SDF Commander Çiya Fırat is holding a press conference in Heqîl Omer region of Deir ez-Zor regarding the final operations carried out against ISIS in the ‘Defeat Terrorism’ battle as part of the Operation Cizire Storm.

Fırat reported that ISIS mercenaries have been encircled in Upper Baghouz region, adding; “ISIS gangs are cornered in an 600-700 square meter area. Our forces are making a slow progress considering the safety of civilians whom the gangs are using as human shields.

Remarking that ISIS mercenaries are holding several people captive, Fırat said 10 prisoners have been freed by the SDF.

SDF Commander stated that thousands of civilians have been rescued from the clutches of ISIS through security corridors, and all those rescued have been provided with the necessary aid.

Noting that ISIS will be eliminated completely in the following days, Fırat said they will give the good news of ending ISIS occupation to the region’s people and the world soon.

The SDF Commander added that their efforts to eliminate the cell structures of ISIS mercenaries will continue.