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These Are The Two Companies That Might Land Clinton’s Foundation In Big Legal Trouble ^ | 7/28/2016 | Robert Donachie

Posted on 07/28/2016 7:26:15 AM PDT by rktman

News recently broke that Hillary Clinton’s foundation is under IRS investigation, and at least part of that investigation centers on two companies.

House Republicans reported that Laureate Education and Uranium One have payed out (in the tens of millions) to the Clinton Foundation and in return have received legitimate government benefits (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation).

The Russian Atomic Energy Agency, Rosatom, purchased in January 2005 a Canadian company — UrAsia — with uranium stakes stretching from Central Asia to Western America, reports the New York Times. This purchase made the Russian agency one of the largest uranium producers in the world.

Leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have donated in excess of $25 million according to the Clinton Foundation’s website, built and eventually sold the Russians the aformentioned company that is today known as Uranium One.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society; Philosophy; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: clintonfoundation; clnton; grifters; irs; liars
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It's just an article. About as much chance of this causing a scratch on hildabama's big ol' butt as the server BS. Kinda like, "Yeah, it's about time we impeach the lyin' king" seven and a half years too late. But, there it is. Now if we could just get Trump's tax returns. :)
1 posted on 07/28/2016 7:26:16 AM PDT by rktman
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To: rktman

Don’t worry.. coming soon you’ll read the headline “IRS Finds NO Wrongdoing”

2 posted on 07/28/2016 7:28:49 AM PDT by VideoDoctor
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To: rktman

Her intent was to bring clean water to 3rd world countries in Africa. How can you hate African’s dying of thirst? /s

3 posted on 07/28/2016 7:29:41 AM PDT by LostPassword
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To: rktman

Mother of mercy, is this the end of Hillary?

4 posted on 07/28/2016 7:38:22 AM PDT by MUDDOG
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To: VideoDoctor

I think you may be on to something...

5 posted on 07/28/2016 7:38:50 AM PDT by Eric in the Ozarks (Baseball players, gangsters and musicians are remembered. But journalists are forgotten.)
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To: rktman

Yeah I’m sure the IRS will be all over it, when she is in charge of the IRS.

6 posted on 07/28/2016 7:44:10 AM PDT by AC86UT89
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To: Eric in the Ozarks

I’m sure they didn’t “intend” to do anything wrong. Besides, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Didn’t I read somewhere that 80% of their foundation money goes to administrative costs?

7 posted on 07/28/2016 7:44:49 AM PDT by rktman (Enlisted in the Navy in '67 to protect folks rights to strip my rights. WTH?!)
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To: VideoDoctor
Don’t worry.. coming soon you’ll read the headline “IRS Finds NO Wrongdoing”

Yep, I'm sure the IRS is bringing back Louis Lerner as an impartial special investigator to get to the bottom of this potential wrongdoing...

8 posted on 07/28/2016 7:51:22 AM PDT by apillar
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To: VideoDoctor
“IRS Finds NO Wrongdoing”

“IRS Finds NO new Wrongdoing”

9 posted on 07/28/2016 7:53:07 AM PDT by showme_the_Glory ((ILLEGAL: prohibited by law. ALIEN: Owing political allegiance to another country or government))
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To: rktman

While most focus has been on Uranium One, I think “Laureate Education” provided the model for Obama ‘charity’ foundation. You’d better believe the Obamas will be very rich, indeed.

10 posted on 07/28/2016 7:54:13 AM PDT by Sir Napsalot (Pravda + Useful Idiots = USSR; Journ0List + Useful Idiots = DopeyChangey)
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To: rktman

If hitlery manages to steal the election it won’t matter what crimes she or her husband or her comrades have committed. Nothing will be done to bring justice. The only chance we have to clean up the corruption is to elect Trump. And that would only offer a chance, not certainty.

11 posted on 07/28/2016 8:20:05 AM PDT by lakecumberlandvet (APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS.)
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To: rktman

The article says the IRS is investigating this. I don’t believe that for a second. People may have made referrals, but I highly doubt that there is ANY IRS agent or supervisor that is pursuing this in any way.

The FBI would do nothing when they had the goods. Now people expect the IRS to do something?

There is only one way this will ever be fairly investigated and that is a special counsel. Unfortunately, the “special counsels” have a sullied reputation now and a questionable track record after the last one Bush appointed after screams from the left. They targeted Scooter Libby in apparent opposition to the facts known to us.

Absent that, the most effective thing appears to be citizen or independent journalist exposing the corruption, but even those are viewed in a partisan fashion.

The Clinton Foundation reeks of corruption and rot, but I doubt anything will happen about it and the Godfather (Bill) is smart enough not to email about it. We can all see what happened here - pay to play - but it is meaningless without a real law enforcement investigation.

12 posted on 07/28/2016 8:29:00 AM PDT by volunbeer (Clinton Cash = Proof of Corruption)
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To: rktman

Let me guess, the IRS assigned Lois Lerner to handle the investigation.

13 posted on 07/28/2016 8:29:56 AM PDT by Armando Guerra
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To: rktman

These Are The Two Companies That Might Land Clinton’s Foundation In Big Legal Trouble

As Secretary of State she allowed a foreign power to obtain a majority share of a strategic U.S. asset namely our Uranium mining holdings. This was against laws requiring U.S. companies retain majority control of said assets. No one discusses this point, not the MSN, not conservative talk radio, no one, nada. This is out and out treason and no one even mentions it.

So does anyone really think anything will happen? I don’t.

14 posted on 07/28/2016 9:01:09 AM PDT by VTenigma (The Democrat party is the party of the mathematically challenged)
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Hold on, checking for monkeys flying out of my butt.....

Nope, all clear

15 posted on 07/28/2016 9:02:18 AM PDT by dsrtsage (One half of all people have below average IQ. In the US the number is 54%en)
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To: dsrtsage

Traitors are surrendering US land to Russians, Uranium for speaking fees!

16 posted on 07/28/2016 9:08:09 AM PDT by Leo Carpathian (FReeeeepeesssssed)
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To: rktman

The IRS/DNC? Yeah, the Clinton Foundation is in real hot water. Maybe the FBI/DNC will get the Clinton Foundation for Hillary kick backs. /s/

17 posted on 07/28/2016 8:45:34 PM PDT by SaraJohnson
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To: All

FOUNDATION IS LEGENDARY and they do it w/ your tax dollars.

Read on.

Haiti, Malta, the Clintons and Digicel

BFF---Clinton and Digicel CEO/billionaire. Dennis O'Brien.
O'Brien chairs the Clinton Foundation's Global Initiative---Haiti Action Network.
US tax dollars poured into O'Brien's coffers thanks to the Clintons.

EXCERPT Free Beacon May 2015--- The Clintons have been working with Digicel CEO Denis O’Brien in Haiti since 2010, in the wake of the disastrous earthquake. Bill Clinton and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been active players in the country before the quake, but would assume almost total managerial control over the recovery effort via the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

As Peter Schweizer documents in his book, "Clinton Cash," Digicel received millions in U.S. tax dollars from USAID, an agency overseen by the State Department, as part of the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative. The program was designed to establish a mobile money-transfer system that would allow individuals to send donations directly to friends and relatives in Haiti.

The State Department's "USAID Food for Peace" program, which was under the direct control of Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills, benefited administer money transfers over its mobile network. Haitians received cell phones and a free Digicel account.

Digicel received grants courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, and collected millions in fees from Haitians every time they used the system, and significantly expanded its user base.

By 2012, Digicel had captured nearly 80 percent of the Haitian mobile phone market, and Haiti had surpassed Jamaica as the company’s most profitable market. Revenues were up 14 percent compared to 2011, and Digicel’s subscriber base increased by almost 30 percent during that period. O’Brien, who holds a 94 percent stake in the privately owned firm, continued to rake in cash. In 2014 alone, O’Brien awarded himself $650 million worth of dividends.



Time to look at Malta to find more dirt on the Clintons.

BACKSTORY Secy Hillary poured billions of our tax dollars into dirt-poor, earthquake-ravaged Haiti as Bill put on his "do-good" act. But Haitian Americans protested the Clinton Foundation offices say dirt-poor Haitians never got a dime...all of the tax dollars have been laundered into the foundation.

REALITY CHECK In some Haitian mountain villages there's no electricity (maybe generators for a few hours), no water, no septic, etc. - but dirt-poor Haiti does have cell-phone coverage.

Reading the many stories of Clinton "do-goodism" in Haiti....he is invariably standing before a Digicel sign. You can bet your bottom dollar the Clintons get a cut of that action.

That's Digicel's CEO on the left.

The Digicel Group is the Caribbean and Central American telecom empire run by Denis O’Brien, an Irish billionaire officially resides in Malta to avoid taxes..... O'Brien serves as chairman of the Clinton Global Initiative’s Haiti Action Network.

Digicel, the largest mobile provider in Haiti, invested $45 million in the project, which also benefited from $26.5 million in financing from the World Bank-affiliated International Finance Corporation. Hillary also tapped the Sate Dept's USAID agency for more tax dollars for the tax-evadng billionaire.

The State Dept's USAID Food for Peace program, under the direct control of Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills, benefited money-hungry administer money transfers over its mobile network.

Haitians received cell phones and a free Digicel account; Digicel received grants courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, collected millions in fees from Haitians every time they used the system, and significantly expanded its user base.

But it was Bill Clinton who made it all happen.

18 posted on 07/29/2016 2:11:59 PM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing penetrates it.)
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To: All
This gambit by Bill Clinton (meddling in a foreign election) got the uranium scheme going. Bill's calculated handshake was a bonanza for the Kazahk president's re-election. Nazarbayev responded in kind and signed-off on the takeover of US uranium assets.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev greets former
president Clinton (L) in Almaty on September 6, 2005.

CIRCA 2015 A Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter claims that former President Bill Clinton falsely denied hosting a meeting with Kazakh officials when she tried to write a story that involved his foundation several years ago.

Jo Becker, who works on the newspaper's investigative desk, said Clinton only confirmed the meeting took place after she informed him there were photographs.

Clinton's role in a deal that involved Kazakhstan, the Russian government, and a man who donated millions to the president's charitable foundation were detailed in a story Becker published on Thursday.

That article revisited some of her earlier reporting and included information from the upcoming book "Clinton Cash," which is generating widespread headlines amid a flurry of reports suggesting it will raise serious questions about Clinton's family foundation.

The donor in question is Canadian mining executive Frank Giustra, a longtime friend of the former president who has given tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation in the past few years. (A couple of hours after the NYT story was published, Giustra issued a defiant statement. We've included that below.)

Becker initially wrote about the February 2007 meeting between Clinton, Giustra, and executives from the state-owned nuclear company Kazatomprom in 2008. The gathering took place at Clinton's home in Chappaqua, New York.

"When I first contacted both the Clinton foundation — Mr. Clinton's spokesman — and Mr. Giustra, they denied any such meeting ever took place," Becker recalled in footage aired by Fox News on Thursday.

However, Becker said Clinton and Giustra both changed their stories after she confronted them with evidence to the contrary.

"And then when we told them, 'Well we already talked to the head of Kazatomprom, who not only told us all about the meeting, but actually has a picture of him and Bill at the home in Chappaqua, and that he proudly displayed on his office wall.' They then acknowledged that yes, the meeting had taken place," Becker continued in the television interview.

The purpose of the meeting, then Kazatomprom President Moukhtar Dzhakishev told The Times, was to discuss Kazakhstan potentially buying a 10% stake in Westinghouse, a US nuclear company. Becker's 2008 story also noted one of Giustra's companies secured a deal to buy uranium deposits from Kazatomprom in 2005.

That agreement was made after Clinton accompanied Giustra on a trip to Kazakhstan. During the trip, Giustra and Clinton met with Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Clinton issued a public statement praising the Kazakh leader despite his questionable, antidemocratic record. The Times called the praise a "propaganda coup" for Nazarbayev. (he later "won relection" w/ an unbelievable 90% of the vote)

"Just months after the Kazakh pact was finalized, Mr. Clinton's charitable foundation received its own windfall: a $31.3 million donation from Mr. Giustra that had remained a secret until he acknowledged it last month. The gift, combined with Mr. Giustra’s more recent and public pledge to give the William J. Clinton Foundation an additional $100 million, secured Mr. Giustra a place in Mr. Clinton’s inner circle," wrote Becker and another reporter, Don Van Natta.

A spokesperson for the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership told Business Insider they are "working on a formal statement" in response to a request for comment on Thursday. Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation that was cofounded by Clinton and Giustra in 2007. A Clinton Foundation spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

19 posted on 07/29/2016 2:15:25 PM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing penetrates it.)
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To: rktman
Secy of State Hillary poured Billions of your tax dollars
into Haiti. But these tidbits tell a huge other story.


Bill Clinton and his best buddy, gold mining mogul, Frank Giustra,
cameras snapping, made a big show of Clinton/Giustra do-goodism in
earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Bill and Canadian gold mining tycoon Frank Giustra in Haiti June 2014, to launch the "Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership" Acceso Peanut
Enterprise Corp.
(Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images)

REALITY CHECK Then-Secy Hillary supposedly gave Haiti $3.1 billion tax dollars for Earthquake Relief.

But Haitian-American protesters claim that American aid to Haiti was a cover-for foreign governments to funnel kickbacks of hundreds of millions of dollars to The Clinton Foundation.

For example, gold mining expert Giustra "gave" the Foundation $100 million....after Bill helped him make billions off uranium deals. Hillary's brother mysteriously got a rare gold mining license in Haiti (now on hold due to controversy).


Hillary and Frank Giustra, left.

Hes a gold mining mogul......he facilitated the takeover of US uranium assets.... this billionaire received your tax dollars from Hillary's State Dept.

Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra is one of the Clinton Foundation’s largest donors. Giustra's $100 million contributions go directly:

<><> (1) to the tax-exempt Clinton Foundation, and,

<><> (2) to the Canada-based "Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership."

The "Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership" in turn sends money to the Clinton Foundation......(according to Canadian tax records researched by "Clinton Cash" author Schweizer).

DATA Sources: Clinton Foundation, CGEP (Canada);
Canadian tax records; compiled by Alberto Cuadra and
Rosalind Helderman May 3 at 8:11 PM



The NY Times reported the "Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership" collected about $33 million US tax dollars from Hillary's State Dept between 2008 and 2013.....$25 million of which was passed back across the border to the US-based Clinton Foundation.

Giustra then pledged $100 million to the Foundation after Clinton helped him clinch the mega-bucks uranium deal.

ITEM---millions of dollars and 1,100 donors are shrouded in mystery in the Canadian Giustra/Clinton operation. The Clinton Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Obama White House agreeing to reveal its contributors every year. The agreement stipulates that the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative (as the charity was then-known) is part of the Clinton Foundation and must follow the same protocols.

SURPRISE: It hasnt.

Caught w/ his pants down, Giustra/s backtracking like crazy---saying Canadas federal privacy law forbids the Canadian-registered Clinton charity, from revealing its donors.

A memo he provided news organs cites fiduciary obligations to its contributors and Canada’s Personal Information Privacy and Electronic Disclosure Act. “We are not allowed to disclose even to the Clinton Foundation the names of our donors,” Giustra says.

However, Canadian tax and privacy law experts were dubious of the Clinton/Giustra claims. A former director knowledgeable about tax policy at Canada's Department of Finance, said he wasnt aware of any tax laws that would prevent the Clinton charity from releasing its donor names. " There's nothing that would preclude them from releasing donor names. It's entirely up to them."

20 posted on 07/29/2016 2:22:16 PM PDT by Liz (SAFE PLACE? A liberal's mind. Nothing's there. Nothing penetrates it.)
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