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Hillary's Media Hidden Communist and Criminal Friends "-VANITY"

Posted on 11/07/2016 9:12:22 PM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

Even at this late date in the presidential race, a few things stand out to those who have followed Hillary Clinton's career as a Marxist sympathizer and greedy politician/foreign policy Conan "The Destroyer" type.

It is the refusal of the mainstream media and even some of the conservative media, to really dig into her past and even open actions to see things that would greatly disturb an honest, educated person, namely her accepting large amounts of money from Organized Crime and her relationship with a woman who gave all appearances of being a Cuban propaganda asset at the least, and of being a Cuban DGI/KGB operative at the most.

Now the missing details. In the 1990's, famed organized crime fighter US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Mary Jo White, led an Organized Crime Task Force against the New York, Chicago, New Jersey, and affiliated families in Rhode Island, Nevada and even their surrogates in Florida.

One part of the Task Force, in which this writer was involved, concerned "assets seizure" of Organized Crime property, facilities, and equipment that could be proven to have been used in criminal activities, from conspiracy to the actual deeds.

A lot of this was made public in the old Arts and Entertain TV network documentaries, especially the one of John Gotti and the Gambino Crime Family of New York/New Jersey. Wiretaps inside of Gotti's car and in several of their "clubs" produced a tremendous amount of information on how the Mafia operated in a number of unions and businesses, some of which were seized by the U.S. Government under the RICO Act (Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act).

Enter the Clintons, Democrat lawyers and the Democrat Party. In the midst of the RICO investigation by Mary Jo White's Task Force, the Clintons began to get chummy with the leader of the mobbed-up Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), Arthur Coia Jr. His father, Arthur Coia, was doing a long stretch in a federal prison for RICO crimes so his son pulled off a "coup" and got control of his father's union, thus making him a "player" in both mob-controlled and influence labor unions, as well as Democrat Party politics.

This whole sordid story can be found in only one major news article that I found which provided significant details to flesh out the LIUNA-Clintons-DNC relationship, that of noted journalist Byron York, in his April 1977 major story in The American Spectator. It was entitled "Let's be Friends: A Mob-Controlled Union Delivers the Goods for Bill.

York lays all the connections and "donations" out for the reader to see, from Coia and LIUNA to Bill and Hillary, some of their causes, the Democratic National Committee, and the DNC's Labor Council.

His first section was apply entitled "Mob Rules", with a subtitle of "Prosecutors Called Laborers Union Chief Arthur Coia A "Mob Puppet." But COIA Spent Millions of His Union's Money to Buy Bill Clinton's Friendship. New Information Suggests Bill Repaid the Favor by Calling Off the Feds".

York traces the history of LIUNA and the Mafia's hold on it through proxies, political donations to the Democrats and the Clintons specifically, adding up to at least $3.6 million in a few years (1993-96), in return for which they got over $30,000,000 in Department of Labor, Housing & Urban Development, and Dept. of Health & Human Services "training" grants, helping the poor to find housing in Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonville, Illinois.

York provides the details of the LIUNA money trail to the White House and DNC, as well as its ties to Democrat Party lawyers, including'"Our Guy" in the White House', the infamous Harold Ickes, who had been a labor lawyer before becoming President "Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff from 1994 until late 1996".

Anyone who knows the name "Ickes" will automatically remember his far-left father of the same name from the Roosevelt Administration, as well as Ickes name appearing in the newspapers regarding his helping and/or defending labor unions (and their identified Mafia leaders)re lobbying activities and political activities.

The rest of the cast of characters includes an honest prosecutor Paul Coffey of the Department of Justice's Organized Crime and Racketeering Section, who warned the Clintons and others of the Mafia's ties to LIUNA, Arthur Coia (senior and son), and that a RICO complaint was being prepared against the union (January 1994). This complaint was reportedly expanded to include over 200 counts for indictments under the RICO Act, but it was quashed by Attorney General Janet Reno (who died today) at the suspected bequest of the President.

Surprisingly, one of DOJ's lead attorneys, Jamie Gorelick (of the famous "firewall" information sharing prevention between the CIA and FBI that helped lead to 9/11), actually warned the Clintons to stay away from Coia and LIUNA. However, COIA did get invited to the White House and some of its functions (June 17, 1993 dinner), as well as Democratic National Committee affairs.

The story is sordid and hearbreaking because Clinton and Reno let LIUNA clean up their own house under the leadership of a former DOJ employee rather than have their assets seizes as part of criminal act conspiracies.

Hillary, for her part, attended a LIUNA conference (Feb. 6, 1995) in Miami Beach during the time that RICO negotiations were "reaching a critical stage". York reported that "word got to the first lady - from Mikva (Abner) through Harold Ickes - along with the suggestion that Mrs. Clinton not have any private meetings with Coia. Hillary "made no reference to Coia's legal troubles. On February 13, the union and the Justice Department made the deal that keep Coia in his job."

Read this well researched and documented article and weep, because Hillary Clinton could be our president, tomorrow.

The other hidden story concerned Mrs. Clinton's "friendship" with a hardcore Castroite Marxist professor, Johnnetta Cole, not only when she was appointed to the Clinton Administration transition team in late 1992, but also when rumors flew that Cole was going to be nominated by Hillary to Bill for Secretary of Education.

To make a long but largely ignored story short, Cole was a Castroite propagandist and more likely a Castro/Soviet "asset" or "operative" when she became one of the leaders of the Communist Party USA and Communist Party of Cuba/DGI (Director General of Intelligence) combined operation to bring American radicals to Cuba to "cut sugar cane" and build things.

The only congressional study on the origins of the Venceremos Brigade (VB) of any length, was over 350 page hearings publication entitled "The Theory and Practice of Communism in 1972 (Venceremos Brigade), Part 2, House Internal Security Committee, 92nd Congress, 2nd Session, October 16, 18 & 19, 1972".

It not only provided documentation regarding the creation and goals of the VB, i.e. to act as a recruiting pool for American radicals and communists who would go back to the US and propagandize on behalf of the Castro regime, but also, as it turned out, to wage a guerrilla war of terrorism against the government in the form of the pathologically Marxist "Weathermen Underground Organization", more commonly known as "The Weathermen" or WUO.

Familiar graduates of the VB program included Bernadine Dohrn, WUO leader and wife of WUO co-leader and admitted bomber Bill Ayers (a friend of Obama's in later years), Julie Nachiman, a co-founder of the VB after returning from Cuba, Karen Ackerman (of the Communist Party's youth arm the W.E. B. DuBois Clubs of America and eventually Richard Trumka's AFL-CIO Political Department leader; and other SDS turned Weathermen figures.

Cole has denied that she was "a communist" (apparently concerning official membership in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), which has been found by the U.S. Government, including the Supreme Court, to be "an armed of the Soviet Union, esp. the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), but only a couple of years before Hillary got her onboard the transition team, Cole's name appeared in the Summer 1990, Vol. 3, No. 2 journal "Rethinking MARXISM" as a member of their 17 persons "Advisory Board".

Did someone in the FBI miss this when she was supposedly "vetted" for the Presidential Team? How about her membership in the CPUSA/KGB-created "U.S. Peace Council", the U.S. affiliate of the Soviet peace front, the "World Peace Council"? Soviet diplomat/defector Igor Glagolev, in 1975, provided U.S. intelligence agencies and Congress with the details about how the KGB and the International Affairs Depart of the CPSU set up and controlled the WPC. Cole claimed ignorance about all of this despite the fact that she was a founder of it, along with a long list of well-known CPUSA leaders and key members.

For more details on her Communist Party front affiliations and other radical ties, see and It is all there, are at least what is in the public/congressional records despite the mainstream media's deliberate attempts to cover up her red background when she was first exposed in three publications. They were the national weekly conservative newspaper (Human Events Weekly, for whom this writer was a staff member for close to 13 years, including a stint in Vietnam/Cambodia during the war); New York Post; and the Jewish Forward (then a conservative, influential Jewish newspaper out of New York City).

They were attacked viciously by Cole's defenders including a ridiculous piece in the once moderate Atlantic Journal Constitution. Black columnist and former JKK administration figure Carl T. Rowan wrote in his column, "The Character Assassination Squad", Dec. 16, 1992, that "Johnnetta Cole is a black activist humanitarian who, as she emphasized to me, is not a communist and never has been one."

Rowan, as he got older, literally went off the deep end in his writings and perceptions, which was quite different when this writer listened and talked to him at American University in the late 1960's.

Cole was included in the credits of the tribute book "Sandy Pollack: Her Life", U.S. Peace Council, 1985, as a member of "a collective effort" to remember Pollack, a CPUSA leader, VB member, and international CPUSA operative in Soviet fronts around the world.

Cole was also reportedly listed as a founding member of the US Peace Council and a member of its Council/Executive Board in 1983, which she denied in an article in the New York Times, Jan. 10, 1993 by Susan Chira.

Today she is the Director of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African Art, and has been since 2009.

We could write a book on the Clintons and the Mafia, and Hillary and Johnnetta, if the files of the FBI, DEA, IRS, Congress, and the CIA were opened to the public. Under a Democrat Party Administration, we will be lucky if the records aren't "lost", a more-than-usual occurrence for Obama Administration records, including Hillary's role as Secretary of State.

This has been a somewhat short attempt to provide some more, deliberately left-out information about Hillary Clinton and "her friends".

Whoever wins on Nov. 8th will rewrite or write some of America's modern history. Will it be the Clinton's cover-up version of the "truth" (a word not really appropriate to what they say to us) or will it be a new administration that might be able to pry open some of the Democrats' deepest, most deceptive, if not outright subversive relationships with our internal termites, be it Organized Crime or Communist subversion.

Only the electorate will tell.

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1 posted on 11/07/2016 9:12:22 PM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

They’re not that hidden.

2 posted on 11/07/2016 9:18:45 PM PST by delete306
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To: delete306

Does ANYONE even some ANYONE that likes, let alone vote, for Hillary? I just don’t understand the so-called “support”. I swear it feels like we are living in a computer game and the things just appear right around the corner.

3 posted on 11/07/2016 9:20:57 PM PST by sagar
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

Here’s some ugly Clinton pictures...

4 posted on 11/07/2016 9:21:32 PM PST by GOPJ (Hillary's next book: "How to Make $100 Million as a Public Servant" - - freeperJs aoshua c)
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

There’s an endless catalogue of corruption. It can’t be said that much of it is not available to the public. The whole Clinton agenda seems like warmed over 1960’s radical chic as personified by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Hoping the young voters will see through it as some creepy relic from their parents generation. I’m going to bed and getting up early to vote. Keep fighting.

5 posted on 11/07/2016 9:26:48 PM PST by purplelobster
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

On the subject of Clinton corruption, just saw Janet Reno died, 78.

6 posted on 11/07/2016 9:42:27 PM PST by tumblindice (America's founding fathers, all armed conservatives)
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
Yes, I had remembered Laborers' International Union of North America and Byron York's coverage of same. I was no longer a union thug at that point, having turned sharp right by then, but a number of the connections outed by York were still known to me as late as the 1990's. [The article was in TAS in 1997, not 1977; a small typo in your piece ... I'm old, but not that old.]

Johnetta Cole is another matter. I was unfamiliar with her case until Rowan made his defense of her; her deeper background was unknown to me until tonight. It is sadly very unsurprising.

One other small matter. Both and are great resources for FReepers. You have a typo in the latter that omits the 's.' These people, and their networks are still out there, but many of us have grown less vigilant over the years, and they have burrowed deeper into the woodwork.

7 posted on 11/07/2016 9:44:31 PM PST by FredZarguna (And what Rough Beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Fifth Avenue to be born?)
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To: purplelobster

What I have written about is not known to most people, conservatives or liberals alike.

Because I was involved in internal security matters, as well as on the Organized Crime Task Force in referenced in the article, I was able to see and learn things that most reporters wouldn’t know about or for the liberals, care about.

I’m still under a Disclosure Agreement so I can only talk about items that are in the public domain, such as the A&E documentary on the Mafia (esp. John Gotti), whatever articles appeared about the congressional and DOJ investigations into Organized Crime, and what Byron York wrote in his great investigative piece “Let’s Be Friends”.

The “fix” was in for LIUNA and both Clintons and Janet Reno were the “fixers”. Brave govt undercover agents risked their lives to get evidence that would stand up in court re the RICO charges, but they were betrayed, just like Comey betrayed his present FBI agents, by a totally corrupt White House, Democrat Party, and a fish-head rotten Dept. of Justice (there are plenty of honest people in the DOJ but they don’t run it).

Unfortunately our “young voters” don’t know “dick”, if you’ll pardon the expression. Most of them don’t know who their senators and representatives are, what the Constitution says about Free Speech or Gun Rights, and have no idea how many Americans are unemployed or no longer looking for work (2M and 90M according to the news today).

Ask them about how the stock market works, what do they think about the media’s coverage of the non-existent Duke and UVA campus rapes, how many Russian troops are in Ukraine, and who is the biggest arms supplier of hi-tech weapons to Iran.

Then you can start to cry.

8 posted on 11/07/2016 9:50:34 PM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: FredZarguna

Thanks for catching my date typo or any others. The old eyes aren’t what they used to be and “7” and “9”s all look alike at night.

Or maybe I’m a closet dyslexic and don’t know it. That cardiac arrest thingy didn’t help either.

At least I know what I mean which I say, “Let’s party like it’s 1999”. Prince, cool guy and singer. Loved “Cream” and “Raspberry Beret”.

9 posted on 11/07/2016 9:53:10 PM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; Fedora

Thanks for bringing up that article.

That child-molesting Miskito-Indian killing communist, Ortega, just won a third term in Nicaragua...with his wife as VP.

10 posted on 11/07/2016 10:02:54 PM PST by piasa
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To: wardaddy; Salamander; MeganC


11 posted on 11/07/2016 10:32:49 PM PST by Pelham (more than election, Rebellion)
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper; piasa
Great roundup! On this part:

"Did someone in the FBI miss this when she was supposedly "vetted" for the Presidential Team? How about her membership in the CPUSA/KGB-created "U.S. Peace Council", the U.S. affiliate of the Soviet peace front, the "World Peace Council"?"

For that matter, who vetted Bill Clinton? Or George McGovern? Or John F. Kennedy's appointments when his State Department was trying to get Alger Hiss reinstated? (On that last one, I believe the clues point towards Hiss' support coming from Dean Acheson and Paul Nitze's network within the Democratic Party--a link between the FDR/Truman administations and the JFK administration--which I highlighted in my old John Kerry articles as tracing back to Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter's role in placing moles in FDR's administration.) The Clintons are a symptom of a very deep cancer that has reached the terminal stage with Barack Obama.

12 posted on 11/08/2016 2:49:53 AM PST by Fedora
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To: Fedora
From the link I included (which has a political slant I don't agree with, but this information is useful--bolding is mine):

"Otto Otepka’s troubles started in December of 1960. Otepka’s biographer William Gill clearly believes that Otepka’s problems stemmed originally from Otepka’s continued denial of a security clearance for the former OSS veteran Walt Rostow. Otepka had denied him clearance twice before, and in December of 1960, Dean Rusk, newly appointed Secretary of State, visited Otepka in person to ask what Rostow’s chances would be of getting cleared at that time. Otepka was unable to give Rusk any reason to believe Rostow would ever receive clearance, and Rusk subsequently placed Rostow in the White House as a member of Kennedy’s personal staff, specifically as McGeorge Bundy’s second in command on national security matters. . .Walt Rostow was one of Kennedy’s “counterinsurgency” experts. “He made counterinsurgency seem profound, reasonable, and eminently just,” said author Gerald Colby in his book Thy Will Be Done. Walt Rostow—like Dean Rusk, Roswell Gilpatrick, Edward Lansdale, Paul Nitze, Harland Cleveland, Roger Hilsman, Lincoln Gordon, Adolf Berle, McGeorge Bundy and Henry Kissinger—came to work in the Kennedy administration directly from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Special Studies Project. This group had been hand-chosen by Nelson Rockefeller to assist him when he himself was seeking the Presidency. Author Colby called this “Nelson’s Secret Victory”, pointing out that while Kennedy knew many powerful people, they were mostly politicians, not men with experience in foreign affairs. The Rockefeller family network, and Nelson’s group in particular, provided a large assortment of bright, qualified men."

Related point: "The Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR) was an international NGO established in 1925 to provide a forum for discussion of problems and relations between nations of the Pacific Rim. The International Secretariat, the center of most IPR activity over the years, consisted of professional staff members who recommended policy to the Pacific Council and administered the international program. The various national councils were responsible for national, regional and local programming. Most participants were elite members of the business and academic communities in their respective countries. Funding came largely from businesses and philanthropies, especially the Rockefeller Foundation. . .Toward the end of the war, the Institute came under criticism for alleged communist sympathies. The first major criticism of the Institute was a wartime study by dissident IPR member Alfred Kohlberg, an American who had owned a textile firm in prewar China. After finding what he believed were Communist sympathies in IPR, in particular Frederick Field, Kohlberg first wrote to other members of the Board, published an 80-page report, then launched a publicity campaign against the Institute.[9] The IPR came under further suspicion by government authorities as a result of the Venona intercepts and its close association with Amerasia. Amerasia came under investigation when a classified government OSS report appeared as an article in the magazine. "

13 posted on 11/08/2016 2:59:08 AM PST by Fedora
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper


14 posted on 11/08/2016 3:00:44 AM PST by The Westerner ("Giving Away the Internet or Any Part of It Is Sheer Lunacy" Jim Robinson)
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To: Fedora

Hey Fedora. Welcome to the “new fight”. We’ve had quite a run in the past but if Comrade “Don” Clinton wins, we’re going to need to triple our efforts just to keep more commies, crooks, crazies, and cronies out of government, the Red House, and state offices.

In for the duration, with you, ETL (and your cousin “ET”,
“ I Ain’t Got No Home”), hopefully Evening Star, the gals here at FR, Cliff Kincaid, Trevor Loudon, Matthew Vadum, Paul Sperry, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Col. Hunt, Clare (the CIA’s greatest female op who can speak) Lopez, Dave Horowitz and the gang out West, and all the other freedom-loving, freedom fighters from here to Afghanistan/Iraq and in other shitholes around the world.

Today is the beginning of either the final decline of America, or of a new America Rising.

Man your keyboards, it’s Miller time!

15 posted on 11/08/2016 10:15:15 AM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

I’m ready for Miller Time here but I’m waiting until they call it :-)

16 posted on 11/08/2016 11:17:01 PM PST by Fedora
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

Okay, NOW it’s Miller Time :-)

17 posted on 11/08/2016 11:57:51 PM PST by Fedora
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper


18 posted on 02/02/2022 1:45:10 AM PST by MarvinStinson
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