

Lost in Mexico (WashTimes Op/Ed "...end of America as a national idea...")--I think the American people's anger about this is real, and if it splits the GOP who is to blame? I'm not about to decide it doesn't really matter if we become just another Mexico in order to save the GOP for a short period of time.

1,299 posted on 06/02/2006 3:37:45 AM PDT by backhoe (Just an Old Keyboard Cowboy, Ridin' the Trakball into the Dawn of Information)
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To: All


Senate Voted to End U. S. as a Nation Surrender to Latin Invasion Now Clear

Boortz: I NEED HELP UNDERSTANDING THIS ONE (Rant on immigration reform)



This is a new billboard that went up in Denver this week. (Hat tip: Slapstick Politics) Like most major metropolitan cities from NYC to Los Angeles to San Francisco, Denver is a de facto sanctuary city for illegal aliens. It's an open secret. Might as well advertise it in black and white. Here's more on the amnesty-embracing Executive Order 116.

On a related note, I'm scheduled to appear on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News Channel this afternoon in the 4pm EDT hour to follow up on those phony immigration raids in April. Many of the catch-and-release illegal aliens swept up in the raid in Chicago have just won a reprieve and will be biding their time until amnesty passes.

Anyone want to pitch in for a Sanctuary Nation billboard in Washington, D.C.?


Politically-timed immigration raids
The game of catch and release
Sanctuary in NYC
End sanctuary for illegal immigrants - Michelle Malkin
Sanctuary’ Laws Stand in Justice’s Way - Heather Mac Donald
Special Order 40 - Heather Mac Donald
The Other Wall - Michelle Malkin Senate testimony
The Illegal Alien Crime Wave - Heather Mac Donald
Illegal Alien Sanctuary - Front Page magazine


Here's your morning MEChA school bulletin from Los Angeles:

Video of local news coverage of the assault on reporter Sandy Wells. Here's a screenshot of local ABC reporter John Gregory standing in front of the school.


Check out the guy on the left, who lurks around during Gregory's entire report. The back of his shirt says..."Aztlan Raiders." (hat tip- Chris)

The school's website has posted a pablum-y press release.

Interview with the principal, Marcos Aguilar:

We don’t want to drink from a White water fountain, we have our own wells and our natural reservoirs and our way of collecting rain in our aqueducts. We don’t need a White water fountain. So the whole issue of segregation and the whole issue of the Civil Rights Movement is all within the box of White culture and White supremacy. We should not still be fighting for what they have. We are not interested in what they have because we have so much more and because the world is so much larger. And ultimately the White way, the American way, the neo liberal, capitalist way of life will eventually lead to our own destruction.

Bryanna Bevens takes a closer look at the Aztec-centered curriculum.

Reader Gary B.:

Let’s call the “school” what it really is, a MECHa Madrassa.

George at Babalu Blog and commenters give the school two thumbs down. A sample:

I didn't know (until I read this) that Nahuatl was the language of nature. Next time I see a rattlesnake, I'll be sure to tell it to please leave me alone in Nahuatl. And I'm sure it will comply.

Posted by: Caltechgirl


By the way, I know that El Sereno area where he "teaches" very well. It's got one hell of a scary separatist community. It LOOKS like the shantytowns of Quito, Ecuador, complete with antiamerican graffiti, Chiclet sellers and symbols of leftist militancy. Some of those bastards are very secretive. Last time I was there, some money seemed to be coming in to some of the "community centers" there. Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is real popular and that's the place you go in LA if you want to go to a pro-Hugo-Chavez event. I suspect it might be one of those places where Chavez is financing certain things, some of his operatives were actually there a few months ago.

Posted by: A.M. Mora y Leon



Violence at the Reconquista school
MEChA has a school
Hot Air MEChA school update

Sellers of fake immigration documents dismiss call for new IDs --The real beauty is to take ancilary documents to a gov agency and then get a REAL gov issued doc.
So you take the fake birth data other papers and get a real USA passport or DL

Following Hugh's Advice

Last night, at the Minnesota Republican Party's state convention, Congressman Mark Kennedy was nominated for the open Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton. The Minneapolis Star Tribune prints the full text of Mark's acceptance speech here.

One thing that struck me as I read Mark's speech is that he seems to have followed Hugh Hewitt's advice:


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