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When Sanity Reigned: A Passing Moment In Time ^ | January 10, 2008 | Dan Sargis

Posted on 01/10/2008 9:22:10 AM PST by Dr.Syn



 When Sanity Reigned: A Passing Moment In Time

January 10, 2008 

Last night, while I sat in a neighborhood restaurant and anticipated only two things (a cold beer and a warm meal), I experienced an unexpected moment of sanity. 

Since the Northeast has been in the grips of a cold wave this past week, I dug some wool sweaters out of the cedar chest (Thank God I didn’t listen to Al Gore and throw all of my winter clothes away).  Yesterday morning I sought warmth in an old Cornell letter sweater which had kept me warm through the Ithaca winters...but never kept the lunatics at bay. 

That night, while I sat in the restaurant waiting for the waitress (major faux pas)...”server” to take my order, I noticed an elderly gentleman staring at me.  But, I didn’t have much time to think about it because the “server” was headed my way. 

As she (the “server”) slid over to my booth, I had the words “cold beer” half out of my mouth when she said, “Excuse me, the gentleman at that table would like to know what the ‘C’ on your sweater stands for.”  She pointed at the gentleman who had been staring at me. 

I told her that it was a Cornell sweater and she relayed the message back to the sender.  Within seconds he rose from his chair and, with the aid of a cane, made his way over to me.  I hoped that he wasn’t a UPenn fan getting ready to give me a good whack. 

When this gentleman, who was probably in his mid-eighties, arrived at my booth he looked me in the eye and almost apologetically said, “I’m sorry to disturb you but I just wanted to tell you that I served in the Marines with a Cornell All-American and he was a damn fine officer.” 

I immediately felt myself in the presence of my better. 

Correctly assuming that this gentleman served in WWII, I asked him which theater he served in.  His response was simple...”The hell-holes of the southern Pacific.” 

Feeling a bit of kinship, I told him that my Dad (who was active duty pre-Pearl Harbor) served his entire combat tour (the duration of the war) in New Guinea.  This elicited a quick response...”Now that was a hell-hole”. 

My Dad had just gotten some corrective surgery and I was lucky enough to be in the recovery room with him as he came out of the anesthesia. 

As Dad was shaking the effects of the anesthesia off, he finally talked to me about his time in New Guinea.  More accurately...he shared the passing moment of a single day in combat. 

From what I gathered in the recovery room, the following story either occurred during the Buna or Hollandia actions. 

Dad was telling me that during an amphibious assault there was little resistance on the beach but that casualties were mounting as a result of Japanese air strikes from a make-shift jungle airstrip whose location was unknown to the Americans.  But, luck and pluck prevailed. 

My Dad was part of a squad that captured a downed Japanese pilot. 

As he was telling me about the capture, Dad stopped talking for a moment, looked up and then looked directly at me and said, “That Jap was the most arrogant bastard I ever met” and then Dad smiled. 

Apparently, this Japanese pilot was in no mood to reveal the location of the jungle airstrip responsible for so many American losses...apparently, he was in no mood to even acknowledge that he was a prisoner. 

So, the logical question was...”So what did you do?” 

To babysit this prisoner, a hole was dug in the sand and the prisoner was buried neck-deep in this hole.  While the prisoner was busy in his arrogance, the subterranean insects went to work. 

Within hours, the location of the Japanese airstrip was known and Japanese airpower from that strip was annihilated.  Americans stopped least as a result of that airstrip. 

For a moment I was tempted to tell this story to the Marine veteran standing before me in the restaurant but decided not to.  He already knew this story and many more like it.  He lived it himself and, like my Dad, went forward to build a great post-war America. 

I just looked up at this proud Marine and said, “Thank you and have a Happy New Year.”  He replied, “I just thought you would like to know.”  And he was right. 

As he walked back to his table I couldn’t help but thinking that there was indeed a time in America when sanity reigned.   

How did we as a country get from people like him, and my Dad, as a consensus majority to people like Teddy Kennedy blathering that “Waterboarding and every other form of torture is wrong.”?  (Except the torture that Democrats inflict every time they choose non-existent Islamic sensibilities over saving American lives.) 

How did we get to the point where the New York Times tells us with absolute certainty that, “Truly banning the use of torture would not jeopardize American lives; experts in these matters generally agree that torture produces false confessions”?  “Experts...generally agree”??? 

How did we get to the point as a country where the majority of the U.S. Congress believes that American casualties are preferable to dumping a bucket of water on a terrorists face? 

How did we, as a country, morph from a generation that “had their priorities right...No crybabies...No hand wringing...Just do what had to be done, don't look back, and don't apologize for doing what you needed to do”...into a gaggle of insecure and self-destructive wimps? 

How did the Greatest Generation give birth to the biggest bunch of losers?


TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial; War on Terror
KEYWORDS: greatestgeneration; waterboarding
These heroes always knew where their "voice" was and never had to cry to get there.
1 posted on 01/10/2008 9:22:12 AM PST by Dr.Syn
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To: Dr.Syn

I wonder the same thing.

2 posted on 01/10/2008 9:31:33 AM PST by mrsmel (Free Ramos and Compean! Duncan Hunter for President!)
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To: Dr.Syn
How did we get to the point as a country where the majority of the U.S. Congress believes that American casualties are preferable to dumping a bucket of water on a terrorists face?

By not having mandatory military service ...

3 posted on 01/10/2008 9:44:11 AM PST by TexGuy
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To: mrsmel

If you read thousands of years of human history dating back to the first biggest empires (Chinese and Babylonian) you see that once a nation has security and wealth they get bored and turn to sex and violence to fill the time. 911 was a wake-up call that went relatively unheeded that American had focused too much on self and not enough on country to adequately defend the country from such an attack. Since it went unheeded, we will no doubt see nuclear terrorism on our soil as our intelligence agencies claim. This is probably the rare times I actually believe them. At that point, we’ll see economic collapse and Americans will have no choice but to help each other survive through it and regain national focus and priorities. I wish I believed differently and nor do I want to see it happen but this article is pointing out the obvious (torture part) that a majority of our current national leadership are dillusional about human nature and how to defend ourselves. So what we fear most and could prevent will likely come to pass.

4 posted on 01/10/2008 9:46:10 AM PST by quant5
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To: quant5

So sad but so true.

5 posted on 01/10/2008 9:48:06 AM PST by Dr.Syn
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To: TexGuy

Then we would just have a military full of namby pamby wimps, druggies, losers, and other miscreants that had to be watched 24/7 because they could not be trusted to complete even the most menial and unimportant task.

6 posted on 01/10/2008 10:59:38 AM PST by Blood of Tyrants (G-d is not a Republican. But Satan is definitely a Democrat.)
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To: qam1

Gen-X ping?

7 posted on 01/10/2008 11:01:52 AM PST by Ultra Sonic 007 (Look at all the candidates. Choose who you think is best. Choose wisely in 2008.)
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To: Ultra Sonic 007; qam1; ItsOurTimeNow; PresbyRev; Fraulein; StoneColdGOP; Clemenza; m18436572; ...
Xer Ping

Ping list for the discussion of the politics and social (and sometimes nostalgic) aspects that directly effects Generation Reagan / Generation-X (Those born from 1965-1981) including all the spending previous generations are doing that Gen-X and Y will end up paying for.

Freep mail me to be added or dropped. See my home page for details and previous articles.

8 posted on 01/10/2008 11:10:55 AM PST by qam1 (There's been a huge party. All plates and the bottles are empty, all that's left is the bill to pay)
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To: Dr.Syn

Those who were in WW2 were too nice to their kids, spoiled them too much. Meanwhile, the Red Diaper Babies (and Commies embedded in the WW2 generation) then fomented a youth rebellion and treason on the college campuses. Over the next 20 years, America was upended, with the final stroke during the 10 years after that. By 1975, there was no hope, America was damaged.

9 posted on 01/15/2008 12:31:24 PM PST by GOP_1900AD (Stomping on "PC," destroying the Left, and smoking out faux "conservatives" - Take Back The GOP!)
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