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Posted on 02/13/2005 1:31:30 PM PST by lindsey_123

I just heard...Sister Lucia passed away! I can't find anything online yet, however...

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1 posted on 02/13/2005 1:31:31 PM PST by lindsey_123
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To: ultima ratio; Canticle_of_Deborah; Land of the Irish; Dominick


2 posted on 02/13/2005 1:32:14 PM PST by lindsey_123
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To: lindsey_123; Viva Christo Rey; thor76; nickcarraway

No! Where did you hear it?

3 posted on 02/13/2005 1:38:52 PM PST by Canticle_of_Deborah
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To: lindsey_123; Salvation; All

Please wait ok Thank you

4 posted on 02/13/2005 1:40:36 PM PST by anonymoussierra (Quo Vadis Domine? Quo Vadis? Thank you)
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To: lindsey_123
Sun 13 Feb 2005

9:11pm (UK)
Virgin Mary Child Dies


Sister Lucia Marto, the last of three children who claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary in a series of 1917 apparitions, has died, Portuguese media reported today. She was 97.

Sister Lucia, a Roman Catholic nun, had been ill for the past three months and died at the Convent of Carmelitas in Coimbra, north of Lisbon, TSF radio reported, citing family sources.

Prime Minister Pedro Santana Lopes called Lucia’s death ”very emotional news”.

Lucia and two of her cousins, siblings Jacinta and Francisco, said in 1907 that the Virgin Mary had been appearing to them once a month and predicting events, such as a world war, the fall of Russian communism, and the eventual persecution of Catholics and the Pope. The appearances took place on the 13th day of each month in Fatima, a town about 70 miles north of Lisbon.

The first sighting was May 13, and the appearances took place for another five months, ending abruptly in October that year.

Shortly after, both Jacinta and Francisco died of respiratory diseases. But Lucia became a nun and penned two memoirs while living in convents.

The Catholic Church later built a shrine in Fatima, which is visited each year by millions of people from around the world. More than 100,000 people from dozens of countries routinely attend the annual commemorations of the sightings.

Pope John Paul II has visited three times since becoming pontiff, spending a few minutes with Lucia during a 1991 trip to the site. He has claimed the Virgin of Fatima saved his life after he was shot by a Turkish gunman in St Peter’s square in 1981. The May 13, 1981, attack coincided with the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, and John Paul credit’s the Virgin’s intercession for his survival.

In 2000, he visited Fatima to beatify Jacinta and Francisco.

A funeral was scheduled for Tuesday, TSF reported.

Latest News:

5 posted on 02/13/2005 1:43:18 PM PST by A.A. Cunningham
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To: Canticle_of_Deborah

Mel Gibson met with her in January 11 '05

6 posted on 02/13/2005 1:44:42 PM PST by dcnd9
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To: dcnd9

Pray thr rosary for intercession of the Immacualte Heart.

7 posted on 02/13/2005 1:49:05 PM PST by dcnd9
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To: All; TexKat; Gucho; Ernest_at_the_Beach; MEG33; Grampa Dave; gatorbait; PhilDragoo; potlatch; ...

This is truth This is translation,12,item.html
"Sister Lucy passed away at age 98"

8 posted on 02/13/2005 1:50:17 PM PST by anonymoussierra (Quo Vadis Domine? Quo Vadis? Thank you)
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To: A.A. Cunningham; Land of the Irish; MarineMomJ; thor76; murphE; Gerard.P; sempertrad; pascendi; ...


Ping to #5. Sad news.

9 posted on 02/13/2005 1:50:30 PM PST by Canticle_of_Deborah
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To: dcnd9

The Third Fatima Secret

The following is the text of the (above) third part of the secret of Fatima as written down by Sister Lucia dos Santos, one of the three children believed to have seen the Virgin Mary in 1917.

"I write in obedience to you, my God, who commands me to do so through his Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and through your most Holy Mother and mine.

After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an angel with a flaming sword in his left hand. Flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire.

But they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand.

Pointing to the earth with his right hand, the angel cried out in a loud voice: "Penance, penance, penance!"

And we saw in an immense light that is God, something similar to how people appear in a mirror when then pass in front of it, a bishop dressed in white.

We had the impression that it was the Holy Father.

Other bishops, priests, religious men and women were going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark.

Before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way.

Having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the bishops, priests, religious men and women, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.

Beneath the two arms of the cross there were two angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God."

BBC, June 26, 2000

According to the Fatima Network, "The Vatican has officially declared the Fatima apparitions "worthy of belief, and the present Pope has gone much further, acknowledging that the Message of Fatima imposes an obligation on the Church, and on all mankind. . . . Every Catholic has the right to follow the dictates of his or her own conscience regarding Fatima. And whatever their choice, both believers in Fatima and unbelievers are entitled to have their convictions respected."

However, through lack of information and ignorance of contemporary events as revealed in Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God the Fatima Network and other similar sites are unable to grasp the events already taking place on earth. The situation is more critical than what they have posted as the very redemption and self-salvation of the soul is at stake. Since this is the case it is absolutely imperative that all Catholics, and humankind for the matter, be given every opportunity and right to examine in detail all online postings of the Fatima Network pertaining to Fatima’s Third Secret in relation to this book. Only by being allowed to cross-examine all relevant information will they be able to separate fact from fiction and ascertain Truth for themselves.

Kash was once told to put forward a request regarding the Pope to both the Great Adi Shakti and Lord Jesus Christ. Their spontaneous reaction (see His Human Adversary) also indirectly triggers the prophecy of Fatima’s Third secret that the Pope is detested in the Kingdom of God. By inference, this bogus Vicar of Christ and his Church will not be able to save itself, much less even a single soul.



a grace period (Last Judgment) is given by the Great Holy Spirit to human beings before the End (Second Coming):

"But they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand."


it begins the destruction of the papacy and the man who spiritually holds one billion souls ransom by claiming to be the Vicar of Christ:

"Having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him."


the guardians of the religious regimes — priests, reverends, bishops, popes, rabbis, clerics, imams, mullahs, shaikhs, ulema, ayatollahs, gurus, swamis, pandits, brahmins, acaryas, bhagwans, granthis, gianis, lamas, monks, dalai lamas — will be meeting their spiritual deaths for defying the Last Judgment:

"and in the same way there died one after another the bishops, priests, religious men and women, and various lay people of different ranks and positions."


humans will be obeying the Message of the Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah):

“Pointing to the earth with his right hand, the angel cried in a loud voice: "Penance, penance, penance."”


and actively taking part in the Resurrection by purifying themselves in mind, body and spirit —

"the souls that were making their way to God."

"Information on 3rd Secret of Fatima

In 1957 the Holy Office demanded the text of the 3rd secret, which until then had been kept at the palace of the bishop of Leira. The auxiliary Bishop Venancio was entrusted with the delivery of the sealed document to Bishop Cento, then Apostolic Nuncio to Lisbon.

“Fatima is a village in the center of Portugal about 70 miles north of Lisbon. It was there in 1915 that three humble peasant children began having a series of apparitions of angels and, later, the "Virgin Mary." The children were: Lucia Santos and her two cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto. . . .

Lucia would keep the Third Secret until 1941, when she received an inner "locution" from the Virgin giving her leave to publish all but the last of its three parts. As for the final part, which has come to be known as the Third Secret Sister Lucy's nearly fatal bout of pleurisy in 1943 moved the Bishop of Fatima to ask her to write it down and seal it up in an envelope, so that it might be read if she died. After much agonizing and another visitation by the Lady, she complied with the Bishop's request in January 1944, and forwarded the envelope to him with the instructions that it was to be opened by the Pope and read to the world in 1960, "because the Virgin wishes it so."

But the Vatican refused to disclose the Third Secret in 1960 and continues to suppress it to this day. All the popes since John XXIII, as well as a few Curia cardinals, have read the contents of Lucy's envelope, as John Paul II is reported to have done shortly after his inauguration in October 1978.

While conversing with a small group of pilgrims in the cathedral square of Fulda, West Germany, in November 1980, the Holy Father was asked to explain why the Third Secret had not been published in 1960, as the Lady of Fatima had directed. . . .

A question was then posed concerning the fate of the Church in Fatima's apocalyptic scenario.

John Paul: "We have to be prepared to suffer, before long, great trials which will require of us the disposition to sacrifice even our life for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is still possible to diminish this trial, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because only in this manner can the Church be effectively renewed. How many times has the renewal of the Church been brought about in blood! It will not be different this time."

Evidently, from John Paul's remarks at Fulda quoted above, the Third Secret of Fatima addresses this unprecedented crisis of faith and in fact predicts its onset in the latter decades of this century. This would explain the Lady's desire to have the message revealed in 1960, when a veritable epidemic of universal apostasy began to sweep across the globe. Another strong inference here is that the Church "renewal" which will resolve this great crisis may involve the martyrdom of one or more popes.

A tangible "marker" was left behind by Jacinta Marto, the younger seeress of Fatima. Shortly after the children received Our Lady's Secret in July 1917, Jacinta had two visions which she recounted to Lucia, who recorded them in her memoirs with the remark that they comprise "part of the [third] secret." Both visions concern the Holy Pope or Angelic Pastor:

"I don't know how it was, but I saw the Holy Pope in a very large house. He was kneeling by a table with his face in his hands and he was crying. Outside the house were many people. Some of them were throwing stones at him, others were cursing him and using bad language." . . .

The mysterious Third Secret of Fatima remains under lock and key in a Vatican archive, while Vatican bureaucrats attempt to silence a Canadian priest leading a movement for its disclosure. On February 8, 1960 Catholics around the world were stunned when the Vatican announced in an unsigned press release that the famous Third Secret would not be disclosed that year, as expected, and would probably remain a secret forever. Thus began a controversy in the Catholic Church which shows no signs of dying out, more than 35 years later.

What is the Third Secret, and why is a Canadian priest, Father Nicholas Gruner, under fire by the Vatican bureaucracy for probing into it?

Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II all read the Secret in private, as has John Paul II's right hand man, Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, Prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The suppression of the Third Secret has naturally led to speculation among Catholics that its contents must be nothing short of explosive. Yet the official Vatican line is that the Secret contains nothing that has not already been revealed in Scripture. If that is so, then why is it being suppressed? In November 1984 Ratzinger gave a tantalizing hint of what the Third Secret contains when he admitted that it refers to "dangers which threaten the Faith and the life of the Christian, and therefore of the world."

Father Nicholas Gruner has widely publicized the work of several Fatima experts who believe they have deduced what the Third Secret contains: a warning that the Catholic Church will undergo a catastrophic loss of faith and discipline . . . the great apostasy predicted in Scripture as a harbinger of the end times.”

Morgana’s Observatory

On 4/16/57, the sealed envelope arrived in Rome. It was placed in the office of Pope Pius XII, in a little chest bearing the note, "Secret of the Holy Office."

It appears that Pope Pius XII did not read the secret. According to Cardinal Ottaviani and Monsignor Capovilla, secretary of Pope John XXIII, the envelope was still sealed when Pope John XXIII opened it in 1959, one year after the death of Pope Pius XII. Pope Pius XII had apparently decided to wait until 1960. He died on 10/9/58 without having read it.

In 1957, Sr Lucia confided to Fr Fuentes: "The Most Holy Virgin has told me that the devil is about to engage in a decisive battle against the Virgin... and the devil knows what most offends God, and what will make him gain the most souls in the shortest possible time, he does everything to win consecrated souls from God, for in this manner he will succeed in leaving the souls of the faithful defenseless, and so he will lay hold of them more easily." . . .

The secret was read a few days later, according to Monsignor Capovilla. Assistance in reading the Portuguese was given by Monsignor Paulo Jose Tavarez of the Secretariat of State. Later John XXIII had it read by Cardinal Ottaviani, Prefect of the Holy Office. On 2/8/60 it was suddenly learned through a simple Portuguese press agency communiqué that the 3rd secret of Fatima would not be published, and that it probably never would be disclosed. The Vatican communiqué ended: "Although the Church recognizes the Fatima apparitions, She does not desire to take the responsibility of guaranteeing the veracity of the words the three shepherd children said that the Virgin Mary had addressed to them."

Bishop Venancio, on his own initiative, decided to launch an appeal to all the bishops of the world and attempted to organize a world day of prayer and penance for the following October 13, but the Vatican turned a deaf ear to this proposal, and nothing was done. This did immense harm to the Fatima cause. It was from this date, after this public disregard for the 3rd secret, that devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin began to decrease in a perceptible and then alarming manner in the Church.

This fault was to have incalculable consequences. For by disregarding the prophecies and requests of Fatima, it was the Virgin Mary — it was God Himself — who had been disregarded, who had been ridiculed in front of the world. The conditional punishment announced through the maternal warning of Our Lady was in consequence destined to be accomplished tragically, inevitably by disobeying the message of the Virgin.

Cardinal Ottaviani related that Pope John XXIII placed the Secret "in one of those archives which are like a very deep, dark well, to the bottom of which papers fall and no one is able to see them anymore." Pope Paul VI straightway adopted the same attitude toward the 3rd secret.

The Virgin had asked that the secret be made public in 1960 because, as Sr Lucia told Cardinal Ottaviani, "in 1960, the Message will appear more clear." Other statements from Sr Lucia have said that "the punishment predicted by Our Lady in the third secret has already begun."

We are now in the period of which the message speaks. We are now living through the 3rd secret. We are witnessing the events that it announces.

Catholics throughout the world by 1960 were waiting for the Pope to open the letter and reveal the 3rd secret. But Pope John XXIII and the subsequent Popes have greatly disappointed the faithful by refusing to reveal its contents.

Why this is so we are not sure. In Pope John XXIII's "Journal of a Soul", the diary of his life, he says the Second Vatican Council was a success because of the Blessed Mother's intervention. Pope John XXIII had read the secret of Fatima and said that the secret did not pertain to the reign of his pontificate. Why several Popes did not reveal the secret is a mystery.

There is continuing controversy concerning why Popes since Fatima have not revealed the 3rd secret. Scholars disagree on whether or not the 3rd secret was meant only for the eyes of the Popes or if it was to be released to the general public. The comment by Pope John XXIII and others upon reading the secret — indicating that it did not pertain to their pontificates — lends credulity to this argument. Also, Pope John Paul II is under Mary's protective mantle, and he has not released the contents either. It seems that the 3rd secret was to be made available to the world from many sources.

On 10/11/92, an interview took place between Sr Lucia and Anthony Cardinal Padiyara of India, Bishop Francis Michaelappa of India, and Fr Francisco Pacheco of Fort Ceara, Brazil. Sr Lucia was asked by Cardinal Padiyara, "Do God and Our Lady still want the Church to reveal the Third Secret?" Sr Lucia answered, "The Third Secret is not intended to be revealed. It was only intended for the Pope and immediate Church hierarchy. Our Lady never said that it was to be revealed to the public by 1960 at the latest. The Secret was for the Pope." The controversy continues. . . .

Bishop Venancio named the late Fr Alonso in 1966 as the official expert on Fatima. Fr Alonso concluded that the 3rd secret refers mainly to a spiritual chastisement which will be far worse, and even more fearsome, than famine, wars, and persecution, for it concerns souls and their salvation or their eternal perdition. His work consisted of 14 volumes which, unfortunately, he was forbidden to publish. Before his death, however, on 12/12/81, he was able to make known his conclusions in various pamphlets and numerous articles in theological journals.

In a series of letter in 1969-1970, Sr Lucia reveals more: "It is indeed sad that so many people let themselves be dominated by the diabolical wave that is sweeping the world, and that they are blinded to the point of being incapable of seeing error! Their principle fault is they have abandoned prayer; in this way they have become estranged from God, and without God everything fails. The devil is very cunning and looks for our weak points in order to attack us. If we are not diligent and careful to obtain strength from God, we shall fail, for our age is very wicked and we are weak. Only the strength of God can keep us on our feet."

Sr Lucia wrote: "Let people say the rosary every day. Our Lady stated that repeatedly in all her apparitions, as if to fortify us against these times of diabolical disorientation, so that we would not allow ourselves to be deceived by false doctrines . . . Unfortunately, the great majority of people are ignorant in religious matters and allow themselves to be led in any direction. Hence, the great responsibility of one who has the task of leading them... A diabolical disorientation is invading the world, deceiving souls! It must be resisted."

On 9/16/70, Sr Lucia wrote: "Our poor Lord, He has saved us with so much love and He is so little understood! So little loved! So badly served! It is painful to see such great confusion, and in so many persons who occupy positions of responsibility! The fact is the devil has succeeded in bringing in evil under the appearance of good; the blind are beginning to lead others, as the Lord tells us in His Gospel, and souls are allowing themselves to be deceived. Gladly I sacrifice myself and offer my life to God for peace in His Church, for priests and for all consecrated souls, especially for those who are deceived and misguided!"

Sr Lucia insists that, "the Virgin knew that these times of diabolical disorientation were to come." To someone who was questioning her on the content of the 3rd secret, Sr Lucia replied, "It's in the Gospel and in the Apocalypse, read them." She also confided to Fr Fuentes that the Virgin Mary made her see clearly that "we are in the last times of the world."

Cardinal Ratzinger in August 1984 said that the 3rd secret concerned the "dangers which threaten the faith and the life of Christians." Responding to the question, "Why is the faith in crisis?", he stated, "The dangers threatening the faith, the importance of the last times, and the fact that the prophecies contained in this Third Secret correspond to what Scripture announces."

On 9/10/84, Bishop Amaral of Leira, Portugal, declared in the great hall of the Technical University in Vienna, "The Secret of Fatima speaks neither of atomic bombs nor of nuclear warheads, nor of SS20 missiles. Its content concerns only our faith. To identify the secret with catastrophic announcements or a nuclear holocaust is to distort the meaning of the message. The loss of faith of a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; and it is true that the faith is continually diminishing in Europe." Fr Alonso's thesis is now publicly confirmed by the Bishop of Fatima. The message foretells a terrible crisis within the Church. It is the loss of the faith, which the Immaculate Virgin predicted would occur in our era, if her requests were not sufficiently carried out. This loss of faith and all it entails is the drama that we have been witnessing since 1960.

So we must ask why have such good and saintly men in the Church such as Pope John Paul II not disclosed the 3rd secret? In 1980, while speaking in Fulda, Germany, John Paul II stated in response to a question about the 3rd secret that Lucia's text does speak of chastisements. In response to another question, he stated that "the chastisements cannot be averted, it is too late." He stated that "the die was cast. [The chastisements] can be mitigated by praying the rosary." He reiterated that he, as his predecessors, preferred to postpone publication so as not to encourage the world power of communism to make certain moves.

These questions also shed light on why he has not undertaken any papal-directed and comprehensive effort to reverse the continual and rapid deterioration of the Church. Pope John Paul II said at the Fulda meeting, "No, the Church cannot be reformed at the present moment." He, too, chose not to disclose the 3rd secret. . . .

Cardinal Ratzinger has written in the Ratzinger Report that the 3rd secret of Fatima has to do with what he called "de nivissimis." The Cardinal had good reason to know, having previously read the still unrevealed secret. The Latin expression "de novissimis" means "dealing with the end times", pertaining to the latter days, or about the final events. These "end times" to which Ratzinger and the 3rd secret refer, and about which Pope Paul VI and his predecessors spoke, are well known to Biblical scholars."

"FATIMA, Portugal, May 13: After years of speculation, the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano said Saturday that the "third part of the secret of Fatima" speaks of a "bishop clothed in white" who "falls to the ground, apparently dead, under a burst of gunfire." . . .

Many in the crowd applauded when they heard the long-awaited third secret, announced at the end of the pope’s Mass. Some said they were eager to hear more details, while others expressed disappointment that the secret did not foretell a momentous event, as many had speculated.

"What they said all happened in the past," said Julio Estela, a 33-year-old car salesman from the northern Portuguese town of Trofa. "This isn’t a prophecy. It’s disappointing. I think there’s more." "

Associated Press, May 13, 2000
MSNBC full report

If the second apparition of Fatima was interpreted as the fall and end of the vast communist Russia empire why shouldn't the third apparition prophesy the fall and end of the papacy and the Catholic Church?

But the Vatican has interpreted it as the assassination attempt on Pope Paul II in 1981, even though "he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him." How arrogantly deceitful are those vested with temporal power!

And why guard it so secretly for 19 years? Wouldn't revealing it in 1981 have brought the full force of a fulfilled prophecy and the pope's survival erupting into Catholic ecstasy and strengthening of faith. Common sense dictates that this would have been the most momentous time to reveal the Third Secret of Fatima and lay to rest the consistent clamoring and 'rumor mongering' by a large number of Catholics to be told the truth. One should not forget that the "Virgin had asked that the secret be made public in 1960." At least then make the secret public in 1981.

Unless, of course, the top officials of the papacy at that time endorsed this Truth: "Cardinal Ratzinger has written in the Ratzinger Report that the 3rd secret of Fatima has to do with what he called "de nivissimis." The Cardinal had good reason to know, having previously read the still unrevealed secret. The Latin expression "de novissimis" means "dealing with the end times", pertaining to the latter days, or about the final events. These "end times" to which Ratzinger and the 3rd secret refer, and about which Pope Paul VI and his predecessors spoke, are well known to Biblical scholars."

And believed that they had to wait until after December 31, 1999 had passed without incident before releasing the Third Secret.

How obviously devious is the May 13, 2000 Vatican interpretation after one reads the full text of the Third Fatima Secret!

So now do these "bishops, priests, religious men and women, and various lay people of different ranks and positions" feel safe and secure from its terrible foreboding secret?

And who are the many believers who "will fall into an erroneous name" and "will be ruled heretically"?

Last, but not the least, why is the Antichrist "killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him" and why must those who give him power also die "in the same way . . . one after another"?

"The coming of God's kingdom means the defeat of Satan's: "If it is by the Spirit of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you." Jesus' exorcisms free some individuals from the domination of demons. They anticipate Jesus' great victory over "the ruler of this world."

J. C. Ratzinger, Catechism of the Catholic Church
(J. C. Ratzinger, Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994, p. 121.)

10 posted on 02/13/2005 1:50:42 PM PST by Rome2000 (Democrats are perverted socialist crooks)
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11 posted on 02/13/2005 1:52:25 PM PST by A.A. Cunningham
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To: lindsey_123; Salvation

This is truth My G-D!!!!

12 posted on 02/13/2005 1:52:55 PM PST by anonymoussierra (Quo Vadis Domine? Quo Vadis? Thank you)
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To: A.A. Cunningham; AskStPhilomena; Land of the Irish; Convert from ECUSA; Salvation; Rosary; ...
Thanks for posting this...heres another link: Last Fatima witness dies

Eternal rest grant unto Sr. Lucia oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her

Sr. Lucy, please pray for us

13 posted on 02/13/2005 1:53:24 PM PST by Stubborn (It Is The Mass That Matters)
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To: Canticle_of_Deborah; Viva Christo Rey; murphE; Maeve; 26lemoncharlie; vox_freedom; glasgow; ...

Lucia was promised that she would "see the biginning of the end"..........this is usually understood to mean of the promised chastisements/consequences of Fatima.

If that is so.........and she has actually died.......this measn that things will now speed up. That evil will seem to gain more of an upper hand, events will progress very rapidly to that end. Yet, it also means that the promised era of peace will be closer - but we will have to suffer much before this takes place.

There is nothing now on EWTN CNN, etc about this. Any way to confirm that this is true????

14 posted on 02/13/2005 1:56:53 PM PST by thor76 (Vade retro, Draco! Crux sacra sit mihi lux !)
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To: thor76

I do have information is polish please read Watykan information news Thank you

15 posted on 02/13/2005 1:58:55 PM PST by anonymoussierra (Quo Vadis Domine? Quo Vadis? Thank you)
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To: thor76

i got two sources on Yahoo.

16 posted on 02/13/2005 2:01:47 PM PST by CouncilofTrent (Quo Primum...)
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To: thor76

Hopefully the church will echo this truth and not get all P.C. and downplay the reality.

We need to Pray the Rosary for the Intercession of the Immacualte Heart to alleviate what is destined to come.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Trust in God brings peace amidst turmoil.

17 posted on 02/13/2005 2:02:31 PM PST by dcnd9
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To: Canticle_of_Deborah; Land of the Irish; Grey Ghost II; ultima ratio; thor76; MarineMomJ; ...
Deb, thanks for the ping.

I thought we were headed for an extremely severe showdown between Our Lady and the forces of satan over the next few years and Our Lord was keeping Sister Lucia alive until the eventual Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Confer Our Lady's words to the three children at Fatima in 1917 that God would shortly take Jacinta and Francisco to be with Him but that Lucia would have to stay here "for awhile", in God's time, in ours approximately 88 years.

Now that Sister Lucia has instead been taken BEFORE the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary...





The apostate Wojtyla's construction of the new basilica at Fatima for the 'worship of all religions' [sic}, was what most likely caused the Father to finally "pull the plug" because of the direct blasphemy by Wojtyla against the Holy Mother of God at the shrine meant to intervene by Her for mankind.

18 posted on 02/13/2005 2:03:56 PM PST by Viva Christo Rey
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To: All

America news information

Sister Lucia, last remaining witness of Fatima apparitions, dies at 97

LISBON (AFP) - Sister Lucia, the last survivor of the three shepherd children to whom the Virgin Mary is said to have made a series of apparitions in 1917, has died of old age, state television RTP reported. She was 97.

She had lived in virtual isolation since 1948 in an old convent in the central Portuguese city of Coimbra that houses the order of the Carmelita Sisters where she dedicated her life to prayer and meditation.

Named Lucia de Jesus dos Santos when she was born on March 22, 1907, in recent years she suffered from blindness and deafness.

She died at the convent, the station said citing a spokeswoman for the order.

Sister Lucia was just ten when she and her two cousins, Francisco Marto and his sister Jacinta, said they saw the Virgin for the first time in a field near the town of Fatima on May 13, 1917.

Lucia, the only one of the three children who was able to hear what the Virgin said, wrote two memoirs about the series of apparitions which occured throughout 1917.

The apparitions made Fatima one of Catholicism's most revered sites and thousands of faithful flock to a shrine which has been built on the site where the apparitions are said to have taken place each year.

Pope John Paul (news - web sites) II attributes to Our Lady of Fatima his survival of an assassination attempt in 1981 and has since then visited the shrine several times.

Sister Lucia last spoke in public in May 2000 when the pope travelled to Fatima to beatify Francisco and Jacinta.

19 posted on 02/13/2005 2:04:47 PM PST by anonymoussierra (Quo Vadis Domine? Quo Vadis? Thank you)
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To: thor76

IS this really true???
Eternal rest grant unto her O lord and let perpetual light shine upon her.

Sr. Lucy, do not forget us here on earth, pray for us!

20 posted on 02/13/2005 2:06:15 PM PST by Rosary (Pray the Rosary daily)
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