morphing libertarian
Since Nov 3, 2011

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Like the site for politics and news, but also impressed by variety, archeology, sports,history etc.

I am retired from the state of california. I am in the older retirement system and missed the current “enhancements” which broke the bank.

My wife is still working, but also a state retiree. Real estate and retirement. I help her out, but mostly as a chauffeur and honeydoman.

We’re in the Peoples Republic of California, but enjoying the San Diego climate (warming or not LOL).

I started out in politics at age 17 reading Goldwater’s book and then watching Buckely on tv. My favorite show was his debates especially with John Kenneth Galbraith.

Always considered myself a libertarian and then a conservative. I have finally decided to pull the plug because of positions on abortion and foreign affairs. Don’t care for Ron Paul’s positions. Also, how can libertarians not try to protect the rights and lives of children and allow abortion? Doesn’t fit for me.

If Romney gets the nod, it may be time for a conservative party in the US. Don’t we need that anyway? The GOP is mixed with a lot of moderate and even liberal folks. May be time to move on.

I’m against the war on drugs, pro-Israel, think we need to do something about the religious fanatics running Iran. Let’s drill and cut the middle east oil providers loose.

Let’s get foreign money out of our political campaigns and lobbying in DC.

California? Don’t get me started. But her family is here, so what can I do? Besides SD is a great place.

Like: Limbaugh, Prager, Elder, Coulter, Cain, Newt, Arpaio, and even Christopher Hitchens (guess he’s not going to be around much longer), C-SPAN Book TV. Movies, travel.

Dislike: OBAMA/HOLDER/INCOMPETANO Government corruption, fiscal irresponsibility, weak foreign policy, kids being exposed to sexuality at early ages, especially in school, judges who take frivolous cases or let the bad guys skate.