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New York Post ^ | October 9, 2008 | JEANE MacINTOSH

Posted on 10/09/2008 4:02:01 AM PDT by vietvet67

CLEVELAND - Two Ohio voters, including Domino's pizza worker Christopher Barkley , claimed yesterday that they were hounded by the community-activist group ACORN to register to vote several times, even though they made it clear they'd already signed up.

Barkley estimated he'd registered to vote "10 to 15" times after canvassers for ACORN, whose political wing has endorsed Barack Obama, relentlessly pursued him and others.

Claims such as his have sparked election officials to probe ACORN.

"I kept getting approached by folks who asked me to register," Barkley said. "They'd ask me if I was registered. I'd say yes, and they'd ask me to do it [register] again.

"Some of them were getting paid to collect names. That was their sob story, and I bought it," he said.

Barkley is one of at least three people who have been subpoenaed by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections as part of a wider inquiry into possible voter fraud by ACORN. The group seeks to register low-income voters, who skew overwhelmingly Democratic.

"You can tell them you're registered as many times as you want - they do not care," said Lateala Goins, 21, who was subpoenaed.

"They will follow you to the buses, they will follow you home, it does not matter," she told The Post.

She added that she never put down an address on any of the registration forms, just her name.

A third subpoenaed voter, Freddie Johnson, 19, filled out registration cards 72 times over 18 months, officials said.

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KEYWORDS: acorn; marxistleft; obama; ohio; revolutionaryleft; votefraud; voterregistration; voting

1 posted on 10/09/2008 4:02:02 AM PDT by vietvet67
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To: vietvet67

72 times over 18 months?

2 posted on 10/09/2008 4:12:57 AM PDT by PeteB570 (Guns, what real men want for Christmas)
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To: vietvet67

FYI bump . . .

3 posted on 10/09/2008 4:13:43 AM PDT by Twinkie (WITH OBAMA - (IT'S PAYBACK TIME IN AMERICA!))
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To: PeteB570

“72 times over 18 months?”

“ACORN’s Cleveland spokesman, Kris Harsh, said his group collected 100,000 voter-registration cards; only about 50 were questionable, he claimed.”

Apparently it’s OK to register 22 times.........

4 posted on 10/09/2008 4:17:29 AM PDT by JoeDetweiler
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To: Las Vegas Dave

Ping! Ohio list.

You are a busy man today.

5 posted on 10/09/2008 4:21:01 AM PDT by EBH ( Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. Oct. 1, 2008)
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To: PeteB570

72 times in 18 months?

Yes 72 times. It’s the democratic way. Vote early, vote often.

6 posted on 10/09/2008 4:22:27 AM PDT by Perseverando
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To: vietvet67

The Dems know they can’t win the election, so they have to steal it. And, they’re trying hard. Might make it. I won’t make any bets.

7 posted on 10/09/2008 4:23:21 AM PDT by Ronin
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To: vietvet67

RICO ! ! !

8 posted on 10/09/2008 4:24:24 AM PDT by ovrtaxt ( One useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a Congress. --John Adams)
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To: vietvet67

That’s all well and good but will they be able to pull/stop all the ACORN fraudulant votes before Nov. 4th? No. So, they will have succeeded in their goal to steal the election.

9 posted on 10/09/2008 4:25:44 AM PDT by itsthejourney (1 of every 10 people you pass in the mall is here illegally)
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To: PeteB570

And how much did Zer0bama pay Acorn? Where is the media outrage?

10 posted on 10/09/2008 4:44:00 AM PDT by FatherofFive (Islam is an EVIL like no other, and must be ERADICATED)
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To: FatherofFive
And how much did Zer0bama pay Acorn?

Yes! And how much did they pay HIM in his community organizer days?
11 posted on 10/09/2008 4:48:48 AM PDT by Dr. Sivana ("[Gov. Sarah Palin] is Phyllis Schlafly, only younger." -- Gloria Steinem)
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To: vietvet67

I live in Dayton, Ohio and was approached by an ACORN worker at a gas station. She asked me if I wanted to register to vote and I said I registered years ago. She said “but did you register this year”. I told her again that I registered years ago when I moved to Dayton. She seemed puzzled and asked me again if I had registered this year. I explained that one does not have to register every year and if you vote periodically and don’t move you never have to register again. She was stunned! Her face fell as she realized that she was not going to make the money she thought she was going to make.

She moved to the guy waiting in line behind me and repeated the same conversation. Apparently ACORN does zero training.


12 posted on 10/09/2008 5:07:07 AM PDT by libbytarian
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To: EBH; ADemocratNoMore; Akron Al; arbee4bush; Badeye; Bikers4Bush; BlindedByTruth; bonfire; ...

Ohio Ping!

To be added to the Ohio Ping List, please freepmail (works best)
both TonyRo76 and LasVegasDave.

13 posted on 10/09/2008 12:45:30 PM PDT by Las Vegas Dave ("McCain-Palin 2008"- Because the other option would be unthinkable.)
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To: libbytarian

Zero training?

No, the do 100% INDOCTRINATION: “Get any names, get ANY names on the cards, hand in the cards to US. We will pay you for the cards, WE will get the votes for whatever name is on the cards.”

14 posted on 10/09/2008 12:59:12 PM PDT by Robert A Cook PE (I can only donate monthly, but Hillary's ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: Dr. Sivana; FatherofFive


Obama gave $860,000.00 to ACORN for voter registration.

15 posted on 10/09/2008 1:00:02 PM PDT by Robert A Cook PE (I can only donate monthly, but Hillary's ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: Las Vegas Dave; TonyRo76; itsthejourney; All

journey has it right - and by the time the Acorn mess is actually sorted out, it will be too late! All they really have to do is muddy the water sufficiently (remember Gregoire and the three recounts?! and there she sits to this day, governor of the great state of Seattle, whose citizens will probably also handily elect Obama, and never mind the rest of the state)...

Kind of like the investigation of Senator Obama’s “less than $200 campaign contributions”, which don’t have to be attributed to specific people under FEC rules, and could come from anywhere, everywhere, or nowhere...have you checked out the money being spent on advertising? At least 3 to 1 by Obama, and especially right here in Ohio. How does he get all that money?? NOT from $25-a-month devotees, methinks...

That said, they don’t call us a “battleground state” for nothing, and Dave & Tony, I’m so glad you guys are still here on FR!! Work is work, but in the “silly season”, there is nothing silly about Obama v. McCain, and all kinds of other things we CAN make a difference about at the polling place, and “on the ground” TOO (that including FR!)

I don’t know why the pundits call it the “silly season” when it’s SO serious (var: “series” - LOL! couldn’t resist that one, but you all know what’s a joke and what’s not!!)...LVDave, mind if I adopt your tag-line?


16 posted on 10/10/2008 10:00:49 PM PDT by 88keys (our votes still count , never mind Kucinich;)
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To: vietvet67; All

Thanks for posting this “Cleveland byline” story...the odds of us reading it in tomorrow’s Plain Dealer? Slim to none, I’d guess! Network news/local? Probably the same...

BUT...we’re still a good few weeks from election day, and some stories can’t be kept under the lid...AND, the 30-day early voting period (started last week) as well as the “register and vote the same day” plans have not been very well attended here so far (I know it was a big disappointment in some circles that the one-week “register AND vote” opportunity didn’t bring in very many newly franchised and formerly hapless or uninspired citizens and college students - LOL!)

Also, apparently Sec. of State Brunner (sic) broke a law regarding reporting non-matching state records for newly registering voters to the county/precinct election boards.

What? It’s not supposed to matter if the state records match the county/city records? Or if one or the other is non-existant? Don’t worry, we don’t have time to check into it and we know everyone has the right to vote anyway?

Try that with getting your license tags renewed! (actually, try that if you let your driver’s license expire...THAT is a nightmare nowadays if you don’t have your original birth certificate handy - NO facsimiles allowed, and you can’t just show you’ve had a license the last 35 years, same homeowner address for 20 years, same insurer, etc) Try doing anything else without an iron-clad ID, and supporting documentation...SHEESH!!

OK.../ rant! I wish McCain had paid a little more attention to “electoral reform” instead of just “campaign finance reform” (and look where CFR got him, money-wise, in this election, not to mention stifling our free speech, when the MSM and Hollywood, etc. have constant air time to laud Obama...why Obama still needs to buy a half hour of commercial time on 2 network stations during pre-election week, I can’t imagine!)...

One more thing having said all that: if it’s not McCain/Palin, it’s Obama/Biden, and in either case, most likely with Reid/Pelosi running Congress. Then, there are the resulting Cabinet appointees, and the S.C.O.T.U.S.
nominees (likely to happen next Presidential term), etc....

The best choice seems clear (IMHO, of course!) if only people understand the real options. We need to persevere and bring a “November surprise” from the REAL “grass roots” to all those folks who think Senator Obama is pulling away with a winning lead (some are even talking “landslide” - and pray tell, based on what?? why???) We can do it, I think/hope...because (to paraphrase or quote Las Vegas Dave) the alternative is unthinkable.

17 posted on 10/10/2008 11:37:28 PM PDT by 88keys (I'm not a racist, I just don't want Socialists running my country)
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