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We Have Found the Enemy--and the Enemy is Us
self | February 2, 2008 | exit82

Posted on 02/02/2008 1:05:56 PM PST by exit82

Today is February 2, 2008.

I am over fifty years old. I am a product of American values, observed and experienced in the 1950s and 1960s, and sorely tried in the Vietnam, Watergate, and Carter years of the 1970s, and again in the Clinton years of the 1990s.

This is the timeframe and events that formed my political worldview. I grew up when we still said a prayer and read Psalm 23 at the beginning of the school day. I remember doing the duck and cover in elementary school, to be safe in the event of a Cold War nuclear attack, even though being only 12 miles from NYC, the odds of surviving such an attack or its aftermath was just about a negative number. I remember the pride in America and its flag; the meaning of independence, especially on the Fourth of July. My father's parents were immigrants and my mother was an immigrant, and the old country was just that--the "old" country. Most of my uncles served in the US Army and Navy during WW2, while my father was a foreman in a defense plant. The prosperity,music, and the social fabric of America in the 1950s and 1960s are still a source of inspiration to me. Because of my parents' background, we always helped anyone in need that came our way. My parents would brook no discrimination, even when at the time it was common to discriminate on the basis of skin color. No, the promise of America was for everyone. Sometimes, only an immigrant can appreciate America's true value, as did my parents.

I remember well the Carter years, with its mind numbing cowardice in the face of dangers from the USSR and Iran, and how it caused us to doubt our greatness. And I remember a man named Ronald Reagan, and how he inspired an entire nation to rendevous with its destiny once again, and in an inconceivable turn of events, won the Cold War and knocked down the Berlin War without firing a single shot. His courage and belief in America inspired policies that freed all of Eastern Europe and kept budding Islamofascism at bay, all the while he was opposed and reviled by the Democrats, the America-haters and the Communists worldwide.

I remember the horror of the Clinton years, when a rapist and abuser of women was the Commander in Chief, aided and abetted by a power hungry woman who hated the military. I remember fighting for his impeachment, only to be betrayed by a Republican Senate that had no courage, or that was compromised by stolen FBI files and failed to discharge its lawful duty to remove a lawbreaking President who brought shame to the Oval Office. I remember recoiling in horror and shame when a six year old boy whose mother drowned in an attempt to bring him to freedom from Cuba was removed from a private home under the force of arms and returned to Fidel Castro.

I remember crying tears of gladness when our current President said the words of his Oath of Office on January 20, 2001, ending my personal nightmare, an eight year long nightmare, of having Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The events of these last seven years are nothing what I expected that cold, clear January morning. The events of September 11, 2001, the invasion of Iraq, the War on Terror, all of them returned me to the patriotic days of my youth. I saw a nation united in purpose for the first time in my adult life, as the nation had been torn since the Vietnam War.

But I saw a Republican President I believed in, and a Republican Party that was my home politically, shift in a slow, determined, unstoppable drift away from its principles, adopting the policies and views of the Democrats, to the point where we now face having as our Presidential candidate, John McCain, an enemy of conservatism, of Republican principles, and of American sovereignty.

As I pondered these things today, February 2, 2008, I have come to a very troubling observation.

We conservatives always had a home in the Republican Party. President Reagan even came here when the Democrat Party became too radical for him in the 1950s. We were the foundation of 12 years of the Reagan Bush era and we fought for the current President to give him eight years, even in the face of a national election being stolen from him.

But when our country was threatened by the prospect of a mass amnesty last May and June, allowing 20 million or more illegal immigrants to become defacto citizens by fiat, we erupted in a display of power that had Washington DC recoiling in terror. We derailed their plan to ensure the Balkanization of America by giving it 20 million more citizens who would not assimilate into the culture, and to ensure a cheap workforce, and to permanently undercut American worker's wages. Together with Global Warming and carbon credits, America could be brought to heel and managed.

We stopped McCain-Kennedy and its cousin, alright. But there was a price to pay for our insolence.

We, the America loving conservatives of the Republican Party, are no longer needed by this party. We are too narrow minded and old school. Flag waving and the supremacy of the American Way are passe. We are not inclusive. We are standing in the way of the elites in Washington DC from making their wet dreams a reality--making America an also-ran, not a super-power. America as a third world country, not as better than anyone else. An America that is afraid to face its Islamic enemies,that worries about what the world thinks about it, strangled in political correctness, surrendering its freedoms on a daily basis in the vain hope for security.

We keepers of the flame of American liberty are now the enemy. When Hillary labelled us the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, we took that has a label of pride. But now the Republican establishment has decreed that we are a conspiracy to be defeated within our own party, as we face the prospect of John McCain being rammed down our throats. John McCain, the Manchurian Candidate, the man who has betrayed every tenet of Republicanism in his quest for power,who has railed against conservatives at every turn, who is bound and determined to grant amnesty to 10% of Mexico's population now within our borders, he is the one being annointed by the elites as our candidate.

His job is not only to become the candidate of choice, but to be the means of the destruction of the power of the conservative base of the Republican Party.

Between McCain, Obama and Hillary, there isn't a dime's worth of difference in their political views. The Republican and Democrat established elites have melded into one entity, and they will win no matter who gets nominated or who wins the general election, especially if McCain is the nominee. All three believe in unlimited amnesty, an open border, cap and trade globaloney, giving rights to Gitmo detainees, and the restriction of free speech and gun rights.

The MSM is their collective cheerleader, actively working to marginalize us as a viable force for the America we visualize.

Many of us will vote Republican in November, only because we cannot, in good conscience, vote for Obama or Clinton. The Republican establishment knows this, and knows because we are principled, we can not do otherwise. Rather than enlist us to help, they are engaged in a policy of containment and neutering, because we stand in the way of their vision of America.

McCain as a candidate will be a disaster. The Republican establishment knows this. But they don't care, because the goal is not to win this election. It is to remove us from the political table, and for them to join with their Democrat brothers in the march toward an America subsevient to global interests. Sovereignty is treated as a quaint, outmoded concept, even by many Republican governors who are pushing the globaloney nonsense that will cripple this nation.

The perfect storm of American politics is converging in a bid to elect one of three horrible candidates, McCain,Obama, or Clinton, to be our next President. The odds are that the Republicans will not only lose with McCain, but they will lose even more of the House and Senate, enough to relegate Republicans to a minority status for decades to come.

Where are the national Republican leaders speaking out against where our party is heading? As one looks over the events of the last 15 years, since the ascension and improbable election of a no good, draft dodging, lying huckster like Bill Clinton to President, we have witnessed a snowballing reversal of American values and fortunes. With Clinton II on the horizon, we face a complete collapse of American values and soveriegnty and freedom with the "CHANGE" that is being promised for the electorate.

That "change" is starting right now for us. By Tuesday midnight, we will know if the fate the elites have decreed for us will become reality, if McCain is our candidate.

In the past few days, the lenses through which I view politics have changed in prescription. I see now that we are the enemy to our own party's leaders, whose leaders have decreed that our nominee will be the anti-conservative, anti-Republican candidate. The other candidates still open to us, Huckster, Romney and Paul each have their own problems with our values.

There are only a few short days to stop the McCain Screwball express. As we fought the impossible fight against McCain and amnesty last year, we have but a few days to influence our fellow conservatives and Republicans not to allow the predetermined outcome to occur.

I offer this screed in an attempt to understand what is going on today, to explain the inexplicable in what is occurring to our party and our chances for success in November against the second ascension of the corrupt Clinton Machine. I wish not to tell my fellow conservative who they should vote for, but I ask them not to vote for McCain.

Others, including the Republican establishment, have decreed for us who are candidate should be. American loving Republicans should reserve the right to make that choice.

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To: exit82

I have a simple question for all conservatives. If Mitt romney becomes the Republican nominee, do you seriously think more Americans will vote for Hillary Clinton than Mitt Romney? What about Mitt vs. Barack Obama?

21 posted on 02/02/2008 1:27:15 PM PST by gruna
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To: fieldmarshaldj; justiceseeker93; romanesq; oneamericanvoice; tje; Arrowhead1952; WLR; ...

IMO, Freepers can expect either one of these three candidates to keep files on those of us who are critical of their reigns of power. Research the 8 years of the Clintoons if you question this.

22 posted on 02/02/2008 1:27:40 PM PST by ExTexasRedhead
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To: smoothsailing

hehehehe.. I had the same thought (see reply #5).

23 posted on 02/02/2008 1:28:54 PM PST by SandRat (Duty, Honor, Country. What else needs to be said?)
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To: SandRat; smoothsailing

Thanks to you both—that was exactly the inspiration for the title.

I miss Pogo.

24 posted on 02/02/2008 1:30:32 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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To: Tall_Texan

The crazy uncle analogy is an apt one.

25 posted on 02/02/2008 1:32:42 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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To: exit82
I offer this screed in an attempt to understand

No screed. You wrote what I have been thinking. Thank you.

26 posted on 02/02/2008 1:32:59 PM PST by RobinOfKingston (Man, that's stupid ... even by congressional standards.)
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To: exit82

“...America subsevient to global interests...”

We’ve let our public schools teach this for 30-years, rather than love of this country. We are reaping that bounty now.

27 posted on 02/02/2008 1:33:52 PM PST by SatinDoll (Desperately seeking a conservative candidate.)
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To: exit82


28 posted on 02/02/2008 1:34:00 PM PST by littlehouse36
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To: mulligan

I think our first priority should be keeping Shriallary out of the whitehouse.

Next keep the Obamination of Islam out.

Next keep out the most liberal RINO and THAT is the question!

29 posted on 02/02/2008 1:34:46 PM PST by tpanther
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To: G8 Diplomat

Thanks for mentioning those that are not here to speak for themselves.

We have not only aborted 50 million children in 35 years, but many of those aborted would be grown and having their own families by now. So add another 15 million to the total, and you’ll see we are missing one whale of a lot Americans.

By choice.

30 posted on 02/02/2008 1:35:02 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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To: exit82


31 posted on 02/02/2008 1:35:15 PM PST by FReepapalooza
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To: niteowl77

Bump in the road. Yep, that’s a good description.

32 posted on 02/02/2008 1:35:57 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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To: exit82

Yep, crazy uncle like Al Gore.

All those people who are endorsing McCain must be half-scared not to.

33 posted on 02/02/2008 1:38:48 PM PST by littlehouse36
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To: ExTexasRedhead

I agree with your comments. With Hillary’s Marxist worldview, which she telegraphs at every opportunity but no one seems to notice(except us here) we are in danger of repeating 1933 Germany politically.

Instead of the Jews, they will come after us.

As you say on a later post, there could be comnsequences to what we say now. I can only hope the re-education camp I am assigned to is in San Diego.

I love San Diego.

34 posted on 02/02/2008 1:39:14 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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To: Golden Gate

You are part of the problem - there are so many “pet rocks” being suggested as our candidates. They are not well known enough to pull it off. Hunter could stand in line at Walmart with 95% of Americans and they would have NO idea who he is. No - Hunter is not the solution and proposing a candidate with a fork sticking out of his back is not helping this situation a bit.

35 posted on 02/02/2008 1:44:28 PM PST by Martins kid
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To: exit82
Well said FRiend

An American Expat in Southeast Asia

36 posted on 02/02/2008 1:45:21 PM PST by expatguy (Support Conservative Blogging - "An American Expat in Southeast Asia")
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To: Zevonismymuse

We speak in the language of Orwell’s Animal Farm today, and we are headed for Superman’s Bizarro World. Good analogy.

37 posted on 02/02/2008 1:46:04 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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To: fieldmarshaldj

I too wish Fred stayed in, at least until Feb. 5th.

I would love to talk to him someday about what really happened here.

38 posted on 02/02/2008 1:47:25 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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To: gruna

I’ve discussed this election with many people the last few days. Most are conservative republicans and all are voting for Romney in the primary on Tuesday. None know what they’ll do in the general if McCain is the nom. Romney was their 3rd choice or 4th choice). What really interested me was that a few of these people were republican at all because I had no clue as we never discussed politics before this election. Another shocker for me was talking to former dems and current dems who don’t want McCain, Hillary, or Obama (and didn’t want Edwards when he was still an option).

I guess we’ll know the repub nom on Tuesday night. I’m praying it’s not McCain.

39 posted on 02/02/2008 1:48:18 PM PST by Twink
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To: Lexington Green

Your screen name reminds me of those men who stood and fired on the biggest military the world had known to that point in history.

Those patriots that died that day, April 19, 1775, left behind wives and children, and farms that needed them for survival of their families.

They gave all so we could have this country.

We can’t stand by and allow it to be taken from us.

40 posted on 02/02/2008 1:50:29 PM PST by exit82 (How do you handle Hillary? You Huma her.)
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