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Assemblyman MOUNTJOY opposes promotion of homosexuality in public schools.
Letter sent to GrandMoM | February 8, 2002 | DENNIS MOUNTJOY-California Legislature

Posted on 02/12/2002 3:28:27 PM PST by GrandMoM

Dear Concerned Grandparent:

Thank you for writing to me regarding your support for my nine-word bill,Assembly Bill 1326, which reads:"The promotion of homosexuality in public education is prohibited."This measure would have prohibited the promotion of homosexuality in public education. Unfortunately, the Assembly Education Committee defeated AB 1326 on January 16. All four Republicans present voted in support. Eight Democrats voted in opposition. A copy of the votes is enclosed

A Los Angeles Unigied School District (LAUSD) teacher testified in support of AB 1326. He explained and displayed the materials he has collected under court order that were being used for LAUSD's "Models of Pride 2" diversity training. Believe me when I tell you that this material is grossly inappropriate to be used in our schools under the guise of "safety" or "diversity" training or anything else. In my view, the material is pornographic and obscene.

I believe government schools should focus their energies on teaching our children to read, to write, to understand mathematics, to think and to analyze. Schools should not seek to use our schools as vehicles for social engineering.

I am very concerned about the direction government school curriculum is headed. Last year's Assembly Bill 1785 (Chapter 955, Statytes if 2000) requires schools to teach sexual orientation as a form of diversity. This year's AB 1434 proposed authorizing payment to outside "organizations" to teach K-12 students diversity. Under AB 1434, diverse sexual orientations, such as trans-sexuality, could be taught to children as normal and healthy.

Late last year, Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin created a 38 member task force to draft recommendations and strategies for implementing AB537 (Chapter 587, Statutes of 1999). Interestingly, Mike Marshall, the task force co-chairman, also serves as Executive Director of the San francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center.

Assembly Bill 537 proposes teaching our children diversity in order to create "safe schools." The AB 537 Task Force met in several secret sessions. They drafted a set of 12 recommendations to implement AB537. Under these recommendations, all State curriculums will be change to include alternative sexual lifestyles. In other words, literature, math word provlems, health and social studies classes, as well as other subjects will be tailored to positively protray homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism. The California Department of Education is poised to adopt these recommendations as administrative regulations to be followed in every K-12 public school. You can access the recommendations at the following site:

One of the recommendations urges the Department to "create positive, grade-appropriate visual images that include all sexual orientations and gender identities" for use in schools.

I have enclosed a copy of my AB press release, a list of the books approved by LAUSD for use in their diversity training, a page listing the members of the Assembly Education Committee and how you can contact them. I hope you will take the time to view these books and to write to the members of the Assembly Education Committee voicing your opinion on their AB1326 votes.

If you are as concerned as I am, I encourage you to go to your local school district and check out the materials being used for their diversity training or gay/lesbian appreciation days or weeks.

If you think the information is inappropriate, please let your school board know immediately.

Sincerely, Dennis Mountjoy

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To: GrandMoM
'Gay' group sponsors breast-removal workshop

"The nation's largest homosexual lobby group is sponsoring a conference this weekend for "female-to-male" "transgenders" that will include sessions on "chest surgery" for young women who want to have their breasts removed in their quest to become "transmen."...

Mills said most of the girls attending last year's "chest surgery" workshops at True Spirit were in their 20s, but some attending the conference were teen-agers. At one point, Mills said she heard a discussion on how teens could bypass their parents' authority to obtain masculinizing hormones.

At this year's conference, organizers will be checking IDs for underage youth, who will be forbidden from attending the more sexualized workshops. However, the True Spirit website states, "The following topics will not have age restrictions: Surgical, safer sex, dating/intimacy, health, personal safety." In other words, minors could still attend sessions devoted to sexual issues and self-mutilation..."

41 posted on 02/17/2002 7:15:57 PM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
Lawmakers 'sanction' use of district-approved 'porn'

Assemblyman decries 'lewd and lascivious' training materials promoting homosexuality

"Instructions on homosexual sodomy and a glorified account of lesbian pedophilia are among the instructional materials approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District for use in "diversity" and "safety" programs being presented to elementary through high school students.

The sexually explicit materials promoting homosexuality were highlighted late last week at a California State Assembly committee hearing. Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, R-Monrovia, provided excerpts in support of his legislative bill AB 1326, which is aimed at prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality in public education. The measure was summarily defeated without discussion.

"The material is being put forward under the guise of tolerance and diversity, but it's inappropriate. It's lewd and lascivious ... and is darn embarrassing. Here I sit in my office reading my porn. It made me turn red, and I don't easily turn red," Mountjoy told WorldNetDaily. Mountjoy concludes the committee's vote against his bill sanctions continued use of the material in public schools..."

Schools sued over pro-homosexual skits

Parents' orders to opt-out kids from 'Cootie Shots' overlooked

"The Pacific Justice Institute recently filed a lawsuit, on behalf of parents, against the Novato Unified School District in Novato, Calif., for authorizing pro-homosexual assemblies without any prior notice or parental consent...

News of the lawsuit comes on the heels of California Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy's failed attempt to prohibit the promotion of homosexuality in public schools, which he sees as infringing on the rights of parents. Mountjoy especially takes issue with the "lewd and lascivious" materials used in schools to promote homosexuality. As WorldNetDaily reported last month, instructions on homosexual sodomy and a glorified account of lesbian pedophilia are among the instructional materials approved by the Los Angeles Unified School District for use in a "diversity" curriculum being presented to elementary through high school students. The materials were referenced by Mountjoy before the state Assembly education committee..."

42 posted on 02/17/2002 7:38:50 PM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM; EdReform

In awarding custody of three teen-agers to their father over their gay mother, the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court on Friday wrote that homosexuality is "an inherent evil" and shouldn't be tolerated. The nine-judge panel ruled unanimously in favor of a Birmingham man and against his ex-wife, who now lives with her gay partner in southern California...... Chief Justice Roy Moore wrote that the mother's relationship made her an unfit parent and that homosexuality is "abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature, and a violation of the laws of nature."

Truth and Justice still prevail.
Keep fighting the good fight.

43 posted on 02/18/2002 6:45:45 AM PST by ppaul
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To: GrandMoM
High School Sophomore Attends Sadistic Sex Party Linked to Homosexual Task Force ‘Creating Change’ Conference

"On Friday night, a high school sophomore attended a sadomasochistic sex party at the Hyatt Regency Hotel here that was advertised by a speaker at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s "Creating Change" conference, according to another panelist at the event.

As a speaker at a workshop titled "Your Eyes Say Yes But the Law Says No," Andrew Park, executive director of the Philadelphia-based Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, said, "There are 14- and 15-year-olds at this conference. There was somebody at the reception yesterday who was a tenth-grader." This reporter attended the "Your Eyes Say Yes" session.

The "reception" to which Park referred was actually a "BDSM" (Bondage & Discipline, Sadism & Masochism) sadistic sex party held Friday night and advertised earlier that day by a speaker at another workshop, entitled "Sex and Politics," at Creating Change. The homosexual grassroots conference, held every year by the Task Force, drew over 2,000 homosexual activists to this Midwestern city...

SM "play" refers to sadistic acts carried out among "players," which includes beating, whipping, and the intentional humiliation of one person by another. (I did not attend the SM party that evening.) Sadomasochism activists contend their activities — which include "slave-master" relationships — are not abusive because they are "safe, sane, and consensual..."

The Task Force has strengthened its ties to the emerging sadomasochism lobby, allowing several sessions to be led by members of NCSF, which lobbies police agencies not to make arrests at violence-laden SM "parties"..."

44 posted on 02/18/2002 7:36:29 AM PST by EdReform
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To: concerned about politics;upchuck
45 posted on 02/18/2002 7:50:28 AM PST by EdReform
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To: EdReform

Read the truth ! ! !

Fight now before it is too late to fight.

46 posted on 02/18/2002 8:43:37 AM PST by Jimbaugh
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Comment #47 Removed by Moderator

To: erizona


48 posted on 02/18/2002 9:29:29 AM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
Homosexual Activists Solidify Hold on Schools

"...With a three-year grant worth $121,575 from the Vermont Department of Health, Outright targets middle and high school kids. Kathy Hoyt, Vermont Secretary of Administration, proudly asserted that Outright Vermont "developed a training program for public schools that was designed to support diversity and safe schools for Vermont’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth."

As in Massachusetts, however, "safety" has begun to bleed into "sex." That’s the serious charge leveled by Nancy Sheltra, a six-term state representative and founder of Vermont’s pro-family organization, Standing Together And Reclaiming the State (STARS). According to documents provided to AFA by STARS, Outright Vermont has gone lightyears beyond the simple purpose espoused by Hoyt.

For example, Outright used taxpayer money to provide "safer sex activities" and "parties" for teens. These events included, according to Outright’s own documents, "demonstrations, guided practice & skill evaluation" for the use of prophylactics, and the distribution of free condoms, lubricants for sexual intercourse between males, "dental dams" for oral sex between lesbians, and latex gloves for mutual masturbation.

The number of such items requested by Outright Vermont for distribution to teens was mind-boggling: 5,000 condoms, 750 dental dams, 750 latex gloves, and 2,000 packets of lubricant.

Outright also spent monies on youth retreats, including the "recruitment of youth participants," which utilized mailing lists and youth-related meetings to stir interest in the gatherings. Kids who expressed an interest in attending were transported - again using state money - to the retreat site, where youth and adult staff again taught kids how to engage in homosexual sex practices. Outright’s own quarterly report said, "All retreat participants practiced and were evaluated on their (prophylactic) barrier use skills and were given a variety of barriers to take home. Participants joined in role plays."..."

THE DIRTY DOZEN: A Checklist to Assess Your School's Risk for Encouraging HOMOSEXUALITY

"For concerned students, parents and communities

The activities and policies below may sound nice, but in reality protect and promote homosexuality and sexual promiscuity, putting students directly in harm's way instead of cautioning them about risky behavior..."

49 posted on 02/18/2002 9:51:02 AM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
GLSEN's Gay Lesson Plans for Elementary Schoolchildren

"...LaBarbera asserts that, despite GLSEN's rhetoric about "safety," the organization poses a threat to children, especially boys who are uninformed about the serious health risks of the homosexual lifestyle. "GLSEN is manipulating the minds of innocent children," he warns. "Most parents are unaware that homosexual activists are working directly with educators to promote an extreme sexual and gender ethic. It is time for GLSEN's privileged status in America's schools to end."

'Parents' No Longer Recognized By Schools - Daycare Centers Are Closely Monitored

"One thing that was stressed over and over at Fistgate," said a teacher who has asked not to be identified, "was the importance of eliminating words like 'mother and father' because that disrespects the gay lifestyle....

One presenter told the group that she was a lesbian and had adopted two children. She said that the early education workshop was put together "so that these young children will already be exposed to the gay lifestyle by the time they reach middle school and high school." She said she works with parents at daycare facilities across the Commonwealth and that teaching homosexuality and acceptance of homosexuality must begin at the earliest ages by promoting language in school systems that respects gay and lesbian lifestyles.

One of the presenters said her main goals were to promote diversity and to prevent gay bias in public schools. She said that the workshops were a blueprint of strategies to get around the curriculum of conservative administrators and parents who are "against us." These strategies included a long discussion on what to do when faced with "those conservative parents and teachers who advocate hate and homophobia to their children." She stressed the need for intervention by the schools when parents were not adequately teaching their children how "not to hate."..."

Parents' Rights Coalition

50 posted on 02/18/2002 12:53:34 PM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
These sexually explicit and inappropriate materials approved by the LAUSD for use in it's "diversity" curriculum are listed below....

After the Ball--Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen

I have actually read most of this one. The subtitle is "How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s." All of the objectives of psychologist Kirk and PR expert Madsen have not been met by the end of the last century, as is evident by the Defense of Marriage Act and the many ballot measures in individual states keeping marriage defined the way it is (Vermont being the sole exception, although California's leftist legislature pre-empted the will of the voters with a series of "anti-discrimination" votes).

After the Ball is a step-by-step handbook on methods not only of stopping discrimination, but effective ways to intimidate those opposed to their agenda by comparisons to racists, Nazis, and the ever-reliable accusations of latent homosexuality.

51 posted on 02/18/2002 1:14:50 PM PST by L.N. Smithee
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To: L.N. Smithee
"I have actually read most of this one."

Is the following article accurate?

Is This Gay Behavior Sick?

52 posted on 02/18/2002 8:06:52 PM PST by EdReform
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To: EdReform
It is indeed.
53 posted on 02/18/2002 9:26:00 PM PST by L.N. Smithee
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NEA And GLSEN Seek To Stifle Free Speech

44 posted on 2/18/02 7:59 PM Pacific by EODGUY

"I doubt that my grandchild will ever set foot inside a public school until college, but I suggest the following plan of attack that I have broached with my daughter and her husband.

I will retain an attorney to draft a document stating clearly and comprehensively that any topics, presentations, outside speakers, forums, seminars etc. to which their child is to be subjected must be authorized by the parents of this minor child prior to involving this child in any of the above activities. The presentation of this notarized document will be preceeded by a complete examination of the curriculum planned for the year as well as the texts to be used. The document will conclude with a warning that legal action will be taken immediately against the staff, administration and all others involved should the prior review mandated by this document be violated. Notarized copies will be sent to the school board, principal, teachers' union president and state department of public instruction.

I will also encourage all other concerned parents to take similar steps and use this legal document as a template to recover control of our out-of-control public school system."

Help for Parent Activists

Parent activists seeking to advance a family-friendly, gender-complimentary vision for their community schools will find useful publications to equip them in this mission at

This website offers "Opt Out" forms for parents who do not want their children to attend sexually explicit workshops promoting homosexuality and alternative lifestyles. The website also offers a comprehensive "Take Back the Schools" Handbook, which informs parents about gay-affirming programs in the schools and describes how to counter them with a pro-active, gender-complementary perspective based in a natural-law understanding of human sexuality.

54 posted on 02/19/2002 5:45:44 AM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
It's 1984 in Massachusetts – And Big Brother Is Gay

"...When Clossey enrolled her son in Newton North High School's reading program little did she know that the teacher had bragged in the Boston Globe (July 8, 2001) of quietly introducing homosexual and transsexual subjects into his classes. The teacher, Michael Kozuch, handed out The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky with instructions to write an essay on it. What literary "treats" did Kozuch consider mandatory for other people's children? Sex between a boy and a dog, man-boy sex, anal sex between boys, male masturbation and female masturbation with a hot dog. By chance Clossey opened the book her son brought home. But what came after that shock was worse: She encountered public officials who saw protective parents as obstacles...

...Is Newton a rogue town? In nearby Brookline a transsexual told first-graders how his penis was cut off and he became a woman. With no sense of irony, the Globe called it "sex-change counseling." Parents, never notified, had to comfort their terrified children.

Ashland children were instructed to play homosexuals in a skit. As reported in the Middlesex News on April 1, 1994, one boy's line was: "It's natural to be attracted to the same sex." Girls were told to hold hands and pretend they were lesbians....

A prominent psychiatrist says the sex-ed curricula at these schools can lower children "to the level of animals" and inflict lasting harm. "Massachusetts schools' systematic promotion of homosexuality and promiscuity fosters sexual confusion and experimentation," says Nathaniel S. Lehrman, former clinical director of the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in New York. "They dilute and trivialize [the capacity for] faithful sexual passion which should [later] be the cement of these children's marriages. Unstable youngsters may become particularly vulnerable to homosexuals who actively recruit them."

There are teachers all over North America quietly mainstreaming homosexual behavior to children as young as 5 years old. As widely reported, on "Gay Days" classes are cancelled and students led to compulsory activities where homosexuals explain their "lifestyles." The mind-control techniques are straight from Soviet schools..."

55 posted on 02/19/2002 6:04:20 AM PST by EdReform
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To: ArGee
56 posted on 02/19/2002 6:09:50 AM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
Homosexual rights group makes inroads in U.S. schools; Parents unaware of GLSEN's work

"Hovering in the shadows of the homosexual-rights movement is a little- known organization that has concentrated on public schools. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network does not appear on many parents' radar, but those who know about GLSEN say the group has been successful. "The only people who know about GLSEN are the ones fighting in hand- to-hand combat with them, or the 20 to 25 percent of Christians who receive mail from groups like Focus on the Family," said Lon Mabon, president of the Oregon Citizens Alliance....

GLSEN advocate Barbara Miner warned attendees that the voucher and private-school movement jeopardizes the gains pro-homosexual groups have made in public schools. The reason: Students who attend private religious schools may not be exposed to homosexual-tolerance materials..."

57 posted on 02/19/2002 7:06:53 AM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
Lynn's Education And Research Network

"This website has been constructed as a tool for parents and citizens who want to learn about systems education, otherwise known as education reform, also known as performance-based education, standards-based education, competency-based education, outcome-based education and a plethora of other names....

This website is not for the faint of heart or those who wish to construct their own reality. It is not intended to assuage parents worst fears, but will, in most cases, confirm them..."

About Consensus and Facilitation

"Citizens often arrive at what has been slated as a public hearing or a public forum to find that things don't seem quite right; that there is suddenly this new way of conducting meetings that somehow doesn't seem right. Instead of chairs set up for the audience with microphones where they can give input; there are now tables with chairs where people sit in circles and are facilitated by a pre-chosen facilitator.

The links below will take the reader through this facilitated process of consensus building, what it is, and why it stands diametrically opposed to the foundations upon which this nation was founded."

The Delphi Technique. What Is It?

"The Delphi Technique was originally conceived as a way to obtain the opinion of experts without necessarily bringing them together face to face. In recent times, however, it has taken on an all new meaning and purpose. In Educating for the New World Order by B. Eakman, the reader finds reference upon reference for the need to preserve the illusion that there is "…lay, or community, participation (in the decision-making process), while lay citizens were, in fact, being squeezed out." The Delphi Technique is the method being used to squeeze citizens out of the process, effecting a left-wing take over of the schools...."

The Delphi Technique: How to Disrupt It

"Ground rules for disrupting the consensus process (Delphi Technique) — when facilitators want to steer a group in a specific direction...."

58 posted on 02/19/2002 7:28:12 AM PST by EdReform
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To: Clint N. Suhks
59 posted on 02/19/2002 7:42:17 AM PST by EdReform
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To: GrandMoM
Here's another example of students being forced to attend homosexual indoctrination sessions in schools:

An excerpt from Centennial apologizes for allowing gay speakers by Tracy Jan, The Oregonian, 02/18/02

"GRESHAM -- Centennial High School officials apologized Friday for not allowing students to leave classes featuring gay and lesbian panelists as part of the school's annual diversity week.

About two dozen parents complained to the school that their children were forced to listen to discussions on homosexuality without first obtaining their permission.

Several speakers from Vanguard Youth Services, a Portland organization that offers programs for sexual minority youth, visited the high school's English, drama and health classes Monday as part of the four-day diversity week.

Students who felt uncomfortable during class said they were not warned about the topics and wouldn't have attended had they known.

"We didn't set an appropriate staging for this issue to be addressed in a right way," Centennial Principal Curt Heath said Friday. "I'm not saying this shouldn't be covered, but it does not represent our curriculum.

"This is kind of new stuff that public schools shouldn't jump to. The issue is so political and reaches into the religious value systems of so many families."

School policy says administrators should review all guest speakers and their materials before they are allowed into the classroom, Heath said. If a topic is controversial, the school should notify parents and give students a choice not to attend.

But this year's lineup for diversity week was not reviewed, Health said, because a new coordinator didn't know about the policy....

Currently, the Oregon Citizens Alliance is collecting signatures for a ballot measure that would prevent public schools from teaching about sexual orientation....

"Parents should play a major role in what kids are exposed to and at least have an opportunity to talk to their children and voice their opinions on things that we feel are important in life," said John Nielson, whose daughter is a senior.

Nielson said that some parents, not including himself, are considering legal action against the school.

"When that's taken away from us, it's really a violation of our rights," Nielson said. "If they're going to disallow prayer or Boy Scouts at the other end of the spectrum, then they should certainly disallow this kind of baloney."

60 posted on 02/19/2002 10:35:30 AM PST by EdReform
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