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RINO FREE AMERICA PROJECT By Request (Warning, graphics intensive.)
MestaMachine | 12/03/2009 | MestaMachine

Posted on 12/03/2009 1:38:50 AM PST by MestaMachine



We have all been frustrated and angry at the way we have been treated by the political elite in this country. They have ignored us, belittled us, overlooked us, and singled us Conservatives out for their special brand of contempt.
It is bad enough when liberals and Democrats do it, but the betrayal of our Constitution and of our whole system of Conservative values and morals at the hands of the party we built and supported for lo these many years has been the ultmate blow to Conservatives both those of us here at Free Republic, and to Conservatives in the grassroots across our country.


The RNC and the Republican Party have helped the liberal vampires in this country to sink their fangs into the very heart of our nation, and have joined in the cause of the slow bleeding and painful death of everything that made America the freest, greatest land on earth.
They have become the enemy within.


How about it, Free Republic?
When was the last time you didn't go to bed and wake up angry?
When was the last time you yelled out loud at the television?
A minute ago? An hour ago?

When was the last time you saw a RINO on television betraying you to your face? Today? Yesterday? Five minutes ago?

When was the last time you went to work, IF you still have a job, and managed to stay in good spirits for more than five minutes as you have been faced with the consequences of liberal policies that RINOs helped put in place?
Affirmative action hires that don't work so you have to work harder, but you can't say anything.
You can't DO anything or you risk losing everything.
You hear them in your offices, in your assembly lines, and in your rest areas snickering at you, calling you names, and making fun of you behind your back because you believe in something. Because you value life, liberty, equality, morals, ethics, family, and GOD.
Because you support our brave Warriors,including Law Enforcement Officers who put their lives on the line every damn day for them and us.
Because you honor those brave men and women who fight today and have fought in the past for our freedom while they openly disdain them almost as if they are deliberately trying to pick a fight with you personally.

Don't they just LOVE pushing your buttons?

They know EXACTLY where to stick the knife, but all you can do is endure the pain in relative silence because there is nobody to watch your back.
You know the RINOs who sold us out are to blame for ALL of it.
Without the RINOs, what you see happening today would have been impossible.



Take five minutes, ten minutes, an hour of your time, grab a pen and a piece of paper and write it down and SEND IT!
Type a letter and print it out and SEND IT!

Not an email. Not a fax. Not a phone call. We already know they will ignore them.
We want to flood their headquarters with letters they can't ignore, as many letters as is humanly possible. Write a letter, make ten copies, sign your name, buy some stamps and send them!
Have your friends and family send as many letters as they can.


No more contributions to the RNC, not one cent, if they insist on supporting RINOs who don't adhere to core Conservative principles and values.
Tell them in your own words that you will support individual candidates of YOUR choosing on their own merits, and not the party hacks they want to jam down our throats like Dede Scozzafava and Arlen Specter.



We don't need bullhorns to get their attention! The value of ONE handwritten letter with words inscribed from the heart, is worth more than ten voices screaming at the top of their lungs. Nobody writes letters anymore.
Voicemail can be erased or never listened to. Emails get lost in the system and many are not taken seriously because anybody with a gripe can send an email. It's just that easy, and it makes it that much easier to ignore.



Let them know you are serious. Tell them why they have reason to fear us. They won't if one or two letters trickle in. We need thousands.

They might receive contributions from the party elite, but those people have only ONE VOTE, no matter how much money they contribute.
We have millions.


If they send you one of their stupid plastic cards, don't just send it back in their prepaid envelopes anymore. Enclose it whole with a personal letter using your own envelope, your own stamp, and SEND IT!!!


DO IT!!!

This is a Jim Robinson endorsed initiative as it appeared on THIS THREAD, suggested to Jim on THIS POST endorsed on THIS REPLY.
Permission to use Free Republic as the sponsor was asked on THIS POST, and permission was granted on THIS REPLY FROM JIM.

The committee that put this initiative together is DJ MacWoW, who came up with this ingenius idea, with contributions from ~Kim4VRWC's~, hiredhand, bcsco, and MestaMachine.
We have all worked hard to light this fire. Help us turn it into the bonfire that burns their tent down!

So there you have it. If you are at the end of your rope and think there is nothing left to do, for all of our sakes, TRY THIS. IT WON'T HURT A BIT!!!


TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Breaking News; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; Your Opinion/Questions
KEYWORDS: activism; bloggersandpersonal; conservatism; freerepublic; gop; rfap; rino; rinoalert; rinofree; rinofreeamerica; rinos; rnc
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I was asked to post this separately to be linked to by the main page. Although it is part of the RINO FREE AMERICA project, it is graphics intensive and not so easily accessible for some posters.
The next few posts are for anyone who wants to know who we are and why we are doing this. Lurkers, here is your chance to make a difference. Come on in. The water's fine.
1 posted on 12/03/2009 1:38:51 AM PST by MestaMachine
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To: MestaMachine
Open Letter to the RNC, DNC, Independents, and Lurkers


We are contributing members of the Premiere Conservative Forum, Free Republic, ( Our members are known by the term, FREEPERS. We have been engaged in Conservative Activism since 1996.
Founded in September 1996 as a sole proprietorship by Founder, Chairman and President James C. "Jim" Robinson, of Fresno, California, Free Republic opened to the general public in February 1997. Robinson filed for LLC status on September 11, 1998. (an auspicious date when you recall what September 11 has now come to represent in our history.) It has always been a for-profit company and donations have never been tax exempt.
This bears mention for the fact that Free Republic operates SOLELY on contributions from our members, although it costs nothing to join or participate. We are self-supporting and self-sustaining. The tie that binds us all is Conservatism at its finest.
It is also worth paying attention to because what we can accomplish in ONE fundraising event on this site can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, IF we decide to pick and back a candidate.
Free Republic's membership spans the entire Fifty States of the United States of America, scattered members from other countries around the world, and includes Americans from all walks of life and all different faiths.
We proudly boast members representing our Military, (some on Active Duty around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan,), Law Enforcement, First Responders, accountants, authors, journalists, Veterans from many wars going all the way back to the Korean War, grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, and a new generation of the children of original members who have chosen to follow in their parents' footsteps.
In other words, our constituency comprises Conservatives who joined Free Republic because of its basic core principles which have not changed since the day our doors were opened.
At the time of its founding, Jim Robinson and a handful of like minded Conservatives became so concerned with the direction our country was being taken by Bill Clinton, they felt compelled to raise their voices by organizing the FIRST March for Justice in Washington, DC, which attracted at least 3000 Patriotic Americans and was broadcast live on Halloween 1998 by C-SPAN. Featured speakers included Alan Keyes, Bob Barr, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson of B.O.N.D. and Larry Klayman. Ann Coulter, Lucianne Goldberg and Matt Drudge also attended. Other Free Republic events over the years have also been televised by C-SPAN.
Over the years, Free Republic has been a major force in many political events which usually are not mentioned when referring to us, since we have become anathema to left wing blogs and organizations such as Democratic Underground,, MediaMatters, Think Progress, etc., which are more interested in pointing out some of the negatives during our growing pains, BECAUSE of our influence in thwarting their left wing agenda.

2 posted on 12/03/2009 1:47:48 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: MestaMachine

Free Republic and its members have been instrumental in making sure our rights were not trampled and justice prevailed.
Examples of this have been:
1. The exposure of Al Gore's participation in the Clinton fund raising scandals.
2. The unprecedented, and often overlooked, "ex-communication" of Joe Lieberman by the Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who comprise a judgmental body known as the Bet Din, for using his claimed orthodoxy to promote the Gore pro-abortion policies as Gore's VP running mate, which has not been lifted to this day.
3. The design and release of the "Sore Loserman" posters and bumperstickers which caught the attention of all of America and were so successful that they might well have changed the course of history.
4. The protests against the Florida recount, a blatant attempt by Democrats to steal the 2000 election and reverse George W. Bush's victory. We organized successful counter-protests in opposition to the organized DNC protests and demonstrations by their union sympathizers.
WE were the ones who stormed the locked room where democrat operatives were trying to conduct their recount in secret and exposed their disregard for the rule of law. That action stopped the illegal count and changed their planned outcome.
5. The exposure of John Kerry's true background as a Vietnam "war hero" as well as his extensive connections to our Communist enemies in North Vietnam. The book, "Unfit for Command," was coauthored by one of our members.
6. The FIRST exposure of the Dan Rather/CBS Bush National Guard documents as forgeries, along with Powerline blog which eventually led to the firings of those involved.

These are mere highlights, but by no means all we have accomplished with our dedicated researchers and activist chapters throughout the country.

Most if us were, at one time, registered Republicans. We supported you, RNC, through thick and through thin with our dollars, our volunteers, our dedication to OUR core principles which you espoused.
We watched, as over the years, you turned away from those principles and led our party to defeat after defeat by becoming a duplicate version of the Democratic party, rejecting one after another, the planks in your platform in favor of your "big tent" approach, putting party over principle, party over the morals and the family values you claim to represent, but do NOT.
After fighting every single day everywhere in the country to elect a Republican Majority to the Senate, we were shocked to our core when RINOs went behind closed doors and agreed to "Power Sharing" which we considered a bargain with the devil. WE were right.
After the hard fought 2000 election, we watched in utter dismay as OUR president partnered with Ted Kennedy to extend government control into our families and over our childrens' lives with the "No Child Left Behind" bill.
As if that was not enough, YOUR candidate for the past election, John McCain, teamed up with one of the most liberal Senators in history to give us McCain/Feingold, which Bush promised to veto, but didn't.
After 9/11, we were stunned yet again when Republicans allowed the delay of the implementation of the Department of Homeland Security and allowed the Democrats to politicize it by making it just another boondoggle and a home away from home for their constituent semi-literate and illiterate union workers.
To add insult to injury, the Republicans used it as a repository for deficient small r politicians as political favors. The highest offices were replete with hacks who paid more attention to their interior decorators than to the security of our country.
Since then, it has evolved into simply another dysfunctional, out of control bureaucracy, which has now actually put into writing that CONSERVATIVES in this, our own country, were somehow subversives and potential terrorists.
We have seen RINOs like Jim Jeffords hand over our hardwon majority to the democrats in the Senate. We watched Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins "cross the aisle" to defeat Conservatives and give victories to liberal bills we have abhorred.
We watched the insanity of trying to provide amnesty for illegal aliens disguised as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform."
We watched Republicans spending us into oblivion, but NOTHING on earth prepared us for what Bush did upon leaving office with the help of RINOs in our Congress, and John McCain, our "nominee," the TARP bill handing Obama total countrol over our Treasury.
It was the final blow and a smack in the face to anyone and everyone who supported Small r republicans disguised as Conservatives and which put us on this path to our own destruction, the wholesale dismantling of our beloved Constitution, and the end of Freedom and Free Market Capitalism as we have known it.
We watched as you withheld OUR contributions from Conservative candidates from local offices to federal offices in favor of liberals with small rs who betrayed us once they were elected.
You held your noses when McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, but you must also note that before her candidacy, the RNC AND John McCain couldn't raise enough money to run a presidential campaign. When Sarah Palin joined the ticket, the Conservative coffers opened wide. NOT for John McCain, but for Sarah Palin, whom you continue to try and diminish.
Some of you might have heard of us. Those who haven't soon will because today, the world as you have known it changes. Today we are delaring our emancipation from party politics as usual. Today is the day that as Conservatives, we declare that in OUR PARTY, we will accept NO MORE RINOs!

3 posted on 12/03/2009 1:53:36 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: MestaMachine

All I have to say is “BEARER! The .577!”

For the non-hunter, the .577 Nitro Express was a favorite rhino gun.

That thought came to me when talking with an old girl friend’s mother who had been described as a Republican. One day, as we talked, suddenly, I realized she was a RINO and I had a thought pop into my mind. I could see my right hand reaching behind me as I reached for the RINO gun my trusty gun bearer carried.

Her mother never realized why I suddenly put my left hand over my right hand.

4 posted on 12/03/2009 1:57:35 AM PST by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is essential to examine principles,)
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To: MestaMachine

Whereas: The RNC and the Republican Party have disregarded Conservative Family Values and Morals to the detriment and exclusion of its Conservative base

. Such as the adaptation of insidious legalese designed to dupe its base into accepting unacceptable moral conduct, including homosexual activity by legitimizing such behaviour as a human right, thereby endangering our children in their schools, us in our workplaces, forcing our Military to accept openly gay homosexuals by aquiescing to the "Don't ask, don't tell" philosophy, and endangering innocent children by allowing them to be legally adopted by homosexual couples which forces them into the gay lifestyle;
. Such as the acceptance into the Party of, and supporting the elections of, pro-abortion advocates knowing full well that abortion murders human babies in the womb;
. Such as accepting and overlooking adultery among its elected officials as an "error in judgement" when it is abundantly clear that if you cannot keep your marriage vows, you cannot be trusted to keep any vows and a prime example of this is none other than Newt Gingrich;
. Such as overlooking, and often engaging in, corrupt practices whether through actions by colluding with, or granting special favors to, corporate lobbiests, wealthy constituents, profiteering in the granting of government contracts to wealthy donors, or simple graft and porkbarrel theft of taxpayer monies;

Whereas: The RNC and the Republican Party have espoused ultra-liberal, even suicidal, policies to the exclusion and detriment of common sense

. Such as continuing to espouse the myth that Islam is a "religion of peace" knowing full well that Islam has declared war, by word and by deed, on the entirety of Human Civilization;
. Such as politicizing our Military by forcing them into politically correct policies that endanger our Troops' lives both at home and on the battlefield;

Whereas the RNC and the Republican Party have allowed themselves to fall prey to extreme environmental psuedoscience

. Such as the notion that CO2 is a danger to humanity and the planet;
. Such as the paying lip service and legitimizing the myth of manmade global warming;
. Such as the acceptance of extremist environmental jujitsu that forbids us from utilizing our own natural resources which GOD has blessed us with in abundance, which has caused energy prices to be artificially high, making us beholden to our sworn enemies;
. Such as allowing extreme environmental policies to interfere with how we live on, and use, our own private property thereby running farms out of business, forcing businesses like logging and coal mining to shut down causing the wholesale destruction of entire communities and sending great swaths of middle class citizens into poverty, and even regulating how much water we can use in our own toilets;
. Such as mandating unnaturally high CAFE standards and over-regulation of our automobile industry forcing them to make vehicles the public did/does not want, and would not buy, ending decades of America's unparalleled world leadership in innovation, class, and style, eventually destroying the entire American automobile industry.
. Such as over-regulating and over-taxing American manufacturing sending millions of jobs out of our own country.

Whereas the RNC and the Republican Party have aquiesced to the distortion of the First Amendment of our Constitution by participating in removal of GOD from the public square instead of defending our Constitutional RIGHT to Freedom of Religion, not freedom FROM religion;

. Such as taking Christ out of Christmas;
. Such as disallowing our right to openly wear symbols of Christianity or Symbols of Judaism in our workplaces while allowing those who practice Islam to not only wear the symbols of their ungodly religion, but allow them special rights for footwashings in special areas, in special basins built at taxpayer expense in our public colleges, forcing employers to grant them special breaktimes in the workplace to conduct their prayers while disallowing our right to pray in any venue because it might cause offense to anyone who doesn't believe as we do;
. Such as disallowing the Holy Bible to be read or taught or even spoken of in government schools, while forcing our children to be indoctrinated into Islam under the guise of "diversity;"

Whereas the RNC and the Republican Party have helped to incrementally deprive us of our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms by advocating for one regulation after another designed to make legal firearms ownership as difficult as humanly possible and making criminals of otherwise law abiding citizens;

Whereas the RNC and the Republican Party have colluded with liberals in mandating that instead of English being the official language of the United States, our children are forced to learn Spanish in government schools, and employers are forced to hire non-English speaking aliens or be charged with civil right violations;

Whereas the RNC and the Republican Party have committed these and many other offenses to society at large and Conservatives in particular

Whereas: NO Republican can be elected without wholehearted support of the Conservative Base

WE, the Members of Free Republic,in keeping with the concept under which Free Republic was born, along with the Founder of this Conservative Forum, Jim Robinson, and more generally, the majority of Conservatives of the United States of America, do hereby make and agree to this Delaration of Independence from party politics as usual.
We affirm our independence by delivering our support to only those individuals within the Republican Party, who aspire and inspire our core Conservative beliefs and Values.
If the Republican Party does not field, or will not recruit Conservative candidates, and support them in every way possible, count us out.
We will no longer trust you to pick and choose our candidates with impunity while you wilfully disregard us even as you take our support for granted.
Those days are over.
Your time has come and gone.
We are Americans who still believe that the Constitution is the set of rules that we live by and die for.

In our in our founder's own words:

We are fed up and mad as hell! We grassroots Americans are delivering a message to the ruling class: NO MORE!!

No more big government! No more high taxes! No more government bailouts! No more government takeovers! No government healthcare! No more corruption! No more global baloneyism!!

We're sick and tired of liberals and RINOs running roughshod over our God given Liberty!

We want our country back! We want our freedom back! We want it all back!!

No more socialism!!

Cut the taxes! Cut the spending! Cut the government!

Restore the constitutional limits on government! Restore our freedom!!

And not only no, but HELL NO to liberals and RINOS!!

Free Republic will not support RINOS!!

5 posted on 12/03/2009 1:57:35 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: GladesGuru

Good hunting now though. We got plenty of RINOs to track down. You got a .557 pen???

6 posted on 12/03/2009 2:00:15 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: MestaMachine

save and spread

7 posted on 12/03/2009 2:08:57 AM PST by John Leland 1789 (But then, I'm accused of just being a troll, so . . . .)
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To: MestaMachine

The “new” RINO Party ...

Our National Panel of Experts:

Governor Haley Barbour
Governor Jeb Bush
Governor Bobby Jindal
Senator John McCain
Governor Mitt Romney



John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, John Carter, Pete Sessions, David Dreier, Kevin McCarthy, Roy Blunt

Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyl, Lamar Alexander, John Ensign, John Cornyn, John Thune, Kay Bailey Hutchison


Gingrich Joins Cantor’s Effort To Remake GOP



As expected after yesterday’s cloture vote, Cass Sunstein was confirmed as the administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The vote was 57-40. Click here to read OMB Watch’s statement on the confirmation.

The vote fell mostly somewhat along party lines. Republican senators Robert Bennett (UT), Orrin Hatch (UT), Susan Collins (ME), Richard Lugar (IN), Olympia Snowe (ME), and George Voinovich joined 51 Democrats (including Sen. Joe Lieberman) in voting for Sunstein. Democratic senators Mark Begich (AK), Blanche Lincoln (AR), Ben Nelson (NE), Mark Pryor (AR), Jim Webb (VA), independent Bernie Sanders (VT), and 34 Republicans voted against.

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) did not vote.

Sunstein’s nomination grew more and more controversial after the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved it on May 20. The Committee approved the nomination by voice vote, and only Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) objected. Committee members Pryor, John McCain (R-AZ), John Ensign (R-NV), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) all voted against Sunstein this time around.


RNC brings in veteran strategist (a Romneybot, CNN shill who once attacked Palin)
CNN - Political Ticker ^ | 2009-11-23

WASHINGTON (CNN) - The Republican National Committee will announce Monday that veteran political strategist Alex Castellanos will assume a senior communications role at the committee, an RNC official tells CNN.


“Now the RNC has a new focus and direction - the 2010 elections,” Castellanos said when reached by telephone. “And I am happy to help.”

8 posted on 12/03/2009 2:19:16 AM PST by maggief
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To: DJ MacWoW; ~Kim4VRWC's~; hiredhand; bcsco; LucyT; Jim Robinson

It’s up, guys.

9 posted on 12/03/2009 2:19:38 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: John Leland 1789

“save and spread”

Thank you. That’s what we need. Spread it everywhere you can. This isn’t just for today. Today, tomorrow, and every day until we get some action.

10 posted on 12/03/2009 2:22:20 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: maggief

Aw GEEZ!!! There we go. Board of GRINOs. Just what we need. Write that letter, maggief.
If you ever needed incentive, this ought to be it. Newt...remaking the Party in his own image. Gaaaaah!

11 posted on 12/03/2009 2:25:50 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: MestaMachine

I suggest that the FReepers on this project decide what cartridge to use, and have an official FReeper RINO Hunting Pen.

As we are, arguably, the quintessential AMerican political forum, I suggest that the proper cartridge should be the classic 30-06.

Pens made from those cases are readily available, cheap, and can readily be printed or covered with a printed plastic message, perhaps “Official FReeRepublic
RINO Hunter Pen”

“No More RINO’s”

Such anti-RINO lines could also be put on an emergency minilight, also readily available with 30-06 cases. Such lights could be supplied with a split ring for keys, or an optional lanyard type carried to also be used for ID cards.

I’ll bey the edumacator’s unions would hyperventilate in unison if such badge lanyards were to appear in schools with printed on the lanyard and the RINO HUNTER cartridge penlight.

Well, I can dream, can’t I. After all, there might be a handful of real Republicans teaching in schools where the principal wouldn’t attempt to fire them for wearing such a thing.

Just a few thoughts.

12 posted on 12/03/2009 2:29:06 AM PST by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is essential to examine principles,)
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To: MestaMachine; LucyT; STARWISE


13 posted on 12/03/2009 2:31:25 AM PST by maggief
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To: GladesGuru

What a great idea!!! A Free republic RINO Hunting pen.

You know what??? I am gonna check where I get my office supplies. All things are possible!!!

14 posted on 12/03/2009 2:36:38 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: GladesGuru

Tee Shirts too! Whatever we can put words on. Way cool. THANKS FOR THE GREAT IDEAS!

Now write that letter!

15 posted on 12/03/2009 2:41:33 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: MestaMachine

Remember the Photoshop of McCain and the rhino? Perhaps a plastic rhino horn, properly inscribed of course, with a ball point insert might also be a popular item.

Real rhino horn fountain pens are available, but at a cost that only oil Arabs can afford, not to mention the CITES problems.

Thanks again for starting what will turn out to be a turning point in American politics.

16 posted on 12/03/2009 2:44:13 AM PST by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is essential to examine principles,)
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To: MestaMachine

How do I get permission to post that on another web site that I maintain?

17 posted on 12/03/2009 2:48:22 AM PST by John Leland 1789 (But then, I'm accused of just being a troll, so . . . .)
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To: MestaMachine; Jim Robinson; rocco55; thouworm; rxsid; GOPJ; Fred Nerks; null and void; ...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

RINO FREE AMERICA PROJECT By Request (Warning, graphics intensive.)

MestaMachine, Thank You for your time consuming, labor intensive essays and graphics on Both Threads. Excellent job.

18 posted on 12/03/2009 2:52:31 AM PST by LucyT
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To: John Leland 1789

What website do you want to post it on?

19 posted on 12/03/2009 3:01:57 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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To: LucyT

Labor of love, LucyT. Straight up. We worked hard. Got to make it rock and roll! Just sent the link to Jim Quinn. Wouldn’t hurt none to have a mention on his show.

20 posted on 12/03/2009 3:05:43 AM PST by MestaMachine (Your CORE is the path you walk. RINOs don't walk paths, they build roads to nowhere..)
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