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The schizophrenic Muslim mind

Posted on 06/06/2019 5:45:06 PM PDT by robowombat

The schizophrenic Muslim mind

JUN 6, 2019 10:30 AM BY MATEEN ELASS

Muslims are torn by two competing realities. The first is the illusion of supremacy upon which they have been suckled all their lives by the Mother of all books (the Qur’an). The second is the real world in which they have to live.

Talk with an average Muslim and sooner rather than later you will hear him/her boast — theirs is the best religion (“Today I have perfected for you your religion” — Quran 5.3); they have the best prophet (Muhammad is the seal of the prophets, i.e., the final prophet with Allah’s most complete revelation for mankind); they have the best book (the Qur’an is the literal, inimitable, unchangeable words of Allah); the best people (“You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind” — 3.110); theirs is the best language (the language of Arabic is the language of heaven, and certainly the language of revelation); they have the best law (Shari’a is divine law, and all the world should be governed by it); they have the best “blood” (i.e., according to divine law the shedding of a Muslim’s blood is a capital crime, while the shedding of the blood of a kafir is halal (permitted), in some cases requiring a payment of restitution to the victim’s family, in other cases stirring promises of heavenly rewards for dispatching a disbeliever properly to hellfire.

Indoctrinated to believe in Islam’s paramountcy, and therefore in their supremacy over everything non-Islamic, Muslims mindlessly roar “Allahu akbar” in unison whenever the imperative “takbir” is shouted. Often wrongly translated in the West as “Allah is great,” what this means more precisely is “Allah is greater!” It is a claim to superiority, to the supremacy of Allah’s name over any rival which the non-Muslim world might offer in competition.

As Allah’s followers, Muslims believe it is mandatory that they rule over non-Muslims. Slaves are permitted, because infidels lack the dignity and valoiue of Muslims. Islamic law forbids that non-Muslims ever hold positions of authority over Muslims, especially in government. The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights (the Islamic world’s 1990 response to the 1948 United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Muslim governments refused to acknowledge) openly states:

“The right to hold public office can only be exercised in accordance with the Shari’a, which forbids Muslims to submit to the rule of non-Muslims.”

Moreover, Muslims who rule can only do so in accordance with Islamic law — they are not permitted to innovate. Because Islam is perfect and supreme, according to its leaders, critical inquiry is not allowed. Any thinking which might question the received faith is initially discouraged, and if pursued, finally punished. According to the Quran (33:36):

It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision: if any one disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a clearly wrong Path.

The most chilling extension of this suppression is, of course, the penalty of apostasy, which all the schools of Shari’a (both Sunni and Shi’ite) label a capital crime, with execution typically by beheading.

So Muslims are raised to believe in the supremacy of Islam over all else, and they toe the line well under the shadow of the sword of judgment. But here is where real life begins to interfere with fantasy.

If Islam indeed is the best religion, why does it need a law to compel people to remain within its confines?

If it is the perfection of revealed truth, why is critical inquiry not encouraged? After all, an honest search for truth should lead toward what is ultimately true, and not away from it. Truth stands up under scrutiny. So, why not encourage scholars to study the early manuscript evidence of the Qur’an and reveal to their lay audiences the facts that there is no original text of the Qur’an in existence, and that the various early manuscripts which do exist contain discrepancies from one another.

If the Qur’an is only truly the revealed words of Allah when read and understood in classical Arabic, why did Allah not cause all humanity to speak Arabic, so that the world could truly grasp his revelation? Why today does less than one quarter of the world’s Muslim population speak or read Arabic, and even fewer among that elite group understand the ancient and complex classical Arabic of the Qur’an? Why do Muslim scholars not openly admit that due to the mists of history and evolution of language, roughly one out of every five sentences in the Qur’an is unintelligible, and we are left with the best guesses of linguists?

Why is the eternal, perfect revelation of Allah concerned about squabbles in Muhammad’s harem, or with whether he can marry the divorced wife of his adopted son? Why should the timeless word give detailed instructions about caravan raids and battles with neighbors? Would not one hope that God’s best revelation to the human race should contain things more lofty than the prosaic concerns of a desert warrior?

Wouldn’t we hope for a restatement or clarification of the Ten Commandments or the Sermon on the Mount from the Mother of All Books? And yet we find in the Qur’an no clear teaching of a universal morality woven into the fabric of creation by its Monarch. Indeed, if the Qur’an and Shari’a are any indication, what is “moral” or “righteous” before Allah is that which advances the cause of Islam (whatever it takes), and what is “wrong” is whatever impedes that advance:

O believers, whosoever of you turns from his religion, God will assuredly bring a people He loves, and who love Him, humble towards the believers, disdainful towards the unbelievers, men who struggle in the path of God, not fearing the reproach of any reproacher. That is God’s bounty; He gives it unto whom He will; and God is All-embracing, All-knowing (5:54).

Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith Fight in the cause of Evil: So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan (4:76).

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those who are with him are severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves (48.29).

This is what leads to the summary doctrine of Islam known as al-Walaa’ w’al-Baraa’ (Loyalty and Disavowal). A Muslim is to devote himself to everything that pleases Allah and to oppose whatever displeases Allah. Morality is defined by what pleases Allah (what advances his supremacy within creation), and immorality becomes whatever stands between Allah and recognition of his supremacy. Oppression, murder, slavery, rape, deception, hatred of the infidel, all become sanctified tools of Allah if they serve to extend his kingdom on earth (i.e., the Muslim conquest of non-Muslims).

Muslims who are troubled by such partisan morality cast their eyes around the world to other cultures and see more elevated, even universal, versions of moral order. They see in the West the stand for universal rights and freedoms, and the aspiration that all human beings should be treated equally. Then they look back at the 57 Muslim-majority nations in the world, and note the number of dictatorships, the endemic nepotism within their leadership, and the rank corruption of their political and religious leaders.

They see that according to international studies, Muslim countries steadily rank at or near the bottom when it comes to personal freedoms, economic opportunities, standard of living, education, and equal rights. They see that human slavery has been eradicated over most of the non-Muslim world, but that it continues to thrive in the heart of the Islamic ummah.

They recognize that all of the blockbuster scientific discoveries and mind-bending technological breakthroughs, all the impetus for invention and innovation, come from the non-Muslim world. Not least among these achievements are the continuous military upgrades which make the West far superior in might than even the best equipped Muslim coalition could conceivably muster.

These realities are what lead to the schizophrenic Muslim mind. While yelling “Allahu akbar,” active Muslim supremacists are forced to scatter for cover whenever US drones are overhead. Knowing they are militarily inferior to infidel forces, jihadis are compelled to use the tactics of asymmetrical warfare: hit and run thrusts, lone wolf suicide bombers, terror attacks against soft targets. They turn as well to non-military tactics, making use of immigration and refugee policies in the West which allow them to infiltrate in large numbers, live as parasite on government welfare, and out-reproduce the native populations so as to increase their size and influence in the decades to come.

Just a few years ago, the Islamic State (ISIS), inebriated with its success in Iraq and Syria, boasted that soon the black flag of Muhammad and his followers would fly over the White House. They boasted ad nauseum that nothing could stop their advance, Allah willing. Apparently, Allah was not willing, because when the Trump administration took charge in the White House and decided to act decisively against ISIS in Syria, it was expunged in short order. The roars of Allahu akbar receded into the silence of impotence.

All these tactics and setbacks are an implicit admission that Islam is not superior to the non-Muslim, Western world — even with all our moral weaknesses, the West still outshines the Islamic world in terms of human rights and privileges; our quest for truth in the scientific and technological realms dwarfs that of the Muslim nations; our military strength leads to their saber-rattling and shaky knees, but no offensive engagements.

How can it be that the subjects of Islam, to whom Allah has promised supremacy over all the world, should find themselves inferior to the non-Muslim societies of the West and East? How can it be that there is no Caliphate since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1922 which sits as King of the hill, forcing infidel lands into submission before Allah? Why has Allah allowed disbelievers to effectively overrule the Muslim agenda and advance their own instead? Mateen Alass (PhD) was raised in Saudi Arabia. After completing a B.A. at Stanford University he graduated from Fuller Seminary, earning M.Div. and M.A. degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology. After several years of pastoral work he returned to school earning a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from Durham University in England, studying under the world-renowned NT scholar James D. G. Dunn.

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they have the best “blood” (i.e., according to divine law the shedding of a Muslim’s blood is a capital crime, while the shedding of the blood of a kafir is halal

How do the muzzards square that they kill far more muzzards than the 'infidels' ever do. Muzzard land is the opposite of the 'Domain of Peace'. There is almost always a major war or insurgency underway in the arc from Egypt to the frontiers of Pok-i-stan.

1 posted on 06/06/2019 5:45:06 PM PDT by robowombat
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To: robowombat

Does Quran 5:3 take into account that Mohammed married a 6 year old girl and consummated the “marriage” with her (pedophilia) when she was 9?

Yuck, and Mohammed is supposedly the “seal of the prophets”?

Allah is “greater” and yet chose this pedopervert?

2 posted on 06/06/2019 5:50:38 PM PDT by Its All Over Except ...
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To: robowombat
The second is the real world in which they have to live.

Does that explain why they become shooters?

3 posted on 06/06/2019 5:54:28 PM PDT by Rapscallion (If they are not for Trump, they are against him. Fire them.)
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To: robowombat

muslims are all gay now

4 posted on 06/06/2019 6:00:56 PM PDT by TonytheTiger7777
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To: robowombat

But, allah is the master deceiver. The same type of title applied to satan.

5 posted on 06/06/2019 6:40:25 PM PDT by MtnClimber (For photos of ColoraTake up ado scenery and wildlife, click on my screen name for my FR home page.)
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To: robowombat

Hypnotism and shock therapy might work. Go to bed a Moslem wake up a Jehovahs Witness, or a Mormon.

6 posted on 06/06/2019 6:45:06 PM PDT by Daniel Ramsey (Thank YOU President Trump, finally we can do what America does best, to be the best)
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Islam is a war plan built upon the sin of revenge.

7 posted on 06/06/2019 6:48:15 PM PDT by Gene Eric (Don't be a statist!)
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To: robowombat

Click The Pic & The Text
Click The Text Below For Link #1

Click The Text Below For Link #2

Click The Text Below For Link #3

Click The Pic

8 posted on 06/06/2019 7:01:13 PM PDT by Fiddlstix (Warning! This Is A Subliminal Tagline! Read it at your own risk!(Presented by TagLines R US))
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To: robowombat

The tag fits perfectly.

9 posted on 06/06/2019 7:12:38 PM PDT by upchuck (No muzzy is fit to hold public office - their cult (religion) is incompatible with the Constitution.)
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To: robowombat

The article asks a series of excellent questions.

I’d like to hear Omar’s no BS answer to each. Of course she’d prolly claim taqiyya and lie through her teeth.

10 posted on 06/06/2019 7:19:22 PM PDT by upchuck (No muzzy is fit to hold public office - their cult (religion) is incompatible with the Constitution.)
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To: robowombat

11 posted on 06/06/2019 7:44:30 PM PDT by Vlad The Inhaler ("There just ain't no substitute for cubic inches..." --Carroll Shelby)
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To: robowombat

I posted this in another thread, but it is appropriate here. It is a teaching speech I made while I was working for the DOD:


Ash’arism is the early theological school of Sunni Islam based on clerical authority and rejection of cause and effect reasoning. This was replaced in the mid 18th century by The Salafi, or Salafist movement. It is considered by some to be the ultra-conservative reform branch, or movement, within Sunni Islam that developed in Arabia. The Salafist doctrine can be summed up as taking a fundamentalist approach to Islam, emulating Muhammad and his earliest followers – al-salaf al-salih, the ‘pious forefathers’. They reject religious innovation, or bid’ah, and support the implementation of sharia (Islamic law) which we understand to be violent and destructive being only reserved for the male race to implement.

The movement is divided into three categories: the largest group are the purists (or quietists), who avoid politics; the second largest group are the activists, who get involved in politics; and the remaining group are the jihadists, who form a small minority and are most active in carrying out the most violent of the attacks on humanity. But that doesn’t mean the first two are not involved with assistance to the third.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that the purists are supporting the activists and the jihadists through financial assistance and are using their size to try to create a religious and peaceful appearance which is far from the truth. And the purists have been sticking their heads in the sand for thousands of years prior to their identification assisting the other two extremists to evolve right next to them.

There is no, and never has been, a religion of peace. Any time a culture has to use threats, violence, inconsistent actions along with lies to everyone including itself, it can only be considered a sect rather than a religion. We have another one like it here in the US, and around the world, that made no effort to conceal its actions…. and we call it Satanism.

The Satanic Bible is a collection of essays, observations, and rituals published by Anton LaVey in 1969. It is the central religious text of Satanism, and is considered the foundation of its philosophy and dogma. It contains violent theological questions or determinations for religion, crime, mass suicide that is consistent with modern societies, and that there can be no peace in a satanic world. But there is a third input that I can display that says, “sticking your head in the sand makes things worse as everything is considered an eye for an eye at that point.”

Do you see the similarities? The mirror each other in that violence is their first and last resort to success in their philosophies and that they have a totally inconsistent outlook with the Christian determination of deity from theirs. Plus as both are growing and thriving on the teachings of children in our public schools, they are securing the future of their ability to delve out pain and suffering to anyone not within their beliefs. They are a huge threat to any country in the world historically; past, present and future. Thank you


12 posted on 06/06/2019 8:16:45 PM PDT by Redwood71
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To: robowombat

13 posted on 06/06/2019 8:53:08 PM PDT by morphing libertarian ( Use Comey's Report, Indict Hillary now; build Kate's wall. --- Proud Smelly Walmart Deplorable)
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To: robowombat

Once you understand that ‘allah’ is satan, you understand everything you need to know about mohammedism.

14 posted on 06/06/2019 9:09:11 PM PDT by zeugma (Power without accountability is fertilizer for tyranny.)
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To: Daniel Ramsey
"Hypnotism and shock therapy might work."

Too expensive and unreliable. There is an airport in Mecca. Put them on planes and drop them off there. Let the Saudi's handle them.

15 posted on 06/07/2019 1:06:10 AM PDT by Former Proud Canadian (Islam---At war with Western Civilization for 1400 years.)
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To: Rapscallion
You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind...who can't figure out how to use toilet paper!
16 posted on 06/07/2019 7:40:22 AM PDT by gr8eman (Ex-Flyer fan!)
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