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Stumbling Block ^ | July 11, 2015 | Stumbling Block

Posted on 07/11/2015 2:54:01 PM PDT by ebb tide

When Christendom began to fall in the north and the modern elites started to consolidate power, banking engulfed us, industries formed, and men became more and more debased and enslaved; what was once right and wrong became only Right and Left. The realities of good and bad didn’t change, just our understanding of them.

The terms ‘Right and Left’ were given to us during the French Revolution. (The most confusing terminology in our lost world has been handed to us by Leftists. When you bind the language you have control.) Ronald Reagan corrected this orientation for us. ‘Right and left’ is misleading. Reagan said it’s really ‘up and down.’

It helps to consider that when the Son of Man is lifted up, He draws all men to Himself. In that case up points toward good. But when the cross is pulled down, as it is so often today, ‘up’ becomes Right.

After the Reformation, and deprived of the Holy Sacraments, the common mind darkened and the truth above became obscured by a cloud. All could see the ground below, but only the faithful Catholic could see blue sky through the cloud. What was before ‘holy or worldly’ had become either ‘conservative or liberal.’ Once could still be worldly and follow the world the same way, but following the truth became more difficult and our collective knowledge of it weaker without the Church.

Today, as more and more truths are pushed out of the modern awareness, we have to look to the past to find them. So they call us old fashioned and conservative, but we just have a natural love of truth in a post-Christian empire.

People are right to say that conservative thinking is limited, but at least it’s pointed in the right direction: toward a society of truth which preceded our own. But liberalism is still nothing but worldliness, and always wrong in every age. Put simply: not everything old or traditional is good, but there’s nothing good about liberalism.

Why is worldliness bad and why do the true saints warn against it? They know that we sheep can only follow either the Good Shepherd or the bad one. Our Lord has named the prince of this world and chasing him is the same business for all time. There is no real difference between philosophical or political liberalism and Christian liberalism. They are both faithless. Don’t be fooled. There are no aspects of liberalism worth pursuing. They only lead to sin and death.

When Christendom began to fall and the modern order to form, the old governments of kings and men deteriorated, becoming increasingly wordly. It didn’t happen everywhere at once. It was like a receding tide, with waves of truth rushing in less and less frequently. People think the other side of Christendom is some kind of free happiness of ordered reason and virtue. At the least it’s a return to paganism, right? But that’s just not true. The other side of Christendom is North Korea first, then Hell second.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is everywhere promoting a new world order which is essentially communism in its contemporary face. He unleashes the formally corked, yet highly developed faux-Christian radicalism of liberation theology worldwide, even shamelessly embracing old-school communists as he strides the world like an Oscar winner. He uses Christ and His Church, but he is not one with it. He is a communist and that is heresy.

The Church has four marks: it’s one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. If you use these marks to discern what is or is not the Church, you’ll find it’s usually not where people say it is. Most ‘catholic’ people and institutions simply do not demonstrate most of these four marks.

Communism, which is the advanced end of Liberalism or worldliness, can also be discerned by four marks. These are lying, cheating, stealing, and killing. A communist society descends upon men in the name of ‘justice’ or ‘social justice,’ but it is in no way just.

Pope Francis accepted this week a gift from Evo Morales, a communist dictator, friend, and great admirer. It was a corpus nailed to a hammer and sickle, the classic sign of godless communist totalitarian states. Francis had just honored and prayed for Fr. Luis Espinal, the Jesuit creator of that abomination, at the site where he’d been murdered for his communist activism. FrancisChurch venerates and promotes the sainthood causes for many such men. He smiled, received the thing, and mumbled something conversational which the entire conservative press then falsely reported as a rebuke so desperate were they to hide the bare truth. But this tiny lie, along with Francis’ other few and meager words against communism do not by any means make him not a communist. His entire papacy is a communist vehicle. In two years he can claim a mountain of destructive actions and statements. He is what the American socialist establishment likes to call ‘a transformational figure.’ In short, Francis demonstrates the four marks of communism quite well.

For one, Francis spreads lies.

Francis ascribes thoughts and motives to our Lord that only a fool would have. He makes Our Lady rash and witchy. He invokes the name of the Holy Spirit for the most twisted and faithless excuses. The Gospel is not about the poor and ‘marginalized.’ That would be an enormous misunderstanding of the deposit of faith, but it’s Francis’s, and he lies when he says it’s also the Church’s. In his words the Gospel makes no sense without the poor. We should ‘kneel before the poor in Church.’

Prior to every papal trip Francis asks for Our Lady’s prayers at her Church in Rome. Then he visits with a few homeless corralled in for him to touch. The realities of these two routines are inseparable for Francis. For him the Catholic faith is only about revolution, social revolution, a new economic order. It’s all lies.

His histrionic encyclical, Laudato Si’, is hundreds of pages worth of false science, cruel accusations, demagoguery, and destructive commands in the name of Christ.

Francis cheats.

He openly flouts the liturgical rubrics that bind the Mass and make it universal. It’s bad enough that he’s a vigorous promoter of the fabricated protestantized Mass we must endure and has contempt for the Ancient one; he also feels the need to give lawless example. It isn’t enough they’ve brazenly eliminated what no Pope had ever dared to suppress; these new rules must also be rejected in order to send a message of what? Chaos? Human Egotism?

A hallmark of the destructive Francis papacy is the misapplication of mercy, as if it were something he and his notorious gang of heretics had the right to fling everywhere in the name of God. Like a Baptist, He tells Bolivian prisoners he has been saved from his many sins. His October 2014 Synod was a farce and a stunt. Hyper-streamlined annulments are on his agenda and baptisms for gay ‘parents.’ He’s spurned the entire ancient saint-making apparatus completely, leaving no input for God or man. He does not see the doctrines and moral truths so much as guides to follow, but rather as things to use and bend toward some sentimental, materialist, and utopian goal. Francis breaks rules. He cheats.

Francis preaches stealing.

Francis peppers every speech with calls for ‘just distribution of wealth,’ equality, and advocacy on behalf of the poor and the ‘oppressed.’ The miracle in the loaves and the fishes is the attitude of sharing. Holy Communion is about helping the least.

Francis says alms are obligatory. He says wealth distribution is not philanthropy but morally required. Who does Francis think he is that he can order people to give their own money away? If alms are legally obligatory, they are no longer alms. They are simply taken from you at gunpoint. This is what socialists call ‘social justice.’ None of their schemes are voluntary.

Every judge knows that administration of justice means inflicting pain on some perpetrator of a crime, but for Francis and his gang of fans worldwide, those who ‘possess’ unequally are criminals and taking from them is justice.

Francis helps and enables killing.

Francis is a political ally of the murderous Left: the UN population controllers, the Obama admin, the Castros and the dictators, the Palestinians. They inform his papacy and they praise him up and down because he promotes their inhuman agendas everywhere in the name of Christ’s Church. They count on him to bend the minds and hearts of Christians in favor of their goals and he performs. Using the Church, Francis normalizes cruel states like Cuba then betrays free and just places like Israel to ruthless enemies.

Francis has openly corrected the pro-life movement and the waved a white flag at the sexual agenda. He says some faithful things in the press but his FrancisBishops are all ‘social justice’ liberals who spin and capitulate. Among the hierarchy, the lavender mafia has never been more powerful and Francis’ Synod sacrilege moves steadily toward its goal.

Francis is a pacifist and an enemy of criminal justice. Without true justice, criminals kill and make war on the innocent. He calls arms makers un-Christian while relying upon them like anyone else. He stands on a rock in the Mediterranean and waves countless Muslims into Europe along with their murderous associates, then he attacks those who try and defend the Christian continent from the ruin that must necessarily come. As Pope, Francis is a friend and advocate for thugs and murderers around the world and no friend to the helpless, the weak, or the just.

Hard Questions

In closing, as a special request to members of the Catholic press who are keen to tell us Francis’ communism is just Catholic teaching, or that he’s being manipulated, or how Vatican II commands us to have a ‘preferential option for the poor,’ or that the Laudato Si’ manifesto is helpful and harmless since we can freely ignore its science and its specific recommendations yet somehow tease out its moral message for observance: please answer my questions:

Why did Francis ask Christ to make the impure, scandalous, or threatening become miraculously good at the Synod? What does he mean? Why is Fr. Lombardi sure he meant nothing specific? Why do tinpot Marxist dictators feel comfortable handing communist faux-Christian abominations to Pope Francis? Why has done little to combat this perception? Why did the worldwide conservative media quickly publish the lie that the pope rejected the communist Hammer and Sickle Jesus as blasphemous, when he actually accepted it in a smiling and gracious way.

Why did Pope Francis pray and lay flowers at the murder site of the Jesuit who designed his new hammer/sickle crucifix? Why did he say, ‘He preached the Gospel, and this Gospel troubled them, so they eliminated him?’

Why does the ‘faithful ‘c’atholic press say ‘useful idiotic’ things such as, “Francis wasn’t endorsing Fr. Espinal’s communism, just his love?” Why does Francis continue to collaborate with openly socialist groups like the World Mtg. of Popular Movements, openly calling for a ‘truly communitarian economy,’ and then telling us it would be of ‘Christian inspiration?’

Why does our Pope blast the ‘economic order and invent new ‘sacred rights’ to labor, lodging and land from others. Why does he share a podium with a man wearing a picture of mass-murderer, Che Guevara, on his jacket?

Why did Pope Francis say that taking people’s resources and redistributing them isn’t philanthropy. It’s morally required. Why does he tell the world he’s happy to see a communist dictator again? Why does Pope Francis call leaders who stand for justice and truth by rejecting Marxist global warming schemes cowardly? Why does Pope Francis preach his own Gospel, where the Holy Eucharist is supposed to cause us to reject individualism, and demand exchange, encounter and solidarity?

Why does the Vicar of Christ apologize for Christian Civilization and call it brutal. Why does he call capitalism the evil ‘dung of the Devil?’

Why are respected and faithful conservative Catholics so eager to ignore the enormous reality of a heretical Liberation Theology Pope, even going to far as to subtly sideline faithful Catholics who protest, and pounce upon any unreasonable rationale for his words or deeds.

Why does the pope order all Catholics to ‘kneel before God and implore forgiveness’ for the colonialist sins of their forefathers? Is it doctrine now that we must make silly apologies even to God for things we didn’t do, or for slurs anti-Catholics hurl at His Church?

Things are grim. Let’s not pretend. It’s no day to compromise nor to side with the enemy. We must look at the Pope Francis situation squarely because the men behind him have no illusions about us.

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Pope Francis is everywhere promoting a new world order which is essentially communism in its contemporary face. He unleashes the formally corked, yet highly developed faux-Christian radicalism of liberation theology worldwide, even shamelessly embracing old-school communists as he strides the world like an Oscar winner. He uses Christ and His Church, but he is not one with it. He is a communist and that is heresy.
1 posted on 07/11/2015 2:54:01 PM PDT by ebb tide
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To: ebb tide
I never in my life would imagined a Pope of the Catholic Church embrace the Soviet KGB-manufactured heresies of Liberation Theology and Social Justice. I hate to say it and I never thought that I would — this man is EVIL and is in league with the secular Satan.
2 posted on 07/11/2015 3:03:34 PM PDT by MasterGunner01 ( Barbara Daly Danko)
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To: ebb tide

The pope needs to read Divini Redemptoris.

3 posted on 07/11/2015 3:46:40 PM PDT by I want the USA back (Media: completely irresponsible. Complicit in the destruction of this country)
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To: I want the USA back

Why doesn’t he walk the talk and give all the Church’s wealth to the poor. Maybe then I may actually care what he has to say.

4 posted on 07/11/2015 3:53:24 PM PDT by Hildy
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To: ebb tide; NYer; Salvation


5 posted on 07/11/2015 4:16:19 PM PDT by SoConPubbie (Mitt and Obama: They're the same poison, just a different potency)
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To: MasterGunner01; ebb tide

Which of these quotes is contrary to the Gospel?

Quotes from the Pope’s speech:

1. “This system is by now intolerable: farmworkers find it intolerable, laborers find it intolerable, communities find it intolerable, people find it intolerable ... The earth itself ... also finds it intolerable.”

2. “And behind all this pain, death and destruction there is the stench of what Basil of Caesarea, one of the church’s first theologians, called ‘the dung of the devil.’ An unfettered pursuit of money rules. That is the dung of the devil.”

3. “Working for a just distribution of the fruits of the earth and human labor is not mere philanthropy. It is a moral obligation. For Christians, the responsibility is even greater: it is a commandment.”

4. “It is not enough to let a few drops fall whenever the poor shake a cup which never runs over by itself.”

5. “I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offenses of the Church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America.”

6. “The new colonialism takes on different faces. At times it appears as the anonymous influence of mammon: corporations, loan agencies, certain ‘free trade’ treaties, and the imposition of measures of ‘austerity’ which always tighten the belt of workers and the poor.”

7. “Our common home is being pillaged, laid waste and harmed with impunity. Cowardice in defending it is a grave sin. We see with growing disappointment how one international summit after another takes place without any significant result.”

8. Pope Francis also called the recent persecution of Christians, a “genocide.”
“Today we are dismayed to see how in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world many of our brothers and sisters are persecuted, tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus. This too needs to be denounced: in this third world war, waged piecemeal, which we are now experiencing, a form of genocide — and I stress the world genocide — is taking place, and it must end.”

The Pope said he’s often asked why he focuses so intently on what some Christians call the “least and the lost.”

Read the Gospel, Francis answered on Tuesday, specifically Matthew 25. In that passage, Jesus says that in the Last Days, Christians will be asked whether they fed the hungry, clothed the naked, visited the sick.

“This is the heart of the Gospel,” the Pope said.

6 posted on 07/11/2015 4:25:58 PM PDT by Steelfish
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To: Steelfish
Which of these quotes is contrary to the Gospel?

Quotes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

Any other stupid questions?

7 posted on 07/11/2015 4:35:21 PM PDT by ebb tide
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To: ebb tide

Calling them “stupid” won’t do. Tell why? Have you read Pope Leo’s encyclical on Rerum Novarum? or are you simply circulating hit pieces pulled off the blogs?

8 posted on 07/11/2015 4:59:46 PM PDT by Steelfish
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To: ebb tide

As a practicing Roman Catholic I feel I need to remind everyone that this institution has had all kinds of bad popes and when they forget the admonition “My Kingdom Is Not Of This World” .This church gets into all sorts of trouble. But survives.

These meandering homilys of This pope on temporal matters diffuse any theologic message Pope Francis offers. Snowballs should be thrown at those pointy hat supporters of his as well as opposition clearly expressed to those meanderings on any visit Francis may make here.

9 posted on 07/11/2015 5:20:49 PM PDT by mosesdapoet (Some of my best rebuttals are in FR's along with meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: Steelfish

It was only your question that I claimed to be stupid.

I challenge you to support any of the quotes I rejected with quotes from the Gospel.

10 posted on 07/11/2015 5:28:31 PM PDT by ebb tide
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To: MasterGunner01

This pope is an asshole, pure and simple. He sure as hell is no John Paul.

11 posted on 07/11/2015 5:30:09 PM PDT by jmacusa
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To: ebb tide

I would think Pope Leo the Great and Thomas Aquinas know more about the Gospel than you and I. But here’s Pope Leo with scriptural references. The footnotes have been omitted.

From Pope Leo The Great
Rerum Novarum Para.22

Private ownership, as we have seen, is the natural right of man, and to exercise that right, especially as members of society, is not only lawful, but absolutely necessary. “It is lawful,” says St. Thomas Aquinas, “for a man to hold private property; and it is also necessary for the carrying on of human existence.””

But if the question be asked: How must one’s possessions be used? - the Church replies without hesitation in the words of the same holy Doctor: “Man should not consider his material possessions as his own, but as common to all, so as to share them without hesitation when others are in need. Whence the Apostle with, ‘Command the rich of this world... to offer with no stint, to apportion largely.’”

True, no one is commanded to distribute to others that which is required for his own needs and those of his household; nor even to give away what is reasonably required to keep up becomingly his condition in life, “for no one ought to live other than becomingly.”

But, when what necessity demands has been supplied, and one’s standing fairly taken thought for, it becomes a duty to give to the indigent out of what remains over. “Of that which remaineth, give alms.” It is a duty, not of justice (save in extreme cases), but of Christian charity - a duty not enforced by human law. But the laws and judgments of men must yield place to the laws and judgments of Christ the true God, who in many ways urges on His followers the practice of almsgiving - ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive”; and who will count a kindness done or refused to the poor as done or refused to Himself - “As long as you did it to one of My least brethren you did it to Me.”

To sum up, then, what has been said: Whoever has received from the divine bounty a large share of temporal blessings, whether they be external and material, or gifts of the mind, has received them for the purpose of using them for the perfecting of his own nature, and, at the same time, that he may employ them, as the steward of God’s providence, for the benefit of others. “He that hath a talent,” said St. Gregory the Great, “let him see that he hide it not; he that hath abundance, let him quicken himself to mercy and generosity; he that hath art and skill, let him do his best to share the use and the utility hereof with his neighbor.”

12 posted on 07/11/2015 5:32:47 PM PDT by Steelfish
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To: Steelfish

Pope Leo the Great is Pope Leo I.

Rerum Novarum was issued by Pope Leo XIII.

Rerum Novarum is the antithesis of Francis’s call for socialism. Your very quote proves it.

13 posted on 07/11/2015 6:13:50 PM PDT by ebb tide
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Comment #14 Removed by Moderator

To: BlatherNaut

Of course not. There’s no word of casting doubt, much less erasing other sins. Nor is there an issue of mortal sin but simply an urgent need to take the message of charity seriously. Did one Wall Street banker go to jail over the Lehman Bros crash of 2003-2004? Was Soros ever prosecuted over his currency manipulations: pain,death, and destruction? Hillary Clinton’s $100,000 overnight win in a cattle futures investment of $`1000? Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe? Saudi Royalty? Dubai emirs while thousands of third world workers get housed in prison-like conditions? It’s worse in South America where corruption and graft is endemic.

15 posted on 07/11/2015 7:28:33 PM PDT by Steelfish
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To: Steelfish; BlatherNaut
Of course not. There’s no word of casting doubt, much less erasing other sins.

Francis certainly is trying to erase the definition of sins and also making a mockery of the Sixth Commandment with his SinNods.

"But it did me good, so much good. Cardinal Kasper has for many years advocated a change in the Church’s teaching on the reception of Holy Communion by the divorced and “remarried” and the book in question is Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to the Christian Life, advocates many gravely problematic positions, which underlie his advocacy for such a change."

16 posted on 07/11/2015 8:14:27 PM PDT by ebb tide
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To: ebb tide

We still have annulment and the matter is being studied. Wh not wait for the Synod and not jump to conclusions.

17 posted on 07/11/2015 8:32:55 PM PDT by Steelfish
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To: Steelfish

What needs to be studied about annulment? To abuse that definition even further by falsely declaring even more valid marriages to be invalid?

We’ve already been through one Synod. Everybody now knows what Francis, Kasper, Baldiserri, etc. have up their sleeves. Even the African bishops know it and they are preparing a counterattack.

18 posted on 07/12/2015 10:17:32 AM PDT by ebb tide
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To: ebb tide

Again, you need to understand that this is not about degrading marriage but accepting solidarity with the fallen by bringing them into the faith.

19 posted on 07/12/2015 10:35:17 AM PDT by Steelfish
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To: Steelfish

How do you go about bringing unrepentant sinners, living in a state of mortal sin, into the faith unless you demand that they “Sin no more”?

20 posted on 07/12/2015 10:39:00 AM PDT by ebb tide (We have a rogue curia in Rome.)
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