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Liberals Care About Control, Not Consequences ^ | August 5, 2003 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 08/05/2003 6:02:53 PM PDT by StriperSniper


Now back to Medicare and the rising cost, the tax increases, substantial, long-term tax increases the Heritage Foundation says will be necessary to support this boondoggle, and boondoggle it is. Here's the bottom line. There is no amount of facts and analysis, no amount of logic that will deter the liberals on this, because, ladies and gentlemen, it is not about, this whole Medicare, prescription drug entitlement, is not about prescription drugs for "our seniors." Oh, they say it is, and they make a great case out of caring and they try to make everybody think they're really concerned about the plight in which our seniors live. But that's not what it's about; it's not what it's ever about.

They want this program because it's just another tool that they hope to use to control as many people as they can. As far as the liberals are concerned, the objective is power. More and more people must become reliant on the government, whether they like it or not, and fewer and fewer people must be compelled to pay for it, whether they like it or not. And slowly but surely what you do here - you wipe out the middle class, you replace it with an elite which exercises control over the many. The middle class is wiped out with a combination of carrots, which increases reliance on big government programs, and smothering tax and regulatory schemes, which destroy enterprise, prosperity, and liberty. So no matter how many white papers or briefing papers or arguments that are amassed to prove the wrong-headedness of a new entitlement program, they fall on deaf ears on the left because the left's goal is not to run an efficient bureaucracy that serves the public. That's what they want you to believe; that's how they market their agenda. Their goal has nothing to do with the efficient or the just delivery of services. It is about control and about power. And you can see it plain as day right in this debate, either on the prescription drug business or the whole concept of national health care.
The libs are out there now demanding universal coverage, but in the process there's no care, no concern whatever, that the system they devise won't work. In fact, the more it doesn't work, the better. Yes, my friends, I'm going to go out on a limb here and I'm going to suggest to you that not only do they not care whether the program works or doesn't work. It's better for them if in the long run the program doesn't work. It's better for them if there are vast cost overruns to the tune of billions and billions. The problem with that, the problem with the vast cost overruns that result from these new entitlements to get something like health care, prescription drugs, the cost overrun has to be paid for somebody; it will end up stopping research and development on new drugs and medical devices. Doctors are going to leave the profession - already starting to happen. They don't care if programs work. The intent is to have the program. It's just another means of control.

What do I mean by control? Dependency. You get everybody depending on the government, or as many people as you can, depending on the government for something like their health care, and everybody thinks their own health and their health care is the number one issue. They've been led to believe that, and they've also been led to believe they have nothing to do with it on their own: McDonald's is poisoning them; McDonald's is killing them; tobacco companies are killing them; the alcohol, adult beverage makers are killing them. Everybody, according to libs every retail agent that has to do with anything we consume is out to kill people. And more and more people are being led to believe this because they want to absolve themselves of any responsibility, and so they buy into this jive liberal argument that all these agencies and companies are out literally to make people sick and harm them. And this is all part of a conspiracy so big drug manufacturers can reap obscene profits producing medicine to take care of all this unfortunate stuff that happens from all these retail outlets and manufacturing agents who are trying to kill you. In the process, liberals want to condition people to look to the government as their salvation, as their reason to exist, in fact, and this is what gives them their control, which is their objective.

On several occasions I've said that the liberals cloak their programs and all that in good intentions, and this is how any number of people end be being fooled. But they aren't good intentions. There are no good intentions in a massive entitlement program. There are no good intentions in the welfare program. I'm here to tell you right now, no good intentions in this prescription drug bill. They want to market them as such, but there aren't any, because if there were good intentions they'd look at the results. The Great Society is a dismal failure. The War on Poverty is a dismal failure. Do you see any change in the way liberals go about devising programs to "solve" those problems? Hell's bells! There's no way. They're not trying to change their approach at all because the approach is not about trying to fix the problem. The approach is about acquiring power. The approach is about making people more dependent, robbing them of their own earnings with higher taxes and greater regulations, forcing them to depend on others for basic elements of their existences, such as health care. So they market their intentions as good intentions, but they don't care about consequences, they care about control. The more screwed up, the better, because after their great well-intentioned program bombs out they blame the Republicans somehow for causing it to fail. The Republicans either didn't care enough or the Republicans aren't compassionate enough or there wasn't enough money and we need "more funding." The more screwed up the better because they get to blame the Republicans politically and then demand even more money to fix it.
What's so frustrating about this, right now - the liberals are attacking the Republicans and Bush even though Bush is delivering on their agenda. And they want more. They always want more. Their appetite for control and power is insatiable. They're out there attacking Bush, not only because they hate him - but there's something more fundamental here. As I say the programs are secondary. They want power. They want control, which they don't think they have enough of now. These programs, supposedly helping the very people you seek to control are a means to an end. They want the power and control. They don't have it now. Two Republican presidents, very moderate on domestic issues in hopes of buying some peace with the libs, Richard Nixon and George Bush 41, both tried to buy good relations with the libs by giving them a little of what they wanted here and a little of what they wanted there. Bush 43 has done the same thing with the new tone, letting Ted Kennedy write the education bill, and guess what? They still hated Nixon. They hated Nixon as much as they hated Reagan. And Reagan never gave them diddly-squat. Reagan never tried to get along with them. They're hated because they are obstacles, Reagan, Bush (41), Bush (43), nothing but obstacles to be overcome in what is nothing more than an objective to reacquire power.

And all of you people, who are depending on them, are being used by this. You're falling for their good intentions. This prescription drug program is just the latest manifestation of the desire. Could have had a prescription drug program six months ago. Could have had a good one, could have had one that works, could have had one that reforms Medicare. No, can't have that, we've got to have one that screws the system up. We can't have a federally funded or created program that involves the private sector because that will work. We can't have this work. We can't have these problems solved. We can't have the racial divide in this country solved; we can't have the civil rights argument solved; we can't fix any of these things because there are nothing more than venues for the left to continue their quest for total power. If these problems are ever solved, there's nothing for Jesse Jackson to do, there's nothing for the liberals to keep arguing and bitching about, and so they're not going to be solved; they're going to continually be screwed up. This is what's so damned frustrating when you run into people who want to try to get along with them, extend a little hand of friendship and say, "Okay we'll work with you." That's not the objective. You end up being taken advantage of and made to be a fool if you're not careful."


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, let me expand on this. I don't know if we'll call it a new revelation - by the way, I'm sure it's going to be met with massive derision by those on the left, but I can't help this. I'm getting older, I'm 52, and because of my parents, have been paying attention to all this stuff for 42 years. You know, I was watching television with my dad when I was ten years old, and, boy, did I get an earful - didn't matter if it was John F. Kennedy on TV or Lyndon Johnson, or Adlai Stevenson, boy, did I hear about it. I've been tuned to this stuff and I mentioned last week, Bush was in Pittsburgh, at the Urban League, and I saw the picture of the Reverend Jackson and Elijah Cummings, and I said, "I've seen this, for 42 years. I have seen this. I've seen a Republican go try to make friends with this group of people, and with every other liberal group, and I've seen the leaders of that group sneer and reject and want no part of a so-called conservative or Republican solution to the 'problem.' And I got to thinking, I'm 52, that's 42 years I've been paying attention. They're not interested in results. They're not interested in getting this stuff fixed."

For the longest time we have debated here in the arena of political ideas the way to solve problems. I think one of the mistakes that some of us have made is, we have actually thought the left has their own wrong and distorted and perverted view of how to fix something, when in fact they're not interested in solutions. In fact, solutions are their ruination. To solve these problems puts them out of business, and they don't want to be out of business. In fact, all they want is more power. We've got 40 years, folks, right here in our immediate historical grasp, that we can look back, going back to the Great Society, the War on Poverty, all of these things. We see that they have been dismal failures. The same recipes today are applied by liberals, as were applied 40 years ago and every year since as a means of fixing it and all they do is screw up the problem more. They have destroyed the black population of this country. They have busted up the mother-and-father relationship. Illegitimacy is at an all-time high, all in the name of fixing it. Anybody with an open view can see that it's a mess. And there are some who do, that are trying to fix it.

Welfare reform is another. Look how they fought that. The last thing they want is there to be solutions to welfare. When there are solutions to these problems, there are fewer people depending on what? Government, i.e., liberals. They don't want to fix these things. These are all smoke screens. These programs, this supposed compassion, this interest in the little people or our seniors, it's nothing more than a mask of good intentions which is designed ultimately to screw things up even more, requiring more government attention, more government money which has to take money from the people who produce it, makes them dependent in the process, and you blame the Republicans for whatever went wrong, and you keep yourself in the quest for power with a never-ending repeating cycle. And for 40 years it's been this way.

At any time, somebody in the private sector can fix all this. Any time there is an attempt, just the smallest attempt to mix private sector solutions with government problems, who's the first to stand up and say, "No way, won't work?" Our good old buddies the liberals. They know it will work in the private sector. That's precisely why they oppose it. Bush proposes outsourcing about, 800,000 federal jobs, the liberals have a cow, not just to satisfy their union buddies, because they know it might work and make government more efficient. And so it can't happen and that's where we are. They're not interested in solutions. We're arguing on the wrong turf.

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Rush was on fire today, he really threw down the gauntlet. He has spoken a truth that most of us(I hope) know.

This segment should be repeated every day until the general public gets it or a civil war starts. We have a choice, Constitutional restoration, or fascistic slavery.

The left must be crushed, IT'S TIME!!!

1 posted on 08/05/2003 6:02:55 PM PDT by StriperSniper
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To: StriperSniper
The Anti-Bush-Butts can't see the difference.
2 posted on 08/05/2003 6:08:04 PM PDT by Consort
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To: StriperSniper
* - A Democrat runs, - a Democrat wins! - *

Prominent Democrats - Gray Davis does NOT deserve your allegiance.

Democrat Voters - Gray Davis does NOT deserve your vote!

If a Democrat wants to be Governor just to continue the typical policies of Gray Davis, they are wasting their time and their effort.

This is an important time to "put Principle before Party".

Where are the prominent Democrat Leaders who can admit to the problems within the Democrat Party, and speak out against the corruption of Gray Davis, - and then begin to lead the Democrats in a new direction?

As a Reagan Democrat, my favorite candidate would be John Garamendi, - IF -he was willing to change his views, and Lead!

For ideas on other possible Democrat Candidates for the recall, Visit:
CA: FR - Pick YOUR Favorite Prominent DEMOCRAT for Gov. Recall

3 posted on 08/05/2003 6:14:45 PM PDT by Golden Gate
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To: Consort
The Anti-Bush-Butts can't see the difference.

I'm not anti-Bush, but he's not much help in the grand scheme unless he has some super-secret plan. Tax cuts are good, defending against foreign enemys(he's forgeting the Mexicans) is good, but not enough.

Conservative judges are great, but without four(really dozens on all levels, one court can't do the job alone) more like Thomas, we are still doomed, albeit on a slower track.

4 posted on 08/05/2003 6:15:54 PM PDT by StriperSniper (Make South Korea an island)
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To: StriperSniper
Rush, I've been trying to tell you this for years. All our problems come from men born of woman, all our solutions will come from men born of God, starting with Jesus, "the first fruits among many brethern." An Army of Jesus people, whos DNA is directly cloned from the body of the resurrected Christ, is the ONLY thing that can stop Satan's onslaught. Get with God, or get out of His way. You can't save a flea in your fallen state.
5 posted on 08/05/2003 6:26:27 PM PDT by Russell Scott (When Christ's Kingdom appears, all of man's problems will disappear.)
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To: StriperSniper
I'm not anti-Bush,...

The let the Democrats bash him; they are much better at it then are so-called Conservatives.

...but he's not much help in the grand scheme unless he has some super-secret plan.

There is no grand scheme and no secret plan.

Tax cuts are good,...Conservative judges are great...defending against foreign enemys but without four (really dozens on all levels, one court can't do the job alone)...

Have patience. The Dems won't give you what you want and they never will appoint Conservative judges.

(he's forgeting the Mexicans)...

He's forgetting them while the Dems are encouraging them.

...we are still doomed, albeit on a slower track.

Go for the slower track. Take up a hobby. Join the Border Patrol. Don't panic.

6 posted on 08/05/2003 6:45:14 PM PDT by Consort
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To: Consort
Don't panic.

I'm not, I know where my towel is.

7 posted on 08/05/2003 6:53:54 PM PDT by StriperSniper (Make South Korea an island)
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To: StriperSniper
You panicked. I specifically told you not to panic.
8 posted on 08/05/2003 6:57:10 PM PDT by Consort
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To: StriperSniper
Liberals already control the minds of their constituents...alls that's left is to control the body. What better way to control the "body" than through health-care. Mind, Body and Soul.
9 posted on 08/05/2003 7:00:53 PM PDT by cwb
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To: StriperSniper
Rush is correct on this, as he usually is on most subjects, but the Democrats can't receive all the blame. Republicans in Congress (and W, somewhat) have not fought the good fight, in part because there are moderates in the party who agree with most of the big government programs that the Democrats seek.

Those who believe in limited government are not truly represented in Washington, D.C., since the Republicans only give the idea lip service, but cave when the holwing banshees in the Democrat party and the media pile on, as they always do. Nothing will change in D.C. until there is truly a party in place that will fight tooth-and-nail this creeping (more like sprinting, now) socialism.

10 posted on 08/05/2003 9:41:57 PM PDT by Major Matt Mason (Wondering if we can swap Washington D.C. for the province of Alberta.)
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To: StriperSniper
11 posted on 08/05/2003 9:50:07 PM PDT by quietolong
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