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Should Conservatives Support Rudeness? Why booing Senator Clinton is beneath us.

Posted on 10/23/2001 1:51:57 PM PDT by watsonfellow

First of all, to prevent the flamings, I should say that I am a strong conservative, and my number one issue is the life issue and so I am not at all a supporter of the Clintons etc.

That being said, I thought it the height of rudeness for these firemen and policemen to boo and yell at the Senator this weekend. It lacked dignity and class. I thought we conservatives were supposed to stand for such things, or perhaps this is just what we say, but do not practice.

I wonder what Burke et al would have said about this conservative embrace of very questionable manners.

The policemen and firemen should have just done nothing when she appeared on stage, no clapping, no booing, the silence would have expressed the same thing, but in a much more dignified way.

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To: watsonfellow
I can appreciate your appeal for better manners, they are always in short supply, however hillary deserves nothing less, and if I was in that crowd I would have booed until I was blue in the face!
121 posted on 10/23/2001 2:18:53 PM PDT by Topaz
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To: watsonfellow
While I agree with fact that she is an elected Senator from the state of New York and must be accorded respect, is a former First Lady who has spent eight years in the White House, as well as the Arkansas Governor's mansion and has of late seemed to be supportive of our President, I must add that,in my humble opinion, she never does anything unless it directly benefits her. This portrays her as a hypocrite. She has aided an abetted a felon, has, as you agree, been party to a corrupt administration and has thrust herself into New York politics where she is an outsider and undeserving of any special treatment. This is New Yawk, baby...take the heat or get lost.
123 posted on 10/23/2001 2:19:11 PM PDT by stanz
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To: watsonfellow
She should be glad "boos" are all she was hit with. In Brazil I understand when they don't like someone on stage they throw (pardon my French) $hit. And lots of it!!!! Entirely appropriate in this situation I would say!!!!!
124 posted on 10/23/2001 2:19:40 PM PDT by shellylet
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To: watsonfellow
stupid conclusion.....ever hear about the jawbone of an ass ?....there are times to fight back even as the crow crows three times.....
125 posted on 10/23/2001 2:19:55 PM PDT by cactusSharp
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To: watsonfellow
What do you mean, "...when we do it"? When "we" do what? Who said the cops and firemen were "conservative"? Do you know them all?

You're just a school yard contrarian. A stupid post on a stupid thread.

126 posted on 10/23/2001 2:20:16 PM PDT by Deb
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To: b4its2late
REPLY OF THE DAY: "Booing her was polite"

YOU are so RIGHT!

127 posted on 10/23/2001 2:20:38 PM PDT by goodnesswins
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To: watsonfellow
OK, Mr. Manners, what makes you even think for a second that simply "Booing" the bitch who sold out her country for votes by pardoning 3 convicted Puerto Rican terrorists, is rude? I can't begin to put in writing on an open forum what the crowds reaction to Hillary should have been!


128 posted on 10/23/2001 2:20:39 PM PDT by spectre
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To: watsonfellow
we get mad when they boo ours because ours don't deserve it and their's usually do desrve it (They make up lies to say about us, we tell the truth about them - the truth is bad enough!)

- And she is to be categorized as the enemy every bit as much as Osama , her methods are just different. And for what ii is worth, Osammy claims to do this for ALLAH, Hitlery just does it for her own power.

And on the subject of rude, it was rude of her to support actions that got people killed, either through terror or through Fosterization and Clintoncide.

It was rude for her to not boo the President during one of the most important speeches she will ever witness - yes, she should have booed, instead of sitting there like a lying, traitorous, treasonous disapproving bit*h that she is.Then we would know her actual feeling of contempt for Bush success and for the USA

I feel no pity, only contempt for those that pretend such good and intend such evil - prosecute all Clintons,,,,,,,

And it was rude of her to ignore Juanita's accusations of rape!!!!

129 posted on 10/23/2001 2:21:14 PM PDT by bobono
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To: watsonfellow
On third thought your post sounds like one of many I have read at the democrat undergroud and at Hillarys web site. In fact here are a few.

Yes, a real shame... Hillary was treated so badly at a time when we are supposed to be united, and trying to heal wounds. It ruined the whole show! It cast a big black shadow over the real meaning of coming together to help others. Hillary had as much right to be there as any other politician - she is a New York senator. She's our senator!!! It's unfortunate too that not a single entertainer or politician present came forward to speak out against it. It would have gone a long way to show some real leadership if someone like the mayor (for instance) had said something in Hillary's favor.

and here

The idiots who booed Senator Clinton wish they had daughters who could grow up to be half as intelligent as she is. Most of them were drunken moron sheep. Yes, this includes the firefighters and policeman who are our new "heroes." These people are not representative of what the majority of people think of this fine lady.

She is an asset to our country and it's about time people realized it. There is no excuse for ignorance.

Any comments me personally.


130 posted on 10/23/2001 2:21:28 PM PDT by TLBSHOW
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Comment #131 Removed by Moderator

To: watsonfellow
Oh, I forgot to say, "Lighten up, Francis." Boooooo!

*continuing his undignified Italian upbringing since the early seventies*

132 posted on 10/23/2001 2:21:44 PM PDT by Skel
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To: NYC GOP Chick
This Watsonfellow sure sounds a lot like one Quinn Biminy.
133 posted on 10/23/2001 2:21:52 PM PDT by PJ-Comix
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To: EggsAckley
No, I think you are wrong. We have indeed tangled in the past, but I do not recall posting a reply about Crop Dusters......I think you have me confused with someone else. I will do a self-search however, as I could be wrong, but frankly I would feel no need to get into a debate about crop dusters.... <p
134 posted on 10/23/2001 2:21:54 PM PDT by watsonfellow
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To: watsonfellow
As soon as you go to ground zero and dig for dead bodies, and body parts, or make an appearence at one of the NUMEROUS funerals for NY's Bravest and NY Finest, you're opinion as to how these men should have reacted to hillary! trying to grab some more headlines might mean something.

Did you know that the NY Post has had a daily column ever since 9/11 titled, "Today's Funerals", and that the funerals listed are mainly for NY firefighters? These men have been attending most of these funerals.

And you're so shallow as to be concerned with politeness.

135 posted on 10/23/2001 2:22:07 PM PDT by kattracks
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To: watsonfellow
...she is not the enemy (although she may be a political opponent).

You haven't been paying very close attention, have you?

136 posted on 10/23/2001 2:22:13 PM PDT by Sloth
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Comment #137 Removed by Moderator

To: watsonfellow
The Democrats depend on us thinking behavior like this is "beneath us." They use this against us over and over and over again.

Start with the hypocrisy and family values issue. The Democrats say that it is more damning when Republicans get caught because they run on a platform of family values, meaning Democrats can get away with anything because they don't pass themselves off as being virtuous.

You would think that a Conservative, by definition, would be loathe to make a fuss over something because their personality is, well, conservative. They would tend to not speak ill of others, they would be polite and wait their turn, etc. The Democrats, therefore, make wild accusations, distort the truth, and try to embarrass their opponents at every turn. They know that the conservative would be hard-pressed to retaliate in kind.

So, I think it is damned time that someone booed back. Maybe they'll even be riled up enough to go out and vote next time!


138 posted on 10/23/2001 2:22:57 PM PDT by Political Junkie Too
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To: watsonfellow
Lest America ever forget why The Nameless One, W(B)-97, and all their enablers should be hectored, hounded, and harried into silence, until "clintonese is only spoken in Hell," look here:

The Cost of Life (Clinton/Gore Sellout of Security for Campaign Contributions) **FR EXCLUSIVE** #2

CIA Officials Reveal What Went Wrong – Clinton to Blame

Is Bill Clinton Responsible for September 11?

Clinton's Legacy: A Vulnerable America

Catastrophic intelligence Failure - Clinton's Bin Laden GATE

-Murder, Inc.--

-The number of "suicides" for people linked to this and other Clinton-related cases--


-Women in the Clinton Era: Abuse,Intimidation and Smears--


Nothing phony about response to Hillary at fete

Hillary's delegates spit on and taunt Police Honor Guard at her Convention

-Hillary Clinton-What America Needs to Know--

-Sen. Hillary Hot Topics--

Boo Hillary! The Video***

139 posted on 10/23/2001 2:23:01 PM PDT by backhoe
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To: Jim Scott
Senator Hillary Clinton has done little for these people except to offer the usual platitudes and then, effectively disappear.

Actually, she disappeared only *after* horning her way into enough photos and videotapings.

As much as she and her elitist, sissified pals would like to believe that these heroes are just ignorant, mouth-breathing, blue-collar grunts who scrape their knuckles along the ground as they walk into the bar to drink some Schlitz, they're smart and perceptive people. They have to be -- they have had to learn to quickly assess situations and make fast decisions, otherwise they could risk lives.

After all that, getting a read on what a phony, condescending bitch she is isn't particularly difficult.

140 posted on 10/23/2001 2:23:07 PM PDT by NYC GOP Chick
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